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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching 4 news at all. we are. >> the 5 in keeping the a's rooted in oakland in a way that protects our port protects our community and protects the taxpayers. >> a's fans can breathe a little bit more easily, at least for now. oakland city council is signing off on a non-binding term sheet today which could help keep the team in the east bay. thank you for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 5 everybody. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. yet despite the city council voting to approve a non-binding term sheet today.
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>> future of the athletics in oakland actually is still up up in the air. yeah. it is far from settled. the term sheet that could pave the way for a development agreement at waterfront ballpark. howard terminal site is there but is caught forcefully to go explains the athletics. the team. well, they don't agree with all of the terms that were voted on earlier today. >> oakland city council members hopeful a deal will ultimately be reached are skeptical the athletics and the city can move forward together on the proposed 12 billion dollar waterfront ballpark project. i feel like this conversation still on tuesday. the council voted to continue negotiating with the a's despite not receiving any reassurances that the athletics want to do the same. if i vote for this today. >> i'm going to be holding my nose and probably going to the bathroom throwing up afterwards. not very happy during a virtual special meeting by a vote of 6 to one with one abstention. the council approved a non-binding
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term sheet with the a's. >> an outline of a potential future binding development agreement for the team's proposed 1 billion dollars stadium at howard terminal. >> but he's president dave campbell stated during the nearly 4 hours long discussion that the amended terms she differs from she released publicly in i just really want to stress that. >> you know, voting yes on something that we don't agree with their we don't have consensus around. is not an effective path for among the roadblocks encountered during the course of negotiations has been who pays for off-site transportation infrastructure. >> the a's have said they should not be held responsible. the city now agrees saying local regional state, federal. >> and other funds could cover those costs the city now also once a 35 year term agreement rather than at least 45 years, though it would include a 25 year non relocation agreement. the city also insists that 35%
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of the residential component of the project should be dedicated to affordable housing. but the a's have not agreed to being held financially responsible for that. i don't know where we go from here. >> if they're still telling us that they are not rooted in oakland that they are not willing to accept with the city staff has put together the city hopes it can come to a development agreement with the games that could be up for a vote in the fall. >> meanwhile, kabel did not deny he is traveling back to las vegas this week to continue to look at potential relocation sites in sin city. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news after vote today. kron four's terisa stasio spoke to the team's president and capital. >> about what this means for the future of the a's and oakland mayor libby schaff also weighing in. let's take a listen. >> well, we're disappointed that the city council did not vote on our proposal that we had articulated back in april. % but we're taking time to
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analyze the amendments and the agreement that was actually voted yes on today and a 6 one vote to really understand what it means for project. most of the language, the step we have not seen before. so we're going to dig in and try to understand that we're going to talk to billy gunn understand their point of view and get back to the community and the city with next steps. >> we are unified in keeping the a's rooted in oakland in a way that protects our port protects our community and protects the taxpayers is responsible. and we believe in this vision of a world class waterfront ballpark district that will not only be something that will make the a's and oaklanders proud but will generate amazing community benefits. >> continue our team coverage now on the fate of the a's fans reacted to the vote today as they attended a game at the coliseum this afternoon for a sports reporter kylen mills. she was at the game and has
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more now on what fans have to say about the city council's decision. >> a pretty nice crowd turned out for the a's angels game today here at the coliseum and the general feeling here amongst fans is cautious optimism. obviously everyone is happy that negotiations can go on >> for the money and it fans enjoying a beautiful tuesday afternoon game at the coliseum. but she had her in the stands really surrounding the howard terminal ballpark project fans tell me they've been hearing about ballpark negotiations for years and many feel like this process has been dragged on for far too have been here before you know. so it's like, you know, just one step forward also with it to that completed and they put the several on the ground that i'll be excited right now. you know, ok, one thing everyone is on the same page about is wanting the a's to stay in oakland. so that means moving forward with the
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howard terminal ballpark. they're all for it to stand here with the best i think the water from waterfront walmart would be economy for the for, you know, a long time i asked fans here today about some of the council members concerns that taxpayers could end up on the hook and fans tell me they don't care. they believe the jobs and economic boost and of course, sense of community a spring to the spay would outweigh any it's a really great opportunity to connect. >> not just with your friends and family. but you also need people that are like minded and passionate. and so that's why we make an effort to come out even far as san jose. some of my my folks coming from as far as salinas. they it's it's really a commitment base. fans are definitely committed after losing the raiders to las vegas fans say the last thing they want to see. the a's do is go to vegas that would really staying. they also just want to encourage council members to really consider how
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important this team is to this area at the coliseum kylen mills kron 4 sports. you can track the fate of the a's. even when you're on the go, just scan. this qr code with your phone's camera and it will take you to our new digital page. >> it is all on kron. 4 dot com. now to our coronavirus headlines the department of health and human services is renewing the country's public health emergency for the next 90 days. for weeks. the white house has signaled that it would extend the declaration through the end of the year. the public health emergency order help states and local jurisdictions with pandemic response. it also ensures health related coverages and vaccine emergency use authorization remain in place. this decision comes as the cdc reports, the delta variant now represents about 83% of covid cases here in the u.s. that's a dramatic increase from the week of july. 3rd when the variant accounted for about half of the nation's infections. the surgeon
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general and cdc say that the majority of hospitalizations and almost all covid deaths right now are among the unvaccinated. but there have been breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated individuals as well. >> here in the bay area. the delta variant continues to rapidly spread. it has then just over a month now since the bay area fully reopen set was on june 15th. and here's the number of cases the day after june 16th. we want to compare cases a day after reopening to the latest data. we have from the state which it is july 15th just a few days ago. so in alameda county, right now you have 224 active cases a month ago only 46 contra costa county, 200, one cases right now compared to just 58 a month ago in you had nearly 13 cases now be had nearly 8 a month ago and in napa county, 15 cases now about a month ago, only 2 and
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in san francisco, san francisco seeing one of the largest increases. the latest data showing a 130 cases compared to just 13 the day after reopening san mateo county 57 active cases now compared to 13 a month ago. santa clara county 89 cases currently a month ago just 39 it's a lot of county about 46 as we speak, compared to 18 cases back on june 16th and lastly sonoma county 45 covid cases now compared to 37 the day after the state reopen you know, the disparity between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. it's getting cook better. getting covid-19. is pretty clear today. >> the state released new data showing the average daily case rate among unvaccinated people. it is 6.3 cases per 100,000 people and the vaccinated. 1.1 cases, poor per 100,000 people start different. san francisco mayor london breed also tweeted
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today, she says almost 1800 san franciscans were hospitalized for covid. >> over the last 7 months. only 6 of those people hospitalized. we're fully vaccinated. the rest were unvaccinated and all new data suggest the people refusing to get the vaccine and this delta variant are really fueling the latest search today. we talked to experts about what level of concern they have about the variant. our kron four's, dan kerman. >> joins us now live from san francisco with details on that >> well, experts are concerned infectious disease specialist tell us that not as concerned as they were about things last summer and certainly not as concerned as they were over the winner. but they say the trajectory of these cases must be leveled off. >> covid cases continue to surge across the bay area and the nation, especially among those unvaccinated due to the more transmissible delta variant clearly heading in the wrong direction. infectious
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disease. experts say while hospitals in the bay area are not getting overwhelmed. the numbers remain troubling. >> we're concerned about is the trajectory of cases going up and it's going up fairly fast. and we need to go back to that old term that we all we're talking about a year ago and that is flattening. the curve. >> 8 of 9 bay area county health departments are attempting to do that by recommending both those vaccinated and unvaccinated wear masks when in public places, we have to be much more careful. so what i'm doing is if i'm going indoors anywhere unless i know with a 100% certainty that everyone is vaccinated. >> i've got a good mascot and many shoppers are taking that advice. i definitely take my mask with me now and i didn't do that before, but i do that now they recommended comic in a room with like a lot of people. >> and we're like really tied together. then yeah, i put mask on it just feels like the right thing to do but not everyone supports the recommendation that
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recommendation doesn't make sense. solano county's health officer says the surge in their county is tied to private gatherings among young unvaccinated people over the 4th of july, not the retail environment. >> he says that doesn't justify i'm asking for all recommendation that recommendation essentially is making the inference that delta variant is somehow doing a better job defeating. >> the vaccine. so even vaccinated people are at risk of getting sick and passing it on. and there's absolutely nothing to suggest that strip. >> doctor. says he might change his mind. if there is a new variant that comes out that proves to be more effective against the live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news, thank you, dan. still to come tonight, a bombshell today in tokyo just days before the olympics are about to start. what covid is doing to the lead up to the games. plus a dramatic surge in covid cases for contra. costa county. >> how community leaders want to fight what they're calling
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a pandemic of vaccination and way too close for comfort. another fire right where that lnu complex devastated parts of back last summer. an update on the fire that started today and how disaster was avoided this time. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. speaking of fires, the current drought bring those fire conditions bring those fire conditions pretty extreme. not only here ♪ ♪ ♪ bring those fire conditions pretty extreme. not only here ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> and in custody after a wild sunday night, crime spree that
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left a 15 year-old dead and several other people injured. >> our current course jonathan mccall joins us now in the studio with details. jonathan. >> this deadly crime spree started here on street. he says they found a 15 year-old boy with several gunshots first responders took him to the hospital. but he later died. police say officers stationed in the tenderloin district heard the gunshots saw a white car driving away at high speeds officers then tried to pull the car over. but the man behind the wheel kept driving. sfpd says officers then followed the car to the intersection of mcallister and hide there. police say the car ran a red light then unfortunately had someone in the cross walk police then stopped chasing the car to help the man who was then hit that man was then transported to the hospital. we're told that he is expected to be okay. police say they received calls of that same car matching the description, the same suspect that was then
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now involved in several crashes with other cars. this time along 10th street. one attempted mission, a second attempt in harrison police say a person was injured in the second crash. that person also expected to be okay. but nearly half an hour after the shooting. police responded to yet another report of a crash involving that same suspected car witnesses told police they saw the car crash near 20th and vermont saw a man running away from this scene. now its 3rd same fourth-and, i should say officers combing the area looking for him. eventually they found him hiding along highway. one o one plenty of details. police say the man has now been identified as 41 year-old bernard hayes. he then ran away from police when they got to that scene on highway one o one. eventually he surrendered and was taken into custody. police retracing that entire path and say they found a gun that appeared to have been fired recently. police say that hayes also had cocaine on him at the time of
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his arrest. he was taken to the hospital be treated for minor injuries and was later booked into the jail on 10 charges including murder along with felony hit and run. plenty of details. glad to see that he is in custody. a lot of folks obviously hurt and that one person killed that 15 year-old boy, we're still working to find details on exactly what led up to that shooting grant and vicki. >> jonathan. now to a quick moving wildfire that briefly threatened homes in vacaville earlier today. kron four's charles clifford was there has details. >> right now. i'm along pleasant valley road outside a vacaville here in solano county, where around 10 o'clock this morning on tuesday morning. a grass fire broke out kind into the hills over there to the east of where i'm standing now. this fire was. temporarily evacuations here along pleasant valley road. fortunately they were able to bring it under control and lift those evacuation orders by about 1051, as far as we know, no one was injured. no structures were lost and fire crews responded very quickly
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to this blaze. this is in the same area that the lnu complex burned through here last year. last august. so they are very aware that the danger is high here and they move very quickly to put this fire out. now, as for exactly what started this fire. we do not know yet. that is still under investigation. crews are going remain here on scene for some knocking down hot spots on making sure that this fire doesn't kick back up again. but for now in solano county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> governor newsome is securing federal aid to help combat the dixie fire burning in butte county. the fame flames. there are quickly growing prompting evacuation orders and warnings according to calfire, the fire is moving east and north right now. it is just 15% contained with nearly 60,000 acres having burned 2 structures have been destroyed. but more than 800 structures are currently considered at risk. thankfully no injuries or deaths have been reported. >> investigations into the cause of that fire are continuing tonight after pg told state regulators failure
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of their equipment may have sparked the flames as we first reported yesterday, a worker found several blown fuses on a remote power pole on the border between plumas and butte counties that's close to the same spot that pg and e lines sparked the camp fire back in 2018 according to the utility, their investigation is ongoing. but some consumer groups say that pg and e has repeatedly failed to meet safety expectations. >> it is completely unacceptable for pg need to continue with lee fail to cut down the trees. they're supposed to cut down. >> pg e says that it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on tree trimming on nearly a 1000 miles worth of transmission lines. but critics say that work was not done in the most fire-prone areas. >> satellite images captured by nasa are highlighting the severity of the drought
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conditions in our region. we have images from nasa's terra satellite. they show how the water levels have dramatically fall on at the lake oroville reservoir. >> water levels across the state are expected to keep dwindling. according to golden gate weather services, the most recent rain year which ended in june was the 3rd driest on record in the northern sierra region satellite images also show the snow pack in the sierra today is nearly non existent and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now as we hope and pray for rain but unfortunately, you know, with the way our weather is here and in the west that's almost certain to die in a long way to go. no getting around it. but this is we're in the middle of a mega drought. now, this is a drought that has lasted over 20 years now starting the year 2000 along the western half of the u.s. and there you go. you see all the colors out there from severe extreme to a large batch of exceptional that
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includes the bay area. and that's where we sit right now. >> without a whole lot of hope of any change until we get into fall and get that rain going. so right now we've got a dominant ridge of high pressure just camped out near the 4 corner that big ridge high pressure sending the jet stream well to the north that keeps things mostly dry, the exception of that. we've had some of the monsoon and some of those clouds rolling on through, bring some showers, but that's not going to be enough to really change the drought conditions. so that's where we sit right down. and as a result, we're getting these fires popping up a little more. extreme. you've got another fire out there. that's the dixie fire burning. there. look, all that writing right over the top toward susan bill into the eagle lake or if you like to fish in that area, probably experience some some smoke there right now. there's the very latest satellite image and you see that stream of smoke just continuing right there making its way to the northeast is actually traveling all across the country as we're the pressure systems kind of just sitting out there and moving all that smoke even to parts of the east coast bay area,
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though, said then the fog right now. that's a good place to be more fog on the way for tonight. we'll talk about that more weather coming up in a few minutes. all right, lawrence at with the cdc. why a leading group of pediatricians. >> it's disagree with the nation's authority on infectious diseases and could the olympics still be canceled. the olympic committee today saying that option is still on the table. >> the latest o
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>> the countdown is on. and
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we're just a couple of days away from the summer olympics opening you're looking live now in tokyo. we're athletes have already begun arriving for the upcoming events. but as anticipation grows for the games. so do concerns of the increasing number of coronavirus cases earlier today, organizers said they will not rule out a last minute. >> cancellation of the olympics. if things get worse and first, kimberly chang has more now on those concerns. >> even at this late stage, the head of the tokyo organizing committee hasn't ruled out the possibility of a last minute cancellation. according to yahoo. sports at a news conference tuesday to told told reporters that they can predict what will happen with the number of covid cases. so they'll continue discussions. if there's a spike, several athletes, including americans tested positive for covid among them katie. lou samuelson from orange county, a basketball player. she said on instagram that she is devastated, that she will not be able to compete in tokyo and also told
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fans she is vaccinated and took all precautions care aker an alternate member of the u.s. gymnastics team also tested positive. obviously it's a disappointment tease. >> follow the letter to the letter of the law and done everything right. and she still winds up with positive tests. so that's crazy. tennis star coco gauff took to instagram to say she's disappointed. she tested positive and won't be able to play and wish the team luck. >> more than 70 infections have been reported and there have been positive cases inside the olympic village where 11,000 athletes and thousands of support staff are housed international. olympic committee officials say those who test positive are immediately isolated and on sundays at the olympic village is in a controlled state. >> there is no such thing as 0 risk and that we all agree and the same time. the mingling in crossing of population is incredibly limited. incredibly limited. and we can ensure
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that transmission between the various groups. it is almost impossible. >> it was kimberly chang reporting for us. next on the news at 5 as cases surge across california. many wonder if covid restrictions could be coming back. governor newson weighs in on that. plus heated testimony today from the nation's top doctor doctor fauci not mincing words with certain members of congress and a recall rally in san francisco. why demonstrators say removing the governor will make the state safe.
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