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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 17, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay. area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> it's 6, 7, bay area counties are urging people to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. and this is coming after an uptick in covid-19 cases. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight. i'm justine waltman. >> and i'm jonathan mccall. while health officials stress that fully vaccinated people remain. well protected from contracting the virus. they are worried about those who are unvaccinated. >> kron, four's, gayle ong checked in with local businesses in downtown walnut creek to see if there are any changes. >> i've been vaccinated. but
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you know, and take care of myself, my family and i have to nephew niece that are not vaccinated yet. so we just want to do our part you know, be darlene under their king still donned their masks when they step out of their home and agree with the new recommendation to continue to wear face coverings indoors even someone is being honest above board and wearing it and they've not been vaccinated or they're not vaccinated. they say they have that. >> either way to level the playing field and it keeps everyone safe friday, a coalition of bay area. health officials urge residents to resume wearing a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status following an uptick in covid-19 cases. >> this as los angeles county issued a new mask mandate for indoor spaces contra. costa county is one of the 7 bay area counties recommending indoor mask-wearing noting the highly infectious delta variant is now the predominant strain in the county in downtown walnut creek this cafe on north main street requires masks. the sign caught st briggs off-guard.
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look, my mask in the car and i just to walk down the street. and then i saw that it said masks required side. >> we ordered online backing up my mask and picked up my down the street. most employees could be seen wearing masks inside this restaurant. the manager says masks are still optional health officials stress those who are fully vaccinated remain. well protected its just scary to think that you know, people are out there not being aware and there's people that are choosing not to be vaccinated and. there's a lot of divisiveness and opinions over that. i'm personally vaccinated. but my daughters tend she's not. so it's up to be really careful. >> kron four's. gayle ong reporting for us from walnut creek tonight. meanwhile, you can join in on the conversation happening on our facebook page. we have a poll listed asking you about what you think about the new indoor masking recommendations. will you wear a mask indoors right now. 72 1% of you say yes. right now 28% of you are saying no.
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>> now to foster city which has loosened its covid-19 restrictions ahead of the 50th anniversary concert series that kicks off tonight that means fencing is coming around the venue to allow more people to attend in fact, there will be no limit on the number of people allowed to attend and the painted squares like we used to see it parks in san francisco. you know, those circles to keep people 6 feet apart. they're meant to help people states socially distance and those have been removed. also happening tonight, a new mask mandate will take effect in los angeles county. because of the alarming surge of covid-19 cases fueled by the delta variant their county health officials have reported nearly 2000 new cases and more than 450 people are now hospitalized there with covid-19. that is more than double the number from just last month. >> stay up to date on the latest covid-19 information. you just use your smartphone to scan the qr code there on your screen and you'll be
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directed to our covid-19 section on our website at kron 4 dot com. there you can find current mask guidelines of the latest vaccination efforts across the bay area. now to the south bay the saturday night. one man is dead. another remains on the run after a deadly hit and run crash in san jose this morning foursomes about reports that happened at the intersection of the key road at north 33rd street. >> miss pla ing you know, the feeling could do. >> in to serve isaiah thompson and his mother, rosie ramirez pay their respects to a good friend. i and the victim of saturday's early morning deadly hit and run collision in san jose played football together over case a few years ago which was doing here walking on this >> still be able to let the family. >> the santa clara county coroner's office has not yet identified the victim. kron 4 is withholding his identity as
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well and around 02:30am, in the morning san jose. police say the man was driving down a key road when another driver speeding up nor 33rd street slammed into the victim after running a red light. >> the victim was ejected from his car and died. the suspect then took off on foot then i was and scary. you know, you could tell that he i see it may have started as an accident, but the suspect made worse by leaving the area before police arrived is not right. you got to stay. >> human, you know, as a human to they say that the first though, just brought to them. >> if the drivers out there and watching this. any kid yourself rookie was self-taught. you going to get worse. and what about if it had your family member of the suspect ditched the black 2015 infiniti sedan so far this year. police say 30 people have died from traffic collisions in san jose. >> believe that all kron 4
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news a part of interstate 5.80, in emeryville is once again back open tonight after being closed last night because of a deadly crash. >> chp says it happened at the corner of emory and west mcarthur last night around 11 o'clock which caused a number of ramps to be shut down for hours. the scene has since been cleared things once again moving so far investigators not releasing any details on the victim or what triggered that crash oakland police are now asking for your help. identifying 3 people seen on camera responsible for brazen robbery thursday. oakland police say a man was standing on 9th street when 2 men approached him with and hit him with a gun. another man saw tried to step in to help. but he too, was also pistol. whipped in the video. one suspect was seen wearing a white hoodie and white pants. the other suspect seen wearing a black hoodie with a red undershirt. he was the one holding the gun that had an extended magazine police say a 3rd person was inside of a car.
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>> police in roseville are investigating a home invasion robbery that happened in an elderly gated community and they think it might be connected to a series of similar strong-arm robberies that are happening here in the bay area. reporter lonnie wong has details. >> a very uncommon crime to happen in roseville. but a very scary crime. that's roseville police described the robbery of an elderly couple in the sun city community. it's a seniors only development centered around a golf course as the victims arrived home, 2 men in their 20's. joining a late model, small white suv got out without displaying any weapons they physically threaten the couple into turning over belongings including shopping items. the victims were shaken and what police call a strong arm robbery these obviously put fear into the hearts of the senior citizens. they stole property. the incident began in the roseville galleria shopping corridor a few miles away. what concerns roseville police is that they believe the couple was followed out of this parking lot after a shopping trip just
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why they were targeted is not completely clear of makes sick that to go after all people. but it was clear to sun city residents state and sherry people have been carjacked and things like that in. >> big open parking lots. but your home. this just traumatizing. i mean, those folks will probably never feel safe again. brush. that's sort of unheard of here. but people generally feel safe. the robbery as a wake-up call for a resident who would only give his first name. i don't know why they picked up that one couple. >> you know, yeah, i guess it could happen to anybody, especially elderly people. they're easy to take advantage of. >> and there's people happy to do it. >> roseville police say they've seen a trend of these kinds of robberies in the bay area. >> it's unknown if the 2 are connected worth this truly is just a copycat style using the same method. >> police say of you feel you're being followed by suspicious people do not stop at your home and instead called the police to respond in roseville lonnie wong fox 40 news.
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>> coming up here during kron 4 news at 6 o'clock tonight, another weather watch red flag warning is about to go effect for parts of the bay area. we'll tell you where. and exactly when. nasa has just
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released new video that takes us inside a flight. >> that goes around jupiter. the animation here shows jupiter's largest moon as seen by nasa's juno spacecraft. the
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juno spacecraft has been orbiting jupiter for 5 years. so far it's discovered that storms form and symmetrical clusters around jupiter's poles and that the planet can produce ultraviolet light that is invisible to human eyes. >> and we're tracking monsoonal moisture. that's going to start to stream into the bay area sunday morning bringing us the threat of dry
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>> the state's fire weather watch has now been expanded to include red flag warnings for parts of the bay area. it's because of the dry conditions and the increase chances that lightning sparked. lightning strikes could start a wildfire. that's what the red flag warning officially begins tomorrow and is expected to last at least until monday morning. >> it would impact folks in the north bay mountains. the east bay hills. berkeley hills, diablo range and santa cruz mountains starting tomorrow evening at 5 o'clock. meanwhile, strong winds continuing to hamper efforts to contain the beckwourth complex fire that is still burning out of control in northern california near the nevada border. so far this blaze has already scorched more than 105,000 acres and is set to be 70% contained. so far more than 30 homes have been destroyed in the town of doyle. as a result, officials say the fire was sparked from lightning. and the bootleg
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fire which is burning near the california oregon border has been threatening parts of the states. power supply that fire has already burned through more than 281,000 acres so far. it's now the second biggest fire burning in america. it's been 2 weeks since that first sparked and continues to threaten more than 5,000 people with the ongoing dry hot weather there. some fire authorities believe it may not be fully contained until november. >> the cause of california's largest single wildfire is still unknown. the u.s. forest service announced that despite an exhaustive investigation. the cause of the creek fire is undetermined. but a year after the state's most destructive fire in our history. there are still a lot of unanswered questions reporter jake has details. the community has been looking for answers since the creek fire broke out last
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september leaving hundreds of thousands of acres scorched. well, today, information came out about how it started, but it might not give people the closure. they've been hoping for. >> it's been almost a year since california's largest single fire in history scorched nearly 380,000 acres destroying roughly 850 structures leaving the mountain community asking why my heart goes out to all those individuals who have lost homes and properties from the creek fire in a lot of them are looking for closure >> with the findings of this particular report. many of them will not get that closure. the u.s. forest service announced the results of the investigation into the cause of the fire friday saying despite months of searching for answers. it officially be categorized as undetermined. >> unfortunately, undetermined. it is not going to sit well a lot of people, it is kind of what happens in cases like this and it's not uncommon. investigators say the most probable cause was lightning but have not ruled out arson or it being started by someone smoking county
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supervisor nathan magsig represents the impacted district and commence the u.s. forest service for at least providing some answers. but they were able to rule out a number of different causes at a lot of people are speculaeing about. >> so i was pleased to see that today. we're able to release a lot of that information really put a lot of rumors to bed rolled out causes include an escaped campfire controlled burns and illegal marijuana grows alex alone with the forest service says investigators have been on scene since the fire started looking for clues and interviewing possible leads and they try to determine where the start of the fire. the exact pinpoint start of the fire is they look for evidence. >> if necessary. it sent off to be examined. so it's it's it's quite a process next estimates. total losses from the creek fire at more than half a billion dollars but says contractors are out every day clearing trees and helping property owners as the community continues to rebuild. >> and the forest service says if new evidence comes out or if anybody comes forward with any new information. there is
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always a chance this case could be reopened. so it is possible down the line. we might know what caused this fire in fresno county. aj kato. >> right now kron 4 dot com. we have tips and information for you for fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you can get directed straight. there. >> now to our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look at the mount tam cam of the city on this saturday evening. we are on fire weather. watch this evening. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at what we can expect to pay. just cnn, jonathan. in fact, our fire weather watches have been upgraded to red flag warnings. meaning imminent fire danger. fortunately just for our highest elevations above 2000 feet far north bay mountains, east bay hills including the diablo range that. >> don't typically see much marine layer influence tracking very dry conditions, especially dangerous weather if any severe weather does spark with the form of dry lightning. and we actually
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have this fire weather watch that has been added for those of you in solano county. all go into effect sunday at 5 o'clock in the evening through monday at 5 o'clock at night. let's take a live look outside and we're noticing that fog bank. >> inching closer towards san francisco international airport. and it's that monsoonal moisture that we're really going to watch out for and see it just increased throughout your sunday morning and sunday afternoon, not tracking any rain with this plume of moisture. instead, is that dry lightning that is going to be our biggest concern. and that's what we're tracking. red flag warnings and the potential for fire weather watches for our highest peaks in our bay area, including solano county temperatures out there right now. we're tracking a more than 30 degree difference between a half moon, bay and antioch and took 89 degrees in the mid 50's overnight lows tonight. widespread low to mid 50's. and we're tracking seasonal temperatures along the coast and east bay
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shoreline san jose will be about 2 to 5 degrees above average as well. conquered in livermore low 90's there with mid 80's for san jose low 80's for napa and the label. but santa rosa and novato going to see some of the warmest temperatures in the north bay with mid 80's and taking a look ahead drier calmer conditions won't really arrive until monday night continuing through tuesday where we turn into more seasonal weather pattern by wednesday, though a little dip in temperatures. but it's the fire danger concerns that we really need to watch out for tomorrow. remember, if you hear thunder or go indoors and i know you'll be tracking it for us tonight during primetime as well. of course, as always, thanks, marissa. thanks. we'll be right back.
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>> some cool new toys taking over las vegas from a giant led globe to a grocery store that hides a unique experience. rich demuro takes a look at all that a lot more in today's tech smart. >> typically when i see tech in las vegas. it's in january at cbs. but recently i went for a weekend and was wowed by a few high tech things. i saw starting with this giant billboard av resorts world. a new hotel and casino. it's one of the largest exterior digital displays in the world. 100,000 square feet of led these. you can see it for miles inside resorts world. i was wowed by this giant
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glowing sphere, 50 feet tall with thousands of triangles filled with led. he's displaying light and eventually videos inside a casino. i spotted this a table that mixes physical and digital elements. you still toss the dice, but the tabletop lights up and recognizes the numbers. >> there's no more cash that's are placed on a touch screen. finally, a high-tech playground called area 15 filled with shops, rest.urants, even zip lines. but there's also a mysterious grocery store called omega market can be experienced as. >> entertainment. it could be experienced as. it's something that you engage within a little more deeply on a story level. it's an immersive and elaborate art installation come for the products with funny names. stay for the secret passageways lights sounds and more. >> it's tough to describe. but imagine being transported to a high-tech world for the senses. you can explore for hours. i hope people leave the
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feeling inspired and wanting to build new. >> world in environments of their own. >> rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> a lot of cool stuff there to make a trip to vegas to check that out. all right. on final check of the forecast as we look outside at the embarcadero tonight meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with a look at the forecast for the rest of the weekend and looking ahead towards next week. yeah. right now tracking very calm. sunny skies. but by tomorrow we're going to notice an increase in that high cloud cover, monsoonal moisture going to bring us a possibility of severe weather and a very unstable atmosphere that could actually bring us possible pop-up thunderstorms for our highest peaks starting sunday afternoon and evening all the way through monday afternoon. so we're going to track that severe weather all night long, all weekend long for that matter. kron 4 news we're going to return to near average temperatures of the
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war. >> stable colder atmosphere in a drier outlook starting tuesday. just seen. and jonathan, back to you. >> thank you so much of greece. and if you're watching us on the kron on app. we'll have much more for you when we kick off our primetime coverage tonight at 8 o'clock. until then, the news is always on at kron 4 dot com. but we'll see you back here on air. at 8 o'clock.
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>> now on inside california politics is what is bothering people. it is a race between gavin newsom in that area but not given news donald trump not not marry democrat mary against this particular unit that gavin governor newsom's latest challengers conservative talk show host larry elder his plan to convince voters to recall the governor and the defeat his fellow candidates and the state budget is finally approved and signed this budget is spectacular budget once in a lifetime budget what's included in the massive 262 billion dollar plan. >> casting across the golden state. this sign california politics.


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