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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> with delta. it's not. it's we need people to be vaccinated. it's not time to be unvaccinated time right now is to ensure that you do get the vaccine. >> now at night as covid threatens to come roaring back. it turns out many of the new cases have been linked to the workplace and now 3 bay area counties are recommending workplaces. take new measures to try to keep people safe. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. as a result employers are being urged to make sure everybody. >> rolls up their keep themselves and everyone around them safe. we'll have more on this story coming up a little later on in the newscast. meantime, in oakland. a restaurant owner plans to require proof of vaccination for all customers. this as the
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bay area sees a covid-19 surge, particularly among those who are unvaccinated are cross was gail ong has details starting august second, those dining out at palmetto and the kon tiki restaurants in oakland will need to follow some new rules. we will not let anybody inside. if they don't one of those 3 things. >> it's cool that nation card. >> digital vaccination card, super easy to get. or or a negative test. co-owner matt reagan is taking extra precaution to keep his staff and customers safe after seeing an uptick in covid cases among the unvaccinated. >> in alameda and contra. costa counties are already seeing people starting to be hesitant about coming out and eating indoors. so we want them to come in and feel want to reward them for for being vaccinated going to the trouble of of getting a negative test. breaking is giving patrons time to get used to the new rules this first week and a half is mostly about education and getting people to to carry that card with them or have that digital copy. there's nothing worse than going along
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your friends and then you forget your id and it will let you into governor gavin newsom says this extra verification measure is voluntary in san francisco. a group of 500 bar owners are considering a mandate for proof of vaccination from all patrons. reagan says he's not worried about upset customers and believes he is doing its part. >> to avoid another shutdown. i don't want to go back to takeout. want to go back to waiting by the phone for a folder and said to come in. >> it's fun being indoors. it's fun. going to restaurants again. it's fun being an impact far. it's fine doing those things and we can start doing it again. it's just one extra step. reagan plans to keep the world's in place indefinitely until further notice. >> gayle ong kron 4 news. >> and 3 counties now. and the bay have a new recommendation when it comes to covid and the workplace or ken wayne is here with details on that big day today. yesterday was grant. thank you. thank you very much. health officers in santa clara san francisco and contra costa counties are strongly
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encouraging employers to consider requiring employees to get vaccinated. officials say unvaccinated workers poses substantial health risk in the workplace and that exposures of lead to serious illnesses and deaths. the bottom line employers can play a crucial role in vaccination rates by requiring the vaccine as a condition of employment. mike has brewing company in walnut creek allows customers and employees. a choice wear a mask. if you want to or not. workers are not required to be fully inoculated with the covid vaccine or share their vaccination status and that policy will continue. despite contra costa county hill services urging employers mandate vaccinations for employment. >> management. our is not considering that the moments the choice i mean, it's in determine whether or not you're going to work or not. it's a matter. you know, it's a matter of safety for don't think people should lose their jobs over.
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>> meanwhile, federal and state health officials say a universal vaccination policy may benefit businesses because quarantine requirements are different for vaccinated and unvaccinated workers right now on vaccinating workers exposed to someone who test positive must quarantine for 10 days while fully vaccinated workers without symptoms don't need to quarantine. in addition to requiring the vaccine. employers were encouraged to take another look at other safety protocols live in the studio. ken, wayne, back to you guys. appreciated can stanford university officials say 7 fully-vaccinated students there tested positive for covid. >> and each student had symptoms. an email was sent out today to alert the students. we reached out to stanford for statement and it reads in part vaccination continues to provide effective prevention against serious illness from covid-19. but some breakthrough cases they are occurring here and around the country driven in large part by covid-19 variants.
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stanford continues to provide testing it here to face covering guidelines recommended by the bay area county health officers and provide information to our community about caution is needed to keep one another safe. also on the peninsula, san mateo county will require facemasks again regardless of your vaccination status. the requirement will go into effect on monday at county offices clinics and other public facilities. county officials cite, quote, a troubling rise in coronavirus cases along with the spread of the delta variant on tuesday of this week. contra costa county started requiring face masks inside county courthouse. rise in covid-19 cases also leading to a surge in hospitalizations across the bay area over the past 30 days. all 9 counties in the bay area have seen increases with hospitalizations more than doubling in alameda county sonoma and san francisco and quadrupling in contra, costa county. all healthcare workers are being urged to be vaccinated because
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of this uptick in hospitalizations, local health experts say they agree. >> institutions that are not making sure that their health care workers are vaccinated early wrong side of history. they're putting patients at risk. >> you see berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg, who you just heard there says that this policy is really the right thing to do. ucsf is mandating health care personnel be vaccinated in stanford will make the same requirement in august and yes, marin county with the highest vaccination rate in the state has seen an uptick in covid cases and they're sounding the alarm and emphasizing the fact that children are still very vulnerable. our first theresa has more now from roane county. >> karen warren county, 4 of those breakthrough cases ended up in the hospital. that's the bad news. the good news is that the vaccines are showing that they are strong, strong enough to prevent people from dying. but again, my county
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officials having this message that the pandemic is not over because they are still seeing increased cases. >> we're seeing it's breaking 3 more were frequently doctor matt willis marin county's public health officer talking about new information coming in on rising covid-19 cases and how vaccinated people are testing positive. >> breakthrough cases are much than cases among unvaccinated people or a show about 4 to one more unvaccinated and vaccinated. but it's discouraging to see anyone who's been fully vaccinated to become, you know, become infected with covid-19. that's really because of the delta variant. >> doctor willis says fortunately the vaccines continue to protect people against the worst aspects of covid. no one vaccinated in marine county has died of covid-19. yet there is growing concern about children with
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this variant. >> it's one of the concerns. one of the reasons that we made, the recommendation that we all cover our faces indoors regardless of vaccination status that we all need to do our part to protect those people who cannot be vaccinated our youngest you know, under age 12. no, no choice to vaccinate for children in those age and they are more vulnerable to infection because that water you know, back say that. so obviously the belt, nothing to be more contagious. we are seeing more cases among children now that we had seen before. and so those of us that are vaccinated can do our part to buy covering our faces and of course, adults who are the choice to vaccinated even more reason why it's time to step forward. he adds with summer travel. important to remember the guidelines. pre vaccines. >> hold true today. look at the cdc guidance and department of public health, california guidance as well as in for unvaccinated
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individuals. the travel quarantine got hasn't changed. we are still requiring people who are trying travel outside of the region and come back here that there are unvaccinated. they need to quarantine. so again, that 10 day quarantine. >> or you can do. 5 days. get tested and then be able to resume activities be at a summer camp or going back into a school setting. again, this pandemic certainly showing its signs that it is not a done deal. your marine county theresa kron 4 news not over, not by a long shot right now across 4 dot com. you can find the latest headlines on covid in this new delta variant as well as travel advisories mask guidelines and a vaccine tracker. >> just use your phone. open up the camera. hold it up to that qr code and you will be taken to that covid site. >> the bay area bridge. sure look like a parking lot this afternoon as traffic came to a complete halt. according to the chp, a teenager crashed his car left it behind other
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drivers reported seeing that car speeding and swerving prior to the crash highway patrol says the car hit the bridge railing in the westbound direction leading to a this major back up. as you can see, where 3 lanes were blocked. did clear up. fortunately shortly after thp says everybody in the car ran toward the treasure island on ramp and then jumped into another car. caltrans has been notified to check the bridge cables that were hit and the accident to ensure bridge safety. big story that we're following for you tonight. in an f l coach, an east bay resident has died after a tragic bicycle accident. the family of greg knapp, a former coach with the forty-niners and raiders confirming that he passed away this morning and tonight, thoughts and prayers are pouring in for the 58 year-old kron four's. dan thorn is live in san ramon tonight. >> with more on apps death. dan. he was a brilliant football mind. but by all accounts of a better man.
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>> that's right. grant nap was fighting for his life in the hospital since saturday. he was struck by a driver and knocked unconscious along doherty road, which is behind me here in san ramon and he never woke up current and former nfl and college teams are sharing their condolences to knapp's family tonight and honoring his football legacy. nfl teams and many others are remembering the life of danville resident greg knapp also known as snap or the 58 year-old football coach died thursday after a tragic weekend bicycle accident in san ramon. >> it's 33 year coaching career began at sacramento state. he later had coaching stints with the forty-niners and the raiders both nfl teams sharing their condolences saying he was a valued member of the forty-niners as he climbed the coaching ranks our entire organization offers its heartfelt sympathy to greg's family and friends during this difficult time the raiders
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saddened and stunned by the death of their former offensive coordinator sharing the thoughts and prayers of the entire raider nation are with coach knapp's family most recently nap was with the new york jets who are remembering him as someone who loved the challenge of teaching now was killed near his home. all riding his bike along doherty road on the afternoon of july 17. >> san ramon police say the 22 year-old driver is cooperating and they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved. east bay bicycle advocates say this fatal accident shows our roads need to be better and safer for everyone. >> it's incredibly tragic. we. unfortunately, i've had several fatalities people, bicycling and some pedestrians as well. >> a lot lately. dave campbell, the advocacy director of bike east bay says many bike lanes along busy stretches of road continue to be unsafe. he says this accident is a tragic example that more work needs to be
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done. it's going to take people stop being known. >> 2 people getting killed and seriously injured on our streets. nap is survived by his wife and 3 daughters and a brother who say he had an infectious personality. >> a statement from the family reads god called inaudible and wanted to go over the game plan directly with him. >> it will certainly be a masterpiece just like greg. well, that was set to join the jets for training camp next week in new jersey. his family. meanwhile, encouraging people to share photos and memories on caring bridge. dot org ahead of a celebration of life service reporting live in san ramon, dan thorn kron 4 news. >> thank you, dan. the richmond police department said late today believes the body of antoine whitley has been found. whitley was reported missing back in february. search crews recovered the body near poole point panel in san pablo bay today. police say detectives
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are now working with the contra costa county coroner's office to confirm the identity. police are also asking anybody with information that could be related to the case to contact them. >> now to some developing news as the search for the missing runner continues in pleasanton the community support also has not stopped our first michelle kingston shows us how businesses are stepping up to help. >> never seen so many people get together and just. >> richard lips. it is the owner of the pleasanton grocery outlet. he donated supplies during the first few days of the search for phillip cray-chick, the 37 year-old man who was last seen going for a run at the pleasanton ridge regional park almost 2 weeks ago. you. >> it was like the whole community said, you know what. we're going to do this and we're going we're going to help out as every way we can grocery stores restaurants and hotels have helped to assist the hundreds of volunteers searching to bring philip home to his family nick valencia know for keys pete said donated food and gave some of his employees the day off to
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hike in help when someone reached out, it was more not about can you. it's about what you need. >> how much do you need and how can i help. because i wasn't physically going up there. but it was just my part to help. because it was really cool to see the community rallying around this caused to help find philip in. you can just few it in the hearts of everyone that was up there and talking in. that's just why i felt like this was just my small part to do something more than 100 volunteers continue to search for the husband and father of 2 in pleasanton police are still investigating the family is thankful for the outpouring of support. i have another family now. and i didn't even know they're hopeful that we do find him and again, this is going to be a story that pleasanton tells about how they rallied together for in pleasanton michelle kingston kron 4 news police in vallejo are investigating 2 shootings this weekend. they are still on the lookout for a man accused of shooting and killing a teenager. >> the valais police chief
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joined us on kron on earlier today, kron four's cell. so the money is here now to go over the investigation along with what is being done to try to slow down on this gun violence l a. >> well grant chief shawny williams has updated us on the case of the 15 year-old homicide saying that his department, it's looking for this suspect. take a look. he has been identified as 20 year-old mark. anthony bernstein from richmond and detectives found evidence linking him to the shooting. they now need help from the community to find him as a father. the police chief says that the rise in gun violence and delay who is alarming and it's all the more disturbing. this happens at all hours of the day. children are being killed like that 15 year-old and he says there's been a 4% increase in shootings as well as violent crime. he says gun legislation is one step in the response. but these lawless criminals may only respond to incarceration. >> out to have background checks need to have stiffer penalties. i believe that president biden is is off to a
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good start. but we specifically in the city of lille. we need stronger legislation so that we can hold people accountable. and there are some that won't respect our laws and. so the only thing that they will respect us of. we put them away. >> cheap williams is worried about an uptick in home produced hard to trace ghost guns citing that the streets are now full of them. he blames a lack of education poverty as well as not enough health care and housing opportunities as contributing to this problem. chief williams wants this violence to be treated as a public health crisis and would like to see state and federal support live in the newsroom. ella sogomonian back to you. >> thank you. well, as san francisco leaders, meanwhile, continue to try to fight the mental health crisis in today. mayor breed announced there will be an expansion of treatment beds for people suffering from mental health and substance use disorders so the program will be run by the department of public health, our coffers amanda hari
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explain stuff significant. this expansion will be. >> this is part of the mayor's budget investments. it's going to expand the city's mental health program by about 20% and it will add 400 new treatment one of the biggest problems we have in san francisco is that there are so many. >> and house folks with serious behavioral health issues and substance use issues. but city leaders with the help of san francisco's department of public health are trying to change that. >> supervisor. rafael mandelman says this is an issue that impacts everyone in the city. i think if you live in san francisco and you go out onto our streets and you go to many of the commercial corridors in the city. >> it's hard to avoid seeing a you know, with obvious. >> acute mental health needs dph addiction psychiatrist david painting echoes mandelman sentiment about the prevalence of mental health
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issues but mental health disorders and even substance use disorders. >> affect all of citizens. these new beds will give the city's new street outreach team additional placements that can serve the clients they interact with on a daily basis. painting says these 400 treatment beds. >> will serve different needs from immediate short term services. >> to longer term services. people move through stages in their recovery. have a crisis and you need services that are very intensive. >> then as you get that or you want to learn behavioral measures to take care of yourself. the number of new beds was determined by a recommendation by the behavioral health dead. optimization project report. >> in 2020 and the m ntal health sf legislation in 2019. >> to help people be as independent and as well. and it's healthy and it's and it's happy as our citizens deserve. i was told the city plans to re evaluate just how many beds
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are needed. >> every one to 2 in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> the police department in belmont reported a coyote sighting today and posted a picture here. you see the. canine there on twitter. the coyote was reportedly seen on briarfield way about 04:15pm, in the afternoon. police say the humane society has been notified. >> brave firefighters really do face some heart-stopping moments. check this out as they battle the tamarac wildfire near lake tahoe here in california. this video was posted by the u c davis fire chief. the crew became surrounded by flames. you see the sparks there as well. protecting a housing development. the good news here no serious injuries were reported. the tamarac fire has burned more than 50,000 acres and has now spread into and now to our 4 zone forecast.
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look at the weather. the bay area kron four's, erica caturay is here because so many fires burning out there and it's only july yeah. i got to though, i appreciate being here in the bay area and being able to look up. >> during the day and see blue skies or even gray depending on where you live or says seeing orange skies, which is the case in some places near where these wildfires are happening. in fact, i have a map pulled up over current wildfowl fires ehroughout the state of california want to zoom in here on the dixie fire. you can see the direction of the smoke there. it's moving to the northeast. and the reason is because of that jet stream. so that air flows going to continue to push in that direction away from the bay area, which is good because we air quality. that is pretty good as well. right now. >> so here we have our high pressure which is weakening and we also see all this rain and thunderstorms out in arizona and nevada. and that is because it's monsoon season now a monsoon season is june
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through september. so it is pretty common to get a lot of rain out in arizona and nevada as well as parts of southern california. now. >> sometimes it pushes moisture into our area and this weekend or should i say next week we could see an increase in our cloud cover because of that. but in the meantime, right now looks like it's a nice and dry and bay area right now. our temperatures out in hayward, 59 degrees currently 60 in vallejo 61 in nevado and upper 50's currently in santa rosa. we have our current gusts right now. numbers will be going down overnight we can expect light winds as you wake up tomorrow morning. here's a look at our overnight lows. we're looking at 50's throughout most of the bay area 60 in overnight. we could see a little bit of patchy fog developing as well. so don't be surprised if we do see a little bit drizzle too overnight along with be a patchy fog. drizzle is a welcome sight. yeah, but it will be clearing pretty fast. tomorrow. so mostly sunny afternoon. all right. thank
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you, erica. >> we'll take what we can get. all right. some people are calling gucci garbage. why? because the kids are worth thousands of dollars will take a look at these new rubbish bin prototypes. >> popular bay area cafe and ice cream store burglarized for the second time in less than a year. the. that particular items taken this time and why the community's generosity could save the day again. and the french laundry was famous before governor newsom's fateful pandemic dinner there last year on a special edition of dine and dish tonight, vicki sits down with the celebrity chef behind the restaurant and explains what he is trying to help control.
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>> governor newson is dining scandal, not withstanding napa. valley's french laundry restaurant is world famous. not for those who died there but for the amazing food and eat, of course, equally as famous as the michelin star chef was behind it. thomas? kelly. nice sky 2 tonight on dine and dish. we sit down with the chef keller to talk about things like his new pop-up lounge and his mission to curb america's. >> craving for sugar. >> sure. french laundry is known the world over for its fine dining. good luck trying to get a reservation. so when i had a chance to break bread with the restaurant's legendary chef of course i took >> but didn't realize i have to chase it down while he rode his bike through town. >> because i live here. you
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know, i'm one of one of those neighbors. >> thomas ella wishes keller is a celebrated chef who runs michelin 3 star dining establishment. but he's also known for his down-home bakery and famous fried chicken to all of our restaurants were the same. it was just that kind of warning. jeff, well, years just opened up a pop up in youngsville serving up caviar and champagne. i% is called regis obama and time make birdies also assortment apparently other forms of entertainment will include local jazz musicians like many restaurant tours. chef keller is happy to emerge from the dark days of the pandemic eating at home. and that's a wonderful thing. but it doesn't take the place of going to a restaurant. it's percent less sugar. he's now serving up a special ice cream on the sidewalks of yellen. phil, it is made with the sugar fiber called supplant. it's organic. >> and it comes from comes
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from plants and is it normal ice cream. but the texas governor who knows killers contribution to the culinary arts may well be eclipsed by his drive to curb our addiction to sugar and make us healthier for it. it's this opportunity for. >> you know, for us all to become healthier. and and what we buy reducing the amount of sugar. >> in youngsville vicki liviakis kron 4 news again. we did with the chef about dining at french laundry of by governor newsome during the lockdown as well temperatures come air london breed. he says that he was visited by both the fbi and abc alcohol and beverage about it and they found no issues with the restaurant whatsoever. we are always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood, you can use the camera on your phone. the scan, this qr code. it will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. >> covid and homelessness. 2 gigantic issues for voters in
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california, the new results from our exclusive poll and yet more this guy. how governor newsom would fare in the recall election if it were held today. plus federal help is coming to victims of violent crimes with president biden did today to ensure funding for community organizations and burglars target a san francisco favorite. a cafe and ice cream shop. we have surveillance video coming up and like community members may have to step up once
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>> yeah, you can hear the glass shattering when someone broke into a popular san francisco cafe. an ice cream store in the inner richmond happened wednesday morning and what they took just might surprise you. suspect stole the victim's toy collection and a toy boat by jane on clement street. unique spot there. what makes this even more bizarre it, though, and sad really is this is the second time toys were stolen from that cafe within the span of a year kron four's taylor bisacky. >> talk to the store's owner. she is live with more tonight. taylor this, you know what a bump >> yeah. grant vicki totally a bizarre and you know, the sad situation to happen. the owner actually believes that the suspect seen in that video is the same person who broke into
9:33 pm
the store back in october while posing as a window repair person. and again, just all around a sad situation to happen for this business. but, you know, they said that the damage left behind actually cost much more than that theft. >> a unique piece of a popular cafe 22 by jane in san francisco's in a richmond neighborhood is once again missing the suspect seen here in surveillance video broke into the store early wednesday morning in a bizarre burglary where they took a large chunk of the and ice cream shops than to in the value is really. >> to us and sort of what they symbolize and like for the kids like they don't have high monetary value. it's really like sentimental value. so you have somebody committing a crime that sort of hurtful to people for really no inherent value. and i think that's probably the part we're like really like he got a steal toys that are like on display for kids like. it doesn't make a lot of sense. surprisingly
9:34 pm
owner amanda michael says. >> this isn't the first time the same thing happened back in october when the store's windows were broken in someone posing as a window repair person came in and stole a collection of toys from the shelves since then, michael replace the vintage godzilla toys taken in the community. graciously donated other items for the window display. those were the toys taken. this time the windows were broken out with a bb guns. we came in and they were babies on the floor. and like that's also a little bit like. just a weird feeling that somebody is like that sort of premeditated to come in and shoot out the windows. it's just a little creepy kind of conflict. >> like somebody is like watching the place and we put on ourselves just to come take it. it doesn't like it doesn't make sense. as michael mentioned, the toys have little value. the suspect left behind damage repairs for more expensive while a godzilla toy collections. always been a part of the original toy boat. cathay michael who took over ownership of the store last year says.
9:35 pm
>> it may be time for change. we've decided for now. we're not going to be getting any more of the godzilla toy is we're kind of bummed about it. but at the same time you just. >> you know, you can't do the same thing over and over. >> and not expected to happen again. >> while some of the toys are gone. the owner says the spirit of the shop will continue on a brighter note tomorrow. they are celebrating 20 vote day for 39 years in business. for now. we're live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor president biden signed into law today, a bill that would boost federal funding. >> for programs to help survivors of child abuse assault and other violent crimes. the billions of dollars in the crime victims fund. it provides grants to thousands of local organizations for everything from crisis hotline counseling to medical care to temporary housing instead of using taxpayer dollars. the department of justice collects fines and penalties from those
9:36 pm
who were convicted of federal crimes to help out the survivors. >> providing this fix will enable crime survivors in my state of iowa and across the nation to continue this have the services available. >> the bipartisan legislation prevents future cuts to providers that would otherwise have to reduce services are closed. their doors. president biden says that fund can be used as long-term support for survivors. exclusive inside california politics. emerson college polling shows that if governor at gavin newsom's recall word to be held today. he would defeat it and stay in office. but the margin to slip. >> there was an increase in support for governor newsom's recall since march with now. 43% of respondents saying they would vote to recall him in march. that number was 38%. so you have a 5 point jump there on the governor's approval rating. the new poll shows it stands at 49% with 42% of
9:37 pm
respondents disapproving of his performance. when asked that regardless of the recall effort. would you vote to reelect governor newsom in 2022 58% of voters say. >> that it's time for someone new on covid-19 voters were split with 48% total saying that his handling is excellent or good with 52% saying fair or poor. but on homelessness, there wasn't much of a split with 52% of voters saying he's doing a poor job. >> the poll was conducted this week with more than 1000 registered california voters participating housing costs homelessness and covid where the top issues. california voters said they care about most right now there's much more to this exclusive poll. we also asked about the governor's handling of the drought and wildfires. you can find the full story. >> and all of the poll results on kron 4 dot com. the $20,000
9:38 pm
trashcan. let's just the price for a prototype. the cost is, as you can imagine, turning a few heads and everything is more expensive crowd forces my view and spoke with the acting director of san francisco's public works department who is defending the cost because he says. >> it's more than just a trash can. >> you're looking at a $20,000 prototype of a trash can in the shape of a salt shaker. it's one of 3 new designs approved by the san francisco department of public works acting director of us at public eric the graph and reid explains the reason for the $20,000 price tag for each prototype when are going to a says these are going to be built line. forgotten. so it's just a different process. therefore, the cost, going to be lot more public works. officials say actually when it is time to mass-produce and
9:39 pm
replace san francisco's 3,000 trash cans. the costs will be more like 2 to $4,000 each. this is different wayrand that its tracks there are smart phones, smart watches, smart cars and now a smart rescue. these cans are equipped with sensors that will alert public works that the kid is full. i can tell you excited to be able to introduce the city of san francisco to what i'm hoping will be the best. and i think this was surge decision for them to decide to design their own trash can. >> not so excited about the cost of the 3 years it took to come up with the design is san francisco supervisor. matt haney for me, this is really reflective you know, bad management at the department of public works. a lack of a corrupt, a department head from years ago and here we are with the decision essentially to put out prototypes that are very expensive. but that also reflect. >> years of work and rejecting
9:40 pm
them at this point is not going to make our ce our streets. clean supervisor haney says he is in the process of meeting with dpw officials hoping to get the price reduced before bringing the item to the full board of supervisors for a vote which is scheduled to happen next week. think that you want 4 news. >> still ahead in sports. second, i just got a whole lot richer, fred warner talking about his record. breaking contract extension. plus, jason dumas says a look at the giants dodgers game. that's coming up in sports. >> and temperatures were lower today versus yesterday. but what can we expect for the rest of this week. i'll have the answer in the 7 day. extended forecast coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the giants trying to take 3 or 4 games from the dodgers down in los angeles. and right now the dodgers have an edge is 3 to nothing. >> la in the. >> top of the night. so not much time left one out top of the knife. the giants have one person on first base. we'll keep you posted on that final score and have highlights in the 10 o'clock hour. giant trying to take 3 of 4 from the dodgers. meanwhile, the a's, they opening up a four-game set in seattle and it's 2 to one right now. aides are up in the 7th inning. we will have
9:44 pm
those highlights just like the eye. and later tonight at 10. now, yesterday, this guy right here. this became the highest-paid linebacker in the nfl today. fred warner spoke about what that all meant to him. he's said that he wants to be a 49 er for life and finding that contract was the first step. i guess you can say second after getting drafted. now he can fully focus on football and getting the niners back to the super bowl and this time winning it. >> the only thing i wanted was obviously be an honor for for a long time and to and to get what i deserve. >> you know, we did both of those things. it's been something that is kind of just a whirlwind. something i still have the right wrap my mind around. yeah, you know, quite yeah. it's. >> it's a it's a dream come true. but you know, this is just the start. and that's that's what's exciting. >> speaking of nfl and linebackers and just football in general. i'll say before i read this story, warner is
9:45 pm
vaccinated. he told us today. now the nfl they're taking a hard stance when it comes to minimizing covid outbreaks during the coming season today. the league sent a memo to teams explaining that if a covid-19 outbreak does happen or is sparked by unvaccinated players and staff and that outbreak results in a team not having enough players to compete in a game. the team will have to forfeit that game cardinals wide receiver deandre hopkins who is unvaccinated is not thrilled about that new policy and faq he said we briefly question, i'm sorry, his future in the nfl before quickly, the leading that tweet cole beasley of the buffalo bills. also mentioned that he will not get vaccinated. he doesn't plan. so, hey, everyone has free will free choice, gets what so does nfl. they said if you want to play in our league and you're not vaccinated and you get a bunch of people sick were docking. your pay and
9:46 pm
you've got take a loss in the l column. so we'll see how it all plays a different world.
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> it's been more than 6 months since a southern california mother disappeared. investigators confirmed her husband is considered a person of interest in the case miami let went missing in chula vista. officials say that they have been searching for months now and the community has been calling for answers reporter
9:49 pm
jeff mcadam has the story. >> nearly 7 months into the investigation of a missing south bay mom comes the latest updates to this to police. now confirm, larry, my day. my husband. it's a person of he's the last person to see my sister. i to dot direction that he has a point of interest, but he is not a suspect. so i think there's a big difference the sister and brother-in-law miami at they spoke to fox 5 thursday from their home in riverside county. the couple have organized dozens of searches even dedicated nearly every waking moment since january in an effort to find my a bite just say his it. >> person of interest. it does. it really mean as much to because, you know anybody again, anybody could be a person of interest. my disappeared from the home. she shares with her husband and 3 young kids back in january since then, investigators have served dozens of search
9:50 pm
warrants, including a gun violence restraining order. >> back in may when they confiscated all of larry, my days guns. this week, a superior court judge agreed to unseal that document. it's expected to be released any moment. meanwhile, there's another fight going on for a couple of months. my his grandparents aside visitation rights with -3 kids, a declaration from late june from the grandparents reads. it does not appear that larry will allow for any sort of contact with our family and list its by order of the court. we have no intent of discussing anything with the children regarding the circumstances of their mother's disappearance. it's along. >> across lawn waiting and mean long. wait for the a lot of people records forever. but finally some progress appears to be in the works court documents filed in superior court wednesday show a child custody meeting scheduled for august. the 3rd the grandparents seeking visitation rights for every other weekend and one facetime availability once a week.
9:51 pm
>> and that was jeff mcadam reporting for us tonight. we'll have more news when we come back. a new orleans home. we're back on by beyonce and jay z caught fire and now it's being investigated as arson. police say they got reports of a suspicious person in the area before the fire started. >> you see the scene here. people living nearby say this houses. but it's a home the home's been empty for years. it was built in 1926 and previously was a church. i whether time as we switch gears. take a look at the 4 zone forecast here. a live look outside and san francisco and think we can start to look ahead to the weekend now. yeah, we can car first, erica caturay joining us now with a look at the what's down the line? >> yeah. temperatures are going to be warming up these next couple of days in the meantime, we are seeing some more clouds starting to move in through. >> the bay area berkeley. they're a little different than when we last checked in on that camera. current temperatures in the mid 50's right now out in berkeley are
9:52 pm
at 59 in hayward, 60 out in fremont right now. 72 in pittsburgh, upper 50's and napa and 59 in santa rosa. so temperatures tomorrow across san francisco will range in the mid to upper 60's. as you can see, should be pretty nice tomorrow. we're looking at upper 50's. there to lower 60's along the coast. a little warmer there. half moon bay, 64 degrees 74 in millbrae out in the peninsula expected to be in the lower 80's. as you can see there in the south bay, same thing as well. mid to upper 80's 88 for los gatos and morgan hill. upper 70's for hayward tomorrow. 88 out in dublin. a little warmer in pleasanton and livermore in the 90's tomorrow. plenty of sunshine, though it's going to be a nice and warm day temperatures up to 7 degrees. warmer in some areas. walnut creek looking at 92 degrees tomorrow 90's in danville as well. richmond 70 degrees and 90 in fairfield close to triple digits out in vacaville
9:53 pm
tomorrow. 89 for sonoma and 85 for high in santa rosa. so here's a look at our extended forecast next 7 days. as you can see, temperatures pretty nicely the next couple of days and then it does that go down a little bit on sunday and monday where we will see an increase in our cloud cover. so. >> i have to say, if you ask me which days are better if you plan on having a barbecue outside which days are better saturday versus sunday i'd say saturday, sunday, we're going to see a lot of cloud cover coming in. so alright saturday.
9:54 pm
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including nonsurgical treatments. news is crazy these days. well, to kids in new york, long island. we're sitting on their front a bull. ran down the street. take a look. >> and this isn't out. unlike and the brass a long island if not been a long island there. like a lot of houses and neighborhoods red towel out there. good 1500 this the bull was on its way to slaughter. they say way and he made a break for it. give him credit for him broke through a fence and they've been running around long island for 2 days. officials. plan to send him to an animal sanctuary once he is
9:57 pm
eventually caught will have to. well, good for him. follow that story. yeah, good for him expect. no, not not. not. not that wraps up kron 4 news at night. i'll be joining can with the news at 10, which is coming up coming up. and ken is here to let us know grant in case you want to know what stories are doing tonight. clear they are going to be a group of bay area. health officials urging employers to consider requiring vaccinations for employees where that policy is being discussed. >> and to east bay restaurants will require customers to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative test before they can step foot inside where you're going to have to flash your vaccination card. if you want to eat or drink indoors. those to eat or drink indoors. those stories and more coming u after my car accident, to eat or drink indoors. those stories and more coming u i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made.
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. it's fun being indoors. it's fun. going to restaurants again. it's just one extra step institutions that are not. >> making sure that their health care workers are vaccinated or the wrong side of history. >> now at 10 for recommending masks to a vaccine mandate sharp rise in coronavirus cases. now prompting local health officials to urge even greater protections against covid-19. thanks for joining


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