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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  July 9, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a friday which is great and it's nice and clear and sunny, which is great and then too much of a good thing becomes not so great. yes, that's how that goes. kind of what we're going to get here over the next handful of days daryn full. so i'm james fletcher here with you this morning. >> eric also standing by. the weather center to really walk us through how these temperatures are going to climb. yeah. in the days to
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come. pretty quick and fact. today we're going to see more of the triple digits. tomorrow is going to be even more sizzlin for inland areas. >> in the meantime, our temperatures are still. >> a little low as we're nearer daytime highs yet. 24 hours ago, though temperatures were much lower. this is a look at the difference within that time. you can see fairfield, 17 degrees warmer than it was at 8 o'clock yesterday morning as well livermore. there and san jose where we're currently at 68 degrees right now. hayward mid 60's as well down to oakland their napa 67 and 63 in santa rosa. so all those areas that you see in pink. that is the excessive heat warning now be in effect starting at noon today. lasting through sunday. so just stay hydrated. if you're going to be out there. don't forget your sunscreen. keep your eye on your kids and your pets. coming up, we'll have the 7 day extended
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forecast has for now want to transition over to traffic and take a look at the roads right now, which are looking pretty good as you're heading into san francisco right before the toll plaza there to take the bay bridge. we now have that long wait like we normally have. it's 15 minutes from the maze to fremont street and the dumbarton bridge. both directions flowing smooth at this. >> time. it's 13 minutes heading out to menlo park. a look at other trying times around the bay here interstate 5.80 from livermore to dublin. 12 minutes and 80 from san leandro to milpitas under half an hour to 37 pts to sunnyvale just 7 minutes. james and darya. back to you. >> thank you very much, erica. our top story this morning is the excessive heat. so let's keep that team coverage let you know what you need to know, which is not only is it going to be hot, but you're being asked to conserve energy because we don't want to stress the power grid lose power. crawford's come to the
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barca live for us in contra, costa county, where people are bracing for some of the hottest temperatures. we're expecting this weekend camilla. >> daria james. it's not too hot, not too cold right now here in concord. but that's about to change in the upcoming hours. i know people are going to want to blast see this weekend. but estaria said we must conserve energy. these extreme temperatures have the possibility of affecting the state's electric grid the california independent system operator is asking people to conserve energy later tonight they're issuing a power alert from for this afternoon to 9 at night. and these are some ways you can save. power. unplug equipment. you're not using use fans instead of a c turn the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher avoid using major appliances like your washing machines and turn off any unnecessary lights. now take a look at this map. the excessive heat warning is for several bay area cities, much of the east bay is under that excessive heat warning, including here in concord,
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concord n livermore. now these places are likely to see the temperatures soar in the triple digits and that heat wave begins today and last through the weekend, these help temp hot temperatures can also cause heat related illnesses. the national weather service is advising people to stay in places where it's cool. do your outdoor activities now or late evening and walk the dogs before the pay big gets too hot. now i know yesterday we spoke to 2 men who are on a mission to break a world record on a teeter totter. they are still going at it today. they tell me the temperatures are no excuse to stop and they have plans to braces. hot weather. >> we have some support it will it will be here to help us do that. but how they get whatever whatever it takes. he wanted to set this record. you want to include his family in doing this. i promise to might help keep that promise. >> now, one of the men on that to their is trying to break
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his own record and tell me they have plenty of waters and fans to help them get through. now. earlier i did speak to someone tells me that they are hiding from these temperatures and just staying indoors to avoid that heat. so we have people on 2 sides of the spectrum when it comes to what they're doing when it comes to these hot temperatures during this weekend. we'll have to tune in to see these guys make it through do this heat wave, right. james, back to you. no doubt. all right. thank you very much. camilla. and if you want to track the he and in real time can keep going to the ap and like it's getting hotter is getting >> if that nation feeling about it. open your phone and scan. this qr code when i say scan, i don't mean snap a picture. >> as a lot of deleted pictures have to delete of bar code properly. scan. it's have you seen my cute baby barcode. yeah, that will get you there. so all you do is you open the phone and the camera and it takes you to a special spot we're also following breaking
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news as well this morning that we want to keep you posted on overnight. there were some earthquakes and aftershocks in the sierra. yeah. a lot. as a matter of fact, was the bigger one yesterday. the main one was 6 point. oh magnitude. that was. >> around 4 o'clock or so yesterday afternoon and then in the hours that followed we've seen dozens of aftershocks and on the map, you can see that cluster of them there. >> the red or the the dot, the more recent it is. and of course the bigger the dot. >> the bigger the magnitude. >> the been dozens of aftershocks, the so the 6 o is the biggie and that was at 4 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday. then the biggest aftershock was a 4 o and it's funny because, you know, with, you know, quakes at all. i'm sure you do. >> it all depends where they are deep. they are and where people are as a popular or not. melanie townsend spoke to the experts. >> from sacramento to the bay area that shakes fo by this impressive 6 point. oh earthquake thursday afternoon happened in a remote area. austin elliott with the u.s.
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geological survey says has been on their radar for a long time. this is a classic place. the geologist go to the active faults that we know formed pretty dramatic topography. when you go east in the sierra nevada mountain range. elliott who lives in san francisco, 250 miles away from the epicenter says he could feel the rumblings of the quake. >> but in terms of its size, it's based on the measurements that we this is not out of the ordinary earthquake in terms of the shaking in 10 cities either instrument recorded or reported to hour. did you feel it system? there's liquid sloshing on the stoats. however, according to elliott in doctor kit, miyamoto there is potential for even more intense aftershocks. >> or a bigger quake. well, it was a pretty healthy line to do like 5.9. so you're going to defintely see the up. this ought keep going for the next 24 within the realm of possibility that a large earthquake will follow this one as is the case with any earthquake and is is ultimately the case with even
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when earthquakes don't occur. the governor's office of emergency services also recognizes this and is now working around the clock to monitor a situation that has a lot of people shaken up to earthquakes that we feel in sacramento, that certainly. >> as with fires, as with covid were experiencing more and more of this. and so it is important to take those safety steps to protect yourself. your family make a family emergency plan. it's really a wake-up call, a reminder melanie townsend. fox 40 news. >> the earthquake swarm comes as california geological survey issued a new tsunami hazard maps for san francisco, santa clara and contra costa counties. if you look at the map, the areas in yellow represent the hazard areas. the areas in green are okay there outside the hazard zone. but the most significant increase in this new hazard area map is the low elevation lands in san francisco's north beach and downtown market street area and also the residential and commercial areas around the richmond. the
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new maps hopefully will help local and state agencies better prepare for any future potential tsunami. >> quake tsunami is power grid. and don't forget about the drought. governor newsom is urging us all to cut back on our water usage. you see the reservoirs and how alarmingly low they are. so the governor is asking everybody to reduce their usage by at least 15%. it's not mandatory, but he points out that if we all do these little things water. the lawn last cut down on laundry. take a shorter shower inland up. not here. >> as nanny state or not. china here be oppressive. again, these are voluntary, the sober reality as such that. here we are again and we will need to with the lessons learned from the last drought. >> 50 of california's 58 counties are now under a drought emergency and if you take a look at the latest drought map of the bay area. everybody we're all in either extreme or exceptional drought
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conditions. the darkest. that's the worst and then a lighter is a little bit better. but it's not great for anybody. james. >> here in the bay area. we know contra, costa county water district. there is also asking customers to cut use by 10% for a closer look at what this would look like with kron four's gayle ong with the story. >> when you're a load of laundry. make sure that you're you're filling it up as as much as you can and same with with your dishwasher at the same time besides full loads and jennifer allen with the contra costa water district says customers to check outdoor irrigation systems to help conserve water, making sure that it sent to the appropriate. >> time and length of for for the season that we're in right now and also for how the how the temperature is outside the district's board of directors called a stage one water shortage after meeting wednesday contra. costa county is classified under exceptional drought, the primary source of water is a sacramento san joaquin delta
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originating from rivers within the sierra water officials say much of the anticipated inflow from snowmelt was absorbed by the dry ground. the water district plans to use water stored in los vaqueros reservoir, which is at about 77% capacity. in addition to voluntary conservation to meet customers needs in the meantime, the district has these tips at mulch into our our gardens or into or any landscape, though, have outside of mult is a great way to retain moisture within the soil. and so you don't have to water as often. >> and then indoors. people can take a look at that and have your fixtures tech and make sure that, you know, have a leak in a toilet or in a fossett little little things like that. save a lot of water and like other counties. contra costa water is offering rebates and incentives to get people to say water. that includes line replacements and free fixtures like shower, heads and timers reporting in danville. gayle ong kron 4 news.
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>> well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news a concerning rise in covid cases in the east bay. ititas health officials now working to get more people vaccinated we'll explain. and businesses down at hotels across san francisco. and we'll tell you what hotel managers say is to blame for it. and again, another look at the temperatures today can't remind you of the war knew enough about how hot it's going to be this afternoon with even hotter weather on the way for the weekend. you're going want to know more. we'll have that for you coming up.
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>> 14 right now and the san francisco hotel market is in a state of depression which is way worse than hotels are doing in the rest of the country. everybody seeing a drop the u.s. hotel market overall is considered in a recession, which means they're down 22%. but apparently the revenue per available room in san francisco is worse. it's down 70% from may of 2019 to may of this year. hotel managers say a big thing to blame is the loss of the convention business that's causing a steep decline. >> we're very convention and meeting city and so because all the conventions and meetings have been canceled for all of 21. that takes a huge. leg of the stool. if you want to call that the other
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major market is the international visitors tourists and they're not to the states, let alone california. so now you've lost 2 legs on a three-legged stool. >> hotel managers. expect more businesses conventions. come back up in the tourism picks up, but they don't expect to fully bounce back until 2023. >> all right. let's check bay area weather now, maybe san francisco's a place you want to go to rent a hotel room. >> i was there just see rain. it just told us right left before she went on vacation. she was like, yeah. you know, i'm thinking about stand because i don't have a nice either. and staying in a hotel may be for the night. we've got some deals for the business. they have cool. check it right, erica. right. yeah. speaking of san francisco are temperatures today for daytime highs. >> we're going to be in the 70's. a normal for us. around 66 this time of year. other places going to be above normal even more than 5
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degrees along the coast. daytime highs will be in the 60's today. 65 in half moon bay. not too much of a change or increase in are temperatures compared to yesterday there. however, other parts of the bay. notice it's warmer. millbrae 81 degrees foster city 84 for daytime highs out in the south bay. we're going to see some mid 90's 95 in morgan now 94 in saratoga, the normals usually in the 80's this time of year out there and there you see more triple digits in places like pleasanton and livermore today hayward mid 80's down to union city as well. rock a triple digits there in danville and concord 70's in berkeley. little cooler out here and pittsburgh also triple digits. we've got another hot spot out there in vacaville at one. '05, i'm going to stay hydrated. wear your sunscreen if you're going to be outdoors and here in the north bay. we're looking at 90's up in santa rosa course, cooler as you get closer to the water there. point reyes,
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76 degrees. and this friday, if you happen to be heading out of town looking pretty nice right now. at an donner summit seeing blue skies but also going to be warm out there. south lake cause expected to be 92 today. plenty of sunshine up and down the street and extreme heat fresno. one. '09 and sacramento. also going to be hot today at one. '07, even hotter tomorrow. so we have high pressure building and the desert southwest. that's why you see that pink area there. that is that excessive heat warning again for us in the bay area that's going to start this afternoon and last through sunday and you have a look there at the rest of our temperatures across the country. in case you're traveling. now let's switch over to traffic. take a look at the roads right now skews me. on one o one there. i was tracking this traffic collision heading northbound in san mateo near peninsula avenue. we've got some red there that some heavy traffic building as the left lane is
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blocked by multiple vehicles right now. they're working to clear that. so you might want to take to 80 instead. if you're heading north, the peninsula. as for the richmond, sandra fell bridge. still looking a little slow as you're approaching the tolls. but after that. >> looking like a smooth and quick ride into marion county, san mateo bridge also pretty nice, right now in fast. if you're heading out to the peninsula. it's 13 minutes out to one o one and westbound 24 walnut creek to 5.80 a 12 minute drive time south bay also looking pretty good right now seeing a lot of green there on 2.80 from san jose to cupertino just 11 minute drive time in on 5.80 here looking at under 15 minutes from castro valley, too. the maze. we've got some other drive times here. not too bad. pretty normal in the meantime, going to send it back over to you, james and darya. >> all right. you know, the great go to south lake tahoe. would that be nice? yeah. like
8:20 am
telling great for the weekend, especially because of how hot it's going to be and they have the annual charity golf event with all of star athletes faces you'll recognize from the bay area. it's a three-day tournament begins today and this year. >> a limited number of fans are actually allowed to be there which the competitors say makes all the difference. you know who makes all the difference in this think steph curry every year. so much fun to watch. mark demsky has more. >> the beach. the boats. the gulf and most important, the celebrities and fans. american century championship is back in full swing this year from steph curry to patrick mahomes and aaron rodgers only offering us a wave but said nothing about his current holdout with the packers. but as powell charles barkley at some insight air and tell you that he's gonna let you know. talked to me to undergo his left foot into the
8:21 am
>> what's your favorite part about being here back again. and i think is the fans. >> the hospitality you know, you get a chance to compete. you got some great ftc. got actors. you got actresses. >> we got to go out friday we're going to compete. no surprise right the jerry rice likes the competition. well as former teammates wife is hoping steve young can finally do better at that this year. you left to, right. >> he said if you don't get better, you're going to you play lefty. so i spent the last year to at least understand the climate a place where i know what's wrong and what's right. and so should be. i should be a good bet this weekend. at least the better. >> and from someone who was at the top of the golf game for a long time on a cuss stamm is impressed with how good most players games are the so into the game was a loving of this series, got 4. they really care about it than nick good at it too. so. >> it's just it's just a lot of fun. always watch it on tv
8:22 am
when i was active playing, you know, my 24 years in the majors. but coming out here has been glassman the ball carries a little bit yet i had to get a couple years and just to used to the fight of the golf ball out here, but it's beautiful. >> i'm looking for just having some fun playing some golf knocking it around hit some bad shots hit. some good shots. hopefully not finishing. and the bottom half sounds like a good approach to a fun weekend. >> from south lake tahoe. mark demsky. >> and that's the one where stephan is dead always have a bed and the loser has to jump into the late. yes. >> and you already said you've jumped into lake and it's freezing. it is. that's one way of escaping the heat here. just one dip in lake tahoe. the yeah. take a look at the high temperatures. another glimpse. >> was going to help the other make your ground. but in either case it's going to out even a san francisco 74. that's pretty toasty local barefoot it watch out for your pets. we'll be right back.
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>> 8.25 right now and bmw. introducing an electric scooter plus there is something new with tiktok rich demuro explains in this morning's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world. tiktok is
8:26 am
testing a new feature that lets users apply for jobs using a video resume. >> let's power appears officers by talking the perfect steak talk resume the pilot program, lets users in the u.s. tag their videos with the hashtag tick tock resumes to apply to various jobs. there are about 3 dozen companies participating, including target chipola abercrombie and great clips jobs range from internships to entry level positions. there are even some senior level positions available applications are due by july 31st. you can now video chat as some of your favorite characters from harry potter. facebook has a new harry potter and the cursed child augmented reality experience on their portal device you up to 3 friends can transform into characters from the play in various settings, including the hogwarts great hall. the ministry of magic or the edge of the forbidden forest. you can even nod your head to show off your magical powers. facebook says the 3 d characters you become are some
8:27 am
of the most realistic yet right down to skin tone and bmw has announced plans for production of an electric scooter the futuristic-looking ceo for has bright orange accents and sharp angular lines. it will have an 81 mile range and reach a top speed of about 75 miles an hour. the scooter also has antilock braking automatic stability control dynamic traction control and a 10 inch screen between the handlebars bmw did not say how much it will cost or when it's available for purchase. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. 27 the time. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> one drug maker is asking the fda to approve a booster shot for its covid vaccine, though, son local and fda doctors say they don't think it's necessary. we'll take a look. here's a look at the temperatures that we'll expect this afternoon. we're trying to get the word out to you to be careful this weekend. we're at the beginning of what's expected to be way that will stretch into next week. we'll be right back.
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we've got it designed for your budget. want endless aisles of more? we've got more. way more. when you explore our showrooms of style, you'll find whatever you're into. at a price you'll really get into. lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility. >> 8.30, taking a live look here. this is our view along the embarcadero. well, at least the flag is blowing a little sea, get some when it's going to be this hot. you something to move the air around. i know it helps out immensely. that's what you want to keep fans going today. >> turn the ac was going to say down. but you actually want to turn it up because you don't want to be cooler than 78 because of the power alert for today and this weekend. so
8:31 am
don't use a downer up because that can know. what do you want your 78. cooler than 78 know whose lands to just move the air around because that helps. yeah. that does help because you know what, with us flexing the power alerts when the power goes out. >> and it's a million degrees or and you don't have to even a fan god. i which happened was the last year were. so you're being asked to do your part. we'll talk more about that coming up in a little. the first let's take a look at how hot hot is going to be erica. it's going to be how we're going to see triple more places today. tomorrow is going to be even more says lynn for. >> inland areas. but you're talking about those winds. it is looking pretty light. it will pick up just a little bit this afternoon. so maybe that'll help with the temperatures that we're going to be feeling that's going to be pretty high above normal today as well. as this weekend. but let's take a look now at the difference. we've seen these last 24 hours fairfield 17 degrees warmer than it was at 8.30 yesterday
8:32 am
morning, sliver more to also warmer. in fact, the whole day areas just heating up there. 68 right now in san mateo 59 in san francisco, mid 60's currently in nevado and 71 outs. they're in cloverdale. we have this high pressure building in the southwest. that's why those temperatures are climbing. it's also bringing us dry conditions. but that's also kept that marine layer from moving deep the pink area that we see on our map here that that is the excessive heat warning that begins a 2 day at noon and last through sunday. so again, stay hydrated. all have a look at our high temperatures in our 7 day extended forecast coming up in just a bit. and checking in on our traffic cameras here, right this for you approach the bay bridge. it's looking smooth. you don't really have a line of cars waiting are moving slow to get
8:33 am
in across the san francisco. if you're coming from the other direction and heading to the east bay. we do have a lane that is blocked at treasure island. so just a heads up, there might be a little slow south bay looking good right now. we did see our drive times got just a little bit there. 11 minutes from san jose to cupertino but no lanes blocked, no major collisions are hot spots at all. and a look at other drive times around the bay here, interstate 6.80, dublin to fremont is just under 15 minutes. james and darya. back to you. thanks a lot. 8.33 a big story this morning after months of progress daily covid cases in some bay area counties are on the rise again now, health officials are putting blame squarely on the rapid spread of the delta variant which has become now the most dominant strain in california. >> largely impacting and infecting those that are unvaccinated. yeah, it's much more potent in its infection rate and their data shows that the people mostly getting it
8:34 am
this delta variant haven't been vaccinated at all. pfizer. meantime is looking for maybe a booster shot. but doctors say that's a necessary. know. we've got kron four's. dan thorn to explain why. >> in an effort to boost immunity against coronavirus variants. pfizer is seeking the potential of another vaccine dose. early studies of the company's booster suggest antibody levels jumped dramatically with a 3rd shot. there's no reason. >> to roll up your sleeve for a 3rd booster at this point. you see berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine should be enough to keep the current delta variant from infecting people and putting them in the hospital. he views the development of a 3rd dose as pfizer's way of being prepared for the number of antibodies that may diminish over time. the message to the public shouldn't be that pfizer is doing this because we need it. the message should be that pfizer's doing this. so it's available in case we do need to do in the future. >> studies are underway for if
8:35 am
and when a booster may be needed. the bigger concern is getting more americans fully vaccinated. french researchers found a single dose of pfizer's two-shot regimen is not enough protection against the delta variant doctor swartzberg says data shows about 10% of people who received the first dose of the vaccine are not returning for the second those people are putting themselves at substantial risk, getting really sick from the delta variant. perhaps one of the up in the hospital and perhaps something even more serious reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> in the east bay alameda county is seeing an increase in covid and some of it they're saying is because of the delta variant fact. it could even be worse. then the spring wave of covid that we saw there. the alameda county health department says the latest increases side from the delta contagious variant. so just saying we reopened everybody's out and about and most people feel comfortable, not wearing masks. now health officer nicholas moss believes
8:36 am
that while some mild cases have been reported among people who are fully vaccinated. that's not the case. over all its people are unvaccinated. they have to worry. >> the vast majority of these cases are in it. vaccinated. people and the communities where we see the lowest vaccination rates. so we have seen some increases our hospitalizations. we got down to levels that we really haven't seen at any point in the pandemic in early but but we're up again from there. >> health officials are urging you get vaccinated and they're urging you. if you're not vaccinated and you don't want to be you better wear a mask indoors and out because they say that's pretty much all you have protecting you from getting covid. happening today. east palo alto. they're trying to get more young people to get their shots. and you know, the young people, they're enticed by food music parties will who's not so they're having a vaccination center at the e p a center
8:37 am
1950 bay road. it's from 4 to 7. anybody 12 and older can get their shot there. and then after you get the shot, you can enjoy live music fun activities, food and maybe even win a prize. it's by the way, the first event at the newly renovated epa son. >> 8.36 is the time 5 police officers have filed a lawsuit now against the city of palo alto for allowing the creation of black lives matter murals that contained anti-police images. so the mural was painted last june in the street across from city hall after the murder of george floyd. well, the lawsuit claims that one of the murals depicts asada schuck or who was a former member of the black liberation army who was convicted in 1973 of killing a new jersey state trooper when asked for comment. the city attorneys said that the city hasn't been served with the lawsuit yet. so could not provide a comment. the vta has developed a plan to resume light rail service by the end of the month. there's going to be a training period involved
8:38 am
in a soft opening before actual work assignments resume. the light rail system spans more than 40 miles in the south bay traveling from san jose to mountain view. and with the resumption of service, the end of the month. we know it comes well. more than a month after 9 people were killed at a shooting at the vta railyard. >> time now is a 38. and still ahead, even if you go to lake tahoe every summer. there are some things you may not know about like this hidden gem. you know what? this is. we're going to take you to the west shore. and you're going want to go to this weekend. if you're in a inland areas that are really going to bake like. >> concord a 100 livermore one. oh, one and up in santa rosa napa and antioch into the high 90's. we'll be right back.
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>> 8.41 in national news, the death toll in the condo collapse in surfside has gone up now it's 64 people have been confirmed to have died in this horrible disaster and there are still 76 people that are unaccounted for. they have turned into a recovery mission. >> we all still praying for a miracle. we haven't given up all hope. thank you for continuing to pray for all families. >> that was the prayer that they took a moment and pause the efforts to do and to honor the victims. the mayor says discussions have started about
8:42 am
what to do with the site once mounds of debris have been removed. a lot of people think there should be an official memorial there because it is the site of one of the deadliest mass casualty building collapses in u.s. history. as we head to break. >> at 8.41. we'll take another look at temperatures that we're expecting this afternoon as we continue to sound the alarm of this heat wave. >> that we are now entering beginning today and lasting through the weekend and into next week with. well, multiple days of 100 plus degree weather. we'll be right back with that.
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we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . >> all right. 8.45 is the time back with a check of the forecast with erica as we are again on the doorstep. erica, of what could be a pretty significant heat wave for a lot of folks. yeah, you're right about that. it's going to be another warm day. warmer compared to yesterday. tomorrow. >> even hotter. however, if you live along the coast are not really going to see too much of a change compared to what we saw yesterday. so if you want to cool off half moon bay today. we're going to be in the 60's. we have a live look outside here. still seeing some clouds out there keeping cool. we did see that marine layer shift as far inland as we normally do and we didn't see it as thick because of that dry air mass from the high pressure building over the desert
8:46 am
southwest. but our normal high temperatures around the bay area much lower than what we're going to see for daytime highs today. as you can see, san jose, the normals about 81 degrees. concord 80's as well as santa rosa here in san francisco. normals. usually 66. we're going to in the 70's today, mostly sunny skies. >> along the coast looking at 60's and warmer here in millbrae 81 degrees. 84 in burlingame from san carlos to redwood city looking at upper 80's 87 in mountain view, south bay seeing warmer temperatures in the mid 90's today. yesterday were in the lower 90's out and morgan held today 95 there 96 in los gatos. and we're seeing more triple digits there. pleasanton and livermore dublin 96 hayward down union city. we're looking at mid 80's today, cooler out in richmond and berkeley mid 70's or end at 87 concord. also
8:47 am
going to see those triple digits as well. as danville and pittsburgh vacaville. also another hot spot today at one. '05? cooler 89 degrees for daytime highs. 91 in santa rosa player. a is though, looking cooler at 76 degrees. so here's a look at our own nora cow honda 7 day. >> extended forecast there you see our temperatures rise and saturday. >> and then after that we start to go back down by middle of next week is. >> where we should be for this time of the year. and checking in on the roads. here's a look outside. if you're taking the richmond, sandra fell bridge into the north bay looking great right now 9 minutes out to highway one o one. i'm not seeing any issues. there are major accidents as well as on the golden gate bridge also looking smooth in both directions. 20 minutes out toll plaza. no issues on the
8:48 am
san mateo bridge is while the high rise looking good. it's moving. see more cars out and about there. it's 13 minutes from the east bay out to highway one. oh, one one. oh, one is also looking good in the south bay right now. 33 minutes from san jose out to menlo park and on interstate 6.80, from dublin to fremont just 14 minutes. james. >> all right. thank you is the time and destination. california lake tahoe obviously a big draw for folks, especially during the summer months when it gets hot here in the bay area. you can do everything as you know from hiking to exploring the lakes to well, getting into the mountains. but in this morning's edition of destination, california. we've got melanie townsend uncovering a hidden gem that perhaps you never knew about.
8:49 am
>> i welcome to my humble some a boat here on lake tahoe just kidding. i wish, though this was my house. this 100 year-old home actually belong to the california state parks system and it continues to be one of the states here. this side of lake tahoe. imagine you built a mansion so grand in noteworthy that it became a historical landmark and eventually a state park. >> this is what happened to the original an estate built in 19 '02 by a s w helmet in-house, one of the wealthiest families in early california history. >> the house is 11,700 square feet a california craftsman style. so using original materials from the lake tahoe basin. so what we see behind us all. the granite came from lake tahoe.
8:50 am
>> the estate stretches across more than 1000 acres of the sugar pine point state park. the mansion known as the pine lodge was the family summer home from 19 '03, to 1965 until was saved by the state. the attention was to tear down the house and turn this into a campground. a lakeside campground thanks to some very passionate advocates. the pine lodge is now what heidi doyle says. it's a home for all californians. it's a family home. it's very livable. even though it's 11,000 square feet much larger than my personal house. i can see being in here and on that note. >> welcome come on. and don't mind if we do. friendly mi casa es su casa vibe going on here. guests can now tour this 8 bedroom, 6 bathroom home in the summer time of the 1930's and learn about the unique
8:51 am
craftsmanship unique hand-woven. we have not seen this anywhere else early swimsuit fashions. so that would be your undergarments and reduce that. >> i would just looks like put like a modern day. some >> revolutionary technologies. and let's not forget doyle's favorite spot in the i was a match and doing dishes and the good times continue outside as visitors hit back on the front porch. high. one sugar pine point beautiful trails or fun in the sun. >> talked. >> we really encourage people to absorb nature because it's the combination of history and nature that makes this heart suspect. aside from its
8:52 am
architectural charm and course history. you can't this lakeside view. >> so it makes the and mansion. just another great destination here california. >> while and don't forget if you scan that qr code on your screen, you will be taken to our destination. california section of the website where you can see some of the fun activities beyond just got a whole slew of ideas for you this summer. so make sure you check it out again. all kron 4 dot com. >> as we head to break another reminder why you might want to take a dip in tahoe with the cold water up there because it's going to be hot here. 100 and conquered 101 in livermore, a boy. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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>> and we are bagged. 55 is the time barry a baseball. the a's avoided getting swept by the astros in houston. so let's get right to the highlights from yesterday. first inning we go jed lowry at the plate. look at grounds one right up the middle for a base hit and that allowed matt olson to score and extend their lead is pitcher. frankie montas to what he had a good day show his highlights. here
8:56 am
he only gave up one run in 7 innings struck out 10 batters there was winning this one. the final score 2 to one a's will stay in texas will face the rangers today with first pitch 5. '05. meantime, the giants are back in action tonight at oracle park will be hosting the nationals with first pitch there at 6.45. well, the scripps national spelling be crowned its first african-american winner in the competition's 96 year. history can believe it took that long. well, here's a look at the winning moment. you a >> that happy is. >> that is 14 year-old zaila avant garde from harvey, louisiana with the confetti. there. >> moray maria. >> that was the word that won it all for a type of tropical tree. >> the only other word that gave her any real trouble was the peta, which is also a kind of plant. but as you can see
8:57 am
after being announced the winner. she was jumping for joy. spinning. that's what pure joy looks like and holding that trophy was well worth it after all those long hours of studying and practicing. we'll take a break. it's a 56 now coming up in the next hour. kron 4 morning news can't. >> talk about it enough. the dangerously high temperatures that we're expecting this weekend. it really starts today. here's your afternoon highs with a 100 in concord power alerts. also in effect to and earthquakes as if the heat wave wasn't enough. we have a whole bunch of them happening up in the sierra. we'll talk more about that in just a minute.
8:58 am
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explore floor & decor in person or online at >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at known. good morning. thank you for joining us on the finest day of the week. >> it is a friday and it's the finest hour to 09:00am, although i think maybe today's going to be the beginning of troubling times for some. it's going to be hot super hot as we head into the weekend. that's our big weather story. so let's start there in the weather center. >> good morning, erica. good morning, james. happy friday. gas today. temperatures are going to be warmer than yesterday. a triple digits in more places


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