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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at all. >> nonstop chaos throughout the city. both violence and sideshow. >> now at 5 a day to celebrate america taking a turn for the worse in oakland. sideshows shootings, an illegal firework shows this evening. 2 people are dead and several others are in critical condition. thanks for joining us tonight at 5. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan nearly 500 people were involved in illegal sideshows oakland's police chief says it was one of the most violent 4th of
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july holidays. he can recall as an oakland native kron four's. terisa stasio has the story. chaos and disorder on the streets of oakland. this is what faced residents living in the east bay city on the 4th of july. >> in a 24 hour period. the police chief monday listing off the shootings. the deaths, the assaults on officers, the crime which engulfed the at about 06:25pm in the 5400 block 5700 block of a little bit. elizabeth street where a male adult. >> 29 years old. was shot multiple times while driving in his vehicle. that sort of led to the beginning of a very challenging even for officers as well for the community. take a closer look in total. there were 7 shootings. one ruled a homicide. >> one in critical condition. one a suspicious death and then a shooting this morning where a woman found bleeding was rushed to the hospital and then there is this a dangerous
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side shows popping up at intersections throughout oakland to exacerbate the problem even worse. >> we encountered a very large and extremely violent and dangerous side show. this sideshow reached a number of over 300 vehicles and over 200 additional spectators. a significant dangerous threats to our officers. why the use of firearms as well as lasers pointed at the officers and then objects being thrown at the officers as if that's not bad enough illegal fireworks exploded in the sky call centers. overwhelmed. >> flooded with complaints and a police force on able to keep up. >> opd was unable to manage any fireworks related activity in from my perspective, it was not appropriate for us to focus on fireworks. why we we're seeing experience in the potential loss of life. >> chief ended on this brief. but significant summation on where his city is and what
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happens next and response to lawlessness. >> this is a warm summer. we have 67 homicides. this is been a different year. this has been this year has been challenging for us since the beginning going into 2020. it has not slowed so i don't you know, previously. i would have told you that hopefully this slows down the pandemic allows these things to open back up. but we haven't seen theresa kron 4 news. >> night of chaos also felt in belie. coming up on prime time news at 5 o'clock a kron four's. dan thorn hill have a live report on the illegal sideshows and fireworks there. you can watch it right here. actually, that is on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. in the north bay. police are looking for at least one shooter and what they say is a gang related shooting that left one man dead 2 teenagers are in critical condition. >> it happened just after midnight on beechwood drive, just west of one. oh, one
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investigators found dozens of people taking part in a large illegal fireworks show and a car drove into the neighborhood, somebody in the car began shouting shots were fired. a 35 year-old man from santa rosa died. a 29 year-old woman and 2 teenagers were also hit by bullets and they are all in critical condition. the driver crashed into a parked car and the suspects ran away. rohnert park police are investigating the death of a 21syear-old student sonoma state university who was hit by a car that happened about noon today on east avenue just off campus. it is believed the students stepped off the center median while crossing east avenue. police identified the driver as 19 year-old ronald gaither of penn grove. investigators are looking into whether driver distraction was a contributing factor here. >> so very residents decided to ignore repeated warnings and pleas not to use illegal fireworks are ken wayne. he is
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live in the studio with details on the problems that can spark by these illegal fireworks. yeah. literally, catherine vicki, thank you very much. a fire crews were beefed up last night in anticipation of the damage that illegal fireworks were expected to cause and they did san francisco. firefighters put out 4 different fires overnight. this map shows the locations of all for those fires where they broke out one at 20th and irving another at 19th in york. 3rd street in kirkwood. and again at 19th and bryant streets all across the city. the good news, nobody was hurt in any of these fires. another fireworks related incident happened at pier 94 in the city. the fire department called in its fireboat to help in putting out those flames. these pictures were posted on social media again, nobody hurt in this fire across the bay in hayward illegal fireworks were lighting up the sky across that city. it didn't seem to matter where you were. they were visible from just about everywhere. viewers captured these displays. and even though they look like they're
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kind of fun. they're absolutely illegal. and of course, very dangerous professional displays were legal. of course, this was in concord where the professionals were putting the finishing touches saw just hours before the big show at concord. the mayor of conquer told us, quote, it's going to be probably one of the best fireworks shows we've ever seen in concord. and then this happened right now we appears to be following some breaking news outside of concord at the 4th of july demonstrations taking place today. >> the show is being pause right now as a result of this fire that erupted there in concord as the result of the 4th of july demonstrations taking place there tonight. we were live as that wildfire started and we captured fire crews putting out the flames before the fire could get out of control. >> it's a good example of why even if they are professionally handled shooting off. fireworks can be very dangerous contra costa county fire protection district responded to 53 reports of fires. most of them
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fireworks related 48 of those fires burned. only that education, 5 of them involved structures. the number of incidents was actually down from the year-ago by about 20%. reporting live. ken wayne kron, 4 news. thank you. can. yeah. they certainly have their hands full. our team coverage continues tonight with kron first charles clifford. >> who has more details and images of what turned out to be a really busy night for firefighters. >> well, for weeks, fire officials all across california in the bay area have been asking people not to use illegal fireworks because of the incredibly high fire danger. but inevitably people will use fireworks and they did. there are a lot of fire started on sunday evening. but at least one county says it wasn't as bad as last year along the peninsula on 4th of july these fireworks in san bruno lit up the foggy sky. they also sent embers falling on a nearby homes. fortunately. >> nothing caught fire in san francisco. fire crews responded to dozens of small
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fires in the east bay illegal fireworks displays lit up the night sky across oakland. this is video looking west from the oakland hills over the course of the evening. fireworks may have started as many as a dozen fires across the city, including possibly this one at a warehouse on 77th avenue. >> this place eventually became a 3 alarm fire before crews were able to bring it under control. >> to the south fireworks could be seen across hayward. and in san leandro police confronted people lighting off fireworks. this is video sent to kron 4 by a neighbor further to the east contra costa county fire responded to at least 48 grass and exterior fires in 5 structure fires including this blaze in martinez. despite the busy evening contra costa fire does say that there were fewer fires this year than last year on 4th of july to our residents last night and we're grateful for that fire protection district spokesperson steve hill says the decline is probably due to multiple reasons, including more people taking the warnings about the danger of
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fireworks seriously increased law enforcement efforts to seize illegal fireworks unfavorable weather temperatures were slightly lower last compared to the year before and humidities were slightly higher. >> and that no doubt contributed to a lot of grass fires that might have started taking hold not doing so last night. >> now some of the fires that we just mentioned there, the exact cause is still under investigation. but for now in san mateo county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> all right. let's take a live look at sfo today expected to or so far. apparently it's turning out that way. one of the busiest travel days of the weekend. the close to 4 million travelers actually passed through tsa checkpoints this holiday weekend. thursday and friday. those were the busiest travel days. >> and we're close to 2019 numbers. there were more than double the number of people flying than last year. >> and kron four's amanda hari is live at sfo and she's been talking to people returning to the bay area about what it's
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like to be traveling again. what are they saying, amanda. >> spoke to a few people here and they told me things are starting to feel a little bit more normal except for having to wear a mask when you're inside everything else feels more like things did just a few years ago before the pandemic and it's been getting busier here. we've had waves of cars driving by here and dropping people off and picking people up now take a look at your screen. we're going to show you some of those tsa checkpoint numbers and just how much they rebounded since july 4th weekend last year. it's not quite what it was in 2019. but it's getting closer. i spoke to one woman that says she's visited her sister in hawaii. 3 times the last year. she says this has been the busiest. she seen the airport and just had to get a covid test each time she went. >> the first is really easy. i just got the covid test 3 days in advance. but then the last
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trip i went on was really last minute so hard to get the covid $225. and this time i had to get that test again because i was backpacking last 3 days. so was unable to get the senate to our test. >> right now why he is still requiring all travelers to get a covid test before entering unless you were vaccinated in hawaii. now, that's supposed to change this thursday, july 8th. the governor op hawaii is supposed to be allowing people who are vaccinated within the united states to go in with proof of vaccination and not have to get another covid test live at sfo amanda hari kron 4 news. yeah. and a lot of changes. but you did mention that masks are still required at the airport. we have any idea just how long that covid protocol will be in place. >> last time i talked to officials here at the airport. they say they expect masking to continue here at the airport. >> and when you're on flights,
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at least until mid september. so if you're going on a trip, make sure to bring that mask with you. >> keep it around all the time, at least for now. you're thanks very thanks, amanda. >> and speaking of traveling, that fog is moving in right now. do we have any airport delays around the bay area. we'll talk about that forecast coming up next. >> and coming up on 4 news at 5. the state capitol is working to control a coronavirus outbreak. so will all the state lawmakers be required to get a vaccine. also a wild sighting in the east bay. it leaves a community with some safety concerns.
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>> a democratic state senator is pushing for all public employees to get vaccinated. and this comes as the state capitol is working to try to contain an outbreak that has now infected several people. and as the state's most dominant strain is now the infectious delta variant capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala is live with details. ashley. >> catherine state lawmakers return to the state capitol today as this building is seeing a covid-19 outbreak that's infecting not only those who are not vaccinated but those who are. >> we have a responsibility to the public. to to take public health precautions for celts for co-workers and to protect
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members of the public state. senator scott wiener is calling on all public employees, including elected officials to get vaccinated. we are elected officials or legislative staffers. whether we are. >> firefighters or police officers are working at the dmv. we're homeless outreach workers. we are all interacting with the public. and we also are keeping the government open and and working and functioning. the push comes as 9 state capitol employees and staff members in the assembly have tested positive for covid-19 within about a week. the most recent memo sent over the weekend said the latest 2 people to test positive were fully vaccinated and wearing masks. they think they're, you know, recovering as we've seen with. >> with many people, the public and state senator melissa melendez weighing in on the push to vaccinate public employees. i've always believed that vaccination is a personal choice and i understand those are, you know, are very fearful getting this virus and really they would prefer that everyone get vaccinated whether it's public employees or private employees.
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>> but that's not reasonable the strains of the capital cases are unknown. the effort to contain the outbreak comes as california's most dominant strain is the infectious delta variant the state's positivity rate is increasing slightly. at 1.5% as of monday. >> state data shows about 60% of california's population is fully vaccinated for now state lawmakers say there are no plans to push legislation mandating public employees get vaccinated wiener pointing to san francisco now requiring all city workers to get vaccinated. we should see that more broadly agencies should be mandating and so forth. it's not about legislation. think it would be a tough sell. certainly. >> but that has never stopped people before bringing forward balance that aren't necessarily popular. >> state. health officials say they are prepared for slight increases in cases and hospitalizations. but at the moment they say they see no threat to the state's health care capacity system at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. thank you,
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ashleigh, across the pond. british prime minister boris johnson says england is now shifting from. >> mandated covid restrictions to a policy of personal responsibility. so instead of requiring masks and social distancing johnson is asking people to embrace living with the virus and to use personal judgment restrictions will be lifted in 2 weeks on july 19th being dubbed freedom day by the british press johnson's conservative party welcomes lifting restrictions citing economic benefits. but health officials there say it is a dangerous plan in light of surging infections driven by the delta variant. >> happening now, the chp has maximum enforcement period for the holiday weekend. will continue for the rest of the night of this is a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza looks pretty clear. maximum enforcement periods, of course, are when more officers are out there on the roads, keeping an eye out for unsafe driving the final numbers are not in yet. but a
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chp officer with the golden gate division says a lot of speeding citations have been issued and there have been a lot of speed related accidents with the empty roads. we do tend to see >> got a lot the bears a very congested area because of so with you know, the empty roads, a lot of people are pushing those limits. but again, we want to remind you you know, people and its coach for a got of the state has to travel. just make sure that even though you have the space to do so. fall. this could the next designer for your safety and the safety of other drivers. >> again, that maximum enforcement period remains in effect until midnight. stay with kron. 4 for up to date. traffic conditions. you can use your phone to scan the qr code there on the screen. it will take you to the traffic section of our website. and you can find live traffic report information on any
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bridge backups and any traffic alerts. all right. so let's take a live look outside right this is the richmond sandra fell bridge actually light in the traffic department and mild in the weather department yeah, everybody is either. >> already on the way back and homework. it's really quiet. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here. nice weather for traveling yeah. it kind of all the whole day out there on the roads. seems like a lot of kind of quiet out there right now. not too many people coming in. >> if you're boy, you know, you get that fog rolling in. sometimes that can be a really big problem. specially at sfo. but here's the good news. no delays being reported at sfo oakland or san jose airport. so you are open and clear, but that may change a little bit as we head toward tomorrow morning. we've got a thick deck of clouds that once again is starting to push on shore and through the golden gate bridge right now. you see that wind blowing the flag. we'll see that move all the way. the interior valleys overnight tonight and it's going to be very thick along the coastline, taking up. i think
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we're looking at some heavy drizzle again overnight tonight out toward the beaches. of course, plenty of fog out there last few days and the 4th of july. no exception. plenty of clouds rolling on in and here comes once again. it is going to work its way. well, on shore with a strong sea breeze out there as well. got some 26 mile hour gust into fairfield 20 in the napa valley 28 into san francisco in 20 out of the west in oakland right now. so enough of an onshore breeze. bring the clouds well on shore tonight, temperatures kind of all over the map. you've got the cool 50's with the fog in half moon. bay still sunny and 80 degrees in concord. 80 degrees. also liberated 5 in antioch, very pleasant. 74 this evening in the napa valley and 74 degrees in san jose. we are expected that the low clouds and fog will continue to track on shore through the evening hours and really kind of settle in after midnight. expect some patchy dense fog. looks like some more drizzle along the coast line temperatures going to be cooler out toward the beaches of court. you find some 15, some 60's there as you get inside the bay of find some sunshine mid 70's in san jose and some mid 80's in the valleys. all right, lawrence,
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take a look at this video. this is from the east bay. a coyote. >> wandering the streets of el serino you see him go off in the background. a viewer spotted this animal yesterday. there he goes trotting along. the coyote was last seen on the corner of moser and king drive. the california department of fish and wildlife says if you happen to see a coyote. yeah. you got to keep the kids and small animals away and make loud noises to scare away the coyote and do not approach. >> last night we cared fireworks shows from all across the country, including washington, d c let's take a look at that part of the show.
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the death toll from florida's condo collapse standing at 28 for more bodies were found a day after this year.
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>> looking at the rest of the partially collapsed building being brought down and part of the reason that was happening. concern about an oncoming storm. this move opens new areas for rescuers to explore presumably more safely. >> honestly this precise moment i don't really i feel because this building was our search efforts. really restocked that we couldn't get to a certain part of aisle. i heard them 40's in this area. here search. i'm excited. >> searchers are back on the job. more than 115 people are still missing. miami beach firefighters. they paid tribute to the victims of the condo collapse. fire crews were flashing the lights on their engines on there. rescue boats spokesperson says they were shining lights for those who can not.
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>> next at 5 pack your tunes or your podcast drivers. because roadways they are expected to be the busiest of the holiday a weekend. we're taking a live look to see if that's really true. plus the vta railyard shooting caused damage to buildings equipment and computers more than a month later, writers are still waiting to return. details on that return to service and parts of florida. now preparing for possible tornadoes storm surge and up flood well warnings we are
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>> all we are taking a live look right now at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog in the background there. alright traffic doesn't seem any heavier than usual fact it looks pretty light. the next few hours, though they are expected to be the busiest time for drivers out there, at least according to triple a. all right. back to our top story tonight. it was a chaotic 4th of july in oakland as first responders are being called out to all kinds of emergencies illegal fireworks, a big part of the problem. there were set off all night into the early hours of the morning, causing warehouse to catch fire. you're looking at video suggesting the scope of what crews had to deal with these things were going all over the place. and that's despite attempts to remind the public. we are in the middle of a fire season and a drought.


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