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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 16, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> well, good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. it is friday, july a harvey and now you can finally wake up and say what am i going to be doing. >> over the weekend we've been cited for the past 3 days i think now's a good time to tell everybody what the weather is going to look like for the next few days. good morning. feels like we've been talking about this weekend for a while. rain. it doesn't. it. >> we are going to be looking at a good weekend to be stepping outside now yesterday the coolest day of this forecast. just seeing
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our going to start in a little warmer day today from here on out today is going to be a big day back into the low 80's for some of our inland areas by saturday and sunday climbing a little bit further through those 80's actually setting us up for a fairly warm. start your work week next week. so just get ready for those changes as we do advance to the next couple of days. you look outside right now at san francisco, things are definitely on the green side yet again. but no big surprise there. cloudy blanket is low enough that there are patches of cloud cover that are actually making contact with the ground. so watch out for some lower visibility pockets out there, although fog isn't super widespread this morning mostly sitting just above a level by the time we reach late morning, we should see a lot of clearing having occurred 50's for most of our current temperatures hayward, you're at 57 currently oakland at 58 degrees. san mateo 54 while dublin delay how and napa each at 55 right now. a look ahead into the afternoon does show that we do have some clearing skies heading back out. it will be a mostly cloudy day along the
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coastline, though, 70's to 80's for our daytime highs for most areas. i've got more on your forecast. still to come. first, though, back to rain. thank you for that john. all right. let get a check of your traffic this morning as you're heading from the east bay into the city from the maze want to get that free must exit. >> a little under 10 minutes. so no major issues there. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge traveling across towards the peninsula. no major delays there. little under 30 minutes for your drive time and the golden gate bridge not seen any major fog slowing you down. it will be about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city and the richmond, sandra fell. comey also looks nice. we'll have more on your morning commute. for now, let's get back to the news. our top story this morning, the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus across the country and right here in california, cases in the country of more than doubled in the last 2 weeks. and the white house says they're monitoring that situation very closely.
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washington correspondent kellie meyer has the latest on the administration's efforts to slow the spread before the pandemic gets worse. >> good morning. the president is said to be briefed on these concerns and the state of vaccinations across the country as rates spike nationwide. us covid cases are on the rise once again, we're still losing people to this virus from nevada to florida. the number of cases surging in over half of us states and territories. areas of the country where vaccination rates are low in states like missouri, arkansas, and louisiana seeing a spike and to be clear, there will likely continue to be an increase in cases among unvaccinated americans. the delta variant is infecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated americans in l a it's deja vu as the county starts to require masks indoors regardless of vaccination status for states like tennessee vaccine outreach has stopped for those 14 and older. despite an uptick in cases kids return to
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school in just a few the white house this week is recruiting the help of teen pop stars to encourage younger kids to get vaccinated. it's important to have conversations with friends and family members. we ask people to raise the bar. the u.s. surgeon general is urging americans to not fall for misinformation surrounding vaccines. >> warning of the consequences poses an imminent, an insidious threat to our nation's health and the cdc predicts anywhere from 50,000 to 400,000 new covid-19 cases are likely to be reported in that first week of august. >> that could translate to anywhere from 800 deaths to 4,000 reporting in washington. i'm kelly meyer. >> and just one month after california's for reopening the delta variant now triggering the return of mask mandates. a new warning to people who are unvaccinated as kelli meyer mentioned, los angeles county has ordered a new mask indoor mandate. now a lot of people are wondering whether the bay area is going to the same
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kron. 4 steelers aqi takes a look at all of that. >> as as uncertainty with delta and with a relatively lower vaccination rate in southern california can get to northern california. it is actually not surprising that the public health and political leaders they would enact such a mandate on thursday, los angeles county reinstated its indoor mask mandate. >> now raising questions on what this may mean for the bay area infectious disease expert doctor peter chin-hong says while los angeles county has hired cases and lower vaccination rates than the bay area counties. its numbers could have future impact on our mask mandates. >> i'm a little concerned just for the bay area as a whole because way. you look. because when you look at where the hot spots are right now in the state. it's actually above us in the sacramento area and below us and the la area. so you have the top and bottom. and i feel like we're being encouraged because again,
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people move freely and just because we have a high vaccination rates doesn't make us completely immune from what's happening around us. >> instead of a widespread mask mandate. doctor chin-hong says we could see county by county decide to follow eli's footsteps specifically for those with higher cases in lower vaccination rates like solano county, for example, meanwhile, san francisco's covid case rates in vaccinations have been some of the best as of tuesday. 83% of those eligible have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 76% of those eligible are fully vaccinated still forwardlooking data through this week. projects. case rates will rise to 73 cases per day. he sevenfold increase from mid-june. it's anybody's. >> guess whether not san francisco and other counties surrounding it well and not these mask mandates. again, if hospitalizations and deaths remain low, it will be more of an emotional response or maybe a call for people to get vaccinated. >> taylor kron 4 news.
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>> although there are no plans to bring back a mask mandate in the bay area. some health experts are erring on the side of caution. doctor bob wachter is chair of the department of medicine at ucsf and he explains why he thinks it's a good idea to steal double mask in public. >> most of the places i go to. i don't know if there are unvaccinated people and if there and actually people i can't tell whether they're wearing masks or not. so i think it's reasonable to wear a mask. and i think if you're wearing a mask to try to prevent delta, which is much more infectious and the virus we were battling last year. think it's reasonable to wear 2 i do at work. and i do when i go into the store. >> doctor walker says that while we are not ready for a mask mandate in the bay area right now. he believes we could be in the next few weeks. >> san francisco mayor london breed says at this time there are no plans to reinstate a mask mandate. however, she's monitoring and concerning the concerning rise in covid cases right here now health
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officials say most new cases are among those who are unvaccinated and case rates or 2 and a half times higher among latinos and african americans and they are continuing to urge people who are not vaccinated yet to go ahead and get the shot. >> this is for me is a cry to my community. a cry to everyone who has not gotten a vaccine to say we need you to get vaccinated. it is important for you to keep yourself safe. for you to keep your family safe. and for you to keep the people around. you say. >> only 60% of san franciscans african american population vaccinated. in the north bay. sonoma county has reopened an alternative care center in order to isolate an increase in new positive covid-19 cases. many of those people are being quarantined coming from an outbreak at a santa rosa homeless shelter for spring. kelly has the details. the first positive cases were detected at the samuel l jones
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homeless shelter back on july. 2nd. >> it closed down to new residents. but it has quickly turned into a large scale outbreak. according to the county as of this week. there are now 59 people who have tested positive for covid-19 out of a 153 residents. there are 26 other possible positive cases that are still being reviewed. a worrisome development, 28 of the confirmed cases or 48%. we're fully vaccinated. 31 people were unvaccinated. >> so there have been for information to believe that individual because of the circumstances close quarters. older age group underlying conditions and many of them are asymptomatic. we don't have that data after the break but we have as well as a result in total. 9 went to the hospital. those include 6 fully vaccinated. people who had underlying health concerns. >> as of wednesday for had been discharged, including one who had been in the icu. we're not seeing the death.
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>> that we saw during the skilled nursing facility operating certain have will >> wednesday. the county has reopened an alternative care site at the best western dry creek inn in healdsburg to help isolate positive patients at this point. they do not know if the more contagious delta variant is behind this outbreak. the public health officer says most of those vaccinated residents at the shelter received the johnson and johnson shot. but it's unclear if that played a role in the breakthrough infections. maureen kelly kron 4 news. you see schools announced they will be requiring all students faculty and staff to be fully vaccinated before they can return. >> to campus. the university of california says the policy will require schools to begin collecting a vaccination and processing requests for exceptions and florals to plan ahead for the fall semester. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay area university stepping up to help. >> young kids vaccinated before the school year starts.
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plus wine makers and the north. they are pushing for more fire prevention as the state gets deeper into fire season and after the break, targeting on people in the east bay. now police are trying to figure out a way to stop them. welcome back to the
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kron 00:00am morning news reyna harvey and it is friday for you. >> maybe you have some plans because the weather is going to be nice over the next couple of days. good morning, john. hey, good morning. rain and we are going to be looking at a really nice next couple of days before. >> the warm-up really builds in come sunday and into monday of next week. not just a warm up but also a muggy feel to it as temperatures begin to warm back up. we're going to be tapping into monsoonal moisture, which could actually result in an isolated thunderstorm or 2 come late sunday into early monday. as far as conditions go right now, you can see the low cloud cover sitting over half moon bay right here as we work our way through this forecast. we will see more and more cloud cover at the coastline through the morning. but there will be some clearing going on into the afternoon for coastal areas as you'd expect bayside inland areas, you will get a good dose of clearing high pressure is built up to our east some fog right along the immediate coastline. this dip in the jet stream bringing us the coolest weather in the
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forecast yesterday. today is going to be just a touch warmer the warming period does begin today and that's going to continue gradually through the rest of the weekend ahead of us. we do have a cool coastal wind, but it's not going to be anything significant. so you're really not going to see any rapidly moving fog pushing into the bay. like at an increased pace and this does mean that those inland areas have the chance to warm up a little bit further than they did yesterday. you'll see that reflected in inland spots here in your 4 zone forecast 50's 60's for your high temperatures in as staff as well as right along the coastline, temperatures right along the bay shore today anywhere from the 60's to 70's burlingame. a nice 72. really nice today in redwood city at 76 of some great spots to get out there today. do some outdoor dining. once you get out of the office san jose at 78 for the daytime high will freeman through hayward in the low 70's dublin. also at 78 while for danville walnut creek and concord. it's back into the low to mid 80's for you. oakland berkeley richmond
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in the 60's while temperatures in antioch in vacaville do near the 90's today. we're still not going to make it back up to that number just yet. we're actually going to save most of our 90's until sunday and monday of next week. now, we could see some dry lightning come monday. and this is a concern. as you remember last august when we saw dry lightning events did result in some wild fire sparking up across the bay area frequency of lightning doesn't look to be as much of a concern this time around. but something i did want to know in this forecast as we do work our way towards the monsoonal moisture early next week from the low 80's that are warm us today to the low 90's on sunday and monday things do start to warm up again. right now. john, thank you for that. keeping a close eye on your traffic and morning commute. >> heading from the east bay into the city to that famous to exit a little under 11 minutes for your drive time. that's also head over and check out things on the san mateo bridge as you're traveling across towards the peninsula a little under 20 minutes for you to make that drive and heading to the
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golden gate bridge where it's 20 minutes into the city. no major fog. we'll have more on that coming up next. but for now, let's get back to these stories. well ahead of the upcoming school year turrell university in vallejo is partner with the fairfield sassoon unified school district to try to help people get vaccinated. they're hosting a vaccine clinic. this afternoon at the public safety academy in fairfield, kron four's. amanda hari has the details. there. >> and we know this makes a difference. this makes a difference, especially now more than ever with delta variant that's going around with the first day of school, just more than a month away. for most students. true university is partnering with fairfield sassoon unified school district to get as many students faculty and staff ages 12. and up vaccinated. the fairfield schools district has been just amazing. they
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recently was over 21,000 households in over 12,000 students today really cali raise the senior project manager for the vaccine partnership according to county public health vaccination rates remain low for young people under 40% for ages 12 to 15. and just over 50% for ages 15 to 16. he says he knows how important it is for young people to get vaccinated. he's a father of a 13 year-old. they're safe. they're affected. we know they working to protect our children. in addition, he's been a pharmacist for almost 30 years. he says bringing the covid vaccine to as many people as possible has been special. and this is got to be one of the most rewarding is not the most rewarding thing i've ever been part of it at the vaccine clinics. anyone can get vaccinated for free. >> the johnson and johnson. one dose vaccine will be available for adults. those between the ages of 1217 will have to get the pfizer vaccine. they're already clinic set up for the second
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dose as well as some other vaccinations needed to return to school. >> we're doing it purposely because the second dose of vaccine that they're getting in 3 weeks. we're going to get them there. diphtheria tetanus and pertussis early to get vaccine that they need is a standard requirement to get back into school. so we'll that free of charge with it. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> and the east bay emeryville police are investigating a carjacking in a robbery. it happened in the parking garage on bay street to women visiting the area park their car and as they were getting out, at least 3 people attacked the women took their purses stole their car. both victims are treated for injuries and the car was later found in oakland. it's not known if this was a targeted attack. also in the east home depot is being targeted by shoplifters. investigators say in some cases these load up shopping carts and tools. a walk right out the door forces the has that story. >> you can add people in hercules to the growing list
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of retailers experiencing arrests shoplifting crimes here in the bay area. we've had 3. >> deaths that have been reported to us just in the last couple of weeks about 15 deaths there since the first of the year. >> hercules police investigators are cross referencing with other bay area. law enforcement searching for possible suspects who may be connected to similar crimes and sometimes it will will recognize that person is someone that we have dealt with. but it's very white ranged. >> and they often move around particular that these >> different things are happening particularly home people sometimes think they will still the item directly putting under a coat just putting the cart and walk out with it has happened near the day. get young men a little bit of the courts and went out emergency exit in their car was parked right outside the door. hercules police officials say due to staffing
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levels. it's not feasible to dedicated officer to patrol the parking lot for an extended period of time. we have that. the whole city to cover. >> so if the but the eye, as i said, the officers made numerous security checks air during the day and the night earlier in the year. we helped home people capture a couple of the thieves who had robbing home, people's overgrazing home peoples all over the state of california. with a large out. they in that case. >> and hercules haaziq kron 4 news. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news in this morning's dine and dish san francisco favorite. welcome back. customers after the pandemic. we're going to take you for a look inside all of city.
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>> a lot of restaurant suffered during the pandemic. all you have to do is look at the closed up businesses in downtown san francisco. well, this morning on dine and dish. vicki liviakis pays a visit to the newly reopened iconic restaurant name for san francisco fog city. >> fog city has been around since 1985 when it was the
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diner re imagine as simply fog city. it's a favorite stop along the embarcadero. >> that is until the pandemic shut it down. well, hugh, the fog. it's back. >> welcome to fox city. get in here. >> feel fine talking behind the bar and gm brett rolling out the welcome mat. >> i mean, it's called fox city. it is fog city for a reason for a staple in san francisco. that's the place to be it is back to food. >> they must for gourmet burgers, strip, steak and fries. sour dough pizza as fresh from a wood fire oven. i where pizza and ribs. >> i was you're >> and my favorite brussels >> everything is handmade. nothing is really by. we get doe. the sour dough crust
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dough all cheese made in-house. plus a hopping bar scene where you'll find mostly locals, although fog city is a trusted tourist stop >> locals and tourists alike relieved to know that fog city has weathered this temporary storm. it's nice to see the city like back again in san francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. well, now we're always looking for great places to dine or get takeout in your neighborhood. >> and you can use that camera on your phone to go ahead and scan this qr code is going take you directly to the diamond this web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news weapons drugs bomb making materials found in the south bay help. police were able to stop a possible attack. we'll have that story ahead.
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>> happy friday morning. we are here at another very nice weekend where the weather looks lovely. but don't take my word for john trouble is in the weather center. he's been tracking our weekend weather for the past 3 days that today's a good day to let everybody know how they can plan their weekend. good morning, john. i mean, technically the past 7 days. but we've been talking a lot about it the past 3 days for sure. we're looking outside at what's going to be a really
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nice weekend. at least to start by sunday. we start to feel a lot hotter. >> and also start to feel a little bit muggy as we get some monsoonal moisture that works its way back into the picture could actually result in an isolated thunderstorm or 2 come late sunday into early monday. so keep your eyes out for that later on in this forecast. as for today, though, we're still staying relatively on the moderate side of things. we are going to be seeing temperatures a little bit warmer today, but still fairly comfortable for most of us low cloud cover sitting over the east bay right here. you're berkeley hills cam. yeah. it's not showing much. that's because this low cloudy blankets routing the east bay hills, half moon bay nevado santa rosa and livermore each of these facilities do have visibility falling below a mile in one spot or another. so just be mindful of this is you do make your way into work this morning. 50's for your current temps with oakland at 58 dublin, alameda conquered and pittsburgh right now starting things off at 56 degrees. now, later today, daytime highs, as i mentioned, we'll start to get a little warmer climbing back into the 80's for a few inland spots.


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