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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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news. >> now at 6. we've just learned that a teenager has been arrested on suspicion of killing his mother and seriously injuring his father in a stabbing. this is according to fremont police. thank you so much for joining us here tonight on kron 4 news at 6. i'm justine waltman and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore and ken wayne. they have the night off. >> that 14 year-old suspect in custody is accused of killing his own mother attacking his father at their fremont home early this morning. police say this happened in the area of paseo padre parkway and fremont boulevard on sylvester drive when officers arrived at the home, they found the woman unconscious. the man had suffered stab wounds is taken to the hospital at last check was in stable condition. police say the teen was not at home when they arrived, but a neighbor called police about a half an hour later and said that there was a juvenile covered in blood walking around. so they detain that person. and since he is a minor police are not releasing
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his identity. our reporter gail ong is on the scene right now. she's talking with a police sergeant at this very moment getting the latest information for us. we will bring you live coverage tonight at 6.30. other big story we're watching tonight. if you live in one of these counties that's highlighted in yellow. you're being asked to wear your mask when you're indoors in a public setting. this is a joint recommendation that was issued today by health officials from these 7 counties. that includes san francisco alameda contra costa santa clara marin san mateo sonoma and also the city of berkeley. the recommendations are coming because of the troubling and fast-moving spread of the highly contagious covid-19 delta variant and almost everyone who has been infected. >> has not been vaccinated todd for us outside of a reports now from the south bay where officials explained why it's important for all people. even those who are fully vaccinated to put the mask back on when they are inside.
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>> it's a recommendation, not an order public health department to 7 bay area counties and friday recommended that everyone regardless of vaccination status wear face masks in public indoor places. the advisories come amid the spread of covid-19 cases across the region due to the highly contagious. delta variant, according to santa clara county's doctor sarah rodman. we are still seeing rising case rates. we've had a tripling in our case rate in the last 3 weeks. we think much of it may be related to the more transmissible delta variant we're seeing here. >> the recommendation impacting santa clara contra costa marin san francisco, san mateo sonoma and the city of berkeley seeks to ensure easy verification that all unvaccinated asked in those indoor settings. and as an extra precaution for all says doctor rodman making this recommendation for everyone regardless of vaccination
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status. >> with both help businesses and individuals ensure that able to have unvaccinated folks comply with the requirements to wear masks indoors. >> and at a layer of protection for everyone by asking the vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors in public as well. officials are recommending people wear masks indoors and settings like grocery stores or retail stores theaters, family entertainment centers. >> in june. the delta variant's comprised. 43% of all specimens sequenced in california. the center for disease control and prevention reports that delta variants are now responsible for 58% of new infections across the country. we continue to monitor here how our case rates are changing, how sick people are getting. >> and what variance are rising here. and as that information of all will continue to adapt these types of recommendations is necessary. >> the joint statement included a reminder that workplaces must comply with cal osha requirements and fully vaccinated employees are
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encouraged to wear masks indoors if their employer has not confirmed the vaccination status of those around them in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> now on our facebook page. we have a poll asking people about the new indoor masking guidelines will they wear a mask indoors or not. the percentage of people were saying yes, is 72% of people saying no. >> is 28%. so feel free to go on to our kron 4 news facebook page like the page get in there and give us the votes. we can see what people the bay area. thinking about this, you know well, while bay area authorities are recommending that masks be worn indoors in public settings. they are not issuing mandates at this point. anyway. >> but a lot of local residents are giving more thought to covering up again for us when kelly got reaction to today's recommendation from shoppers and business owners in the city of alameda. >> the signs hanging up and windows of some establishments
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in downtown alameda read if fully vaccinated masks are optional, but now the corps bay area health departments are saying it's a good idea to mask up with the uptick in positive cases driven by the extremely contagious. delta variant. and while they're stopping short of a mandate nearly all the shoppers i talked to today think it's probably wise to go back to covering up indoors. >> i don't mind keeping my mask on inside. i i do it automatically even though i'm double vaccinated for a long time for a few months. i think a lot >> ability to go into businesses and restaurants without masks. as great everybody is vaccinated. but especially for kids and people can't get vaccinated. >> they're so big risk we have a 2 year-old and it can get vaccinated yet. so we just are going indoors anywhere with him. spending overall, it's like it's a, but it's a good thing the owner of toys safari has kept a mask requirement in place beyond the june 15th
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reopening because so many of her young customers can't get their shots yet, but not everybody likes it. she hopes this new recommendation will mean less pushback. i sure hope so. i mean, we have a lot of people just won't come in or people will. >> start screamin and yellin and fighting and they want to fight. but i'm willing to fight for the health and safety of my community. at least one alameda resident who did not want to go on camera expressing concern that this surge in the delta variant means more stringent health orders. >> could be in our future. maureen kelly kron, 4 news. >> stay up to date on all the latest covid-19 information and use your smartphone right now to scan. this qr code on your screen. it will take you directly to our coronavirus section on kron 4 dot com there you will find the current mask guidelines and also the latest information on vaccine efforts here in the bay area. >> 3 people were killed today in a small plane crashed in a napa county vineyard to the napa county sheriff's office
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says the plane crash near angwin airport. about 8.40, this morning, a pilot and 2 passengers have been on board. their identities have not yet been made public. the faa says the single engine plane clipped trees as the pilot missed an approach to the airport. the plane crashed south of the airport and caught fire. >> another big story we're following this evening, more attacks against asian americans in oakland's chinatown just this week. there have been 2 more violent incidents are grant lotus is here and and has details. these just continue. it's so upsetting to see them continuing catherine just seen. and we have exclusive video. >> hear of another attack. it took place just before one. this afternoon. it is blurry, but you can kind of see a group of people hopping out of a silver four-door sedan running up to 2 women robbing into their getaway car. this attack took place in the same area where an armed robbery
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happened yesterday and local police say and that instance, a man was standing on 9th street. look at that. 2 men approached him. one of them had a gun. the man pistol-whipped the guy trying to rob him. you saw the other man in the helmet. there was trying to help. he also got pistol-whipped police are describing the suspect only as black men in their 20's. so that's not helpful in the video. you see one suspect, though, wearing a white hoodie and white pants. the other suspect as a black hoodie, a red undershirt. he was the one holding the gun with an extended magazine. police say a 3rd person was in their vehicle. we're working to get more information on this latest attack. kron four's michelle kingston is on the story and we'll have details later this evening. what happened today. meanwhile, state officials announced today they're taking even more action to try to fight incidents of hate against the asian american pacific islander community. they hope to provide more safety support and prevention. thanks in part to millions of dollars cut 4 sanaz tahernia has that story.
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>> scenes like this have become all too common since march 2020. the organization stop a p. i hate received more than 6600 reports of a a p i hate incidents with over 40% coming from california state. local officials are doing even more now to combat the problem earlier this week. governor newsom signed the 2021 2022 budget which included the historic 156 million. >> dollars a p i equity budget state assemblymember david chiu and phil tamed stood alongside the founders of stop a p. i hate friday to announce the newly allocated funding designed to ensure the a p i community is safer. what we're announcing today. >> is a historic unprecedented investment in communities to combat the hate to combat the violence and move us for. >> of the 156 million dollars
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in state funding a 110 million will be put toward a p. i victim services and prevention not just in the bay area but across the state and the states not just providing money. >> on top of that, we're doing additional data collection on racial equity because even even with the 6,000 incidents. i've always believe that that's probably only one percent early, 10% of what's going on that we're doing more data collection through you see riverside to make sure that we get a really full picture. >> while p i hate has skyrocketed. this last year it's nothing new. this is how we're going to combat anti-asian hate and how with a 156 million dollars. this may not. and hate, but it is certainly an incredible step forward. among other things, the rest of the money will go to provide support in schools. >> a project to address bullying and mental health for youth and toward ethnic media outlets to reach a p i and other underserved communities in the state reporting in the
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newsroom. sanaz tahernia kron 4 news. >> we'll switch it up now talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco showing us the pretty blue skies and the transamerica pyramid right there. it's friday. the fog trying to creep in there. see if it sticks around for tonight, yet kron 4 s chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. so it sounds like wildfire conditions still a concern like yeah, i really can't interesting at this time of year we can get what's called the %onsoon. and that's when you get some of this moisture kind wrapped up around a ridge of high pressure. the circulation brings a right back into the bay area. and i think we're looking at that possibility as we get into sunday. but today the fog there it is right into the golden gate bridge has been compressed somewhat more drizzle on the way overnight tonight, least along the coastline. watch the forecast, though, as we head through the night tonight. you can see more low clouds and fog surge on shore. some drizzle along the coastline. again, does look like a bad day tomorrow. in fact, it will be a little bit warmer. then things really begin to change as we get into sunday and watch the clouds come about the south. that's the monsoon. here comes kind
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of a disorganized batch of moisture kind are rolling up so telling you exactly where we might see any thunderstorms little hard to do. but there's a chance we could see some isolated thunderstorms. expect thunderstorms over the mountain tops and so far weather watches have been issued by the national weather service starting on sunday morning continuing until monday morning with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms in to go along with that. some gusty downdraft from those thunderstorms. if we were to get a lightning strike on the ground and get those gusty winds that could blow fire around pretty quickly. guys, back to you. thank you so much. coming up here at 6. the cdc director is saying. >> that the u.s. is experiencing a pandemic of the un vaccinated. how the white house plans to combat this latest covid search. with a
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significant spike in covid cases. and that includes hospitalizations. >> deaths. the white house covid response team is issuing another urgent warning to people begging them to get vaccinated. our washington correspondent jessi tenure joining us now live with the very latest. good evening to you. >> yeah. good evening. the white house is now calling covid-19 the pandemic of the unvaccinated. and it's really doubling down on its efforts to make sure every single american takes the shot. >> president biden on his way to camp david a tap social media companies for allowing
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users to spread misinformation about covid-19 vaccines so if pandemic. we have a action >> business. >> the white house covid-19 response team reported cases hospitalizations and deaths continue to rise in states with low vaccination rates. each covid-19 deaths tragic. and those happening now even more tragic because they are preventable this week us surgeon general doctor vivek murthy issued a rare surgeon general's advisory on the dangers of americans choosing fiction over fact simply put help misinformation has cost us jeff zients, the white house covid-19 response coordinator reports just 4 states accounted for nearly half of this week's cases with one in 5 of all cases occurring in florida. alone. but states are starting to respond to the recent outbreaks. those with the highest case. rates also had a higher rate of new vaccinations compared to the national average, do it for
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yourself. your family and for your community. cdc director doctor rochelle walensky urged americans to actively encourage their loved ones and friends to get the vaccine. and despite many places around the country including right there in california. reinstating their mask mandates. the cdc has not updated its nationwide guidance on mask-wearing. >> live in washington. i'm jessi tenure. thank you jesse. now 7 of the. >> not 7 of 9 bay area counties are not recommending people wear masks indoors even if they're vaccinated. so we got a chance today to talk with doctor john swartzberg an infectious disease expert from u c berkeley. he said as covid cases are on the rise wearing a mask and add just another level of protection for yourself. >> these vaccines work unbelievably well, if you look at los angeles county over 99% of the people being hospitalized right are people who are unvaccinated. so you're you really have a great suit of armor on if you are vaccinated. but i think you
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need add another suit of another protection layer. and that's the mask. when you're going indoors, unless you know that everybody indoors is vaccinated and because we don't have vaccine mandates. there's no way to be assured of that. >> doctor schwartz berg also told us since california fully reopen most hospitalizations of covid cases are of people who are not vaccinated. he is encouraging the public to get a covid shot as soon as possible. president biden has been blasting social media platforms for what he calls dangerous misinformation on covid. >> and that includes facebook. he was talking about it again today saying that information is killing people. >> platforms like
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>> facebook has fired back at this sounding a angry issuing a statement saying we will not be distracted by accusations that are not supported by the facts. facebook says it has taken down more than 18 million pieces of misinformation and removed many accounts. let's talk about our weather forecast right now as we take a live look outside along our. >> camera on highway 24 in walnut creek. the weekend has begun for so many out there today. >> kron 4 s chief meteorologist lawrence kind of his back and how does the weekend look, least the first part looks good. the second part starts get a little interesting. but looks like we're going to start to warm up those temperatures around the bay area. still some fog out there right now. up toward the beaches. see couple people out there right now kind of bundled up along the coastline with that fog. a little drizzle out toward the coast now 58 degrees in half moon bay. it is 85 in concord, 83 in livermore, 76 in santa rosa
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and 74 degrees right now in san jose. i think overnight tonight we'll see more of the fog low clouds. it will make its way inside the bay but not as far inland overnight. so tomorrow we're often kind of run with a pretty nice day, but then as we get into sunday. here comes that monsoon and there it is. doesn't look that impressive. certainly could uphold to have a couple thunderstorms embedded in some of that moisture and that's what we're worried about. specially under current drought situation temperatures for tomorrow 65 degrees in san francisco. 60 in the got a little drizzle along the coastline. 1560's up toward the beaches inside the bay 69 in millbrae will be breezy parts of by tomorrow afternoon, 70 in burlingame, 73 san carlos 72 in san mateo. the enjoy some nice numbers of the 80's tomorrow afternoon. nice and warm there. and then moving upper 80's getting a little toasty spots. well, in little place like livermore and dublin about 89 in walnut creek. 74 hercules 70 in richmond, 83 in benicia and 78
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degrees in the napa valley temperatures along the coastline still going to be in the 50's and the 60's with that patchy fog next couple days. so that's where it gets interesting is on sunday. some of that monsoonal moisture roles in the temperatures are going to be warmer. it's going to be muggy and there's a possibility of some isolated thunderstorms through monday morning. >> a once-in-a-century rainfall has hit western europe and is triggered catastrophic flooding. some towns are now submerged under water. at least 125 people have died and more than 1300 people are reported missing rescue operations are increasingly more difficult. this phone lines are down buildings have collapsed and landslides have cause sinkholes large parts of germany saw more than double the amount of rainfall expected in a month in a single day in terms of recovery. they say right now there's just no end in sight.
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> previously sealed documents in the kristin smart murder case have now been made public and the 80 pages reveal new details about evidence that was seized by investigators. that includes blood for 25
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years. her disappearance was a mystery and we are finally getting a look at the evidence that. >> convinced investigators, the college freshman was center. mitchell reports. >> traces of human blood and disturbed soil. some of the biggest clues found under the house of the father of murder suspect paul flores, ruben flores is accused of helping his son paul conceal the body of cal poly student kristin smart who disappeared back in 1996 for 2 years. investigators searched the floor as property in arroyo grande. a judge just unsealed court records that show what they found. investigators now say they think smart was buried on the property in her body which has not been found was recently moved. searchers used ground, penetrating radar and cadaver dogs to uncover new clues to the crime. an archaeologist determined there was a major disturbance in the soil. the archaeologists also
6:26 pm
reported there was staining that looked like someone poured chemicals on the body deeper in the soil. investigators found 4 different samples that tested positive for human blood. the records show that a tenant of the property said the area was the perfect place to hide a body and that ruben flores kept it off limits and padlocked. >> that was sandra mitchell reporting paul flores was student at cal poly along with a smart when she disappeared. he is now 44 years old. he's charged with murder and his 80 year-old father charged with accessory after the fact. >> a lot more ahead here. and coming up at 6.30, with bay area county is recommending that people wear masks while inside level or local colleges do. we'll tell you the different rules for the different colleges. also, lawmakers are making sure that female athletes represent our country in global athletic competitions get equal pay as well. details on the bill that they just introduced. plus, state leaders are considering
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>> we will continue our breaking news coverage right now after a teenager has been arrested on suspicion of killing his mother and seriously injuring his father in a stabbing. this is all according to fremont police kron four's, gayle ong. she's live in fremont, a gale, i know you've been talking to police an up. what are they telling you?
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>> yeah, just dean and katherine police say a 14 year-old boy fatally stabbed his mother and seriously injured. his father after freeman home early this morning. i have video of the neighborhood that's described as very quiet officers responded to a home on sylvester drive off paseo padre just after 1230 this morning. that's where they found a woman and man with stab wounds. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene and the man was taken to the hospital where he is recovering a resident in the neighborhood reported seeing the suspect a mile away from the home. and that's when officers detained the boy. >> the juvenile was taken into custody without incident. detectives have been notify any are taking over the investigation now, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. what exactly happened? the home, what caused the injuries and as well as on the see why this occurred. >> and freemont police are asking


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