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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> well, there's a failure, top to bottom in the city. >> a violent encounter. this video not related to what we're talking about inside a san francisco walgreens ends with the security guard in the hospital and a suspect in custody. we'll get to the richard sherman story coming up. but for now, we say good evening. welcome to kron. 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis said this incident. it comes after the retail giant is already shuttered. many of its pharmacies in the city because of the crime kron four's,
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>> all right. welcome back to kron 4 news at 5. bit of a technical difficulty. but we're talking about this incident at walgreens. and this comes right after the mayor and the police chief we're talking about crime in san francisco and the perception of all that's involved with that will. now we have this incident at walgreens that left the security guard there in the
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hospital. you also have a suspect in custody. and our kron four's maureen kelly has the story. now you'll see only on kron. 4 news. >> the market. >> here's video from the citizen app showing the flashing lights of police cars in the ambulance. that responded to the call for help at 09:30am at the walgreens on the corner of 9th and market. here are more photos from above that show the male armed security guard as he was about to be transported to the hospital. according to sfpd. he was injured during a fight with a man who had allegedly been harassing customers inside the store. police confirmed the guard was bitten at least once, although another worker says the guard was bitten multiple times. here's another shot of the suspect being taken into custody sfpd says 28 year-old sergio gutierrez alvarez was arrested for trespassing and battery. the photos were taken by a man who's lived across the street for 50 years. he
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was not surprised by what happened here today. it's often. >> i see the the security chasing people louder. and taking stuff away from them. they're trying to steal. it's a constant problem and all of the stores here in this city, there has been no allegation of theft in today's incident. but walgreens has been the scene of several viral videos of brazen shoplifting and has shut down 17 stores over the last 5 years. >> they are not the only retailer pulling back because of crime. one of the reasons why target reduce its store hours. they were concerned about the mental health of their employees. lot of anxiety coming into work. >> fear of aggressive behavior or harm to them. >> supervisor ahsha safa. he held a hearing on retail crimes recently, particularly looking at the problem of organized theft rings the reputation of our city is on the line. >> we have to do better as the city. and we need to make this a priority to stop this in turn the tide.
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>> the supervisors pushing for a coordinated response involving city hall. police. the district attorney, the courts and the retailers themselves and possibly even the u.s. attorney, maureen kelly kron 4 news. this latest incident comes just 2 days after san francisco, mayor london breed held a press conference defending the city's crime rate. >> she made a note of several high-profile incidents, including some that happened at other walgreens locations. mayor breed says these crimes are getting attention online. but we're not seeing what happens after the crime is committed. >> what's not going viral what's not being brought to the forefront is the fact that in almost every single instance, our police department have arrested many of the people in these particular crime. >> well, statistically speaking, the data doesn't exactly back up the mayor's claims this graph from san francisco's mid your crime reported shows that burglaries are up with more than 3700
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recorded so far this year. that's 200 more than this time last year during the pandemic and roughly 1300 more than in 2019 before the pandemic car break-ins have started ticking upwards from last year. but they are down dramatically from the high point back in 2017 now violent crimes like homicides assaults in gun violence. they're all trending upward as well. sadly thefts and robberies, however, are actually on the decline to get a full look at the crime stats for san francisco. so far this year just head on over to our website at kron 4 dot com. >> another big story we're following tonight nfl star and former stanford defensive back. richard sherman was arrested early this morning and is being held in jail in seattle sherman who is a free agent. most recently played for the forty-niners. kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney joins us now with the latest information on that. kate.
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>> it's really troubling situation. this all started unfolding late last night into very early this morning. and while we're still. >> gathering a lot of information. here we are with a few of the things we do know richard sherman was arrested around 02:00am this morning. that's currently being held on suspicion of burglary domestic violence. sherman's wife called 911, from her parents home in redmond at around one 40 this morning, the audio from those calls is upsetting. she explained to the dispatcher that sherman was intoxicated. behaving aggressively and threatening to kill himself when police arrived. they found sherman trying to forcibly enter his in-laws home. that is the burglary piece of this. and while police say he didn't physically harm anyone. it's considered a domestic violence incident since their his relatives. the police said that sherman was initially amicable. but once told he was being arrested he resisted and they used a canine unit to subdue him. he was booked into jail a few hours later. now sherman's most recent team. the forty-niners have not released a statement, but the free agent is also vice
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president of the nfl players association which issued a statement saying, quote, we have activated our domestic violence crisis protocol for the protection and support of everyone involved. we will continue to monitor events closely as more facts are made available to us. they didn't mention sherman by name in the statement. but a couple other items to note the police also confirmed of the hit killer collision related to the incident at around 01:00am a car into the closed construction zone in redmond and crashed into a barrier. the driver fled the scene but workers identified him as sherman and the car was found to be registered to him. washington state patrol officials suspect or a man was driving while intoxicated. he somehow made his way to his in-laws house from there. we don't yet know exactly how sherman is being held without bail until he can appear in front of a judge that will likely happen tomorrow. in the meantime, i spoke to and san francisco attorney joachim mccoy. he doesn't represent sherman, but he does have experience with pro athlete. he said this case likely require a thorough
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investigation by the district attorney's office before any charges can be filed. to be clear, sherman has not been charged with any crimes at this time. grant vicki kate pre she ate it. meanwhile, members of oakland united coalition. they rallied outside the a's headquarters today. they're demanding the team's owners. >> commit to a community benefits agreement as they're calling it as part of the howard terminal but park project the deal. this group wants would require the a's to pay for affordable housing projects and create well paying union jobs for local residents. >> this is so important to oakland that ties to be a champion at all points for diversity, for inclusion and equity. here's here's why the words have to have to meet the ground. and this is where the communities have to get together and work together with folks like that is to make sure that all of our districts are vibrant and thriving into the future. thank you.
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>> the oakland city council is set to vote. the big vote on whether to keep the a's in oakland. that is coming up on tuesday. >> they are finding your hard earned money is just not going as far as it used to join that club consumer prices. you've noticed continuing rise all across the country. and here in the bay or kron four's. dan kerman spoke to financial experts today about why this is happening and how long it might last. he joins us live from san francisco. dan, things are more expensive. >> definitely things expensive, especially if you go to the grocery store, you'll find a lot of things need to 6 pensive food is expensive used cars more expensive. >> eggs. more expensive. how long will this last? well, the experts tell us it's not going to be over anytime soon. prices will stay steady and continue to rise for a while longer clear into next year. if you thought it was expensive to live in the bay area. it's gotten worse. consumer prices in june rupp over 3% compared to the same time last year over the last 2
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months. the cost of meat poultry fish and eggs is jump. 6.1% gas prices are up 7.4% and used cars and trucks soared 17.6% in the bay area from april to june. if you're looking for extraordinarily high inflation rate to go away and the next month or 2. i think you'll be disappointed financial experts say we'r seeing these higher prices for several reasons. >> first government stimulus checks and enhanced unemployment benefits to help families and individuals get through the pandemic. >> has put more money in people's pockets. >> when you have more money in circulation. people feel like they can bite things. but we're all competing for the same amount of goods has before. so let's say you and i are the only people in the world and our incomes double. we're going to still be competing for the same amount of state that's out there or the same amount of caviar or rare items there for. we're
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going to those prices up and prices will rise because of that. more money in people's pockets coupled with the reopening. >> has led to increased demand. but the supply hasn't kept pace. also leading to higher prices. >> we think the distortions dislocations from a very strong rebound in the past year. will continue to put pressure both on the labor market and supply inventory, availability of goods and that will keep inflation elevated probably into next year. but we do think inflation will be winding down over the course of 2022, even if demand is tempered and supply. catch us up. >> some economists believe the government must wind down its spending. >> to curb these higher prices. if inflation is allowed to keep going and keep rising we will be in for some trouble because inflation basically eats away at people savings.
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>> one way to help curb inflation is for the fed to raise interest rates. that comes with a whole list of tied to that this point, the fed is not indicated they have any plans to do that live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. well, how much do you really need to make to comfortably afford housing in the bay. the national low income housing coalition just released a report that shows what people need to make in san francisco. yikes renting a one-bedroom apartment alone requires a six-figure salary. they say almost a 117,000 a year broken down into an hourly wage that would be making more than $56 an hour to have a one-bedroom lot yourself in city. anybody who's making minimum wage in san francisco, 14 an hour. they can comfortably afford an apartment. that's $728 a month. good luck finding that the minimum wage worker would need to put in a 161 hours of work per week to afford a
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one-bedroom place to no surprise, san francisco is california's most expensive place for housing. it's followed by the san jose area, the santa cruz region and then what they consider the oakland fremont east bay area. state leaders are signaling that california likely will not extend its ban on evictions comes as the state is working to quickly send rent relief to struggling tenants and landlords. >> kron four's. ashley zavala explains the progress. >> and there is money out there to get help and we get to better at night struggling tenants recently approved for state rent relief standing up for the program. governor gavin newsome says some don't believe israel. california is working to send out 5.2 billion dollars in rental assistance and another 2 billion dollars to help with utilities eligible tenants can get 100% of their back in future rent through september paid off. regardless of immigration status. officials said as of wednesday, the program has received 1 billion
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dollars worth of requests. and so it is our goal everyone that needs us assistance submits an application. now a criticism of the state's rent relief program in the past is that it's been too slow to distribute dollars. governor newsom's administration launched housing is key dot com to help shorten and simplify the application process approved applicants at wednesday's event who applied june 30th told the governor the money had not yet been the goal that we have is to be able from the moment at the application is as submitted and reviewed to be able to disperse dollars within 30 days. the state's pandemic related eviction ban for those who struggle to pay rent expires, september 30th. but the likely to move beyond that. >> diminishes everyday particular is the economy comes roaring back an it has in the state but not for everybody. >> landlord groups like the california apartment association called the governor's comments encouraging the group releasing a statement saying in part the days of forcing property owners to provide housing without compensation must come to a close. in
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sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> the east bay, the search for missing runner has entered a new phase today. 37 year-old philip reay check has not been found after 4 days scouring pleasanton ridge regional park last night. a search team cry for help along the trail near signal after searching the area with a drone and helicopter. they still could not find philip, the alameda county sheriff's office says that they will continue searching until tonight and starting tomorrow. they're going to respond to clues and information but say they will not actively searched the area. you know, we are definitely at a point where we are. >> i'm a little perplexed as to why we haven't found philip yet, but we'll keep working and where there's hope, we'll we'll keep working. >> is an avid trail runner. he mapped is intended route last saturday. it was 8 mile loop. the investigators have retraced the path and they know that he left berkeley in the morning in mail, the package before going to the park. oakland police are
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asking for your help in finding this missing teen. brianna villegas was last seen on friday, july 9th about 6.30 in the evening. there she is. there. she stands 5 foot 2 weighs about a 100 pounds. brianna was last seen wearing a black shirt with the am i and black bicycle shorts. police believe that she could be in the sunnyvale area. anyone with information is being asked to call oakland police. >> in the south bay pta leaders say they will not be resuming rail service at the end of july as they had anticipated officials say they're just not ready to allow passengers back on trains after that mass shooting in may, the vta now has a six-part plan to try to get things back up and running it details what needs to be done before passengers will be allowed on board. so far, officials have found alternative work sites for employees as part of phase one now in phase 2 vta representatives are moving equipment technology and
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employees to their temporary locations. >> local store that employees that need to run light. are accessing the kinds of resources that they need to be able to come back to work safely. and with confidence. >> stages 3, 4, will focus on infrastructure repairs, workers returning to offices and a trial run of service without passengers. the vt 18 aims to welcome people back on trains again in phase 5 representatives are trying to reassure people that there working hard to restore service, but they want to make sure the people operating the trains are confident they can do so safely. >> all right. switching gears here for a moment to take a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look at the forecast and we're kind of on cruise control here. yeah. county easy breezy out there right now. nice pattern of being too hot, not too cold. got a little fog moving in
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along the coastline. again, it's going to surge well on shore as we head through tomorrow, probably the coolest day of the week as those temperatures really going to take a bit of a dive. but the clouds are gathering along the east bay hills right now. so we're off and running with low cloud deck already. it will be in place just about everywhere you go early tomorrow morning along the coastline. we have this little thing called any kind of swirling off the coast. you see the little swirl in the atmosphere and get some of sometimes you get these northwesterly winds kicking in and they start to run into some of the topography there. the cars little spin in the atmosphere and there you go. you've got any spinning out there right now. that makes a big difference in whether along the coastline, all of a sudden you get the suddenly surges of falling to be very foggy in half moon bay get over parts of you can see a lot of sunshine. so yeah, looks like we're going to see more of that on the way the next couple of days is fog. low clouds going surge. well on shore tonight. and again, another round of some drizzle be prepared. it's going to be very wet up toward the coastline over skyline boulevard. watch out for some dense fog there as well. temperatures outside right now
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very comfortable and warm in the san jose at 75 degrees 74 in fremont still 81 in little more 80 degrees in concord, 61 degrees. partly cloudy in the san francisco 68 degrees in blytheville and 77 in the bottle. air quality looking good as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. once again, you get that nice on shore. breeze that fresh ocean air keeps you a nice and in the green category and looking good all around tonight, if you are stepping outside, you're running into the fog deck more so in the next few hours, it started pushed inside the bay. more of that on the way will be a little bit breezy and cool as you approach the coastline tonight, the fog, low clouds going to surge well on shore probably into the valleys again, livermore valley in the concord, maybe all the way into the delta to the models start to pick up on more of that drizzle to along the coastline. then by tomorrow afternoon that starts to break up a little bit. think as we get the weekend, maybe a little less fog, a little more sunshine. emperatures a little bit warmer, but tomorrow pretty still some low 80's. well, inland levels temperatures in the 60's and 70's inside the bay along the coastline. we're planning on a lot of 50's that patchy fog.
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all right. lauren, still ahead, money may be on its way to your bank account of why the irs is getting ready to send out millions of dollars and dozens of attacks in a san jose neighborhood. what's being done to curb a growing coyote problem there in the south bay.
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followed by coyotes more than once. kron four's. haaziq madyun has the story. >> multiple reports of aggressive coyotes preying small dogs who live with their owners inside this private gated senior living community at the villages golf and country club in settles. a some attacks have been deadly. >> we've seen them in norwalk and we've been followed by them. >> i would say we need you photo. that's coming >> yeah. she's a female. so there's been times where she's been followed by by coyotes. >> yeah, it's very concerning. david ballard has lived in this area for over 20 years and says he's noticed more coyotes of the neighborhood recently. i believe that the county coming down for the water causes little stream that flows in this area. >> the coyote is are also looking for alternative food sources says the spokesperson for california fish and wildlife. >> kid. probably a coat is are extremely adaptable animals
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that learned to live alon side humans in residential area and that they're normally afraid of right. but given access to food. they'll lose their fear will become habituated a little behind aggressive. the management at the villages golf and country club has a website dedicated to keep residents informed about coyote sightings. the best ways to coexist with the animals. >> so essentially the best ways to prevent coyotes from coming on your property is to eliminate or that means seal your guard, feel your pet if you've got a bird or another source of water. make sure that's not accessible. when we do we do try to walk a little bit more quickly and we just want her back. >> make sure there's not going to you know, the times on a pick up a stick or a rock or something to chase them away. >> in san has it wrote for news coming up next to the ledge vaccine scheme busted in the north bay. the fake pandemic preventer that has one doctor now. >> facing charges. plus child
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tax credit payments. they start tomorrow as of now they're just running through the end of the year. but why some lawmakers want to make them permanent and multiple fires burning across california and the west coast.
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>> tonight at 5.34, is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on around the bay area right now
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and we'll begin tonight in the north bay where a doctor in napa has been arrested accused of. >> selling fake covid vaccination cards and pills. investigators say 41 year old julie maisie sold pills to patients. she claimed they contain the covid virus and would create antibody responses in their immune system. macy then sent fake vaccination record cards. the ones that we've been getting and allegedly instructed her patients to falsely state that they had received the moderna vaccine on the same day they got the pills. macy is being charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of false statements related to health care matters. in marin county. 2 people are in jail after trying to steal a catalytic converter in love. we need it's around 8 o'clock. last night neighbors reported seeing 2 people trying to take the converter motor home. police arrived on scene arrested. both people on multiple charges including conspiracy and possession of methamphetamine.


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