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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 22, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's going to be warm because it's, you know, still july and all that. but at least we're taking a little bit of a breather from the really nasty stuff in looking at mostly upper 80's in the inland areas and also that fog clouds stuff that will stay around theacoast. it looks like for a little while starting things off right now with kind of a beauty shot. there's the east bay shoteline. and even though we do have fog, at least you can make out the lighting along the east bay shoreline. so it's not that thick yet. quite a bit of a glaze, though happening at the golden gate bridge to get things off to the start. we do like this onshore wind providing this fog because that keeps temperatures down keeps the monsoon at if you know when the pun, here's the mix out of the fog by later on today at the coast. again, we might be dealing with some of those fog clouds lingering into the afternoon, although i think we'll see a little bit more sun than we did earlier this week fog returns again for tomorrow morning. and again, the typical drill. now the thunder shower action remain to the south. it looks like in southern california. a this is expected bubble up. however, as we get into the weekend and
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on to early next week. so we're kind of watching what the details will be on this particularly into next week. this weekend is a look like a problem but into early next week there may be some to be determined there kind of watching carefully by comparison, sake from last august when we did have major problems mid 50's along the east bay shoreline to 58 for oakland rosa 63 meanwhile for any are antioch. ah, 64 going on at 9 o'clock by high noon. we'll do about 76 sunny skies as we go throughout the day today and again, upper 80's are expected in some of those inland valley stretching out the area roadways. think when harvey has that. thank you for that day that i did get that. joe. >> as you're heading into the city this morning. a little under 8 minutes for your drive time of this early hour traveling from the east bayi too, that fremont street exit. we're still pretty quick along 5, 1880, for you as you're traveling there, the san mateo bridge. no major issues or delays and across towards the peninsula. he can do that. it under 14 minutes. so things are looking great out there,
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not tracking any major hot spots at this hour. a richmond sumer fo commute. as you travel out of richmond, you can do that and under 8 minutes and the south bay also looking great along 1, 1, to 8085 82. we'll have more on your traffic updates. but daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot of 5. oh, one in the east bay. a man is wanted after he was seen breaking into several cars in oakland. kron four's, camila barco on the story for us from the newsroom. now. the closer look at some new video. a community actually showing the car burglar. >> yeah, well, daria james, this car burglary happened in the middle of the day, right in front of a local bank with plenty of around the suspect is still on the loose and now police are asking for your help in locating the person responsible for breaking into multiple cars. so take a good look at this video. cameras caught a man hop out of a little dark lexus sedan, a lakeshore avenue in downtown oakland yesterday around 12:30pm, he smashes the rear
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window of one parked car right there. and then he moves on to the next vehicle to do the same thing. oakland's police chief says it happened in a one of the busiest business districts. the man police are looking for was wearing a yellow beanie black sweat pants with yellow gold stripes on the side. gold shoes and a colorful jacket with the words sugar hill written across the top. the chief thanks members of the community who recorded the video but also called 911. oakland police encourage people port all crimes no matter how small or big they are. and now they are asking anyone who has information about these car break ins to call the police department darya james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. camila time now is 5. '03 and a big story. governor newsom announces an aggressive plan to target the surge in retail thefts in the bay area and. >> all across the state. the governor signed a bill extending the chp property crimes task force operations
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unit to the year 2026 according to the chp data organized retail theft has become a 30 billion dollar criminal industry and often funds other crimes like car theft in human and narcotics trafficking. the governor says this bill is designed to stop retail thefts. we've all seen the images. >> of people rushing in some member was right to highlight just one of them at macy's, you're seeing them all across the state of california. those organized efforts and they are organized disproportionate efforts and we want to go after those ranks. we want to go those organized. well organized teams of folks that are connected, not just within communities but all across the state of california. >> the chp says that they also need the public's help to stop these types of crimes. the agency is launching a web based portal for the community
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and for retailers to report tips directly. >> well, the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce welcomes this news about this organized retail task force coming to the bay area with offices mid-june. with that part of the story. >> california governor gavin newsome signing the organized retail crime task force legislation sends a signal that help is on the way for bay area retailers overwhelmed by shoplifters. >> also, would you like to see the chp task force is up and running here in san francisco. now, yesterday. that sense of urgency is coming from the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce rodney phone. >> he says the chamber has been active on the state level lobbying for safer streets as the city recovers economically from the pandemic for. >> san francisco to fully recover economically. one 3rd of san francisco's economy is tourism based. and so it's so important we build that consumer confidence and also the confidence of business owners and shop keepers employees to feel safe going
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back, going to work the setting for that counter subject themselves potentially to harm and we want to make sure that that that that is removed. we were the sponsors of the bill. so we brought the bill forward, although the california highway patrol will be the lead agency for the organized retail theft task force. the president and ceo of the california retailers association, rachel michelin says we shouldn't expect to see officers patrolling shopping aisles inside of retail stores. they're not visible as that in terms that they're working behind the scenes pulling these cases together and doing a lot of the investigations. hopefully we'll see some. >> new programs coming out. that might be a little bit more visible. >> and that's something that we wanted to let me we want our consumers. we want our employees and we want the city of san francisco to be safe because san francisco, you know, it's always been a mecca for retail, right. i mean, that's where you and we want to bring that shining glory back to the city. >> has it made you in kron. 4
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news. >> it's 5. '06, and a stop. this man is behind bars after police tracked him missing berkeley teenager to his house. the girl was reported missing by her family on tuesday morning now she's back home. investigators say that love treat saying now faces a number of charges including child stealing and statutory rape. >> working through the night. we put our community messages hoping for the public's input. they had any tips about where she may be. thankful we're able to reunit the teen with her family as an adult. >> you should know not to. >> entice or. and encourage a person under age and and engage in any type relationship with them. and an appropriate manner. >> berkeley police say that saying in the girl had communicated before she disappeared in texas are urging parents to keep tabs on
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your kids at all times. and also have a current picture of your child available and a list of places that they usually hang out. >> well, kron 4, is your local election headquarters and a new exclusive inside california politics. emerson college poll found that radio host larry elder is leading the race currently to replace governor gavin newsome if he is in fact recalled. so let's take a look at where the candidates stand. we have more than a 1000 registered california voters taking part in the survey and they were asked the question which candidate would you vote for to replace governor gavin newsome. if he is recalled, those who have made up their mind largely favor elder. he brought in about 16% of the available votes businessman john and former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, each brought in about 6% of the votes that's followed closely by state assembly member kevin kiley and reality star caitlyn jenner each with 4% and the elder has a strong lead to replace governor newsom if he's recalled, it's still
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anyone's race and that number and in the bottom corner leaves a lot of hope for other names on the ballot. 53 1% of people polled say they still have not yet made up their mind. >> time now is 5 and judge also ruled that larry elder can appear on the ballot in the upcoming recall elder sued, the secretary state office after the office left him off of the ballot over what it says was an issue with his tax returns. kron four's. ashley zavala has more. >> larry elder is the 43rd recall candidate that will be certified in this list of candidates. hear from the secretary of state's office would almost left him off of the ballot was an issue with his tax return redactions his attorney told the sacramento superior court today he submitted 300 pages worth of tax returns to comply with the recent law. requiring candidates running for governor to submit that paperwork. but the judge in this case said the law is meant for primary elections, not special or recall elections like this one conservative radio talk show host reacting after the order
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came down. i want to thank judge for being fair, which she was that this election law to even apply to recall election that even if it did, i substantially comply. >> the secretary of state's office tonight is expected to finish up certifying this final list of candidates and we'll send it off to counties recall ballot. it mailboxes in just a few weeks. >> at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, in less than an hour, kron 4 will release an exclusive poll about the recall election of governor newsom and we have new poll numbers about his job approval rating. and if californians will vote to recall him. we're going to release that exclusive poll at the top of the 6 o'clock hour. so stay tuned for that. it is 5.10. we'll take a quick break. but still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news agency announcing new plans they say will help prevent. >> wildfires will take a closer look. and a new study suggesting that people who received the johnson johnson covid vaccine may need a booster shot after all. but barry infectious disease experts say wait just a minute. not so fast. and after
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the break, republicans and democrats debating who will serve on the committee investigating the riot at the u.s. capital with details on that coming up in a live report. >> still looking at a summer day going on here but take a little bit. the teeth out of it. as look for inland highs to ultimately reach into the upper 80's watching the monsoonal. have a look at your forecast. and as you're hitting the roads this thursday morning. we're keeping a close eye on your commute. >> checking your roadways bridges and your highways bill major hot spots at this hour, we'll have a look at that once we get back.
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>> pg e has announced a new plan to better protect communities and prevent wildfires. yeah. the utility plans to expand underground power lines in areas with the highest fire threat with kron four's. gayle ong with that story. >> pg e says they've already started burying lines in butte county near the site of the 2018 camp fire. this whole project is expected to take several years. >> we're committing to bury 10,000 miles of lines. starting in our highest fire threat districts and our highest risk areas, pacific gas and electric ceo patti poppe be announcing at a news conference wednesday. the utility's efforts tackling what they say is the largest effort in the country.
5:15 am
>> to put power lines underground the press briefing taking place and she go near the dixie fire that has burned more than 85,000 acres in butte county. the utility believe that equipment may have sparked the fire. as of today, more than 25,000 miles of power lines overhead in high-risk areas are maintained by pg and e poppy says work is underway to enhance current infrastructure. the hardening of our lines, hundreds of miles of hardening 3300,000 trees will be removed this year. >> a million trees over a million trees will be trimmed pg e began evaluating overhead, power lines following the devastating fires in 2017 2018 sonoma county resident jeremy cabrera says it's a step in the right direction for the better of sonoma county. we pride ourselves in having. >> this like amazing wildlife all around us. and this like beautiful hiking trails and that it's a shame to see it. get burned down over something as many skill as a tree branch
5:16 am
falling on to some wiring. >> will be hosting a number of sessions across to stay together ideas from policymakers, local and state leaders and environmental groups reporting in santa rosa gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 5.15, right now and well, we sure have our fair share of fires burning we and you know, we've been talking, dave weather lies that this phenomenon about how the wind blows coast has been there because of the west coast fires, which is just a crazy distance and i'll take it. luckily for us. we're not breathing in that smoke right now. yeah. so the what the gentle do, it gets up to upper levels and get 7 by the jet stream in the way it goes. >> we are watching more locally. the development of some months soon sneaking back in here. and that may pose some issues that they're watching. we're really talking really in the next week. okay. we'll see some of the monsoon stuff this weekend and some scattered clouds and all that. it will feel a little bit more humid next week. but it's really in the threat of lightning is what we're really
5:17 am
watching out right to start things off today. again, the traditional fog not so thick. you can't make out the lighting, though, all that it's a colonel in the east bay shoreline. that's all showing up. temperature check. not bad. 62 antioch 61 conquered. so 50's going on the east bay shoreline lower 50's up the north bay 58 san jose. so on the satellite picture, most the actions down of the southeast. that's monsoon. meanwhile, the local home frontier. we mix out this fog a bit of drizzle potentially even today, though we might start to see some showers and potentially thunder showers fire up there and the sierra little bit. well, not that far north way far to the east, though that will be pretty much the story we're looking at the next few days. now some of the monsoon clouds all drift up here. so we'll get that in the mid layers of the atmosphere a little bit tomorrow, but it will actually be hotter tomorrow afternoon that today. pick in those inland valleys. but maybe half a dozen degrees or so. so today coastal clouds and fog all that business school warm inland near about 90. but we up the ante tomorrow will be pushing maybe the middle 90's in the inland valleys weekend.
5:18 am
look, it's the monsoon clouds are kind of in and out. but you'll start to feel some humidity as we get into next week with the monsoon clouds and maybe the threat of some lightning potentially. again, we'll see. 64 san francisco today. morning fog and pleasant 70 going on for open 77 san jose not bad for those east bay shoreline readings in the 70's like this. we'll start to see some popping into the lower 80's, though, as early as tomorrow. today, 91 antioch 88 for conquered 86 for livermore, 80's and 70's up to the north bay 85 in a bottle, 60 per half moon. bay may be seeing a little bit more sun today down from yesterday. coming little bit. of course, with checking of the 4 zone forecast for you and the extended reyna harvey is checking out. they roads what's going on right now. david looks great out there for right now. but it's still pretty early if you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 9 minutes to make it to that freeman street exit also no major issues along 5 1880 is a
5:19 am
traveling there. >> looking at the golden gate bridge. all the looks like we still have a little overnight construction. no major fought to slow us down so about 20 minutes for you to make it into the city as you're traveling and across towards the peninsula. look at that under 13 no major issues there and a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. a little under 8 minutes. we'll have more throughout the morning. but daryn, james, i'll send it over to you. thanks right. >> so to national news now we have house speaker nancy pelosi rejecting 2 republicans picked by house gop leader kevin mccarthy to sit on a committee investigating the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol in response, the house gop leader has now pulled all of his picks from the committee. washington, dc correspondent shot hudson joins us live in d c with the details. good morning. a shot. >> good morning, daryn. james democrats say they're going to move forward with this committee with or without republicans taking part this is all unfolding as the committee is set to hold its first hearing next week. 6
5:20 am
months after the violent attack on the u.s. capitol lawmakers are sparring over the committee charged with investigating it. >> house speaker nancy pelosi rejected to republicans. ohio congressman jim jordan an indiana congressman jim banks who were picked. but house gop leader kevin mccarthy to sit on the committee pelosi citing past statements made by the 2. so egregious abuse of power mccarthy slammed the speaker's decision and pulled all 5 of us picks from participating and the committee. >> this represents something that has not happened in the house before for select committee by the story. >> congressman jordan and banks say democrats are playing politics. they just want to be partisan. they just want to continue to attack the former president. she knows. that we were prepared to fight to get to the truth. the white house is backing the speaker's decision and vice president kamala harris says it's time to get to the bottom of what happened. >> who was responsible. so
5:21 am
that we can make sure that history does not repeat itself. that is the best interests of all >> now this hearing is scheduled for next tuesday where we will hear from for capitol police officers that battled it out with those rioters right there on january 6 reporting live in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thanks a lot, richard. we'll take a break. is 5.21. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a new effort under way right now in the south bay to get vaccines to the unvaccinated as the delta variant continues to spread. >> and a former raider and forty-niners coach is fighting for his life after he was hit by a car. we'll have that story coming up.
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>> it's 5.24. and former raiders and forty-niners coach greg knapp is in critical condition in the bay area hospital. ha was hit by a car over the weekend. he's been fighting for his life of her son she video of him there in the big wall coach nap. >> lives in danville. he is now an assistant coach with the new york jets across forcefully call now with more on what happened to him. >> one week away from when the new york jets report for training camp football takes a backseat to concern for 58 year-old greg naps health. the
5:25 am
team's new pass game specialist was hit by a driver in san ramon saturday afternoon. >> an accident threatening his life. we know a single vehicle was involved in which struck a single bicyclist. >> that bicyclist has been confirmed as mister knapp and he was also in the bike lane. san ramon police lieutenant tammy williams says knapp who lives in danville. >> was writing down dirty road just north of north monarch raid when he was hit by a car traveling in the same direction. lieutenant william says the driver was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. he remained on scene. >> heaps fully cooperative with our investigation. map is currently listed in critical condition at john muir medical center in walnut creek. >> prior to being hired by the jets. he served as offensive coordinator for several nfl teams, including the san francisco forty-niners, then the oakland raiders. in a statement released by his family through the jets. they say, quote, while many know him for his achievements as a
5:26 am
coach. his impact as a father and husband are far greater. we are so fortunate to have him in our lives. we are sincerely thankful to all those who have continued to reach out and provide support it has meant the world to us. we're helmet when you're reading a bicycle in. >> drivers need to be aware of every line of on the road, whether it's a bicyclist or pedestrian, we all share the road. >> in san ramon phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> if you plan to go you see school next year like berkeley. you could learn the definition of higher education will explain coming up in a ♪ ♪ find a fridge that fits your budget. and your good taste. explore the showrooms of style at lowe's.
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>> 5.29 right now and we're taking a look at the weather this morning, a little dark little grace light breeze unique health. that is a weather observation its with progressive sunshine we head towards the later morning hours. well, let's find out officially what it's going to be like today. dave spahr in the weather center. good morning, dave. it's a lack of photons, lack of let's write all out of work to the fog clouds hanging around a little bit around the bay to and that's a nice thing. to not bad into this afternoon. lots of sunshine to the inland and we'll see those temperatures pop in the. >> upper 80's keep them below some of those crazy certainly
5:30 am
triple digits. although and the central valley will be plenty warm and that will be encroaching to the west later on as we head into the weekend. first things this is the other shot we have for you the from the u c berkeley. we can still make out all the lighting, though. so the fog hasn't gotten that pick. at least she can make it out temperature check. we have the 50's along the east bay shoreline for now, 50 santa rosa 57 going on for napa. 62 antioch and 55 per half moon bay. one of the things about getting that fog cleared up the coast typically problematic and probably still today to temperatures pretty similar to yesterday. you know, give her degree here either way, a little warmer little cooler this morning than yesterday you'll fill in the afternoon, though. pretty nice afternoon here. the onshore winds. we like that. it brings in the fog and marine layer. that's nice, but also keeps our temperatures down a little bit and we're going to see them climb tomorrow. it looks like breaking your day down here. it's a sunny to mostly sunny. we've got 64 by 09:00am by high noon 76. but again, inland expect those temperatures to pop another
5:31 am
decade or a bit more now in our 4 zone forecast will come up in a bit and show you what's going on in your neighborhood. plus that extended and get into the weeds a little bit about the monsoon on shore coming up, your right checking traffic right now. what's going on today? thanks for that. it looks great at this hour. we still are fairly early this morning. >> as you're hitting the roads heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 9 minutes. once you finally do reach the maze. 2 that fremont street exit also pretty pretty fast this morning as you're driving along the san mateo bridge in across towards the peninsula. no major issues. a little under 14 minutes. we've been there all throughout the week and in the south bay, you're also looking good along one. oh, one to 8085 in 82. no major issues about 28 minutes as you're heading towards menlo park highway 4 also looks great this morning. traveling towards conquer to 42 at 14 minutes. we'll have an update on your traffic coming up next, daryn james, we'll send it over to you. thanks a lot. rates. 5.31 a big story this morning. college could be get more expensive for students who are
5:32 am
you see starting next semester. yeah. we've heard from school officials. now they are apparently considering the first tuition hike since 2017. >> with kron four's will tran live at u c berkeley this morning with the unfortunate news for in-state students. well. >> that's because according to use the officials, they say they need the money despite getting an influx from governor gavin newsome of around 1 billion dollars. so starting next year. there is a chance. >> that your tuition could go up for new students and you talked james. it will be the first time in approximately 5 years. the last increase was 2017 and even back then they didn't do it gradually. remember all those protests that we covered back then that it was almost double digit increases. this time. they want to do it gradually. but it's not sitting well with a lot of people because they're calling this the first ever hike. take a look at your screen. here's what they mean by the forever hike because it will allow you see officials
5:33 am
to raise the tuition up to 6 years. it's not a lot not meaning double digits. it will be 2%. but the bottom line is your tuition. if passed will go up approximately $534 for the tuition and some schools. obviously have it twice a year. i know i paid twice a year when i was in college. so it's $534 and then there are 10 schools within the u c systems of the price varies. but we're looking at approximately $13,000 for in-state students. now a lot of people are not happy by this because they say education should be important they've gotten so much money pumped into the u c system. but according to u c officials, they say that money is spread out for many purposes, including that they have had a big rush in terms of the students that have come into the use east. as you see system approximately 70,000 more students. then they previously had in say a few
5:34 am
years ago and then a lot of people are james and darya not happy about this because they say the pandemic really affected their family. and now you want to hit them up again with a 2% increase. but the opponents they have a supporter on their side and that supporter is governor gavin newsome. he says he's against the tuition increase. there are students who should be moving about a u c berkeley this morning. and of course i will get their reaction back to you. all right. thank you very much. well, 5.34 for your health. a new unpublished as of yet and an reviewed study is suggesting that the j and j vaccine. >> doesn't hold up. well, against the delta variant are as well. anyway, the study says people who got to change a vaccine. should consider getting a second shot. but doctors say at this point really is too soon to know that for sure. we have kron four's dan kerman breaking it down for more for us. >> a new and why you study is suggesting the single dose
5:35 am
johnson and johnson vaccine is not as effective against the delta variant and recipients should consider getting a second shot to increase protection against the variants, particularly definitely don't go out and rush out and get a booster shot. not so fast says barry infectious disease experts, they say the study which has not been published or reviewed is flawed. they say looks at blood samples in a lab not actually the human response to covid my biggest question about the saudis that it's not human data in terms of how humans deal with disease. >> it's a virus in and a plea to essentially. and i think we have that data. these kinds of studies aren't really convincing to me. infectious disease. experts say another problem is that the vaccines trigger various responses to battle covid-19. >> and only one type antibodies was looked at in this study. >> but it didn't look at it was another really important
5:36 am
arms were immune system called t cells or cellular immune system. that appears to be of comparable in very important part of our immune response to all viral infections, including the virus that causes covid medical experts don't rule out the possibility that at some point. >> the data will support recipients getting a second shot, but they say that data will have to suggest that they're getting breakthrough infections, causing them to be hospitalized. >> 3 vaccines that are approved. we're not seeing. people get hospitalized or die when it occurs and 70's vaccinated. it's really unusual. medical experts also say you don't make the decision to give someone a booster. >> based on one study alone. ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news. >> it's 5.36 in the south bay. santa clara county is offering outreach efforts to help the hardest hit areas combat the surge of the delta variant.
5:37 am
the county is working with partnerships usa to conduct a door to door services to talk to people who are unvaccinated and see if they want a shot. the health workers. explain how the covid shots work and they help them make an appointment. and they also provide multilingual information and counseling to those who may for whatever reason, feel hesitant about getting the shot. >> we're still looking for their you know, when the ish percent in the county that is still you know, miss missing the vaccine. they more comfortable when someone is there is plane. i was going on except clean the community. explain what's going on with with a vaccine. >> one person tells us in one east san jose neighborhood. he has been able to sign up for out of 5 unvaccinated people to get the shot. 5.37. and still ahead, new evacuations ordered for the dixie fire in butte county as it continues to burn out of control. we'll
5:38 am
have the latest. >> and the gilroy garlic festival is back for the first time in 2 years. but things are going to look a little different publix smell the same date. >> we forecast going on for today. no upstream. you know, the monsoon is cooking a little bit here. we're going to watch that for the weekend and on into early next week. we'll take a glance what's going on with that to >> actively keeping a close eye on your thursday morning commute right now traffic is pretty light. keeping a close eye on things. we'll have an updated look at you
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start with activia with billions of probiotics >> in the south bay after a 2 year hiatus. the gilroy garlic festival is returning, but things are going to look different. the festival will take place each of the next 2 weekends as a drive-thru event. you can preorder your food and then you pick it up in the drive-thru at the gilroy presbyterian it's like the unfair food saying number one, they just did the fair food. and one for the food. what i like about this is then all of that smell from you in the garlic james in your car they also have the farm to table dinner at 4. he knows winery and a golf event at gilroy golf and this is the first year that we see event in a couple of years. so it's going to be very expensive citing 2 garlic lovers. lot of people looking forward to having that back.
5:42 am
>> everyone really has come together to stop or support to work together to find that road to to where we are now. i think it demonstrates the uniqueness of cure and it is a great community. the festival for the 42 years it represents that and it's made your what it is. >> and there is going to be a memorial service for the victims of the garlic gilroy festival shooting that happened. so they're going gather on july 28th at christmas hill park to remember that tragedy that shut the festival down. >> we're going to take a break here at 5.42. we'll be right back.
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5:45 am
>> i 45 in these face. several families have been displaced because of a fire in an happened along james donlon boulevard and to bore a drive. this was yesterday afternoon. you can see crews on scene. they're con fire says that this started as a grass fire and they say the wind then carried embers to a housing complex seriously damaging 4 units and destroying 2 cars. the red cross now helping those who've been impacted by the cause of the fire still under investigation. and we're tracking the wildfires that are burning all across the state this morning mandatory evacuations are underway. >> because of the dixie fire so far that fire has burned more than 91,000 acres in
5:46 am
plumas and butte counties. 2 buildings have been destroyed so far. but it's only 15% contained. so there are big concerns. 4 lives in buildings in that fire. now the tamarack fire that one is near lake tahoe. it has crossed into nevada so far that fire has charred 43,000 acres crews are trying to protect homes along highway 88 and there are mandatory evacuations in effect in the town of markleeville, which is south of lake tahoe also parts of nevada. there been evacuations there because of that. so these fires are far from under control. yeah. yeah. and obviously the dry weather continues. we want to get over to the weather center right now where dave spahr standing by with a look. >> at our forecast good morning, daryn. james, good morning, everybody. i'm in the nor cal hondo weather center as we check into your little peek into the weekend and on into next weekend. we're talking about the fires going on there. >> in the only plus is they
5:47 am
might get a couple little showers going on there, but also the risk is always there for lightning to as well. not a good thing. the fog it's in its last moments here as the sun starts to join us and start the mixing out burning off process. it may linger a little bit of the coast. but we can at least make out the lights there on the east bay shoreline. so let's show the wide perspective got 3 major things to look at here. first things first as we talk in the 4 corner states. here's the monsoon. all bottled up there. i say balled up because we have help from this low up here. this for providing also mild temperatures to for the season and way down here is all the tropical traffic here now, when we take a look in his struggle historical perspective from last august. well, we had was not just the influx of the monsoon. we also had a little help to some tropical moisture. and even though it could be a nothing system is just the moisture. we want to watch out incorporated into us. but what we're really watching as we get into next week as the instability. that means that's what's going to drive the lightning. the great we get a little shower out of it. nothing else that be wonderful for watching up at that
5:48 am
potential. it's a little too far. upstream to know exactly what we're getting, but that's what we're looking at. there. it is again, the monsoon with this high. the fires you've heard so much about. hopefully we'll get a a little shower on top of them would be nice fog again, returning tomorrow morning for us will continue that game plan is. we have the onshore winds compliments of our low up there going forward for today already we can see some of that monsoon making it up to the mountains there. the scattered showers going on. meanwhile, we have the fog mixing out of the home front. returning again tonight. but already by tomorrow afternoon, at least some monsoon clouds try to stream up here. as you can see, the look pretty but 9 right now. when i suspect most of this rain shot here is happening from the marine layer not coming in from the monsoon when that case are at the wide perspective, everything we really start to get serious with this as we get into the weekend. some scattered clouds a month soon kind of in and out and then it gets a lot more thick as we get into early next week. we'll get some humidity with this as well. but you can see it's pretty much of a weeklong
5:49 am
program. it's got to be watched to see what we get from all of the 4 zone forecast. not bad for your thursday. though. 64 san francisco, lower 60's will cover it at the coast fog. again, the issue in that actually breaks up will determine that 73 burlingame to the south. let's keep it still in the 70's. for the most part 79 for redwood city. 77 palo alto and the south bay santa clara 7677 san jose 70 cupertino. scott was 85 morgan hill at 86 mid 70's covering the southern end of the east bay shoreline freeman, you're probably popping about 80 or so tomorrow, though tri valley in the middle 80's for today. 86 walnut creek 88 conquered 66 for berkeley. the checks and 7189 fairfield vacaville does grab 90's at 94 in the central valley will be hot still today 85 for sonoma and 86 going on for santa rosa. more 80's heading down south 7 day forecast. lots of cloud puffs on get little a monsoon working here. we take a breather on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, more of that.
5:50 am
then we start to warm up a little bit more on monday or wednesday, rather, we get into the 80's really being interrupted with the 90's because of all that fog, that cloud cover may interrupt our daytime heating east bay shoreline. my start to pop into the lower 80's again by tuesday but will be watching to see if this month soon delivers anything checking to see about traffic deliver what's going on with that, dave, thank you for that. well, right here, the big bridge, they just turn the metering lights on for us here. so that's going to slow us down. >> just a little bit. 5, 1880 still no major delays as you're traveling from the east bay into the city this morning. a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. the richmond sandra fell commute moving pretty nicely here. little under 8 minutes for you as you're traveling out of richmond across towards samara fell still not tracking any major hot spots. there is a high wind advisory along the altamont pass and the san mateo bridge as you travel across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 13. so we're off to a great start. hopefully we stay this way. daryn. james, back to you. it's a lot.
5:51 am
>> so 5.50 new this morning, first lady jill biden is now in tokyo for the opening ceremonies of the olympics and here's video of her arriving this morning. the opening ceremonies will take place tomorrow night and the whole world will be watching and we'll be watching to see if it actually happens. yeah. they still have their still navigating horrible covid situation. >> in japan. and as far as the athletes go and the games. now it's i think a 100 or more people connected to the games and talking about anyway have tested positive. justin surrency explains why these olympics, if they do come off are definitely unique. >> a covid-19 precautions are putting an emphasis on numbers one meter or more space for social distancing. a body temperatures 37.5 degrees celsius or less are very important. sightseeing may be prohibited, but on our media
5:52 am
designated routes, you can't deny the numbers that point to an olympics worth watching 30 over 30 us olympians are either current student athlete at stanford university or from 2016 bronze medal men's volleyball team members. erik shoji and his brother tv khashoggi. >> to gold medal favorite in tokyo and discuss athlete. valerie allman. the cardinal will be well represented in tokyo. 15 in tokyo games comes in at the most expensive olympics in history with the total cost of the olympic and paralympic games and over 15 billion dollars. >> the number of olympic medals. us swimmer katie ledecky could end up with 5 games in. >> with 5 gold and one silver the 3 time olympian will be slated for 5 events in tokyo, 3 of which she already has world records in 7 team usa equestrian member philip dunne will compete in his 7th olympics and it's 57 the 2
5:53 am
time gold medalist is the oldest member on the roster. any competed in his first 3 olympics with his native country, australia. 2. that's the number of total mascots from both the olympic and paralympic games symbolizing a future full of eternal hope. and 80 emphasizing the english phrase so mighty in tokyo. justin surrency kron 4 news. >> and here's a live look as we take a quick break. a live look from the tokyo skyline as where again eagerly anticipating an awaiting the opening ceremonies for the 20, the 2020 olympic games being played out 2021 will be right back.
5:54 am
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but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. the san francisco giants coming from behind to beat the dodgers in la and extending their lead in the national league west. >> let's get to the highlight. always fun to talk about highlights when we win right here we are 9th inning wilmer flores. coming up with runner at first and he hits this 2 run homerun giving the giants the lead and they would add on another run. >> in that same ending with the giants winning by final 42 to strike. and with that when they now have a 2 game lead over the dodgers in the nl west. the job to go for the series win. tonight. first pitch set for 7.10. >> coming up in the next hour of the kron 4 morning news police in the east bay are
5:57 am
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my name's lucas. it sure is bobby.
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>> from the bay. area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a thursday. i'm darya folsom. i'm james fletcher. it is 06:00am on this thursday morning. let's start the hour off with a check of weather and traffic as we take a quick live look outside oh yeah, definitely see. it's getting a sunnier their back. oh, look, he's jogging. 2 shirtless no >> looks like it's a good good morning, dave. that's what the delay on that sure james and darya. good morning, not a bad july going it's not going quite that hot going on this afternoon. >> but temperatures inland will behave maybe a few 90's here and there. but on balance, we're talking upper 80's with all of this and we'll probably see a little bit better clearing along the coast. golden gate bridge still fighting over some of the fog typical


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