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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  July 27, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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chance of thunderstorms as we do see some convective energy moving across the region. that's that mid-level moisture results and potential of some lightning strikes which ups fire danger. is this time of year we all know that, especially after last fire season last year. good news is it's been quiet across the bay as of this point, i'm keeping a close eye on radar, though, really what we're seeing right now is still a lot of that low gray and fog. as you can see, we gobble transamerica pyramid, bank of america building kind of shrouded in some of this low gray visibility is fine for most areas. there are some pockets, though fog in the north bay that i do want you to account for. as you can see here in fog cast. current temperatures are in the 50's to 60's san jose at 63 degrees livermore and dublin at 65 berkeley oakland and valais how in the mid to upper 50's currently as we work our way into the afternoon. daytime highs will be warmer than yesterday's the best chance of thunderstorms. is this morning into early afternoon after that tap runs out. we start to see
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conditions returning a little closer to normal as monsoonal moisture leaves the area highs will peak in the 90's for many inland cities after yesterday's relatively cool weather and only the 80's. i'm talking more about how hot it will get today and what else to expect for the rest of this week. still to come, john, thank you for that. watching your bridges and highways this morning. >> heading into the city this morning from the east bay under 10 minutes for you to make it to that 3 months to exit. things are looking great. along 5, 1880 as well. the san mateo bridge as a traveling across inslee can do that under 13 minutes of things are looking great there as well. and our richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond in traffic starts to pick up a little under 9 minutes. pretty quiet over here in this area. golden gate bridge also looking great at about a 20 minute drive. we'll have more on your traffic and weather throughout the morning. for now let's get back to the news. it's another big story we've been following a group representing the majority of the bars and san francisco has put out a new guidance. it
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requires customers to either be vaccinated or to have a negative covid test if they want to go indoors, the s bar owner alliance says this is going to take effect starting on thursday, kron four's, amanda hari explains the details for us. >> the founder of the alliance tells me that the delta variant made it a parent of a need to do something. the bar alliance has 500 members represent about 300 bars throughout san francisco. that's the majority of the bars. >> in the last few weeks. we started lar ming number of our staff were vaccinated contracting the delta variant. >> founder of the san francisco bar owner alliance. ben bleiman says the situation was becoming dire. he says multiple bars had to shut down because of positive cases. we just took a look at the data. >> and you know, the data doesn't lie and it's very clear if you're unvaccinated much, much, much, much, much
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more likely to spread it. fleming decided to reach out to the members of the informal alliance to see if they were interested in official position from the group about requiring proof of vaccination. we did a poll and we have over 80% of respondents before he says unvaccinated individuals can still patronize bars on mind if they sit outdoors, that's ok, but they want to step foot in our bars. they're going to be a better did he also says that the alliance's official stance is that parklets and patios are okay for unvaccinated individuals. but each bar countries to enforce things. however, they walked they can be more strict or not require any proof of vaccination. no, we're already seeing some of the most premier bars in san francisco. >> do this. you know, you have the edge in the castro, which is debatable. we want to not that you know, the most popular bar and castro. he says the bar industry has been hit hard by covid-19. >> and they need to do what they can to keep their doors open. we have mouths to feed the plants to pay for homes
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and for the first 12 months, this was a virus that we can control now we can control the founder tells me he's not necessarily trying to change minds, but that he's trying to protect workers and their families in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> a recent report shows that a huge number of health care workers remain unvaccinated for covid-19 one for hospital received a single dose of the covid-19 vaccination over 50 national medical associations and organizations are now calling for all nationwide mandate for health care workers to go ahead and get the shot. >> commissions and nurses are very much trusted by their patients. but, you know, if i'm going to ask you to do something i do it myself. and so from that perspective, it's also leadership o well for doctors and nurses who got who got to give good critical advice of their patients. and if we're not willing to take the vaccine. you know, how we
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tell our patients that is safe and effective for them. >> well, the state of california is not waiting for national vaccine mandate. governor newsom has announced plans to require health care workers to have proof of vaccination or negative test results starting some time next month. pfizer and moderna will be expanding their covid-19 vaccine trials in younger children. the fda has reportedly asked the companies to at 3,000 children between the ages of 5 an 11 to their ongoing studies. this comes after rare side effects were detected such type of heart inflammation in some people under the age of 30. the cdc says most patients recover quickly after receiving treatment. with covid numbers climbing up again. health officials say new infections are happening among the most vulnerable. those are unvaccinated children who can't get the vaccine. kron four's terisa stasio takes a closer look at all the numbers there.
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>> most areas across the region and the state are seeing a dramatic increase in cases. we've had a fivefold increase in cases and and since june 18th doctor matt willis marin county's public health officer on positive covid-19 cases ticking upward which children those with compromised immune systems. and those simply choosing not to vaccinate falling victim to the virus this search is is due to the delta it really is being fueled you know, a variant that is more infectious than which is why. >> you know, we're increased cases, especially among unvaccinated people who know this is a this is a very that is extremely good at finding unvaccinated people doctor willis says that they continue to see problems popping up among summer camps where families have traveled outside the area dipping back into the area. >> but not following protocols. we are >> you know, no spot fires, you know, questions of cases
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around that. you know, over the summer. many in many cases what we see is an individual who may have traveled outside of the region with their family. a child. to many areas as bad as you know, case rates might seem locally as parts of the country that are seeing much more infection. you know, southeast texas, other parts where we're seeing a lot more transmission. arizona. and then coming back. that child may have been infected in the course of travel or while visiting relatives abroad. i mean, outside who may or may not be vaccinated themselves. if they're not following the quarantine and they enter camp are are are setting, whether it's other kids affecting other children we have to think about this way. we're protecting our children who can't be vaccinated and we're protecting. >> those immunocompromised people for whom the vaccines may not be completely effective. doctor maldonado pediatric infectious disease
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and vaccine epidemiologist with stanford university. >> echoes the message now is the time to continue to practice what we have learned last year to keep the virus at bay and not in fact, people like children who can't get the vaccine. theresa kron 4 news. >> now for more information on mask guidelines and the latest covid numbers take out your phone and scan this qr code on your screen. it's going to take you over to our kron 4 dot com page dedicated to all our pandemic information. >> and the south bay the group all sandals a dicey victim street ministry hosted a vigil. >> for the victims of the vta railyard shooting the victim street ministry is dedicated to calling attention to the stories behind the names of all murder victims in the community at the vigil. the name of all 9 victims were read out loud. >> we believe that the people who are are gone. our in resting safely in the arms of
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god. but we do want we're seeing compassion to come down up on all those who left behind their loved ones. we want them to know that they are loved and we will never forget. >> attendees also shared stories and memories of each d on the community to remember their names. sandra fell police have identified the 2 men who were killed in a shooting late friday night. this is video of the scene from the citizens at the shooting happened in the city's downtown area near 3rd street and place minutes later officers responded to a car crash. 2 men in that car had been shot including 24 year-old huvelle williams, junior of stockton. he died at the scene a short time later, police were called to a local hospital where 27 year-old philip hill junior of the late hall was being treated for gunshot wounds. he also died from his injuries, at least 4 other eople were also injured that night. a new details in
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connection to this wild video out of san francisco. you can see the driver slamming into multiple parked cars. this happened over the weekend on mcallister street in the city's richmond district kron four's tellabs act, to a neighbor and a witness who says he's never seen or experienced anything like that before. >> pretty scary. it was really, really loud tires screeching. and he's like this tires are coming out. that's >> much pressing the throttle neighbor ji soo kim describes these terrifying moments from saturday when he says this driver hit multiple parked cars in almost right over somebody working outside >> 2 cars right there. and he went back and forth maybe about 3 or 4 times. it all happened on the callous or street in san francisco's richmond district. kim says the driver only stopped because his van dai to someone's mulling over cars or neighborhood. never seen the whole time living here. don't
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understand. can. >> figure out what happened when they arrived on scene. san francisco police say they found multiple unoccupied vehicles damaged. they say the driver complained of injuries not related to the collision. he was later transported to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. thankfully no one else was hurt. in a statement on monday. sfpd said, quote, officers developed probable cause to arrest the driver for speeding unsafe backing no proof of insurance and driving with a suspended license in san francisco tiller key kron 4 news coming up next on the kron 4 morning news san francisco's shared spaces program may be good for businesses. >> but it is causing problems for people with mobility issues. we'll have more on that coming up.
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>> we have some breaking news out of tokyo. gymnast simone biles is just pulled out of the team. final competition while struggled on the vault from the get go. she was then seen leaving the arena with a member of the medical staff. it was announced a short time later that out of the team finals. this is a shocking development for team usa. no word of she will compete in the individual competition. and other olympic news first it was the pandemic. now a
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tropical storm heading towards the olympic games in tokyo and it is impacting several events there. melissa marino is in tokyo with the details for us this morning. >> olympic organizers have been following the track of this storm for days and is expected to make things wet and windy here. and we're already starting to see some of that. >> and the winds picked up tuesday in tokyo. the olympic games braced for an incoming tropical storm meteorologists leigh spann says the storm is forecast to go further north of tokyo. thankfully, the storm has never been that strong. it's never been a typhoon or hurricane. it stated tropical storm status even at about 45 miles per hour winds. but it's a rather large storm, which is why we've been feeling the effects in tokyo for several days now and the rain and wind will continue today before the system makes landfall. well to the north of tokyo and moves away. and while that's good news for the games. some competitions have still been impacted because of the potential for high wind and rain archery, rowing and sailing events for tuesday have been moved to later in the week. meanwhile, events
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like beach volleyball went on tuesday as scheduled with athletes playing in the rain and the surfers didn't mind one bit enjoying bigger waves as a sport handed out its first ever olympic medals. >> in tokyo. i'm melissa marino. >> follow. there's a lot going on in tokyo. back here at home that are all weather happenings happening today. john. so you will is live in the weather center this morning tracking all of that for us. good morning, don. a rain and good morning. yeah. interesting. watching is watching what's shaping up in tokyo actually works out pretty well for their surfers there, though. >> i'm glad they got the event out of the way already because now it's too much of a good thing as far as that goes back here at home. looking like a grey start to the day you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this morning is showing that low gray sitting over san francisco to kick things off this tuesday morning. now as we work our way through the day. we will see the potential of thunderstorms looking at radar. it's nice and quiet across the bay area right now. all we really have to report of some drizzle on the peninsula. once we zoom out
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across the region. look at all this lightning that you're seeing just offshore west of the north bay. this line of showers right here is moving outside of the bay area. so not really posing in immediate threat to the vicinity. this is what i'm talking about. what i'm talking that lightning and convective energy, though due to no moisture that brings us the possibility of thunderstorms to the bay area itself. it's nice to see this energy, having shifted offshore where it's obviously not going to result in any sort of fire risk. we do have this level of area, this area of rainfall sitting just off shore of the central coast, though, moisture associated with this is more likely to spark up a thunderstorm or 2 here across the bay area. some going to be looking really closely at what we do see developing over the course of the next few hours here on into the afternoon. after that monsoonal moisture exits. the picture and we're coming back down for the rest of this forecast. 60's and 70's for your highs. and san francisco will be 60's along the coastline a more comfortable day along the coast while temperatures along the bay will be on the warmer
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side and hotter for inland areas. palo alto at a warm but still tolerable 83 degrees. let's get morgan hill rather up to 90 and san jose up to 86 also returning for the 90's for the tri valley in the meantime, fremont hayward castro valley. san leandro right there along the bay in the 80's concord and walnut creek at 94 degrees each the late show at 83 degrees temperatures from santa rosa down through center fell each. also in the 80's. tomorrow's temperatures rise a little bit further as will also be the case into thursday and friday. pretty warm finish to the month as we do see august picking up on sunday. august does come along with some slightly cooler temperatures early next week. you can look forward to the return of the 80's inland. great job that that we're off to a great start this morning for your commute heading from the east bay into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time to make it to that fremont street exit. also, let's look at the golden gate
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bridge travel into the city. yet dense fog yesterday. sloan is down a bit today. i'm not seen that. we did have some overnight construction at since been removed about 20 minutes as you're heading into the city and looking at the richmond, sandra fell comey as you travel out of richmond, looking great there as well. a little under 10 minutes. we'll have more coming up now let's get back to the news. in the north bay marin county election officials are working overtime to prepare for the upcoming recall election. >> and normally the county elections department spent months preparing for an election. they hire poll workers secure polling places and get mail in ballots already with this recall election. marin county officials only have about 2 months. get it all done. >> the art. he's been just been making phone calls since july. second, the day after the election was called. getting location set up as well as starting to call poll workers to see who's available. >> election officials say they're confident that everyone who can vote will be able to vote. if you plan to vote in person covid-19 safety
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precautions will be in place at all of the polls. the deadline to register to vote in the recall election is august 30th and the election will be held on september 14th. >> it's been almost 2 weeks since the shared spaces program was made permanent in san francisco allowing restaurants to operate on city sidewalks and streets. and while it's great for struggling businesses. it also present some challenges for those who have mobility issues. kron four's. noelle bellow has more on that. >> i know there's an awful lot of navigation problem. allan jones has lived in san francisco since 1960. >> born with spinal bifida. he's never been able to walk without assistance and currently uses a wheelchair or scooter. he says he was a fan of the shared spaces program temporarily because he understood businesses needed help to stay afloat amid the pandemic. but now it's created an obstacle course for people like him noticed that with difficult just navigating.
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>> people are kind, but they feel we're just in the way the city of san francisco board of to make the program permanent. >> and though there are a host of rules in place to maintain straight clear paths of travel jones says the way many restaurants have their tables and chairs set up are not ada compliant. some of them are just perfectly fine. but i spent 3 days a week in newark. tell you it's a mess. there. the city. didn't honor system in allowing these businesses why would they get. and on the 31st anniversary of the passing of 88. >> i'm making a stand and said. no. >> for more than 60 million americans living with disabilities. days so much more than a law. it's a source of opportunity participation.
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independent living and respect and dignity. president biden marked the anniversary of the americans with disabilities act on monday. >> jones says making sure all businesses are in compliance with ada should not be a tough ask there's no way in the world that does part it program is going to continue to blocked my path and the path that many others might need who have mobility challenges now jones has since filed in ada complaint with the state here kron 4. we've reached out to the san francisco board of supervisors and the mayor's office of disability. >> but have not yet heard back in the newsroom. noelle bellow kron 4 news. we'll be right back after the commercial break. all right. well, let's
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talk area baseball. the giants are the best of the national league west. but they have the dodgers coming into oracle parts tonight. right now the giants are games ahead of the dodgers. giants won a series against the dodgers in la just last week for the dodgers. >> swept the giants. and there was just go back in may. know they have to keep the intensity and focus on winning. >> you know, it's going to 9 and you know that you've got to come in and play play pretty good baseball on both sides of the as far as what we take from the series in la this. add on to continue just
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to keep that good form it all starts a population of work that we put it. >> first. his for tonight's game is at 6.45. meanwhile, oakland a's are hoping to bounce back from a 3 game slump. they an they struggled against the mariners over the weekend and are in need of a win over the padres tonight. and despite the recent struggles a's have been known as 2nd half team and up to miss it, that the spark will come sooner rather than later. score. >> it's a big hit you know, a blowout away. something to to just get a little momentum. hopefully we go into the san diego, obviously really good you know, we can money when a couple games. aaron. you know, to take that momentum on no, there's nothing that that we're going to pass. for learn from it. move and go into ball games. >> now the a's will play the padres twice in the short
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series. first it set your alarms. tonight's game is going to be second coming up in the next hour, a new push by governor newsome to get health care workers vaccinated in the mandate that in just a few days and stay away from las vegas. that's the new warning from officials as covid cases continue
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>> from >> the area's local news station. you're watching the
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kron 00:00am morning >> all you all still here. yes, we you for and i'm james fletcher. nice to have you back. some well-deserved time off and we're starting off this week on monday, we were kind of gray to begin yesterday. it's kind of hard to make out. but at least i can see the tops of the bridges, which well yesterday, i don't know about you guys, but it was gorgeous and hillsborough. let me tell you, it's a nice weather now john, what yesterday was a really nice one of the north today, too. we have some 70's to just barely low 80's up. they're beautiful for the monday. now it's tuesday and temperatures are going to start to rise for north bay neighbors. and we are actually looking at some thunderstorm potential this morning. so far we've really lucked out lot of moisture that convective energy has shifted offshore, meaning lightning strikes are just off the coast right now. >> and we haven't seen a lot of cloud to ground lightning across the bay. that is really good news. but i'm going to be keeping a close eye on that thundeto


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