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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 5, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning started with a check of the weather. we've got john trouble with that now. good morning, john. hey, james, good morning to you. and good morning to all of you who are still apparently working today. that makes a few of us that at least we're going to be looking at skies today. that will eventually clear out. we're on the cloudy side this morning. >> and as you saw last night, if you watched fireworks, you can see that low gray kind of obscuring some of those fireworks as they enter that marine layer you look outside right now in our our view show some red white and blue there on quite hour. obviously visibility is fine and has staff as cloud cover sitting right above us. most areas are good, but there are pockets of low grade that you do want to watch out for as you venture on to our roadways skies will remain dry for yet another day. aside from some coastal drizzle in misty conditions, but no rainfall. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with 59 double in concord, pittsburgh and livermore each at 58 erica. >> thank you, john. well, roads are looking people are
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still sleeping. we barely see any cars out on the road here. fear taking of the bay bridge. looking good in both directions from may's to fremont street. you're looking at a 7 minute drive time. the san mateo bridge also looking excellent high rise. no issues right now from the east bay out to highway one o one. you're looking at a 13 minute drive and out on the 4 here from antioch out to conquer to quick drive time under 15 minutes looking smooth. i'm not picking up any major accidents. we've just seen a couple minor collisions since after midnight that has been cleared. so no issues anywhere. you can see we're all in the green here. 5.80 from livermore to dublin just 10 minutes. james. >> all right. thank you very much, erica. 5. oh, one is the time. our big story this morning. of course, the fact that the bay area's not out of the woods yet when it comes to potential fire sparked by illegal fireworks this is some video of those illegal fireworks as they were going off in the east bay. and from this vantage point, you really can see just how many people
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we're setting off fireworks last night contra costa fire protection district has responded. they said the more than 50 fires overnight. many of them sparked by illegal fireworks and we've got proper. julius evans joining us this morning live from martinez where firefighters are battling a fire near highway 6.80 yoli. good morning. >> yeah, though, it's out. thankfully. it is out. and in fact, these homes that you see right now they're lucky they're standing there because the fire was just right behind them where you can even see him off of the 6.80 freeway. let's show you some video of that pretty impressive flames there effective. if you listen closely to some of the natural sound there. you can actually hear some fireworks going off even that this fire hasn't been determined that it was caused by fireworks called it a very good start and guests that it was they went off throughout the whole district
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all night. in fact, firefighters had really busy night. they said that at one this was 48 this is the 48th grass fire. that the contra costa fire department responded to last night and at one point they had 9 exteriors and vegetation fires going on currently at the same time that they had a form another task force to address the fires. now this fire occurred roughly around 10 o'clock. and they did say the fire department does say that at the 9.10 o'clock hour which like i mentioned was when this fire occurred. contra costa fire had responded to 37 grass fires and exterior fires and 5 structure fires. all within those 2 hours spans. they were super busy last night. but again, this fire that, you know, they're probably have to come back today trying to figure out what was the cause of all those fires. you know it most likely it is fireworks
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because they went off throughout the whole night. but they were able to put out and especially are able to put it out and save these homes here on ross circle. you know, kudos to the fire department. they were very busy and were able to put out these fires pretty quickly. hopefully as the morning goes on, james, i'll be able to talk to somebody who actually witness the fire on this block and give get a little reaction from them about what happened. in the meantime, they could sleep soundly because that fire was put out and it seemed like nobody was hurt back to you. oh, my goodness. but boy, that video, you know, you can see how close that fire came up the hillside of those houses so i can certainly see house. >> a scary situation for them in the overnight hours. but you're right, they can at least rest peacefully this morning and hopefully nobody else will set up more fireworks because i know that's a big worry today. in fact, we have some video from san francisco. we can show you now of illegal fireworks set
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off all night long and parts of the city and this map shows you 1, 2, 3, 4 different places where firefighters were putting out fires the map breaks it down there were they were all outside at 20th and irving streets 19th a new york street 3rd street in kirkwood avenue and then 19th and brian streets. let thankfully nobody was hurt in any of these. but that's always another worry, too, is that people will the injured by these fires or these fireworks as they're going off new this morning. firefighters are mopping up a fire that broke out at a warehouse in oakland and you're looking at video crews here battling that fire overnight. it was at the 900 block of 7th street. it would. they put it out about 2 o'clock this morning. witnesses say they did hear fireworks immediately before the flames and the smoke were visible. no word on if anybody was hurt in this. but a total of 11 engines had to respond to put this fire out. there was also a fire to that was started in a building on 42nd avenue and telegraph in oakland. >> started about 3 o'clock this morning fully. enveloping
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that building. nobody hurt. but fireworks were also heard in the area right before the fire was discovered. in the south bay fire crews are echoing the same message about not continuing to set off fireworks today. this year's drought. >> has put the risk of wildfires extremely high and get caught with illegal fireworks, too. don't forget, could land you. a costly find. we have kron 4 s taylor with more on that warning now from san jose fire. >> san jose. firefighters want you to remember this image with extremely dry conditions. the risks of starting a fire are much higher number in a drought. right now we're seeing very dry conditions out in our foothills and along our freeways. so, you know, we know that all it takes is one spark from an illegal firework to start a fire that greatly impacts our communities air with the san jose fire department hopes they don't see a repeat of last year. last year in 2020. you know, for various reasons and we did see big spike in illegal
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fireworks use and that stretched our department beyond its and we every station was responding to calls that evening of the 4. if you're caught with illegal fireworks. ray says it will now cost you more in the city of san jose. the santa is is now now has among the highest fines for illegal fireworks use a first violation starts at $1000 escalates to 2000 per second in 3,000 for 3rd, the city. also expanding on its social host ordinance this year. so. whereas we would typically prior we would need to identify a specific individual who is setting off illegal fireworks now a liability is expanded to the property owner and social host. if you're hosting a gathering where illegal fireworks are being used. he could be liable for fines. in addition to fees associated with any emergency response. and if you see someone setting off illegal fireworks. the fire department asks that you make a report online or call 3, 1, 1, >> in san jose taylor kron 4 news. >> and over in concord, a wildfire near the concord
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pavilion actually put a pause to the fireworks show there they have that professional fireworks show going on. so firefighters had to jump on. this was a small fire. they were able to put it out fairly quickly. and then the fireworks show resumed after that. on the peninsula, sheriff's deputies arrested. a man who is setting off illegal fireworks in menlo park. so take a look at the video the fireworks were heard by a gunshot detection system in the south. fair oaks neighborhood deputies arrived. they arrested 30 year-old, 30 year-old fernando camp hosts. he was booked for possession of illegal fireworks and spent fireworks containers as well. in the east bay contra, costa county police have arrested 3 people in connection with selling illegal fireworks. more than 250 pounds of them were confiscated. one man was arrested. this was in brentwood in. police say they found additional fireworks at his home in antioch. in the south bay, the total covid death toll for santa clara county has just gone down. 22% after the county's department of public health redefined the way it counts covid-19 deaths.
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now initially anyone who had covid at the time of their death was included in the death toll and this was in accordance with the state's definition at the time. well, now the county is only counting those in which covid-19 was listed as the specific cause of death on their death certificates. and this has brought the county's death toll now down by over 500 individuals. and according to county officials, the change comes as part of the county's effort to try and better understand the health impacts of covid-19 on the community. there's new reason for concern about the highly contagious. delta variant of coronavirus. it's now the dominant strain here in california in fact, state health officials say that it now makes up 36% of all cases. and that's a big jump from last may when it only made up about 6% health. experts also believe the delta variant may be twice as contagious as other covid strains hospitalizations. by the way, are also up compared to just a few weeks ago, though they're
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still well below the peak pandemic levels. in national news. president biden actually use the 4th of july celebration to try and also celebrate his administration's progress against the coronavirus. he urged americans to continue to get vaccinated to protect against deadly new variants. we have our washington correspondent kellie meyer with more on what he had to say. >> america is coming back together. this 4th of july. president joe biden is sharing just how much there is to celebrate her back. see one another again. businesses are opening and hiring again with military families essential and frontline workers on the south lawn. the president touted the country's progress against covid-19 and thank them for making that progress possible today we're closer than ever to the dependence from a deadly virus. the president didn't downplay the seriousness of new variants that could reverse that progress. any urged americans to get vaccinated as he fall
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short of reaching his july 4th goal of getting at least 70% of americans with at least one shot no longer paralyzes our nation. as within our power to make sure it never does. again. this is the first time people were able to sit here on the national mall and watch the 4th of july fireworks since before the pandemic began. some families tell me it's creating a new appreciation for the holiday is even more exciting this year to get to see all the celebrations no masks or social distancing as family and friends came together for the 4th of july fireworks. >> and for some it isn't just about the holiday and nasa see my and families enjoying the moment of being able to celebrate together again reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer.
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>> and you're looking at video of one of our breaking news stories overnight. the rest of that partially collapsed condo in florida was intentionally brought down crews set off explosives to demolish what was still standing of that condo there in surfside because there's this incoming storm system that could have brought that building down in a way that would have damaged other buildings nearby or kurd other people. so officials that it was in their best interest to bring down the rest of the building and now they can safely begin going through. >> the rest of the rubble. >> honestly, this precise moment i i feel because this building was our search efforts. really restart that we couldn't get to a certain part of aisle. i heard them say 40's in this area hearings for 2 search. i'm excited. >> all of the all clear has been given out a resume the
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search this morning. so far the remains of 24 people have been recovered with 121 still unaccounted for this morning. we'll take a break at 5.12 coming up, congress, i should say concerns in one east bay neighborhood after a coyote was spotted several times. >> here's some of the video. we'll have more on that coming up. plus, how one of san francisco's classic landmarks is trying to entice locals and tourists alike to come back in this post pandemic world. john. >> coastal areas today staying in the 60's a little bit of a foggy start. little bit of sunshine later on today. as for inland areas, another comfortable, one daytime highs in the 80's for most of our inland spots. i'm talking the return of some inland. keep, though, in your forecast. >> here's a look at bay area bridge cameras looking good right now for this one. will check out our other a bridge cameras after the break. and give you an update on the road.
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are going to be looking at some triple digits come saturday and sunday that means today. tomorrow, wednesday. the good stuff that we've got sticking around something we've got used to. >> and enjoy every bit of these next 3 days. you can see the low cloud cover that's sitting right above half moon bay this morning as we start to get a little bit of don peeking over the horizon. you can see some of that gray sky being lit up. now you will be starting the morning off great couple of drizzly spots and then also a few spots out there were pockets of low cloud cover are going make for some lower visibility. otherwise it should be a pretty easy go this morning. we're looking at dry skies for the bay area. and now for the sierra too, for our friends and neighbors that are up camping in the sierra doing some 4th of july festivities up there this monday. they've actually got a dry afternoon to expect after what was some thunderstorms earlier this past weekend futurecast wind gusts to show this on-shore push of wind that is going to keep temperatures rather mild for the bay area today that means daytime highs in sf in the 60's. also in the 60's right along the coastline.
5:18 am
most of our bayshore cities hanging on to some pretty familiar. a really comfortable 70's today foster city at 75 mountain view 77 south bay temperatures in the low 80's mostly while a range of 70's to 80's across the east bay today. among those 70's oakland at 70. well, concord 84 couple of 90's and only a couple of 90's antioch in vacaville being those 2 spots. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. tomorrow, wednesday or coolest and then comes thursday. notice of a warm-up in land that gets even hotter come saturday and sunday when triple digits return, it's should be a calm day on the roads today. but let's make sure with erica in for it. >> thanks, john. you're right about that. roads are looking really good right now. i'm sure most most people are still sleeping after enjoying a fireworks last night. you can see just a few cars heading over the bay bridge right now. drive times are looking great tour in the green and several places all our bridges. excellent right now. both directions on the
5:19 am
golden gate bridge are looking good drive time is 21 minutes out to the toll plaza out for. as for the south bay highway one o one up and down even up to marin county is looking great. all in the green. if you're traveling from san jose to menlo park or drive. time is just under 30 minutes right now as for the 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas a fast 20 minute drive time and on interstate 2.80, from san jose to cupertino just 27 minutes. james. >> thank you very much, erica. 5.19 is the time. and as san francisco starts to see more tourists coming back into the city restaurants and bars are looking for ways to try to track them and locals to come back as well. one such spot the historic top of the mark bar located at the international hotel with kron four's noelle bellow showing us what it has to offer. >> but people are comfortable and relaxed and that we can enjoy themselves located at the very top of the
5:20 am
international market hotel appropriately named top of the mark has stayed in tip top shape with 6 other what our filters. so we put in the head but felt as that of the most effective at screening any potential issues due covid fixture for 8 decades. the lounge bar offers views like no other. >> post-pandemic. the hidden gem is looking to entice more visitors to sept and experience. all it has to offer and we're changing it up a little bit. we we have the book expressions that we're rolling out today. >> where with paring local chocolates and truffles with local infuse. but kuz we have a local dj believe faces every friday. so we'll change up the music. so we're trying to appeal to a broader audience even on a quintessentially foggy san francisco de the atmosphere is inviting general manager michael pace wants to remind locals, it's still here. so we're not just a tourist destination with a great history. >> we have a lot of the heritage and great stories going to 1926 of the hotel was
5:21 am
built. this is called the weeping corner and back during world war 2 women would gather here to watch as their men with sail off from the bay. back to war. and it's not the only time history top marks still honors. one of reasons i thought the during the war was a squadron buckles if the person that would be the book was about and they do it shipping out there would say i'm giving this book. look at the somebody from my squadron, my brigade in the drink on me and that developed this tradition of the squadron off to the world. what went away. obviously and back in 2009, we started it. we act cabinets at the entrance of the mark, but the over 80 bottles that people dedicating nowadays. if you're a retired or active military duty in any of the brunt of military we'd like to come up select the bottle complimentary green come behalf of your brothers and sisters in the military. you can sign that all to come book. you can even note to self. it's very moving and it's and it's a beautiful experience in the u.s. are respectful. one of those in
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we're made for. the time most restaurants try their best to let everybody know that there are around. >> that is unless you're the hideout kitchen in lafayette. we've got kron 4. vicki liviakis taking us behind the scenes in this morning's dine and dish. >> it's called the hideout for a reason. is that a good good name for absolutely i mean, what would founded otherwise. you can't straight to hide out as la mer n does best kept secret in owner. jb likes it that way. you can see from the street from the sidewalk. he wants here sign. you can find us on the web site. we don't do any advertising is that part of the charm. that's i think so. chef and boss jb and his wife picked this spot off the beaten path. and so far customers have been beating a path to do it from the sun. the out on the little sign. it was easy. but i had directions tucked behind a soccer shop back in the tiny kitchen jb kicks out specialties like this giant waffle sandwich. those are lawful contracts
5:26 am
taken to baby over with cheddar cheese with another off with a little bit sugar butter tabasco enable on top of the best thing ever get or if your appetite can handle it. the morning glory. a full on brunch between 2 slices, everything you need to value its. >> feeling. it. >> yeah. a little yeah. look at this. >> there's wine and beer and homestyle hospitality. good value great taste with a side. >> of obscurity little nuances with the man you met in lafayette vicki liviakis kron 4 >> and don't forget, we're always looking for great places to dine or get so if you have a great place in your neighborhood that you like to recommend just scan that qr code on your screen. that will take you to our dine and dish section a cropper dot com. you could submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature well, if if her schedule allows vic, you will be out
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there. all right. it is 5.26. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news firefighters still worried about fireworks being set off the day on this day after the 4th of july. >> that wildfire concerns to talk about. we'll take closer look. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style.
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visit to learn more. get a check of the forecast here at the half hour. mark, if you're just joining we're waking up this morning too. >> actually pretty decent conditions out there is nice and calm. john. yeah, a pretty solid start to this monday morning as a few of us at least are going to be heading back to work and starting off the week. >> couple more people probably going to be added in the mix come tomorrow after the 4th of july yesterday. we are going to be looking at a little bit of cloud cover to start followed by some sunshine later today. much as we saw last weekend over the weekend, too, looking outside this morning at our coit tower cam. you'll start to notice that quite tower changes colors from red, white and blue this morning. nice to be able to see that as cloud cover is sitting above the bay rather than driving through much of the fog. it's just some low gray that's hovering right above us. and as i mentioned, we'll clear out in short time temperatures right now are in the 50's with double in livermore, concord alameda at 58 san jose is the lone exception hanging out right now it's 60 degrees. it is pretty empty out there. still
5:31 am
got erica in for a harvey this morning with a look at traffic here right about that. john roads slick and pretty good. as you can see, not too many cars out there looking at light. if you're taking the san mateo bridge as well other bay area bridges. i'm not picking up any major hot spots. >> if you're taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge out to the toll plaza from one. oh, one now from the toll plaza out to one o one. it's just a fast seven-minute drive time on the 5.80. heading westbound from castro valley. to the maze. just 13 minutes and for a one. oh, one 2, 80 out in the south bay. it's looking excellent. if you're taking 2.80, from san jose out to cupertino. it's just 11 minutes asked for other drive times around the bay area on the 4 from antioch to concord you're looking at 14 minutes. morgan help. the san jose on the one o ones just under 10 minutes. if you plan on taking countering this morning. we are operating on a sunday
5:32 am
schedule. so just something to a note. james. all right. thank you very much, erica. 5.31 the time. let's get back to the headlines this morning and in the east bay. >> the threat wildfires sparked by fireworks still exists even this day after the holiday their concerns of people may try and set them off today. kron four's camila barco has the warning now from fire officials, especially in a random. >> officials are cracking down on illegal fireworks they are not allowed here in contra, costa county and in other parts of the bay area. contra, costa county fire reports 40 people have lost their homes this year alone firework related incident. a lit up the city of orinda to celebrate the nation's birthday after covid shut down last year's festivities. >> and now we're live here where there are people and they can like take off my and it's just it's really great city. where is enjoying it with family and away from the
5:33 am
fireworks will probably be making like hot cakes. as i said earlier, normally we do some sort of a game while her the 4th of july on. so normally probably do that and face time of relative. >> this is video from last year when people blasted illegal fireworks across the bay area during the 4th of july weekend fire departments in northern california are pleading for people not to like them this year. obviously we're always concerned the fireworks. >> especially this year as our fuels are drier than normal stat as fuels are it spreads quickly. so it gets farther out front. in the meantime, police are on the lookout for any rule breakers. >> what you're seeing is more than 800 pounds of illegal fireworks neighborhood watch groups helped hayward pd, take them off the streets. has a long and continues officials urge people to celebrate with caution in orinda camila barco kron 4 news.
5:34 am
>> also in the east bay a 35 acre grass fire that was burning near clayton and pittsburgh is now fully contained. it took fire crews about 6 hours to get it under control. cal fire says the blaze started from a car fire near kercher pass road and northville road. in the south bay. 5 people are without a home this morning after a fire broke out at a mobile home park in east san jose. this happened in the 200 block of south jackson avenue 2 homes were severely damaged by the fire. one was destroyed crews quickly had it under control. nobody hurt. it's unclear exactly what started that fire. on the peninsula investigators now working to identify a body that washed ashore on pescadero state beach in san mateo county. the body was found yesterday. investigators believe the person was in the water for some time. as of this morning, no identification has been made public. in the east bay. new video sent in to us from across 4 viewer shows a coyote wandering in the streets of el serino it was spotted
5:35 am
yesterday. it was seen last at the corner of moser and king drive with kron four's amanda hari. now she actually met with a neighbor who is warning others now about this possible potential threat. >> i was only here for a short time when i saw that coyote run right down the road here. so i can let you know it's still here in this neighborhood and still very much a threat you know, kind these can be aggressive if they become habituated to humans. i took this photo of the coyote friday afternoon. it was running across the street moments before a woman walked by with a child in a stroller. >> and a dog can with the california department of fish and wildlife says coyotes are usually fearful of humans. >> but they can adapt to being around people primarily they have rodents and rabbits. >> but if you know take advantage of whatever food resources are available. he says they will go after trash or unsecured pet food. but it's not unheard of for them to go after small animals. he
5:36 am
was just torn apart. i mean, his head was torn off. he is just, you know, it was just horsing really in the roosevelt lives near richmond street and lincoln avenue in el serino. >> she believes her cat. mario was killed by the coyote. you know, is my companion. every day. she says she called police, but they only get involved if it threatens or hurts a human. she would have to submit a wildlife incident report, fish and wildlife officials may be able to help on a case by case basis. >> she says she saw the coyote the day after her cat died and she felt a little bad for it is lost and confused and he looks emaciated. he looks like he needs food and water. >> and he's just in the wrong place. wildlife experts say the coyote may have wandered into this neighborhood looking for food and water because of the drought. >> well, the rose is heartbroken over her cat. she's more worried about what could happen next i'm
5:37 am
concerned about my grandchildren. i have very small grandchildren playing my wildlife experts tell me it's very important not to try and interact with the coyote or trying tame it. they say that can lead to more problems and more attacks in el serino amanda hari kron 4 news. >> time now. 5.37. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the giants winning streak after a week before they head to the all-star break. we'll have highlights from the game coming up in just a moment. and we're also exploring another part of california as a place not too far from the bay area. we'd like to take you to about the beaches of monterrey. and you have to wait a little bit for the coast, a clear today. but once it does, we're going to be looking at some nice and sunny skies. >> temperatures today in the 70's 80's for most spots. coastal area sticking with the 60's. your forecast is that. >> and after the break, i'll let you know if there's any major accidents or slowdowns on the roads. stick around.
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frozen chicken usda inspectors think the products may be contaminated with listeria. so the products you need to be on the lookout for are the grilled and ready chicken strips. the tyson fajita chicken strips and the pulled chicken. the recalled items were produced between december 26th of last year and then april 13th of this year. so if you have any of these products between those dates, you're going want you to throw away or return them for a full refund. also happening today, amazon founder jeff bezos is stepping down as the company's ceo. he leaves as the world's richest person. he first appeared on forbes list of richest americans back in 1998 when he was at the time only worth 6 million dollars. of course, ease with a lot more these days. fact, upwards of 202 billion dollars is what is most recent. the estimate is for net worth. most of that coming in just the past 3 years. bezos will remain as amazon's executive chairman on the board and will focus on other ventures like his blue origin space company, amazon,
5:42 am
will take over as ceo of amazon. >> we'll take a break or 5.41. >> we'll take a break or 5.41. we'll be right back. oroweat small slice. i wonder if this has the same quality ingredients as the original whole grains bread? great question, dad. and it does. it has all the same nutritious deliciousness as the original slice but only a little bit smaller. just like timmy here. my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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home to great appliance brands like lg. talk to your child's doctor and great values like saving up to $750 now on select major appliance purchases. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 5.44 the time a popular spot to visit in california is
5:45 am
just outside the bay area. this morning we're highlighting monterey and there's always something fun to do for everyone of all ages kron four's rob fladeboe with a look. >> the author robert louis stevenson said it is the greatest meeting of land and water in the world. but there is so much more to the monterey peninsula. >> you can come to see the peaches redwoods in big sur, incredible hiking outdoor adventure. we have the monterey bay so kayaking year around whale watching. there's just so much to see and do the monterey bay aquarium. cannery row and big on favorite destinations. all within easy driving distance from around california. locally can come from san jose san francisco. you can even drive up from l a. >> it's mne of the best, the most scenic drives in the country. you have highway one cannery row, of course, was immortalized by the author, john steinbeck who wrote cannery row and several other books set in and around monterrey. the starting catcher is, of course, like this one long gone. but the
5:46 am
fishermen are still here and so is the seafood. >> try the calamari at fisherman's wharf or tour. the harbor in a kayak. >> pacific grows lovers point is right next door. the 17 mile drive led you to the dog friendly white sand carmel beach art galleries line carmel's ocean avenue. don't miss the carmel mission and of course, there is pebble beach and its renowned golf courses. you can find some of california's first here, including the first theater. >> the first newspaper started here we have the first building that's designated in california in monterey, steinbeck's beloved salinas valley in the arctic chill capital of the world in castroville round out your visit to a place where land, water and waves of fun are rolling ashore. rob fladeboe in mara for destination, california. >> 5.46. is the time. let's get over to the weather center. john talking about a really nice conditions this week before a little bit of a
5:47 am
warm-up by the weekend. john, good morning. yeah, we're looking at a warm up just around the corner that's going to bring us into the triple digits come saturday and sunday. >> that's just around the corner. so you cal, what hunter weather center forecast for the day today. something yeah. got to savor a little bit extra because we're going to be looking at conditions out there. they are going to be so high here in just a couple of days looking out there at the gray that singing out over the bay area. pretty familiar territory here. we've been starting off with the gray skies the past few mornings. that's the side of the ocean cool there that's been rushing into the bay, cooling us off. keeping even our inland areas a little bit moderated with temperatures up in the sierra nevada this past weekend, we saw some thunderstorms and it was a busy one up there. a lot of people up at lake tahoe enjoying the holiday weekend. good news for those people that are up there today that are enjoying the extended weekend is it will be a warm and sunny one without the thunderstorms this afternoon bay area. we've got the gray this morning. skies clear this afternoon, more cool ocean air sweeps in tonight, keeps temperatures. moderated for
5:48 am
yet another day tomorrow as will also be the case on wednesday. 60's for most of our daytime highs in san francisco the coastline while are beside cities today. mostly in the 70's burlingame at 74 seeing carlos 78 along with fellow out so sharing that same number 80's for san jose. campbell santa clara and milpitas. well, looking at 70's to 80's across the east bay today. union city. one of my favorite numbers for your high today at 75 degrees antioch in vacaville in the low 90's filet o. you're also at 75 today and petaluma sandra fell mill valley in santa rosa. joining you in the 70's now tomorrow and wednesday, not much different from today. we're in this holding pattern of nice weather for 3 more days. thursday friday. you start to notice the heat beginning to build in by saturday and sunday. the he really settles in triple digits back inland as that cool coastal air doesn't reach those inland valleys come the weekend and that means temperatures out to be skyrocketing. it is the
5:49 am
monday after a holiday and that means probably a lot of people out there, eric, is that still the case here, right about that. john. i'm sure a lot of people are still fully ping. and coming up at home after they saw the fireworks last night probably off work today. as you can see here, just. >> heading over to the bay bridge into san francisco. >> no issues at all. just a few cars mosey by. it's looking pretty lighter traffic on all our bay area bridges. in fact, golden gate bridge here. both directions. looking good. just couple cars going on by there and on the one o one in marin county all the way down to san jose. i'm not picking up any major hot spots. it's looking pretty good. as you can see here, if you're heading from san jose out to menlo park. our drive times. 27 minutes right now. and on the 4 here from antioch to concord you're looking at 14 minutes for your drive time checking in on interstate 6.80, from pacheco to danville. it's just 11 minutes
5:50 am
and san leandro to milpitas on 8.80, just a 20 minute drive time. james. >> thank you very much, erica at 5.49 the time. let's get to bury baseball now. the giants on a winning role as they head into the all-star break next week. yesterday they were facing the diamondbacks in arizona. so let's jump to the action. 3rd inning. we go austin slater at the plate in areas crushing that ball over the left center field wall. that's good for a solo homer. the giants would add another couple runs there later on to beat the diamondbacks 5 to 2, but they were there was one moment where is little bit scary in the 6 check this out. buster posey. yeah. it's a foul ball off his left hand with them through glove off. obviously in pain had to leave the game. luckily x-rays were negative for a break. it's being reported as a left thumb contusion judge manager gabe kepler, obviously happy to hear break anything to do with. >> you. see me smiling. that's that's my level of relief. my my level of concern. obviously
5:51 am
when when threw his glove office pretty. i obviously, you know, it's pretty even doesn't react. without much. you know, kind of emotion very often. so obviously we take that really went out there. give him a chance to kind of stand the game. obviously he's always going to fight for that. but we thought was best to kind of get him out of there and get checked out obviously good news on the on the x-rays try getting ready for tomorrow's baseball game. >> yeah. the giants are back home today. they'll be hosting the st. louis cardinals took the first pitch 3. '05 this afternoon. now over the oakland. the a's were hosting the boston red sox at the coliseum 35,000 fans were on hand there for the 4th of july game. it ended up being pitcher's duel really between the starters on both sides. a's pitcher james kaprielian got a career-high 10 strikeouts. but in the end it was the boston red sox that scored the game's only run. it was in the 6th and so with that boston took the win one to nothing was the final his
5:52 am
manager, bob melvin. >> 2 good teams in, you know, seems like each game had. it's different personality to it. so, you know, both both starting pitchers were fantastic today. >> you know, tough to get good swings off from alone. the little string together but to hit so series as a whole was pretty evenly matched. you know, we talked about actually the first game game inches and it was all the way around. all 3 games. >> not yet. the a's have the day off today. they'll be on the road tomorrow facing off against the houston astros. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
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>> do cool of the big fireworks show in san francisco. the back impacted by foggy conditions. you can see that up above. but that just sort of added an extra blow right. a good time for people to come out to the everybody there said they had a blast. the group that puts on the display up. she couldn't do it last year. but they were thrilled to be back this year lighting up the sky.
5:56 am
the usually start planning in march. but don't forget, it was until mid-may before the decision was made. that can actually have the fireworks show. so they are working with less time. but still. what fantastic show. never gets old watching joey chestnut continue to be the champ and he still is reigning champ helio native kept the crowd yesterday securing his 14th win at nathan's hot dog eating competition out there in coney island brooklyn. he did it by scarfing down a record 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes can you imagine? in fact, that's one more hot dogs than his previous world record. so beating his own record on the women's side. you saw her come up a moment ago on the screen. michelle lesco. she won the championship taking down 30 hot dogs. there she is both of
5:57 am
them the of cases. all right. we'll take quick break here at 5.56. coming up next, illegal fireworks. we all over the bay area last night, not out of the clear yet either because there's a warning from fire officials thinking about sending any more off today. >> and i want to tell you why. plus, a wildfire breaks out in martinez and that could have been sparked by fireworks. they were heard in the area with details coming up. a live report. america's best tasting original oatmilk silk
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this july 5th. >> monday morning. i'm james fletcher and it's 06:00am. let's start off with checks of weather and traffic. before we get to the headlines, we've got john leading us off this morning with the forecast. good morning, john. good morning, james. and we are going to be seeing some sunshine later on today. most of us this morning are back to that great much as we saw yesterday a viewer watching fireworks in san francisco. you saw the color shooting up into that lower marine layer and then kind of that blurry view. that's what you've got right now. your center tower cam except you can't see anything except for some do we


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