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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 6, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> you are going to love it. i didn't find anything comparable to this thing. i'll appreciate it more than you ever know. >> good luck to you. >> i want to say thanks, dr. phil. you've made my day. well, the rest of the year. i appreciate it. this thing is amazing. ♪ ♪ >> the bay area's local news station. you now with breaking >> breaking news tonight at 5 new body cam video is being released. shows the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting that involves sheriff's deputies in the east bay. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan for
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grant lotus. this shooting happened. april 17th and second street in hayward not far from hayward high school. we have video of the scene. the alameda county sheriff's department responded after reports of a man threatening people with a gun. authorities say the armed man tried to shoot the deputy. and that's when other deputies opened fire killing that person we have part of the video and want to remind you, it can be hard to watch. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> you can hear. do you heard the rounds of g.nfire there that during the encounter, investigators said the man fired many rounds. one of the bullets did gray's a deputy. they say the person who died was a 26 year-old filipino man with a long criminal history.
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you could hear him in the video asking deputies to tell his mother he loves her. that was right before opening fire. if you do want to see more of the video we have it posted on our website at kron 4 dot com. also in the east bay, the deadly weekend crime wave in oakland brings attention to that police department which. >> the police chief says was simply overwhelmed on the 4th of july. still kron. four's. phillipe djegal reports community activists and city leaders say the answer is not adding more cops. >> city councilmember noel diagnose as oakland's continued rise in violent crimes has nothing to do with the police department's budget. we didn't defund the police. all we did is transfer some responsibilities. >> to other departments. namely the department of violence prevention for which the city council recently approved the tripling of et departments funds as well as expanding the fire department civilian crisis response team.
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>> says focusing on preventing crimes will make oakland a safer place. but in the meantime, he says police have the resources they need to fight crime. >> despite the police chief sounding the alarm using the 4th of july as an example of how strapped his agency is stating his department was overwhelmed that day with 6 shootings. a massive sideshow and fires most related did not receive responses says getting worse because we're allowing it to get worse from the community. >> into the lack of enforcement i mean, those are let's be straight about that. last month. the city council approved a 6% budget increase for the police department. >> while also redirecting about 18 million dollars of the mayor's initial police budget proposal. >> to the department of violence prevention a move members of the council say will not decrease staffing levels for at least a year. oakland resident and co-founder of the anti police
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terror project kat brooks says years of community neglect has played a major role in the violent crime. spike prevention needs to get to the gym before the bullet flies. >> then we're going to see an impact. i'm not gonna lie. it's going to be a rocky road. nobody can definitively say with just one year data why we're seeing the spike in crime nobody if you hear something telling you this because it fund their life because that hasn't happened yet. it's actually not going to happen. but we do know is that our community is hurting and wounded and the person that's the perpetrator today could be the victim tomorrow and vice versa. if we don't address the harm in our folks and we can right now. we can't we start doing that right now. if we don't address economic opportunity, if we don't address all of these things. we're just going to keep repeating the same failed open residents are familiar. >> and in vallejo police are still talking about the fact they really had their hands full over the holiday weekend. officers were responding to a string of sideshows reports of
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illegal fireworks videos on social media showed hundreds of people basically taking over the streets in places. police say at least 11 were happening across the city sunday night. there were also reports of crowd members firing automatic weapons that one of the side shows 2 spectators were hit by cars doing donuts on broadway in illinois. toledo. police say the officers responding for met with fireworks being thrown at them monday morning. it became more clear that businesses along broadway had been damaged tagged with graffiti vallejo city leaders say people need to be held accountable for wild stunts and a legal events in the south bay san jose has made it illegal to promote sideshows on social media threatening people with fines and possible jail time. it's san francisco, a 75 year-old woman suffered life threatening injuries when a shoplifter allegedly knocked her over while fleeing from a business in the city's outer
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mission neighborhood. >> happened last friday afternoon. the suspect ran out with a sandwich. the woman was taken to the hospital. no update on her condition. the suspect was eventually arrested, but police have not released his name. >> a high end heist in san francisco caught on camera. thieves stealing thousands of designer handbags. you're seeing it right there. authorities say it was not a random smash-and-grab. it was they're calling it an organized event. francisco city officials and law enforcement. they're reacting to that stunning videos recorded monday night. it shows the thieves. >> snatching merchandise from the union square neiman marcus in broad daylight kron four's charles clifford has details. >> in this dramatic video from monday evening 10 individuals are seen fleeing from the union square neiman marcus store in san francisco. there are arms are full of apparently stolen goods. but this most likely was not a crime of opportunity but an organized effort. >> this is a pattern of
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behavior. we're seeing this happen over and over again here in san francisco. tuesday afternoon, san francisco supervisor ahsha safa. he said he believes that the robbery is the result of organized retail theft and that they were targeting specific merchandise. 10 individuals getaway car focused on him bags. these are very expensive handbags. they can be spot sold domestically or internationally for a lot of money in these bags. oftentimes go for thousands of dollars. in a statement to kron 4 on tuesday. the district attorney's office agreed saying no retailer or its employees should have to suffer from the brazen organized theft depicted in this video. police have not yet presented us with an arrest or identified suspects related to this incident. we will immediately review any arrests. police bring us for prosecution so fine. he says that the city has also asked the district attorney's office and the police department to work together to come up with the plan, asked them for what the coordinated response would be. what. how are they intentionally. >> going to target suppressing this activity. sof. i also
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says that if law enforcement requires additional resources for patrols or investigations. >> that may be possible if we need to. we have intention to. >> introduced legislation that would allow not just our police officers to do over time. but our sheriffs so we can expand the pool of people that are available to do that type of work in san francisco. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> the efforts of search crews continue tonight after the remaining condo building surfside brought down yesterday. it demolished completely demolished as of yesterday. the death toll tonight has risen to 36 that's after 4 more bodies were found in the rubble since the building collapse. search and rescue teams have worked around the clock. they are now looking for 113 people who remain unaccounted for at this point. and as the search
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continues, officials on the ground are monitoring another problem. tropical storm elsa. its outer bands could cause problems for cruise with wind gusts and strong rain. >> active search and rescue continues throughout the night and these teams can you adverse and challenging u% conditions through the rain and the wind. they have continued searching. they paused only briefly for lightning. >> others saying that if wind gusts hit 45 miles an hour or higher. they will suspend the search and we'll have more on tropical storm elsa coming up tonight at 5.18. >> the collapse of the florida condo. it has many people wondering, you know, can happen here in the bay area. experts say never say never, but they do indicate a lot of california buildings have added protections. >> kron four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco with more on that. dan.
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>> well, that added protection. katherine, is because most california buildings, at least the ones built in recent years are built to withstand earthquakes and that they say gives california buildings the leg up. >> the collapse of the condominium complex in surfside, florida has raised concerns about something similar happening in the bay area possibly to the millennium tower, which is now leaning. but structural engineer ronald hamburger who has been monitoring the tower settlements since 2014 says settlements experience by millennium tower have not compromised its stability and safety. he goes on to say the tower was designed to stringent earthquake resistance standards. and it's a much tougher form of construction than typical buildings in florida. structural engineers agree overall, california buildings have a leg up on others because they are designed to withstand earthquakes. >> here in california. we do
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have to design for seismic loads and those seismic floods are very large. and so they apparently create a more robust structure from the lateral perspective, a lot are loading perspective than many other locations in the united states but building experts say structures built more than 30 or 40 years ago remain of concern. >> we definitely need to be put certain about goals. some of the. the should homes that have the attention of forming this will focus off story. the sort of some old the company's stock should simulate a tool this one collapsed in florida. when you'll have an aging infrastructure. they get over time. >> in 2015, the collapse of a balcony in berkeley killed 6. since that time. new legislation has called for more regular inspections and better construction. but most
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agree, homeowners and their associations that govern them must stay alert. >> boards of directors and management companies for these homeowners associations and need to be on vigilance in terms of whether they can see any telltale signs. that might lead to suspect that there are problems going on water getting into these various areas that led to this corrosion and that salty environment combined with the water intrusion into those areas can lead to some catastrophic failures as well as just general damage to these condo components and buildings. >> structural engineers say just like after the berkeley collapse. we saw more stringent regulations as it related to balconies. they say once they determine what caused this collapse. there will be likely greater regulations based on what happened in florida. live in san francisco. dan kerman kron
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4 news, thanks very much. dan kerman. all right. time for a look at the forecast. we're looking over the bay bridge. >> and some dry chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now to talk about those those skies will be filled with a lot of sunshine in the coming days. we're talking about. >> he waved at least in parts of the bay area skies clearing out a little bit earlier afternoon as we've seen the fog and low clouds very damp. again along the coastline. but now you're looking at mostly clear skies even over san francisco. see the breeze, though. so that onshore breeze that will bring some fog overnight tonight. >> all heat is coming back. in fact, the national weather service now issuing a excessive heat watch in the slum account into the sacramento valley and also all the way down the san joaquin. we're going to look at those temperatures again, upper 90's, maybe a 104 degrees in parts of slow county. so very, very hot temperatures expected friday through about monday may need to be extended after that as well. the meantime, the rest of the area do with some fog and low clouds again, moving in along the coastline. we'll see that out there. cool 50's out there toward the
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beaches. nice warm, 85 degrees in concord is currently 76 little cooler into livermore inside the bay. very comfortable 66 degrees in oakland and very nice 72 degrees in san jose. we're going to have more on your local weather. plus, check out what is now hurricane elsa coming up in a few minutes. i'd approaching. thank you, lauren. side. coming up, gas prices keep going up and up are going to look at one of the spots with the highest prices in the bay area. >> plus no needles, no problem. how you could get your covid-19 vaccine without getting an actual shot in your arm.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> well, if you're vaccinated, you can still contract covid-19 the uptick in cases across the state due to the delta variant is a sign that unvaccinated people are going maskless doctors are still suggesting that people in large crowds should keep masks on. and if you are vaccinated. but you do come in contact with someone who's tested positive. doctors say you do not need to quarantine. >> there's this video in australia with 2 people passing by in the mall. they did contact tracing and a few seconds of contact in an indoor setting was enough to have an infection occurred by for vaccinated that's going to be much rarer, but still not 0. so right now the cdc guidance is no, you do not need to anymore. you may be contacted by contact tracers
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and in the event of a cluster transmission, no need for pardon team. but for monitoring symptoms. >> and he's among the many medical experts are urging people who still don't have those shots. do not wait to says to get vaccinated, but imagine going in to get vaccinated instead of a health care worker injecting you with a needle and you're able to actually just place a patch on your own skin reporter avery davis shows us how it works. >> i don't look at it. it's safe to say. those people don't enjoy needles. i'm very scared of them. and with a little one who's afraid of them to a says a needle us vaccine sounds much better. pretty much anybody can just put it on it news that researchers at the university of queensland in australia and a company called axis are testing a vaccine patch. basically a tiny device covered in thousands of micro applicators to deliver protection through the skin. its roots are in austin
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basically they're coated with our second generations. stabilize spike protein. it's an extension of the breakthrough technology developed by jason mclellan and his team at ut austin last year there stabilize spike protein still serves as the basis for all 3 vaccines authorized for distribution in the u.s. it's a relatively small percentage of the global population that's been vaccinated. but some estimates that. >> people in certain countries may not be vaccinated until 2022 or 2023 the early research shows this patch can be kept at nearly room temperature for about a month, which mcclellan says will open up more distribution opportunities it can be feel just the mail you can probably do it at home you're sad. >> testing is still in the early phases on mice. but the researchers at the university of queensland say they've since strong immune responses so far that's really exciting ever. and in texas and america can take pride in the fact that. >> you know, we can create things like this that will help so many people in austin. avery travis. >> it is day up to date on the latest covid-19 information
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and reopening news on our website just take out your smartphone and scan the qr code on your screen there. it will take you directly to our coronavirus section at kron 4 dot com. >> for your money. gas prices are really skyrocketing. and you're looking at video from today. this is the shell station on bryant. just off. i 80 in san francisco. look at the prices. a gallon of regular if you can see him there. but $5.60 premium. nearly $6. a gallon. now demand is high because a lot of people are hitting the road this summer and want to take trips. also crude oil prices are up so expect these high prices this summer to continue to get even higher. and now to some developing news hurricane elsa expected to make landfall in florida and preparation. tampa international airport. >> it is closed down today to brace for the hurricane travelers are being told that check with their airlines over the next couple of days. also slammed cuba yesterday forcing thousands of people to
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evacuate their homes and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was. here's what do reach hurricane status just a little while ago right. yeah. within this last hour just picked up steam again. you know. >> it moved out over open waters. and that's where it's getting all of his energy and now elsa sitting off the coastline spinning around and you can see those bands of rain heading on shore near fort myers sarasota. also in the tampa area so far, much of miami has been spared by that near the issues there. but right now the storm system looks like it is going to affect most of the western half of florida. here's the very latest. you can see the core is still off the coastline. that's important tropical storm force winds extending outward about 70 miles. we have seen some stronger gusty winds along the coastline. but the strongest winds still right around the core in the strong or severe thunderstorms right around that area as well. here's some of the winds we've seen over the past few hours has been gusting to 2030 plus miles per hour. the areas shaded. >> in yellow there. those currently under a tornado
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watch so seeing some gusty winds developing near the coastline. but storm system looks like it's going to be coming on shore. sustained winds now 75 miles an hour making it a category one hurricane moving along the coastline near tampa as we head through the night tonight and then possibly coming on shore around 11 o'clock pacific time maybe near cedar key florida. that looks like it will be coming on shore as a category one hurricane. this could be a mess there overnight tonight. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. still ahead, a 4th of july nightmare played out on video after driver threw a lit. >> firework into somebodys car. the message that victim has tonight. and san francisco. police say they have arrested a man who allegedly stabbed someone on a muni bus. what we know about the suspect tonight.
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>> in the east bay of san leandro police officer was hit by a car as the driver suspected in a catalytic converter theft. i was getting away. this happened about 06:00am on the carpenter street near the bart station. police say the suspect was basically trapped in an apartment complex parking garage when officers arrived but managed to get out and hit an officer with his car as he did so he was eventually arrested in oakland after a chase. the officer was not badly injured. and later, another catalytic converter theft on pershing drive in san leandro. no arrest has been made. there. san leandro
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police say catalytic converter thefts are up 65% over last year in san francisco. police arrested a suspect accused of stabbing a man on a muni bus happened. >> last month in the area of steiner in green streets. the victim told officers that he was sitting on the bus when the suspect who is sitting adjacent to him, stood up and stabbed him 2 times. the suspect then left the bus and then simply ran off the victim told police he didn't know the suspect and said the attack was. purely unprovoked a police identified the suspect as mario eggs a viewer he was booked into the san francisco county jail. also new at 5, a man is recovering tonight after somebody threw a firework. whoa into his car in nashville dash cam video. it shows the moment that the passenger in a white car rolling down the window. there tossing an explosive into a convertible. police say that the firework at the victim's head bounced and exploded on
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the convertible top, which thankfully. was down. the victim says that he hopes he has enough for police to track down the people responsible. >> i want to see. i want to see metro catch him. you know, want to see them put that driver and the one that threw it away for sure. and i just want pay damage to my car. >> the victim pulled over nearby called 911, the top of the bmw was heavily damage which will cost thousands of dollars. his fingers were slightly burned and he's still having trouble hearing. he says. >> coming up on the north face biggest homeless encampments is being cleared out. what's being done the for the people who had to leave. also more trouble for tesla, a bay area company suing over the death of a young son and why the ftc says it is time to break up some big tech companies, although
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what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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>> the federal trade commission along with some members of congress is accusing big tech companies of behaving like monopolies and hurting consumers. yeah. we've been hearing a lot about this our washington correspondent alexandra limon joins us now live to discuss the steps the government is taking to try and break up some of the biggest tech companies, which of course they're based right here in the bay area alex.


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