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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> in the south bay despite low inventory and higher prices. those so-called safe and sane fireworks are selling well, in gilroy, one of the few places where they can be legally sold in the bay area as kron four's. rob fladeboe tells us safe and sane fireworks are worrying firefighters. but some nonprofits depend on them. >> gilroy's the only place in santa clara county that allows the sales and use of safe and sane fireworks. among those taking advantage of that today was gilroy resident. robert burke will have some people over from church and we're going to celebrate a birthday and we're going to let off some fireworks and do it the right way. what's the right way? the right way is done in front house and not want and stuff in the air and setting fires. there are 15 stands across town, all carry similar products proceeds from the sales. go to nonprofits. in
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this case the gilroy little league. support the programs throughout the year that they depend on these heavily on this funding. you know, most programs raise anywhere from 10 to 30,000 a just off the firework sales sales are restricted to gilroy residents who can only be used inside city limits parks and schools are off limits safe and sane fireworks don't explode in don't fly, but they can start fires. firefighters urge caution they couldn't. it's very possible. >> and that's why again, we say you safe practices. if you're going to do that. and keep in mind that. >> even things like sparklers can be really dangerous. they can reach up to 2000 degrees. a temperature. so when you're letting your children use that keep that in mind. make sure they're not wearing super loose clothing that they have closed toed shoes on. keep that water bucket nearby so that it can put out and make sure you're watching them sales began thursday sunday inventories are low and prices are up. >> by as much as 30%. despite that sales have been brisk so far. the higher prices and a
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lack of inventory blamed on supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic. the proprietor of this stand expect to be sold out before the 4th. in gilroy. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> the white house says it will not meet its goal of vaccinating 70% of americans by the 4th of july. but they're not calling off the barbecue and fireworks events and no mask for people who are vaccinated still stands. doctor fauci says early data show all 3 vaccines on the market can protect americans from the delta variant. however, according to cdc director rochelle walensky, the new delta variant is surging in places with low vaccination rates. the biden administration is sending response teams to unvaccin ted pockets of the u.s. in an attempt to try to combat the spread health officials say they'll boost testing provide supplies and deploy federal personnel where needed and requested delta variants now has been detected in every state and washington, dc. cdc
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is seeing an increase in the rates of the disease prepare primarily in the southeast and in the midwest. >> let's check in on the holiday weekend forecast the 4 zone forecast with a live look outside from our camera atop mount tam opi us a lot of cloud kron 4 meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with more. you know, most years. i love to be mostly clear, sunny and bright. but this year, especially with our fire danger. so high love to see the clouds and we've had so much cloud cover. and dense fog that had a lot of drizzle out there along the coastline again, affect measurable amounts of drizzle out there puddles on the ground early in the morning. 300, 500 s. >> of a drizzle on the coast and certainly more to come as the clouds are moving in right now as we overlook san francisco, the cloud cover starting to stream on shore now. we'll see more that drizzle again tonight. so if you're traveling near the coast of be aware. it's likely going to be slick there and some dense fog out toward the coastline late tonight into early tomorrow morning as we head through the day tomorrow. those clouds going to peel back toward the coast again
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and leave lots of sunshine inside the bay in the valleys. but then surged back on shore as we head toward the 4th of july. so yeah, it's going to be measurable overnight tonight. the models really start to pick up on a 2, 4, hundredths of an inch of drizzle up toward the coastline. half moon bay. maybe not as wet as it was last night, but still damp out there and even some patchy drizzle inside the bay. temperatures will break down like this tomorrow. plenty 60's in the san francisco cool on the coastline of the fog of the coast all day long inside the bay, find more sunshine about 60 mil bring comfortable 74 warm and san carlos 75 in mount view. lot of 80's into the south bay tomorrow afternoon. i think maybe some upper 80's inland by tomorrow afternoon as well as temperatures going to warm as high pressure going straight just slightly for tomorrow, then i think we can again as we head in toward the 4th of july temperatures are right about the average maybe slightly below normal we're going to cool down just slightly into sunday monday. we warm back up a little bit. kind of holding steady during the week. but i think by next friday and next weekend we start cranking up the heat once again.
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>> thank you laura. as in national news, the new jobs report shows us employers added 850,000 new jobs in the month of june. the latest evidence that the economy is rebounding from the covid recession. that's more than experts expected. however, overall unemployment still remains well above the prepandemic rate. our washington correspondent jessi turnure has more. >> more jobs, better wages. that's a good combination. after a springtime lol president joe biden is celebrating a summer heat up in the u.s. labor market put simply. >> our economy is on the move and we have covid-19 on the run. the june jobs report shows american employers added 850,000 jobs, including nearly 200,000 in hard-hit industries like bars and restaurants. this set of workers competing with each other for jobs or scares. employers are competing with each other to attract workers still overall employment remain 6.8 million below its pre-pandemic level
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and the black unemployment rate stands at nearly double the white jobless rate. but the president credits the new games to vaccination efforts and other elements of the american rescue plan. this progress is testament to our commitment to grow this economy from the bottom up in the middle out ahead of the report's release house republican leader kevin mccarthy painted a different picture of the economy. just 6 months of biden administration. >> the highest gas prices in 7 years. as many want to hit the road. inflation grew at the fastest race rate since 2008 mccarthy announced a series of gop task forces, he said will develop economic policies to push back on the biden agenda, the american public wants more. they want to hold people accountable in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> next on kron. 4 news at 6 animals at the oakland zoo getting their covid shots. we find out how the tigers bears and mountain lions are doing after the vaccination and his sports dodgers pitcher trevor bauer placed on leave amid
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recent assault allegations. we have more on what's going on coming up. the oakland
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zoo is trying to protect its at risk animals from covid by participating in an experimental vaccine program. >> animal pharmaceutical company zo at is is donating more than 11,000 doses of its experimental vaccine to dozens of zoos. so says it created
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the vaccine in response to confirmed cases of covid in gorillas at the san diego zoo back in january. the oakland zoo got its first shipment of vaccines this week and began vaccinating tigers bears mountain lions in ferrets. next. are the primates including chimpanzees fruit bats and pigs. the program doesn't just protect the animals. it also a logical studies as well. a doctor involved says say use a positive reinforcement model to vaccinate the animals. she says one of the bears. but first to get whipped cream after a shot. the other likes ice cream. >> immediate goal is safety for the animals here on and then of course we are collecting data on every animal that we're doing. we're submitting it so we can really support accredited zoological institutions around the with giving us and all are getting this vaccine to the animals. every week we're going to a
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full report on every all that's gotten this vaccine. so always, always zoological medicine and function of our conservation education, helping all of the both in the wild and in captivity. so we take very seriously our mission to contribute data to just further evidence. they scare the town halls. >> so they're still learning on what kinds of things that the animals like to have after they get vaccinated to further their studies on this program. and still ahead, a mother discovers a stranger spying on her while she was in the shower. how the confrontation ended after the break. >> coming up. of course, we've got the 4th of july holiday weekend. looking at that forecast. but. >> if you're looking for some more fun things to do around more fun things to do around the why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within,
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>> in tennessee. a mother indoors. some terrifying moments after she says a stranger walked into her bathroom while she was in the shower reporter shay arthur has the story. name sarah walked us through the moment she discovered an intruder at her home off jackson avenue. >> we're all using sarah's first name at request for safety reasons. >> their text messages. she shared her telling us is she still in shock and as having flashbacks. but she's grateful. she and her son were hurt. tuesday morning around
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3.45 she was showery getting ready for an early morning flight. she heard the bathroom door start to open when she looked out of the shower. she saw a hand on the door. then a man standing in the doorway when it clicked. she realized a stranger was staring at her. the man backed away. they didn't say anything to each other. she ran to 13 year-old son's room. here's what she said happened next. when she went to call 9, 1, 1, i was in my son's room in his door was open during the call. i immediately went there and when i saw he was ok, i grabbed his phone to call. i didn't even have a towel from the shower. i was gasping and screaming to the dispatcher. my son and i were huddled in his room staring at the door. and casey came in. and i couldn't tell you how much time was passing or how long it would take the cops to get there. so i instincts really kept screaming as loud as i could in case he was still in the house and came back in the room to hurt us thinking maybe one neighbor would hear me at some point the man left sarah
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couldn't tell if he was armed one of his hands in his pocket. she believes have been watching her through a window. she's been busy packing preparing making calls trying to get an uber taxi before her trip. sarah told police she might have left her front door unlocked as she was going in and out earlier in the day. but she also said exterior lighting around the home should have gone off officers discovered the lights were partially unscrewed and she says her son discovered a recycling bin move days before. so the lighting could be reached tonight. she's warning others to stay aware if you can invest an extra security measures. don't let your guard down. that was shay arthur reporting tonight. >> the step outside give you a live view of downtown san francisco and the transamerica building parts of bank of america building shrouded in fog. lawrence is here. he's got the july 4th forecast and 4. things. that's right for fun. things lots going on in
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the bay area this weekend. if you plan to head out about. got some ideas for you. >> about this one going to be an invigorating one. this is the to see alcatraz free swim out there. not necessarily 3 fee. there's a fee to this. we have if you're headed out and of course is going to be a little chilly in the morning plan on some clouds and some drizzle and a very early start 07:30am in the morning there. and yeah, it's going to be cool out there. but what a nice swim. couple miles out there from alcatraz back to the coast about this. if you want to go to oakland check out the parkway theater ghost tour. that's right. that's a ghost tour. that's a curry starting at 10 o'clock. they some of those. but they'll continue throughout the day and all the way till 4 o'clock that will be their last tour of the day. spooky morning fog. then mostly sunny in the afternoon, a little breezy temperatures there expected to be in the mid 50's. and i understand that is a pretty neat theater to go any day about this. i've been to this one before. it's a great parade. this is the old
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fashioned 4th of july parade. that's in half moon bay. they bring out all the old cars all decorated. they've got the marching bands. of course, a lot of food. great time to get out there to enjoy. it will be cloudy, though, this year. but on the maybe even a little drizzle early on. but then mild temperatures in the 60's and then partial clearing as we head towards the afternoon and one last one for you. this is the free 4th of july concert that's going to be at stern grove and the san francisco symphony is going to be out there and they are going to be playing some of those a wonderful 4th of july songs, mostly cloudy skies mild temperatures and it should be a bit breezy by the afternoon. guys. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> i'm greta candace. sports tonight the recent trevor bauer assault allegations have no doubt stirred up the sports world. the dodgers pitcher was scheduled to start on sunday against the nationals. the team had said that he wouldn't. but today major league baseball went ahead and took the action to suspend him
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for at least a week. you figure it's going to be way longer than that. if you haven't read the details surrounding the allegations here. it's on the internet and it is something else. major league baseball today releasing a statement reading in part. mlb's investigation into the allegations made against trevor bauer is ongoing will no determination in the case has been made. we have made the decision to place mister bauer on seven-day administrative leave effective immediately goes on to say mlb will continue to collect info in our ongoing investigation. concurrent with the pasadena police departments, active criminal investigation. we will comment further at the appropriate time. that is a situation there. some unfortunate news really for team usa. so said usa track and field star should carry richardson has been suspended sticks. she is a star from the olympic team suspended for one month. >> after testing positive for thc. she was going to compete in the 100 meter sprint in tokyo next month. really one
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of the signature events of the olympics this morning. she apologized said she takes full responsibility for her actions said she knew, but she wasn't supposed to do it. but she made the decision anyway as she was trying to cope with the news that her mother had just died. it is unclear at this time whether she will miss the games altogether. her suspension will be over by the time the relays happened in tokyo. so we'll have to see what goes on there. japanese pro golfer and 2021 masters champ. the decking matsuyama has tested positive for covid did so today and they promptly withdrew from this weekend's tournament. once he got the news pga tour officials were unable to say whether or not matt so young that had been vaccinated, but he was playing played yesterday was going to play today. but unclear what will happen really the big question is it will play in the open. you know, the next major across the pot. we'll have to see. ncaa news. the heisman trust says former usc running back reggie bush could have his heisman trophy returned as long as the ncaa
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reinstates his award-winning season. first. the trust said in a statement, quote, bush's 2005 season records remain vacated by the ncaa and as a result under the rules set forth by the heisman trust and stated on the ballot for the heisman. he's not eligible to be awarded the 2005 heisman memorial trophy. they went on to say should the ncaa reinstate his 2005 season. they would look forward to having him back in the heisman family. he was so electric. one of the really highlight human highlight reels and he pushed that line are in. he pushed line are done. there for that big play. meanwhile, tennis novak djokovich clinched his 75th wimbledon win today to feeding 100 14th ranked dennis could lead in a gutsy. 3rd said here looking to capture his record equaling 20th major, and he's set to face. >> 17 th-seeded cristian garin. >> on monday. a
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>> but a business to attend to reggie bush. you know, you would think the ncaa reinstates the season. he gets the heisman back. but. you would bet on the ncaa to do the right thing without the supreme basically first that they have to write. i don't know. don't place your i know you've been talking back when gary was here. you you've been on this train and you're one of the early adopters on this to let the people who earn money for the schools are in some little bit of money themselves. yeah. finally. now they need some structure to help support these young people as they move through this new process. hiring if you're it's a good idea. this is going to be a good for you. you're doing a good job with the sports. no, no, no, no way too thank you. for this holiday weekend. the happiest place on earth has more to offer. find out how. >> disneyland celebrates the 4th of july.
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>> the doors reopen today at the disney and disneyland hotel. it is reopening with limited capacity and offering guests. an updated experience through their yearlong closure. disney got to work adding new upholstery and fabrics throughout the hotel. fireworks are also returning to the park this week. the nightly show titled mixing mickey's mix magic will return sunday to commemorate the 4th of july as of july. 1st the
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park is now open until 10 o'clock every night. the intense heat wave across the pacific northwest lammy parts of canada to forcing everybody even animals to search for ways to cool off. look at this. mama bear and her 2 cubs taking a quick dip in the backyard pool of somebodys home and british columbia. >> after playing for a little while. they got out eventually hopping the fence disappearing into the trees of a minder, though. never approach a bear no matter how cute >> and drone video captured a spectacular volcano eruption in the philippines. thousands of people have been told to evacuate the area as the top all okay. no spews gas and steam. this is about 40 miles south of manila. all is really one of the world's smallest active volcanoes is only about a 1000 feet tall, but in january of last year, an eruption there sent ash and steam as high as 10 miles into the sky with ash falling as far away as manila. officials have warned residents that
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this eruption could be even more hazardous and that takes your business for this friday night. yes, it does make it to friday friday night of a holiday weekend. we hope you have a nice evening, everybody. we're back tonight at 8 o'clock, night. all of this started when we discovered
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: biggest fourth of july ever. >> tips on the best time to leave and return. speak of the best deals for your fourth of july barbecue. >> what state do you want? >> ribeye. >> the new heart stopping video taken moments after the building collapsed. plus, the fastest woman in america. her flaming red hair. the long lashes, why her olympic dreams just got dashed. >> you ingested some kind of marijuana. >> boy scout versus


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