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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  July 23, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> republicans are ramping up efforts to get shots in arms in their home states as many are struggling to get a high enough vaccine rate to slow or even stop the spread of covid-19 while the lawmakers are encouraging hesitant americans to get the vaccine white house is sending out more money to help spread that message. washington correspondent jessi tenure has more. people this this is not going go anywhere. alabama republican senator tommy tuberville warns covid-19 is here to stay and a stick is the best way to fight it sooner or later you've got to
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go out in public. so protect yourself. but taking the vaccine. >> about 40% of the country's new cases are in the red states of florida, texas and missouri. >> and tuberville's alabama remains home to one of the lowest vaccination rates, less than half of residents, 12 and older are fully vaccinated. that's not enough. we've got to get above 7080%. the threat of the delta variant. thoso increasing new vaccinations to a pace higher than the national average in some red states, louisiana congressman steve scalise is one of those newly vaccinated with the delta variant. i felt. >> i want that extra level protection. i would encourage people to get the vaccine. i have high confidence in it. the biden administration announced new outreach efforts this week to increase vaccinations, including a 100 million dollars from the latest round of covid relief for rural health clinics. we know everyone's vaccination journey is different. we are ready to get more americans vaccinated. whenever wherever they're ready. the white house is also releasing more funds for testing took about the variant 400 million dollars to
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rural hospitals. and 1.6 billion to places like homeless shelters treatment centers and prisons quickly detecting cases allows us to help prevent outbreaks and contain the virus in washington. i'm jessi tenure. now to our coronavirus coverage learning tonight that 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine are 88% effective against the delta variant. that info coming from the new england journal of medicine may offer some reassurance about the effectiveness of the vaccines. >> the vaccine was about 94% effective against the out the strain of the virus which was first identified in the united kingdom. >> and happening right now, the gilroy garlic festival is back for the first time since the deadly shooting in 2019. >> it does look a lot different. there is still, though, a lot of garlic festival blue will be celebrated with a drive-thru event this year instead of an open area that happened at christmas hill park which had been the location in years
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past this year. guests must pre order their food and drive in to pick it up festival. organizers say the changes were made as a result of covid restrictions that are still in place. how can we get. >> for me allie and in a different way. to be able to do what we normally do and that's what we've been able to do with just all the restrictions that we had and in our planning this gave us the best opportunity to be able to throw a party celebrating garlic in making our food. >> there's no music or bam's like in previous years and they will not have the signature callum, ari, because organizers thought it would taste to robbery by the time cars pulled through. so there we'll be serving scampi this year. instead. plus side of the new changes this year as we get 2 weekends of the garlic festival. they time the times are on your screen right now. festivals. it's going to
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be running today through sunday. and then again next weekend. >> all right. back to our wildfire coverage as the fires continue to consume 10's of thousands of acres here in california. fire crews are getting some additional help in the air. governor newsom has secured more aircraft. but as kron four's terisa stasio tells us cal-fire admits while the new planes are a big help. the dry. conditions caused by the drought are creating some issues. >> hazy skies face the nearly 4,000 strong firefighters out on the front lines trying to out the dixie fire burning since july. 13th and now marks the biggest fire burning in the state of california as it has torn through 223 square miles destroyed 8 buildings and currently threatening 1500 homes. >> again, these fires that were seen in continuing to see as we deeper into the summer and into the warmer parts of year. are just indicative of the conditions that we are facing regardless of the
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location. >> calfire isaac sanchez says the exceptionally dry conditions created by the state's drought. hans the efforts to get this fire under control. the biggest challenge that we're facing is the receptive field out there. >> the drought vegetation that that, you know, essentially covers the wild land areas of california. >> the heat that comes along with the with the dry and warm temperatures and when you add those see those things together. you get a spark in the environment. you're going to have destructive fires like we're seeing. >> the chief says governor gavin newsom's announcement of 12 additional aircraft beefing up the fleet to 60 will make the current air assault even more it adds an additional layer of the look of a firefight resources that are available to us and allows us to be aggressive with our initial attacks in our in our of fight. >> against the ongoing fires. but absolutely just another available 12 additional tools that we have in our toolbox.
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>> as the weekend unfold and the battle continues. chief had this message. >> the biggest threat that we're facing out in the in the in the open spaces and across the state are human activity and that can be something as simple as a car accident or poorly maintained a vehicle or doing defensible space peer into the wrong time of day. is that we very much have a significant role in preventing the next dixie fire. the next that could potentially impact the community or even an individual. >> teresa is stasio kron. 4 news. now. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside from our camera on top of mount tam. the fog has rolled in covering some parts of the bay area tonight, air quality. here is good that said not so good up in this year, especially around lake tahoe. was it. yeah, it's only going to get worse can and just dean because we're not going to see much of that breeze throughout this so. >> air is actually going to be calmer as far as wind speeds go. and that's just going to
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keep all of that smoke and ash. >> from the nearby dixie and fly fires just stagnant hovering over this year. so please limit outdoor activity this weekend. for those of you heading out to this for your weekend, especially those of you with any pulmonary or respiratory issues because the national weather service did issue a special weather statement on a town of that smoke in the sierra but closer to home in the bay area. let's fly high and we're going to see temperatures also very seasonable little bit cooler than today. but we are going to notice the shallow marine layer right now. very calm drier conditions. for those of you in this year. up, but we could see some moisture just to the south of south lake tahoe, mainly impacting parts of bear valley. but overall drier outlook this weekend, at least to start out your saturday. south lake tahoe in the upper 80's with the mid-nineties for truckee. your sierra forecast for the next 3
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days we're going to see that monsoonal moisture really ramp up in the sierra sunday into monday could pose a risk of dry lightning threats that could spark wildfires. but the good news is we are also seeing some moisture associated with it. so that is great news that monsoonal moisture not expecting to make its way into the bay area. as far as thunderstorm activity goes, the one thing we are going to notice cooler temperatures this weekend. thanks to that high cloud cover low 90's for livermore and conquered mid 70's for hayward mid 60's for downtown san francisco in mountain view in the mid 80's for your saturday sunday and monday. that's when we're going to see that monsoonal moisture really bringing us that muggy tropical feel. but fortunately for us, no threat of dry lightning in the forecast and no pop-up thunderstorms as of yet either. just even. ken, back to you. >> thank you so much of a breeze of the first round of child tax credit payments went out last week with some families still have not received them. millions of americans are eligible for these payments of up to several $100 a month based on
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how many kids they have in their ages but not all families who should be getting that money have gotten their checks. if you filed taxes and the irs has your information. the money should be automatically deposited into your bank account. if you did not file taxes during the past few years. he is still eligible for the payments. but you still have to sign up and that could be done to the irs website. eligible families can expect a direct payment every month through the end of this year. that will become a tax credit for the next year. coming up this hour during kron 4 news. >> state officials say billions of gallons of water has been stolen across california, but officials are doing to prevent this liquid waste. >> and it sports a look back at that wild finish between the giants and dodgers last night. plus the latest news around the and the nfl's covid protocols. we'll have that story. more coming up.
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>> california water officials say thieves are making off with billions of gallons of water. how well they say they're tapping into fire hydrants rivers even stealing from small family homes and farms. now officials have in place locks on hydrants or remove them all together. they say water theft is an ongoing problem, but it's magnified now is the state's water supply. so scarce, estimated that more than 12 billion gallons of water has been stolen across california since
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2013. >> to recall right now in general motors is once again recalling nearly 70,000 of its vehicles. this latest recall is for the electric chevy bolt. the vehicles reportedly are at risk of catching fire while parked the issue has not excuse me. issue has been tied to at least 9 fires across the country since 2020, the beginning of the year steps that both owner should take before their cars can be repaired include not parking it in a garage or next to another structure due to the risk of a fire spreading. the bolt is the only electric vehicle that gm currently sells in north america. next here on kron. 4 news at 6 is the limping games begin tokyo's traditions and influences. >> are having an effect right here in the united states, the city where you can get a firsthand look at the firsthand look at the beautiful cherry blossoms. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control?
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>> the tokyo olympic games are now underway and we're giving you a taste of japanese culture in japan. spring is marked by the so or cherry blossom trees to bloom every year across the island nation. roughly 1 million people flock to see the flowers and hubs like tokyo canal and sapporl and even more do the same across the pacific in sister cities like portland, oregon, where cherry blossoms are a gift. elizabeth did has the story. blink and you'll miss them. the cherry blossoms are
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only around for a short period of time. that's why most of the year. >> this is the beautiful get along. the waterfront still nice to look at. we just don't have the flowers. >> along the banks of the willamette river in downtown portland, oregon, 100 cherry trees erupt with color every spring. the type of cherry blossom our is p bono a beautiful and delicate gift from the japanese grain importers association to the city. 31 years ago. >> they're full of all to the weather, the rain, the way >> and if you you might miss them. >> they only stay in bloom for a very short while in japanese culture cherry blossom symbolize the spring a time of renewal in the fleeting nature of life. a 1000 year old custom known as not me which translates to flower viewing brings people together to do
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just that. sit beneath the trees and take it all >> both tourists and portlanders flocked to the japanese american historical plaza to do the same. >> but the place also serves as a reminder of past struggle and tragedy. >> part of this history that memory to hear this down. and it's integrated with the names of the 10 herman at concentration camps that were located throughout the united states. >> in 1942 roughly 120,000 japanese americans were forced to stay in these camps under tough conditions until world war 2 ended. >> even though many of them fought for the united states. >> we and when people come here and contemplate the beauty of these cherry blossoms that they also contemplate what this plaza stands for. our freedom, our democracy. >> it's just as vulnerable to and racism in by better understanding the past.
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>> we inch closer toward all the sec symbolizes hope and new beginnings. >> and deeper appreciation for the here and now reporting in portland, i'm elizabeth tin. >> and stay with us here on kron. 4 news by scanning this qr code on your screen as we follow the olympic games on our website. you will find medal counts also track the covid that spreading among the athletes and also all of our live reports from tokyo. it's all on kron. 4 dot com. >> let's see how things shaping up outside and get a look at the weather meteorologist marisa rodriguez is here with a look. >> at the weekend. yeah, let's take a live look and sneak peek at your weekend forecast for you, the final check of your weather. >> we are going to see that increase in that cloud cover that shallow marine layer now starting to creep its way across the bay into the east bay shoreline out there right now and temperatures on account of that cooling down
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into the low to mid 60's for downtown san francisco and oakland still in the mid 70's for hayward. but take a look at that 35 degree difference half moon, bay 55 degrees with concord still in the low 90's at this near 7 o'clock hour and overnight lows tonight, low 50's along the coast and mid 50's throughout the east bay shoreline with upper 50's as you make your way inland into our east bay and south bay valleys. one outlier, though antioch 64 degrees and temperatures tomorrow cooling down near average from coastal valleys. mid 60's for downtown san francisco and low 70's holding steady there. thanks to that cool sea breeze and marine layer still hanging tight. but for concord and livermore instead of being in the upper 90's. you're going to be in the low 90's with mid 80's for santa rosa and san jose. and don't forget do gilroy garlic festival this weekend. it is a drive-thru may need to crank up the sea. but seasonable temperatures there in the mid 80's. and we're going to be on cruise control. some monsoonal moisture arrives monday and tuesday of this upcoming week.
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> little baby. if you're a giants fan, it was easier to wake up for work this morning after that game last night. talk about a regular season. one that felt like a playoff game. >> giants down to their last out and the call here. now the call is >> reviewed it. they said safe vosler with the its secondary lead there. and then this is another pivotal moment. daryn rough checking they called a check swing, but he actually went around. so so haven't a tough time and dave had a tough time with the and he got tossed and then the giants. formal way here. young gun he is. and they end up winning at 5 to 3 kenley jansen. the
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closer for the dodgers booed for the second night in a row. he blows the game for the second night in row. just been an amazing turn of events in this bitter rivalry after taking 3 of 4 from the dodgers. the giants are now 3 games up in the nl west. the padres only 2 and a half games behind la followed by the rockies and the diamondbacks. they are in last place giants back in action. tonight. we'll have highlights of that coming up later. meanwhile, the a's. >> set to take on the mariners game 2 of their 4 game set looking to build off momentum from last night's win here shawn, than i asked or ace pitcher masterful pitching 7 innings one-run ball, striking out a career-high 13. he has turned into a real effect, of course, out there took a little bit tonight. still have right-hander frankie montas on the bump in despite his 8 made record. manager bob melvin
6:54 pm
likes the consistency and the work at that he has seen from and to us as we go to the bank is having a good year and probably doing his best work right now. >> which sometimes, you know, with his the innings that he's pitching his career to be is officiant and still throwing as hard in, you know, looking like it's, you know, beginning of the season for him in some of his outings means he's working really hard. and in maintaining the below and everything you expect. but i think it was that it's it's the split the consistencies had with that that that's really kind of ruled the day for him. the v low. i'm going to guess velocity but i yeah. he knows more. >> here's a bit to get used to the the cleveland baseball team obviously the formerly the cleveland indians announced today they've a new name. cleveland guardians sharting next season and here's some of the new designs, the logo, the cleveland will dion next year. the team has been known as the
6:55 pm
indian since 1915 and the team's new name refers to the guardians of traffic statues near progressive field where they play in cleveland located on the hope memorial bridge. so similar to the washington football team. for several reasons. there are new names in sports. that's a lo
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talk to your child's doctor ♪ >> let the games begin. here they are, team usa. an olympics like no other, where is everybody? then destination covid. las vegas, branson. to get the new travel warnings. >> call him joe cool. a car slammed into his house and he hardly budgets. >> it looks like nothing happened. >> the shocking moment this man in his boxers was tased. and how low can you go.


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