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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 7, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now at 3 newly released video shows the moment of tesla crashes into a truck killing a teen boy. the lawsuit, the driver and tesla are now facing. and enjoy the seasonable temperatures while they last tracking excessive heat watches and warnings. this weekend. details ahead of what you can expect with this hot heat wave heading our way. >> and after a year of rent prices falling across the bay area prepandemic prices are returning. >> which cities are seeing the highest increases. >> now from the bay. area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3.
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>> now at 3. here we go again. the bay area's bracing for another triple digit heat wave for the second time in less than a month. thank you for joining us this wednesday afternoon here on kron. 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia. hold on tight to this comfortable weather today because temperatures are going to start warming up as soon as tomorrow is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the state is going to be seeing some scorching temperatures in the coming days. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking the heat wave for us and is in the weather center every yet. that's right. and i was in fact our he watches and warnings have not only been expanded. >> but added and extended as well. let's pinpoint exactly when and where will go into into effect. for those of you in solano county, you're going to be under an excessive heat warning starting friday at noon through monday night. you could easily see temperatures upwards of a 115 degrees with
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overnight relief in the 70's and 80's and we're also tracking not only that, but excessive heat watches for the north bay mountains, east bay hills, including the diablo range. that's going to go into effect saturday afternoon through sunday night temperatures well into the triple digits. upwards of a 110 degrees and the reason why these are already starting to go into effect by friday into saturday is because of the overnight lows we're going to see little relief during the overnight hours. upper 60's to mid 80's. in fact, mid 80's for inland valleys, specifically. those of you in solano county in the east bay and north bay valleys. that should be your average daytime high for this time of year in early july. but instead you're only going to cool down. so that's what we're going to have some possible heat risks associated with that dangerous weather heading our way, taking a live look outside. we are tracking that marine layer well intact and keeping our temperatures throughout the san francisco peninsula
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coastline in the mid to upper 50's downtown san francisco few degrees. cooler 58 degrees. mid 60's apiece for oakland and berkeley. mid 70's. for those of you in livermore and even paddle lube and enjoy these temperatures while they last because they were going to start to warm up beginning thursday afternoon. details ahead on your micro climate outlook in just a few minutes. in as back to you. thank you. saw now be sure to stay with kron four's. we have continuing weather coverage. you can scan the qr code on your screen with your camera phone. >> it will take you to our weather page with the latest forecast current conditions and so much more. we now have video of a deadly tesla crash that killed a bay area teen back in 2019 lawyers representing the san lorenzo family share this dash cam video from a tesla model 3. the tesla driving 70 miles per hour on autopilot on. i 80 when it crashed into the back of a ford pickup truck after the truck switched lanes.
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benjamin maldonado was driving the truck with his 15 year-old son giovanni a riding in the front passenger seat. the teen died after he was thrown from the truck. the family is now suing tesla cleaning the car manufacturers, auto pilot system failed to react properly to traffic conditions. the lawsuit also names of the owner of the tesla and its driver as defendants kron four's. dan kerman has been working on this story throughout the day. we'll have much more on kron 4 news at 5. take a look at this video released today from oakland police that shows 2 men attempting to rob a news crew at gunpoint. this happened back on june 28th outside oakland city hall. the news crew was in the middle of an interview when the 2 armed men tried stealing the crews equipments a security guard saw what was happening and stop the thieves from taking the equipment's, the river, the robbers ran away and we're not costs the news crew was interviewing oakland's new head of the department of violence prevention when the robbery happened. and light of
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a spike in violence in the city of oakland. the police department and other city leaders are coming together this weekend to address the problems plaguing the city the stand up for a safe oakland event will be held this saturday. july 10th at the lake merritt amphitheater, chief leronne armstrong says he wishes to have a conversation with the community that could help lead to a better relationship between residents and law enforcement. >> we want the community to begin to practice safety at the block level really at the community level, really organizing together to help work with the police department to address issues. it's obvious that we all have all the resources we need to address this alone. it is really going to take a collaborative effort between community and department of violence prevention. but i believe united as one city. i think we can do it. >> again. the event starts on saturday at noon. the california attorney general's office will now investigate every incident of a police
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officer killing an unarmed civilian today attorney general rob bonta announced his office is forming to special investigative teams. one each for northern and southern california. the teams will review the cases and then make charging decisions. the new policy is a result of an assembly bill that was actually co authored by bonta when he was in the assembly. now before the bill was passed. local law enforcement agencies, investigated police shootings. >> we must have accountability and we must have transparency this effort is personal for me. i heard firsthand hurt and the pain that so many families and communities feel in the moments after these incidents eyewitness the lack of trust that these investigations we'll be treated fairly by our criminal justice system. these critical incidents are never going to be easy. but the new tools and procedures we are announcing today are a chance to insert more transparency and more accountability into these investigations. >> bonta says based on current
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trends, his office anticipates investigating 40 to 50 police shootings each year. his office is expected to release a list of current cases under review soon. happening now, a critical meeting with oakland city leaders to review the oakland a's billion dollar proposal for a waterfront stadium at howard terminal, a green light today would move the project closer to a vote by the oakland city council. it's the first time they have the opportunity to discuss terms and financing options for what will be the largest private investment in any major league baseball park in the country. the new oakland a's ball park would look something like this if the plan is approved the waterfront stadium at the howard terminal site with seat about 34,000 people. the project would also include a new vibrant district. the space features a 400 room hotel. 3,000 units of affordable housing and entertainment complex in new jobs. it is a 12 billion
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dollar project. the team has asked the city for grants to help with building the project, the a's president says the team is not the only one benefiting from this proposal. >> is actually going see an incredible amount of benefits in terms of community benefits, things like money for affordable housing workforce development. the question is does oakland want a baseball team. it sounds so simple, doesn't it. but it really does come down to that. what i am saying. >> be careful what you wish for because if the aged to leave and mark my words, if there's no ballpark deal done. they are right at the end of baseball's had it. >> the oakland coliseum has been home to the a's since 1968 the plan is to transform the coliseum with a large park. new housing in a community gathering space. that is if the project gets the green light. the a's president says he and the owners remain committed to oakland. the commissioner says they can look elsewhere and they've already toward locations in las vegas.
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oakland's mayor is on board city council members ultimately have the last word. there's also vote on the ballpark scheduled for july 20th kron forcefully to go. we'll have more on this coming up on kron 4 news at 5. for your money now is rents in the bay area bouncing back to pre-pandemic levels. well, some reports suggest it might be kron four's. charles clifford joins us now live. charles bay area rents prices have always been the highest center in the country right. >> yeah. that for a long time but there's actually some that. prices coming back up again. they may not reach the levels that we saw a few years ago, you know, overall the bay area rents have dropped about 15 to 20% since the beginning of the pandemic and we're seeing an increase. but it's from that lower level and they're in probably the next couple of months. we'll find out whether or not we're going to see rents as high as they were before. so far in 2000,
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21 rents are up across the bay area compared to last year. san francisco rental prices are up about 5%. san jose is up 3% in oakland is up about 2 and a half percent. what's unclear at this point is how high rents will eventually go we're clearly seeing some growth. jeff andrews is a data journalist with some for dot com which tracks and lists rental properties. >> he expects that rental prices will continue to climb but may not get as high as they were before the pandemic. he says that many people have permanently left the bay area specially tech workers and that they may not return. we're not sure how broadly tech companies are going to top work from home policies. >> and if that is very broad and people don't return to the bay area and the same members that they are in, say new york city, we might see the pandemic as an event that permanently lowered bay area. the real test of what will happen with the rental market could come this fall when many companies plan to reopen their
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offices. >> and recall workers prices could continue to climb. until then. but people don't come back in large numbers. rins could flatten out or possibly even drop. all right. back live do and rules says that it's important to remember the trend of people leaving the bay area and rents dropping actually started. >> before 2020 that the pandemic simply accelerated that trend. but for now in san mateo county. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> thank you, charles. a plane that left san jose this morning heading for phoenix had to be grounded at l a x due to a mechanical issue. according to american airlines officials. the flight left a little after 6 this morning. it landed at la x at 7.40 no one was injured. maintenance. crews are currently inspecting the airplane. and now to the latest out of south florida. the death toll in the condo collapse in surfside has climbed to 4610 more bodies
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were recovered from the rubble nearly 2 weeks after the collapse happened, 94 people are still unaccounted for miami dade county's fire chief says search teams have not found anything positive such as little spaces in the debris workers have been able to search a broader area since the unstable remaining portion of the building was demolished on sunday. coming up here on kron. 4 news at 3. a recent spike in violent crimes and san francisco, some city officials worried about the impact on tourism. >> as the economy bounces back after the pandemic. plus, a disturbing intruder targets. not one but 2 homes in one night and one of those was a home to 2 young girls who are sleeping. and after the break, a wild wake-up call for parents in louisiana. they're woken up by a loud noise coming from their baby's room. and you won't believe what came kept pushing down through the window.
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>> scary moments for a family in louisiana. baby monitor caught the moment a tree crashed through the roof of their home and landed just above their sleeping baby's crib. the parents say 5 month-old cannon had been sleeping alone in his room for about 2 hours when the tree
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fell. the crash sent debris all over the home. the parents stash into cannon's room to make sure that he was ok. worried about was. >> we were all ok and safe. that was the biggest thing is just getting him out and making sure he was safe and then, you know, the materialistic things can be replaced. >> fortunately baby can without a single scratch. the family says the tree almost destroyed their entire house except for cannon's crib. a 16 year-old boy was hit by a bullet while aboard a muni bus on san francisco's a treasure island late last night. police released few details about the shooting that was reported shortly after 11:00pm in the area of gate view avenue and north pointe drive the teen was taken to a hospital to be treated for nonlife threatening injuries. no arrests have been made in the case and no details on the suspects are available as of yet. anyone with information is asked to call sfpd. and now
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to a big story we continue to follow growing concerns over the rise in crime here in san francisco and its impact on tourism. this as officials are trying to get people to come back to san francisco to help the city recover from the pandemic. kron four's. taylor bisacky has the details. >> it's videos like this that continue to raise awareness of fest in safety issues in san francisco, here. at least 10 shoplifters are seen running out of neiman marcus with handbags on monday. fundamentally. >> government is responsible for public safety and we want to work with pasta makers in san francisco law enforcement and the district attorney to find solutions because this is unacceptable. and the citizens of san francisco should be up all night. not just retailers use its citizens. you have a right to work in a safe environment and the right to shop in a safe environment. rachel michelin is the president and ceo of the california retailers association. she says this
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isn't a new issue in the city or the state. >> however, organized retail crime seems to be increasing in san francisco specifically. it's why many small businesses and large retailers like target have recently shorten their hours at all locations in the city. and now san francisco's theft issues are grabbing national headlines response to this video. the daily mail wrote, quote, crime is basically legal in san francisco. meanwhile, the new york times writes, quote, the mundane crime of shoplifting has spun out of control in san francisco, other media outlets like cnn also picking up the story we looked into the numbers and since the economy started reopening in may. larceny theft is up 41.3% compared to the same time period of may to june last year and calls all day on this issue from all over the country. >> and that is the perception lawlessness in the city. a city that used to be the standard bearer for retail. i mean, that's where you would go. i mean, francis was famous for shopping. san francisco
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chamber of commerce president and ceo rodney fong says one 3rd of the city's economy is driven by tourism. a large group of people who are also impacted by the daily car. break ins cent just wants to fully recover. we need to make sure our streets are safe. >> the feel comfortable coming here conventioneers feel comfortable coming to san francisco. however. >> fung says this issue is also chasing away residents. this is terribly disturbing and really enough is enough. >> the city can't tolerate longer. we finish this poll recently that 48% of san franciscans felt they may not be here in 3 years. now in that same poll done by the chamber of commerce where more than 500 residents and registered voters weighed in. >> 8 out of 10 people believe that crime has worsened in the city in recent years, 70% of people believed that the quality of life has also decreased and 76% of people believe that increasing police officers in high crime neighborhoods should be a priority in san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news.
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>> we go to the north bay now where a 17 year-old in vallejo has been arrested on suspicion of killing someone in their car late last night. police say the victim was shot and killed while sitting in their car on porter street. the shooting happened around 1030 last night and police say someone else who was in the car drove the victim out of the area, paramedics and officers eventually found the car and the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. the 17 year-old suspect has been booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of murder. >> and new today. police in burlingame are warning about a possible mountain lion sighting happened on the 1800 block of loyola drive somebody reported seeing a mountain lion jumping a fence. >> police searched the area but could not find that big cats. switching gears now to talk about our weather. this is a live look at foggy sfo. we are tracking an excessive heat watch later this week. so let's turn things over kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez who has the details in a recent. yeah, that's right. so now is not only an excessive heat watch but also that watch has been upgraded to an excessive heat warning. for those of you in solano county. >> could see temperatures as hot as a 115 degrees by saturday into sunday. that's when our next heat wave is expected to peak tracking warm temperatures arriving as early as tomorrow. and even warmer daytime highs by friday. let's take a live look outside east bay over berkeley. >> finally clearing out from that marine layer but it's still pretty stubborn around the bay area coastline and think that marine layer keeping our temperatures in the coming days in the 60's and 70's along the coast and even for parts of the east bay shoreline seeing that cool sea breeze with sustained winds at 21 miles per hour less through downtown san francisco. that's what we're noticing. the stubborn high cloud cover and temperatures out there right now. upper 50's for half moon bay and san francisco with and chuck in the low 90 some more than a 30 degree difference
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out there, very unique microclimate forecast out there in the bay area and overnight lows. low 50's along the coast mid 50's as you make your way inland and check out all these low to mid-nineties easily 5 to 10 degrees above average by thursday. and remember, that's not even the peak tomorrow. it's just the start of the heat wave. in fact, it's going to peak saturday into sunday upper 70's for oakland. so few degrees above average there with mild temperatures in downtown san francisco in the upper 60's. but take a look at the scorching heat expected this weekend for inland valleys. it's going to continue through monday night specifically for those of you in solano county. that's when the excessive heat warning is set to expire. back to you. soon thank of risa. >> still ahead, outrage and unanswered questions after an 11 year-old boy dies on a ride at an amusement park and we're now learning this is not the first deadly accident on that specific crime. and after the
3:23 pm
break, a disturbing intruder targets, not one but 2 homes in one night and one home to your young girls and sleeping. that story next. what if you could push a button and less carbon would be put into the air. if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it?
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3:26 pm
>> you're watching security camera video of the moment. police say a convicted felon tried to break into a van nuys home. big shiny metal logic it's late at night. and robert hemingway was watching on his cell phone from out of state. but his wife was inside the house alone. soon as i ryan with a knife. we're told her she'd call. 911 call the cops. his wife did call 911 and lapd responded. but they told her even with video evidence they didn't have enough to arrest the suspect. 31 year-old gage rop. they did promise to take him to the hospital for evaluation. but apparently let him go 15 minutes later, hemingway's wife saw him back on vesper street. the league office said we didn't break enough of the rules here. so we're going go. >> so off. he went. >> and this this is where the story gets even more terrifying hours later, less than a mile away. a man broke into a vause street apartment.
3:27 pm
first he took off his clothes. now naked. he entered the bedroom where twin 12 year-old girls were sleeping and gets in huge fight with the family. >> you know, father the son had to watch the father him, you know, serious brawl and there they held him down. so the cops showed up. >> police then did a restaurant for residential burglary. that's him naked in the back of the police car and it's not his first time in trouble. in fact, he has an la county rap sheet with 42 previous arrest tonight, 2 families terrorized by a man they say should not have been on the streets that family would have never had that happened. they got. >> 2 teenage kids are almost certainly going to need some counseling. it's not fair. >> that was sandra mitchell reporting for us. we'll hear from a president donald trump after the today and why he's
3:28 pm
suing big bay area tech companies. >> and up next, state assemblyman kevin kiley announces he's running against governor newsom in the recall election. he tells us why he thinks the state is on a downward trend. also after the break, the recall election is official. and for the first time since the date was set. governor newsom speaks out about it. we'll tell you how you responded. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow.
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>> 3.30 on your wednesday afternoon and it's time to talk california politics. today. governor gavin newsome made his first public appearance since his recall election was certified and given an official date and that date is september 14th. kron four's ashley zavala shows us how the governor is responding. >> i look forward to. >> the deceit. this as the recall election against him becomes a primary focus governor gavin newsome maintains he will not be distracted from his administration's other priorities. those include cleaning up the state's littered streets and addressing homelessness newsome speaking wednesday just off of the freeway at a clean california event in the bay area. the governor would not say how or if the september 14 special election date benefits him not to come out the ball. if you ask me what the priorities are. to get rid of this. >> emma quincy profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get small. this is back on their feet. putting away the pandemic once and for all may nohappen anytime soon. 3 weeks after lifting the
3:32 pm
majority of his administration. statewide restrictions on businesses. the infectious delta variant is now california's most dominant covid-19 strain the pandemic and his administration's policies played a major role in the recall effort against him. >> newsome weighing in on the likelihood he'll reinstate restrictions continue to get people vaccinated healthy and necessary in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> and as governor newsome faces that recall election. another republican is throwing his hat into the ring. california assemblyman kevin kiley announced his candidacy on twitter yesterday. kylie has been a vocal critic of governor gavin newsome specifically his handling of the pandemic and the current state of emergency. he says corruption at the state level is the reason californians sacrifice the most with the lease return. >> this is going to be among the most next. you know, 70 days that we've had. in california history. and we really can address the issue
3:33 pm
had all of why is california the family. why is our state declining? why is the state where everyone used to be. the state where anyone can get ahead. the state that so many people now can't wait to leave behind. why do we pay the highest taxes get drive over the defense potholes. why did we have the worst and yet out among the worst public health outcomes. in short. why do we sacrifice the most as california citizen is and you get at least in return. and the answer i know from my 5 years in the legislature is political corruption. we have a state government that simply doesn't serve the people of california doesn't serve the public interest. and this recall was our opportunity to change that. >> now ahead of the september 14th recall election. kylie is planning a number of campaign stops with the kickoff rally at the state capitol this saturday. former president donald trump is suing some of the bay area's biggest tech companies. washington correspondent reshad hudson has the details. >> we're going to hold big
3:34 pm
tech very accountable wednesday. former president donald trump announced a class action lawsuit against 3 of the country's biggest tech companies. facebook, twitter and google for censoring free speech. >> trump was banned from the site earlier this year following the january 6 capitol attack. >> our case. we'll prove this census year is unlawful it's unconstitutional and is completely an american. >> trump says congress should change internet regulations to keep big tech companies in line. >> the liability protections that they have under section 2.30. is at a very minimum changed and maybe at a maximum take it away. >> he has bigger issues to worry about and some of our friends and big tech. but indiana congressman andre carson says former president trump is focused on the wrong problem. >> well, i think there should be regulations as it relates to president inciting riot.
3:35 pm
the kings, a coequal branch of government shortly after the announcement. republican members of the house judiciary committee unveiled their new agenda focusing on holding big tech accountable and increasing transparency around. >> big tex decisions. we will achieve a historic victory for american freedom. >> in washington reshad hudson. >> now the latest in florida. tropical storm elsa the first major storm of the atlantic hurricane season is battering the gulf coast of florida, bringing life threatening storm surge with it. the severe weather is also causing problems for rescue crews in surfside as they dig through rubble from last month's condo collapse looking for survivors. kareen wynter brings us the latest. >> a somber scene at the side of the florida condominium collapse. nearly 2 weeks after the disaster search teams sifting through twisted metal broken concrete and scattered debris facing the grim reality of no longer finding more survivors alive. saying
3:36 pm
they've detected no new signs of life today are engineers. >> and our staff are in the north building. the champlain north, the building that substantially the same as the one that collapsed. without explanation. they're in there with ground penetrating radar and other tools to continue to assess the structural. the situation there. that building. >> topical storm elsa which made landfall along florida's gulf coast briefly disrupted search efforts yesterday due to lightning and winds which impeded efforts to remove the debris zinn cranes and other heavy equipment. weather conditions continue to clear up today as hopes fade of finding any more people alive. more than 90 people are still missing every single victim uncovered is somebodys child somebodys mother somebodys teachers somebodys colleague a classmate. the best friend.
3:37 pm
our hearts break for those who are mourning and for those who are waiting. despite the challenges and desperate recovery efforts. officials say search crews continue to make progress in areas that were inaccessible prior to the demolition of the rest of the collapsed condo. >> in other parts of the state. tropical storm elsa continues to pound the area with heavy rainfall and powerful winds that knocked out electricity to 10's of thousands of customers. >> also came ashore this morning in taylor county, florida, southeast of tallahassee and so far there's been no reports of major damage or any storm related deaths. governor ron desantis said while the storm has drenched some communities could have been much worse and warned residents of the dangers that still exist with downed power lines which in the public to be careful during the cleanup. if you've lost power, please do not use generators indoors. >> we ask you to use caution when lighting your homes with candles. if you continue to have power outages.
3:38 pm
>> the kron 4 weather team has been tracking elsa all week for us. but we're as a joins us from the weather center with a look at where she's headed to next risa. that's right. she's already in georgia making her way out of florida with sustained winds at 45 miles per hour. there are tropical storm watches and warnings throughout the east coast coastline could see gusty winds, heavy rains and in addition to that possible tornadoes from now through friday. let's take a look at those heaviest rain bands with the heaviest downpours now over the coast of the state of georgia as it inches its way northward becoming a tropical depression by early tomorrow morning when radar for showing dry calm conditions for us here. in fact, we're tracking a warming trend with a few degrees of above average temperatures for downtown san francisco 68 degrees flirting with 70's for those of you in the mission district and we're also tracking low 60's for daly city with widespread 50's
3:39 pm
and near 60's from most of our beaches there hot temperatures for those of you as you start to make your way inland with millbrae and burlingame in the mid 70's. so starting to warm up their 76 degrees for san mateo. san carlos in the upper 70's in mountain view mid 80's with widespread mid 80's. even low 90's. for those of you in the south bay. campbell, 90 degrees. mid 80's for san jose with mid 90's for livermore easily 10 degrees above average. there throughout the east bay shoreline 70's and 80's 78 degrees. for those of you in oakland. but concord and walnut creek flirting with that triple digit mark warming up to 96 degrees for your thursday afternoon highs low to mid-nineties for napa and sonoma and santa rosa and avato also going to see toasty temperatures in the mid 90's peaking this weekend saturday into sunday. little change, widespread low triple digit heat by saturday. but in solano county, upwards of 115
3:40 pm
degrees will be possible easily 5 to 15 degrees above average temperatures inland at least back to use knaus. thank you. sound. coming up this hour an insane amount of litter after the holiday weekend. this how much trash volunteers picked up from 4th of july travelers in lake tahoe. >> we're going to launch the largest most powerful rocket ever. >> plus getting america back into space. we sat down with the head of nasa for fame. you. what's in store for the next flight out this world set for a later this year. and listen to this. 2 men in the east. bay are trying to break a world record on a teeter totter. we'll take you there next.
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>> in the east bay. 2 men in concord are attempting to break a 50 year old record on a teeter totter kron four's. julius of us has the story. >> this is day 6 that check and mike are on the teeter totter. they're attempting to break chuck's world record of 50 years ago which was 216 hours teetering and. all my friends have been happy to listen to me. >> talk about this silly thing. for 34 years. i just think i can do it again. >> at 68 years old, check admits that there are harder obstacles to deal with that when he was 18. it's been a test this weather. the wind.
3:44 pm
>> sacramento 50 years ago there was no water near us. i didn't understand it. the water down there is with the wind. it's on us. >> last night's cold weather made a pretty rough on these 2 guys to get any sleep. but mike says it's the community thing. courage. >> that keeps him going. >> the people that come out and have supported us. and in everybody has been. fantastic. in supporting a thing. we can do it. you know, we summary deals with, you know, messages on. you can do it. >> checking my cap to teeter totter until sunday in order to keep chance of record of 9 this great. and with the good weather coming this weekend. i think it's safe to say. >> second, mike, you've got in concord. julia sevice kron 4 news. now back to you. >> still ahead, questions over safety at theme parks after a
3:45 pm
boy dies on a water ride. what i'm used in parks across the country need to do to make su a
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3:47 pm
tragic accident as kids and parents are returning to theme parks this summer. a family is grieving a ride is shut down at a midwestern amusement park. >> after a boy died on a water raft ride. it happened at the adventure land resorts in iowa. as adrian bankert reports, this is the second
3:48 pm
deadly accident on the water right in 5 years. >> it happened in just seconds. a raft capsizes on a popular water, right. leaving a family mourning. the death of an 11 year-old boy. they're grieving for their son. they're trying to hold out hope for their other son. jaramillo family. mom, dad and their 3 sons had just gotten on a raft on the raging water ride at adventureland in altoona, iowa when they were flipped into the water. their son michael died. his brother david now in the hospital fighting for his life. the fact >> that he's even alive right now. is a miracle. the family's pastor says that david jaramillo, the boy's father tried to save them. he was trying to lift the draft off his kids. >> and he couldn't even use both of his hands and knees that he's so upset at himself for not being able to lift that while the accident is being investigated. attorneys for adventure land say the right is safe. experts say there are many questions that detectives will try to answer. have there been any inspections over you know.
3:49 pm
>> the past year and a half since, you know, most parks and everybody's been on lockdown of some type or another since 2016, the consumer product safety commission has recorded 17 deaths associated with amusement park attractions in the u.s. somewhat more oversight. you know, there is no system in place to track injuries easement rights. there's no one phone number you can call no one website. you can go to look up the history of every amusement ride. it doesn't could be done. yes, it could be done. the question as well who wants to take responsibility for that type of but this is safety. >> these are actual run. >> that was adrienne bankert reporting. 2 other kids were injured but have only minor injuries. the attorney representing eventually as has the right has been operating for 4 decades and it's still a safe ride. nearly 1500 pounds of trash at lake tahoe's beaches were cleaned up by volunteers after the july 4th
3:50 pm
weekend. the league to save lake tahoe says over 200 volunteers were involved in the effort to keep the lake clean its annual clean-up held each year on july 5th among the items that were cigarette butts bottle caps and beach toys. if you'd like to help in the efforts to keep the lake lane. we have a link on our website. kron 4 dot com. and as billionaires a fight to lead the space race nasa is focusing on its own race to space as it plans its first mission to the moon in more than 50 years. our washington correspondent kellie meyer sits down for a one-on-one interview with the nasa administrator as they countdown to take off. >> this is the core stage. bill nelson is surrounded by inspiration to get america back into space. >> we've got a lot of exciting things that we're doing. >> 35 years after nelson launched into orbit. he's back as the head of nasa truth be known. i'm like a kid in the candy shop actual capsule. now not only have the crafts
3:51 pm
changed so notice the but so has who is sending them into space groups like space x and boeing are now partnering with nasa to lower the cost of space travel encouraging. the development commercial of space nelson push for this partnership when he was a senator. now as administrator. he seeing nasa take off to new heights in 2024 americans will shoot for the moon for the first time in 50 years aiming to land the first woman and potentially first person of color on the moon. it's reflecting the diversity of our country. the first test flight is scheduled for liftoff by the end of this year and a spacecraft that could push humans further into space than ever before. we're going to launch the largest most powerful rocket ever. with the help of new partners and developing technologies. nasa is entering a new generation of exploration nelson can't wait for it to take off. we are right at a
3:52 pm
new dawn of the space age and it is an exciting space age reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. up next, putting an end to a quantity mismatched the latest efforts to make sure you have the right amount of hot dogs and buns at your next barbecue.
3:53 pm
if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change...
3:54 pm
would you press it? >> heinz ketchup has launched a petition to finally put equal number of hot dogs and hot dog buns in grocery store
3:55 pm
packages. >> the common man or baker is hoping to saudi packaging mismatch problem, which is the result hot dogs. normally coming in a pack of 10 and hot dog buns coming in bags of 8. hines is calling the petition. it's hot dog packed along with the slogan 10 wieners 10 buttons. it's time. hines says they want to change doug history and they're calling on big been and wiener companies to finally sell even packs at 3400 signatures. the petition is well on its way to its goal of 5,000 signatures not some time now to tell you newsnation to see what they are working on tonight. >> tonight on that on the president assassinated just miles from us shores. the chaos that slaying has caused and the political divide leading to his death. plus athletes speaking out. former nfl great ricky williams joins us to talk about his mission to bring cannabis and sports together. now here's marni hughes with a look at
3:56 pm
what's coming up on tonight's news nation. prime. >> thanks, joe. tonight on newsnation prime extremist posing as a bible study group busted by the fbi. how undercover agents tracked them from the capitol riots and stopped a violent plot. plus deadly heat taking over the west again and tropical storm elsa tearing through the southeast are crews are on the frontlines of this dangerous weather. join us for live team coverage. all that and more tonight on news nation. prime. you can find newsnation on the channels listed here. we also have more details available on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> let's get one final weather check with mabrisa for the hot weather coming our way tomorrow marissa. yeah. and the national weather service bay area already issuing excessive. he watches and warnings for this weekend. >> starting on friday for those of you in solano county. it's going to peak this weekend where you could see scorching heat has upwards of 115 degrees, not just for those of you in the north bay
3:57 pm
valleys. but north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range. also included in that excessive heat. watch temperatures going to range anywhere from 100 to upwards of 115 degrees easily 15 to 20 degrees above average already going to start to see that warm up by tomorrow. low to mid 90's inland. but thanks to that. no sky july the marine layer keeping temperatures a little bit above average until the heat officially arrives this weekend. son us. thanks so much for greece. uh, that's it for kron. 4 news at 03:00am to not turn a page from watching.
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