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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 9, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. don't miss our weekend special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> tonight on kron 4 news at 8 fires in the east bay causing travel delays and keeping oakland. firefighters busy. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i pale more crews. tell us the fire burning at an encampment in oakland near the nimitz freeway is still getting under control. winds reaching 20 miles an hour push the thick black smoke into the sky. according to the oakland fire department bart was stopped in both directions earlier for
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time. >> the trains are operating now. but there are major delays. the fire crews are being cautious because embers were flying on to the train tracks the crews are getting a handle on the fire there, but still looking for any potential flare ups according to the oakland fire department that card are between 16th avenue at 19th avenue has been the scene of fires to the last 3 years. oakland firefighters are also trying to figure out what caused a fire near lake merritt in oakland tonight. it was put out about 2 hours ago. >> this is near the kaiser convention center. and as you can see from this video flames and smoke were coming from that area. less than an acre burned and nobody was hurt right now investigators are going through surveillance cameras to try to figure out exactly how the fire started. we'll bring you new information on both of these fires as soon as it comes into our newsroom in time. let's check in on the weather conditions in terms of the fire area and beyond for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with a look at what's happening with have these winds pick up a little
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bit. later this evening heavily. yeah, the sea breeze picked up around the bay area in the afternoon. the good news brought some. >> nice cool air and actually bring some fog on shore right now. but high pressure overhead is going to be so strong and continue to build over the next 24 hours. it is going to send many of the temperatures soaring away from the coastline. we're talking about some of that dry desert air working its way back in from the 4 corners. the except for there are right along the immediate coastline. it's going to get pretty toasty in spots and others. it's just going to be flat out hot. so here we go. numbers looking like this around much of california. if you're traveling 107 107 in modesto, a 109 as you make your way into a bakersfield. one, 12 and a barstow 113 and uma. but much cooler approaching the coastline advisories going up around the bay area to santa clara valley advisories for heat there. those temperatures soaring in the 90's tomorrow afternoon over the santa cruz mountains. you're talking about triple digit heat and
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temperatures staying up all night in the 70's and maybe even some 80's. so that doesn't allow your body to really get a chance to recover from all the heat during the daytime. also contra costa alameda county. you're currently under a heat warning and that will last until sunday expecting those temperatures 107 by tomorrow afternoon. slow county likely going to be the hottest part of the bay area. we saw extreme temperatures there today likely going to happen again tomorrow to at least a 108 degrees maybe a 110 or more in place like vacaville. napa and sonoma county. also, you've got advisories and warnings over the mountain tops. there as those hot temperatures are going to linger across the mountains as well. that will continue in parts of moore in all around the bay area feeling the heat except right along the coastline. those temperatures are going to be much cooler highs tomorrow afternoon. yeah. 107 degrees in conquer one. '07, in livermore 107, maybe more in antioch. then you've got 80's 90's around the bay. and look at the coastline. what a contrast in temperatures 60's out toward the beaches. 40 degrees cooler
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in half moon bay as compared to concord and live more for tomorrow. next few days tomorrow. going to be the peak of the heat will cool down ever so slightly on sunday. more cooling expect as we head in towards tuesday and wednesday with more fog and low clouds on the way. thank you. lauren. stay with us. here at kron 4 for a full look at the rising temperatures heading our way. you can also use this qr code to download the app and get the latest weather updates, including a look at the 7 day forecast, the current conditions and a list of cooling centers around the bay area. >> happening now, cal iso has issued a flex alert that will remain in effect until 9 o'clock. tonight. the agency in charge of the state's power grid is urging people to cut back on their power usage. >> this will help relieve stress on the power grid that protected from being overwhelmed, which of course, when it is overwhelmed at least some power outages. so here are some tips to help during this flex alert. such a thermostats to 78 degrees or
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higher avoid using major appliances and turn off or unplug any lights that are not in use as we prepare for another weekend of dry weather wildfires continue to burn throughout the states. this is video from the. >> tennant fire is burning in the climate national forest. that fire is currently more than 90% contained. but it's already burned more than 10,000 acres. fire officials say they're worried that excessive heat combined with dry grass could lead to flare ups say in northern california. the beckworth complex fires are burning in the plumas national forest east of chico. this is near the california-nevada border northwest of lake tahoe. there are 2 fires burning as part of the beckworth complex so far they've burned more than 20,000 acres and there are only 11% contained. we're tracking a number of other fires burning in california, including the salt fire that's north of redding evacuations. orders are still in place. that fire is 45% contained. lot of fires burned close to 40 square miles near the base of mount shasta and in
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southern california, cal fire says the tumble weed fire is now 95% contained after burning close to 900 acres. a big story tonight. california k through 12 students and teachers will be keeping their masks on this fall, even if they are vaccinated against covid. and even though the cdc is relaxing its guidelines the agency says people who have gotten their shots can be inside the classroom without wearing a mask. >> the cdc also said today that mashes stay on inside. if the schools cannot maintain a distance of at least 3 feet. the california public health department says masks must be worn. however, it is not recommending the physical distancing because of the hurdles that that would present to fully reopening the schools and the county superintendent of schools for contra. costa county is on board with the state. >> i really do think it really highlights the importance of in-person learning. i think in person learning is the best
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models benefits young people the most. and so this really allows for everybody to come back fully into the classroom. >> california department of public health says it is continuing to review the cdc policy and plans to release more state guidance for k through 12 schools on monday. local school districts like san francisco plan to get children fully back in the classroom in the fall and officials are analyzing the strong recommendations from the cdc medical experts are also speaking up again about getting those that can be vaccinated to get their shots for the health of everyone. >> kron four's theresa stasi with more for us on the push from pediatricians. >> this is the message that we've been that putting out for weeks and weeks now. says the vaccines were approved for 12 year old and above. it's really safe and effective. doctor yvonne maldonado professor in pediatrics and infectious disease expert with stanford.
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>> on getting kids vaccinated that are elgible specially now that the cdc and school districts here in the bay area, slowly but surely announcing schools will be back in-person come this fall. the window for pfizer, which is the only vaccine available for 12 year olds to 18 year olds is 3 weeks. so you need a dose one. and then 3 weeks later goes to london 2 weeks after that to be protected. so you're talking about a 5 week period. >> in order to be fully protected from the 2 doses of vaccine. doctor maldonado says. >> when it comes to the vaccines in kids. the medical field has learned a lot backs. an 1812 to 29 year olds will prevent 70,000 infections. >> over 4500 hospitalizations and a 30 to 40 every year in that age group. >> and the doctor says if parents remain on the fence about getting their kids vaccinated. parents are worried they should talk to their >> heater sons can give you
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the correct information. and what about those comments circulating about fertility issues surrounding the vaccine. the fertility issue is complete. this information is absolutely not true. vaccine. these vaccines do not absolutely do not cause infertility. what else would you say as far as those parents right now because it's a 5 week window. if you need to get it and you need to get that. >> absolutely. and if they don't get in and they can stay at least get, you know, get going that it's not like we are. there are big old lady lines. there are plenty of vaccines out there for people to have it. >> as for the little ones under 12 in the middle of the 5 to 12 year-old studies of for pfizer here at stanford and other sites as we it's thought that the data will be ready to be submitted to fda. >> by early fall. >> theresa kron 4 news in the
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north bay 47 people at a homeless shelter of tested positive for the delta variant of coronavirus the outbreak happened at the samuel l jones hall in santa rosa. the majority of those infected were unvaccinated the shelter's manager says one homeless resident has been hospitalized, but no one else who has a positive test has severe symptoms. the highly contagious. delta variant has spread rapidly among unvaccinated people. it now accounts for the most new infections in california. >> daly city has hired former oakland police chief howard jordan is farm to investigate a fatal police shooting that took place earlier this year on april the 7th daly city police shot and killed san francisco resident roger allen. that was after a stronger struggle over what turned out to be a replica gun at the time of the shooting. police were not equipped with body cameras and there was no video evidence on the peninsula. south san francisco man is in custody for stabbing
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for a stabbing in san bruno. it happened wednesday afternoon. police were responding to reports of a person with a knife breaking the window of a car on west. san bruno in huntington avenues. they say the man then walked up behind someone on the street and stab that person. the man was located and arrested a short time later. the stabbing victim is in the hospital and is expected to be okay. coming up, the pandemic has led to yet another shortage. this time it is appliances. what you need to know if you're planning to buy a new fridge or oven. >> and following yesterday's magnitude 6 earthquake. many people are wondering why they did not receive an alert. we'll have an answer from the usgs earthquake early warning coordinator and the bay area's also dealing with that drought emergency. we'll take a look at how you can conserve water. >> with more restrictions now in place.
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>> as the bay area enters into this heat wave this weekend. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the bay area. and as you might expect with the fog that we just saw along the coast as much cooler there. but it's still 91 degrees in antioch in 92 degrees in concord. yeah, 8 o'clock at night. really pretty warm. coming up, we're going to check back with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow about this weekend's forecast and how high. >> he expects those temperatures to get. but
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first, those high temperatures will likely lead to increased water use which typically rises during the summer time anyway. now because of the drought, governor newsom is asking everybody to reduce water consumption by 15%. well, forcefully to go reports from the east bay with some tips on how to say. >> on average the east bay municipal utility district says single-family customers use about 250 gallons of water per day. that number can vary based on where you and the size of your lot. but if you can soon 250 gallons of water on a daily basis. a 15% reduction amounts to 37 and a half gallons of water that includes water use for indoors like, you know, flushing toilets, washing hands showering. >> as well as outdoor water use a good place to start is the toilet older models can use up to 5 gallons per flush newer high efficiency toilets use about 1.2 gallons per flush by installing a high efficiency toilet. the state
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says a household can save 19 gallons per person each day. if there are multiple people in your home. you can achieve the 15% goal by upgrading the toilet alone keeping showers under 5 minutes could save 12 and a half gallons for a shower when using water efficient showerheads might actually has on devices that will mail out to folks. we raiders that you can install in your shower head so that it reduces the overall flow and help to get that those avoid washing dishes by hand. if you have a dishwasher, you can also save around 4 gallons of water per day. if you wash only loads. >> as for laundry east bay, muds, water conservation manager alice to he says by properly using load size settings reducing the number of loads by using full loads. only and replacing the standard washer with a high efficiency model, you can save up to 25 gallons of water per day. as for the outdoors, she does not recommend letting
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your lawn guy just limit the frequency. it gets water to 3 times per week is the people, you know, watering every day when it's not actually necessary. and in fact, it's better for plants. if you are less frequently, but more deeply. lastly, check for leaks around the house. this could potentially save hundreds of gallons of water per day. >> believe that all kron 4 news. >> now. our 4 zone forecast. lawrence is standing by to tell us about records we break might break or whatever. we've got a bunch we tied about that. so that's pretty a 106 degrees today in livermore that tied a record and i think this is just the beginning of more records that will likely fall specially tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the peak of this heat wave and that those temperatures going to threat to go above that, maybe even a 10708 in some parts of bay area, maybe a little warmer than that. so, yeah, these numbers are impressive. they've all jumped above average. but look at san
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francisco. you with the heat wave. the high pressure building in this going to be a heat wave of contrast. by that i mean, we're going to see a big contrast from the coastal areas to many of the inland spots, maybe 40 plus degrees 68 for high in san francisco today. 77 in oakland, 86 degrees in san jose. those are just some warm temperatures. and then got hot 106 degrees in lemore. one. '03, in concord, 93 degrees in santa rosa up there right now. we do have some low clouds and some fog that are moving inside the bay. but you can see how compressed they are. they're not going to get much for them that to be able to make its way over the interior valleys. so that being said, it's going to stay cool out toward the beaches. you got that fog out there now and a little fog for tomorrow as well. you see some clearing in the afternoon. but that's going help suppress the temperatures along the coast, maybe 75 in the marina. give the sunset here in the 60's, 63 golden gate park about 66 in daly city. kind of cool out along the coast with some of that patchy fog. so if you want to beat the heat. that's a nice place to be for tomorrow. 79 uncomfortable in millbrae. then you get some
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80's and you start to warm things up as you move inside the peninsula and head further south and the santa clara valley. and that's where we've got some advisories up for some the heat tomorrow 93 in campbell 94 degrees in saratoga about 91 in milpitas triple digit heat over the hills where you can't get that influence from the ocean. so about a 106 degrees in pleasanton. one. '07, in livermore 105 in dublin. one. '07. it was creek, a 103 in moraga, a 102 in a written about a 107 degrees in brentwood. we want to talk about extreme heat. look at this model start to pick up on that, too. maybe as high as a 113 in vacaville. yeah, that's pretty extreme. those hot temperatures much cooler along the coast, 60's and 70's starts into beach. if you're headed there. that's to be a nice place to be next few days. temperatures are going to stay on the hot side throughout the weekend, cooling down slightly on sunday. more cooling, more fog, low clouds come tuesday and wednesday of next week. right. about the time we'll head back to normal. that should feel pretty we'll be looking forward to okay.
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dozens and dozens of aftershocks have been recorded after yesterday's magnitude. 6.0 earthquake in the sierra. but today. >> the focus on the u.s. geological survey's shake alert early. -arning system is in play that system which is designed to alert people seconds before the shaking so they can take cover, didn't work out as planned. kron four's dan kerman explains. when thursday's magnitude 6 quake hit in the antelope valley. the u.s. geological survey shake alert early warning system. >> should have sent out notifications 350 kilometers in each direction from the epicenter that's about as far west as napa as far north as stones. landing as far east as when market and goldfield nevada. and as far south as fresno. but that didn't happen. >> sensors. we're not sufficient and dance to properly and determine the magnitude of the earthquake. usgs says a lack of ground motion sensors and eastern california cause she color to register the single quake has
8:21 pm
3 smaller ones at different locations as a result instead of this massive area being notified only 300, 3,000 people in and around mammoth lakes and stockton got the alert on their phones. >> earthquake. drop cover hold on. the ship quick early. warning system is a work in progress. we have work to do yet on the science, the the station infrastructure. but we expect to their performance utility of the system to the public to improve over time. >> usgs says 70% of those ground senses are currently in place. mostly in major metropolitan areas. they say getting the remaining ones in place in more rural areas will take 2 to 3 years. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a section dedicated to everything you need to know about the swarm of earthquakes in the sierra. there's also information on the usgs shake alert app and earthquake preparedness tips
8:22 pm
so that you're ready. if another big one hits i have to do is scan this qr code. it will take you right to that web page still ahead, a bold claim by the taliban on how much power the organization says it holds in afghanistan as the united states military exit lose. >> plus the death toll in surfside, florida continues to rise after that tragic condo collapse we're learning about the victims next.
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>> a heartbreaking update out of surfside, florida. the bodies of 14 more people discovered in the rubble there. the death toll now standing at 78 with as many as 62 people still unaccounted for to rescue workers are in the hospital for injuries they sustained while at the scene among the confirmed dead the 3 year-old boy and family members a pair of eyes. first lady. the painstaking search for survivors shifted to a recovery effort on wednesday after authorities said there was no chance of life in that wreckage. >> the chief of haiti's national police says 2 men believed to be haitian americans have been arrested in connection with the assassination of the country's president. they were among 17 suspects detained in the shooting of president jovenel louise at his home on wednesday. officials did not address a motive for the slaying saying only that the attack was carried out by, quote, highly trained and heavily armed group.
8:26 pm
investigators say that today they are still searching for an additional 8 suspects. >> the taliban claims and all controls 85% of afghanistan. the claim is difficult to verify, but it is considerably higher than previous claims of controlling a 3rd of the country earlier this week taliban advances forced hundreds of afghan soldiers to flee across the border into tajikistan. this comes as the united states troops are pulling out of that country after nearly 20 years. the u.s. and the taliban had actually reached a cease-fire agreement last year. but now the taliban leaders are seemingly backing out say they will not guarantee that they won't attack us security interests next. today, governor gavin newsome investing big money in california's education system. >> the change is coming, that he sees are long overdue class. president biden looking to rein in big business. the new executive order which he says will create more competition. and if you're in the market for a new stove or
8:27 pm
refrigerator. you'll need to if
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shopping around for new appliances. be prepared to wait months before anything is deliver appliance centers all across the bay area or expand is experiencing an increase in demand but a major shortage in supply convoys. amanda hari talk to one store about just how long it could take. >> pre covid the turnaround. time for a typical order here
8:30 pm
at university electric was one to 2 weeks now, there are some items that won't be delivered until february of this coming year. >> free most of our phone calls were how much does something cost? no one calls with that anymore. can i get something? called 10 places a place as we called 3 appliance stores, including university electric all said they have a shortage of supply we seen is a 700% greater demand for appliances and any other time in history. >> about a 60% lower ability to produce them, maybe due to social distancing may be supply chain interruptions, president of university electric mike hines says it's not just one issue causing the backlog, multiple problems that includes a shortage of supplies companies discontinuing certain items. >> and a lack of workers. thanks tells me that after the coronavirus stay at home order
8:31 pm
some workers in the supply chain decided not to come back. >> one of the manufacturers told me yesterday that 56,000 truck drivers did not renew their application right trucks for next year. it takes about 8 to 10,000 truck drivers to unload one container ship. she just taken 5 full container ships or worth of labor off the market tanks tells me if you shop around, you may be able to find something. >> but it's likely not to be the exact item. you want it if you have your heart set on a particular product or color you'll likely have to wait. it's just like disneyland you get in line wait your turn and it will in may not be in 5 minutes. i mean, you have to wait. >> a couple months, but it's it more than likely will get heights. also told me that many appliances have smart features now and require microchips. >> there's also a microchip shortage because of covid and that will likely affect the
8:32 pm
appliance industry as well. and santa clara amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the fog rolling across san francisco. one of the cool spots in the bay area. lawrence is standing here to tell us about the getaway forecast for folks who don't want to maybe looking for a little cooler place to go. one place right here. how about that? the monterey bay looks like a nice place to be. maybe santa cruz very comfortable. 69 degree starting out with some patchy fog 62 in downtown monterrey about 63 degrees in carmel warming up in the valley, though, at 82 degrees. carmel valley, southern california find some nice temperatures 79 in san diego 73 in long beach starting to get hot in pasadena. 91 and 83 degrees in downtown los angeles. watch out the high country of possibilities. some thunderstorms in the afternoon there. otherwise some hot temperatures 94 truckee 91 in south lake tahoe. then you're cooking talking triple digit heat in the reno. also the carson city at a 100 and 3
8:33 pm
degrees, right. if you plan on sticking around in the high country. those temperatures are going stay toasty throughout the weekend. 90's through monday as well. but mostly sunny skies on those days. all right. we are looking at some low clouds and fog rolling back on social. really an interesting contrast in our temperatures are going to be found not only today but i think for tomorrow in the weekend, as you've got enough of a sea breeze during the cool air. and you got that fog there. but you had 30 miles inland. you're talking triple digit heat. so that's one of those big changes that we in the weather here during the summer months. sometimes. and that's going to be late, going to play out about 63 degrees in half moon bay. it's going to over 40 degrees warmer in lemore tomorrow, maybe around a 106, maybe a little bit warmer than that. today. we had a 106 degrees tomorrow. looks like could be even a little bit warmer than that as well. comfortable temperatures inside the bay, some 70's and some 80's. so, yeah, it's was getting hop. it was really the interior valleys and the mountain tops that are staying the hottest advisories have gone up shaded in orange. there in the second santa clara valley. also in parts of the north bay as well going
8:34 pm
expect to see some hot temperatures and in red. those are the he warnings over the mountain tops in the north bay and the east bay looking at they excessive heat size. a 108 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. little tropical moisture getting wrapped around little monsoonal stuff headed up in the sierra nevada. you see that as the thunderstorms begin to pop up there late in the day. we may see that again by tomorrow afternoon. the sea breeze has been blowing and that's been the nice thing carrying with it. the low clouds and the fog. and that's kept the temperatures least give us a chance to cool off after the very hot weather numbers outsiee right now 75 degrees in san jose 88 on livermore still 92 still on hot in concord. 69 degrees in the napa valley. 70 in the bottle by tomorrow afternoon. we're going to enjoy the sunshine and temperatures a little bit comfortable near the coastline. a couple patches of fog and 60's of the beaches 70's 80's in a couple 90's inside the bay and then hotter than off get out in spots inland size. a 10707 degrees livermore concord, maybe antioch even hotter by tomorrow afternoon. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence.
8:35 pm
in the south bay the weekend heat advisory does include santa clara county. the advisory went into effect at noon today. it will last until sunday night. the county is opening several cooling centers and anyone without air conditioning is welcome to stop in those centers will be open from 10:00am until 08:00pm. we have the details on where they're located at kron. 4 dot com palo alto police are investigating graffiti found in a park as a hate crime. an officer discovered writings carved into a bathroom stall at el camino park wednesday afternoon. police say the words included a statement of hate toward white people, public works. crews have already repair the damage. are no suspects. this was the second time since may. the same spot was vandalized with hate speech. police say they're not sure whether there's any connection. governor newsom signed into law a huge new education budget that could reshape schools across the state. >> for charles clifford has details. >> well, here in the city of napa on friday, governor gavin
8:36 pm
newsom signed into law ab one 30, which dedicates a 123.9 billion dollars. 2 statewide, education. this is the largest education budget in california history. it will provide billions of dollars to do a great many things, including creating tk access for all 4 year-old in the state. it will also have millions of dollars to hire and train new teachers, especially in areas that are lacking. there will also be a free lunch program for all students. it creates after-school and summer school programs and it provides for the mental well-being for students, especially those students who may have suffered or fell behind during the pandemic. now, the governor says he hopes that this becomes a permanent part of california's education system. this is a multi year commitment. >> it's not an episodic one off some multiyear commitment to transform public education in the state of california, even though this was just signed into law. many of the programs including universal tk access won't kick in until
8:37 pm
the 2025 26 school year. but for now in the north bay. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> a judge will soon decide whether governor newsome can have his democratic party preference printed on the rhcall election ballot. this comes after the secretary of state refused to allow it. the court prohibited video and audio recording today's hearing. but it lasted about an hour in sacramento. the judge says that he wants to take the weekend to digest everything he heard today the governor was required to include his party preference on his reply to the recall petition back in february of this year, actually last year, but one of his lawyers who handle the paperwork admitted to the judge on friday that he failed to follow through shortly after the hearing newsome remained tight lipped about the issue while at a separate event in napa. >> it's a legal proceeding and i just don't have i haven't really focused on it and i don't have much to say >> just blocks away from the sacramento county courthouse, a celebrity candidate hoping
8:38 pm
to replace newsome. caitlyn jenner announced that she is also jumping into the lawsuit. jenner says that she wants to support secretary weber, the judge in the case is expected to make a decision on monday. >> coming up, the pennsylvania supreme court justice is speaking out after his court's decision to release bill cosby from prison. we'll have more on that coming up.
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entertainment news tonight while bill cosby may be a free man. he has not been exonerated. his legal team is reportedly exploring a countersuit against the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> after his conviction was thrown out last week by pennsylvania's supreme court reporter dennis owens has more on why that decision was made. >> it shocked the world. it outraged victims, especially one of the many assaulted by bill cosby. we know he's guilty. but as far as i'm concerned, as of today. the justices that have made this decision. have just enabled. a criminal. to go without. a consequence. we certainly didn't find bill cosby not guilty or find him innocent. >> what we found was that with the state did was inappropriate. chief justice max baer in an exclusive
8:42 pm
interview said bill cosby had to deal with former dia bruce castor testify and pay up in a civil case. we won't charge you criminally he. >> when in admitted is his illegal conduct because he had immunity. so the new prosecutor didn't just break the deal. baer says. >> he broke the rules. and what we said is we're not going to permit the commonwealth's, the state through through the district attorneys to engage in that kind of reprehensible bait and switch. and that's the part that's not to protect bill cosby. nobody. it is is sympathetic to bill cosby. that's to protect. 13 million pennsylvanians against that kind of conduct a tough but necessary call baer says. >> even if the serial abuser walked free. >> next. today president biden signing an executive order aimed at promoting competition across the economy. we will explain how he plans to do
8:43 pm
that. >> and next in sports, the a's looking for a win to kick off their series against the texas rangers bucks. they let it slip away after a rough 6 inning. we'll explain. kylen mills will show us how
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8:45 pm
>> president biden says a number of large american corporations have just grown into monopolies. so today he sign an executive order that could affect some of the largest technology and other companies in the nation.
8:46 pm
>> our washington correspondent alexandra le mon has the details. >> president biden also said he wants to help american workers by, for example, making it easier for them to transfer trade licenses between states and giving workers more power against corporations. >> capitalism without competition. is it a capitalist? it's exploitation. >> president joe biden says big mergers and monopolies eliminate competition and forced many workers into low paying jobs with poor working conditions and the president says unfair competition also hurts consumers research shows we have a limited internet operation. >> if you pay up to 5 times more and families in places. >> with more choices. friday. president biden signed an executive order directing more than a dozen federal agencies to implement 72 new initiatives promoting fair competition and include ideas
8:47 pm
like allowing medications to be imported from canada selling hearing aids over the counter and limiting noncompete agreements that block employees from taking better jobs done for one reason. >> to keep wages. but years from the computer and communications industry association argues over regulation could backfire and stop innovation. that's why we see higher quality, lower prices more innovation. it's because companies are trying to best their competitors. if regulators come along and say stop doing that, the consumer is going to lose. >> president biden's executive order focuses quite a bit on big tech companies by, for example, more closely scrutinizing murders, including murders that have already happened reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> well, the executive order sounds like music to the ears of average americans is sure to anger many republicans who oppose government regulations.
8:48 pm
we talked to donna crane was san jose state university's political science department. she said president biden's executive order will faced on only political debates but also legal challenges. i think one of the things that president biden is trying to accomplish is he's looking for other ways to use the powers of the president, right. the levers of government to enact policy changes that congress either can't or won't enact. >> and one of the reasons congress can't or won't some of these changes is because there are powerful political invested in so i think those same constituencies will certainly be looking at legal action. but i think the the main news here is that biden showing the american public that he intends to act and that he's looking to use all the poaers he has as a given that he's facing a congress that is not highly functional shows that. crane also mentioned the president and his team and sense that the rules are in favor of powerful
8:49 pm
people. president's action today is to signal that he's trying to create more competition. >> for these giant companies. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the a's beginning another series in the lone star state looking to keep the good times rolling after taking one from the astro's yesterday. this evening, though, oakland taking on the rangers at globe. life park in arlington hoping hoping for some better to win this series. all right. the a's on the board. first, they're up in the 6 jed lowrie manages to send this one through the center. matt olson or rather matt chapman scores go up 2 zip, but that's court. didn't last long. bottom of the 6th just a brutal ending for a starter cole irvin after hitting a batter ouch and then he gave up another single. he gave up another pair of singles. so 3 total inning. this one went through by andy ibanez, the rangers. take the lead 3 to urban. got yanked
8:50 pm
shortly after romo replace him. but the a's couldn't get anything going on offense from there on out 3, 2 rangers, the final score down in arlington. the usa men's basketball team is getting down to business in las vegas. the war zone draymond green among the stars on the roster. they're about to start a series of international friendlies ahead of the olympic games and tomorrow it will be up against a familiar face. team usa will take on nigeria, which is led by warriors assistant coach mike brown. this is brown's first time as head coach of the dea tigers. he looks good in green, though, and he told me during an interview several months ago that obviously the goal is to get nigeria on the podium. but even more than that, he saw. this is a unique opportunity to help grow the game in africa. >> but to be able to get back gave me a feeling inside that - it's hard to describe. and then after diving into it and meeting the people and being around the program and trying to uplift and build the program. i'm passionate about the staying in. this is
8:51 pm
brought the so for more excitement it with any job that i had at any time in my career. >> love his enthusiasm. best of luck to them. well, steph curry decided not to take part in the olympics. he's been staying busy this week. you can find all 3 curry's competing in the american century championship in south lake tahoe staff, his father dell and brother seth curry are among the field of 88 celebrity golfers who teed off today to raise money for charity. the currys even showed up and showed out in matching does you can see steph year. i think there's another shot we saw staff areas there saft del even had the matching outfits as well. they're looking pretty snazzy. you could argue that staff is the best on the basketball court. but what about the golf course so far it looks like he has the edge there to step finished around one in 6 overall and he had to leave his family. the stakes are high to the loser. among the currys has to jump in the water in their goal of
8:52 pm
closing. this is a a wager every year. this is the first time that seconds played. so all 3 of the men in the curry family are playing. who's your money on this. a competitive family going swim. and think that will stay dry. yeah. >> are nice. they could probably auctioned off to raise a lot of money for a good very you know what i hope they're watching hurries here. that suggestion nice with coming up. and a tropical storm elsa brought heavy wind, rain and damage to much of the southeast. >> the issues, the area st
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
>> a florida cities. the shoreline is be siege with dead fish in red tide blooms because of tropical storm elsa. in fact, over the past 24 hours, crews picked up 9 tons of dead fish and then not even done a lot of reporter david espinosa hall shows us how the work is gone so far. >> also may noo have left behind too much damage in the bay area. but it is still having a ripple effect, especially in st. petersburg. what makes our city so wonderful is all offour and that also is what makes it really tough when it comes to tackling red tide. i wish we could tell you that, you know, we're going to have it wrapped up here, you know, soon as possible and we'll keep working to do that. but unfortunately with red tide. we're at the mercy of the tides at the mercy of the wind. >> saint pete emergency manager amber bolding says cleanup crews have been out along the waterways for about
8:56 pm
10 days. removing dead fish and so far they've collected 15 tons of fish in that time span. >> it's the dead fish it out in the water. they're floating in there on the shores there up in mangroves. so we have staff over a 100. 20 staff are out there right now pulled from multiple departments. i'm away from their normal, you know, day jobs to get out here into to get that fish off. amber says one else that came through earlier this week. the storm pushed more dead fish into the area. we scrape the beaches. we get. it cleaned up as soon as those tides change fish right back. and so we're working as fast as we can. >> that was david espinosa hall reporting tonight and that wraps up wraps up kron 4 news at 8. it does. but the news continues tonight at 9 with vicki liviakis and catherine heenan here late a's what's up 3 d of and can here's what's coming up on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> bark services. they're beginning to return to normal tonight after a fire came dangerously close to rail
8:57 pm
tracks. we'll have the latest update from firefighters. >> and san jose police are investigating tonight after a child was hit and killed by car. what we know about the driver when we come back. kron driver when we come back. kron 4 news at 9 is next. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news
9:00 pm
at 9. >> now 9. we begin with 2 fires in get firefighters really busy this evening. the first one was reported at lake merritt where the cause of that fire is under investigation tonight. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan for grant lotus tonight. there was another fire at a homeless encampment in oakland near the nimitz freeway. fire crews have been on mopping up. they did manage to control that fire about 7 tonight. they say 10 people have been displaced. no injuries have been reported. bart services are still recovering from that fire. a service alert warned. >> passengers that there's a major delay between lake merritt and fruitvale and the dublin pleasanton berryessa richmond and daly directions of said hour delay due to the fire train service has resumed between lake merritt and fruitvale oakland city council president nikki fortunato.


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