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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 6, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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quite our view. you can see that it's gray as well as a bit breezy. we have an onshore wind that overnight pushed back in a few areas of low cloud cover and fog that are still hanging on for patches of the bay and the coast itself. our inland areas have been cleared out pretty nicely at this point. winds will continue to push inland throughout the day today and that will bring some of our coolest temperatures of this forecast inland highs as cool as the 70's for areas like the tri valley as of right now it's 50's and 60's with livermore in palo alto at 61 berkeleyland san francisco currently at 55 degrees each. that's your forecast. we've got more about the heat to come. but erica is standing by with a look at your back to work forecast today. >> thank you, and in fact, i do see a traffic collision that just happened on one. oh, one south near the millbrae avenue exit. i expect traffic to get worse than it is right now because 3 of the lanes are actually blocked. i believe trying to get more details on that. so heads up. if you're heading south taking that out
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on the peninsula now one, oh, one out in santa rosa. also seeing heavy traffic following a vehicle collision that happened up there by the todd road exit, as you can see, a couple lanes are still blocked and they're still waiting for track to arrive in clear those lanes. now, if you're taking the golden gate bridge, though, is looking fabulous in both directions. no issues on that portion of the one o one and that bridge other drive times around the bay area here. interstate 5.80 from livermore to dublin. expect 11 minutes and on the 6.80 from dublin to fremont. 15 minutes. if you're taking 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale out there in the south bay just a 7 minute commute. daria, thanks a lot of 2, 9, oh, one of the big story this morning in the east bay 2 people are dead and several ys. >> alright critical condition. it was a chaotic and dangerous holiday weekend in oakland. the police chief says it was the most violent 4th of july holiday. he can remember kron
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four's. terisa stasio has the details chaos and disorder on the streets of oakland. this is what faced residents living in the east bay city on the 4th of july. >> in a 24 hour period. the police chief monday listing off the shootings. the deaths, the assaults on officers, the crime which engulfed the at about 06:25pm in the 5400 block 5700 block of a little bit. elizabeth street where a male adult. >> 29 years old. was shot multiple times while driving in his vehicle. that sort of led to the beginning of a very challenging even for officers as well for the community. take a closer look in total. there were 7 shootings. one ruled a homicide. >> one in critical condition. one a suspicious death and then a shooting where a woman found bleeding was rushed to the hospital and then there is this dangerous sideshows popping up at intersections throughout oakland to exacerbate the problem even worse.
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>> we encountered a very large and extremely violent and dangerous side show. this sideshow reached a number of over 300 vehicles and over 200 additional spectators. those are significant dangerous threats to our officers. why the use of firearms as well lasers pointed at the officers and then objects being thrown at the officers as if that's not bad enough. >> illegal fireworks exploded in the sky call centers. overwhelmed flooded with complaints and a police force on able to keep up. >> opd was unable to manage any fireworks related activity in from my perspective, it was not appropriate for us to focus on fireworks. why we we're seeing experience in the potential loss of life. >> chief ended on this brief. but significant summation on where his city is and what happens next and response to lawlessness. >> this is a warm summer. we
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have 67 homicides. this is been a different year. this is bit this year has been challenging for us since the beginning going into 2020. it has not slowed so i don't you know, previously. i would have told you that hopefully this slows down the pandemic allows these things to open back up. but we haven't seen theresa kron 4 news. >> there was so much balance ambulances and paramedics had - a hard time keeping up with all the calls. >> our fall and the last system was over inundated with calls and they were unable to respond in a timely manner to the and so everybody was consumed with these issues not only the police department. also ambulances did have enough resources that amount of assistance evil. and that just goes to show to the level of violence that we were managing is that we didn't have ambulances available to you know, come and provide medical support.
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>> ambulance service to the city of oakland is provided through fall as part of a 5 year contract with alameda county, the agency provides service to most of that county and the chief credits his officers for stepping up and providing medical services to several of the victims contra costa county firefighters responded to more than 50 fires on the 4th of july. most of them are grass fires like this one near 6.80, and martinez. it burned dangerously close to some homes. but the firefighters got out before a damaged. any structures. it was a busy night but actually the fighters there say there were fewer calls this 4th of july than last year. >> temperatures were slightly lower last compared to the year before and humidities were slightly higher and that no doubt contributed to a lot of grass fires that might have started taking hold not doing so last night. >> most cars in contra. costa county came from the pittsburgh antioch area and they also had several medical
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calls related to fireworks in that area. it's 9. '05, right now. and take a look at this left behind in san francisco. that's the remnants of illegal fireworks before and after pictures there on the left, you can see all the boxes and everything. will the public work crews. we're busy cleaning up the debris and all of the trash left behind. just look at the loads of illegal fireworks. it was a busy scene in the north bay to police responded to sideshows and illegal fireworks in vallejo. take a look at some of the media, social media video, hundreds of people taking over the streets and it was dangerous. at least 11 sideshows broke out across the lane. how sunday night there were gunshots in the crowds as well. and that one of the side shows 2 spectators. look at that got hit. it was a car doing donuts on broadway in illinois and they were struck police officer. they were responding and they were met with fireworks being thrown at them. the next morning businesses along broadway
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street had to clean up the damage. and you can see what they were dealing with. a lot of graffiti city leaders say people need to be held accountable for these wild stunts and illegal events in the south bay san jose made it illegal to promote sideshows and social media. threatening people with fines and possible jail time. 9. '07, and santa rosa, police say that a 35 year-old man was killed in a drive-by shooting in 3 other people were also shot. 2 of them were teenagers. so happened early yesterday morning on bree beechwood drive west of highway one. oh, one kron four's taylor. the sacking has the latest. >> santa rosa, police say the suspects are still out there and family members of the victims who i spoke with off camera say they're very worried police say the suspects got away after crashing their car and then running from that area. they're now using all information from and inside that vehicle to track down whoever is responsible. >> a memorial now grows at beechwood greenwood drives in santa rosa after a drive-by
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shooting early monday morning that left 35 year-old javier montez dead and 3 others injured. santa rosa police say it all happened after a large illegal fireworks gathering with up to 100 people when officers arrived out there. we found 4 people have been shot by. >> a suspected drive-by shooting. one person was deceased. 2 teenagers were shot and one female in her late 20's was also shot. sergeant her and says. >> the 29 year-old woman in 17 year-old female are currently in critical condition. on a 16 year-old boy has non life threatening injuries, bullet holes and markers are now left behind. indicating up to 30 rounds were fired. says the suspects were in a silver honda accord when they started shooting initially hitting 3 of the victims as the vehicle tried to flee the area. he says there was a second exchange of gunfire where someone in the crowd fired back. that's when a bullet struck the 29 year-old woman outside of her home when the drive-by shooting happened,
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the car actually crashed into a parked vehicle and the suspects fled from the car. so we do have that car to running down. anybody associated with that car right now. >> anything we found in the car trying to run down those leads and some witness statements, police don't believe the 2 teenagers or a 29 year-old woman were targeted but instead caught up in the gunfire of others may have had gang ties in the crowd. we know that people most neighborhoods have ring cameras or surveillance footage. people just around that midnight time but after a little bit before really checking those cameras. seeing what you may have on there even if you just see someone running past. >> police are urging neighbors who live in the area to check their surveillance cameras. if you have any information about the incident or the suspects. please contact the police and santa rosa taylor kron 4 news. >> 9 o 9. and take a look at this. these running out of the neiman marcus store in downtown san francisco holding thousands of dollars worth of handbags. they counted about 10 these that took off with the stolen bags from the store
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in union square. these are high and bags could be 10's of thousands of dollars. they got away with in several getaway cars. look, theoe's white one and then another one takes off. and there's one more that speeds right by after that this is the second neiman marcus store to be hitting the bay area recently. it was a heist in may at the neiman's in the stanford shopping center. it's 9.10. and still ahead, vice president kamala harris is touting the president's infrastructure plan as lawmakers are getting ready for a vote on capitol hill will take you to dc for the latest. >> we'll have the coast today a little on the breezy side and actually staying on the gray side for most of our coastal areas. if you need some sun head to the bay side are inland as temperatures out there. >> really 70's and 80's for inland valleys today about to be the coolest one of this forecast. i'm talking to warm up. still to come. >> and i'm seeing some traffic collisions that could be impacting your commute. i'll tell you exactly where after the break.
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>> 13 right and before you head out the door. don't forget the. sunscreen. i know you don't need right now, jack. it now in the bay area. you don't want to predict bring everything with you. the
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exact address for all season yesterday. a little cool this morning. little gray out there. you know, that's not going to stick around forever unless you're at the coastline. it is actually going to stay fairly gray near the coast today. >> half moon bay. i'm sorry. you're not going to get a of sunshine right now. you're in the low gray and that's the way it's going to stay for much of the day. you see some bikers out there, though, doesn't look like you guys are minding it much this morning. as for conditions for the rest of the bay area today is going to be the coolest one of this forecast with bayside in inland areas really comfortable you can see that burn off occurring on the low gray that's still hanging out for most of us inland areas. you're already under the sunshine. you're going to keep that around for the rest of the day. this high pressure ridge at strengthening back in getting help to cut off the school marine air. that's been cooling. our inland valleys down. so while the coast will remain nice and comfortable in the days to come. our inland valleys are in for quite the warm-up today and tomorrow we're still tapping into that cool ocean air. it's going to be pushing into our inland valleys and keeping temperatures, as i mentioned, just a second ago on the
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cooler side, 50's and 60's for your highs. in san francisco right along the coastline much the same and not a lot of sunshine out that way. millbrae 67 burlingame 71 for the high will look at this the high will look at this palo alto and mountai into the mid 70's. also a few mid 70's for the south bay. sonny bill 75 santa clara in milpitas at 7675 well, for inland east bay, pleasanton and livermore. gorgeous. 78 enjoy it. that's going to be a dream come saturday and sunday when some triple digits pop back up vacaville 90 degrees for you today. the obvious standout in the hot spot on our map today. looking ahead of next 7 days tomorrow. not much different just yet. but we do see our high temperatures inland really starting to rise come thursday and friday, saturday and sunday. that's when we'll see some triple digits for inland valleys and some 80's right along the bay, erica. thanks, john. >> i am picking up a hot spot here on the peninsula on one. oh, one foul at the millbrae avenue exit just before that
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we see heavy traffic 3 lanes are blocked from this collision that involved a white honda sedan and a dump truck. so just expect traffic. heavy traffic. if you're taking that this morning maybe find an alternate route i know there's a 2.80 here that you can take instead of that. as for one, oh, one northbound up in santa rosa still seeing some traffic there at todd we had those lanes that are blocked. from a collision that happened as well out there. so just a heads-up on that. as for those of you who plan on heading over to san francisco taking the bay bridge is looking excellent. now. nothing like earlier this morning. we have more people heading to work in cars waiting to pass the tolls earlier. it's just 10 minutes from the maze. >> out to fremont street. as for the 4 and antioch to concord. you're looking at a drive time under 15 minutes, interstate 5.80, from livermore to dublin. just 12 minutes. and on the south bay there, one. oh, one from
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morgan hill to san jose that part of one. oh, one is looking much better. then the other parts of one. oh, one, just 9 minutes for your drive time. daria. >> time to talk winners and losers with a financial expert rob black morning. rob. good morning. our well, i'm good. i guess the holiday shortened week doesn't look as good so where is it? are we done now earning money on wall street. is it over. >> that great 1st half of the year. the s and p 500 is up 14% and we had a seven-day winning streak coming in today. and that looks like it the party's over. it's over. so it is as good as it gets because it was great. >> you've got to think, i guess always think, oh, well, things are even going to be better, right. the getting better. should we be making more money. it's the opposite way of thinking that's the correct way that most people think daria. >> but the easy money was before we got a bailout by federal stimulus payments. that was the easy part now are
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facing the reality of higher oil real inflation out there. low interest rates. the 10 year treasury kind of mean. and i say this depth, but that's kind of a warning sign. something bad's coming with that said, i don't really believe we've had a 10 year run on the stock market last year we had a bear market last about 2 and a half weeks. i've had marriages last joe. it's a joke about the idea is it's capitalism is working for wall street. investors. he said oil and i was just like, whoa. talk about. >> those prices for driving over the weekend were out of sight. >> yeah. it was a 50% plus for the year show you how inflation there truly is there opec's having a problem getting production increase. they're not green. it's the flag tonight. not the worst thing out there. we've got some things to look forward black widow from marvel's coming out this friday. will the theaters hit a blockbuster. probably not a billion dollars, but it will be a summer blockbuster of the year. it's expected. and
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richard branson goes to space less than 6 days. mister fletcher will love that. we'll wait. what about jeff he's going to space. so he. >> step down as so you could step in the outer space were brothers live free. >> that's don't we wish we had him as a brother also just bought a 500 million dollar yacht or built a 500 million dollar yacht that it does unlikely he can be on any time soon. he is retiring today as the ceo. this brings up a lot of questions for me. steve balmer replace gates. microsoft went nowhere for 14 years. tim cook replace steve jobs. fantastic, right. i would say a better stock performance than under steve jobs. he's being replaced. mister basis is by andrew jassy, the 27 year veteran with amazon web services, which is a huge company, 50 billion dollar company inside of amazon and then amazon has reported 8.1 billion dollar profit. a lot of americans are angry, healthy profit so much during a pandemic. and retails pass this year. walmart. so. i
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would say all things considered amazon is looking pretty good. minus that a union may try to rise in amazon's rank this year, which would be bad for the stock higher labor costs could for society because more people making more money spreading the wealth. and then there's also there by mg m they paid a lot of money for james bond and other products. yeah, we'll able to digest that. well, and it just shows that they got a lot of money yeah, he washed washington be looking at. what is it with rich guys in space. >> we just tell me that. you know this. i did until the day as the street and just is valedictorian of the school and a speech. he talked about setting up to 3 million people to be in space hotels when later gets into that part of his business. he wanted to set up space. we're talking high school that's unbelievable. it. yeah. all here on earth. you've touched so many times entertainment that i want to circle back. >> and see what's going on
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with the streaming stuff because now we're kind of through the pandemic. and is that like exploding or is it going down or what's happening with that. >> yeah, i think little drunk last year on streaming night. got netflix disney plus hbo. max. i got peacock. got the trial for cbs viacom and now it's it's time to sober. the honeymoon is over. we don't need that much content anymore. well, now we're having parties. we're not watching tv now we're going on trips. so who's going to be the winner right now. netflix has 208 million subscribers disney's got a 103 million hbo. max has 63.9 million peacocks 42 million. then you start falling off of viacom. it's interesting to note amazon streaming services where we have watching movies and they would be the second biggest streamer behind netflix except for we don't watch a lot on amazon which service d well, i like netflix, but it's funny because of the way disney. i saw in number 2 position and.
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>> i swear jersey started yesterday. you know, it's so do i can't believe you just rocketed up like that. >> yeah. it feels like disease got the production values whereas netflix as the volume volume access to quality content that we want to see and theater so i little bit different, but they're all michy but replace cable bill with just a time. a bell at totally just as high. and i like hulu to find a way. thanks a it started. well, judge delayed if you have a question for rob. you can reach out to him directly by e-mail facebook or twitter. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.24 and there's new apps that can make sure that you never lose any of your photos on your phone. rich demuro takes a look in this morning's tech smart. >> using our smartphone cameras so much these days. >> these are memories, your life. so so you really want to save these things. but what happens if you lose your phone or forget to back it up. all those precious memories are gone. back up. this is very important. it's like insurance now a company named i-drive sees an opportunity to help folks back up photos and videos on their phone for just $10 a year i drive has been on for 2 decades. it to be out of lead in the backup segment. we have one pc magazine editor's choice 7 years in a row. we have native best 5, many publications i drive is well known for helping individuals
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and businesses back up their new app is called i-drive photos. it will back up photos and videos from your phone in their original resolution. with unlimited storage is there a catch to this. no. there's no catch. this is that this is just pure. offer up your back and that that's a much trying to keep in mind, the ap is backing up your photos and videos in their original resolution and even though it's a limited at any time. you can go to settings and see exactly how much space you're using sign up through the website and get your first year for just a dollar. i drive photos is basic and not a complete replacement for google photos and similar apps since it doesn't help you organize and it or search your pictures. i like how it's fast and easy for backups. plus, there's a feature that lets you instantly restore your fact of photos to a new phone. what about privacy? because people always wonder using my photos for anything. >> now know. so that is nothing that you a date has not any any primary backing up and distort and that's all we
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do. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> and then what do you do. nothing with all those photos does nothing. i used to develop own hanging on the wall. 9.26 right now. more ahead. what about the delta variant? it's now the common variant, the most dominant in california. we'll tell you what lawmakers are doing to try to get people protected.
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9.29. just me back. you think those commercials are long but try go to the bathroom and back in 2 and a half minutes, maybe should make him 3 i think just to commercials in there. >> and if you start to see those you'll know all of it's a marathon. this 6 hour show. we're looking outside this morning at our quite our view. and it's sitting under some cloud cover can also see some of those leaves blowing in the cool coastal breeze. that's going to keep a lot of us on the cool side on into the afternoon today. in fact, our coolest one for inland areas. well, we do tap into sunshine for bayside and inland cities, coastal spots. you're going to stay pretty great throughout the course of this afternoon as for a future cast of winds. you do see that breeze continuing into the afternoon and that's going to keep temperatures really nice and moderated all into the afternoon. areas like
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livermore at 61 right now will only rise to 78 later today. well, berkeley oakland and san francisco mostly into the 60's. more on your forecast is still ahead. first, though, on over to erica. it's back to work for so many people where we had on the roads. >> yeah, you're right about that. well, right now we have that traffic collision that happened out on the peninsula on one. oh, one south that's causing heavy traffic because a few of the lanes are blocked. this is by millbrae avenue. it was a white honda sedan versus a dump truck. so that's why we're seeing traffic. there's because of that collision. we do have some good news for that collision. that happened on one. oh, one northbound santa rosa by todd road. it lanes are all clear. now. you can see traffic is flowing smoothly. there were in the green. again, as for those of you taking the richmond. sandra fell bridge this morning. also looking good as you're approaching the tolls here, it's flown smooth just 7 minutes out to highway one o one in marin county has 4
9:32 am
westbound 24 from walnut creek to the 5.80. it's just 12 minutes. you can see a lot of the green. we're back to the green and several places where we saw other callers this morning because we have more cars that were on the road interstate 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas just a drive time of 26 minutes. back to you. >> 9.32 and right now and our coronavirus coverage. the highlands highly contagious delta variant does. now the most dominant strain in california being blamed for 36% of all the cases we have in our state way up from may when the delta variant accounted for less than 6% of california cases and it was just 2% in april. in sacramento. the state capital is now dealing to contain its own coronavirus outbreak in with the delta variant there are some lawmakers that are concerned. one state senator is proposing all state employees be required to get vaccinated our capitol bureau
9:33 am
reporter ashley zavala has more. >> we have a responsibility to the public. to to take public health precautions for celts for our co-workers and to protect members of the public state. senator scott wiener is calling on all public employees, including elected officials to get vaccinated. we are elected officials or legislative staffers. whether we are. >> firefighters or police officers are working at the dmv. we're homeless outreach workers. we are all interacting with the public. and we also are. >> keeping the government open working and functioning. the push comes as 9 state capitol employees and staff members in the assembly have tested positive for covid-19 within about a week. the most recent memo sent over the weekend said the latest 2 people to test positive were fully vaccinated and wearing masks. they think they're, you know, recovering as we've seen with. >> with many people, the public and state senator melissa melendez weighing in on the push to vaccinate public employees. i've always
9:34 am
believed that vaccination is a personal choice and i understand those are, you know, are very fearful getting this virus and really they would prefer that everyone get vaccinated, whether it's public employees or private employees. >> but that's not reasonable the strains of the capital cases are unknown. the effort to contain the outbreak comes as california's most dominant strain is the infectious delta variant the state's positivity rate is increasing slightly. at 1.5% as of monday state data shows about 60% of california's population is fully vaccinated for now state lawmakers say there are no plans to push legislation mandating public employees get vaccinated wiener pointing to san francisco now requiring all city workers to get vaccinated. we should see that more broadly agencies should be mandating and so forth. it's not about legislation think it would be a tough sell. certainly. >> but that has never stopped people before bringing forward balance that are necessarily popular. >> state. health officials say they are prepared for slight increases in cases and
9:35 am
hospitalizations. but at the moment they say they do not anticipate any threat to the state's health care system. capacity at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> wanted for a string of armed robberies in san jose was arrested in antioch police say that cameron connelly led them on a high-speed chase on highway 4 near hillcrest avenue and it ended in the hidden glen neighborhood where they say conley ran 3 patrol cars with his car and then jumped out and ran into someone's home. police arrested him after a brief struggle. rohnert park police are investigating the death of a 21 year-old student at sonoma state was hit by a car yesterday around noon on the east avenue just off of campus. the students stepped off the center median while crossing the street where he was struck and killed. police have identified the driver as 19 year-old ronald gaither of penn grove. 9.35 in the south bay light rail service is still on pause in san jose. more than a month after 9
9:36 am
people were killed in a shooting at the vta yard. bt officials still have not said when service is going to be back. but they say that there could be some answers later this week. the shooting caused damage to buildings equipment, computers and the necessary service. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles in the south. the from san jose to mountain view before the pandemic there were about 30,000 daily riders. in national news. congress gets 4th of july off for a vacation. but they're still working behind the scenes. there's going to be a vote soon on the infrastructure deal when they come back. anna wiernicki has the latest from dc. good morning. we'll senators will return back here to washington, dc next week with a heavy to do list before they go home for the august recess and on the top of that to do list. a massive infrastructure deal. >> vice president kamala harris spent the holiday weekend touting the administration's infrastructure deal. it would be the largest long-term
9:37 am
infrastructure investment. >> in nearly a century in our country. it would be even bigger. then the hoover dam. and it would create a whole lot of jobs for carpenters and joiners and traits. people of all kinds here is carpenters at a press conference in nevada that the 5 year 973 billion dollar bill would go to rebuild roads and bridges and includes money to build a national network of electric vehicle charging stations upgrade. the electrical grid and improve drinking water. we need to get this framework across the finish line. the administration says 90% of the expected. 1 million jobs created from this deal. > could go to workers without a college degree. >> this is a generational investment. >> but some republicans like texas congressman michael mccaul aren't convinced. i worry. >> they're going expand health care and education of nothing to do with you know, with infrastructure. mccaul said on
9:38 am
fox news sunday that the bipartisan bill might be the only chance to pass an infrastructure plan. >> but warns negotiators to keep it straight forward. if you're really serious about look at traditional infrastructure that is roads bridges, rural broadband which is so important to the country right now. >> they're not much up with things have nothing to do with infrastructure. >> president biden and vice president kamala harris plan to make several trips across the country over the next few weeks to pitch his plan directly to the american people in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. it's 9.38. >> and still ahead, travel is back. people are flying again, we're going hear from some passengers at sfo. and south florida bracing for a storm as search and rescue crews are digging through the rubble now that they can get to because they collapse blew up the rest of the building that was standing in surfside. we'll have the latest. garden fresh salad or four homemade soups plus, warm breadsticks
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>> the big story in south florida is that the search and rescue effort that's still underway. the death toll now in surfside from the condo collapse is at 32 they found the remains of 4 more people overnight after finishing demolishing the rest of the partially collapsed building and now they are still looking for more than a 100 other people who are missing. it is 9.41. we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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at philadelphia, we know what makes the perfect schmear of cream cheese. the recipe we invented over 145 years ago and me...the world's best, and possibly only, schmelier. philadelphia. schmear perfection. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> 9.44 and monday was one of the busiest travel days of the holiday weekend. the tsa says the number of people who took flight. it was very high and kind of back like almost pre pandemic level kron four's
9:45 am
amanda hari talk to some folks at sfo about what it's like to fly again. >> i spoke to a few people here at the airport and they say things are starting to feel a little bit more normal and it's getting busier. the only real protocol that's left is the mask-wearing. you can see behind me here cars have been driving by dropping people off and picking them up. >> it was amazing. it's part. it's just a really feel like single of the peak of the people. more than 4 million people traveled through tsa checkpoints on thursday and friday. it's more than double what we saw for 4th of july weekend in 2020 and only a couple 100,000 less than 2019. i can very much say it's crowded. there's like no 6 feet apart maya melrose has traveled throughout the pandemic to visit her sister in hawaii. she says now things are getting busier at the airport. why still requires all travelers to have a negative covid test regardless of vaccination status to all
9:46 am
these extra things kind of a hassle, a nuisance because takes away my spontaneity. but. >> and the same time, as long as people feel safe. but i can't complain melrose is vaccinated. she's hopeful that starting july 8 wise governor will start allowing people vaccinated in the u.s.. >> to provide proof of vaccination. it's opposed to needing a negative test. now rose is hopeful. things are moving in a more normal direction. i don't think it's going to be maskless soon. and i think that attack 100 people are asked are traveling just because they to go somewhere else. then zang was leaving san francisco to go home to houston. he visited a few california cities and says each has been handling the pandemic differently. also a tally ends and too. >> and those was is there a way more open free was the prisoners go there to see parts of it. there were more reserve. a more cautious purple. last time i talked to officials here at sfo. they
9:47 am
say they expect the mask-wearing inside the airport. >> and on planes to last at least through mid september at sfo amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 9.26, i didn't fly. i flew a couple weeks ago. but this past weekend i did yesterday. i got on the road. i don't know why i was telling everybody was a news story. don't travel after 4 o'clock i 5 o'clock was packed. was packed. know crossing the bay bridge yesterday afternoon. i did not. yeah. it's i think for anyone heading back from the sierra yesterday on 80 the bay bridge. >> not a fun afternoon to be out there. and i feel for commuters that had to be at 2 this morning. near newark. al hunt, a weather center forecast is showing a mix of clouds and sun. it just depends on where you're at this morning for those of us near walnut creek along highway 24 you get more of a dose of sun than anything else. and here at least it looks like traffic is moving along fine right there for those of us, a little closer to the coastline. and that's not the case just yet. there's definitely a lot of clouds
9:48 am
that are still hanging out right along the coast and for coastal neighbors. that's the way it's going to stay today. bayside areas. you'll see gradual clearing while our inland spots are just going to stay clear. high pressure is strengthening across the region. got to cut off that cool breeze. that's been pushing ocean cool there into our inland valleys and keeping us nice and moderated for afternoon highs as of late. that means that inland areas are in for quite the warm up just 2 days from now. today and tomorrow. our last going to be tapping into this noticeable sea breeze at least far inland. and that means today and tomorrow are the days to enjoy if you want to do an inland hike or something like that. outdoors, 50's 60's for your highs in sf and along the coastline. it will be a touch cooler today as it will be a cloudy one right along the coast 60's 70's for your highs along the bay shore and getting a good dose of sunshine to enjoy those 70's. palo alto and mountain view at 75 each south bay daytime highs in the mid to upper 70's. and just a few low 80's. that's noticeably cooler than yesterday as is also the case for the inland east bay,
9:49 am
pleasanton and livermore at 78 walnut creek and concord in the low 80's san leandro oakland and berkeley in the 60's north bay temp 70's, 80's and just one low 90 up in vacaville, a sign of what we've got out towards the central valley, which is actually going to become more of the norm here in our inland valleys of the bay come thursday and into the upcoming weekend friday saturday and sunday. it's triple digit heat back for inland neighbors. if you need to escape that maybe head closer to the bay or the coast as these areas will be a lot more steady. erica. >> thanks. if you plan on traveling down the peninsula. we're still seeing some heavy traffic out there on highway one. oh, one south. you can see lanes are still closed from that vehicle collision that happened involved a white honda sedan and a dump truck looks like there's a tow truck on its way. but they still haven't cleared those lanes yet. so heads up, you might want to take to 80 if you have to travel south on the peninsula this morning. but
9:50 am
it's looking great on all our bay area bridges. if you're heading out to the bay bridge into san francisco. it's running smooth. you don't even have a slow way here as you're approaching the tolls compared to what we saw earlier this morning, a quick drive time heading from the maze to fremont street. just 9 minutes south bay looking good. no major accidents right now. it's about 11 minutes from san jose to cupertino. if you plan on taking the 2.80, i believe one oh, one is also looking good as well out there in the south bay. as for the east bay here in san leandro to milpitas. if you're taking interstate 8.80, expected drive time under 25 minutes looking good. and on the 6.80 they're heading out to danville. just 13 minutes. >> nation. california series continuing now the trip to a 10 million year old cavern area, northern california melanie townsend goes to calaveras county.
9:51 am
>> in their quest for california. gold miners found the opening to moaning caverns in 1840 with only ropes in candles. they made their descent into a cave. 10 million years old in 400, 10 feet deep. today's venture isn't as harrowing. thanks to modern day technology. in all. some tour guides like serena barth. >> today. we're going to be heading 165 feet down into the earth. first we need to go into this back room here. >> our descent down into the moaning caverns begins with an indiana jones like passageway, holy moly. oh, to a 165 foot tall spiral staircase that was built here in the 1920's. the material used to build the staircase came from decommission world war one battle ships are being taken apart. >> sturdy. put my fear of heights to the test today and kind of scary. but reaching
9:52 am
that final step is well worth as you look around to see a grandiose cave of wonders. there's no golden here. so they did all this work and there's no gold they're credited with california's largest vertical chamber that's open to the public. >> but they couldn't see it because they had a candle. >> for destination. california. i'm melanie townsend. expertly tailored eye care. state-of-the-art eye exams. high quality lenses and frames.
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>> 9.54 almost done here on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kronon. noelle bellow is in the newsroom with a preview hi it's been a big busy holiday weekend. lots of gatherings with friends and family. we're going to be discussing delta variant concerns with a doctor later this morning and around just before noon. the country did not hit president biden's vaccination goal by july 4th. but the president is set to give an update on vaccine efforts this afternoon to see that live in to get some real time updates on local and national headlines. just grab your phone scan. this qr code that see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. thanks a lot to giants facing the cardinals at oracle yesterday's game scoreless until the 7th inning
9:56 am
when the cardinals scored 2 runs in the giants had no answer. so they lost 5 to 3. they're going to play again tonight. first pitch 6.45 giant still in first place. >> tonight at 6.45, the a's raw yesterday. so they're going to play to their actual houston. but temperatures are home. so it's to be better than though. you know what it is going to be a cool evening especially closer to the coastline. we've got fog. candace hanging out all day near the coast. >> i think more noticeable than anything else is the temperature right that we i see the hundreds and the the room. there's that. saturday, sunday, triple digits making their return today and tomorrow. inland. >> are the days to enjoy. wow, that they were not too far from the beach. if you want to cool off for those of you in land. even the hundreds like on beach side. it looked like 60's. really? yeah. so 60's. we're still going to that ocean cool there at the coast
9:57 am
by its those inland areas. you're not getting that cool sea breeze anymore. so don't will be warned. that's it for now. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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