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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 14, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it's wednesday, july 14th known to many as hump day or middle of the harvey. let's start this morning with a check of weather with john shrable because as you might remember, this past weekend is very warm. it looks like we're going to be comfortable at think yesterday. i did see 90 somewhere on that forecast on. yeah. when you have a through 90's trying to make their return next week. we're still not going to be as hot as we were this past weekend. >> but after a nice little break from the heat this week.
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there will be a touch warmer conditions next week. as for right now, though, we are in the midst of that break from that he and that has really been the highlight of what we've seen so far this workweek which has been much cooler weather, especially for inland areas that are very welcome change of pace. i think for a lot of us, your view outside at your financial district camera situated towards transamerica pyramid, looking at some of that low cloud cover sitting over san francisco. you can also see some of the trees blowing in that cool. coastal breeze. now today we are going to see some quicker clearing than we did yesterday for bayside areas for inland areas. you're just going to see the sunshine throughout the course of your day. coastal areas actually seeing a pocket of sunshine or to picking back out. not a lot of it but do expect at least maybe a couple areas along the coastline to get a hint of sun here and there, which is going to be welcome after the p past few gray days 50's for most of our current temperatures with hayward 58 oakland and concord each at 57 nevado and napa each at 55 right now. a look
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ahead at what we can expect this afternoon shows temperatures that will rise into the 70's by the bay and 80's inland similar to yesterday. but actually even a little bit cooler than yesterday was. i'll tell you about what else to expect for the rest of this weekend when that he will start to build back in still to come, tom, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot in san jose. a this is it. the area of mckee road and jose figures. there was a. >> vehicle and a pedestrian. and now we do know that the sadly has died at the scene there. but san jose police they do have some closures in place. eastbound mckee road that's close to traffic from jose figures to jackson avenue and it's going to close for several hours, but there are some other close streets that you could potentially take black road and north jackson avenue. go ahead and get on the freeway. there. we're going to be following that as we're looking at the bay
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bridge. no major issues from the east bay heading into the city to that fremont street exit. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues and the golden gate bridge will leave you with. that looks like a clear sky. no major fog slowing you down about 20 minutes. we'll stay on top of this hot spot out in san jose will have more throughout the morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. >> the search for a missing east bay man has entered a 5th day. >> 37 year old philip cry checked went for ron at pleasanton ridge regional park on saturday. >> disappear. this morning. we've learned that some of the search efforts are now shifting to a new location. search crews are of someone screaming for help overnight and have launched a brand new search can force theresa takes a look at the search efforts this morning. >> searching from above to peer into small spaces. all part of the continued operation to find missing runner. philip. craig chick. this is video from alameda county, special operations
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unit flying their drones over part of the trail where craig chick was last seen the 37 year-old father of 2 disappeared saturday after he told his wife he planned to run a route off of the mueller trailhead in pleasanton. part of the east bay regional park system throughout the day. hundreds grabbed information at the command post to spread out and scour the hilly terrain. >> and the pass to operational period. you can see out. we've covered a tremendous of ground from general area and close as well as extending part part of the south. also west of specialized maps. canine dogs. hundreds of volunteers. >> thermal imaging technology. all have been used, but still no trace of the runner we've left with basically 2 probabilities. one is that we're not finding here in the drain. and that he's incapacitated is not responsive. or he's not here. and so those are 2 probabilities that we feel that that when we look at all of the different. continued
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season and the assessment of the entire operation last 4 days we've come to 2 conclusions that blood found out on the trail turned out to be a dead animal. friends say that craig chick love to run and loved his family. i spoke with a college friend who is orchestrating the search. he is a very strong so although it has been while since he was seen. it's still quite positive. everybody who knows him thinks that if he is lying with the broken make somewhere. he still probably alive because it's. >> he's one of the most kind of physically impressive people. anybody has ever he's a very, very strong runner and hiker. he's also just a wonderful person. i think a big part of the reason that the search has taken off so much. is that. >> he has lots of friends who are deeply devoted to him. it really want him to say theresa kron 4 news. >> well, quinn police are asking for help finding this missing teen on your screen. briana villegas was last seen friday, july night around
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6.30, in the evening. she's 5 foot 2, 100 pounds. brown was last seen wearing a black shirt with the and i and bicycle shorts. police do believe she could be in the sunnyvale area. anyone with information is asked to call opd. a big story we're following this morning state health officials now say it's up to local school districts to decide how to enforce the state's mask mandate in schools. the state's reversing course after recently released a new rules that would have required schools to send an mass children home run for us. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala breaks it all down for us. >> students return to california classrooms in the fall masks will be mandatory for everyone regardless of vaccination status, a true leader of parent group open. california says by doing this, the state is undermining the credibility of the vaccine. how do you encourage people who are potentially, you know, vaccine hesitant today and get themselves or their minor children vaccinated. if you're not considering the benefits of that vaccinations them. so.
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>> i think it's really a mixed message that cdph is sending the california department of public health released new guidelines. this week. at first requiring unmask students be sent home. governor gavin newsom is facing a recall and has been the face of the state's pandemic related policies. hours after criticism mounted against the new guidance. cdph shifted course, mask enforcement will remain in the hands of school leaders. in a statement tuesday, a spokesperson for the department of public health wrote, quote, the state recognizes the unique needs of each district in child. some parents know california is not following federal guidance on masking indoors. >> the cdc has said fully vaccinated, teachers and students don't need to wear masks but do need to physically distance. state. health officials have said they worried distancing requirements could keep some schools from accommodating all students who need rename on user testing resources and depend less on the recommendation. >> around physical distancing. the california teachers
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association released a statement tuesday saying in part with the road map provided by science-based guidance school communities are in a good position to ensure safe in-person instruction for students this fall state health officials say they will review the guidelines and possibly change them again by november. first in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news some bay area districts are offering parents a choice with regard to keeping their children on mask like any up. for example, virtual learning. >> we'll continue for those who don't want to wear a mask at school. but over in santa rosa distance, learning isn't being offered the contra costa county superintendent of schools says she's looking forward to seeing students and staff back in the classroom. in masks. >> we'll be able to unmask when outdoors in the road to having lunch out having nice s you'll be able to take their masks. distancing rules have been taken away. so it will be more kids in class or you might have seen 12 or 13 last year. you might see a fuller class. >> this also includes teachers and staff and the guidance is
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effective immediately. this new guidance comes as the delta variant is now responsible for a surge in coronavirus cases right here in the bay area. health officials in marin county say the number of new covid-19 infections there have jumped from about 3 per day to as many as 20 per day. the county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the entire state with 92% of eligible people having at least one shot and 85% fully vaccinated county health officer doctor matt willis says most of the people have come down with the delta variant are unvaccinated. >> of the last 13 people that have come into the hospital. marin county one was vaccinated. the other 12 are unvaccinated. so. pattern is very the vaccine is protective. and that not being vaccinated makes you vulnerable. >> rather than operating a mass vaccination site. the counties using mobile teams to reach people who still have not received the shot.
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happening today. the mass vaccination site at the muskogee center in san francisco will close you can drop in to get your second dose. even if you got your somewhere else. san francisco is the first major city in the united states that more than 80% of its residents with at least one vaccine dose. as for people still looking to book an appointment for a vaccine. the city will continue distributing doses. there's several health clinics pharmacies and mobile sites. and the south bay the tsa now says light rail service will likely not resume by the end of the month as originally expected. officials say their plans to restore service are still moving forward and they're currently in the second phase of their 6 phase plan to resume service. light rail service has been suspended since 9 people were shot and killed at a vta railyard back in may. in the east bay. tri valley, water customers are being asked to conserve conserve water even more water due to the drought
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instead of that 10% voluntary cut back. people are now being asked to cut back water use by 15%. this request applies to water customers in pleasanton dublin. san ramon a little more water. officials say the best way to conserve to is to limit water the use that you're using when your water, your lawn starting there and to only do tonight and in the early morning hours. coming up in the morning news. there's a new effort to help businesses struggling with back >> plus the commissioner of major league baseball is weighing in on the aids fight for a new ballpark. what he's saying about the potential when the a's to leave oakland. and after the break, the future of the president's infrastructure plan is one step closer to passage. we have a live update. washington after the break.
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>> in national news overnight. democrats reached a deal on the second part of president joe biden's infrastructure plan focusing on things like climate change and child care. and it all comes as republicans and democrats are still working on getting past the roadblocks on a bipartisan infrastructure deal. our
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washington correspondent kellie meyer is live in dc with the very latest. good morning, kelly. >> good morning. well, this is basically democrats first step towards passing president biden's american families plan without republican support. but as you said, republicans and democrats are still struggling to pass that core bipartisan infrastructure package. it's becoming an uphill battle here on capitol hill. >> senate democrats have a deal in the boldest biggest legislation. in a very, very long time after a 2 hour closed door meeting late tuesday night. democrats locked in 3.5 trillion dollars to cover the second part of president joe biden's infrastructure plan focusing on things like climate change child care and education are bill is aimed at the middle class and those struggling to get there. the 3.5 trillion fall short of the 6 trillion that some democrats were hoping for vermont senator bernie sanders met with the president monday pushing for a
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robust plan a strong majority of the members of democratic caucus want to go as big as we possibly the democrats agreement is only the first step in a process to pass the bill without gop support. republicans remain opposed to the plan nobody's sure. us like thank our country needs another >> overdose of over bar overspending and over talks the 3.5 trillion dollars will be added to the 600 billion already set to go to the bipartisan infrastructure plan which is still being finalized in congress. >> and president biden will be here on capitol hill today to meet with senate democrats to discuss that deal later today he will meet with a bipartisan group of mayors and governors to continue pushing mor the bipartisan infrastructure package reporting live here in washington. i'm kelly meyer. thank you for that report. kelly. >> well, back here at home, we
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are actively trying to figure out how to plan our day. we want to know what to wear what we can go. all those great things. and i think it's going to be a great day to get outside for lunch break or a quick morning jog. is that right, john? yeah. this is great. jogging weather actually during our morning hours. i know a lot of people in san francisco along the coastline already huge fan of the gray and the cool. this. >> but hey, when you're jogger that stuff actually kind works out for you now. good news for lunch breakers and our afternoon hour, maybe hikers. you've got really nice weather, especially inland to enjoy and i take advantage of it because you know this little cool down are in the midst of isn't necessarily going to last forever. a look outside at berkeley right now does show that low gray that is pushing on into the east bay hills. we are going to be looking at gray hanging out almost all the day along the coastline today as opposed to yesterday, though you might get a couple of sunshine out there bayside areas, plenty of sun towards the afternoon inland areas. you're going to get all day long now high pressure is built up to our east. but we actually are
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seeing a weakening influence due to the high pressure by this little dip in the jet stream that is going to make its way through midweek. and that is really already resulting in the cooldown that we're seeing temperatures even cooler than they were yesterday. tomorrow expected to actually be even a little bit cooler yet in the wake of that cooler air passing across the region today. winds will push in from the coastline. this is going to keep that marine layer preston tight like we have been seeing it pushing right into the bay temperatures in sf today. sunset district in the upper 50's but returning to the 60's elsewhere, you will actually get a dose of sunshine in mission, in financial districts 50's to 60's from daly city down to half moon bay while burlingame at 72 today. temperatures in foster city at 75 saying carlos in the low 80's palo alto at 78 degrees temperatures in the south bay today will be in the low 80's with san jose 82 santa clara 80 degrees union city 76 well, livermore and pleasanton in the upper 80's while the creek and conquered
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egypt before while oakland returns to the low 70's just a little bit more mild than yesterday. look at antioch in vacaville actually falling from the low 90's to the upper 80's today. so inland areas are a touch cooler where's our bayside in coastal areas are a little bit more mild. actually, a couple degrees warmer so all in all, that's actually working our way in the right direction on both sides of the coin here temperatures tomorrow will actually be at our coolest highs in the low 80's at our warmest. most of our inland areas actually only expected to be in the 70's tomorrow friday. we can continue that trend a little bit of a warm-up come the weekend and then a touch warmer yet into early next week. so just enjoy this cool down. what we've got it. no major heat wave in sight, but it will be warmer into next week right john, thank you for that. we do have a hot spot out in san jose. this is in the area a key role in hosts a figures. >> where a pedestrian was hit and kill so eastbound a key road is closed to traffic from jose figures to jackson avenue down there. there are other streets very close to their like maybury road in north
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jackson avenue that appear to be clear. we'll have more on the hot spot for now, let's get back to your other b idges like the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city right now to that freeman street exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. also the san mateo bridge looks nice and clear for you a little under 40 minutes if you're heading across towards the peninsula. we'll have more on that coming up. for now, let's go back to the stories. a san francisco supervisors. introducing legislation to help small businesses rebound from the pandemic while reopening is under way. many businesses are facing a mountain of debt due to back rent kron four's. dan kerman has the details. there. >> in san francisco's mission district dhs up a lot of these is back open for business after being cloped for most of the pandemic. we are happy to be open and looking forward to a bright future. if we can get more help and more relief that would be absolutely a godsend. the relief tracy sylvester is talking about is to help her pay down our debts incurred
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during the pandemic, specifically back rent the hook for about $26,000. we can help to pay down some of that debt. >> through negotiations with their landlord. we will be helping a lot of businesses survive. san francisco supervisor ahsha safa e wants to take about 25 million dollars from the city surplus. >> to establish a fund where by small businesses that have been operating for 5 years or more have gross receipts of 2 million dollars or less that are not formula. retail could apply for grants of $25,000 to help pay back rent. that's over 1000 businesses. >> and each business is average about 10 to 15 employees. you're talking about somewhere between. >> 15,010 to 15,000 or just directly employed by the small business. i would be great because then that way i can focus on that money going directly towards paying back my landlord. >> tracy silvester says that would give her the breathing room to build her business
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back. >> it definitely is something that makes me feel like that there's a little bit of a sigh relief in a way that i can free up my mind to think about back to operations in moving forward and knowing that there's some support and help, especially for a small fitness business like this the supervisor is hoping to get the mayor support for this legislation. >> it comes back to the board of supervisors for discussion in september in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news a plane crashes into a home in monterey county. now investigators are trying to figure out what caused that crash. >> we have a look at that story when we get back from break.
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>> the developing news this morning. officials are continuing to investigate what caused a plane to crash into a home in monterey county. >> we're getting multiple reports of an airplane. >> in the area that he didn't want area. and it may have crashed into a house. there was a loud explosion. heard. >> the monterey county regional 5 protection district said it happened near highway 68 and montana ranch. now,
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according to the f a a the twin engine cessna 4.21 crashed into the home after the party monterey regional airport around 10:48am yesterday morning. it's still unknown. how many people were on board at the time or if there was anyone in the home at the time of the crash. news conference is set to reveal more details this morning. happening today. britney spears conservatorship case heads back to court. a judge is expected to consider the singer's request, pick her own attorney to represent her. the aclu has filed a brief on britney's behalf arguing the right to choose her own attorney is part of the 6th amendment right to counsel aclu sas going to judge to set up a private meeting with the singer to discuss the matter. spears court-appointed attorney resign following her powerful testimony that she was being abused by those leading her conservatorship. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news former student is suing and east bay school district after she says
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she was sexually assaulted by a teacher.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, harvey lets get another check of weather this morning, middle of the week here. >> maybe you're planning for the weekend ahead. and you're trying to figure out here we go out of town this begin or should we stay because the weather is going to be great. john has all those answers for you. good morning, john. who the important questions right now. yeah. you know what? if you do go out of town this
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weekend. it is still going to be fairly warm out into the very central portions of the state like on your way into the sierra nevada. >> don't be surprised if you're still feeling some 90's and even low triple digits out there towards the central valley here in the bay area. we have backed off the heat in a really nice way. we have been looking at high temperatures really for the most part only rising into the 80's the past few days that our warmest and very cool at the coastline areas like san francisco. what you're seeing on the screen right now have been shrouded under this low gray for a couple of days now. now here's a little bit of good news. for those of you at the coast who need a little bit of sunshine today. there's at least the opportunity for a few pockets of sunshine to form in the afternoon for coastal spots. it won't last for long. and it's not going to be seen for everyone but likely to be at least some clearing bayside areas. you'll get your afternoon clearing while inland areas. you're just going to stay that way all day long and that's a good chance to enjoy what will be such comfortable weather for yet another day. in fact, a little bit cooler than even yesterday was 50's for most of our current temperatures fremont oakl i


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