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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  July 23, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> the morning. and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news it. >> friday, july 23rd. i'm reyna harvey. let's start this morning with a check of weather because of course you're trying to figure out how you can plan the next few days. good morning, john. good to have you back. all think you're it's good to be back making my way through this friday as you should be as well with a light jacket on this morning. it is definitely going to be one of those mornings that you want to prepare for just keeping yourselves a little bit on the cozy side, it's going to be an afternoon. you want to prepare for on the opposite side of the spectrum with some
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sunscreen and some extra water as temperatures are now going to be climbing into the upcoming weekend starting to get a little bit hotter as we work our way through these next couple of days. a look outside right now you're suture tower. cam shows you a slow zoom about little drama for your look at that. the bay bridge in the financial district there in the distance. you can >> and a little bit of movement and camera to someone's up there working out at fog cast show you that visibility is being affected, but only in isolated pockets across the bay area this morning. most of us are smooth sailing. as you can see, there's really not a lot of fog that center tower cam and that's the way we're going to stay for much of the morning peeks of sunshine between spots, a low grade at times. current temperatures are mostly in the 50's with oakland at 54 degrees. livermore at 58 pittsburgh at 62. well, alameda in concord as well as fairfield for that matter, each at 58 degrees. a look ahead of next 7 days shows that, well, temperatures will at least today be rising well into the mid 90's for inland areas bayside areas in
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the 70's. clearing comfortable time around. noon to get that jog out of the way before we do see that heat building into the afternoon. i'll tell you about what to expect this weekend as a whole and where we're headed next week as well. in this forecast. back to tom, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your morning commute this friday headed into the city via the bay bridge. >> no major, hot spots or delays a little under 10 minutes for you to make it from the maze to that fremont street exit. this also head over look at the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues. a little under 12 minutes for you to make this strives of these are looking great out there. and the golden gate bridge travel into the city. a little overnight construction still there, but no major fog slowing us down about 20 minutes as you're traveling into the city. we're going to have more on your morning commute. but for now, let's get back to the news. we've got some breaking news from overnight. a woman is dead after a hit and run crash in san jose. the woman was hit near the intersection of tooley role and the drive.
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this happened around one 30 this morning. we have a reporter on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more information as soon as they arrive. san francisco police are searching for the driver who hit an 88 year-old woman and took off. it happened near alamo square. the woman was critically injured and police have not been able to release a description of the car or the driver. so they're asking anyone with information to please contact them. another big story we're following this morning's covid related hospitalizations are rising in every bay area county. here are the numbers on june 21st. they were 40 people in the hospital in alameda county. as of wednesday. that number is a 105. in contra. costa county went from 17 to 68. it went from 0 hospitalizations to 6 in marin county and from 46 in napa county, san francisco went from 16 covid hospitalizations in june to 41
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a month later. you can see the increases in san mateo, santa clara solano and sonoma counties. the rise in cases he's been largely attributed to the delta variant. now some businesses requiring some customers to prove they're fully vaccinated. one restaurant owner in oakland will be implementing a vaccine mandate starting next month. kron four's gayle ong has the story. there starting august second, those dining out at palmetto and the content, the restaurants in oakland will need to follow some new rules. we will not let anybody inside if they don't one of those 3 things. >> it's cool that nation card digital vaccination card, super easy to get. or or a negative test. co-owner matt reagan is taking extra precaution to keep his staff and customers safe after seeing an uptick in covid cases among the unvaccinated. >> in alameda and contra. costa counties are already seeing people starting to be hesitant about coming out and eating indoors. so we want them to come in and feel want
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to reward them for for being vaccinated going to the trouble of of getting a negative test breaking is giving patrons time to get used to the new rules this first week and a half is mostly about education and getting people to to carry that target them or have that digital copy. thereds nothing worse than going along your friends and then you forget your id and it will let you into governor gavin newsom says this extra verification measure is voluntary in san francisco. a group of 500 bar owners are considering a mandate for proof of vaccination from all patrons. reagan says he's not worried about upset customers and believes he is doing its part. >> to avoid another shutdown. i don't want to go back to takeout. want to go back to waiting by the phone for a folder and said to come in. >> it's fun being indoors. it's fun. going to restaurants again. it's fun being an impact far. it's fine doing those things and we can start doing it again. it's just one extra step. reagan plans to keep the world's in place indefinitely until further notice. >> gayle ong kron 4 news. as
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covid-19 cases and hospitalizations start to surge. >> there's now a growing call for vaccine mandate among health care workers, local infectious disease experts say these policies a long time coming and the right thing to do. they say people who are hospitalized also likely to be more vulnerable to the virus. >> they're very sick people in the hospital or nursing homes you don't want to be cared for by somebody who has covid and the way to ensure that they don't is to have those people vaccinated. >> currently ucsf requires their health care personnel to be vaccinated and stanford health care will issue the same mandate. effective august 15th. however, at this time officials with dignity, health center health and kaiser say they'r only strongly encouraging health care workers to get vaccinated and will not require it. the north bay officials in marin county are seeing a rise in the number of covid infections in vaccinated. people. the county says they have nearly 200 of these cases. but they are
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still encouraging people to get the vaccine kron four's terisa stasio has the latest. there. >> erin moran county, 4 of those breakthrough cases ended up in the hospital. that's the bad news. the good news is that the vaccines are showing that they are strong, strong enough to prevent people from dying. but again, murray county officials having this message that the pandemic is not over because they are still seeing increased cases. >> we're seeing is breaking 3 more were frequently doctor matt willis marin county's public health officer talking about new information coming in on rising covid-19 cases and how vaccinated people are testing positive. >> few cases are much then cases among unvaccinated people or a show about 4 to one more unvaccinated and vaccinated. but it's discouraging to see anyone
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who's been fully vaccinated to become, you know, become infected with covid-19. that's really because the delta variant. >> doctor willis says fortunately the vaccines continue to protect people against the worst aspects of covid. no one vaccinated in marine county has died of covid-19. yet there is growing concern about children with this variant. >> it's one of the concerns one of the reasons that we made, the recommendation that we all cover our faces indoors regardless of vaccination status that we all need to do our part to protect those people who cannot be vaccinated our youngest you know, under age 12. no, no. choice to vaccinate for children in those age and they are more vulnerable to infection because the water more fax unaided. so obviously the belt, be more contagious. we are seeing more cases among children now that we had seen before. and so those of us that are vaccinated can do our
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part to buy covering our faces. and of course adults who are the choice to vaccinated even more reason why it's time to step forward. he adds with summer travel. important to remember the guidelines. pre vaccines. >> hold true today. look at the cdc guidance and department of public health, california guidance as well as in for unvaccinated individuals. the travel quarantine got it hasn't changed. we are still requiring people who are trying travel outside of the region and come back here that there are unvaccinated. they need to quarantine. so again, that 10 day quarantine. >> or you can do. 5 days. get tested and then be able to resume activities be at a summer camp or going back into a school setting. again, this pandemic certainly showing its signs that it is not a done deal. your marine county theresa kron 4 news. >> officials at stanford university say 7 fully-vaccinated students have tested positive for covid each
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student had symptoms, although it's not clear how serious they were. the university is requiring all faculty staff and students to be fully vaccinated for covid-19 before returning to campus this fall. the cdc is considering whether fully vaccinated. people with weakened immune system should get a booster shot. the agency advisory committee met to discuss whether people with cancer or organ transplant patients. we're more likely to become infected and become seriously ill while booster shots are still being considered for some. the cdc says fully vaccinated, protected from serious illness. the greatest risk right now is to back some of we have consistently and repeatedly said if you are unvaccinated, you need to be wearing a mask to protect yourself and others around you and we need more people to get vaccinated to stop this pandemic. >> although the cdc is warning we are at a critical point in the pandemic at this time. the agency says it has no
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intention of changing its guidance on masks and is leading mask mandates up to local jurisdictions. right now over a kron 4 dot com. you can go ahead and scan a qr code. we have the latest headlines on the delta variant travel advisories in place. mask guidelines and vaccine trackers. if you're trying to keep up, go ahead and scan a qr code. it's going to take you right over to our web page at kron 4. well, happening today. the gilroy garlic festival returns for the first time since 2019 the festival will take place each of the next 2 weekends as a drive-thru event. you can preorder your favorite food items and pick them up at the drive-thru set up at gilroy presbyterian church. there's also a farm to table dinner at 14 owes winery and a golf event at the gilroy golf course. this is the first time that that event is being held since 3 people were shot and killed at the festival back in 2019. coming up across morning news, a bay area stories burglarized for the second time in less than a year. this
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time the burglary was all caught on camera. >> plus, the alameda city council is looking at. house the homeless and they say tiny homes could be the answer.
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>> the welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now 04:14am. it's friday. another great weekend on the horizon. it's been a warm week for us. thank you, john. maybe we'll get a break or 2. so we can plans outdoor activities, maybe possibly yes. definitely during morning hours as much as you can because that's the obvious coolest time of day. >> as for afternoon hours, things are definitely getting to be on the hot side today going to be a much warmer one than yesterday was. you look outside at san francisco right now show sales force tower. other parts of the city still in good view. we're not really looking at much fog out there this morning that sea breeze not tapping into it as much. and that's part of the reason that our inland areas are going to be so much hotter this afternoon than where we were yesterday and the day before that too zooming out across the region. we do have this high pressure. ridge still set up shop to our east. that's resulting in monsoonal moisture across the great basin out into the desert valleys of arizona, especially what we're seeing here across
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the bay area is a gradual shifting of that sea breeze out of the region and a return of heat to our inland valleys. so you're going to notice in your 4 zone forecast a pretty noticeable difference from where we were yesterday afternoon for those inland areas, even for portions of san francisco. some low 70's and our bayshore cities also getting a touch warmer climbing back into the 80's palo alto and mountain view each 81 today. well, south bay temperatures in the mid to upper 80's san jose at morgan hill at 87 degrees union city of fremont back into the low 80's while pleasanton livermore as well as walnut creek danville san ramon and conquered all in the 90's only 4 degrees shy of triple digits. antioch just one degree up from that in vacaville actually getting up to a 100 degrees today. so you do see how the heat is building back in and it's going to stay with us through the weekend, too. so as we were talking about maybe get outside plants up the during morning hours. obvious. good time for your run. you're walking the dog and avoid the
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peak afternoon temperatures inland as for next week we get a little bit muggy to start the week on monday and tuesday. monsoonal moisture resulting in that muggy air feel overall. it's just going to be warmer forecast. the knot so get ready for the sunscreen and plenty of water as you're venturing out. >> reyna. john, thank you for that. we're actually keeping a close eye on your commute. no major hot spots at this hour. i do see a few traffic collisions out there, but nothing causing any major delays like this one. a southbound, a 5th avenue in oakland and another one over on the peninsula. 92 westbound at west. he'll drive west deal boulevard in san mateo. looks like there might be a little slowing down there. we'll keep a close eye on that. about 9 minutes for you to make it into the city this morning. let's look at the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula a little under 14 for you to make that drive this morning. and we're keeping a close eye on that. we'll have more throughout the morning. but for now, let's get back to the news. finding
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affordable housing for the country's growing homeless population is a top priority right here in the bay area and beyond the so-called tiny homes it's a concept that's taken root in a lot of communities. but down in santa cruz. the private sector is taking the concept. a step further. kron four's. rob fladeboe has a closer look at the so-called micro tiny homes. >> introducing the latest solution to housing the homeless debuting on the streets of santa cruz. the micro tiny home is the brainchild of environmental activist alex lawn now, this isn't the main solution. this isn't the ultimate solution. but this does help the people that are housed in these units homeless himself for a time. while those got the idea of where the 5 to $700 for by age structures made from plywood after sleeping in a bike lock or i mean, people just want to get out of the rain. they want to feel safe. they want to get out of the cold. they want to be able to lock their stuff up. you know, item. i can't just go koin close door.
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>> you know, keeps me safe, but >> the ticket jeremiah brand or is sleeping in one of the 2 units lawn doses deployed so far in santa cruz. longo see sharing the concept online amid hopes the idea will catch on elsewhere basically just bringing this concept on to the table. so hopefully more people take this information. they go to the website. they realize that this is available open source and they create one of these for the homeless people in their community. >> inspired by lawn dose and working on his own micro tiny home adding a few new ideas amid hopes to see them on the streets of san jose, one day is nasa aerospace engineer jason sampson. alex and i were tossing around the ideas of >> the ability to have the people that are living in these homes be able to contribute in a way such that they feel like they have something vested. so they are
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either, you know, contributing money in some way or they're contributing to the community and some other way to contrast his idea with the alternative wando shared this drone video of a homeless camp along the san lorenzo river in santa cruz. >> he envisions rows of sustainable mobile micro tiny homes in place of all those tarps and tents. this is more long term. this is more durable. this is more of like the minimalist mindset. but the mindset of sustainability. this is not like a single use item. this isn't just going to end up in landfill is could be worked and. >> re painted multiple times and it can stay in circulation he admits permits zoning issues loom. if the idea catches on. but right says he's focused on helping solve the need for temporary shelter while inspiring others to do the same because it's just it's more costly for a community to have homeless people. i'm sleeping on the streets and it's just it's not civilized. it's not human. >> in santa cruz. rob fladeboe kron 4 news.
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>> well, officials in the city of alameda are exploring the tiny homes concept as a way to help get people off the streets. the city council has proposed building a village of 20 homes on a c own lot near the college of alameda people will be allowed to stay there, up to 6 months. officials estimate that would cost as much as 2.6 million dollars to bill alameda as mayor says, it's a worthy investment. >> to have a place for. they could sleep inside not sleep with one eye open because they were, you know, worried about what would happen. i had to get up and leave go walk someplace to use a bathroom market doors. he's bathroom. but you know, do the things that you and i do. >> another option is to buy and convert the marina village in along the oakland estuary and department of housing that site has already been used to house people during the pandemic under the state's project rookie program. no decisions have been made. the alameda city council is expected to revisit the issue in the fall. coming up next to
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the kron 4 morning news on dine and dish. vicki liviakis sits down with the celebrity chef. >> behind the famous french laundry restaurant to talk about his news. papa. napa
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valley's french laundry restaurant is world famous for its amazing food equally as famous as the michelin star chef who's behind it. thomas keller this morning on dine and dish kron 4. vicki liviakis sits down with chef killer to talk about his new pop-up lounge and his mission to end america's craving for sugar. >> sure. french laundry is known the world over for its fine dining. good luck trying to get a reservation. so when i had a chance to break bread with the restaurant's legendary chef of course i took >> but didn't realize i have to chase it down while he rode his bike through town. >> because i live here. you know, i'm one of one of those neighbors. >> thomas ella wishes keller is a celebrated chef who runs michelin 3 star dining establishments. but he's also known for his down-home bakery and famous fried chicken to all of our restaurants were the same. it was just that kind of warning. jeff, just opened up a pop up in youngsville serving up caviar
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and champagne. it is called regis obama and time make birdies also assortment apparently other forms of entertainment will include local jazz musicians like many restaurant tours. chef keller is happy to emerge from the dark days of the pandemic eating at home. and that's a wonderful thing. but it doesn't take the place of going to a restaurant. percent less sugar. he's now serving up a special ice cream on the sidewalks of yellen. phil, it is made with the sugar fiber called supplant. it's organic. >> and it comes from come from plants and is it normal ice cream. but the texas governor who knows killers contribution to the culinary arts may well be eclipsed by his drive to curb our addiction to sugar and make us healthier for it. is this opportunity for? >> you know, for us all to become healthier. and what we eat by reducing the amount of sugar. >> in youngsville vicki liviakis kron 4 news.
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>> now we're always looking for some great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood, you can use the camera on your phone to scan the qr codes can take you directly to the diamond this web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to feature. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the search for a missing runner continues in the east bay how local businesses in the community are now pitching in to help. well, welcome back to
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the kron 4 morning news it's time for you now for 29 08:00am and it's friday. i feel like. >> every day this past week everybody has been talking about monday's friday and tuesday we're looking forward to the weekend on feel like today. john. we can actually say. looking forward to the weekend because the weekend is here. you just got to get to the work day to day. friday feel undeniable thursday. yeah. it's kind of that nice little spot where you're looking towards it. >> especially this weekend is going to be a warm one. so maybe plan a pool day or something or get a little closer to the coastline now that we are seeing that grip of that fog not as strong as what we had earlier this week. you remember the very foggy start to the week we had on tuesday and wednesday after clear monday. well, that's obviously not the case this morning. look at this clear view outside from suture tower. you can actually see had the financial district as well as


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