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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 6, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and higher humidity levels help to spare us from some of the highest a fire danger title changes this upcoming weekend as inland temperatures soar. and we really dry back out this morning. we're still in the midst of that cool marine layer, though. this is your berkeley hills cam and yes, that low cloud cover pushes right on into the east bay hills that's also something you're seeing closer to the coastline up in the hills. so watch out for some spots of lower visibility. also, if you misty drizzly spots, too. we're still also looking at this on shore breeze which will help to keep temperatures for inland valleys on the mild side today. in fact, today is actually going to be one of our coolest once areas like the tri valley only in the 70's and enjoy every bit of it because the weekend is going to bring the return of triple digits which i'll talk to you more about still to come. first, though, it is tuesday back to work after the holiday weekend. erica how are the roads you can see the mean more people out and about heading to work again versus what we saw yesterday can see
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cars moving in slow approaching the toll plaza as you're heading into san francisco to take the bay bridge. but the carpool lane is looking great right now. it's 13 minutes from the maze to fremont street as for hayward, there was a a minor traffic collision on. >> 8.80, fouth bound at washington avenue sits a little slow there you can see it's improving, though. we were in the orange, not too long ago. and then there was another traffic collision in the south bay on the 85 at union avenue. one of the lanes was blocked from an incident there. so just a heads up and working to get more information on that. now in solano. just be careful because there are vehicles that are swerving from a 5 gallon bucket that's in the center lane eastbound 80 closer to dixon in case you're heading to sacramento this morning at up hendrick road so heads up on that. here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay area. i believe something happened on the 4. i'm going
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to check in on that and get more details because you notice or drive time did increase a little bit there. 25 minutes from antioch to concord, livermore 5.80, to dublin. that's actually looking excellent right now. no issues this that but one oh, one from morgan hill to san jose. it's a 15 minute drive. back to you. thanks a lot of 7. '02. and the big story this morning out of the east bay. 2 people are dead, several others in critical condition. >> after a dangerous holiday weekend. oakland's police ciief in fact says it was one of the most violent 4th of july holidays that he can remember. >> kron four's terisa stasio has the story. >> chaos and disorder on the streets of oakland. this is what faced residents living in the east bay city on the 4th of july in a 24 hour period. the police chief monday listing off the shootings. the deaths, the assaults on officers, the crime which engulfed the at about 06:25pm in the 5400 block. 5700 block of a little bit. elizabeth street where a male adult.
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>> 29 was shot multiple times while driving in his vehicle. that sort of led to the beginning of a very challenging even for officers as well for the communoty. take a closer look in total. there were 7 shootings. one ruled a homicide. >> one in critical condition. one a suspicious death and then a shooting where a woman found bleeding was rushed to the hospital and then there is this a dangerous side shows popping up at intersections throughout oakland to exacerbate the problem even worse. >> we encountered a very large and extremely violent and dangerous side show. this sideshow reached a number of over 300 vehicles in over 200 additional spectators. a significant dangerous threats to our officers. why the use of firearms? that's well last lasers pointed at the officers and then objects being thrown at the officers as if that's
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not bad enough illegal fireworks exploded in the sky call centers. overwhelmed. >> flooded with complaints and a police force on able to keep up. >> opd was unable to manage any fireworks related activity in from my perspective, it was not appropriate for us to focus on fireworks. why we we're seeing experience in the potential loss of life. >> chief ended on this brief. but significant summation on where his city is and what happens next and response to lawlessness. >> this is a warm summer. we have 67 homicides. this is been a different year. this has been this year has been challenging for us since the beginning going into 2020. it has not slowed and so i don't you know, previously. i would have told you that hopefully this slows down the pandemic allows these things to open back up. but we haven't seen theresa stasi on kron 4 news.
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>> there's so much violence and so many calls for service that ambulances and paramedics were having a hard time keeping up with it'll take a listen. >> our fall and the last system was over inundated with calls and they were unable to respond in a timely manner to the and so everybody was consumed with these issues not only the police department. also ambulances did have enough resources that come out of the system and that just goes to show the level of violence that we were managing is that we didn't have ambulances available to you know, come and provide medical support. >> an ambulance service to the city of oakland is provided through fall, which is a 5 year contract with alameda county fact. the agency provides service for most of alameda county chief armstrong, though, said they were so overwhelmed he had to have some of his officers step in to provide medical services for several of the victims. >> 7. '05, in contra, costa county firefighters responded more than 50 fires on the 4th of july. most of them were grass fires like this one near
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6 ad in martinez. it did get close to some homes. but none was damaged despite the busy night. fire officials actually say there were fewer pfizer the fires this 4th of july. then there were last year. >> temperatures were slightly lower last compared to the year before and humidities were slightly higher and that no doubt contributed to a lot of grass fires that might have started taking hold not doing so last night. >> most cars in contra. costa county came from the pittsburgh antioch area where there are also several medical calls related to fireworks. 7. '06, is the time. and take a look at the mess left behind from fireworks in san francisco before and after pictures at 3rd street and burke avenue where as you can see, there was a lot of firework debris dumped there after people set off their illegal fireworks. they left containers boxes right there. so crews have been busy cleaning up they're also a
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busy scene in the north bay where police responded to several sideshows and illegal fireworks explosions in vallejo. take a look at some of the video posted on social media. hundreds of people in the streets here and lots of cars doing dangerous stunts. at least 11 sideshows all around lay whoa since sunday night gunshots from automatic weapons also heard the crowds. look, there's a couple of people getting hit 2 spectators hit by a car doing donuts along broadway and illinois. a spokesperson for the layup police department says that officers were also when they were there had fireworks thrown at them. and the next morning businesses along the broadway street. you can see the damage day or left to clean up. woke up and saw the graffiti and everything all over their businesses city leaders want those responsible held acrountable for the stunts because it's not only illegal, very dangerous in the south bay san jose has made it
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illegal to promote side just on social media. they threaten people with fines and possible jail time. from here. let's jump to santa rosa now where police say a 35 year-old man was killed. >> by drive-by shooting. 3 others were also shot. 2 of them, we're told we're teenagers. this happened early yesterday morning on beechwood drive. that's just west of one. oh, one kron four's taylor force act. he has more on what happened. >> santa rosa. police say the suspects are still out there and family members of the victims who i spoke with off camera say they're very worried police say the suspects got away after crashing their car and then running from that area. they're now using all information from inside that vehicle to track down whoever is responsible. >> a memorial now grows at beechwood in greenwood drives in santa rosa after a drive-by shooting early monday morning that left 35 year-old javier montez dead and 3 others injured. santa rosa police say it all happened after a large illegal fireworks gathering with up to 100 people when
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officers arrived out there. we found 4 people have been shot by. >> a suspected drive-by shooting. one person was deceased. 2 teenagers were shot and one female in her late 20's was also shot sergeant her and says. >> the 29 year-old woman in 17 year-old female are currently in critical condition. on a 16 year-old boy has non life threatening injuries, bullet holes and markers are now left behind. indicating up to 30 rounds were fired. says the suspects were in a silver honda accord when they started shooting initially hitting 3 of the victims as the vehicle tried to flee the area. he says there was a second exchange of gunfire where someone in the crowd fired back. that's when a bullet struck the 29 year-old woman outside of her home when the drive-by shooting happened, the car actually crashed into a parked vehicle and the suspects fled from the car. so we do have that car to running down. anybody associated with that car right now. >> anything we found in the car trying to run down those
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leads and some witness statements, police don't believe the 2 teenagers or a 29 year-old woman were targeted but instead caught up in the gunfire of others may have had gang ties in the crowd. we know that people most neighborhoods ring cameras or surveillance footage, people just around that midnight time but after a little bit before really checking those cameras. seeing what you may have on there even if you just see someone running past. >> police are urging neighbors who live in the area to check their surveillance cameras. if you have any information about the incident or the suspects. please contact the police and santa rosa taylor kron 4 news. >> 7.10. and take a look at what happened in san francisco's union square. these are thieves running on a neiman marcus store with thousands of dollars, 10's of thousands of dollars for the handbags because they think there are as many as 10 thieves that took off from the union square location just right out the door with that dangling, you know, wires that they used to the security was and then there are one getaway car. the white one to maybe that silver one and then another one that goes real fast down the street. looks
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like they took off in different getaway cars. this is the second neiman's to be hit in the bay area. there was a similar heist that happened in may at the neiman marcus store in the stanford shopping center. it's 7.10. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news travel is back. we're going to tell you about passengers. >> and what it was like to hit the skies again from sfo. >> and today is going to be one of the coolest days of the forecast daytime highs for areas like livermore in san jose. the upper 70's enjoy every bit of it because we're in for quite the warm-up this weekend. >> and i've been keeping my eye on the roads. i am seeing some traffic collisions that could be impacting your commute. i'll tell you exactly where. coming up after the break.
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>> 7.14 right now. and i'm not going to keep the doors open anymore because of the mosquitoes. i got 10 bytes from one mosquito. really. he was busy. i think he's left because it was all over i'm keep the open. the windows john, guess that's the advice definitely if you got the screen, make sure to keep it as you let the cool breeze in. i don't screen. yeah. that's the problem on us. and the home screen. oh, that's so i put a little scotch tape in
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front duct tape. scott state. i love >> yes, it comes in handy even the i hey you gotta do what you gotta do you know it was bites. >> it is definitely foggy out there this morning for a lot of the bay area that cool coastal air. you know, it comes along with that push of cloud cover. >> this is from the future to our view right here. i'm only showing it to you because you can actually see a couple of droplets. if you look really closely on this. we do have some misty spots as well as drizzly areas. mostly isolated upper elevations. the bay area. your bridges visibility is fine as this cloudy blanket sits right above us this morning now as high pressure strengthens across the region. it's going to cut off that cool ocean influence further and further inland while the coast will remain fairly cool through the rest of this forecast and at times a little foggy our inland areas will be in for a warm up later on this week. so today actually enjoy the sea breeze that will continue to push in some nice ocean cool there all the way into our inland valleys. keeping temperatures
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comfortable 50's and 60's for coastal spots today. don't expect a lot. if any sunshine at the coast today. elsewhere in the bay area, though you do get a good dose of that sun 70's for your highs. and foster city. san carlos down the mountain view at 75 today. beautiful today for you, sonny bill right there with you along with milpitas at 75 san jose. a gorgeous day at 77 same for you in pleasanton livermore at 78 hayward on up to oakland mostly 60's while walnut creek and concord in the low 80's comfortably. warm. only one 90 on the map. and that's in vacaville about to be in good company starting on thursday as we round out this forecast. you do see daytime highs climbing well into the triple digits inland by friday, saturday and sunday we can be thankful that this heat wasn't the case this past weekend for the 4th because this does up fire danger into the upcoming weekend just enjoy the next couple of days. and if you need a break from the heat just head to the coast. it's still going to be in the 60's. erica. >> thanks, john. i am picking
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up a hot spot. if you happen to be taking the 4 heading west. we have a traffic collision, a couple vehicles involved in that. we lane one and 2 blocked right now. so you can see the red there. some heavy traffic. this is just past the railroad avenue exit so leave a little earlier. if you're taking that this morning and then out in the south bay san jose on the 85 southbound at union avenue. we still have some lanes blocked from a traffic collision that happened earlier as well. here's a look at our camera heading over to the peninsula. if you're taking the san mateo bridge this morning. i don't see any issues in either directions and including the high rise looking good right now. 14 minutes out to one o one and in the south the one o one is actually looking good there. if you're taking that this morning peninsula. 1, 1, is looking good as well. the way up north. 2 marine county. it's going smooth. so here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay, interstate 5.80, from
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livermore to dublin. you're looking at 11 minutes on the 6.80 from dublin to fremont just 15 minutes and under half an hour. if you're driving from interstate 80 san leandro to milpitas. back to you. >> 7.17 for your money this morning. a sunscreen for pppavement could help keep cities cool and where does california ranked for minority owned businesses. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> a good morning help from your brakes of for percentage of small businesses that are owned by minorities. so this is a says more than 29% of the state's 4.1 million small businesses are minority owned but we have the highest percentage of minority owned small businesses in nearly 40% will pay created a spray on treatment for payment which it says can lower its temperature. they did this in collaboration with louisiana state university. researchers
7:19 am
now the first is the substance can also revitalize aging asphalt, which would make it and we have seen under extreme heat, some old roads had a buckle and crack as well. now, the spray is also meant to dissolve car exhaust pollution and at least 2.2 million people flew over the 4th of july weekend. that is the most of any weekend since the start of the pandemic. it's even more than the same july 4th weekend as 2019 and this is by southwest canceled about 5% of its flight. the tsa should be some final numbers today on july. 4th weekend travel. well, wendy's subway chipola among the fast food chain's hit by supply chain issues were reports that all 3 chains run out of key ingredients at some locations a chip ole ran out of barbacoa and carnitas a subway train out of roast beef according to this report. live from new york. i'm jane king. back to you. toria. thank you, james. see later. >> well, there's an app that can help make sure you never lose any of your photos on your phone. we have rich demuro with details in this
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morning's tech smart. >> using our smartphone cameras so much these days. >> these are memories, your life. so so you really want to save these things. but what happens if you lose your phone or forget to back it up. all those precious memories are gone. back up. this is very important. it's like insurance now a company named i-drive sees an opportunity to help folks back up photos and videos on their phone for just $10 a year i drive has been on for 2 decades. it to be out of lead in the backup segment. we have one pc magazine editor's choice 7 years in a row. we have native best 5, many publications i drive is well known for helping individuals and businesses back up their new app is called i-drive photos. it will back up photos and videos from your phone in their original resolution. with unlimited storage is there a catch to this. no. there's no catch. this is that this is just pure. offer up
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your back and that that's a much trying to keep in mind, the ap is backing up your photos and videos in their original resolution and even though it's a limited at any time. you can go to settings and see exactly how much space you're using sign up through the website and get your first year for just a dollar. i drive photos is basic and not a complete replacement for google photos and similar apps since it doesn't help you organize and it or search your pictures. i like how it's fast and easy for backups. plus, there's a feature that lets you instantly restore your fact of photos to a new phone. what about privacy? because people always wonder using my photos for anything. >> we now know. so that is nothing that you a date. has not any any primary backing up and distort and that's all do. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and 7.21. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news vice president kamala harris touting president biden's infrastructure plan. lawmakers
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are getting ready for a bipartisan vote. we're going to bring you the latest from dc.
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>> 7.24. is the time in national news. congress, they have the 4th of july holiday recess. but they're still working behind the scenes. yeah, they are. they're trying
7:25 am
to get lawmakers to pass on a bipartisan vote. the infrastructure deal that the president is trying to push for anna wiernicki has the very latest from dc. good morning. will senators will return back here to washington, dc next week with a heavy to do list before they go home for the august recess and on the top of that to do list. a massive infrastructure deal. >> vice president kamala harris spent the holiday weekend touting the administration's infrastructure deal. it would be the largest long-term infrastructure investment. >> in nearly a century in our country. it would be even bigger. then the hoover dam. and it would create a whole lot of jobs for carpenters and joiners and traits. people of all kinds here is carpenters at a press conference in nevada that the 5 year 973 billion dollar bill would go to rebuild roads and bridges and includes money to build a national network of electric vehicle charging
7:26 am
stations upgrade. the electrical grid and improve drinking water. we need to get this framework across the finish line. the administration says 90% of the expected. 1 million jobs created from this deal. >> could go to workers without a college degree. >> this is a generational investment. >> but some republicans like texas congressman michael mccaul aren't convinced. i worry. >> they're going expand health care and education of nothing to do with you know, with infrastructure. mccaul said on fox news sunday that the bipartisan bill might be the only chance to pass an infrastructure plan. >> but warns negotiators to keep it straight forward. if you're really serious about >> look at traditional infrastructure and that is roads bridges, rural broadband which is so important to the country right now. they're not much up with things have nothing to do with infrastructure. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris plan to make several trips across the country over the next few weeks to pitch his plan directly to the american
7:27 am
people in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> thank you, anna. 7.26 on the clock. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, the highly contagious delta variant of coronavirus. it's the dominant strain in california now. and there's a new push from state lawmakers to get more people vaccinated before they become infected.
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>> 7.29. right now. taking a live look at sfo probably busy holiday weekend. yeah. they had a crush of travelers coming back home after the 4th of july holiday and we're going to be talking more about. >> maybe a bit. easier flight. >> to hawaii being on big changes happening this week. that's y 2 for that story. let's check the weather, though, because we've got paradise right here, john. we do, although i am interested >> but yes, very good day to day ahead for the bay area. sure. we've got the greatest art, but that gray a sign of the ocean cool there that we've enjoyed pretty much every day. the past 7, 8, days and we'll continue to enjoy today and tomorrow before that happens out in inland areas really start to heat back up, looking out there this morning. at our core tower cam. you can see that we do have conditions that or gray but visibility is actually find that low grades hanging
7:31 am
out above the bay area. she should be good to go if you're traveling into work, unless you're heading up into hillsides above the bay. that's where you're going to encounter the fog as well as some misty drizzly conditions. winds from the coast will continue to push inland today and that's actually going to bring some of the most moderated of temperatures in this forecast making for a comfortable afternoon. livermore. you're at 58 right now. your daytime high later today 78 degrees and savor it. that's not going to stay that way forever. i've got more on your forecast to come. erica, thanks john. well, i've been keeping my eye on this traffic collision. >> that happened out near just past the railroad avenue exit on state route we still have a couple lanes that's blocked out there. and you can see we're still in the red and the orange out there. so it's moving a little from antioch out to conquer in that direction. it's about 30 you might want to leave a little early. if you're taking that this morning and here just
7:32 am
before you hit the toll plaza heading over to san francisco taking the bay bridge this morning looking normal for what we expect to see this. of course, moving slow. >> as we're heading into the city. but there's no major accidents or incidents in either direction on that bridge carpool lane. looking great. if you happen to be able to take bad instead have an extra person with you. golden gate bridge. both directions. looking good right now. you can expect 21 minutes out to the toll plaza here's a look at some of our other bay area drive times interstate 5.80, from livermore to dublin. 12 minutes on the 6.80, from dublin to fremont. you can expect just and 15 minutes for your drive time and the 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. just 7 minutes. james and darya. >> thank you very much. erica. at 7.32, and happening right now. the coronavirus again continuing to rebound here in california. with the highly contagious. delta variant.
7:33 am
it's now the dominant strain being blamed for 36% of all new cases in the state. that's a big jump from what it was in may when the delta variant accounted for less than 6% of all new cases. and it was just down to 2% in april. so the trend definitely going the wrong way. >> yeah. and considering that varian in sacramento as state capitol is struggling with its own coronavirus outbreak and there's a state senator proposing that all employees have to be required to get the covid vaccine. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what this plan is about. >> we have a responsibility to the public. to to take public health precautions for celts. >> for co-workers and to protect members of the public state senator scott wiener is calling on all public employees, including elected officials to get vaccinated. we are elected officials or legislative staffers. whether we are. firefighters or police officers are working at the dmv. we're homeless outreach workers. we are all
7:34 am
interacting with the public. and we also are keeping the government open and and working and functioning. the push comes as 9 state capitol employees and staff members in the assembly have tested positive for covid-19 within about a week. the most recent memo sent over the weekend said the latest 2 people to test positive were fully vaccinated and wearing masks. i think they're, you know, recovering as we've seen with. >> with many people, the public and state senator melissa melendez weighing in on the push to vaccinate public employees. i've always believed that vaccination is a personal choice. and i understand those are, you know, are very fearful getting this virus and really they would prefer that everyone get vaccinated whether it's public employees or private in place. >> but that's not reasonable the strains of the capital cases are unknown. the effort to contain the outbreak comes as california's most dominant strain is the infectious delta variant the state's positivity rate is increasing slightly. at 1.5% as of monday. >> state data shows about 60%
7:35 am
of california's population is fully vaccinated for now state lawmakers say there are no plans to push legislation mandating public employees get vaccinated wiener pointing to san francisco now requiring all city workers to get vaccinated. we should see that more broadly agencies should be mandating and so forth. it's not about legislation. think it would be a tough sell. certainly. >> but that has never stopped people before bringing forward balance that aren't necessarily popular. >> state. health officials say they are prepared for slight increases in cases and hospitalizations. but at the moment they say they do not anticipate any threat to the state's health care system. capacity at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> a man wanted for a string of armed robberies in san jose has arrested in antioch. police say that cameron conley led them on a high-speed chase on highway 4 near hillcrest avenue and the chase ended in the hidden glen neighborhood where conley rammed 3 patrol cars with his car and then ran inside somebodys house. police
7:36 am
arrested him after a brief struggle. rohnert park police are investigating the death. a 21 year-old student at sonoma state and was hit by a car yesterday was around noon on east avenue. just off campus that the students stepped off the center median while crossing the street and was struck and killed. police have identified the driver as 19 year-old honored. ronald gasser of penn grove. they're investigating whether he was distracted driving. >> on the national front. the death toll from the collapse condo in florida is now at 32 with 4 more remains found overnight after crews finished demolishing the rest of what was still standing of that partially collapsed building. rudabeh shahbazi has the story. >> what's left of champlain towers, south and everything in it people's homes belongings and memories. now a pile of rubble and dust in the
7:37 am
air. 20 minutes later crews were back on the pile searching for any sign of life and recovering more bodies. the mayor of surfside calling impending tropical storm elsa a blessing in disguise, hastening the decision to bring the rest of the tower down. allowing engineers to control when and how the building came down and where it fell. rescuers can now access a large area for the first time and bring in heavy equipment speeding up the effort that happened to be where a lot of the master bedrooms are. >> that they they have made identifications from there had been an accessible and then because there are likely a lot of people who are sleeping at that time. unfortunately in that in that part of it as more bodies are recovered. a prominent surfside. rabbi. >> trying to find a way to console grieving families unable to give their mothers
7:38 am
fathers, children and siblings. a proper burial. there's nothing. >> you can say to them that makes sense because there is no sense to this. >> and as rescuers search for a miracle in the voids in the debris. a void in the skyline and in the heart of a grieving community. >> property that >> there was an emergency hearing right before the demo where residents pleaded with a judge to let them go back inside and look for their pets that motion was denied because the building was so unsafe. but the miami dade county mayor says fire crews went in 3 separate times to look for animals. they also sent in drones and use geo thermal imaging and that no animals were found before the building
7:39 am
came down. meantime, out. here we are feeling the effects of tropical storm elsa. but crews say that will not prevent them from continuing the search 24 hours a day. back to you. >> 7.38. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news a california prison inmate went on wild ride in a fire engine. we're going to show you how it ended. and weeks after the deadly mass shooting in san jose. we have an update on vta service in south.
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7:41 am
7:42 am
>> well, in the south bay light rail service is still paused in san jose more about a month now since 9 people were killed in a shooting there at the vta railyard bt officials still haven't said when service will resume, but they do suggest that perhaps an answer could arrive this week. so we'll keep you updated the shooting caused a lot of damage to the buildings and equipment to the computers there that are needed to run the system. so all that needs to be repaired. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles across the south bay traveling from san jose to mountain view. and we know that before the pandemic there are about 30,000 daily riders that are still working to get where they need to go until the vta service comes back. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back on the kron 00:00am morning news.
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>> we're back at 7.45 monday was one of the busiest travel days of the holiday weekend. fact. the tsa said that they're getting pretty close prepandemic levels in terms of the number of travelers they saw nationwide kron four's amanda hari talked to people at sfo about what it's like to fly again. >> i spoke to a few people here at the airport and they say things are starting to feel a little bit more normal and it's getting busier. the only real protocol that's left
7:46 am
is the mask-wearing. you can see behind me here cars have been driving by dropping people off and picking them up. >> it was amazing. it's fun. it's just a really feel like single of the peak of the people. more than 4 million people traveled through tsa checkpoints on thursday and friday. it's more than double what we saw for 4th of july weekend in 2020 and only a couple 100,000 less than 2019. i can very much say it's crowded. there's like no 6 feet apart maya melrose has traveled throughout the pandemic to visit her sister in hawaii. she says now things are getting busier at the airport. why still requires all travelers to have a negative covid test regardless of vaccination status to all these extra things kind of a hassle, a nuisance because takes away my spontaneity. but. >> and the same time, as long as people feel safe. but i can't complain melrose is vaccinated. she's hopeful that
7:47 am
starting july 8 wise governor will start allowing people vaccinated in the u.s.. >> to provide proof of vaccination. it's opposed to needing a negative test. now rose is hopeful. things are moving in a more normal direction. i don't think it's going to be maskless soon. and i think that attack 100 people are asked are traveling just because they to go somewhere else. then zang was leaving san francisco to go home to houston. he visited a few california cities and says each has been handling the pandemic differently. also a tally ends and too. >> and those was is there a way more open and free was the prisoners go there to see parts of it. there were more reserve. a more cautious purple. last time i talked to officials here at sfo. they say they expect the mask-wearing inside the airport. >> and on planes to last at least through mid september at sfo amanda hari kron 4 news. >> i didn't fly. but i hope yesterday.
7:48 am
>> when i wasn't supposed to out. the traffic is bad. yeah. just like we said, james. >> on the news just like you told them not to do. i know you. i had to go door as if we're all these people because i was working. i've been here all along. well, if you're caught in that traffic. thank you for making safely. thank you for joining us. and we're in for some pretty nice weather. john yapp today. everyone's going back to work. so now you can get back out there. do the fun stuff. yeah. nice weather today actually. honestly a really nice day to get back out there and enjoy the nice afternoon that we have on tap. >> you're nor cal how the weather center forecast may be showing a little bit of cloud cover and fog this morning. but that is not the way we're going to stay today, at least not for inland in bayside areas. coastal spots. i'm sorry to let you know that it is going to be a big grey even into the afternoon. rest of the bay area, though, is going to tap and ample sunshine later on. high pressure is beginning to strengthen across the region. this is actually going to cut off that sea breeze from reaching our for the state land areas. so while coastal areas will remain cool and foggy at times towards the end of this week's forecast.
7:49 am
our inland areas are in for quite the warm-up. that's not for a couple more days, though. we still do have that cool sea breeze pressing inland and that is going to result in a bit of a nuisance of a wind. sometimes, but it does help to cool us down further inland. i mean, just look at today's inland. daytime highs really are most comfortable day at the coast. i mentioned not a lot of sunshine will be in the 50's and 60's. you will get that sunshine right along the bay burlingame 71 redwood city and san carlos each at 74 south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. few low 80's that's cooler than yesterday was same for you in the tri valley down from the low 80's to the 70's today. dublin and san ramon at 7475 perfect kind of stuff to get out there before the heat builds this weekend. antioch it 86 well, vacaville are obvious hot spot at 90 degrees today 70's from mill valley up to petaluma. here's a look ahead of next 7 days. so today, tomorrow the cooler ones after this. not so cool anymore, at least for
7:50 am
inland valleys thursday. upper 90's and by friday, saturday and sunday triple digit heat is back. if you need relief from the heat head towards the coast as conditions out that way are going to be changing too terribly much. >> thanks, john. well, if you're in sonoma county, santa rosa to be exacting. you happen to be taking one. oh, one north. we did have a traffic collision. there are multiple vehicles involved. this is as you're heading and turning into a state route 12 there. switching over. so just be careful. i believe there might be some lanes blocked. i'm working to get more information on that incident as for the south bay here, one oh, one down here. you can expect 35 minutes from san jose to menlo park. more people out on the road drive times going up. >> and keeping my eye on that traffic collision that happened earlier out past pittsburgh they're heading west on state route 4 just after railroad avenue still looks like there's some
7:51 am
traffic up there. >> as you can see. so here's a look at some of our other drive times. in fact, a passing through that area from antioch to concord. you can expect around 25 minutes on the 8.80, from family and wrote to milpitas just under 30 minutes and from san jose to menlo park on the one. oh, one. 35 minutes. time now, 7.51 and a california prison inmate part of a fire crew. >> stole a fire engine took it on a joyride and then ended up in a ditch. this happened in el dorado county. and lonnie wong has the details. >> first grabs. the fire truck security cameras pick up a fire truck in the distance apparently doing donuts on the dirt. it was part of a response to this grass fire and shingle springs that included a prison crew based in georgetown neighborhood resident bill wild is on scene because firefighters went to the wrong location. at first he was glad a crew was there. those guys will be here all night. >> working hard. you know, this is great news and then a
7:52 am
couple minutes later, the guy took off with the fire tracked with the chief chasing after him. the suspect led chp units on a slow speed chase through the dirt before trip down 100 feet of fencing and into the yard of a truck a company or inventory was stacked up to be actually landed on top of a couple of them. >> and drags it through the parking lot sparking slammed into one of our trucks leaving behind a trail of twisted steel. travis thompson was astounded at what he saw before viewing his security video customers who had to endure long waits because of the steel shortage will have to wait some more. we have product. that's damage. we have fencing. that's our we have sacks of rocks that were set to go to customers. it's going to be a big hit to us. you can see what kind of damage and out of control fire truck the owners of the companies say they haven't yet total with their losses. but they say they were also lucky because no one was injured. other than the suspect. the suspect apparently suffered cuts and scratches after he ended up in this ditch. the engine was severely damaged. well said. the inmate tried to
7:53 am
get away before being captured. piled on the guy until the sheriff's office could get here. it was a wild ride for neighbors to who are preparing to evacuate. new column back and say there's a convict loose in the neighborhood lock all the doors and don't go outside. it's strange that they're allowing the inmate crews to be doing stephan such a residential area cal fire. investigators were on scene to investigate the incident. but are only saying that the suspect is now in custody. lonnie wong fox 40 news. time lonnie wong fox 40 news. time now 7.53. we'll be right back. lonnie wong fox 40 news. time now 7.53. we'll be right back. all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost.
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>> 7.56 is the time. barry, a baseball the giants clinging to first place in the national league west. by the skin of their teeth. but they're still there in first place. let's get to the highlights as they took on the louis cardinals yesterday. the game was scoreless up until the 7th inning when this happened. >> hardaway scored 2 runs and judge really couldn't answer back. and so in the end they lost 5 to 3 to was the final 2 teams will play again tonight. first pitch at party ph didn't play yesterday they were off to back in action tonight in houston and astros lead. >> it is 7.56. coming up on the kron 4 morning news police were overwhelmed by sideshows in the north bay. we're going
7:57 am
to take you there and talk about lawmakers are trying to do to stop them. and over the holiday weekend it was chaotic and very violent in oakland. we'll tell you what happened in that city. plus a hand bag heist at the neiman marcus store in san francisco. what they got away with.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> and thanks for joining us. what took you so long will you find a long weekend off for july 4th holiday and now it's back to work. absolutely. so welcome to this week in july. we've got temperatures that should be decent for you at least early on anyway. and then things changed. then they get a little too hot, john. yeah. it's july officially come the weekend as we rive to the triple digits all over again by friday, saturday and sunday for inland areas at least. >> that means for the time being. today and tomorrow. enjoy the cool weather was still holding on to it outside this morning. we've got the great a sure sign that that cool ocean air is doing its thing. keeping us moderated. you look outside at san francisco right here shows a little bit of the low gray top of the transamerica pyramid. a little obscured by that low layer of cloud cover. watch


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