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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 8, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. on a thursday. and the heat is i'm james fletcher. not just yet. you're still enjoying a cool morning. but boy, it later this afternoon the day the number take off the ship and then the weekend. erica is in this morning for john and if i were doing double duty as i toss to myself like so do the weather and then say, oh, thanks, erica. erica. >> how right today. i'm going to start off with the weather, though. >> temperatures right now here in san francisco. still cool. we got that cloud cover and a little bit of fog still that marine layer should pull back to the ocean now as we get closer to about lunch time, but you still can't see the view out there in berkeley because of the low clouds and
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fog. >> for what we can expect this weekend an excessive heat warning that will begin tomorrow afternoon through sunday night. that is for the pain that we see there. and you also see it extends past the bay area as well. in case you happen to be traveling up and down the state as well as parts of arizona, nevada, the entire southwest of the seeing high pressure building and high temperatures and dry conditions but bringing it back home today in the meantime, here's a look at our temperatures around 11 will be in the lower 60's along the coast in our inland areas up to the 80's before hitting our daytime highs this afternoon now want to take a look at our traffic conditions right now. which over thank you, i did pick up this major traffic collision. >> happening in napa county. looks like we have some major injuries possibly believe they might be flying copter. there are working to get more details on this collision.
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it's on northbound 29 and we'll now not just the northbound lanes blocked, but we have some southbound lanes blocked as well because of this collision. so it's probably a slow up there. as for those of you heading into san francisco this morning taking the bay bridge. look in slow there as you're approaching the toll plaza. you can see it's a piling up as we have more people out on the road carpool lane, though, looking good right now. richmond sandra fell bridge here. also starting to look a little slow there as you're approaching the tolls. but after that looking smooth in both directions. james and darya. back to you, ok. thank you both. >> 7. '02, and breaking news out of the there's been a shooting at an apartment complex in santa clara. yeah. a lot of police out there right now. it's crawford's yulia 7 is on scene for us with the very latest on what we know so far. the only. >> yes, james right now. you can still see the santa clara crime scene unit is on the scene there just been picking up some evidence for the last
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several hours back show you a map where this happened. now this happened on the boardwalk apartment complex in the parking just outside on the on the skids on the eastern side of the complex. >> they've been out here for a little while. they're going to be out here for quite a while. there's still not a whole lot of information of exactly what happened other than one victim is involved and the status of his condition or her condition is still unknown. we're still waiting to hear from a p i o public information officer to give us a little bit more information. i did get a chance this speak to a resident here. he didn't hear the shooting and he wasn't sure what happened. but he was definitely surprised. >> and shocked that it did. he's been living here from since 2014 and said it's a pretty safe neighborhood and it's been very quiet that they've never really had any kind of violent incidents here. in fact, the only time police have a right here has been because of health issues of someone suffering from some kind of health issues. so so
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wake up in the morning and walk out and to see the crime unit out here because there was shooting was quite shocking and him, particularly nervous about it. as you can see, they're still out here trying to collect evidence. and i did place a call to the santa clara police department. and i'm really hoping to hear. >> from them soon so that we could get a little bit more information on what happened here today. >> back to you. yeah. nerve wracking has people on edge. thanks a lot. you lee. you know what else is nerve racking. >> getting shook out of bed. all right. yes, anybody woke up and you felt the quake. there was a cluster of them in the north bay. the largest one, the main one was about 3.6 in magnitude just west of lake berryessa in napa county. then they had a handful of smaller ones that we i smaller ones that you may fell or if you are there are extra come for. sarah stinson is live in napa county. what have you heard from anybody. sarah. >> a lot of people have talked with downtown napa are saying
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they did not feel the earthquake. they said they either slipped through it or maybe wouldn't have felt it because it happened in angwin about 38 minutes from here. pretty deep in napa county. but a lot of people saying thank goodness it didn't happen in downtown napa because they remember the last big earthquake here and they did not want to see it again. take a look at that map on your screen. you can see exactly where it was an england deep in napa county, according to use it, usgs it happen. around 3 or abound. 1236 in the morning. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake. and then after that, it's just been clustered clusters of quakes that seem to be hitting within 2 hours of one another. the last one that we've seen was at 4.30 this morning. we have a list of them for you on your screen. the list of earthquakes that struck napa county this morning after that first 3.6 quake 2 aftershocks reported 10 minutes or so later, then 2 hours later, another one 30 minutes later, another one. and again, that last 1 1.8 magnitude around
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4.20 this morning. so for those who did feel it. they probably felt all those aftershocks and they probably feel a little rattled. a little tired this morning. i've been in contact with usgs. we're going to work out a time any minute now where we can do a zoom interview and talk about this cluster of earthquakes because it is concerning. you do see that many in a row. what does that mean? does that mean a bigger bigger. one is coming. what do we need to know. get the answers for you coming up in the next hour. for now live in napa county. sarah stinson back to you. but can i see that thing again with the with the hours. >> with when they when they because you know what that is yet when the little with the little real little ones that are barely detectable. that's like my a sleeping a poll on them. back to sleep that is that an hour later than 2 hours later than an hour later that it's assault nicely. thank you very sorry for that. >> and we'll keep you updated. there's any more shaking. all right. 7. '06, right now. and east bay ambulance companies. disputing claims that they
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were not able to respond to calls in the 4th of july earlier in the week. the oakland police chief leronne armstrong said. >> there was so much violence that it affected paramedics were trying to get to the scene of crimes kron four's jonathan mccall takes a closer look. >> as america celebrated its 200 45th birthday sunday night. the party turned violent on the streets of oakland as fireworks were met by the sounds of bullets. oakland officers jumping from scene to scene investigating 8 separate shootings in what oakland police chief leronne armstrong called 12 hours of chaos. >> our fall and the last system was over inundated with calls and they were unable to respond in a timely manner to the shootings available to you know, come and provide medical support it was taking a significant amount of time for to get there, that even concerned our officers. but the company responsible for providing ambulance service to oakland and most of alameda county says that wasn't the
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case in a 16 hour span from sunday at 06:00pm to monday morning at 10:00am. >> folk ambulance services says its crews responded to 21 priority. one calls in the city of oakland with an average response time of 7 minutes and 47 seconds. those calls included shootings heart attacks and other critical needs overall. the agency says it handled 314 calls county wide for service in that same period. the agency says it had 34 ambulances staff and even some ambulances that weren't being utilized in a statement to kron 4 news folk ambulance services says the 2 are also concerned about the rapid growth of violence in the community but says that overall despite the violence calls were fairly typical for sunday night and that no mutual aid was needed from any outside agencies. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. >> san francisco police are searching for whoever was behind the anti lgbtq graffiti
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that was spray painted on the side of an apartment building in the castro. you're looking at pictures of some of what was found there by the residents. they told police all they they know who did it just an unknown person tag the side of the building. but then also tagged a planter nearby and the sidewalk outside it happened around midnight on july 6. the case has been handed over now that the department special investigation unit. and in the north bay below police are asking for more help, more resources in the fight against sideshows. we had a very chaotic holiday weekend as we know, fact, we showed you some of the video will play it for you again. huge crowds gathered for the sideshows over the 4th of july holiday weekend. gunfire was heard. illegal fireworks were set off again in various parts of the police say they have limited resources to tackle this kind of a problem and they're calling on city leaders to help them stop these dangerous events by drafting perhaps new laws that would make spectating illegal at these sideshows as well.
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>> participants or spectators could face up fines of up to $1000, including jail time of 6 months and their vehicles impounded for 30 days. i understand that this is a large part of bay area culture however, you know our position as a police department is to protect and serve. >> police department believes money from the federal government would go a long way to they'd like to use money to boost staffing and create sideshow task forces. they also want to set up cameras in areas that are prone to sideshows to try and identify some of the cars involved 7.10 right now and the future of the oakland a's staying in oakland continues to hang in the balance. >> the proposed 12 billion dollars waterfront ballpark at howard terminal is the a's last best option to stay within the city limits. that's what the team president dave carroll says it's ultimately, however, up to the city council to decide if they move forward with this project negotiations of the terms of the project are continuing and
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there are also ongoing bids in proposals for the original coliseum site. >> our existing least of the coliseum only goes through 2024 we have a situation where the facility is 10 years past its useful life. and we really have an obligation and a responsibility to get some type of resolution on this. so the raiders deal when they came back from los angeles included the city and county paying for the ballpark we're paying for the entire cost of the stadium. the a's are taking the risk. all the onsite risk. >> and they're talking about behind the scenes. all of the rest of the agreement. for example, the non relocation clause, the city wants that to remain valid for 45 years. the a's countered with 20 years. the city council set for another vote on the project terms on july 20th. it's 7.11. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a young man from
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the east bay killed while on a camping trip and now his family. >> has a lot of questions about what happened. and after the break, a look at energy prices in california where we rank compared to the rest of the country. areas warming up. i'll tell you how high temperatu
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>> 7.14 right now. and today is the start of the heat wave.
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>> yes, it is. and it will be a pretty decent one to triple digit weather back once again, we've got erica joining us from the weather center with the timing and how long this is going to last morning, america. good morning. while today will be warmer than yesterday but not the hottest that we're going to see these next few days. >> temperatures on saturday are going to be in the 100 and some places will tell you more about that and a bit. but in the meantime, right now, it's still cool, especially in san francisco. you can see cloudy conditions and a little bit of fog still. but that should be clearing up this afternoon. we should expect to see more sun out there and then it's going to be, of course, hot in our inland areas. the reason that we're going to see temperatures climbing or because of high pressure that is building that's also going to give us some dry conditions as well trying to get my clicker to work here again and to move on. but it looks like it's not working right now. so let's actually a transition
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into traffic. i'll have more on a weather later on. there. is this major injury collision that happened up in calistoga and we do see that lanes are not just blocked on northbound 29, but lanes are also blocked going southbound as well. this is on donald. we'll lane. they're flying an emergency a helicopter there for the people that have been injured in this collision so a heavy traffic out there try to take an alternate route if you are traveling in that direction. this morning asked for the san mateo bridge heading out to one o one looking great in both directions. there. high rise excellent as well. 13 minutes out to one. oh one and the dunbarton bridge heading out to menlo park just a 13 minute drive time westbound 24 walnut creek to 5.80 just 12 minutes. so no major traffic accidents there or in the south if you're taking 4 from antioch to concord is just
7:17 am
under 30 minutes and on 17 from santa cruz to la scott who's 22 minutes back to you. >> 7.16 right now, and for your money, microsoft issued an urgent security warning update your pc immediately and how expensive is energy in california. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. hi, jane. >> heidari a good morning california. ranks. 24th in terms of cost of monthly energy bill. so we're the millers states will have says the monthly average is about $321 that includes electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and heating oil well, 95% of workers say they were thinking about quitting their jobs in this monster dot com survey 95% of americans burnout was the most commonly cited reason for wanting to leave 92% said they consider switching industries as well. and microsoft is urging windows users to immediately install an update after security. researchers found a
7:18 am
serious vulnerability in the operating system of the security flaw is known as print nightmare. it affects the prints. cooler service. the vulnerability would an attacker remotely to access your machine and then install programs to create new accounts with full admin rights as well. and marvel's black widow arrives in theaters and on disney. plus on july 9th current estimates suggest the film will bring in between 8110 million dollars at the box office over the weekend that would be the highest box office haul of any film released during the pandemic. live from new york. i'm jane king. back to you. thanks, jane. see later. >> 7.18 is the time a new search engine promises privacy and no ads. but you have to pay for it. that's the catch. rich demuro has details of this morning's tech smart. >> google has long been the search leader. and while it's free, you have to deal with things like ads in tracking. well, now a new search engine named eva is betting that people will pay for a more
7:19 am
private had free experience. >> google is so popular it's a verb is you just cool the top plumber they guess to school. that's restaurant hawaii in july. school. the weather rash where just cool it when the product is pre really are in fact, the product street are ramaswamy is a former google ad executive who worked at the search giant for over 15 years now he's introducing a new search engine called >> i think eva less competing with google and more offering an alternative to people. niva has no ads and more privacy. >> it still tracks what you search, but just for better results you have the option to turn off tracking completely. not good information is sold to advertisers. but here's the twist. niva charges. $4.95 a month to use it. we certainly are not used to paying for
7:20 am
search but today people pay for netflix. they paid for spotify. harry mccracken is technology editor at fast company competition is good choices. good. so even if you're not. >> all that skeptical of goodwill. i think it's a good thing they need is doing. that's niva search results seem to be pretty good they're definitely more straightforward. for instance, search identity theft protection on google and the top results are all at an eva lifelock is the top result. there are no ads. the company says they continue to improve, especially local results by being customer and paid by customers. they can focus on. what is it you need. >> i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> 7.20 right now. and coming up after the break, prices for rideshare companies are going up. however, what does that mean for bay area taxi companies. take a look.
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>> his 7.23 and other rising price of uber and lyft causing some people to turn to other modes of getting around, especially when you have like surge pricing that really jax the prices. people are thinking maybe should go back
7:24 am
to taxis. a lot of them seem to be doing that. crawford's noelle bellow explains. >> there's no car pool anymore. so you can tell that when you take like alright, it's way more expensive. the prices have gone up. >> 25% to the counting station communities across neck. but i think now it's more like 25 even bucks. so it's just too much. >> people across san francisco are noticing a price increase when using rideshare apps e-commerce company rakuten reporting last month prices for rides from uber and lyft have spiked 40% nationwide. we've always had a huge flywheel app users when uber and lyft for surge pricing. >> but now it's you know, maybe triple that flywheel is an on-demand taxi cab app that works with most cap companies in san francisco. president han soo kim says longer wait times and surge pricing on rideshare apps is pushing people back to their services. i think uber and lyft probably
7:25 am
are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for good period of time. >> in san francisco. a flywheel isn't the only taxicab service out there. but i think now like honestly, probably look more so that taxes noah rosenblatt lives near japan town monday. he tried to get a ride share from oracle park. that pricing was high and the wait for a ride was 20 minutes. a friend suggested he use the yellow cab app yo taxi was quicker is cheaper. it was easier. he shared his experience with neighbors on next door and says he'll be keeping the app on his phone tax industry doesn't get the best threat. >> but. yeah, i had such a experience and was so surprised them in saving. like almost over double what i would have paid taking. you know, let's turn it over, but i just felt like i should let other people now. >> in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news.
7:26 am
>> an investigation is underway after one person dies at lake tahoe. barco live in marin county with the victim skies to the bay area.
7:27 am
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>> 7.20 right now. i don't know where that on a lot of
7:29 am
clouds. i believe they can out and camera looking down. you think sutro looking down on just that blanket of clouds were all over the water erica's whether eric and you pick these cameras yeah. what is it all? don't blame me. yeah. i was just busy thinking of the name for that, which is i believe they call it karl. the fog are yeah, that the name. yeah. that's what i was thinking. of. you caught me off guard. but that marine layer that use on that shot should be. >> pulling away more towards the ocean come about lunchtime should be mostly sunny for the bay area this afternoon and of course temperatures warmer first is what we saw yesterday. some places as much as 15 degrees for inland areas. but there you see it that fog and the low clouds out in berkeley still can't see the view out there. >> but that should change. we do have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect tomorrow afternoon through sunday night. temperatures are
7:30 am
going to be climbing. and again, that's for the pink area that you see there on our map and you can see it also extends the past the bay area in case you happen to be traveling both up and down the state southern california also going to see excessive heat and dry conditions as well as parts of arizona, nevada because of that high pressure that is building bringing it back home here today. here's what we can expect this morning. cloudy conditions. if you're closer to the ocean this morning and then by the afternoon should be a pretty nice and warm there. temperatures will be in the 80's by about 11 o'clock this morning for inland areas and up to the 90's before we hit our daytime highs in the middle of the afternoon. now let's take a look at our roads and see conditions are up in napa county. looks like we still got those lanes blocked following a major injury collision in calistoga. this happened on northbound 29 at done. we'll lane. i believe the southbound lanes are also blocked as well. they had to
7:31 am
fly out and ambulance helicopter because of this incident there. so try to find an alternate route this morning. if you're going to be taking that heading into san francisco. as you approach the tolls. it's moving a little slow there because we have a lot of people out heading to work. but once you pass that, i don't see any issues on the bridge about 14 minutes out to fremont street and it's gotten a little slower. there as you're about to take the richmond. sandra fell bridge heading into marion county. it's about 11 minutes out to one o one. so looks like the clear that earlier that collision that happened in the east bay a couple hours ago. no issues there right now and then southbound 8.80 also looking good from oakland to highway 2.38. it's only 10 minutes. james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot. 7.31 breaking news just into kron 4. there will be no fans. >> inside or outside for venues at the the games are still going on in 2 weeks. july 23rd. but tokyo just made
7:32 am
this big announcement because coronavirus especially the delta variant is raging there fact. government there declared a coronavirus state of emergency for tokyo. they just did that. >> couple days ago. as a matter of fact. and the olympic committee there in japan and of course. >> the worldwide olympic committee made the decision. no fans at all. now always said that we were welcome that they were getting no people from a brother. we're going to allow local people who live in japan to go to games. they sell tickets and everything. >> but now they're not going allow them inside or out. and that's because of coronavirus. only 15% of japanese are fully vaccinated right now. think of how low that is. 15 1% have been fully vaccinated in the u.s. it's over. 47 1% in britain is 50%. right. and we're so fully vaccinate fully backs as the really worried about the delta variant spreading in tokyo is the source of most of the infections. of course they're going to have to now do with the ripple effect of this meaning. are they going to
7:33 am
refund all the people that spent money on tickets on travel on my you know, well, they're all local. there are a lot but i'll get a refund from all parts of the country. we're still going to watch. right. so it's still going to be on tv and the athletes are still going to show up and they say that most of the athletes. >> are vaccinated. all right. now to another big story this morning. we'll go to the north bay were marine county teen is being remembered now as his teammates. >> or by his teammates after he drowned up at lake tahoe earlier this four's camila barco is live at red were high in larkspur with more on the story and what we know. >> surrounding this death. camille, what happened. >> so daria the victim had. what we know is about the victim and he had just finished his junior year here at redwood high school. he has been identified as miles what we know right now is that he spent this past long weekend at up in lake tahoe, enjoying and celebrating the 4th of july when an accident happened. officials say. got a
7:34 am
distress call from people on a boat about 6.20, monday evening. those on the boat were between 1718 years old. deputies rushed us and harbor to help out. and right now the l-cal sheriff's department is saying that cole schima drowned in a boating accident. preliminary findings have say that foul play has been ruled out now co shima was a multi-sport athlete. these are pictures of him in action and surrounded by teammates. he played football and the student was also on the varsity baseball team here at redwood high school. he was supposed to start his senior year. this fall now friends and teammates are looking back how she was life. the football team took to facebook to remember their teammate. they said that they are mourning the loss of kawashima, the acknowledge his roles in the athletic department redwood high school and the team finished their statement by saying their thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates during this difficult time. now the nevada
7:35 am
department of wildlife is investigating the incident. it is unclear right now. what let up. >> to his death. we have reached out to the department wildlife to find that out. but we have yet to hear back. all right, james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot to me on. cp>> an east bay man was killed in his tent while camping in butte county over the holiday weekend. another mystery here. the victim is 20 year-old tyler dickson of san pablo. he was a former quarterback at elstree to high school apparently shot and killed at bidwell canyon marina campground in oroville. texans got father says his family is you can imagine is devastated and they are looking for answery this morning. >> we do know is supposed to be someone came in his tent. wow. him his girlfriend was just shot one and and shot him randolph is really. devastated this community here he went
7:36 am
the one that we knew was going to make come back and help these kids out in right now. we just in morning. >> the butte county sheriff's office hasn't named any suspects yet. they say the investigation is ongoing. they're asking the public to come forward with any information that might be helpful. we'll keep following the story for you. another big story that we're following this morning. we have new video showing a deadly crash that killed a teenager back in 2019 that teenager's family. >> blames tesla. so take a look. this is video you can see this is a tesla model. 3 doesn't slow down just slams right into that pickup truck which had its blinker on. as you can see, this is an 8.80, in fremont. here's the boy who was ejected and killed in that accident. now the family is suing a 15 year-old giovanni maldonado is his name and he's the one who died. his family filed a lawsuit against tesla and against the driver of the vehicle claiming tesla's autopilot system and the driver. failed to react property lea to the traffic
7:37 am
conditions. experts say that tesla can do more to teach drivers that the autopilot feature doesn't mean that the drivers free to do other things. >> the driver has to remain in control of the vehicle paying attention and the and alert and the drivers responsible. the system is not capable of operating without human supervision. and this is something that. a lot of tesla fans don't seem to understand. >> the national highway traffic safety administration is now requiring manufacturers of cars that have automated driving systems to report crashes. experts say that that should lead to improved regulations such as requiring tesla to implement driver monitoring systems. >> california's attorney general has announced a lawsuit against google claiming the company violated state and federal antitrust laws through its google play store. according to the lawsuit google entered into agreements with smartphone manufacturers guaranteeing
7:38 am
that google play would be the only app store that was loaded onto those phones. the lawsuit is part of a multi-state action that's being brought against the company. google play store comes as you know, on on nearly all android devices. you can't delete it. it is imbedded. well, google has denied the allegations. they say the lawsuit is without merit. we'll take a break. it is 7.37 coming up on the kron 4 morning news governor newsome making his first public appearance since the date was announced for his recall election. we'll tell you why he says. >> it's not going to let him distracted. plus 2 weeks in and rescue missions have now become recovery missions in south florida are going to very latest on the collapse of that condo building. >> and the bay area is warming up. i'll tell you how high temperatures are going to get along with the 7 day extended forecast coming up after the break.
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7:42 am
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>> all right. got all the folks. >> sounds like outer space was actually in the bay. take a look at the coast guard, us coast guard rescuing a man whose boat capsized in san francisco bay and you can see they've lowered down. especially trained diver and they were able to pluck that person to safety. they managed
7:45 am
to see him in the dead of night. as you can see here, something happened to his boat off of tehran's bluff point and he needed help. so cool yeah. and luckily it wasn't too cloudy or foggy. they could spot him. unlike what we're seeing right now across a good bit bay. >> our cameras behind us. sutro mount tam looking daschle's plaque socked him all over. and let's get a look at the weather and the heat wave. that's coming up. erica. >> you read about that. good morning, daryn. james, so slowly starting to warm we'll hit our daytime highs between 2 to 4 o'clock this afternoon. see. several places in the south bay and inland a hit 90's and even possibly triple digits in just a bit. but i've been here on our newark. how honda weather center tracking those temperatures these last few hours, we did see some drizzle with that fog this morning. and there you see san
7:46 am
francisco lot of grey right now should burn off by this afternoon that high pressure is what's responsible for giving us these warm temperatures and dry conditions that we're going to be seeing. come this weekend. saturday is going to be the hottest day in the meantime, san francisco cool in the lower 70's along the coast to lower 60's there to upper 60's in half moon bay 69 in san bruno 77 down in burlingame, san carlos to mountain view looking at mid 80's today, 91 in campbell lower 90's in morgan hill in los gatos union city to fremont looking at 80's 90's out there in seminole and livermore 70's 80's and 90's out here in the east bay walnut creek looking at 95 degrees vacaville, triple digits today 91 in antioch and 90 santa rosa. here's a look at our 7 day extended forecast you see our temperatures slowly starting to warm up as we get closer to
7:47 am
saturday. again, we do have that heat warning that will be effect tomorrow. through sunday. so just stay hydrated and be careful out there wear your sunscreen. and don't forget about your pets and children in the car for running aaron's because believe it or not, that does happen still on a switch over and check out our roads right and we do still see that those lanes are still blocked up there in napa county. calistoga. 29 heading northbound at dana. we'll lane. we had a major injury traffic collision that occurred there. they had to get an ambulance, a chopper to handle that ask for our bay area bridges, looking smooth right now. but you do see our drive times are going up. it's about 2121 minutes. if you're heading over to the peninsula taking the san mateo bridge because more people are out and about. that's why we're seeing those drive times increased, but it is normal
7:48 am
for this time of the morning. 13 minutes there on the dunbarton bridge heading out to the south bay and westbound 24 walnut creek to 5 80 looking at 12 minutes. here's a look at some of our other drive times just under half an hour. if you're taking 4 from antioch to concord and 6.80 from the chicco to danville 18 minutes. james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot of 7.48 governor newsome made his first public appearance since the recall election was certified and given an official date. >> that date is september 14th. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala takes a look at the governor's reaction. >> i look forward to. >> the defeat this as the recall election against him becomes a primary focus governor gavin newsome maintains he will not be distracted from his administration's other priorities. those include cleaning up the state's littered streets and addressing homelessness newsome speaking wednesday just off of the freeway at a clean california event in the bay area. the governor would
7:49 am
not say how or if the september 14 special election date benefits him not to come out. the ball. asked me what the priorities are. to get rid of this. >> once a profit in the river americana kids safely back in person instruction get this is back on their feet, putting away the pandemic once and for all may not happen anytime soon. 3 weeks after lifting the majority of his administration. statewide restrictions on businesses. the infectious delta variant is now california's most dominant covid-19 strain the pandemic and his administration's policies played a major role in the recall effort against him. newsome weighing in on the likelihood he'll reinstate restrictions continue to get people vaccinated healthy and necessary. >> in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, a high-speed train from la to las vegas is one step closer to becoming a reality bright line holdings has just announced its purchase to 110 acre piece of land in nevada that will serve as its las vegas terminal for this high speed rail from there, then it will take you
7:50 am
on to the airport and the strip or to the raiders. new football stadium when it's finished that rain will go directly to victorville to rancho cucamonga to palmdale all in southern california with them legs. it will take you on into los angeles. >> well, operate a 200 mile an hour. all electric high-speed train. great. you know, opportunities where you know folks won't have endure drive times of over 6 hours, we'll be able to have trying times of 3 out. >> and you get to take a nap the whole way. how about that? the project will begin until next year, though, because of some delays from the covid pandemic, but they're hoping to break ground pretty quick. >> let's baseball. the giants trying to avoid the sweep at the hands of the cardinals. bottom of the kerry body inside. get in. here we go. donovan solano breaks his bat. find is way to left field without ball. and it's an rbi double. they just had to shut the bat and that gives the giants a 2 run lead and that's
7:51 am
enough to do it. they go on to win by a final of 5 to do and avoid the sweep and now they have a game and a half lead over the dreaded dodgers in the nl west. the giants get today off and then they start a three-game series against the nationals tomorrow. and the oakland a's trying to keep pace with the astro's in the american league west oakland got just chatter out there we go. got off to a good start. metall son. but the a's on the board. that was his 21st home run of the season. >> lights out for him. and that's why he's an all-star. astros so. >> would take the lead with a three-run home run and then they'd win it. so florida, 3 for the game. but all son good performance. the a's are now 5 and a half games behind the astros in the standings and the 2 teams play again this morning. first pitch early at 11 >> well, warriors star draymond green is training in las vegas before flying to tokyo for the olympics. he's teaming up with his former teammate on the warriors.
7:52 am
kevin duran, the team players will play their first practice game this saturday against nigeria. it's one of 5 exhibition games before the official games begin exhibition games before no one because remember asked the breaking news is no crowds and anything japan in tokyo team usa's head coach gregg popovich talked about how special is going to be part of the olympics even though the stands will be empty. >> any opportunity to be hard. something so special just being around the other coaches on with. these players. you know, you kind of look in the mirror and you say what am i doing here. so that's the the privilege of. you know, great, great fun. lot of work, obviously. but. amazed that you can that kind of company. warriors head coach steve kerr is also going to helping team usa. he'll be an assistant coach to popovich first olympic matchup will be against france. that will be on july 25th. we'll take a
7:53 am
break. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> how terrifying and then watch the parents come running into the room after hearing that explosion sound and you'll see mama come into frame here in a second.
7:56 am
>> yeah. fine. yeah. it was a tree just crashed down onto the house right over the baby and look, nothing touch. the baby here's another angle on it all. just pretty incredible. 5 months old cannon was sleeping at the time. and yeah, there you see mom and dad go running into the bed. what was that? well. >> it was a tree and luckily everybody got out of the house without anybody getting hurt. so the stuff we saw was like chunks of rafters and insulation and a few leaves and things. >> but you could clearly see, they were around the baby. nothing fell on him and all that remarkable. yeah. amazing. >> we'll take a break at 7.56 coming up in the next hour of kron. 00:00am morning news. >> no reports of anybody being hurt in the north bay either after we had a cluster of earthquakes sort of rattled in the early morning hours. we'll have a live report on exactly what happened. and an update on the a's proposed stadium. out of power terminal. hear from president about how talks are going with the city. and
7:57 am
tiger water restrictions in the north bay. we'll tell you how marin county is going to be really clamping down on how much wa
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. get ready for the heat. it all starts today. i'm daria and i'm james. yeah. let's get right to the details on that with
8:00 am
erica. she's standing by in the weather center. good morning, erica. morning, james and darya. yeah. temperatures today. >> in places like vacaville will already be hitting the triple digits, other places. we're going to see a little more 90's in the south bay versus what we saw yesterday. but in the meantime, still looking cool. if you're here in san francisco, we're seeing the gray outside still a little bit of fog as well. but that should burn this afternoon. so we do have that excessive heat warning that will be in effect tomorrow through sunday night. that is for the pink areas that you see on your map and you see it also extends past the bay area in case you happen to be traveling this weekend. it's going to be hot up and down our state southern california as well. seeing excessive heat as well as parts of arizona, nevada because of that high pressure that will be building in the southwest. as for temperatures here in the bay area. today. we're going to warm up to the 80's in our inland area by about


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