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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 7, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us wednesday. it's gray outside which is good news. i'm darya folsom is and i'm james fletcher. yeah. a little gray, a little cool. we're gonna i wish we still had a couple days from now. we've got a great picture to show you guys a new perspective. yeah. we've got william one of doctors out there giving us roving camera shots and he's got alcatraz nice in the frame for us to enjoy this morning. but yeah, you definitely see those gray skies overhead makes me fulsome >> sister kind snow we got we had this morning. but yeah, john. >> how much longer do we get to enjoy this before things get really hot inland. so it's really just to today, the last
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day of our mild inland temperatures before we do see temperatures and then spiking. >> areas like alcatraz. if that makes you feel a little homesick. are going to stay nice and cool. so maybe it actually good weekend to get to alcatraz. if you are in areas like livermore, vacaville are antioch that are about to be really hot head to the coast had the bay itself and those will be areas where you can still enjoy that cool feel looking outside. there's the cloud cover just a different perspective on it from quite tower right here as we make our way through the day you'll see less and less of that great in london by the bay, although it's going to hang tight right along the coastline much as it did yesterday. winds from the coastline won't be as noticeable yesterday's were. but we still do have a breezy morning ahead of us. a wind advisory, in fact, on the altamonte pass right now. 50's for current temps. livermore. you're at 57 along with concord in palo alto. san mateo and oakland currently sitting at 56 degrees. i'm on your forecast. still to come. first, though, it's been a busy one on the roads. but where we are right now. >> well, i haven't tracked any
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major collisions that could be impacting your commute, which is different because usually by this time there's major collision and heavy traffic on some of highways. but we do see more people out on the road as you're approaching the bay bridge heading into san francisco moving slow. as you get closer to the tolls carpool lane, though. looking great right now 12 minutes from the maze to fremont street. now in the east bay. southbound 8.80, looking good from oakland to highway 2.38. just 10 minutes and out on the peninsula traveling down to the south bay. i don't see collisions or anything or any lanes blocked right now it's looking good from san jose to menlo park just 30 met. one minutes on highway one oh, one and on interstate 5.80, from livermore to dublin. you can expect 10 minutes and from know peta's to sunnyvale on the 2.37 a seven-minute drive time. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 7. '02. and
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today a critical meeting is planned between the oakland a's billion dollar proposal and the city and county. they're trying to figure keep the a's class. the team wants the ball park a green light today would go a long way towards getting us to a vote by the city council prefers camila. barco has the very latest for us now. >> from the newsroom. good morning, camila. >> good morning, daryn. james, ap today will be the first time city leaders have the opportunity to discuss terms and financing options foot for what will be built. probably the largest private investment in any major league baseball park and the country. the new openings ballpark would look something like this. if the plan is approved the waterfront stadium at the howard terminal site with state about 34,000 people and the project would also include a new vibrant district featuring a 400 room hotel. 3,000 units of affordable housing and entertainment complex and new jobs. it's a 12 billion dollar project and the team has asked to say for
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grants to help build it now the a's president says it's not just the team benefiting from this proposal. >> the city is actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development. the question is does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. what i am saying. >> be careful what you wish for because if the a's leave and mark my words, if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's had it. >> now the oakland coliseum has been is home since 196t if the project goes through, they plan to revitalize the coliseum with a large park, new housing and a community gathering space. according to the mlb, the a's president says he and the owners remain committed to oakland. but the commissioner says they can look elsewhere and they've already towards locations in
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las vegas. now oakland's mayor is on board the city council members are still debating and they're the ones that have the last word aside from today's meeting. there is a vote on the ballpark scheduled for july 21st and garnett. james has been a lot of back and forth on this development today will be an indication at the stadium can become a reality back to you. we shall see. all right. thank you very much. camila. >> it's 7. '05, and happening today, governor newsom is going to be in contra, costa county, part of this clean california day of action where he is highlighting a new initiative meant to revitalize public spaces with things like a litter removal and beautification projects. that event starts at 9.30. this morning. new this morning, police in burlingame are warning of a mountain lion that was roaming around the 1800 block of loyola drive. somebody saw them outline jump a fence. but by the time police got there, they couldn't find the big cat. >> all right. take a look at this new video just released
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from the oakland police department that shows a television news crew being robbed. you're watching the left side of your screen. that's a camera person at the tripod than 2 people come up and you can see trying to wrestle a camera way, but a security guard comes into view. now looks to be armed and that's what chile scare. those 2 thieves off will loop it against. you can see it play out once more. the news crews actually the middle of an interview when these 2 men came up see him walking over to the camera. there, the security guard that saw him. prevented them from taking the equipment. so they didn't lose that the robbers ran away not caught yet. so there still at large, the news crews actually interviewing oakland's new head of the department of violence prevention when the robbery happened. >> time. now 7. '06, and a big story. there's a growing concern of a rise in crime in san francisco, scaring off tourists. yeah. right. as the city is trying to get people to come back and support local businesses. kron four's. taylor has more. >> it's videos like this that continue to raise awareness of fest in safety issues in san
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francisco, here. at least 10 shoplifters are seen running out of neiman marcus with handbags on monday. fundamentally government is responsible for public safety. and we want to work with pasta makers in san francisco law enforcement and the district attorney to find solutions because this is unacceptable. and the citizens of san francisco should be up all night he did not just the retailers use its citizens. you have a right to work in a safe environment and the right to shop in a safe environment. rachel michelin is the president and ceo of the california retailers association. she says this isn't a new issue in the city or the state. >> however, organized retail crime seems to be increasing in san francisco specifically. it's why many small businesses and large retailers like target have recently shorten their hours at all locations in the city and now san francisco's theft issues are grabbing national headlines response to this video. the daily mail wrote, quote, crime is basically legal in san
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francisco. meanwhile, the new york times writes quote, the mundane crime of shoplifting has spun out of control in san francisco, other media outlets like cnn also picking up the story we looked into the numbers. and since the economy started reopening in may. larceny theft is up 41.3% compared to the same time period of may to june last year and calls all day on this issue from all over the country. >> and that is the perception lawlessness in the city. a city that used to be the standard bearer for retail. i mean, that's where you would i mean, san francisco's famous for shopping. san francisco chamber of commerce president and ceo rodney fong says one 3rd of the city's economy is driven by tourism. a large group of people who are also impacted by the daily car break. ins cent just wants to fully recover. we need to make sure our streets are safe. >> the feel comfortable coming here conventioneers feel comfortable coming to san francisco. however. >> fung says this issue is also chasing away residents. this is terribly disturbing and really enough is enough.
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>> the city can't tolerate longer. we finish this poll recently that 48% of san franciscans felt they may not be here in 3 years. now in that same poll done by the chamber of commerce where more city in recent years, 70% of people believed that the quality of life has also decreased and 76% of people believe that increasing police officers in high crime neighborhoods should be a priority in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news. >> 7. '09, in the east bay. new body cam video is out now showing the tense moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving sheriff's deputies. the shooting happened. april 17th on second street in hayward kind of not too far away from the hayward high school area and here's video from the scene. the alameda county sheriff's department are spotted to reports of a man threatening people with a gun. the armed man police say tried to shoot
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a deputy, which is when other deputies opened fire killing him and here is part of the video. where you actually hear multiple shots fired. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> during that encounter. investigators say the man fired multiple shots and one of them grazed a deputy. the person who died. a 26 year-old man with an extensive criminal history of violence. you may have heard him ask the deputies to tell his mother. he loves her right before he opened fire on them. if you want to watch more of this video. we have it posted on kron. 4 dot com. >> so breaking international news now the president of haiti has been assassinated.
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reports say that joe find jovenel mo z was killed in his home earlier this morning. his wife, the first lady of haiti was also injured in the attacks is at the hospital. the president was 53 years old, spent most of his past year now waging a political war there with the opposition party over the terms of his presidency and this morning word that he has been assassinated. we'll keep following the story. it is 7.11. we'll take a break, but still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, the recent condo collapse in florida has some in the bay area worried about the shrinking for the sinking millennium tower. could the same fate the fall. it. >> we'll talk to some experts and how they feel. this is a different situation here. plus a 15 year-old dies in a car crash in the east bay and now the family is suing tesla over it. >> misty gray and blustery at sfo this morning. just look at this. you can actually see some of that miss having collected on the lens of our web cam temperatures later
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today in the 70's 80's one of our more mild days as we do see temperatures inland starting to rise significantly after today. your forecast is ahead. >> and it's moving a little slow as you're approaching the bay bridge into san francisco about to hit the toll booth after the break, we'll get a look at our other bay area bridge cameras and drive times.
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>> it's 7.14 right now. and before you head out the door. we want to see if you're forgetting anything. that's right. he's well it, jack. it check when they also just a light jackets. all i may be a lunch. >> perhaps if you need to bring it with you, though. it looks fantastic. outside depending on where you are. here's a shot william. he's actually on the north side of the golden gate bridge shooting back towards san francisco. you can see quite tower a bridge in the background. yes, it is a little gray, really i'll take that any day compared to triple digit temperatures and looks like we're going to get some of that. yeah. we sure are. we're into the honey through the honey's, the honey's. yes, no, no fun come this weekend for inland valleys. at least we are going to have that option to get towards the coastline. if you are in areas like antioch or vacaville, which are going to be very hottest spots come friday, saturday and sunday. no, you can't take a trip out to the coastline where you're going to see a little bit views like this. grey is going to stay at the coast as are
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the cool temperatures half moon bay this morning is gray and that's the way it's going to stay all day long today. it really is our inland areas that are in for quite the change as the high pressure ridge can block the sea breeze from intruding further and further inland. and that means that cool ocean air that we've all had is now only going to be seen for bayside and coastal spots inland areas. dust will be under excessive heat watches starting friday afternoon and lasting through monday evening solano county is one of these areas that is anticipated to be affected by this. i'm actually expecting a few more advisories to pop up. by the time we reach tomorrow or saturday. as for our future cast of wind gusts. you can see out there that winds push into the coastline yet again today making for that ocean. cool feel that we're going to have for just one more day inland. so if you are inland saver today, it's going to feel really nice if you're at the coast, i'd say put on the jacket and keep it ready with you even into the afternoon as temperatures at the coast are going to stay cool conditions out there seeing cloudy elsewhere. it 70's and 80's sunshine and just an enjoyable
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one. san jose at 79 fremont, a gorgeous 73 dublin. nice at 76 walnut creek 81 in oakland at 70 north bay temperatures a little warmer vacaville in antioch in the low 90's. but that is going to pale in comparison to the triple digits that really do make their return especially come friday, saturday and sunday. tomorrow is already going to be hotter, though. so anticipate that warmer feel already tomorrow. monday. we start to see temperatures starting to cool and by tuesday we are a little cooler yet. so the weekend is really the heart of stuff and also the highest a fire danger. erica. >> thank you, john. so this morning i have seen a couple fender benders here and there. but nothing major, that's caused extreme traffic. unlike yesterday at this exact same time. so if you're taking the san mateo bridge and believe it's looking smooth right now, including out on the high rise just 40 minute drive. if you're taking it out to the peninsula highway one. oh, one, the golden gate bridge, as you can see, going smooth
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right now. it's 19 minutes out to the toll plaza. both directions up and now one. oh, one and marin counties also looking good as well as down the peninsula and to the south bay here from san jose out to menlo park. you can expect a drive time of 30 minutes. if you're taking that this morning, a to a d there's looking good to our dunbarton bridge. also looking good. you see or drive time has increased just a little bit, but no major traffic accidents. back to you. >> thanks a lot of 7.18 and for your money. starbucks is testing selling drinks on social media and hospitals often charge uninsured people. the highest prices. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more hygiene. >> hi, good morning. well, the wall street journal did a study of thousands of prices at hundreds of hospitals and it that many charge the top prices to the patients who pay cash out of pocket compared with the prices at the hospital's negotiate with the insurance companies. so these
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newly public prices. a lot of the first time a comparison of what the deep pocketed insurers pay hospitals versus what the hospitals. i do pay get up from the insurers may count time again that are paying the bus now bank of america tough to jd power. ranking of us customer satisfaction with retail banks. financial advice so this has the potential to keep the branches open as people like to get the financial advice and person infected power found that 69% of respondents who got the financial advice did act upon it and starbucks testing a new way for customers to order popular drinks from social media customers invited to do this test will be able to order to drink through a qr code. one is the iced much latte and the other is the big and one lot of lying or hand sanitizer with pakistan. 4 ounce bottles is being voluntary recall to the problem of credit. the fda is the bottom looks too much of a water bottle and people may get confused. the affected product has an expiration date may 2022 live from new york.
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i'm jane king. back to and i am addicted to those ice much. a lot of case. by the way, get it with an extra scoop of are you as i haven't even started highly recommend checking >> all right. coming up on 7.20 certain wi-fi networks could be risky for the iphone and caused the device to bug out really and then is releasing a new switch gaming console. we've got rich demuro with more on this morning's tech smart. here's what's happening in the tech world an odd bug in the iphone software could completely disable your wi-fi if you connect to wi-fi networks with particular characters in the name. >> once this happens, it's nearly impossible to turn the wi-fi back on without a network settings. reset or a complete factory reset of the iphone. for now, it seems that the percentage symbol is the issue. it might be best to avoid wi-fi networks with that symbol in the name until apple comes out with a software fix
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air bnb has blocked nearly 15,000 risky rentals in the l a area which is the most in the nation. this according to mashable air bnb attempts to prevent guests who are 24 or younger with 3 or fewer positive reviews from reserving entire homes near where they live. the safety system was first rolled out in canada after a string of violent house parties there. but the rule has also become a way to prevent big parties during covid-19 air bnb says the party ban will be in place at least through the end of the summer. nintendo has announced a new switch gaming console, but it's not exactly what fans were waiting for. the new and improved switch does have some new features like a bigger and brighter 7 led screen along with a white or adjustable stand. the device has double the onboard storage. it will sell for $349 starting october 8th. that's $50 more than the current switch. nintendo fans are still waiting for a completely new system that features 4 k
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gaming. well, we've got that before the holidays only time will tell. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. i'll tell you which again, you get in the box. we used to play with the >> 7.21 right now a big homeless camp is cleared out in the north bay, but where they sending everybody to live down. we'll have the answer.
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lenscrafters. because sight. >> 7.24 in the north bay. the biggest homeless encampment, the city of samara fell and it was under one. oh, it's gone now, look, if clouded over. thanks to caltrans crews cleared it out to dozens of tents. been there for years and those evicted we're actually. >> offered a chance to relocate to what they're calling now a service support area which is in collaboration with caltrans and the city of sandra fell. so about a block away. yeah. they get other benefits are still tense, which they put there for them this time. and now there are restrooms security and even plum so they can charge things. >> so it's like we know the hour. we can help them. and what services they need. and for example, we have outlets that they can charge their phones on to the case. workers can call them. >> now. while the service support area is a temporary solution. last month. the sanibel city council voted to consider the idea of launching
7:26 am
its own safe sleeping pilot program. >> we'll take a break at 7.25. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a garbage can full of fireworks is set off outside the home of a council member. we'll tell you where and why he believes this that actually may have been racially motivated.
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>> 7.28 and you know, during the commercial you just missed the most exciting thing this is the viewing area. see the little corner there you know, the view. but in money and some tourists were standing on that love to take selfies which was adorable until they almost lost her balance and yeah. and then the goals like i've had enough. the guy stayed up cher's. she said no we're moving in. they moved. so pro tip this morning stand on the stonewall know. >> you may lose your balance and that will bring a quick end to your efforts yeah, but they were getting a nice view there of their last moments golden gate bridge. the bridge is always beautiful everyone's even when there's fog bridge is still beautiful and john, looking at that fog hanging around. how long today and all of a sudden insta disaster. no, it's not worth it for the gram. we are going to be looking outside at some of that fog hang out all day in areas like the golden gate bridge and the coast. so if
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you are heading out that direction, make sure to have that extra layer on. yeah, well, elsewhere today is going to be the last of our ocean cooled once 70's 80's inland. sounds pretty good. >> and do enjoy it because we've got triple digits on the way come this weekend and for some of us as soon as tomorrow. actually little bit of that low cloud cover here pretty evident here in financial district visibility will improve for some of our hillsides that early socked in like the east bay hills this morning. lots of sunshine in london by the bay while remaining cloudy at the coast, another breezy one is this ocean cooled air pushes inland for another day and very much so. our last day of that ocean influence before the heat builds back in most of us are sitting in the 50's right now. oakland alameda, hayward, fremont and dublin. each at 56 erica. >> thank you, john. so this morning i've just seen a few fender benders here and but nothing major, that's causing heavy traffic. however, if you're a crossing, the bay
7:31 am
bridge into san francisco right before the tolls. it is still moving pretty slow carpool and though looks great right now you're looking at 60 minutes from the east to fremont street. so drive times are increasing just a little bit this morning and on 80 from oakland to 2.38 11 minutes for your drive time. pretty good. and the south bay highway one. oh, one is looking good as well as out in the peninsula. but you do see we're up to 32 minutes for your drive. time heading from san jose to menlo park. so checking in on the 5.80, from livermore to dublin. it's 11 minutes and interstate 80 from san leandro to milpitas 29 minutes. back to you. >> thanks a lot at 7.31 and the east bay. the deadly weekend in the crime wave that they saw in oakland on the 4th of july is springing added attention to the police department oakland's chief says that his officers were overwhelmed on the 4th of july. however, some oakland
7:32 am
community activists and city leaders say that adding more police to the streets. >> is not the solution. kron forcefully to call takes a look. >> on the 4th of july. oakland police were bogged down responding to fires a massive sideshow. >> and 7 shootings during a 15 hour period. >> they were so strapped. most fireworks related calls did not get responses silence and the city of openness is gotten to where it used to be years ago. for nearly 2 decades. a federal monitor has been installed to oversee the police department which has experienced a carousel of chiefs over the years. but recently the city council approved a 6% budget increase for the department. well, also redirecting about 18 million dollars of the mayor's initial police budget proposal to the department of violence prevention. we need to get back into the neighborhood and be able to provide services directly to the family, to the young people.
7:33 am
>> and to some of they got caught up in the gang activity. councilmember noel says reallocating funds from police to community resources. should not impact department's ability to address behind. >> in the long run sides with kat brooks community activists oakland resident and co-founder of the anti police terror project a reality is, is that the people that that we're engaged in those activities this weekend had activities had mental and emotional support had job. etcetera, they wouldn't be engaging behaviors while the city is committing to reinvesting in the community. violent crime is on the rise and police chief leronne armstrong says he sees no end in sight. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. make sure to stay with us this morning because coming up in an hour. at 8.30. we're going to have a live interview and talk to the oakland police chief leronne armstrong. >> about all of this about the rise in violence. the money with the police department and how they plan to address these issues.
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>> 7.33 is the time in the north bay. a or a garbage can filled with fireworks were set off in front of a local official's home in rohnert park and the city council member. will it ours says the pictures that we see here was just the beginning of this was sunday night. he wanted to ban fireworks and runner parking lot of the people in the city council in fact the cancel their fireworks show this year because of the risk of sparking a wildfire. it's been extremely dry. there. but the council member says this act of vandalism goes beyond just protesting over banning fireworks. >> sunday night. there was a crime committed. someone tried to send you a message and someone trying to intimidate. if you look deeper. it's as much to do with the color of my skin, the type anger that type of e is not related to just fire. >> yeah. in our is hopes the vandalism will reopen the conversation over race in rohnert park. meantime, the decision over banning fireworks in rohnert park going to be up to the voters
7:35 am
when they head to the polls in september, a san francisco man is behind bars. he's accused of stabbing a man on a muni bus that happened last month. >> around steiner and green streets on the bus. police say 32 year-old mario hills stabbed the other man and the victim told police that he didn't know who hills was never saw before. they were to sit next to each other on the bus and then he stabbed him. hills oas been booked on several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. and the east bay of san leandro police officer was struck by a car while the driver who was suspected of stealing a catalytic converter was trying to get away. this happened on karp in tears street near the bart station. the thief was trapped in an apartment complex parking garage when the police got there and will he wanted out as you can see here, the bend up barrier there. the officer was hit wasn't badly hurt. police chased the man and eventually arrested him in oakland. and there was another
7:36 am
catalytic converter theft on pershing drive in san leandro. but no arrest was made in that case. san leandro police say converter thefts are on the rise. up about 65% from this time last year. >> breaking news out of south florida. the death toll in that condo collapse in surfside has now climbed to 46 10 more remains were recovered from the rubble over nearly 2 weeks after the collapse happened more than a 100 people are still unaccounted for miami dade county's fire chief says the search teams have been found. anything positive yet in the rubble. workers have been able to search a broader area since the unstable remaining portion of the building was demolished intentionally on sunday. meanwhile, in the aftermath of that collapse in florida there are concerns about the sinking millennium tower. back here in san francisco. could the same fate. happened to this tower. well, the tower is undergoing a structural upgrades right now because of that sinking. but a structural engineer who's been monitoring the tower since 2014 says that the
7:37 am
sinking and leaning experience by limon tower has not compromise the stability or safety of the building and experts we've spoken to agree that overall california buildings have a leg up on others because they are, of course, designed to withstand earthquakes. >> here in california. we do have to design for seismic loads and those seismic floods are very large. and so they apparently create a more robust structure from the lateral perspective, a lot are loading perspective than many other locations in the united states. >> yeah. experts also say that we could see more regulations wants the cause of the collapse in florida is determined. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news preparations are underway for the governor's recall election will tell you how the state capitol is gearing up. and a home invasion turns deadly in the north bay when the homeowner shot, the man was trying to break in. we'll have the details. and very grey out
7:38 am
there. look at this view at sfo right here. there's actually some misty conditions now showing up. >> right there on the camera lens. so do watch out for a few wet spots as you're venturing closer to the coast, especially 70's and 80's for most of our highs later on today. one of her last of our cool days. your forecast ahead. >> and it's still looking a little slow as you're approaching the heading into san francisco to take the bay bridge coming up after the break, we'll take a look at our other bridge cameras and drive times.
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>> 7.40 in the north bay a homeowner and solano county shot and killed an armed man who kicked in his door and broke into his house. that happened in fairfield. the homeowner and his wife were having breakfast at the time when this guy busted in police responded to vintage valley drive to a call that somebody had been shot and that's when they found the intruder dead across the street with a loaded gun in his possession. the homeowner has not been taken into custody. >> the san lorenzo family is suing tesla after one of his cars hit them on the freeway, killing their 15 year-old son. the crash happened 2 years ago in 2019, the teen and his father were driving on interstate 8.80, when a tesla model 3 driving on autopilot,
7:42 am
hit them from behind while they were changing lanes. the accident flipped their pick up killing the child who unfortunately was not wearing a seatbelt. the family's lawsuit claims that tesla's autopilot is defective tesla so far has not yet responded to the suit. we are back at
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closed. i guess the review something. so when you go, that's not going to open everything else was open. it was great. i have to get the park hopper because i need to get over to the marvel experience need. and that's in california adventure you need. that's how they get you high. but the new star wars ride is open and i went on that. and that's the real that is the disneyland side and it was pretty cool and i don't like star wars see. all right. let's get over to the weather center. john, good morning. good morning. look at this foggy view, guys. this is up in marine county. i believe this morning looking at the headlines there can actually see that low lying cloud cover sitting right above the marine had winds. >> that flag actually not moving around too much. so there are pockets of breezy conditions looks like for those of you that are standing on the north observation deck of the golden gate bridge isn't so bad. hopefully got the jackets, though. i'm sure all the tourists have their nice little san francisco sweatshirts ready to go to little bit sunnier in your nor cal how the weather center view of san jose this morning. not to say it's crystal clear, though. there's definitely some low lying cloud cover sitting over head and some
7:47 am
brightness piercing through those cloudy skies from time to time today is going to be our last mild day for inland areas after today we cut access off to that coastal air and that means inland areas are going to soar. well, coastal in bayside areas will be your relief if you need to head to those areas to cool off as we make our way into such a scorcher of a weekend excessive heat watches take effect. friday afternoon lasting through monday evening for all of the inland portions of the state. includes solano county. i am expecting a couple more advisories to likely pop up closer to the weekend for some of the air inland areas elsewhere in the bay area too. today we're still tapping into that cool ocean air. that is going to be pushing in and also making for some really windy conditions from time to time today. so watch out for that, especially near the coastline where you're not going to see a lot of sunshine. you have those 50's 60's paired with that cool wind. it's going make for a cool feel along the coast 70's and 80's elsewhere for the bay area really comfy in san carlos redwood city mountain view and palo alto
7:48 am
while south bay temperatures also nice in the upper 70's to low 80's san jose at 79 snow 75 livermore and pleasanton in the low 80's. well, concord and walnut creek at 85 in 81 richmond and oakland 70 degrees each for your highs while the legal at 76 napa sonoma pittsburgh in the 80's today. santa rosa center fell and nevado also in the 80's right along one. oh, one tomorrow's daytime highs. inland showing a big spike climbing well over 10 degrees on average in the meantime, bayside in coastal areas, not moving too much so you definitely know where to get to if you need to escape the heat friday saturday and sunday will be our very hottest of days with triple digits inland in the meantime, it will be 70's 80's right along the bay, erica. >> thank you, john. well, it is moving a little slow out in for taking state route. 24 near gateway boulevard. one of the blocked. i believe it's the far right lane. so just a heads up. if you're taking that this morning, looks like a vehicle might have broken down out there. as for the
7:49 am
richmond, sandra fell bridge as you're approaching the tolls. it is moving a little slow. but once you get past that look, smooth air. you can expect 13 minutes out to highway one. oh, one in the north bay and highway one o one out in the south bay also not looking too bad you can see your drive times have just a little bit there up to 37 minutes from san jose to menlo park because we have more people out and about this morning dunbarton bridge, no issues there and directions out to menlo park you can expect a 13 minute drive time and on the 8.80, from san leandro to milpitas just under 30 minutes. if you're taking the 6.80 from pacheco to danville expected drive time of 16 minutes and on the 2.37 from milpitas to sunnyvale. 8 minutes. back to you. thanks a lot 7.49 and election officials across the state are gearing up for the governor's recall election in september. we've now learned.
7:50 am
>> a republican assemblyman from northern california is entering the race kron four's. ashley zavala has the latest. >> california elections officials usually have a 190 days to prepare for an election. but in this case for the recall they're working with 75 regardless of the shortened timeline elections. officials promise they will get this done. >> we are. >> as all of us are scramble county elections officials across the state are working double time to prepare for governor gavin newsom's recall election set for september 14th a little earlier than we had hoped for done in johnston is the president of the california association of clerks and elections officials before the date was set. the group told state leaders september 14th would be the earliest possible date. they could logistically hold the election. now the clock is ticking. we're all working. >> very diligently to secure locations. now we have a day locations to secure our poll workers work with our printers to make sure that our materials are printed on time
7:51 am
and that ballots are delivered to voters in time candidates hoping to replace newsome have less than 10 days to file formal paperwork to run before the printing process can begin johnston says since the recall requires one ballot type. it will help speed up the printing process. every california voter will receive a ballot in the mail. johnston says counties will start sending them out. august 16th. it's going to be sort of like climbing a really tall mountain. but once we get that election done successfully completed. >> it will be the view from the top going to be really nice. >> one loose end in all of this is what, if any covid-19 protocols will be in place if personal protective equipment will be required at the polls. johnston says the secretary of state's office is working on this and guidelines are set to be released soon at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> alright, let's get you up to speed on barry baseball. the a's were in houston taking on the astro's oakland when they jumped out to an early lead they scored 6 times in the first 2 innings which you'd think would be enough to win. but not in this case, it
7:52 am
could hold on the astros tied. the game in the 6, then put up a few more just for good measure. the final score 96 astro's with the when the 2 teams will play again this evening with first pitch at 5.10. again, that's in houston and we have some of good news to we've learned that matt olson will be representing the a's in the home run derby. wilson is the team's only representative on the all-star team. he's already hit 20 home again tonight and that's going to be 6.45 at the park. 7.52 right now. and we'll be back with more in a few minutes.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
>> and we're back at 7.55 with steph curry once again even have to try and he's already broken the record. his rookie card did all the work? well. >> i guess it's his 0. 9 million dollars is card sold
7:56 am
for. and that is the highest price anybody's ever paid. >> for a trading card, even more than lebron's rookie card, which don't forget just sold for 5.2 million this past april. it's the same people buying it up and it's not some rich sports fan that stephan lebron. it's an investment group. >> called all. yeah. and they have a trove of these cards that are, you know, very important and highly valued in their county, even driving up the price by bening so high and putting them in their collection. the nyces put together maybe, sir, look at touring museums and the traveling museum graham all towns and sports townsend. the fans, the those can't afford 5 million dollars can appreciate the cards. >> 7.56 is the timing coming up in the next hour, a spike in violence in san francisco and crime and has leaders worry that maybe visitors are going want to comment. they see stuff like this and also oakland seeing a similar
7:57 am
violence spike in crime. and we'll tell you what the police department is doing about it. plus a big meeting today could decide the fate of the oakland a's. will they stay or will they go. we'll have a live report with the details.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for joining in at 8 o'clock on wednesday i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher halfway through the weekend. one step closer towards a very hot weekend ahead. yeah. just be ready for that. yeah. virtual toe out on that pavement tomorrow afternoon and could get burned john has seriously, especially if you're watch walking the dogs outside. a good reminder. as we start to heat up now in our inland valleys. once you start to see those 90's in triple digits. i want to walk the dog earlier in the morning because that concrete gets really hot today. not going to be one of those days. quite yet, though, we're still hovering under that low lying cloud cover this deep marine layer that's been keeping much of the bay area cool well over the past week, ewing outside at pier 15 in the bay bridge in the distance cloudy blanket sitting above. you're not driving through it necessarily this morning. but we are getting the cooling impact from it a little bit of mist from time to time across the bay area skies will


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