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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 7, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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does change as soon as tomorrow. even across many of these areas temperatures are about to rise. now, as far as we go today. one more of our mild days that we do have some deep in marine layer having across the bay area. you're going to notice that throughout the course here morning. you're certainly are in your san francisco view right now. good news is visibility is fine for most areas as this cloudy blanket. much as we've seen the past few days is sitting just above the a bridge level. you're doing fairly good once you head up into those higher elevations in the hills where it's also quite breezy that you're running into some of that fog. we do have a wind advisory on the altamonte pass this morning. if you're traveling along 5.80 watch out for the out future cast of wind gusts does show a gradual calming trend of winds over the next few days as that happens, we are going to be looking at less marine impact further inland. and that's your temperatures are going to scoot upwards 50's for most of our current temps with alameda dublin and livermore each at 56 degrees later today. look for to most of our daytime high still in the 80's inland for only one more day talking
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about her weekend weren't still to come first, though, on over to erica. we'll go back to work today for a few more people may be. and how are the roads? >> looking good so far john. here's a look outside of the golden gate bridge. just a couple cars that were moving through. i don't see any issues. no hot spots yet on the one o one all the way down to the peninsula. south bay as well as up in the north bay. as for the 6.80 here going southbound looking good as well. the 13 minute drive time from dublin to fremont and then here's a another traffic update just 11 minutes from walnut creek to the 5.80. if you're taking a westbound, 24 this morning. so here's a look at some of our other drive times around the bay area. if you're taking the 17 from santa cruz to los gatos. no issues there in either direction right now should take you about 21 minutes this morning. back to you. >> all right. thank you, erica, for 31 is the time
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happening today. there's a critical workshop plan to review the oakland a's billion dollar proposal for that waterfront stadium out at howard terminal. a green light would move the project closer to a vote by the oakland city council with crawford's theresa stasi with a closer look at where things stand this morning. >> the pictures show a shiny state of the art ballpark situated on that stretch of the bay providing a visually attractive setting to watch a game. but will this ever become a reality is the name of the game at the present time over excited that there's going to be a workshop tomorrow in the economic development subcommittee of the city council. dave cavill, president of the oakland a's on the upcoming meeting going over the details about the team's dream. >> of a waterfront complex in the city is actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development and the capital points to the numbers. the private funds billions to the city's general fund the hotel. the entertainment jobs,
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the mayor on board yet city council members still sidestepping firm commitments. >> the final vote set for the end of july. it is unclear to us right now from city staff reports. >> whatever structures actually being finance. mark jacobson, member of the east oakland stadium alliance fighting to keep the team at the coliseum. >> represents ocean carriers and we need to know that we can still move cargo efficiently and effectively and the question is. >> does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. and david samson knows as former president of the miami marlins. he spent 10 years battling. >> for a new ballpark and in the end it happened. it is the job of the government to decide what kind of city the voters want. and i'm not here to opine or judge whether
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oakland should be or wants to be a major league city. what i am saying. >> be careful what you wish for because if the a's leave and mark my words, if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's back to the team. cavill says that he and the ownership remain committed to oakland. yet with the commissioner saying that they can look elsewhere. they continue to do so, including those trips. >> to las vegas to explore their options. theresa kron 4 news. >> now to the north bay were garbage can filled with fireworks were set off in front of a local official's home. there's a picture of it burning rohnert park city council member willie le norris shared images of the vandalism from sunday night. the council member says he believes the incident could have been driven by racism. kron four's dan thorn explains. and a special rohnert park city council meeting council member la norris says he believes this
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vandalism is a retaliation for his stance on fireworks. and he also believes that it was racially motivated. >> the council member is on board with banning fireworks here in the city of rohnert park and he believes this fire was a way to intimidate him and his family. the fight over fireworks in rohnert park. now involves vandalism and possible racism. city council member. willie le found this trash can burning and filled with fireworks at his home sunday night. a neighbor alerting him to the horrifying discovery. my heart sank and i yelled out in anger and frustration on sunday night. there was a crime committed. >> someone tried to send you a message and someone trying to intimidate. >> but ari says been on board with other city council members to ban fireworks in rohnert park. the city even cancel the 4th of july fireworks show this year. one of the biggest concerns has been the potential of sparking a wildfire in the areas extremely dry land. but the council member says this act of vandalism goes beyond protesting over pyrotechnics. if you look deeper.
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>> it's as much to do with the color of my skin that angry that type of e is not related to just fireworks. >> the only other person of color on city council. vice mayor jackie l word echoed those sentiments. she too, says her family has faced threats over banning fireworks. >> no one should feel unwanted in our community. whether they moved here last week. have been here for 60 years. >> mayors across sonoma county have shared their support for councilmember lenoir jointly calling the fire cowardly hopes this terrible act will reopen the conversation over race in rohnert park. if you're convinced that this is a >> you want to wave it off. call me crazy. i invite you to live a day in the life of someone less privilege be my home next. and again, it comes to city hall.
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>> the decision over banning fireworks here in rohnert park will be up to voters in september. the police department says they are still investigating this fire reporting in rohnert park. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a san francisco man is behind bars accused of stabbing another man on a muni bus. it happened last month in the area of signer and green streets. police say 32 year-old mario hills stabbed the victim twice while they were on the bus. the victim told police he had no relationship with his attacker and thao they were sitting next to each other before he was stabbed hills has been book now on several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. in the east bay of san leandro police officer was hit by a car as a driver suspected of stealing a catalytic converter tried to get away. it happened on carpenter street right near the bart station. the thief was trapped in an apartment complex parking garage when police arrived. that apparently is when he hit the officer with his car. that officer wasn't badly hurt. thankfully police, though ended up chasing after the man who was eventually arrested in
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oakland later there was another catalytic converter theft on pershing drive in san leandro. no arrests made in that case san leandro police say catalytic converter thefts have increased 65% over last year. nearly 2 weeks after the condominium collapse in surfside, florida. the death toll now has climbed to 36 with more than a 100 people still missing miami dade county's fire chief says that search teams have not found anything positive. those are his words such as livable spaces or voids in the debris while the effort is still officially called a search and rescue mission miami-dade's mayor said that families of those still missing are preparing for news of tragic loss. well, that collapse in florida was or has many wondering if a similar disaster could happen here in the bay area. experts don't well, they never say never. but they do say that a lot of california buildings have added protection. so the
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situation is different here. kron four's dan kerman takes a closer look. >> this phase ii of that have noted that is extremely that structural engineers say the collapse of the condominium complex in surfside, florida is likely due to numerous factors. >> that could additional lot of time. exposure maybe situation. was this. that the got this trough of and also in that do not mean to nuts in the bay area. concerns have centered on the millennium tower which now is undergoing a structural upgrade due to its sinking and leaning. >> but structural engineer ronald hamburger who has been monitoring the tower settlement since 2014. >> says settlements experience by millennium. tower have not compromised its stability and safety. he also says the tower was designed to stringent earthquake resistance standards and is a much tougher form of construction. the typical buildings in florida structural engineers
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agree the way buildings are designed in california is an advantage. >> well, when we designed for simply can't resist that's that can be pro the in the system. pro the city and see. and in for this particular it pro fights this so-called on no pass which means that some members that. the whole system doesn't collapse structures built more than 30 or 40 years ago. prior to those standards remain of concern. >> especially those that have not been maintained and building owners and occupants should be. >> aware of the condition of their structure understand what it looks like as it ages. and to call a structural engineer if they see signs of distress or deterioration. but california also has stricter inspection standards following
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20 fifteen's. >> deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. this legislation has led to a heightened awareness by all condominium associations and management companies. >> that within 7 years they have to continue to these deaths with a structural engineer and or architect. and by that i mean not just a cursory inspection. >> structural engineers also say just like after the berkeley collapse. we saw greater regulations. they say once it's determined what caused the florida collapse. we will likely see greater regulations as well. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. >> election officials across the state are gearing up for governor newsom's upcoming recall election it's set for september 14th normally officials have around a 190 days to prepare for an election. but this time they have just 75 to get ready. >> we are all working very diligently to secure locations. now we have a day
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care locations to secure our poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time and that ballots are delivered to voters in time. >> candidates hoping to replace governor newsome have less than 10 days now to file formal paperwork in order to run. and that's again so that the printing process can begin and their names can appear on the ballot every california voter will receive a ballot in the mail counties will start sending them out on august 16th, the secretary of state is working right now to determine which covid-19 related protocols will be in place for that election. and a home invasion turns deadly in the north bay after the homeowner shoots the man who was trying to break in. >> we have details coming up after the break.
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>> 4.45 on the clock as we welcome you back here to the kron 00:00am morning news, john trouble in the weather center right now with the all important forecast before you head outside morning john. hey, good morning, james. we are seeing some big changes in the days ahead of us in your nor cal on the weather center forecast which shows that this mild weather that we've been enjoying for so many of our inland valleys is about to be heading out the door as we do see some hotter temperatures building back in now this morning. it's deep marine layer. one more day of it. that's going to keep our inland areas relatively on the
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cool side, not much of a view right here from berkeley as that is a very good spring. they are sitting right over head resulting in some drizzly to misty skies to maybe turn on the windshield wiper a time or 2 as you're venturing out this morning. high pressure ridge sitting just to our east is going to continue to strengthen its grip on the west coast. this is going to cut off that sea breeze that has been very noticeable. you notice that strong wind last night. we actually do still have a wind advisory along the altamonte pass at 5.80 this morning to note as you are making your commute out from the central valley on into the bay area. san francisco's winds will be gusty as 25 to 30 miles per hour today. so a blustery day near the coastline. definitely gonna keep those jackets on hand at the coast as 50's and 60's windy conditions and just overall gray skies to the day at the coast does mean a cooler feel to it. our base side in the inland areas. on the other hand, are in for a treat today. redwood city at 75 palo alto at 76 south bay
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temperatures. a range of 70's 80's. it's our last day. you're going to be seeing inland highs as cool as we are so enjoy every bit of it. walnut creek 81 today will conquer to 85 to 90's on the map that's antioch in vacaville going to be in much better company as soon as tomorrow is daytime highs for your thursday. push upwards into the upper 90's inland, not as much of a change by the bay nor the coast, though, friday, saturday and sunday. it's triple digits for inland areas with upper 70's to low 80's along the bay. lots of sunshine and dry skies in the day to come. also ensure that fire danger is going to remain of concern, especially as these temperatures warm back up. >> erica. thanks, john. well, it looks like it's moving a good now out in san bruno. there's actually a traffic collision on the 2.80 southbound heading over to. >> interstate 3.80, east. >> it was causing a little bit of a slowdown on not too long ago but literally just went back to the green color there. looks like they probably move those vehicles out of the
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lane. as for the bridges, all looking good so far. bay bridge. you can see approaching the toll plaza heading into san francisco. we don't have any way there. as for the east bay here, looking great as well. so southbound 8.80, from oakland to the to 38, you're looking at a drive time under 10 minutes. pretty quick and along the peninsula looking smooth as well as south bay here. one. oh, one from san jose to menlo park under 30 minutes for your drive time as for to 37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. also looking excellent there at 6 minutes. james. >> all right. thank you very much, erica. it is 4.48 a home invasion in solano county turns deadly police say a man knocked on the door of a solano county home and when no one answered, he kicked the door in and that is when the homeowner opened fire shooting and killing the man. we've got really a shot. now with the story. >> the kind of blown lived
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here all my life. 18 years and thus far the most eventful thing that's happened in this neighborhood, a piece of plywood which covers the front door of this vintage valley drive home is the only indication that something happened here. >> police say the couple were having breakfast when they saw an unknown man through their ring camera knocked on their front door when the homeowners didn't answer the door. the suspect only did knock the door down. get off the hinges. >> an attempt to make entry in the house. the homeowner defend themselves and fire grounds. the suspect fleeing and then you obviously called us and has forced about police say the homeowner fired 2 shots with his handgun. >> when officers arrived. they found the suspected intruder across the street suffering from at least one gunshot wound to the chest despite first responders doing cpr. the man died at the scene. he was in possession of a semiautomatic handgun was loaded with an extended magazine. police identified him as a 27 year-old sassoon city resident who was on active parole for a home invasion in alameda county.
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neighbors were concerned for the welfare of the homeowners stopping by even bringing flowers they're wonderful family. and there. >> well liked in the community. and i'm really grateful that nothing more serious might happen to them. >> rowena shaddox fox 40 news. >> now the bay area baseball. the a's were in houston taking on the astro's oakland jumping out to an early lead in this one. scoring times in the first 2 innings drives one 2nd would will hold on to really believe that the astro's tied the game in the 6 and then took the lead in inning later won this one by final of 9 to 6. the 2 teams play again this evening. first pitch. is it 5.10 field. we've also learned that matt olson will be representing a's in the home run olson is the team's only representative on the all-star team. he's already hit 20 home runs this year. if wilson wins, he'll be just the 3rd a's player to win the derby.
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>> joining wires and the sense that >> and despite another tough loss. the giants are still clinging to a half-game lead they have over the dodgers right now in the nl west brandon crawford had a great game for the giants with what he 3 hits and 3 rbi. it just wasn't enough. the giants in louis cardinals final score 6 to 5. the 2 teams will face each other again tonight with the first pitch at 6.45 again, that's a home game steph curry. by the way, setting a record off the court. >> one of his rookie card sold for 5.9 million dollars. and that is a record for the highest price ever paid for a trading card. the previous mark for the most expensive sports cars was lebron james. his rookie card that went for 5.2 million dollars back in april. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back 4.54 on this wednesday morning. skies outside this morning are definitely on the gray side again, as you could see in your bar kundera view behind me. the bridge is still in sight. bridge layer. you're doing all right. once you head above that, though. that's
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where you start to see some lower visibility san francisco right now on the foggy side, for sure. and that's the way you're going to stay at the coastline well into the afternoon day time highs only in the 50's to 60's right along the shoreline inland areas have one more day of the 70's to 80's that you're seeing in your day planner before tomorrow's temperatures really start to be on the rise. so whether you're at the coast and you're on the cool side are comfortable further inland just enjoy today as much as possible before those changes arrive into the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend. james. all right, john, thank you for 55 is the time in california. residents can go to disneyland. >> on a discount. yeah. the theme park is offering cheaper admission starting at $83 a day. too bad. this was retook the key. it's couple of weeks ago. you're going purchase a 3 day. one park pass per day, though. you can also get a park hopper pass, though. that's for an additional $55. and if you stay at a disneyland resort hotel. you can actually save up to 25% on
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some rooms. you have until september 30th, though, to redeem the park's latest offer. we'll take a break. it is. well, we're coming up on 4.56 in the next hour. the kron 4 morning news, a recent spike in violent crimes in san francisco has some city officials worried about the impact on tourism. >> and the economy as it tries to invigorated self-love. more on that and also the recent violence in oakland is sparking a debate over the funding of police departments is defunding the police really a good idea. some say yes, actually no explains. meanwhile, a big meeting today could go a long way to determine the future of the oakland a's in oakland. have details in a live report.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news on. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a wednesday because james told yeah, we're halfway through the week i think there's anything eventful weather wise on the way. and i think those pretty. >> the eventful. are you waiting for like black widow or whatever. what's it called this weekend is black black
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widow black. what you have tickets for have those who the day they became available. when are you going to have the kids couple together. yeah. we've got a pretty cool. we're going to like a dinner and a movie thing. it be the first time that you're out. no kind of all right. well, that's going to be a good weekend for movies. my right as i look at your hundreds, it's going to be an excellent good for see the movie theater or whatever you got to do to stay cool because no longer are those 80's sticking around for inland areas like we saw over the holiday weekend this past weekend. >> now we're working our way back into that hot summer weather pattern. a triple digits. do make their return as soon as tomorrow. for a couple cities and more and more of our inland cities come friday may be a good one to go see a movie this morning. on the other hand, it is still pretty cool. and we've got that deep in marine layer overhead can't see the top of the transamerica building as it is just shrouded in that low lying cloud cover


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