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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 5, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> well, let's take a live look outside tonight looking at the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge and void traffic looks pretty light on little heavier but still not much. maybe everybody is already home from the holiday, you know, aaa head anticipated that the next few hours. we're going to be the busiest for drivers as people make their way back home from their holiday travels. but either delaying that true or they've already made it home. you know, you don't want to combat salem they cation. i can understand that. back to our top story tonight. now it was certainly a chaotic and dangerous 4th of july, particularly in oakland. first responders are being called out to all kinds of emergency illegal fireworks were set off all night long and into the early morning hours that caused a warehouse to catch fire. >> this video shows the scope of what they had to deal with despite attempts to remind the
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public. we are in the middle of the fire season and a major drought. >> to make matters worse first responders also reported to the huge sideshow. you can see in this video, a crowd of more than 200 people at the intersection of high and macarthur streets in oakland. that's right. by a 76 gas station. police calling it extremely dangerous with the sideshow and 7 shootings in 24 hours. the police chief says that this took resources away from trying to respond to all of the illegal fireworks. illegal fireworks have been popping up all over california. they lit up the night sky in los angeles. despite warning said. >> those shows should be left to the professionals. there are some officially indoor shows in various places in la. but as this video shows, was also a lot of illegal activity. la officials say that illegal fireworks cost more than a 100 million dollars in property damage each year. in the south bay
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light rail service is still paused in san jose. more than 2 months after 9 people were killed in that shooting at vta yard. ut officials say they haven't said they still haven't said when they expect service will resume. but the agency suggests there could be an answer this week. the shooting caused damage to buildings and equipment and computers all of which are necessary for the service light rail system spans more than 40 miles in the south bay from san jose to mountain view before the pandemic there are about 30,000 daily riders in 2020 about 7600 people wrote it every day on the peninsula. investigators are working to identify a body that washed ashore on pescadero state beach in san mateo county. the body was found yesterday and investigators believe that the person had been in the water for some time. >> happening today. florida residents are preparing for tropical storm elsa. there were long lines of cars with people picking up sandbags. this is near tampa.
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>> where state of emergency has been declared. there is a risk of isolated tornadoes. a storm surge and of course, heavy rainfall and flash flooding. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking that system and has the details for you guys remember last week we're looking at the storm system became a hurricane, but it was really moving about 30 miles per hour. now also slowdown started interact. now some land masses right now, cuba is getting a pounding by lcc. the storm system kind of disorganized as it's getting closer and closer. then finally moving on shore. but then it's going to move out over some open water. so likely intensify as it does right now sustained winds of 50 miles per hour making it a tropical storm. you see all the areas in orange. those are the tropical storm warnings up right through the keys and along the western half of florida's. well, we're looking at the system that moving 30 miles an hour now slow down so that also allows it to strengthen somewhat. it is moving at a northwest pace at 13 miles per hour. here's the very latest track. and by
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tonight we're looking at a threatening the keys. they're going to feel some tropical storm force winds there. some winds gusting as high as maybe 75 maybe 85 miles per hour as it moves along and then off the coastline there near tampa with sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. so expected to strengthen also along this area. there are really in the right front quadrant of that storm system. that is the most dangerous part of the hurricane. they're going to see that storm surge along the coastline there maybe 3, maybe 5 feet. so that's a significant storm surge. then finally making its way near the panhandle. florida by wednesday as we're going to see that storm system possibly getting close to a hurricane strength. there's still a ways to go. then finally making its way all across the southeast and back out into the atlantic but looks like overnight tonight going to be a very stormy night, especially across the western half a florida. thank you, lawrence. fire crews continue to make progress on a string of fires across northern california.
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the lava fire has burned 46 square miles near the foot of mount shasta. it is now 70% contained. the tenant fires burned almost 16 and a half square miles. it is 51% contained. there are concerns about windy weather. firefighters are worried that winds could gust up to 25 miles an hour by tomorrow and containment of the salt fire north of redding has increased to 20%. it has burned more than 11,000 acres near interstate 5 in southern california. crews are fighting the tumble weed fire near the los padres national forest that began yesterday and has burned a 1000 acres. it's only 10% contained. >> reigning hot dog eating champion of the native joey chestnut kept the crown this holiday weekend. he secured his 14th win at the nathan's dog eating competition on coney island did by scarfing down a record dogs in 10
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minutes. that was one hot dog more than his record. his previous world record. >> do on. >> got a little rough. >> has working i'm slightly. water. >> so i'm michelle lesco won the championship. she took down 30 at >> city of new orleans half hour show. thanks to will smith. the actor donated a $100,000 to make it happen. new orleans canceled its fireworks show because of financial problems. but as you can see, the show did go on. this is along the city's mississippi. the city website says today where there's a will, there's a way. thank you. will smith. >> and the fall may have made
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>> a francisco start to see more tourists making their way back to the city, restaurants and bars, of course, are looking for ways to attract both the visitors as well as the locals back inside one such spot is the historic top of the market bar located at the intercontinental mark hopkins hotel on hill. four's noelle bellow shows us what it has to offer. >> but people are comfortable and relaxed and that we can enjoy located at the very top of the international market hotel appropriately named top of the mark has stayed in tip top shape with each other, what our filters. so we put in the head but felt as that of the most effective at screening. any potential issues due covid fixture for 8 decades. the lounge bar offers views like no other post-pandemic. the hidden gem is looking to entice more visitors to sept and experience. all it has to offer with changing it up and in the bed. we we have the book expressions that were running out today.
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>> where with paring local chocolates and truffles with local infuse. but kuz. we have a local dj faces every friday. so we changed up the music. so we're trying to appeal to a broader audience even on a quintessentially foggy san francisco de the atmosphere is inviting general manager michael pace wants to remind locals, it's still here. so we're not just a tourist destination with a great history. we have a lot of the heritage and great stories going to 1926 and was built. this is called the weeping corner and back during world war 2 women would gather here to watch as their men with sail off from the bay. back to war. >> and it's not the only time history top marks still honors. one of reasons i thought the during the war was a squadron bubbles wedeman. if the person that would be the book was about and they do it shipping out there would say i'm giving this book. look at somebody from my squadron. will my brigade in the drink on me. >> and that develop this tradition of the squadron off to the world war when a way of
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the city and back in 2009, we started it. we accept cabinets at the entrance the mark over 80 bottles that people dedicating nowadays. if you're a retired or active military duty in any of the brunt of military we'd like to come up to select the bottle with complimentary behalf of your brothers and sisters in the military. you can sign it all to come book. you can even note to self. it's very moving and it's and it's a beautiful experience in the u.s. are respectful. one of those in the past to afford. so hard and violent day in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. >> coming up in sports. giants have great defense, great pitching, but wasn't enough to overcome the cardinals sports director jason dumas says right here in the stu
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>> it was a fireworks show of a different sort after a california prison inmate who was part of a fire crew stole a fire engine and drove it into a ditch. lonnie wong reports on that. >> many first grabs. the fire truck security cameras pick up a fire truck in the distance apparently doing donuts on the dirt. it was part of a response to this grass fire and shingle springs that included a prison crew based in georgetown neighborhood resident bill wild is on scene because firefighters went to the wrong location. at first he was glad a crew was there. those guys will be here all night. >> working hard. you know, this is great news and then a couple minutes later, the guy took off with the fire tracked with the chief chasing after
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him. the suspect led chp units on the slow speed chase through the dirt before trip down 100 feet of fencing and into the yard of a truck rack company were in the tory was stacked up to be actually landed on top of a couple of them. >> drags it through the parking lot sparking slammed into one of our trucks leaving behind a trail of twisted steel. travis thompson was astounded at what he saw this morning before viewing his security video customers who had to endure long waits because of the steel shortage will have to wait some more. we have product. that's damage. we have fencing that's our we have sacks of rocks that were set to go to customers. it's going to be a big hit to us. you can see what kind of damage and out of control fire truck the owners of the companies say they haven't yet told a reporter losses, but they say they were also lucky because no one was injured. other than the suspect. the suspect apparently suffered cuts and scratches after he ended up in this ditch. the engine was severely damaged. well said. the inmate tried to get away before being captured. piled
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on the guy until the sheriff's office can get here. it was a wild ride for neighbors to who are preparing to evacuate. new column back and say there's a convict loose in the neighborhood lock all the doors and don't go outside it's strange that they're allowing the inmate crews to be doing stephan such a residential area cal fire. investigators were on scene to investigate the incident but only thing that the suspect is now in custody. >> that was lonnie wong reporting for us tonight. so let's take a live look outside now checking out our camera in walnut creek end. again, not much traffic along interstate 6.80, and it doesn't look like there's much activity in terms of door kind of a quiet night out their debt quite on the roads and sunny and walnut creek. let's check in with lawrence karnow. see what's happening. yeah. looking good out there. right now. high pressure getting ready to take over as we head toward latter part of this week. and then we're going to start to talk about some heat, some good. but right now looks like the fog. >> and then on shore, breeze really controlling all of our weather. and so here we go. we've got that breeze that
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will carry with it. the low clouds and fog tonight all the way. the interior valleys. so expect some great conditions while you get well inland. it is getting on the hot side. but boy enough for us not locally here. we're seeing the cloud deck all along the california coastline that's going to remain in place the next couple of days as we get into thursday. think that all begins to change. so enjoy the cooler weather while we have mid 80's inland tomorrow. a lot of 60's 70's around the bay and 50's and 60's along the coastline with that fog next few days. we're going to see those temperatures heating up starting on thursday, triple digit heat a real possibility over the weekend. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> it was a beautiful day for some baseball down at 3rd inking. the giants opening up a series with the st. louis cardinals and look at what is naji harris, the east bay native all american running back out alabama. and now a first round pick of the pittsburgh steelers. he throws out the ceremonial first pitch at oracle park. great for him.
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great ambassador of the bay area, the giants. they're doing their thing. defensively 4th inning jaylin davis. makes the diving catch. get that jersey dirty and he throws the first to double up. nice way to end the inning descending later, wilmer flores. he makes the diving stop right here on the ground there. his throw to first dug out the dirt from darin ruf. nice scoop there. the cards didn't get a hit off all-star kevin gausman through 6 ending in the 7th right after they broke through with the infield single as matt carpenter. he's been doing this for a while. deep to left center and off the wall. 2 runs score on the double 2. nothing cardinals. let's go to the bottom of the 9th. now, look, i'm not weighed. representing the tying run, but. alex reyes on the mount hope. i felt the breeze there. he strikes out lamont way to end the game cards win 5 to 3.
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coming governments. how did his team's defense despite the law. >> for early on that and really the whole game. defense was unbelievable for man. you know the places were able to make, you know, they played amazing for me. and i thought maybe it was going to be something special and you know, obviously unfortunate an end now. >> the giants unveil their nike city connect jerseys today. ken. pam, i want you to take a look at these judges welcome. ask your opinion after the reviews were mixed. the say the least that probably putting it nicely. the unions are orange and white. they have a big g on the front and the sleaze have a logo of the golden gate bridge. the giants will wear those jerseys sporadically throughout the rest of the season. now to some olympic news we've mentioned remind greene and steve kerr already. but that's what they would only warriors who will be taking part in the olympics.
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nico mannion help italy qualify for the games last night. when he dropped 24 points on 7 for 17 shooting to lead italy to one o to 95 win over serbia andrew wiggins and michael mulder had a chance to play in the olympics for team canada, but they failed to qualify. so congrats to me, go. maybe we'll play against team usa later this month. coco gauff's wimbledon run has come to an end in the 4th round. the 17 year-old lost to what former wimbledon champion angelica kerber 6, 4, 6, 4, >> kerber is now the only former champion remaining in the tournament. she won wimbledon in 2018. so nice run for cocoa. back to those jerseys. i'll be honest, everyone hates them. >> what do you guys think they're white and orange to have the bay bridge and then a big g plastered on the front. >> i love them again. i'm just saying that i don't to give it some time. okay. i'm a traditionalist. i like the classic uniforms that they've
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had forever, right. i'll give it is time you know, if they finish the season. first place to go to the right. first glance. >> i don't love them ready you. how to grow on. i'm the same way to go. >> it's going to give it a you're right. they when they and instead of just the g that's what most people had right about yeah. i like making make it something. they just been like it. yeah. >> all right. all right. coming up next, we continue our destination. california series this summer at this time. we'll head to a redwood cars in the sierra.
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>> if you have been to the calaveras big trees state parks and you should be familiar with these beautiful and extremely tall tree somewhere. i definitely want to go. the sequoia trees in big trees. state park are among the largest living things to ever exist on earth. melanie townsend gives us a look into its history. >> just seem like really, tall trees that were struck and i are walking among the largest living things to ever exist on beings so old their fossil record dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. since 1931 people from all around the world have come to see the ancient giant sequoias of calaveras big trees. state
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park. this 6,498 acre park is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with plenty of campgrounds, hiking and fishing along the stands last river. but the main attractions are all around you. there's about a 150 giants, a quiz in this north growth. >> and about a 1000 in the south korea. so to give you guys a little perspective as to how massive these trees are. take a look at this cards about maybe 15 feet in length now imagine stacking 20 of these cars bumper to bumper vertically. and you may just reach the top of this tree and this one isn't even the biggest tree in the park. while these quite giants rain over the forest. they pale in comparison to the colossus that once stood 169 years ago. it's now a tree stump that is so big it was once used as a dance floor. >> had it not been torn down, this tree would have grown to surpass all the trees in calaveras county, big trees make big smiles in big memories here at calaveras big trees, state park. it's one of
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the reasons why this is another great destination in california for destination, california. i'm melanie and if you scan this qr code with your phone. it will take you to our destination. california section on our website. kron 4 dot com. you will find several stories on fun things to do across the entire state of california this summer. >> there's a lot to do here. it's it's a great place with lot to do that wraps up kron 4 news at 6. we'll see tonight and a have a nice evening, everybody. at chewy, we know walks are made better with our furry friends.
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: camping -- it's never been more popular. but our novice campers getting into dangerous jams in the great outdoors? >> i was crying and i was panicking. >> my whole ankle went -- >> and an arrest warrant for forgetting to return a vhs tape of "sabrina the teenage witch" 21 years ago. >> it could have ruined me. and i to then, swan versus golfer. plus, the family that waited eight hours had a pizza delivery. why was it left on the car? and wrong place, wrong time. the guy who broke into the airbnb full of cops.


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