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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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and excessive heat wave has arrived in the bay area. triple digit temperatures in many inland locations this evening. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne an excessive heat warning has been issued for parts of the bay area. kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us how hot it's going to get. yeah. guys. we've been talking about this kind of this ridge is here now some place the bay area already in the triple digits today. this is not the peak of the heat. we've got a ways to go. what's interesting, though, is we're seeing that sea breeze. even some white caps out of the waters toward alcatraz that kept the temperatures as much as 40 degrees cooler. >> along the coastline. so, yeah, really kind of an extreme event, right. we've got that nice, cool air out of the beaches, even some fog. but you head anywhere inland. these temperatures heating up in a hurry so advisories and warnings for he going up around the bay area. been extended advisory into the santa clara valley for the heat. also in the north bay the warnings over the mountain tops in the north bay. but in the east bay contra, costa
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alameda also slow that is down in the urban areas. we're expecting these temperatures to soar to a 100 to maybe a 108 degrees in a night. it's not going to cool down much 60's some upper 70's for lows and you get over the mountain tops probably lows in the 80's. and that's why that makes he waved dangerous out there right now. here's a look at some of the numbers. how about that? a 109 right now in vacaville, 99 degrees in fairfield for the south. 100 still in concord 99 in walnut creek. a 105 in pleasanton 96 in livermore. then you get inside the bay. that's where you get enough of that breeze from the ocean keep these temperatures much cooler 73 very comfortable in hayward right now. 71 in san leandro. the south bay still on the warm side. 86 in cupertino. 84 in sunnyvale out toward the beaches. these temperatures way down generally in the 50's and the 60's here is that sea breeze kept things nice and cool right to the golden gate bridge. so hot mill valley 91 degrees there right now. and we're just getting in the seaway going to be much hotter tomorrow. we'll talk about
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that and the records that were set to that coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence, thanks for that. reminder. we are under a flex alert that was issued by cal iso. it's in effect right now. it went into effect at 4 o'clock this afternoon and will last until 9 o'clock tonight that agencies in charge of the state's power grid and is urging people to cut back on their power usage today. >> again, from 4 to 9. this will help relieve stress on the grid and protected from being overwhelmed. here's some tips to help out during this flex thermostats to 78 degrees or higher avoid using major appliances and turn off or even unplug any lights it or not in use. we'll continue to track the heat wave on our kron 4 app uses qr cod% to download the app and get the latest weather updates, including a look at the 7 day forecast in the current conditions and a list of the cooling centers all over the bay area and some developing news to tell you about now. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused this fire near lake merritt in
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oakland. this evening. it was put out just about an hour ago. >> near the henry j kaiser convention center downtown as you can see in the video, the flames and smoke were coming from the area less than an acre burn. nobody was injured right now investigators are going through surveillance cameras to try and figure out what happened. we will bring you any new information as it comes into the newsroom. police are on the scene of a stabbing in the city. it's happening at broadway and powell in san francisco. that is near the broadway tunnel. >> as you can see in this video the area was blocked off. police say just before 4 o'clock this afternoon. they responded to a report of a stabbing. they say 2 men were involved in some sort of altercation. one of them pulled a knife. the other man was stabbed and then there was a struggle and the suspect was also injured. both men were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. police again are still on the scene at broadway and pow. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. the triple digit temperatures
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where telling you about are coming at a time when water used typically rises during the summer, but because of the drought, governor gavin newsome is asking all of us to reduce their water consumption by 15%. >> kron 4 sleep to go reports from the east bay with some tips on how to save. >> on average. the east bay municipal utility district says single-family customers use about 250 gallons of water per day. that number can vary based on where you and the size of your lot. but if you can soon 250 gallons of water on a daily basis. a 15% reduction amounts to 37 and a half gallons of water that includes water use for indoors like, you know, flushing toilets, washing hands showering. >> as well as outdoor water use a good place to start is the toilet older models can use up to 5 gallons per flush newer high efficiency toilets use about 1.2 gallons per flush by installing a high efficiency toilet. the state says a household can save 19 gallons per person each day.
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if there are multiple people in your home. you can achieve the 15% goal by upgrading the toilet alone keeping showers under 5 minutes could save 12 and a half gallons for a shower when using water efficient showerheads might actually devices that will mail out to folks. we raiders that you can install in your shower head that it reduces the overall flow and help to get that those avoid washing dishes by hand. if you have a dishwasher, you can also save around 4 gallons of water per day. if you wash only loads. >> as for laundry east bay, muds, watereconservation manager alice to he says by properly using load size settings reducing the number of loads by using full loads. only and replacing the standard washer with a high efficiency model, you can save up to 25 gallons of water per day. as for the outdoors, she does not recommend letting your lawn guy just limit the
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frequency. it gets water to 3 times per week is the people, you know, watering every day when it's not actually necessary. and in fact, it's better for plants. if you are less frequently, but more deeply. lastly, check for leaks around the house. this could potentially save hundreds of gallons of water per day. >> believed it all kron 4 news. >> other big story today. masks in schools, california, k through 12 students and teachers will be keeping theirs on this fall even if they are vaccinated against covid-19 this comes despite the fact the cdc is relaxing its guidance the agency says people who have their shots can be inside the classroom without wearing masks. so four's, maureen kelly explains why the state of california is telling is schools to keep covered up. >> while many vaccinated, students and teachers around the country will likely be heading inside their classrooms with their faces bear. those here in all california. k through 12 schools will have to keep covered up for now even if
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they've gotten their shots. that's because the cdc also said today that masks should stay up inside if schools cannot maintain a distance of at least 3 feet between desks and the state's public health department says they are not recommending physical distancing because of the hurdles that would present to california schools fully reopening the county superintendent of schools for contra. costa is on board with the state's decision. i really do think it really highlights the importance of in-person learning. i think in person learning. >> is the best models benefits young people the most. and so this really allows for everybody to come back fully into the classroom. the principal of hercules middle school says the state's decision to keep up with the mask-wearing inside schools makes things a little more simple. specially has only kids 12 and up are eligible for their shots at the middle school level. you can up from 10 to 13 at various times in the air. so you could start with some that are eligible
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for the vaccine and then end up. >> throughout the course of your more eligible and it could cause a little bit of confusion for us for sure. >> the parents i talked to picking up their kids from summer school or fine with the idea of keeping the mask requirement in place because we still have deaths going on. we still have the virus is still out there. the california department of public health says they are continuing to review with the cdc just released and says they plan to release more state guidance for k through 12 schools on monday. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> the california teachers association released a statement on the state's decision today. it reads in part, quote, we urge local school districts to use school sites as community vaccination centers and to continue working with educators, parents and the school community in developing safety protocols noting that the california department of public health recommends continued indoor masking as a safety precaution. when physical distancing cannot be guaranteed. that earthquake swarm we felt yesterday comes
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as the california geological survey issued new tsunami hazard maps for san francisco, santa clara and contra costa counties. the areas you see here highlighted in yellow represent the hazard areas. the areas in green are outside those hazard areas. the most significant increase in the tsunami hazard area is low elevation land in san francisco's north beach and downtown market street also residential and commercial areas around the port of richmond. the new maps will help state agencies as well as local governments. better prepare for potential tsunami dozens and dozens of aftershocks have been recorded following yesterday's magnitude 6 earthquake in the antelope valley. but today the focus on the u.s. sheila geological survey's shake alert early warning system is where people are paying attention. that system which is designed to seconds before the shaking so that we can take cover. it didn't work as planned kron four's dan kerman explains why thursday's magnitude 6 quake in the antelope valley triggered the
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u.s. geological survey's shake alert early warning system. >> but usgs says a lack of ground sensors in eastern california. resulted in inaccurate information being sent out. >> the outside edge of the way front was picked up by questions of stations that are occasions created 3 separate those quakes. one of the central valley near stockton, one in the mammoth lakes area and then a 3rd. yeah, little bit north of mammoth lakes near mono lake because shake alert id 3 smaller quakes instead of one big one. >> only 303,000 people in and around mammoth lakes in stockton got the alert on their phones earthquake. drop cover. hold on had this system, correct characterize the magnitude 6 earthquake and put it in the right location that would have alerted a. >> much larger area than it did as opposed to just mammoth lakes in stockton alerts should have gone out 350
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kilometers in each direction from the epicenter. >> about as far west as napa as far north. the stones landing as far east as when a market in goldfield nevada and as far south as fresno as improves both in terms of the science of the software but also the station build out. >> but we that the system will more were reliable time. >> usgs says about 70% of the sensors are currently in place. mostly in major metropolitan areas. they say it will take 2 to 3 years to get the remaining ones in place more in rural areas. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a section dedicated to everything you need to know about the swarm of earthquakes in the sierra. there's also information on the usgs shake alert app and earthquake preparedness tips. so that you're ready when another one hits. coming up, a mother goes to mcdonald's for a happy meal and get a lot
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what everybody's doing give you a live picture interstate 6.80, wanna creek, which is actually pretty quiet during this commute time of the afternoon evening. dolores is here to let us know whether or not we broke any record so far today. eah, we actually tied one today and i think more will fall tomorrow as i think the peak of this heat wave going to come tomorrow afternoon as the temperatures going to sort out there right now. the sea breezes kicked back in and the temperatures dropping very comfortably along the coastline. but today you have tied a record, a little more that record a 106 degrees. i think by tomorrow afternoon, the forecast even hotter than that. so we'll see many records fall. i think for tomorrow still very impressive how the heat wave is working out right now. look at the triple digit heat in the valleys. a 103 in concord today. a 108 in antioch course. a 106 in little more get inside the bay, not bad. a warm day but not bad at all. it almost kind of cool along the coastline over 40 degrees cooler out toward the beaches in half moon bay. that's compared livermore. so that's the contrast that we're dealing with right now. and that's what we'll see again for tomorrow. that's the
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advisories really away from the coastline. the warnings of many of the interior spots and over the mountains you're going to see the hot temperatures, maybe a 100 to a 108 degrees, especially in solano county. you'll see a lot of that also into alameda contra, costa county as well. so it's going to get hot spots out there. but the fog still along the coastline. and that's because we don't have a true offshore wind without that offshore wind, that allows that sea breeze to kick in and keep those temperatures much cooler up toward the beaches. winds kicking up right now in spots to 22 miles an hour into fairfield, 18 in san francisco on 22 at sfo. the temperatures that kind of all over the map. you're a cool 56 degrees in pacifica, but still a 100 and conquered 99 in fairfield right now. 104 in cloverdale 86 degrees and cooling down. now in santa rosa and 79 in petaluma high pressure will continue to build in at least for one more day bringing that dry desert air in across the bay area. that's going to send these temperatures soaring maybe to record levels by tomorrow afternoon. but thae fog will be present along the
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coastline. it's going to be compressed is going to be a shallow marine layer that probably to break up a little bit toward the afternoon squeeze in some sunshine out toward the beaches. the don't head up toward the coast expected to be nice. sunny and warm there. it's just not going to be that way. it will be a lot cooler and well, a lot of folks are probably like that too. tomorrow's highs expected to be as high as a 107 in concord, one. '07, in livermore 105 degrees in morgan hill. very comfortable 67 degrees in half moon bay. thank you. lies. >> well, it is a big deal to the governor and soon a judge will decide whether or not governor newsom can have his democratic party preference printed on the september recall ballot. this comes after the secretary of state refused to allow it force ashley zavala explains what happened in court today and how the most famous candidate who's trying to replace a son is getting involved. >> today's hearing between the governor and secretary of state here in sacramento lasted about an hour. the judge says he wants to take the weekend to digest what he heard. attorneys representing governor gavin newsome and
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secretary of state shirley weber faced off in court friday. >> the court prohibited video and audio recording of the hearing newsom's attorneys tried to convince the sacramento county judge to order whether to allow the governor to have his democratic party preference printed near his name on the upcoming recall election ballot whether has refused noting he missed the deadline and she's following the law. this prompting the governor to file the lawsuit. the governor was required to include his party preference on his reply to the recall petition in february of 2021, of his lawyers who handled the paperwork admitted to the judge friday. he screwed up shortly after the hearing newsome remain tight-lipped about it at a separate event in l a. >> it's a legal proceeding and i just don't have i haven't really focused on it and i don't have much to say everybody doing just blocks away from sacramento county courts celebrity candidates hoping to replace newsome. caitlyn jenner announced she's also jumping into the lawsuit because i want transparency i want people to see what's happening up here in
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sacramento. and i just want to be part of this lawsuit. >> so that. shirley weber doesn't she actually does her job. >> at the governor's request. the judge says he will make a decision on newsom's party preference issue in writing on monday at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> in the bay area. california governor gavin newsom signed into law a massive new education budget that could reshape schools across the state for charles clifford has those details. >> well, here in the city of napa on friday, governor gavin newsom signed into law ab one 30, which dedicates a 123.9 billion dollars. 2 statewide, education. this is the largest education budget in california history. it will provide billions of dollars to do a great many things, including creating tk access for all 4 year-old in the state. it will also have millions of dollars to hire and train new teachers especially in areas that are
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lacking. there will also be a free lunch program for all students. it creates after-school and summer school programs and it provides for the mental well-being for students, especially those students who may have suffered or fell behind during the pandemic. now, the governor says he hopes that this becomes a permanent part of california's education system. this is a multi year commitment. >> it's not an episodic one off some multiyear commitment to transform public education in the state of california. but even though this was just signed into law. many of the programs including universal tk access won't kick in until the 2025 26 school year. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> are you thinking about quitting your job. well, new research shows if you are you're not alone. a recent survey from dot com found 95% of workers are thinking about finding a new job and 92% would consider switching industries for a new position. the top culprit is burnout
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after a grueling year of stress in the workplace and at home america's workers apparently have had enough pollsters also found about 2 thirds of respondents believe that there are plenty of job opportunities right now. >> coming up, pfizer's request for authorizing the 3rd dose of covid vaccine has been turned down by the fda and the cdc say another shot is not needed and in southern california block by block city crews remove homeless camper shell venice beach. the shell venice beach. the clearing efforts underway. ♪ jack in the box. ♪ yes! that song is going make my roost fries famous. that's what i'm talking about! now all i need is for you to wear this! i'm not putting that on. ♪ all i want is roost friiiies. ♪ my new roost fries. only at jack in the box. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
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my new $3.50 roost fries. only at jack in the box. los angeles county a clearing of venice beach's homeless encampments is now under way to venice beach program called encampments to homes has now moved 104 on house people indoors. >> as you can see in this. joan video. the mission took place at the boardwalk this morning. people living in the camps were notified that all of that hence the structures and the personal belongings would be removed today. the people who are homeless living in those spaces have been offered temporary shelter or hotel rooms teams of outreach workers will provide services and housing options. for those people for the next several weeks to mcdonald's employees in maine are facing charges after one of them accidentally drop drugs inside a child's happy meal. police say the mother of an 11 year-old found
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so backs when in her son's happy meal and brought it to the stores attention after reviewing the store surveillance video. police say the incident appeared to be an accident. they say the employee had the drugs in a shirt pocket. and while preparing the meal, the drugs apparently fell out of the pocket and into the happy meal. police say the employee didn't even know that drugs were missing until later in the shift after the incident was reported. >> to boxing was like on the bottom of the box. like you could see the weight, the weight packets sticking out. my was boiling. i was. >> i didn't even know what to do at that point. >> so i called the police. >> responsible for dropping the drug said bought them illegally from another employee. mcdonald's says it took appropriate steps as soon as it became aware of the issue. both employees were arrested. >> coming up, president biden signed an executive order today which targets a big tech companies. we will explain why he thinks it's important to crack down on anti competitive practices and a covid outbreak
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at a homeless shelter in santa rosa. what has been done to stop the spread their plus triple digit heat in the bay area. and it's going to last a bit. our chief meteorologist will have the weekend forecast coming up. show you a map of
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the temperatures around the bay area and a wide difference from the coast and into the
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inland areas. it is still a 100 degrees in concord at this. oh, my goodness. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with details on forecast, lawrence. yeah, i think a lot of folks going to be flocking to the coastline over the next couple days as this heat wave really going to settle in now. >> and tomorrow likely going to be the hottest day of the weekend. but even sunday it's going to blazing. not. all right. let's go to half moon bay. this is a live cam right now. there's hardly anybody out there right now. just a few people. i bet this is going to be loaded by tomorrow. you're going to see a lot of folks headed out there trying to beat the heat around the bay area. these temperatures. >> really going to soar outside as you make your way into the santa clara valley. we've got advisories for the heat going up in the santa clara san jose. campbell also into los gatos and saratoga. we've got warnings up over the santa cruz mountains as those temperatures expected to stay very hot even at night. the overnight lows probably going to be the 60's, maybe even some upper 70's. there as you head toward boulder creek parts of the east bay. under that heat warning as well. all
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the way through pittsburgh, a little more sun old dublin. san ramon expecting those temperatures by tomorrow afternoon as high as a 107 degrees. the hottest part of the bay area likely going to be in solano county. these temperatures are going to soar. we saw that today. the unlikely see maybe as high as a 108, maybe even more than that in the vacaville. they're probably up near 110 degrees. so extreme heat and that will continue in the sacramento valley in the north bay. also looking at those hot temperatures. well, to about a 105 degrees. the advisories right through petaluma rohnert park. so basketball also into a healdsburg and windsor and santa rosa. also the warnings up over the mountain tops and that continues into brand as well for snow is live in this would occur fairfax. you're under that warning going to see some of those temperatures as high as a 104 degrees and over the mountain tops under that big dome of high pressure. these temperatures are going to stay unusually warm. and that's the dangerous part about this heat wave is that the nighttime temperatures in some of those spots going to stay very warm even throughout the night temperatures tomorrow in the
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