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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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masks could impact people who are not vaccinated. doctor colfax ads with more out of town visitors coming to the city throughout the summer and fall. it is vital that anyone who can. get vaccinated and has done so do so as soon as possible. the city requires people to wear masks on public transit and to follow the rules of businesses but do require everyone to wear a mask. the white house says it will not meet its target of vaccinating 70% of americans by the 4th of july. but. >> they're still not calling off the party barbecue. the fireworks can force raquel martin is in washington, dc with more. >> while health officials say they will not be reinstating their federal mask guidance. they're leaving that decision up to local authorities. the cdc recommendations still stand federally. if you are vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask. but if you aren't, they recommend masking up. >> despite falling short of their vaccination goal. white
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house health officials are giving americans the green light to celebrate in groups. this 4th of july is enjoying safe, family and friends still holiday weekend cdc director rochelle walensky along with the entire white house covid response team says americans should be proud of the dramatic progress made since january covid-19 deaths have dropped more than 90%. but it is clear that communities where people remain unvaccinated communities that remain vulnerable. says the new delta variant is surging in places with low vaccination rates. and i expect that in the coming will eclipse the afa variant cdc data shows hospitalizations and deaths are now trending up. we are celebrating as a country. at the same time. >> as we recognize the fact that we're in a gerious situation for those who have not been vaccinated. the good news we have is that we have a solution. doctor anthony fauci says early data shows all 3 vaccines on the market. can protect americans from the
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delta variant. it works. it's free. it's safe to stay safe. fauci urges anyone who was not vaccinated to mask up, especially indoors with groups. in the meantime, the biden administration is upping its effort to combat the uptick in cases announcing plans to surge resources to communities, reemerging as hot spots for the virus. >> white house health officials say they're especially concerned about the safety of americans in the midwest and the south east or vaccination rates remain below their stressing a need to get vaccinated early data shows that since january 99.5% of covid related deaths have occurred in people who are unvaccinated for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> thank you. raquel have a shot and a beer. well, you really need the shot. really. you can get a free beer this holiday weekend despite the u.s. failing to hit its vaccination goal and has or bush is keeping its promise to give americans a free brew starting today through monday,
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adults, 21 and older can go to my cooler dot com and upload a selfie at their favorite place to have a beer bar or whatever at bush will then send them an e-mail with a digital gift card worth 5 bucks. assuming can get a beer for 5 bucks. you can in some parts of the country. the gift card will be good for use through monday. >> the oakland zoo is protecting its at risk animals from getting covid-19 by participating in the experimental vaccine program. animal pharmaceutical company so at us is donating more than 11,000 doses of its experimental vaccine to dozens of zoos. and so what has created the vaccine in response to confirm cases of covid-19 in gorillas at the san diego zoo back in january. oakland zoo received its first shipments of the vaccine this week and they began vaccinating tigers. bears mountain lions and ferrets.
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next up for the primates, including chimpanzees fruit bats and pigs. the program does not just protect the animals but also supports gic ul studies as well. the head doctor there says they use positive reinforcement models to vaccinate the animals. >> immediate goal is safety for the animals here in and then of course we are collecting data on every animal that we're doing. we're submitting it so we can really support accredited zoological institutions around the with giving us and all are getting this vaccine to the animals. every week we're going to a full report on every all that's gotten this vaccine. so always, always zoological medicine and function of our conservation education, helping all of the both in the wild and in captivity. so we
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take very seriously our mission to contribute data to to further evidence-based care town halls. >> so doctor hamann. they're also says that the bears prefer to get whipped cream after their shot and other animals like a little ice cream. sweet teeth, huh. well, the 4th of july is of course, a happy celebration for almost all humans. >> more pets go missing on the 4th than any other day of the year. if you cannot avoid the noise of fireworks in your pet is scared. san francisco spca is offering these safety tips to keep your pet safe. they say always keep your animal inside when fireworks are going off that seems like a good first step and be careful, they say because pets can slip out maybe an open door or if the windows cracked when they're scared. make sure your pets are microchipped and wearing their tags if they do get away, get them back more easily. and it will obviously be easier for the shelters. just scan them. get them home playing music can also help may become your pets and you
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can also take them for a before the fireworks start may be taken to the beach. get tired pass out. kind of like a kid of course, one of the most pet friendly ways to watch. the fireworks is right here on kron. 4 wheeler fireworks here. we're bringing you the celebrations from across the bay in california will have the best views of the fireworks in san francisco, concord and down in san diego join us for kron four's, july 4th live this sunday at 09:00pm. all right. weather. always a factor when you're talking fireworks. this is a live look at the richmond. sandra fell bridge. and it's really a nice moderate week of weather here in the bay a little bit cooler by the coast and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is joining us now with the fog forecast for the fireworks it's always a little iffy. this is going to be my dog's first 4th of july. or little rules ruined his own shadow. i think he's going to be under the couch.
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>> the is not big on those loud sounds, but we're going to take care of that for looks like the fireworks display. the fog is going to be an issue this year. there's no getting around it low clouds and fog going to be hugging the coastline. >> i think they'll be moving inside the bay to maybe coming in about 700, maybe 800 feet. so don't expect to be perfect inside the bay. if you come to see the fires plan on some patchy fog, maybe some drizzle along the coastline and then it should stay mostly clear inland. you get over the east bay hills. of course you have plenty of clear skies. temperatures going to be the 50's to about the mid 60's up there. now you can see the cloud deck that is moving on shore that is going to push well inland tonight all the way to the interior valleys. and so yeah, we're not tracking rain, but we're tracking drizzle again, we're talking about 4 hundredths of an inch of drizzle in the forecast models overnight tonight as you make your way in half moon bay. so pretty damp along the coastline has been that way. almost all week long. we'll continue to do so as we head into the weekend. temperatures going stay cool toward the beaches with that fog there 60's in the burning game. 73 foster city, you're
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going to temperatures moving up in the 80's and much of the south bay by tomorrow afternoon. some upper 80's warmer spots. well, inland looks like temperatures going to stay fairly mild approaching the coastline. we'll keep those numbers down and head into the holiday weekend numbers actually stay just a little below the average for this time of year. but i think late next week we could be looking at another heat wave in the next weekend. >> thank you so much, lawrence. to big explosion in southern california is now under investigation. why this armored vehicle blew up way ahead of schedule. and you lose a bag while flying fly a lot. you probably have. but now it could mean money in your pocket. a new proposal from the transportation department. plus preparing for the worst and emergency rooms expectations. the patients this 4th of july weekend.
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>> i think story that we're watching this weekend hospitals across the bay area are bracing for crowded emergency rooms due to injuries from fireworks. i hope it doesn't happen. but it's got for us can know barco reports every year. fireworks cause injuries. that ranged from minor to life threatening. >> fireworks are tempting during the 4th of july, but they can also ruin your independence day celebrations and possibly a finger or 2 doctor see it happen every year and they're warning people. there is no safe fireworks. look at the statistics more than 12,000
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firework-related injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms. every year, half of those are kids more than 25% of children hurt by fireworks are standing by. just watching them go off something like a sparkler burns as high as 1800 degrees. it's hot enough to melt gold. one doctor says they see an increase in injuries during the 4th of july weekend from burns and explosions and they can range from, you know, someone minor injuries that can be for at home to severe injuries where people require hospitalization surgery. they can lose we've seen patients with severe injuries to the ai >> so there are going to say fireworks fireworks are illegal in concord and other bay area cities. >> experts say even the once labeled a safe and sane are not allowed skyrockets, roman candles and fire crackers are illegal. the bottom line is if
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it goes up in the air and explodes. it's against the law. you could face a fine or possibly be arrested. if you are found to have been using or selling them your best bet is to stay away from fireworks. you can even enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. kron 4 will be streaming. san francisco's fireworks display live on air and online in concord, camila barco kron 4 news. are you headed to top hope for the weekend. there's now a new app you can use to help. >> keep
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(music) we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy. but from 4 to 9 pm, energy becomes less clean and more expensive. use less energy during peak hours for a cleaner california.
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>> the los angeles police chief is calling his department's armored truck explosion. >> a catastrophic failure. the truck. you see the explosion there. sings operated by the bomb squad. it's built to safely detonate up to 15 pounds of explosives. but wednesday when lapd tried to destroy just 10 pounds of illegal fireworks. the thing blew up 17 people were injured including 10 officers and it atf agent. the blast also damaged nearby homes, businesses and cars. >> what i seen 3 like 3 elderly people going to to the hospital. they were bleeding from the face. i can't really blame it on or anything, but they're professionals. they shooting is done this bacon all. >> the city of l a and the red cross are now helping displaced neighbors. the fireworks behind the blasts
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were seized from a nearby home. the 27 year-old suspect was arrested and now faces multiple charges including possession of a destructive device. >> a lot of people are going to be at lake tahoe for part of the july 4th weekend. but scientists at u c davis are asking all them to do a little bit more to help keep the lake clean this weekend. they want people to use a new app that's called the citizen lake tahoe app. you can access it from your smart phone's web browser. so if you're out there, you're kayaking, you're hiking along lake or you're just hanging out. you can report any littering cloudiness in the water or invasive algae by using the app. >> select any concerns that you see some abc litter and overflowing trash cans. they're using the images that citizen upload or observations that they make to see where there might be new areas around the lake where algae is occurring or where that kind of water quality and clarity. >> is decreasing. >> the app is designed to work even in the most remote places
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around lake tahoe. take a live look here at sfo. it's foggy, but it's also a busy day for employees there and at other bay area airports, millions of americans are taking flight today on. >> one of the busiest travel days ever. and with the almost behind us or waning. at least people are antsy to get out there with all those people, though, at the airport. some luggage is sure to get misplaced, right. and while that's, of course, a pain now next summer you could get your money back if your bag. it's law said new proposal by the department of transportation says if your bags don't show up or delayed. you should get your money back. the proposal says airlines would have to refund baggage and internet access fees. if the services are not delivered as expected under the proposal. airlines would be required to deliver a bag within 12 hours of the passengers us flight and within 25 hours of an
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international flight if it passes changes could go into effect as soon as next summer. let's hope so. the record high temperatures in washington and oregon and even into canada are being blamed now for hundreds of deaths so far. officials in oregon and washington state say at least 80 combined deaths are linked to the hot weather. medical crews in the canadian province of the british columbia say they're investigating close to 500 potential deaths. the preliminary cause of death. it's hyperthermia when the body gets so hot, it just can't cool itself anymore. health officials, credit cooling centers and outreach for saving lives. let's talk about our weather forecast now as we take a live look outside here along. >> highway 24 in walnut creek. not a lot of traffic. now, maybe people already started there barbecues for the independence day holiday inn. he won't be alone if you're traveling, that's for sure. yeah. maybe you're saying here
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in the bay and firing up the barbie or maybe you're heading down the coast or wherever. >> you've got the the forecast. we've got to get away forecast to get, you know, people out there on the certainly coming into work today. lot of folks traveling already. >> if you have the monterey bay, you've got some fog of 59 degrees fairly cool in the santa cruz to start your holiday weekend. 62 in carmel and 72 degrees in carmel valley. how about southern california? you got to find some sunshine there after some morning fog in san diego, 74 degrees. 81 los angeles. a hot 91 in pasadena in the high country. watch out for this thunderstorms have been popping up each afternoon all week long. we're going to see that again for tomorrow. it's going to warm their 87 degrees in truckee. 83 in south lake tahoe but do watch out for those thunderstorms during the weekend. now, though, should begin to diminish somewhat on sunday, although we may have a couple more pop up storms. but otherwise temperatures going to pretty nice. throughout the weekend and into mo day to if you're going to stick around outside right now. we do have some low clouds and fog that moved inside the bay and
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they'll continue to stretch well on shore for tonight, temperatures running below the average in the san francisco 63 today comfortable 72 right at the average in oakland, 79 degrees in san jose 86 in little more 86 radiate, i should say, in concord and 80 degrees in santa rosa storm clouds gathering over the sierra nevada right now. boy, they've been popping up throughout the afternoon. here. they go really just putting on quite the light show. yeah, they talk about fireworks. this is quite the display that's being put on right now. but happening all week long in that area of low pressure just to the east of it has been spinning around bringing instability, but that thing should begin to move a little bit to the east and that will mean things will slowly slow down with those thunderstorms throughout the weekend. temperatures around the bay area. a variety of got 50's and fog. the coastline. still some 70's and 80's inland expect very similar temperatures throughout the 4th of july weekend. guys, back to you. >> thanks. alerts. a restaurant that is trying to shy away from the spotlight. how about that? we're checking out the hideout in this week's dine and dish.
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>> most restaurants try their best to let everyone know that they're open there around. want to get people to come in unless your kitchens name is the hideout kitchen. they still a business, though, right. despite their best efforts. there is usually a line out the door at out. vicki liviakis is taking us behind the scenes on this week's dine and dish. >> it's called the hideout for a reason. is that a good good
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name for absolutely. i mean, would founded otherwise? you can't straight. yeah. the hideout is la mer in does best kept secret in owner. jb likes it that way. you can see from the street from the sidewalk. you won't hear sign. you can't find us on the web site. we don't do any advertising. is that part of the charm. that's i think so. chef and boss jb and his wife picked this spot off the beaten path. and so far customers have been beating a path to do it from the sun. the out on the little sign. it was easy. but i had directions tucked behind a soccer shop back in the tiny kitchen. jb kicks out specialties like this giant waffle sandwich. belgian waffle contrite statement a baby over with cheddar cheese with another off with a little bit sugar butter tabasco enable on top of the best thing or if your appetite can handle it. the morning glory. a full on brunch between 2 slices. everything you need to value its feeling. it.
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>> yeah. a little yeah. look at this. >> there's wine and beer and homestyle hospitality. good value great taste with a side. >> of obscurity little nuances with the menu at in lafayette vicki liviakis kron 4 i just wanted to stay on that shot >> but it's good, right. >> i mean, i'm dine and dish is are created equal and that was that was was salivating. i mean, the french toast, the waffle really all the brunch, the brunch sandwich, the low got to watch that can share that. no. so that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thanks for being with us. >> kron 4 news at 6 is next. and you both even there i have and i'm hungry that yogi berra line the places to popular nobody thank you, and grants
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so much. coming up next at 6 o'clock. we appreciate that. you all are joining us. and a recent spike in ship. shoplifting has led many stores in san francisco to shorten their hours. what those sellers think needs to be done to support them. and you've seen it dry hillsides illegal fireworks at a recipe for disaster fire crews in the east bay demonstrated just how quickly fireworks can get out of contro
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> i city leaders, i think the district attorney and the police department would be up in when they could collaborate with everyone they can. >> at stores across san francisco and as business leaders look for help from city leaders target is taking a drastic said. >> by significantly adjusting its hours. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. we begin tonight with the 5 retail locations in san francisco now closing by 6 o'clock at night. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> you can hear the shrinking of alarms going off in this video sent to us showing an alleged shoplifter making for the exit as aem


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