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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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try new persil active scent boost! >> now from the bay area's local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> now at 3 here comes of the dangerous heat temperatures climb today from many parts of the bay area. but the extreme heat is yet to come. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm sanaz tahernia. the national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning that starts tomorrow. kron four's rodriguez is standing by with all the details and risa. how hot are we talking about for the next couple of days. yeah. we're already flirting with triple digits today, sanaa's and it's only going to get hotter peaking on saturday. so this weekend. >> dangerous weather heading our way with another heat
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wave. fortunately not going to last long, but we are already seeing that warming trend. well underway. 40 degree difference out there right now between our hottest inland valleys and our coolest coastal cities livermore flirting with triple digit heat currently 99 degrees. check out the though 59 degrees thanks to that cool sea breeze and shallow marine layer. so very unique microclimate forecast in the bay area. downtown san francisco seasonal temperatures right now 67 degrees. but expect to warm up in the mid 70's by tomorrow, widespread mid 70's. for those of you in the east bay shoreline conquered 93 degrees in the mid 80's. but check out petaluma novato san anselmo and even santa rosa in the low 90's the winner right now though, fairfield a 100 in 2 degrees. as you step outside for your thursday afternoon. so this excessive heat warning has actually been extended and expanded yet again for a
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second day in row now, including the east bay valleys, east bay, hills and diablo range solano county by saturday. you can easily see temperatures upwards of a 115 degrees. north bay mountains also going to be under an excessive heat warning starting noon tomorrow with a heat advisory also going into effect for santa clara valley, specifically the city of san jose easily low to mid and upper 90's for the next 3 days. we have a hot weekend on tap dangerous weather only going to increase our risk for elevated fire danger concerns. details ahead. in a few minutes and i was on your full weekend outlook as we take a look at your microelimate forecast for friday after few breaks. back to you. >> thanks so much for greece. uh. >> and hot weather means high fire dangers of the city of berkeley is enhancing plans to better prevent wildfires crown for straws. clipper joins us now live with more details. charles. >> yeah, you know, we're anticipating a very bad fire
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season this year. it's very hot out here. it's been almost exactly 30 years since the tunnel fire and if you live up in the oakland hills. the berkeley hills. it's always on your mind. and now the city of berkeley wants to be proactive about protecting life and property. >> at a press conference thursday morning, the mayor of berkeley in the fire department described how the 12.7 5 million dollars recently approved by voters to measure. ff will be used to address fire danger in the berkeley hills. the funding will allow the city and fire department to improve code enforcement to make sure homeowners are following the rules. there will be improved community outreach and education and more resources will be made available for removing dangerous fire fuels like dead trees and dry brush. the city's interim fire chief says that for the first time berkeley will be able to plan ahead rather than dealing with the problem on a short-term basis and not only planning season the season but planning what's going to happen. the 5 year, 10 year and 20 year program. >> this is huge for us. this fire safety push comes as east bay regional parks is also ramping up efforts to remove
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dead trees in berkeley and across the east bay parks noticed an increasing number of dying and dead trees last fall. the dry winter has made the situation even worse parks now has multiple projects under way to remove those dead trees. we have a lot more work to do. >> we're anticipating some some help from the state soon. and we're ramping up. so getting additional positions to be able to handle that and get the work done. >> all right. back live now the city of berkeley is also considering building an audible warning system that they would set in the so if there was a wildfire that could activate that system. give people some morning so they could evacuate safely. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news house, thank you for that. >> now of the bay area is still in either in extreme or exceptional drought. this is the latest drought map released by us drought monitor this morning. you could see that all of the bay area is shaded in either red or dark red red means extreme drought.
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dark red means exceptional drought, those 2 categories are the 2 worst drought condition categories. in the meantime, governor gavin newsome is urging californians to cut water use as the state continues to feel the effects of drought conditions kron four's ashley zavala has more on the governor's plea today. >> governor gavin newsome signing off on an order urging people and businesses to cut their water use by 15%. we're encouraging people to do the common sense the order is not mandatory but voluntary. the administration is asking everyone to be mindful with water use like watering. the lawn doing laundry and taking a shower or not eliminating that time. not here. >> as nanny state or not. china here. the oppressive again, these are voluntary newsom's action in san luis obispo county thursday comes as 50 of california's 58 counties. now following the governor's drought related emergency proclamation. >> with 42% of the state's population falling under that emergency as a result of the last drought newsome noted
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californians have been more mindful of water use in the state has been more efficient on water recycling the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. this is an existential. >> crisis that we're facing. senator andreas borgeas is the chairman of the state senate committee on agriculture. he says the governor's action does not go far enough. we need to be asking governor newsom to use his authority appropriately and that is instructing the relevant divisions of the state into water resource. >> that they must as a matter of policy human welfare and food production because if they don't, we will literally be down the road. we may not be able to recover from. >> the contra. costa water district is also asking customers to cut water use by 10%. the district's board of directors called the stage one water shortage after a meeting yesterday. they also said
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waterways provisions adopted during the last drought remain in place and will be enforced to prevent wasteful use the water district plans to use water stored in buck arrows reservoir, which is about 77% capacity. in the north bay. now new irrigation restrictions are in effect in marine county. marion county is classified under exceptional drought and you can see how level how low levels are at local reservoirs under the marine municipal water district's new restrictions customers can only water there along with sprinklers. one day a week if they're using a drip irrigation that's limited to 2 days a week. the water district had already declared a water shortage. emergency and set goal to reduce water use by 40%. >> every little bit counts. this is really a historic drought. we've not seen drug conditions like this in more than a 140 years. we were looking at the rainfall and rainfall for the last 18 months is the lowest on record now. 143 years.
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>> power washing and washing your car driveway or sidewalks are also prohibited. the water district is offering a variety of rebates and incentives. so people can see water. and we have more drought emergency resources on our website. you can access our special page by scanning the qr code on your screen right now there you'll find an interactive drought map to see how bad it is in your neighborhood. we also have tips to reduce water and water use rather and the latest on bay area, water restrictions. we also have a story about how grocery prices are affected by the drought. you can read it all on kron. 4 dot com. this just in. pfizer is about to seek us authorization for a 3rd dose of its covid-19 vaccine. the company said today that another shot within 12 months could dramatically boost immunity and maybe help ward off the latest worrisome coronavirus variants research shows covid-19 vaccines offer
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strong protection against the highly contagious. delta variant. but antibodies naturally wayne pfizer says early data suggests people antibody people's antibody levels jump after they get a 3rd dose however, the filing doesn't mean 3rd doses would be rolled out any time soon. public health officials would have to decide if they're really needed. people in the north bay woke up to a cluster of earthquakes in napa county. the largest was a magnitude of 3.6 just west of lake berryessa. it was followed by a number of small aftershocks. now, people who live in downtown napa say they're glad they didn't feel it because it brings them back to the big one that hit in 2014 when a cluster of earthquakes occur. many people wonder if it might lead to the next big one. >> there's there's not a high chance that these are. >> going to lead to a large earthquake. there's always a small chance perhaps just a few percent chance that a larger earthquake. well, a career after this. but we do see that sometimes these
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smaller earthquakes occur in clusters and just relieves some of the stress in that area. >> the usgs says it's important to report the earthquake. if you feel geologists can collect the data use this as a reminder to prepare your emergency bags and emergency plans with your family. now we're learning some disturbing new details about a grizzly bear attack that killed a chico woman in montana. wildlife. officials say the bear pulled the woman from her tent in the middle of the night and killed her before fellow campers could use bear spray to force the animal away the woman below can was a long distance on the long-distance bicycling trip and that stopped in the town of a montana. officials are still searching for that bear and wildlife officials plan to put the bear down when they find it. they say the bear is a public safety threat because of the circumstances of the attack. an east bay family is looking for answers after a young man was killed in his
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tent while camping 20 year-old tyler dickson of san pablo was a quarterback at el serino high school. he was shot and killed at bidwell canyon marina campground over in oroville over the holiday weekend. the county and butte county sheriff's office has not named any suspects, but they say the investigation is ongoing and they're asking the public to come forward with any information they may have. time for a quick break. but coming up this hour, an american mission coming to an end u.s. troops plan to be out of afghanistan by the end of next month. >> despite dangerous gains by the taliban. also with dozens still unaccounted for in the florida condo collapse. authorities have made a hsartbreaking decision. plus why san francisco may have a deep hole to climb out of when it comes to reviving its hotel economy.
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>> welcome back. let's talk about our weather forecast because this shot says it all about our bay area weather. a chilly san francisco and a hot, hot, hot east bay. >> kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking this heat wave for a skimmer. isa. >> yeah, we're tracking quite the temperatures spread out their 50's 60's 70's, 80's 90's and yes, even triple digit heat. as you make your way inland, dublin and livermore on the east bay
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valleys for being with triple digit heat right now in the triple digits for those of you in fairfield widespread 80's, though, throughout the east bay shoreline and most of our inland valleys in the south bay and north bay with 60's along the bay area coastline. thanks to that finger of fog. so let's take a look at the 24 hour. temperature trend right now. livermore 22 degrees warmer than where you were just 24 hours ago. and we're also tracking double digit warming for most of the bay area. and tomorrow we're going to see an additional 5 to 10 degrees of warming as this heat wave just getting started, wouldn't even look of you heading out for downtown san francisco even into the north bay right now. you're just stuck in this thick layer of fog because of that cool sea breeze. we are noticing, though some breezy winds keeping that fog bank right along the immediate coast of the san francisco peninsula coastline. but overall, the good news is we are tracking light to breezy winds in the
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teens overnight lows tonight going to say on the mild side warmer than last night widespread upper 50's and low 60's and tomorrow's daytime highs. widespread triple digit heat. as you make your way inland into the east bay valleys like livermore unconquered widespread 80's and 90's away from the immediate coastline with even downtown san francisco warming up 5 degrees into the mid 70's. and this isn't even the peak of the heat wave sanaa's that's going to arrive by saturday. we could see solano county warming up to a 105 degrees. so heat advisories and excessive heat warnings begin friday expire sunday except for those of you in solano county that will remain in effect through monday night until we finally see relief one week from today. back to you. thanks so much for recent. >> a new report that saying the san francisco hotel market is in a depression with hotel rates dropping more sharply than the rest of the country. kron four's, maureen kelly explains what's driving this
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dramatic decline. >> one of our premier queen queen loves john family has been in the hotel business for generations. his union square hotel has seen a steep drop in the number of guests checking in with the pandemic. >> and the amount of money he can charge per night back in 2019, the average room rate here. the handler union square hotel was $255 a night now it's a $135 a night. the occupancy rate has also dropped a dramatic 60%. >> i have a long ways to go and i don't think i'm the only one who's in that same situation. a new report out from the american hotel and lodging association says san francisco's revenue. >> per available room has dropped 70% from may of 2019 to may of this year. whereas the u.s. overall is only down 22%. everything's down because world giving up the exact same market and was that he means the domestic most of the
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people checking in lately have been californians looking to get away. we're very convention and meeting city and so because all the conventions and meetings have been canceled for all of 21. >> that takes a huge. leg off the stool. if you want to call that the other major market is the international visitors tourists and they're not to the states, let alone california. so now you've lost 2 lakes on a three-legged stool. >> but another thing hurting business, the bad press, the city's been getting surrounding crime and homelessness. we'll see what's happening on the streets. weathers neiman marcus, whether it's walgreens closing, 17 stores. i understand target would do scene. amount of hours and then just the overall scene on the street. it's now it's not good. >> he's expecting more people checking in as conventions come back and international travelers return. but he doesn't expect to see an uptick until 2023 maureen kelly kron 4 news.
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>> and now the latest in surf side of florida. the death toll in the condo collapse has risen to 60 this comes as authorities made the decision to shift the search effort from rescue to recovery. the mayor of surfside says 80 people are still unaccounted for search and recovery teams pas work around one 20 am to honor the victims at the time of the collapse 2 weeks ago. the building collapse is among the deadliest mass casualty mass casualty building collapses in united states history, not including acts of terror or fires. and president biden announced today the u.s. military mission in afghanistan is officially coming to an end. our washington correspondent alexandra limon has the details on why the president made the decision and what he said about the future of that country. president joe biden said that the full withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan is long overdue. he also said that the future of that
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country including who governs it is something that the afghan people alone have to decide. >> a military mission in afghanistan will conclude. >> on august 31st. president biden said the u.s. accomplished the top objectives for the war in afghanistan, killing osama bin laden and preventing new attacks after 9.11. i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan. >> with no reasonable expectation much even a different outcome. the president said over 2 decades 2000, 448 american troops died in afghanistan. >> and more than 20,000 were injured. he also said the u.s. spent more than a trillion dollars training. the afghan military and that he does not believe it's inevitable that afghanistan will fall under taliban control because you have the afghan troops have 300,000. >> well equipped as well equipped as any army in the world. and an air force again,
3:21 pm
something like $75,000 month. it is not the president acknowledged a civil war is possible after us forces leave. but he said along with our allies, the u.s. will decide on how to respond if and when that happens, we'll also taking into consideration the threat posed to the u.s.. >> president joe biden also said that the u.s. is working to process visas for afghan translators and others who helped us troops. he said so far 2500 of those visas have been approved, but fewer than half of those people have elected to come to the u.s.. >> reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> still ahead at 3.45. even if you go to lake tahoe every summer. you might not know about this hidden gem. we're heading to the west shore in today's destination, california series. and after the break, for rideshare
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call now so you can... retire better across popular rideshare apps is pushing passengers to other modes of transportation. and for some. >> that means going back to taxis kron four's noelle bellow explains. >> it's no car pool anymore. so you can tell that when you take like i write it's way
3:25 pm
more expensive. the prices have gone up. >> buy and only 25%. the counting station communities across neck. but i think now it's more like 25 even talk so it's just too much. >> people across san francisco are noticing a price increase when using rideshare apps e-commerce company rakuten reporting last month prices for rides from uber and lyft have spiked 40% nationwide. we've always had a huge flywheel app users when uber and lyft for surge pricing. >> but now it's you know, maybe triple that flywheel is an on-demand taxi cab app that works with most cap companies in san francisco. president han soo kim says longer wait times and surge pricing on rideshare apps is pushing people back to their services. i think uber and lyft probably are going to readjust this surge pricing because they have been so many complaints about it but until that happens here, i think taxi drivers are in for good period
3:26 pm
of time. >> in san francisco. a flywheel isn't the only taxicab service out there. but i think now like on a cell, probably look more so that taxes noah rosenblatt lives near japan town monday. he tried to get a ride share from oracle park. that pricing was high and the wait for a ride was 20 minutes. a friend suggested he use the yellow cab app yo taxi that was quicker is cheaper. it was easier. he shared his experience with neighbors on next door and says he'll be keeping the app on his phone tax industry doesn't get the best threat. >> but yeah, i had such a experience and was so surprised them in saving. like almost over double what i would have paid taking. you know, let's turn it over, but i just felt like i should let other people now. >> in san francisco. noelle bellow kron 4 news. up next, a new study shows that covid-19 mortality rates might be linked to hospitals that saw the most patients.
3:27 pm
>> plus with the summer olympics just days away, took official announcement today that there will be no spectators allowed. we'll tell you what's driving their decision. and the delta variant showing up in contra, costa county while officials say it's affecting people of color at a higher rate. >> under excessive heat warning and heat advisories go into effect officially tomorrow afternoon. already tracking triple digit or near triple digit heat inland. details ahead when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair.
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>> welcome back to kron. 4 news at 3. this is a live in the east bay at our camera along the along highway 24 in walnut creek. low 90's in that area at this hour in the heat wave is just getting started. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is tracking it for us in the weather center. recent. >> there's the nausea and we're tracking near triple digit heat for parts of the east bay valleys, including livermore 99 degreese concord and walnut creek currently in the mid 90's at 93 degrees. but a much different story and picture as you make your way along the coast seeing a little bit of a shallow marine layer influence mid 70's throughout the east. bay shoreline upper 50's to mid 60's right along the san francisco peninsula coastline. so if you want relief from the heat just head to the beach because we're tracking widespread 80's 90's and yes, even triple digit heat for
3:31 pm
those of you in the north bay solano county easily going to be the hottest area on saturday could see daytime highs as hot as a 115 degrees by saturday. the peak of this heat wave. so believe it or not, just getting started with our excessive heat warnings and heat advisories. not going to go into effect until friday afternoon. and here's white mid 70's. for those of you in downtown san francisco going to see about 5 degrees of warming there even though the immediate coastline of the bay area not included in any of the excessive heat advisories and warnings. but we are still going to see toasty temperatures along the coast mid 50's. for those of on terror granada low 60's for with mid 60's for half moon bay tracking widespread mid 80's from brisbane all the way into burlingame wind speeds really working into our favor of otherwise we would be under imminent fire danger winds, though. fortunately out of the west. southwest gusts, 20 miles per hour well below
3:32 pm
advisory level low 90's. for those of you in redwood city with upper 80's for san mateo and even san carlos. and for those of you in the south bay low to mid-nineties there. morgan hill warming up into the triple digits livermore in the east bay valleys going to be included in that excessive heat warning as our congress in walnut creek low 80's. for those of you in berkeley. but richmond in the mid 80's for solano county widespread triple digit heat vacaville warming up to a degrees with mid 90's for santa rosa and taking a look ahead at the next 7 day outlook. the heat wave will peak on saturday and then we're going to notice those excessive heat warnings and heat advisories. expire sunday night for those of you in solano county, you're going to have to wait until monday night for that to happen. back to you soon thank you, >> now, be sure to stay with kron 4 as we have a continuing coverage of our weather just scan the qr code on your screen with the camera on your phone. it will take you to our weather page with the latest
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on this heat wave or 70 forecast. current conditions and much more. they go to our coronavirus coverage now, health officials in contra, costa county warned that partially vaccinated or unvaccinated people are more at risk of being infected with the highly transmissible delta variants kron four's. phillipe reports the county says it's a quickly accounting for most new cases. >> the delta variant of covid-19 is now the dominant strain in the united states says the centers for disease control and prevention making up more than half of the new infections across the country. >> and contra costa health services says it is seeing a similar trend locally or public health lab does some sequencing and although it's a sense that the populations of not a full picture. >> we can take those percentages and we have the death of derrion sequenced and over 50% of the samples that they've been sequencing and the contrast county nearly almost half, i should say deputy health officer stephanie mccurry us as the
3:34 pm
delta variant has been circulating in contra, costa for a few months, but health services has noticed an alarming spike in cases. >> over the past 2 weeks. scenes are the most affected for protection for populations who are eligible. >> and that includes protections against variants and we we continue to encourage everyone to get. vaccinated. korea says disadvantaged communities of color are being disproportionately impacted by the delta variant. >> and that's because vaccination rates are lower in those communities compared to affluent areas, county wide 73% of the population, 12 years of age and older are fully vaccinated. >> but in richmond bay point, pittsburgh, antioch and oakley less than 60% of those populations are fully vaccinated yet in lafayette rinde alamo san ramon and walnut creek more than 73% of those county residents are fully vaccinated even partnering community leaders,
3:35 pm
>> trusted providers from which to reach different populations. for now, fully vaccinated people can socialize without face coverings but health services, expects delta variant cases to continue to rise through the fall saying it's possible the state may reconsider mask mandates in the future. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> more than 600,000 americans have died from covid-19 and now a new study from the national institute of health found as many as one in 4 deaths may have been due to strained resources at hospitals that we're dealing with surges in cases. doctors with the national institute of health conducted the study by looking at the number of covid patients being treated at 558 hospitals across the country, which is about 10 to 20% of the hospitals. they found that when a large number of covid patients needing icu care would admitted to a hospital in a short period of time. the mortality rate for that hospital was sky rocket,
3:36 pm
especially when the number of patients admitted exceeded the number of patients in hospital is used to treating and and beyond. a lack of resources. the study's author also found patterns amongst those hospitals. >> hospitals where the worst hit. i tended to be. hospitals there you know, sort lower-income they were patients mostly a medicaid. i wouldn't make any causal relationships you know, there are patients level factors such you ethnic minorities to you know, social economic status that is associated more the scene at these hospitals is a lot of unknowns in our study. we don't know much about the supplies that they have. we didn't know about the drug shortages that they we don't know about the proportion of staff
3:37 pm
quarantine. and so it's kind of bad incomplete story, if you but, you know, we make with what we but it does give give me the sense you know, hospitals that probably a baseline. we're limited in terms of their we're probably the ones that were hit the worst. >> now doctor country says that if every covid-19 patient had all the resources necessary to properly treat them the death toll would have likely been lower. but because the virus is so deadly it would not have been 0. the upcoming olympic games in tokyo will not have the familiar sights and sounds of fans in the stands. spectators will not be allowed to attend after state of emergency was issued for tokyo amid a surge in coronavirus cases. kareen wynter brings us the story. >> it's a packed international event that draws record crowds and elite athletes from across the world. the fanfare and attractions of an olympic games is unlike any other
3:38 pm
event. but this year's summer olympics in tokyo will look dramatically different than past teams. the international olympic committee. president arrived in tokyo. this week following a stunning announcement by japan's prime minister who declared a state of emergency amid the spike in covid-19 cases in the country. that means fans will be prohibited from the games that run from july 23rd to august 8th with the state of emergency beginning on monday and going through the end of august. officials implemented these actions to protect both athletes and neighboring regions following the surge in infections that have reportedly jumped to more than 800,000 with deaths. exceeding 14,000 some media outlets have attributed the rise in the spread of the virus to the small percentage of people inoculated in japan. but wonder what the latest changes from the covid emergency will mean for an event that uses spectators in part to capture celebratory moments. we'll organizers now have to scramble to create digital seats to produce an artificial display of some type of attendance. then there's the economic fallout with the revenue. that would have been
3:39 pm
generated from the millions of tickets purchased for the event you cover not that we didn't japan's prime minister telling reporters yesterday if we see a decrease the number of beds taken by patients with the coronavirus i'm not sure in the period of the state of emergency while the games will now air in a limited format despite the disappointment of having this global stage now altered medical experts say the state of emergency will help save lives by reducing the risks for fresh wave of infections in an embattled region. this physician telling cnn today just a hot bed to explode as much as i love sports. i think it is a potentially very dangerous situation. >> kareen wynter. >> coming up, one arkansas family expecting their doordash food quite the surprise officers showed up at their doorstep. and after the break, our people actually leaving california and mass quantity study on whether the so-called california exodus,
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores
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and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> a new survey from you see san diego reveals californians are not feeling the states as much as you may think. researchers found the number of residents leaving has largely remained static over the past 2 years. 23% of california voters reported they were seriously considering leaving the states that's lower than what u c berkeley study found in 2019
3:43 pm
while data found no evidence of a mass exodus. there was a trend of people leaving san francisco. but even those people largely just moved to other parts of the state. most of the participants said they still believe in the california and a gorgeous lakefront estate in tahoe. steeped in history and nestled in the pines of the sierra and belongs to you and everyone in the golden state. >> that's today. stop for destination, california. up next. and dangerous heat is heading its way to the bay area, especially friday peaking on saturday with little relief for most of our valley during the overnight hours details ahead on what you can expect for the coming weekend.
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>> welcome back. almost 4 o'clock here on this thursday afternoon. and let's start with a weather check. taking a look at some cities around the bay area. we're seeing 93 3 degrees in concord, 96 in dublin in about 10 degrees cooler in san jose at about 85 degrees right now. but the peak of the heat is expected this weekend. kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here with the details recent. >> and there's yeah. let's take a look at temperatures out there because we're noticing more than a 40 degree difference out there right now between our coolest coastal cities and our hottest inland valleys, checkout livermore boarding with that triple digit heat 99 degrees. mid
3:47 pm
80's for those of you in san jose. mid 70's for the east bay shoreline mid 60's for those of you in downtown san francisco and the mixtures of 80's and 90's. as you make your way into the north bay with the exception of fairfield officially hitting the triple digit mark at 102 degrees under heat advisories and excessive heat warnings don't go into effect until friday for your new lunchtime hour continuing through sunday night for east valleys and even east bay hills diablo range. also included solano county that excessive heat warning going to remain in effect through monday night. so you are going to have an additional day of excessive heat on monday afternoon. so don't let your guard down. but for those of you in the north bay mountains and even into the east bay and north bay valleys as well. going to see 90's and near triple digit heat as well. so extremely hot conditions as you make your way in land cooler along the coast and east bay shoreline, things of that cool sea breeze
3:48 pm
in shallow marine layer. that is going to stick around. so be thankful for mother nature's ac for that overnight lows, though, in all the areas that you saw that were under an excessive heat warning going to see little relief during the overnight hours. widespread 70's and 80's which should be near your average daytime highs for this time of year. instead, you're only going to cool down to an average temperatures in the overnight hours and it's going to peak on saturday. those of you in solano county could warm up is how does a 115 degrees. most of the east bay and north bay valleys, especially those under excessive heat criteria. you're going to be as hot as 110 degrees. so stay cool and stay hydrated dangerous heat already here. back to use the knots. thank you. every shot. many people here in the bay area head to lake tahoe over the summer months. but have you explored all it has to offer in today's destination, california. >> melanie townsend uncovers a beautiful hidden gem on the west shore.
3:49 pm
>> and welcome to my humble some a boat here on lake tahoe just kidding. i wish, though this was my house. this 100 year-old home actually belong to the california state parks system and it continues to be one of the states here. this side of lake tahoe. imagine you built a mansion so grand in noteworthy that it became a historical landmark and eventually a state park. >> this is what happened to the original an estate built in 19 '02 by a s w helmet in-house, one of the wealthiest families in early california history. >> the house is 11,700 square feet a california craftsman
3:50 pm
style. so using original materials from the lake tahoe basin. so what we see behind us all. the granite came from lake tahoe. >> the estate stretches across more than 1000 acres of the sugar pine point state park. the mansion known as the pine lodge was the family summer home from 19. '03, to 1965 until was saved by the state. the attention was to tear down the house and turn this into a campground. a lakeside campground thanks to some very passionate advocates. the is now what heidi doyle says. it's a home for all californians. it's a family home. very livable. even though it's 11,000 square feet much larger than my personal house. i can see being in there and on that note. >> welcome to my home. come on and don't mind if we do. the friendly mi casa es su casa
3:51 pm
vibe going on here. guests can now tour this 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom home in the summer time of the 1930's and learn about the unique craftsmanship unique hand-woven. we have not seen this anywhere else early swimsuit fashions. so that would be your undergarments 100. he said. >> i would just looks like put like a modern-day area. >> revolutionary technologies. and let's not forget doyle's favorite spot in the i was a match and doing dishes the time. the good times continue outside as visitors hit back on the front porch. high. one sugar pine point beautiful trails or been in the sun. >> talk.
3:52 pm
>> we really encourage people to absorb nature. this is the combination of history and nature that makes this heart suspects. >> aside from its architectural charm and course history you can't this lakeside view. so it makes the and mansion. just another great destination here california. >> you may have just felt it. we just felt an earthquake. we felt it here in san francisco. we are working to get information with regard to where the epicenter was and what the magnitude of that earthquake was. i'm getting word right now that it was a 4.8 out of farmington. it shook for an extended period of time here. i'd say about maybe 1015, seconds. we felt it here shaking in the newsroom. but as you can see, we just pull that up on our screen. it's a 4.8 magnitude earthquake that just shook out of a farmington. and that is
3:53 pm
over in the central valley of quite a few hours away by car from here. so if we felt it so, so prominently here in san francisco. and they've been pretty big. one down in the central valley. again, a 4.8 magnitude quake just came in moments ago. this is information coming in from the u.s. a g s if you felt it. be sure to reach out to us and let us know where you are. but again, 4.8 magnitude quake coming out of farmington just shook us here in the bay area. we are working to get more with regard to any any damages, any injuries. and we will. we'll take a quick break and hopefull
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
3:56 pm
breaking news, a 4.8 magnitude quake in farmington that's over in the san joaquin county area. we felt it here in the newsroom. now farmington is not far from stockton. it's about an hour and 45 minutes away about a 100 miles away. that's a 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook us here in san francisco all around the bay area shook us for a good amount of time. again, i would say maybe 1015, seconds or newsroom was shaking 4 points. a pretty big a magnitude. we're going to turn things over to sir. right now for some more on that in their son, as you. and let's take a look at this quake because we
3:57 pm
didn't notice that it is inland about a 100 miles away from san francisco. but we certainly felt it here in the kron 4 news studio where we actually felt it for about a good 1015, seconds, light shaking foriunately. and as you can see, it is inland, not along the coast and it was a fairly weak wake. so no tsunami threat expected for us here in the bay area. but certainly quite a story to tell. >> as we wrap up our thursday afternoon with this like quake shaking here in san francisco. sanaa's. back to you. >> we'll have more for you coming up at 4 o'clock on kron on.
3:58 pm
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