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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> covid cases here in the u.s. are rising again after months of declining with new cases doubling over just the past weeks, 3 weeks alone. officials say that this is being driven by the fast-spreading delta variant a low in vaccination rate and 4th of july get-togethers. thanks for joining us this evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus infections across the country rose from 11,000 cases back on june 23rd. >> to more than 23,000 cases yesterday. that's according to johns hopkins university in the north bay marine county
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reporting an uptick in coronavirus infections as we're seeing nationally health officials there say that the increase is at least partially due to more contagious. delta variant kron four's maureen kelly has details. >> we've seen about a quadrupling of the number of cases and more in just the past 2 weeks. we're down to about 3 cases on average per day we're now we're looking at more of, you know, 15 to 20 cases. new cases per day marin county health officer doctor matt willis says they're able to sequence about half of their cases. >> and roughly 80% are coming back as the delta variant making it the dominant strain in the county. and while they've had no deaths here since may. some of these cases have ended up in the hospital. yiu know, we had a great in trouble. there were no one was in our hospitals and now we're up to 73 in the icu. >> unvaccinated people of the last 13 people that have come into the hospital. bryan county one was vaccinated. the other 12 are unvaccinated. so.
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pattern is very the vaccine is protective. and that not being vaccinated. makes you vulnerable. grant county has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the state with 92% of eligible people having at least one shot. >> and 85% fully vaccinated. all of the people hospitalized were adults, meaning they were eligible for the vaccine the delta variant is more prevalent in marin county is more infectious. we're seeing more and more cases. it is finding unvaccinated people. >> and it is our vaccines are best line of defense. the one vaccinated person who was recently hospitalized is now back at home. doctor willis says they've had approximately 120. >> breakthrough cases. total. he says it is concerning that an increasing proportion of those have been found to be infected with the delta variant, maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> state health officials say it is now up to local school districts to decide how to enforce the state's mask
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mandate and the school's state is reversing course after releasing new rules that would have required schools to send unmasked children hold kron four's. ashley zavala explains how teachers and parents are reacting. when students return to california classrooms in the fall masks will be mandatory for everyone regardless of vaccination status, a true leader of parent group open. california says by doing this, the state is undermining the credibility of the vaccine. how do you encourage people who are potentially, you know, vaccine hesitant. >> today and get themselves or their minor children vaccinated. if you're not considering the benefits of that vaccinations them. so. >> i think it's really a mixed message that cdph is sending the california department of public health released new guidelines. this week. at first requiring unmask students be sent home. governor gavin newsom is facing a recall and has been the face of the state's pandemic related policies. hours after criticism mounted against the new guidance. cdph shifted course, mask enforcement will remain in the
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hands of school leaders. in a statement tuesday, a spokesperson for the department of public health wrote, quote, the state recognizes the unique needs of each district in child. some parents know california is not following federal guidance on masking indoors. >> the cdc has said fully vaccinated, teachers and students don't need to wear masks but do need to physically distance. state. health officials have said they worried distancing requirements could keep some schools from accommodating all students who need rename on user testing resources and last on the recommendation. >> around physical distancing. the california teachers association released a statement tuesday saying in part with the road map provided by science-based guidance school communities are in a good position to ensure safe in-person instruction for students this fall state health officials say they will review the guidelines and possibly change them again by november. first in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 happening now in san francisco, supervisor is introducing legislation to try to help small businesses.
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>> recover after the pandemic while reopening is under way. many businesses are facing a mountain of debt due to back rent. but as kron four's, dan kerman reports for us tonight. this new proposal would set up a fund. so the businesses could access france. >> ehs pilates as its stores open again in san francisco's mission district after being closed for most of the pandemic. we are fully open happily are slowly adding that classes and we usually have about a 100 classes a week. >> and we're only about a 30% capacity right now. >> but during the pandemic the small business also built up a mountain of debt including $26,000 in back rent. >> it's going to take a long time for me to recover and not only how do attempted to pay as much as we could during the pandemic depleted. all of the savings. now a san francisco supervisor wants to dip into the city surplus to help small businesses pay off that back rent. you don't help them. >> the fabric of what makes
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san francisco specials so much of what make san francisco greater a small mom and pop businesses and the people that they employ in the thousands of people that they employ. we go on. >> supervisor ahsha safa use proposal calls for the city to establish a fund. we're by small businesses that have been operating for 5 years or more have gross receipts of 2 million dollars or less and are not formula. retail could apply for grants of $25,000 to help pay back rent. this is significant. >> and it will have a major impact on the businesses here in san francisco. if approved the proposal could help the spa lot studio at about a 1000 other small businesses for me to have some relief to be able to take that money and pay have not directly knowing that i can kick back, did not back some of that debt. >> would be a tremendous relief give me of a brighter future and being able to spend most of income coming in on the recovery supervisors hoping to get the mayor's support for this legislation.
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>> it comes back to the board of supervisors for discussion in september. >> in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> the mount diablo unified school district is hoping to hire more than 100 positions ahead of this school year district leaders there say they have 112 special education, assistant positions open along with various other jobs. they say they were unable to fill the spots last year due to distance learning. so they're hoping to get qualified candidates to apply. the district is also offering a hefty hiring bonus for the special at assistance. >> we offering a hiring bonus of $1500. well, for all of our professional instructional assistant positions or special education assistance and you get 5 $500 up front, $500 halfway through than $500. at the end of the year. these positions are idol to the success of our students. >> qualified jobseekers can apply at the mount diablo unified school district
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website on the employment page. >> an airplane has crashed into a home near monterey. this is a picture sent out by monterey county regional fire details are still coming in. but we do know that it's near highway 68 in on terror ranch neighborhood. this crash did cause a small fire kron four's jonathan mccall. he is on the way to the scene right now. we'll have updates for you tonight on kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. new information tonight on the search for that berkeley man who has been missing for 4 days now. this is a live shot in pleasanton where he's believed to have gone on a run up in the hills saturday. late today the alameda county sheriff's office said they now believe one of 2 things is the case. one theory. >> is that philip kreycik is inc incapacitated somewhere in that search area and they just can't find him. the other working theory is that he's not in that search area. our current force, charles clifford has an update now on the search effort.
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>> well, here in pleasanton on tuesday, the search for phillup krajicek continues. the weather is a little cooler today which could help the effort also search and rescue crews are shifting tactics tuesday morning. the search for 37 year-old philip. right. check continued at full strength with dozens of teams and more than 100 volunteers scouring the area overnight fixed wing aircraft and drones with he testing equipment. look for signs of life but came up empty handed after spending several days conducting a broad search of the hills ravines. and for us here. >> crews are now narrowing their efforts down to the trail. they believe cry check had planned to use specifically going to focus on going. >> about a 100 meters off of each your trail down deeper into the the tree lines. meanwhile, the volunteers are methodically walking the many trails and roads in the area. it can be an exhausting effort. >> they're very tired when they get that rain is really hard even though the search is now in its 4th day. crews are hopeful. >> that philip right. check can still be found alive, but they admit that the window is
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closing. we hold on to hope that maybe we're missing missing. it, that that philip still up there, that he's in a survival mode. now the search should continue until sundown roughly 8 o'clock this evening alameda county's sheriff's office says that they will fly aircraft again overnight. but for now in the east bay, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 5, getting back to normal. is getting ready to extend its operating hours. when the new limited late night service starts up. >> plus as 65% surge in catalytic converter thefts where this growing problem is getting out of hand. >> that cool air feel good. it is rushing on shore with the fog right now. much cooler weather to tell you all about
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>> happening today. santa clara city council is expected to approve a local drought emergency. the city's director of emergency services has already declared a local drought. emergency. but if the city council now votes to ratify that declaration. it means more water restrictions will be put in place such no wasting water on sidewalks and streets. can't wash your car without an automatic shutoff valve can only water your lawn. 3 days a week and you cannot do it between the hours of 00:00am in the morning and 6 at night and you have to make sure you're not wasting water due to bad plumbing or bad irrigation systems. the city is also considering more resources to enforce these
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restrictions. there is already a mandatory 15% reduction in water use and requirement across santa clara county. as we talk weather and take a live look outside. you see walnut creek here where the marine layer extends all the way into creek. well, let's find out. she meteorologist lawrence karnow was here close and yeah, some patchy fog early on. but it didn't last for long. pretty typical life. >> pulled back to the coastline. that's what we saw today. but now it is already beginning to surge back on shore tonight. you've got a early marine layer coming your way and it's going to move further inland. so that being said, that means we'll deal with some cooler temperatures. i think these next couple of days all along the california coastline. you see the low clouds and the fog. another round of thunderstorms firing up over the sierra nevada with some of that monsoonal moisture. but the bay area really talking about the fog and low clouds. really the relief from all the heat that we had now that cool marine air surging even to those
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interior valleys that were just smoke and hopped over the weekend that sea breeze blowing everywhere you go to 20 miles an hour 14 in santa rosa 11 in sausalito 22 miles an hour at sfo, 50 mile an hour winds right now in san jose. that is keeping the temperatures down.lspecially coast side. you've got the fog and 55 in pacifica 64 with some sunshine in san mateo. 67 in fremont still warm 78 degrees in concord and 77 degrees and ferry fairfield. but these temperatures much more livable. they were all this past weekend. they changing as we head to the next couple days that big dome of high pressure that brought to the heat over the 4 corners that head further east and all of a sudden we start to see a little trough cover itself out along the west coast. they'll be enough to help deep in the marine layer. i think over the next couple of days. bringing more fog, low clouds and keep those temperatures much, much cooler that will start to talk about heating up into the weekend. one thing all that nice marine air does to bring some nice fresh weather and nice air all around the bay area think tomorrow the north
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bay the coast, the east bay, the south bay. you're all looking good out there tonight. clouds will be on the increase. i think a little more in a hurry tonight. of fog and low clouds of already moved inside the bay and start to camp out already will thicken up as we head in toward 8 o'clock. and again, i think we're dealing with another round of drizzle out toward the beaches. so that means temperatures tomorrow. pretty comfortable outside. you've got some mid 80's the warm spots. well, inland not a bad day in oakland. 69 degrees. some sunshine in the afternoon 77 in the napa valley. we headed up toward the coastline. bringing light, jacqui, those temperatures going to the 50's and the 60's and a little wet in the early morning over the next couple days. bring those temperatures down even a little bit further as we head into thursday by friday. we start to warm up a little bit of a little warmer over the weekend. but no real heat wave on the rise, at least not for now. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence, california's largest active wildfire is burning along the nevada state line. the beckworth complex fire. >> has burned more than 91,000 acres up in lassen in plumas counties. it is just 26%
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contained flames jumped us highway 3.95 over the weekend. the small town of doyle has been hit pretty hard. 600 people lived there. 20 houses or destroyed. one man says everything he owns is gone. i mean, after losing everything that i worked for and all these years. >> it's gone because they can do is focus on what's next. >> the beckwourth complex fires. actually a combination of 2 fires and they were both started by lightning strikes. no injuries have been reported. >> california, of course, just had 3 power alerts issued within the last week. and after that recent heat wave people are wondering what can we expect over the next couple of months or power alerts going to be the new normal. the short answer is yes. but there are solutions in the works. the california independent system operator says a fire in southern oregon that's burning right now continues to cause transmission issues limiting the amount of imported energy. looking ahead with more hot
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days. sure to come this summer and western states, not always being able to give the power they have some researchers suggest expanding the power grid to the east building. more transmission could definitely be part of the you know, being able to connect, you know, the midwest, for example, which is a really wind, rich region. >> with the need for that energy, you know, out here in california is definitely something that could be part of meeting. our energy needs in the future. the ability to better transfer power is part of president biden's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. >> there are no power alerts for the bay area, at least for the next couple of days. >> a popular high school teachers the focus of a assault lawsuit filed east bay school district, a former student who alleges the assault took place, spoke to kron four's. has made you just a short time ago. >> and as i got ready to take the photo. he came from behind without my consent for permission and. started licking and biting my ear,
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which is what he's doing in the photo. >> the caption in this 2000, 3 berkeley high school yearbook photo reads most likely to date a teacher. female student was rachel phillips. she says the man with his arms around her in the photo was or high school teacher and track coach matthew as i was screaming to get away. >> and you know, even talking about it now just sort of sense like. >> knives up my chest because i can feel it. i can feel the feeling of him being to close. >> 36 year-old rachel phillips filed a childhood assault complaint in alameda county, superior court against matthew vessel who she alleges abused her campus starting her freshman year 1999 to her senior year 2003. >> it was all on campus either in his classroom or in the gym in the hallways. the dark
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hallways of the also named in the complaint is the berkeley unified school district. >> her attorney john whiter explains why? because this teacher coach. >> sexually arrest dozens of women over 20 years. berkeley high did nothing. >> stop it. phillips says she reported the abuse of behavior to anyone who would listen as soon as it began in her freshman it was, you know, assistant coaches, head coaches, athletic director. >> the english teacher that i had my freshman year. but that the administration wasn't there for me. i reached out to the berkeley unified school district public information office to hear what they have to say about these allegations. >> i received an auto reply saying the office is closed for summer vacation. has it made kron 4 news. >> still ahead, the white house is counting a big success on adding millions of jobs. but a recent analysis says that number could be way
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off. we asked the secretary of labor. what he has to say about the country's job numbers. >> and even loud noise coming from your car, you might be the victim of a growing crime trend in the bay area. how much one city here saw its catalytic converter thefts rise this year.
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>> catalytic converter thefts in san leandro are up some 65% this year. and the police
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department says the problem has been getting worse for years. kron four's phillipe chagall says the victims are being left with thousands of dollars in repairs. >> the car lot at vick mufflers and auto repair in san leandro a microcosm of a theft issue plaguing this city and several others in the bay area at least 20 cars towed behind the gate. all missing at least one catalytic converter every monday we received life. >> all 5 parts every monday. victor hernandez owns the shop and says thieves are breaking into his place to steal catalytic converters on cars awaiting other repairs leaving with a bill to replace the exhaust emission control device ranging from $400 to i can even do to prevent it all. >> we've been has been and also plays put it on the divorce. we start cards with even with the play, the rich. >> the whole playoff, the san leandro police department says
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catalytic converter thefts are up 65% so far this year. all of last year, 142 thefts were reported 117 have already been documented this year, particularly hybrid, suvs and trucks acting san leandro police captain khan says on sunday and officer recovered 16 stolen catalytic converters during a traffic stop. one of 2 busts made within a week. but overall he says criminals are getting away with it selling the valuable metals at recycling centers out of town. we're seeing the numbers rising this year. we saw numbers rising the year before you will know if your catalytic converter has been removed. if your car suddenly starts making a loud noise when you drive. you can captain khan recommends working in a garage. if you can or under lights and near surveillance cameras. if you have no choice but to park on the street. also your catalytic converter with your vehicle's identification number in case police ever
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recovering out of school. and you can see in san leandro only all kron 4 news. >> up next kron 4 news at 5 bart not running late enough. you get home that's about to change when bart plans to offer limited late night service. plus the big boss in the major league weighing in on the a's possible relocation white commissioner. rob manfred moving the team should be taken seriously and the fbi is on the search for a man from mill valley of all places. what we know about his part in the januar
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>> tonight at 5.34, is always tracking local stories. and here's a look at what's going on around the bay area right now. >> bart is getting ready to bring back limited late night service starting this thursday, bart will run for trains from either the embarcadero or civic center at 1130, the trains will service for stops in san francisco and the east bay limited late night service will run every thursday friday and saturday night for the rest of july. it will be replaced on august. second, when bart will extend its normal service hours in the east bay. 2 puppies are doing okay tonight after. >> they were stolen and ended up going on. wild ride in hayward that really could end a terribly police say the dogs were stolen by a man who initially said he wanted to buy them. but when the dog's owner met up with the man he
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pulled a gun and stole the truck that the puppies were in and that man police say led them on a chase in the area of mission boulevard and highland where the thief, they say flip the truck. man is arrested for carjacking and animal in danger. >> to the south right fencing coach in sunnyvale faces crime charges involving a child. police say this man, rod rabbi first a groomed. his victim by purchasing her gifts treating her differently than other students. and then traveling alone with her 2 fencing competitions. and when the victim turned 17, that's when police say he began to sexually molest her. the suspect is the owner of the international fencing academy police are now looking for other possible victims. a 24 year-old man was stabbed to death in south san jose early sunday morning. police say they found the man near on an expressway just off the west valley freeway. police are still investigating the stabbing and do not have a


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