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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> our top story at 5 o'clock, former u.s. senator for california in the bay area's own barbara boxer was just the victim of a hate crime in oakland. she was assaulted and robbed while walking in oakland today. thank you for joining us, kron 4 news at 5. i'm grant lotus. vicki liviakis, the assault happened this afternoon at about one 15 police say. >> barbara boxer is walking on 3rd street right near jack london square when a suspect approached her and push her. here is a tweet from the former senator's twitter account today. it says that the suspect pushed her in the back and stole her cell phone then jumped into a waiting car
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and left the area boxer says that she's thankful that she was not seriously injured. the oakland police department is investigating and nobody has been arrested so far. boxer was a u.s. senator from california, from 1993 to 2017. this is not the first time a current or former public officials been assaulted in oakland recently. you might remember governor newsome. >> was assaulted last month happened in june when newsome was visiting small businesses in oakland. he was walking to a barber shop and pizzeria when the chp says he was suddenly approached by and aggressive individual highway patrol provide security for the governor. the suspect, a 54 year-old man was taken to the alameda county jail where he was booked for assaulting a public official. he was identified by a family member as being homeless and having severe mental health problems. governor newsome did not appear to be injured. >> now, the big story we're following for you tonight at 5 all state workers and health care employees here in california will be required
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now to prove they're vaccinated in the workplace. kron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala joins us live to explain the state's latest attempt to try to push more people to get the vaccine actually >> grant and vicki, this apply specifically to california state workers. all 240,000 of them. plus, on top of that health care workers in both the public and private sector. that's in patient workers like at hospitals and long-term care facilities and outpatient workers like those who work at dentists and other doctor's offices. >> we're at a point and this epidemic, this pandemic where choice. individuals choice not to get vaccinated is now impacting the rest of us. any profound and devastating and deadly way. >> california's vaccine verification system for all healthcare and state workers goes into effect in the beginning of august. governor gavin newsome making the announcement monday in oakland after months of allowing
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workers to self attest to their vaccination status. the state will require proof for those affected workers who are not vaccinated they'll need to get tested weekly and wear masks under state protocols. we. >> our sincere and then our belief and desire that we needt to step things up at this stage of the pandemic. our projections are sobering. 62% of the state's population is now fully vaccinated but covid-19 in california continues to rise. monday's announcement comes as state officials say the delta variant accounts for 80% of cases recently sequenced in california. they say hospitalizations have tripled since the beginning of june. the delta variant has really changed the game a bit. >> this is not. >> as said, your grandmother's covid anymore. it's not the covid we dealt with a year ago. this is a very different beast. >> now state officials reiterated this is not a vaccine mandate for those state workers and health care
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workers. and even though this only applies to those groups. for now. state leaders are encouraging private employers to take the same steps reporting live state capitol ashley zavala kron 4 news appreciated. ashley the decision to require proof of vaccination status comes as a recent report shows a huge number. >> of health care workers still have not gotten their shots ground but you and gives us a closer look there. >> with an all out effort to get people vaccinated for covid-19 most folks probably presume that every eligible health care worker has definitely had their shots right. not exactly. according to a recent web md report one in for hospital workers nationwide has not received a single dose of the covid-19 vaccination this includes hospital workers who work directly with patients among the nation's 50 largest hospitals. the percentage of unvaccinated appears to be even larger with about one in 3 hospital workers not being inoculated against the virus.
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in fact, according to web md, 12% of registered nurses and doctors at mid to being hesitant to get the shot has been a full-court press trying to get everyone vaccinated. >> a lot of folks going to. it's kind of surprised to learn that of that number health care workers are not vaccinated at this point. >> well, you know, human and we raise it the full spectrum of people thought the georges benjamin is the executive director of the american public health association. one of over 50 national medical associations and organizations now calling for a nationwide mandate for health care workers to get the vaccine conditions and nurses are very much trusted by their patients. but, you know, if i'm going to ask you to do something. i do it myself. and so from that perspective, it's also leadership role for doctors and nurses who got who got to give good critical advice of their patients. and if we're not willing to take
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the vaccine. you know, how we tell our patients that is safe and effective for them. the state of california is not waiting for a national vaccine mandate for health care workers to happen. >> it is going down next month says governor gavin newsome this is a requirement. >> to prove you've been vaccinated and if you have not, you'll be tested. here is a snapshot of what we found locally for health care providers and their percentages of hospital workers who are vaccinated 90% of university of california health employees are vaccinated for covid-19. both stanford health care and john muir health say about 80% of their employees are vaccinated and about 3 quarters of kaiser permanente's northern california workforce are inoculated against the virus as has menu in kron 4 news. >> 500 bars in san francisco will require proof of vaccination from customers. the san francisco bar owner alliance just released a statement that so starting on thursday, its member bars are
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going to require either proof of vaccination or a 72 hour negative covid-19 test from guests who wish to drink indoors. guess without the verifications are going to have to sit outside and parklets or other spaces. some bars in san francisco of already started requiring guests to bring their vaccination cards. >> for your health tonight, a dire warning from the nation's top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci. >> you might want to consider if you want to go the extra mile and safety even though you're vaccinated when you're indoors, particularly in crowded places you might want to consider wearing a mask. >> doctor fauci says the delta variant is driving the spike in areas with low vaccination rates. he says health officials are considering revising masking guidance for vaccinated americans to try to get a handle on this latest search. >> face. coverings are again required at all. san mateo county facilities no matter your vaccination status. the county says that the
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requirement is out of an abundance of caution due to a troubling rise in coronavirus cases while vaccinations are highly effective against covid-19 and its variants. san mateo county officials say they need to take action now to protect younger children and overall public health as cases rise. >> i just want to protect myself and my family. i do have young kids, so at the age where they can get vaccinated. plus, my parents. that would be to 7 ensure that anyone the house was protected. >> if you live in san mateo county. and you'd like to get vaccinated. we do have a link to a vaccination clinic calendar. it's on our website at kron. 4 dot com and you can get to that page by scanning this qr code is going to take you directly to kron 4 dot coms pages dedicated to providing you the most up to date pandemic information. you can get the latest covid-19 numbers along with where to get a vaccine and mask guidelines all across the bay area. just use your mobile device to scan the qr code on your screen to get directed there.
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>> our weather time as we get a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza. there see some clouds in the sky. it actually. drizzled sprinkled. yeah. outside about 1130 this morning yeah. kids did like a rain dance. it was kind of adorable and kind of sad that like the haha not quite yet. i know. but we'll take what we can get. we do have some of that subtropical moisture coming in that monsoon is rolling back may thought the muggy conditions out there. look, california now. >> we've got scattered showers popping up around the state. most that just kind of slide by parts the bay area couple sprinkles out there and still a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. more significant weather happening in the inyo county there in death valley near stove pipe. they've got some flash flooding there. in fact, they're talking about 8 to 10 inches of mud out there on one shutting the road out so be careful anywhere out in that direction. but and the sierra nevada that seem to be the most active place now with the monsoon. as you see the thunderstorms really start to pop up over the sierra nevada
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in their south lake flash flood watch is in green extend all the way from reno all the way down in the places like bishop a mammoth lakes probably see return that again tomorrow locally. we've got some scattered pop up showers. you see a couple pop ups to the north. maybe not all that hitting the ground so that monsoonal moisture rolling to the bay area that just isn't enough of a trigger to get things really going outside of that moisture moving on by now. we'll continue to do so throughout the night. still a chance of the scattered light showers. you'll still see some fog and maybe some drizzle along the coastline. models do pick up on a chance early tomorrow morning of some moisture rolling on by, maybe get lucky. get a sprinkle or 2 is still a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. transportation officials finding a plan that would charge drivers every time. >> they drove into san francisco's busiest areas. and the idea is to reduce gridlock coffers. dan kerman has more on congestion pricing driving through downtown san francisco they're still relatively little traffic due to the
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pandemic. >> despite california's official reopening. but transportation officials say prepandemic gridlock was the order of the day. that's why the san francisco county transportation authority is pushing ahead with the idea of congestion pricing. >> the way that we're thinking about congestion pricing is the fee would be applied. you drive into the congestion pricing zone. only during the morning evening rush hour under the plan. those who drive into the downtown core. >> would be charged as much as $6.50. for the first 2 times they enter the core. >> the fee would be on a sliding scale based on annual income so it's not the price out. those who make less money. but drivers aren't sure this is what's best oftentimes will drive just through downtown to get to the bay from where i live. >> and it seems a little bit crazy to stack that feed just to get into downtown drive through very quickly. on top of the existing bridge fees. the current plan has 2 versions of the downtown core
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the area in yellow basically the area in yellow basically as boarded b to the west. >> the embarcadero to the east broadway to the north and the vision and mission creek to the south. a larger corps would include the browns own mission bay to the south and add russian hill north beach in fisherman's wharf to the north. on the one hand we want to encourage people to think about. >> biking walking or taking transit want to be able to raise revenues. they can go into making those other forms of transportation better. >> taxes would not be charged as part of the plan. but rideshare drivers would pay each time they enter the zone. and every time there's a trip within the zone. the county transportation authority is hoping to get something to the board of supervisors by the end of the year. >> even if that proposal is approved congestion, pricing would be at least 3 to 5 years off. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> ready to travel again. the
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problems may run into well, planning your next trip. >> and continuing to mourn. 2 months later, how people in the south bay are honoring the lives of those were killed in that bt a mass shooting. and the dixie fire continues to burn out of control tonight, merging with yet another well fire over the weekend. it is burned nearly 200,000 acres. burned nearly 200,000 acres. we're live from t ♪ ♪ ♪ burned nearly 200,000 acres. we're live from t ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores
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and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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>> tonight the dixie fire continues to burn out of control it is merged with the nearby fly fire, destroying homes and buildings in the tiny community of indian fall. firefighters are struggling to gain control of that erratic fire. but first, eric rucker joins us now live from you county where that fire is raging area. eric, what can you tell us. yeah, we're not too far from the butte county plumas county line. the majority the fire right now. >> burning in plumas county were in pa because this is where we can bring our live broadcast when jump to the video in a second. but first i want to show you what we have in the background. you're looking basically at the collin county galia a paradise area. a little bit of haze in the air. other that air quality not too bad. of course, people in paradise and surrounding areas have had to see this giant plume of smoke from the dixie fire for over a week now and that is a pretty ominous and you feel for them. alright, let's going jump to the video will be talk about the numbers and exactly what is going on on those fire lines about a 197,000 acres
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have burned so far. according to cal far and keep in mind that is an update that came to us from this morning. so we expect that number to be well over 200,000 by the time we get another update in about an hour and 45 minutes or so. again, burning in plume us and butte counties. and as you guys just the fly fire. another separate fire that broke out last thursday by cal fire now saying that they are combining the dixie fire in the fly fire when it comes to containment and when it comes to acreage. so basically these things are burning very close to each other. so that is going make it all one fire in itself already. now the 15th largest wildfire that we have seen in the history of california. let's talk about people being affected by this so far. 16 structures have been destroyed. and cal fire telling us about 10,000 more structures are being threatened right now. no of how many of those are homes, how many those are out buildings. obviously varies on structures. according to social media. what we've seen. we have seen people say they have lost home in the dixie fire. all right. let's talk
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about moving forward in all this. the good news for firefighters right now is that at least in the area that we are adding that will probably a little bit hotter on the front lines themselves. it's not that bad weather wise. it is not that hot. looking high 80's maybe low 90's or so and the wind obviously another big issue when it comes to fires a slight breeze, but nothing overly worrisome when it comes to the fire fight in that regard. the only concern right now for firefighters besides the massive acreage in all the fire that is going on is the threat of thunderstorms a little bit later on the week and we know so well that sometimes with those thunderstorms you don't get any precipitation to get a lot of that dry lightning. so that is definitely something to look out. we're live in butte county tonight. i'm eric rucker. back to you. all right, eric, thank you very meantime, paramedics from oakland. >> who are assigned to the dixie fire. they had to jump into action at their own hotel. they heard a mom scream and then spotted her son at the pool. he was unresponsive. the paramedics jumped the fence to get to the pool and discovered the 10 year-old boy
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was still partially in the water. he had water in his lungs. he wasn't breathing and had no pulse. they immediately began cpr and moments later, the child sat up and cried. one of the paramedic says that he's grateful they were in the right place at the right time. and this is one rescue he won't soon forget. >> i do have at 4. and, you know, light. it's hard not to look at a kid. you could make it for us being in the right spot in the right time. we've never had that opportunity. these are the ones that you remember. 25. >> 30 years. >> a great story there near the california nevada border. meanwhile, crews are still working to contain the tamarack fire that is just east of kirkwood. south of lake tahoe. it has been burning. now for nearly 3 weeks in alpine county mandatory evacuations are in place for dozens of communities. nearly 67,000
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acres have been destroyed. containment tonight is here at 45% as crews work to get a handle on that. >> crews in oregon are working to contain the bootleg fire by intentionally burning the just the idea is to move the fire's edge to a road where firefighters would have better access. they are also protecting private timberland and preventing the fire from moving to the west and the north bay worked at night when the conditions were a little more favorable that fire so far has burned more than 400,000 acres. it is some 46% contained tonight and here's an example of just how easy it is for these wildfires to start a brush fire in oregon is at now being blamed on a bird that was just trying to have dinner. yeah. this fire started around just outside of portland. crews found a dead bird still clutching a dead fish at the scene. they believe that the bird had just made the catch and was flying away when it crashed into a
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power line that was broken the power line then started the fire crews were able to keep the fire at only 2 acres in size. fortunately no buildings were damaged but still reminder of just how easy something like this can get started. was just trying to deter. yeah, right now. on kron 4 dot com. we have tips for fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen with your phone. just open the camera. hold it up and. >> it will take you to a place where there's more info on how to create defensible space evacuation checklists info and general wildfire preparedness so we heard eric rucker. he was up there and he was just saying that the weather was actually helping them out a little bit. the winds were dying down. yeah, we're waiting for some moisture not a problem. not a lot of wind moisture more in the way of lightning unfortunately. and the monsoon this developing out there right now. certainly. >> you're get some areas that are getting some downpours. but that lightning just so dangerous and it's been so dry with the drop condition numerous fires up over the sierra nevada still producing lots of smoke roll over the
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top of that ridge and then all of a sudden that ridge of high pressure starting to expand out westward again and that is starting to pick up on some of the subtropical moisture and it gets and trained in this rotation and rolls right around that. here we go. all of a sudden we start to see these thunderstorms start to pop up. you may have today, even a little muggy here in the bay area. we had a couple scattered light sprinkles out there as well. still a slight chance of a couple thunderstorms here, but we're already seeing numerous lightning strikes popping up over the sierra nevada right now and more to come throughout the night tonight and probably tomorrow too. and again, maybe late in the week. here's the very latest. you can some of those thunderstorms begin to show up out there really kind of a disorganized batch of moisture rolling on through. and that's what these monsoons usually turn out to be. but boy, if certainly get an a for that moisture and they get the lift that they need. they can start producing numerous strikes. and that's where it gets dangerous. very dry conditions out there across many of the force right now worried about some of these starting more additional fires in around these areas. of course you get up there to quit seen the
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fires already burning. there more. that monsoon continues the role overhead right now. but watching for the possibility of more thunderstorms not only that, but that smoke continues just to pour out from all these fires we have been very, very fortunate in the bay area. we have now to deal with it. the winds generally coming on the west and moving toward the northeast. and that has kept the smoke away from us other folks. you can see all the orange and the red. i don't boise the name of nevada boy, it's been a pretty gray, pretty cloudy and pretty smoke around other parts of the country due to these fires right here in california. guys, back to you. all right, lawrence outdoor dining is helping to keep several businesses afloat during the pandemic. but it's. >> not really making life easier for everyone. the problems that parklets are bringing for those with mobility issues. talk about problems. if you're planning a trip. now is the time to iron out the details. the issues you could run into. >> on your next vacation.
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>> if you're planning on much needed vacation this year after being stuck at home during the you're not the only one. the wall street journal survey reports 79% of people plan to use more vacation days this year and 82% of those surveyed also said they plan to have less contact with the officer work this year than they did during past vacation. so really going to unplug. if you too, are planning a getaway, make sure to take account for more people traveling. they say give yourself more than enough time to catch your flights.
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>> but if you're planning on flying out of the country. you may be out of luck least for some destinations. the white house is keeping existing travel restrictions in place amid the recent surge of the coronavirus cases. this decision to keep him comes amid growing pressure from the travel industry and u.s. allies to lift restrictions limiting who can travel to the u.s. nonessential travel restrictions for the u.s. northern and southern borders. those were also recently extended until august 21st white house officials say their decision is based on the rapid spread of the delta variant for your money tonight. nevada lawmakers are investigating a possible jet fuel shortage that could delay cargo delivery and passenger travel. this could impact travel. you had planned to the reno tahoe international airport. the jet fuel shortages coupled with supply chain issues and an urgent demand for firefighting aircraft, us the western us of fights massive wildfires. as we've been reporting, a recent
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flights in and out of the fresno. yosemite international airport. those were disrupted by jet fuel shortages and blamed on the lack of tanker truck driver deliveries. some states are looking into having truck drivers work longer hours to deliver fuel that could be needed for firefighting efforts in other parts of the country. >> today marks 2 months since a deadly mass shooting at the vta railyard in san jose members of the community are continuing to remember the lives lost. also parklets says things became really popular over the last year. so right that the business saving spaces could actually be making life harder for some folks. and we're not just going for gold anymore. we're
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