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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 25, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 i
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think it's important to make sure that everybody's. >> level. >> no shoes, no shirt, no vaccine and no service as covid cases start to rise across the area. some restaurant owners now telling us that their customers will need a proof of vaccination in order to enter their establishments. that is where we start to sunday night here on kron. 4 news at 10 o'clock. welcome it. i'm jonathan mccall. and i'm justine waldman. more than a dozen restaurants and bars across the bay area are now requiring people to show proof of vaccines. >> before they enter some health experts are saying indoor dining is one of the riskier things people can do. that's because you can't wear a mask while you're eating or drinking obviously kron four's amanda hari spoke to 2 owners about why they made this decision to require vaccines and also how customers are reacting tonight. good evening, amanda. >> good evening. one of those owners told me that he started requiring proof of vaccination back on june 15th when the initial reopening happened.
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another owner says he just started requiring proof of vaccination. this weekend. but both agree that they just think this is the safest option right now. >> we're we're trying to business make the right decisions to stay open. a can take things in our i spoke to chef and owner of in san francisco. mark zimmerman as he and the staff prepare their dining room for the dinner. were in an area this obviously surrounded >> think it's important make sure that everybody's is a restaurant. and patrons are in close proximity. >> this was the first week in the restaurant required proof of vaccination. if we can do something to make that. >> safer and more comfortable and told me so far people have been supportive. >> but it was a different story for club deluxe on
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haight street. this is video of protesters outside the club saturday >> in san jose have or dashers has been requiring proof of vaccination since the june 15th reopening and we need to put in place and >> leave in place until the team that helped decide to remove it but not really up to me. it's up to the crew is a hold until they start feeling more comfortable owner cash. bohren says luckily most of their patrons understand the policy. we had a couple is actually the first time his wife had left out to mark twenty-twenty. their son is immunocompromised that they felt safe going to have her dashers and they really express their gratitude. the fact that they knew everyone in the room was vaccinated. >> the owner of havard asher tells me that they have had some people upset about their proof of vaccine policy. but those people aren't their regular customers live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4
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news. how are the employees at havard asher's dealing with what i'm assuming is some backlash. >> yeah. they're dealing with that by just having a script ready to respond to these people when they come in, they're all saying the same thing that all on the same page. >> the owner worked with the employees to get that script ready. so they feel comfortable responding. also a lot of backlash is online over email over voicemail. so those kind of things they don't necessarily have to respond to as quickly or on the spot. >> it changes on the way for those businesses looking to protect their workers and customers kron four's amanda hari love tonight in san francisco. thank you. happening tomorrow. anyone who goes inside of the san mateo county building will have to wear a mask whether or not you are vaccinated or not. this new mandate comes as the county sees an increase in the number of covid-19 cases. according to the san mateo county health department. 89 1% of the folks in the county over the age of 12 are
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vaccinated county leaders say right now there is no end date for this county building mask mandate. but they do warn that if cases continue to climb, they will consider taking stricter measures like reinstating mask mandates that all indoor public locations, including restaurants and stores. >> america's top infectious disease. ak expert says the country is headed in the wrong direction when it comes to a recent surge in covid-19 cases. doctor anthony fauci made the comments on cnn state of the union today. experts say the delta variant and a lack of vaccines are to blame for the rise in infections, public health officials say unvaccinated people are being treated at hospitals in california and nationwide at alarming rates infectious disease. experts warn the more that the virus spreads among unvaccinated people. the more dangerous it is a marine county recorded its first covid-19 death since may. the county's 186 covad deaths have
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all been among people who have not been vaccinated. >> thank you. patients being admitted to the hospital right now who would compete a vaccinated and had finished the 2 weeks after the second dose and but these individuals i still capable of transmitting not as much as an unvaccinated individual might, but they can still transmit. >> now to our wildfire coverage than the largest wildfire in the state continues to rage now into its 12th day. the dixie fire has scorched more than 190,000 acres in butte and plumas counties just north of sacramento. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in that area. 16 structures have been destroyed and nearly 11 1000 are threatened more than 5,000 firefighters are having trouble controlling this plays. it's largely burning in remote areas with limited access. many communities have
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been forced to evacuate the dixie fire is 21% contained. >> now to our 4 zone forecast this sunday died. we could always use some rain to help with this. but obviously that's not going to be anywhere in our forecast any time and there is even a risk, a slight risk for. >> wild fires to spark. so let's get the latest now from meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. yeah, we are seeing some improvement with the latest model run justine and jonathan, as far as that monsoonal moisture goes monday night into tuesday morning. that's going to be those 12 hours that we're going to watch out for taking a live look outside the from the east bay over berkeley tracking that fog bank out there can't even make out the city lights in the distance as that low fog bank starts to make its way across the bay and even going to wake up to some cloud cover for most of our inland valleys as well. but it's a month. monsoonal moisture that's now over southern california going to make its way up here in the bay area by monday night. so we are going
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to see an increase in that cloud cover patchy coastal drizzle around our bay area coastline but not seeing that severe cell like i was tracking earlier in our newscast. we are going to still see some monsoonal moisture. not going to be a big rainmaker. unfortunately, any rain that we do get will be about a 10th of an inch of rain or less. it's that dry lightning that really has us concerned. there is a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms forming dry lightning will certainly be an issue because this storm isn't going to be much of a rainmaker. and if we do get any pop up thunderstorms. we're going to have to deal with those outflow. winds of around 40 miles per hour or less that could help spread any wildfires if they do start. but fortunately tracking calmer conditions, some light showers. and that's what we want stay and that's where we want to keep it because by tuesday afternoon we're going to notice a drier, more stable air mass. and then wednesday there goes our warming trend. details at your full 10 at 10 outlook. coming up in just a
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few minutes. just seen in. jonathan, back to you. thank you so much for a reason. right now. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation to find a killer who they say fired. >> into a car on highway for killing one person injuring another. the shooting was the breaking news we covered pretty extensively last night right here on kron. 4 news in prime time tonight. we learn from chp. the driver of that car, a 24 year-old woman. she was the person killed in the shooting. >> a child was in the front seat was also hit by those bullets. now in moderate condition and an infant in the back seat, not hurt. fortunately tonight. chp says all 3 of them are family, not giving more specific details on the relationship kron four's camila barco brings us the latest on the investigation and learned that this stretch of highway not uncommon to shootings. >> i drive on highway almost every day and the traffic is always very heavy. i avoided as much as i can. it's always
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been a negative experience. contra, costa county residents. a highway for is notorious for traffic jams and car crashes. >> over the last few months. it's turned into a killing ground. saturday evening bullets struck this black toyota cnmry and shattered the windows. >> the vehicle crashed into a metal guardrail. >> at the top of the port. chicago offering. >> the shooter killed one person wounded another and fled the scene and surprise witness price. i think that we have sort of really used weapons stuff it was kind of just make it it's it's happening back in april. troopers responded to highway 4 in pittsburgh after one driver was shot in the neck in his honda accord. he ended up hitting a big break on the railroad avenue. off-ramp and was sent to the hospital. it's a concern of mine there are so close to where i live and on.
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>> highways where i'm traveling on may first a man in a nissan was shot near the bailey road exit on the same stretch. >> about a week later bullets pierced 2 men west off railroad avenue. some drivers don't feel they need to take measures into their own hands and surprised to hear about it. but i at the same time, i don't feel scared. >> like i need to take any immediate people like caroline halston send want to see a proactive approach when it comes to these highway shootings. it would be devastating us to be in a situation like that. >> chp is asking for the public's help in figuring out what happened if you saw anything you are encouraged to call c h p's tip line. we have that number for you at kron 4 dot com in contra, costa county camila barco kron 4 news. >> 2 men and a woman are recovering right now after an early morning shooting in antioch. this happened at romney's liquor store on east 18th street yesterday morning.
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investigators say surveillance video showed 3 armed men engaging in a shootout officers found 2 of the victims at the scene. a 3rd showed up at the hospital a short time later, police have arrested 2 of the suspected shooters right now looking for the 3rd. >> in san jose police investigating 2 separate shootings yesterday the first happened on biscayne way around 9.30. when officers say they found what they say is a man shot with non life threatening injuries. less than an hour later, they got reports of another shooting this time near lucretia and feeling avenues. the victim of that shooting. also a man. so far no other information has been released about the victims or if any arrests have been made. >> coming up here at 10 o'clock tonight. we will go to the gilroy garlic festival as they welcome guests back for the first time since the deadly mass shooting and the pandemic shut everything down a restaurant owner in san francisco says he could be forced to leave the city after an explosion inside of this business. >> what investigators are now
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>> caught on camera. dramatic video shows the moment a blast goes off inside of a san francisco restaurant and blew out some windows that the leftist thai noodle bar in the tenderloin district in the owner says that his restaurant has been vandalized before, but nothing compares to this
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and now he's considering moving his business out of the city altogether. he talk to kron four's, taylor sackey. >> intense moments inside lapid's thai noodle bar in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood surveillance cameras show an explosion that rattled the restaurant and its owner monday morning exposed deep in the mire sr. i was like. >> i was chopping. i rushed to the scene and i saw the everywhere. couldn't believe that chef jones who says. >> there's been a lot of vandalism in the neighborhood over the last few weeks. but nothing like this >> it's not like simple, you know, like. >> someone told a rock or someone you know, actively knows is different. >> is the bottom line. it is this. that's kenley explosion blew out the glass windows at the restaurant which will likely cause jones who thousands to fix. >> for him. it's just another
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blow to his business it's been tough for me because of an you know, it's been almost 2 years now. >> the situation. you know, it's going to scare my customer. it's going it's going to affect my what people want to come even my best so that they're going to feel is. and save neighborhood. it's kind of sketchy neighborhood. didn't want to come to my place is going if it might visit. >> of course, while police are still investigating what or who caused the explosion. chone sue says it may be the final push to move his restaurant out of the city is kind of unsafe for me. >> you know, i pay for way my my family's safety. you i will carry now. it's you know, it's happened to that you happen to anyone else. it's in this neighborhood just. need to be more careful. the 40's to take more action. thankfully. no
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one was there when the explosion happened. so nobody was injured. however, this explosion has created a lot of damage and will definitely be a setback for the restaurant in san francisco to leave the psac ii kron 4 news. >> now to san mateo in the highlands. there were multiple fire agencies responded to a structure fire earlier this morning, san mateo county fire central county fire and one that cal fire czu engine were dispatched to pair drive on exler highlands authorities arrived on the scene to find smoke coming from the roof. turns out a grease fire on the stove extended all the way into the attic units were able to keep that fire just to this one house. they were able to put that fire out quickly and prevent it from spreading to others. meanwhile, a people looking for a new place to call home tonight after a fire in pacifica yesterday. crews arriving to that home. >> arrived. that home. to find smoke coming out from the back bedroom crews were able to contain the flames to that area. so far there's no word on what sparked that fire.
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that's our 4 zone forecast meteorologist marisa rodriguez here tonight to get us ready for monday month. sunil moisture. on on a manic monday. haha. >> africa. that was the 4th with lot to you of greece. uh, but i didn't bring the dry lightning that was on mother. you know what a credit for that know, ok, i'm good. >> let's take a look, though, at your microclimate monday outlook because we are tracking a cooler forecast out there and it's going to be things to that marine layer that we're going to see cooler temperatures slightly below average for downtown san foancisco 64 degrees. and in the sunset district 58 degrees on terror and el granada in the mid 50's in half moon bay low 60's for you. calmer wind speeds for the san francisco peninsula out of the southwest 20 miles per hour or less, south san francisco. the low 70's with brisbane. upper 60's. very pleasant temperatures overall from
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coast to valley. san mateo 76 degrees and redwood city in the low 80's with widespread 80's and even low 90's as you make your way into the south bay. campbell 91 degrees. milpitas trying to flirt with 90's. but 89 degrees and livermore right where you should be 87 degrees. so out of the 90's for you and even for most of our inland valleys in the east bay walnut creek and concord 87 degrees of peace with the renda and moraga in the mid to upper 70's. and for those of you in the north bay. we're tracking 70's and 80's even vacaville out of the 90's and 89 degrees. and this is very seasonable comfortable weather that we should be seeing, but it's going to change after monday. thanks to that muggy monsoonal moisture. we're going to see daytime highs warming up 5 to 10 degrees from monday into the mid 90's. and we're going to stay in the mid 90's for most of the next 7 days. seasonable weather doesn't return to our bay area forecast until around a week from today, august 1st, still
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can't believe that while first of all. yeah, i mean, it's i mean, it's right here here it is. but above average. so it's nice that in the next 10 days we're going to see seasonal weather, but let's hope keep our fingers crossed knock on wood that there's no dry lightning in the forecast. let's hope. all right. thanks, lisa. thank you. >> now to the south bay and some pyro chefs back in action at the gilroy garlic festival. this year's festivals drive-thru. >> if the preorder your meal, you go pick it up. you enjoy it. and then you brush your teeth us the car like that's right. i got to make sure to share some of the bread. >> gill brought back with you before bread garlic bread. yeah. >> so the festival is back for the first time since the mass shooting bac> in 2019 covid canceled festivities last year. kron four's gayle ong has the sights and sounds from gilroy. >> people are loving their garlic bread and garlic fries steak sandwiches and shrimp scampi, which is a main dish this year. overall, a great time with friends and family.
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>> for >> me, ali is alive again. and we're just having a great time means the world to us and we love this community event. it's great to have it back. >> you know where resident danielle brothers is happy. the annual gilroy garlic festival is back even though it looks different. no life music tense. you preorder your meal and drive over to pick it up. actually very organized. and i'm just excited to be my pepper steak organizers say people traveled near and far for the food a family drove from la broken la on friday. >> got their meals and went back to la on a friday. >> the garlic festival has raised more than 12 million dollars for local charities since 1979. this is the first event since the mass shooting in 2019 that killed 3 people and injured 17 others. the festival didn't happen last year due to covid the community and the public have shown such a response has been tremendous. we beyond our
10:23 pm
expectations. >> and i know the volunteers. they worked hard beckley has been a volunteer for 41 years. it's the community. >> doing it for the community nonprofits. it's all worth it. >> in case you missed out this weekend. organizers have these tips for next time. >> they're doing it again next week and the food is good. so make sure you preorder it out there. orderly and order often. >> wednesday marks 2 years after the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival this week. the santa clara county district attorney's office will be hosting a series of events honoring the victims reporting from gilroy. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> for last 2 steals and southern california finally returning to the city after a long rehab.
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>> a rare sight off the coast of newport beach hundreds of bluefin tuna. this massive school of fish surrounded the group voting tour pacific bluefin tuna known to be powerful swimmers been for built for endurance and speed. get up to 10 feet long and weigh up to a 1000 >> well, it was a big day for a laguna beach sea lion rescue the pacific marine mammal center does rescue work in the
10:27 pm
waters off of the southern california coast. and this week they released 2 elephant seals. they were rescued and we have by the center. they are name barracuda shipwreck and both animals have been rescued earlier this year from dana point harbor with the help of the orange county sheriff's department harbor patrol of there they go. now. you're free. >> you can think you would think that would give another name other than shipwreck. >> i was 10. i was like, it wasn't a movie reference or a book reference just like should read. doesn't. there is there could i can get shipwreck. doesn't sound so positive. name. >> nothing left their i like the names. what do you think reason they're pretty good. >> going. it is what it is at least are free, right. that's all that matters. all right. let's take a final check at your 4 zone forecast is are tracking a 20 degree difference out there. but, you know, warmest in the valleys
10:28 pm
and our coolest coastal city still in the mid 70's for conquered in antioch, widespread 50's tomorrow with seasonable temperatures inland valleys. no one's in the 90's. so enjoy that much needed relief there until summer officially returns weather wise on tuesday lasting most of the next 7 to 10 days. slowly made it through another weekend. friends. >> we only had one story about farts and we did it too. remember the past asked tonight with the fcc still has the bones of secret the we'll see.
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>> hello and welcome to another edition of sports night live. the olympics are here. we've seen some upset so far. we've got you covered on that. but we start with giants. baseball. of course. i'm jason dumas. by the way, i'm kate rooney here with you tonight. all and giants trying to salvage the final game of a disappointing series against the lowly pirates. they dropped the first 2, including a 10 to drubbing yesterday. and we've got some giants fans with some. we had bumgarner jeff kent crawfordsville here, the first batter of the a way junior. goes deep to triples alley.
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>> it's a solo homer way gets off great start. lead one. nothing. let's go to the bottom of the 3rd guess, too little way junlor again. what a season this guy is having. it's 2, one giant wave has 12 home runs in just a 148 at that. he is definitely answered the call when they went to him. >> yeah, was really great today. nice outing also for alex wood. he only gave up a run on 5 and a 3rd innings and struck out 8, including this frees job in the 5th. but shortly after he left the game. the giants in a bases loaded jam. but jay jackson induces kevin newman to hit into the 4, 6, 3, double play to end the inning giants clinging to a 2 to one lead. >> it was a tight game until the sick san francisco score 3 times that started with this wilmer flores solo home run woolmer had that amazing home
10:33 pm
run in la a couple nights ago that his club of the season. the giant utility player just playing. well that curt casali write-off of pitch flares. it shallow shallow left field. that's an rbi single san francisco in control. they're up 5 to one. and guess what, they go on to win 6 to one. those pesky dodgers come to town for 3 games starting on tuesday. >> san francisco. san francisco is now up 2 games in the nl west gabe kepler said he liked the bounce-back performance, but he also thinks they can play better. >> comfortable with with the way we executed today and certainly lamont's wings lead the way and a strong pitching performance from what he did great job by both but i think there's there's more to it. we're going have a good off day. we're going to care for the dodgers will have more specific thoughts on that series. obviously when we come
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back on tuesday anytime you you know, you lose one or 2 in a you know. >> i'm so has been around a while. you know, i i know that means to, you know. stop. that's good. you know, once they started winning streak. and so, you know, part of me put that you know, on my shoulders and wants to go out there and do that for these guys. but, you know a lot of bizarre bizarre team. you know i mean. i guess that's our macho this i'm just trying to. >> be consistent with putting the ball hard and play as public come. but it definitely not going to china. china. think that's key for me. but just try to be consistent, be a tough out, not give at-bats during the suppose the spring. and it's a conical. >> he's living up to all that impressive. when you look at how injured the giants in the season. you lose evan longoria brandon crawford, now buster posey for stretch. brandon belt. and these young guys really stepping up. they are you know, lamont wade junior this. a 148 at-bats to have 12 home runs. and you know, not
10:35 pm
only has he played well, he's come up with timely hits. we saw the last series against the dodgers that final game. he got that big hit that finally put them ahead in the top of the 9th inning today. 2 home runs. it's just the the giant utility players have just been awesome. this season. i think i'm in the market for lamont wade. you junior that view. good one. i mean, when he's the guy who i would probably do they come up. and like we said, it's been incredible to see all the new faces. no one more so than the guy behind us. lamonte wade junior in single-handedly has saved them so many times this season he kept them from getting swept today, which by the way, was kind of an acceptable to slit down against the pirates, losing 2 of 3. yeah to them. but first career game today with multiple home runs. so hats off to lamonte wade junior pretty good stuff from him. and so with their 6237 record.
10:36 pm
the giants are still atop the league standings but the nationally west race is a very tight one early. >> 2 games ahead of the dodgers. so this series coming up on tuesday is a big one. the padres. they're in 35 and a half games back in the rockies. and backs, of course, bringing up the rear there. pretty much of it at this >> best division in baseball. you know. kudos to the padres and the dodgers in. hopefully giants can hold them off. but we're going to learn more about them. they have the dodgers and then even after the dodgers, they have a 3 game set with astro's. it's going to be tough. it's going to all right. let's check in on the a's needing a win today to split the series with the mariners. they're up in seattle. oakland won the first game in the series on thursday then lost tough one-run games. >> the next 2 days. so some a's fans. >> and they made an appearance in seattle at safeco part home, right. all right. top of the 3rd not olson. he's been on fire since the all-star break any continues. the trend here with a solo shot that was
10:37 pm
his 27th of the season and its port since the all-star break that made it 2. nothing a's that the mariners surged ahead in the bottom of the frame. kyle seager ripping one to right field off cole irvin. that's a base hit. 2 runs with scores. now it's a 2 to tight. >> all right. the next batter luis torrens brown's another single into left field. another run scores. the mariners now lead 3 to 2. you hate to see it is. i like those hats and ever seen that code blue for them next. batter true morffi bloops one into shallow center. ramon looks like he's going to get comes out and out with it. but you can't make the play the ball. just pops out a run scores. it's 42 get this all 7 of seattle's hits were singles of that. so you got to do it sometimes right. top of the 7th, the a's make their charge behind this. >> so low. >> and that's right. pinch hitter. seth brown coming
10:38 pm
through. so oakland closes the gap to a run. it's now 4, 3, in the 9th, matt chapman. on first and mitch moreland at the plate. he's going to line. one to left its chairman is on his horse and headed to 3rd. but jake power guns him down and the a's would challenge the call. it was upheld and that pretty much killed any potential rally for oakland. so the a's lose 43 to drop the last 3 games of this four-game series and all 3 of those games by just one run that really hurts the gap between oakland and seattle for 3rd in the nl west narrows to just a game and a half of them, but they lead the division for much of the 1st half of the season after the game, though, bob melvin said no time to panic. >> it means that we came up short run every game and we've got to regroup been there's a lot a lot more baseball left to be played. so. you know, give them credit. they got whether it's a big play,
10:39 pm
whether hit where there is a big out by the pitching staff. they were. they're a little better then asked a series, but there's a lot more baseball left play. you know, i. really to have about 39 just where it was just a person was our on. >> you know, they did. they got one. so far, just a. she better with 2 strikes. the 2 strikes. 2 you know, it's one thing it up for a couple. but there's couple different about back on. just to make a good recall. the cost to me. >> areas. yeah, i get what they're trying to say. you still have the majority of the 2nd half left, right. so you don't want to panic, but at the same time. here in the division with the astro's. now the mariners. you can't let these things happen. so thank goodness for metals. and right. in this it just feels like a division race where one
10:40 pm
stands astro's took the lead in the division is like a's have enough to catch them. that i'm actually scared the same thing with the giants in the dodgers. yeah, they ultimately overtake the giants it is interesting that you've got an all-star right. is having an incredible season. you don't want to let them down. this pretty much due to loan bright spot this season. has his 27th home run of the year and you've got the 4th most in the majors. so. he is definitely holding them up and check out the standings in the american league west. the a's have now fallen 5 and a half games behind houston like kate said that's going to be hard to make up and now they just only a game and a half ahead of the mariners for second place in likely the eventual wild card spot. so we'll just have to see this play out. all right. fingers crossed that they can pick it >> much more to come on sports night live tonight, olympic games in full swing and the
10:41 pm
struggles continue for team usa men's hoops. we'll show you what happens. >> all right. we will also check in on our baseball insider alan styles. we talked trade deadline. we talk howard terminal. we talk having and what's going on with him. we'll have it all after the break. hang tight
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>> welcome back to sports night live. kate rooney and jason dumas with you we are trying not to panic after the
10:44 pm
exhibition games didn't go so well for team usa men's hoops. but the actual olympic games are off to a very good start either. jason. yeah, you know, is. >> it's crazy. in their whole world away from us and everything is everything team usa was shaky during exhibition play in las vegas and it translated to group play us a loss to france today 83 to 76 evan fournier, the boston celtic finished with 28 points for team france. meanwhile, rudy gobare, the reigning nba defensive player of the year. he had 14 9 get this case. drew holiday who just a couple days ago was drunk at the nba finals championship parade. he led team usa with 18 it they play iran next. also in their group is czech republic. you would have to imagine that they have to win both of those games in also these games matter by they also decided by points differential. if there's any ties. so it's important that
10:45 pm
they beat iran, they blow them out so they can get ahead and that point differential category. >> yeah. all right. lots of swimming medal races today as well. the first final of the game's first and france own katie ledecky, the 400 meter freestyle ledecky won gold in this event 5 years ago in rio and she got an early lead in her race today. but it was not a repeat like we're hoping for australian ari on took gold her time was the second fastest of all time. tennis has emerged as a big competitor for ledecky since rio. but deck he will still swim in 4 other events. the 200 free 800 p 1500 free and the 4 by 200 relay silver today. not a bad consolation prize. all right. things got off to a somewhat rocky start for the u.s. women's gymnastics team in tokyo as well. a surprise in today's qualifier as the defending gold medalist finished second to the russian olympic committee team a series of small mistakes on various events really added up as team usa finished a


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