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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  July 27, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> all you all still here. yes, we you for and i'm james fletcher. nice to have you back. some well-deserved time off and we're starting off this week on monday, we were kind of gray to begin yesterday. it's kind of hard to make out. but at least i can see the tops of the bridges, which well yesterday, i don't know about you guys, but it was gorgeous and hillsborough. let me tell you, it's a nice weather now john, what yesterday was a really nice one of the north today, too. we have some 70's to just barely low 80's up. they're beautiful for the monday. now it's tuesday and temperatures are going to start to rise for north bay neighbors. and we are actually looking at some thunderstorm potential this morning. so far we've really lucked out lot of moisture that convective energy has shifted offshore, meaning lightning strikes are just off the coast right now. >> and we haven't seen a lot of cloud to ground lightning across the bay. that is really good news. but i'm going to be keeping a close eye on that thunderstorm potential rest of
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the morning for you. keep you updated. this is your san francisco right now. transamerica pyramid looking good as james and darya were telling you about. you can see all the bridges. you can see the buildings usually a good sign for visibility as you make your way out of the home. start off your tuesday ahead of us current temperatures are in the 50's and 60's san jose at 63 dublin, 64 liver. we're at 65 well, alameda oakland and berkeley seeing right now in the 50's. >> reyna. john, thanks for that. we're actively tracking your morning commute here on this tuesday as you're heading from the east bay into the city a little under 8 minutes for your drive times. things are looking great. the air. no major hot spots at this hour. it's still pretty early. let's hope stays that way. headed across towards the peninsula. little under 13 minutes. no major delays for you and the richmond center fell commute. as you head out of richmond under 9 minutes staying on top of your tuesday morning commute darya sent over to you. thanks a lot rain, a 5. oh, one, our top story this morning. covid numbers. they're going up again and most of the new infections are
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among. >> the vulnerable and unvaccinated children who can't get the vaccine yet are also getting sick with covid. we have kron four's, theresa er look at the numbers. >> most areas across the region and the are seeing a dramatic increase in cases. we've had a fivefold increase in cases and brand since june. 18th doctor matt willis marin county's public health officer on positive covid-19 cases ticking upward which children those with compromised immune systems. and those simply choosing not to vaccinate falling victim to the virus this search is is due to the delta it really is being fueled you know, a variant that is more infectious than which is why. >> you know, we're increased cases, especially among unvaccinated people who know this is a this is a very that is extremely good at finding unvaccinated people doctor willis says that they continue to see problems popping up among summer camps where
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families have traveled outside the area dipping back into the area. >> but not following protocols. we are >> you know, no spot fires, you know, questions of cases around that. you know, over the summer. many in many cases what we see is as an individual who may have traveled outside of the region with their family. a child. to many areas as bad as you know, case rates might seem locally as parts of the country that are seeing much more infection. you know, southeast texas, other parts where we're seeing a lot more transmission. arizona. and then coming back. that child may have been infected in the course of travel or while visiting relatives abroad. i mean, outside who may or may not be vaccinated themselves. if they're not following the quarantine and they enter camp or or or setting where there's other kids affecting other children we have to think about this way. we're protecting our children who can't be vaccinated and we're
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protecting. >> those immunocompromised people for whom the vaccines may not be completely effective. doctor maldonado pediatric infectious disease and vaccine epidemiologist with stanford university. >> echoes the message now is the time to continue to practice what we have learned last year to keep the virus at bay and not in fact, people like children who can't get the vaccine. theresa kron 4 news. >> the pfizer and moderna are gonna be expanding their covid vaccine trials in a younger children. the fda reportedly asking the companies to add 3,000 kids between the ages of 5.11 to their ongoing studies. the rare side had been detected such as the type of heart inflammation and some people under the age of 30. so they want to. do more in a testing among kids. the cdc says most patients recovered quickly. however, even with that side effect after getting treatment.
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>> will california governor gavin newsome is implementing a new policy requiring all state workers to show proof of vaccination or get tested weekly. the policy will also apply to health care workers as well. a recent report shows a huge number of health care workers remain unvaccinated. >> kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> with an all out effort to get people vaccinated for covid-19 most folks probably presume that every eligible health care worker has definitely had their shots right. not exactly. according to a recent web md report one in for hospital workers nationwide has not received a single dose of the covid-19 vaccination this includes hospital workers who work directly with patients among the nation's 50 largest hospitals. the percentage of unvaccinated appears to be even larger with about one in 3 hospital workers not being inoculated against the virus. in fact, according to web md,
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12% of registered nurses and doctors at mid to being hesitant to get the shot has been a full-court press trying to get everyone vaccinated. >> a lot of folks going. kind of surprised to learn that of that number health care workers are not vaccinated at this point. >> well, you know, human and we raise it the full spectrum of people thought the georges benjamin is the executive director of the american public health association. one of over 50 national medical associations and organizations now calling for a nationwide mandate for health care workers to get the vaccine nurses are very much trusted by their patients. but, you know, if i'm going to ask you to do something i do it myself. and so from that perspective, it's also leadership. >> role for doctors and nurses who got who got to give good critical advice of their patients. and if we're not willing to take the vaccine. you know, how we tell our patients that is safe and
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effective for them here is a snapshot of what we found locally for health care providers and their percentages of hospital workers who are vaccinated 90% of university of california health employees are vaccinated for covid-19. both stanford health care and john muir health say about 80% of their employees are vaccinated and about 3 quarters of kaiser permanente's northern california workforce are inoculated against the virus as haaziq madyun kron 4 news. >> well, starting thursday hundreds of bars in san francisco will require either a proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid-19 test in order for you to go inside and enjoy their service is the founder of the san francisco bar owner alliance which represents more than 300 barr says that the rise in covid-19 cases here in the bay area has really left them no choice. >> in the last few weeks. we started lar ming number of bar staff were vaccinated contracting the delta variant. they just took a look at the
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data and you know, the data doesn't lie and it's very clear if you're unvaccinated much, much, much more likely to spread it. >> again, that proof of vaccination is to enjoy indoor service. you can still as you the video eat outdoors and drink outdoors. this after-school bar owner alliance says that the parklets patios, they're all okay for unvaccinated guess. but each bar can choose to have stricter guidelines if they wish. there will be signs posted outside the buildings to let customers know about the policy going forward. >> time now is 5. '08 and a big story is what's going on on las vegas. covid wyze. there's a warning from officials across the country not to go to las vegas because of a spike in covid. in fact, the white house says that las vegas is the worst in the nation for transmission of coronavirus kron four's will tran is out at sfo to explain. will. >> if there's they're saying if you go to vegas right now, you're unvaccinated that is a gamble that you don't want to take because i was talked about being the worst place in
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the country as far as the transmission of covid cases. in fact, in clark county. we are seeing approximately 14% positivity rate not just ii clark county but in nevada as well, which is why not just the white house but even cities like chicago, they're advising their residents not to go to las vegas. this being the summer. a lot of people want to travel to las vegas. but here's the problem. when you're in vegas mingle with so many people from across the country and they might not be vaccinated as well. then you're indoors for a long period of time. you'll be talking to each other. you're sitting right next to each other. we're pretty close when you're gambling and that allows covid-19 to spread, especially among the unvaccinated crowd which is why they're telling people have to be careful if you're going to vegas, they already saw a spike in the deaths as far as covid-19 cases just last week they were advising people. if they go indoors to wear their mask right now.
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there is not a mask mandate where they're requiring people to wear their mask. and you might recall las vegas was one of the bigger cities that open up before a lot of the other cities in the country to do so, which is why according to the white house that really not surprised by what's going on. we've got a chance to actually track down the governor from hawaii. now, guys, i used to report in hawaii, las vegas to them is like disneyland to us. it is very popular. but even the state of hawaii. i mean, they go on vacation as well. they're telling their residents stay away from las vegas. >> those states are going to have rampant delta variant covid just everywhere. so you're taking huge risk and you will very likely catch covid. if you go to las vegas and you're in restaurants or in a casino where most people are not wearing masks. so that's what's going to happen. you'll definitely catch covid. then you'll come back. we'll be asymptomatic for a few days. your pop positive for covid. you give it your whole
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family. >> now, of course, a lot of people already made their summer plans. they're going to vegas. but they're telling people if you're unvaccinated, you mit want to really think about that and not go to vegas because right now as far as clark county, which has las vegas their vaccination rate is only at 39%. and we're just talking about the residents, a las vegas. james and ari, we're not even talking about the people coming into las vegas who might also be unvaccinated and you're indoors for a long time. >> back to you. thanks a lot. we'll. and that's the thing is vegas. welcomes visitors from all or are petri dish. it is go back to their communities with whatever for more on mask guidelines and the latest covid numbers you want to scan this qr code we put together a special section a page kron 4 dot com dedicated to all the pandemic information. >> you need. make sure you check it out.
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>> breaking news out of tokyo. we just found out that superstar gymnast for the own biles has pulled out of the team. final competition in the vault. she struggled on the volt from the get go and she had a hard landing and cut out one of her twists on her last of move that she did so she left the arena with a member of the medical staff and then it was announced a short time after that that she is not going to compete today and the team finals which are going on development and not good for team usa. many consider biles to be the greatest gymnast of all time. we don't know if this means she's not going to pete, you compete in the individual competition will have to see about that and hope for the best 5.12 at the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. a new push by the oakland police and the fbi. >> to stop crimes from happening in china. town. we'll tell you what this new plan entails. and today a house committee holds the
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first hearings on the january 6 riot at the u.s. capitol will have more on what you can expect. plus, after the break. it could get more expensive to drive through downtown san francisco. >> what are they considering now. ♪ ♪ heading back to school is more exciting than ever. and when kids have what they need to move forward together... anything is possible. kohl's. america's best tasting original oatmilk silk ♪
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>> 5.16 is the time and for your money, it could cost you more just to drive in san francisco's busiest neighborhoods yeah. all they are too considering this thing called congestion pricing may have you heard it in other cities. if you drive into a downtown core, which would be established the, you know, perimeter on weekdays during commute hours. if you drive into this area, they might decide what that is. you'd be charged as much as 6.50. each time the first 2 times you enter the zone trying to discourage people from coming into the core during commute hours. the fee would be on a sliding scale based on annual
5:17 am
income. >> i don't how you figure that out. but they're determined to do it. the current proposal has 2 versions of what would be considered the downtown core. and here we have a map showing the area in yellow bordered by van ness and laguna to the west, the market or to the east and broadway broadway. the north kron 4. >> where point to us there now we're right about okay. we just outside the zone that we're just real well. but i mean, that's just one of larger core which is outlined in yellow would include us. it's the entire. financial district as well all the way up towards aquatic park. as you can see, their russian children. and can you meet me out here and work hard. pull in and see them the 6 was split. we all the idea, of course, is to reduce gridlock but not everybody. it is convinced that that's going to work. seems a little bit crazy to stack. >> that feed just to get into downtown drive through very quickly. on top of the existing bridge fees. the money that could be raised from congestion pricing. we go
5:18 am
into making other forms of transit such as my that can go into a community service. >> all right. good news is there's still for terri figuring out and whatever they do, it could take 3 years. so we've got to start saving and figuring out our car. full schedule. john. time to try to convince the higher-ups to move the station out of the >> or to move morning. but move it to daily can't handle that 6.50. well, you know what it is going to be a day that you may want to step out there later on in the day on this one, especially closer to the coast this morning. we actually do have quite the active situation out there right now. a little bit of convective activity resulting in some offshore thunderstorms right now. you look outside at our live camera network view of san francisco still shows cloudy blanket sitting right above the day itself actually doing all right. as far as visibility goes for most areas. so it's been a little bit of drizzle. further south of half moon bay right there in on the peninsula. looking
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offshore. you see all that green sitting well, offshore of the day. this is actually some cloud to ground lightning to that. we're seeing. that's that monsoonal moisture that's resulting in our thunderstorm risk here. locally. good news is that shifted overnight really quickly so that lightning strikes, they've all been over the ocean. and that's what you want to see because cloud to ground lightning in the bay does up your risk of fire danger. not to say we're all tapped out of moisture, though there's another wave of energy that is currently steering its way gpacross the region. i'm keepin a close eye on what that could offer us as far as temperatures go, we will be looking at daytime highs in the 60's 70's 80's to 90's today. concord in livermore each at 94 he were to 81 oakland an i 76 good option to get to if you are further inland or can in a field in those 90's that we're going to be seeing these next few days. wednesday, thursday and friday. we're going to keep this trend to mid-nineties going before we gradually cool down into the weekend and early next week. reyna. tom, thanks for that. out here. things are looking great. no major hot spots. >> at this hour, hoping that stays like that a little under
5:20 am
9 minutes. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city this morning to reach that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes for you to make that commute. so things are looking great. there. and we're also checking on things down in the south bay along one o one. they are to 8085 82. no major issues and also along highway 4 things are also looking good as well. we'll have more on that coming up about 14 minutes as you're traveling towards conquer to 42. looks like we just got a message underneath there. the bar has a 10 minute delay on the san francisco line. that's going to be in the antioch direction. so again, if you're taking bart a 10 minute delay there daryn. james, back to you. thanks, rick. >> happening today. the house begins its investigation into the january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. committee is going to hold their first hearing later this morning. >> and this comes as members of the gop are feuding with each other over who's on the committee. yes, our washington correspondent alexandra limon
5:21 am
joining us live from dc to explain. good morning, alex. >> good morning. that's right. 2 republican congress members are serving on that committee despite the wishes of republican leader kevin mccarthy and at a press conference that's actually happening right now. a leader mccarthy said that he too wants answers about january 6 and about the breakdown in security at the capitol. but he says that the way the committee is set up right now will not allow for fair and open discussion and questioning. >> before the select committee to investigate the january 6th attack on the capitol, even hold its first meeting it's already filled with controversy that just makes it a full committee, a sham. the determined house speaker nancy pelosi rejected 2 of the republicans appointed to the committee by republican leader kevin mccarthy, some mccarthy withdrew all of his appointments. but speaker pelosi selected to republicans to serve anyway,
5:22 am
representatives liz cheney and adam kinzinger. i never expected to be in this position. >> but because of duty duty calling to do this, to get to the bottom. i'm committed to doing monday. mccarthy called the 2 gop members pelosi republicans, it's childish. we're doing big things right now. we're getting to the answers of the worst attack on the capitol since the war of 1812 kinzinger says he's not worried about possible repercussions. if the conference decides worth kevin decides they want to punish, you know, liz cheney and i for getting to the bottom and telling the truth. i think that probably says more about them than it does for us. democrats agree it's critical to get answers about the attack on the seed of democracy that lawmakers lived through and somebody to get on the floor. >> and and they sit taking piano. because of breaking trying to heal members to come.
5:23 am
>> and the spurs hearing is scheduled to begin at 9.30 here on the east coast. we do expect to hear from 4 officers who were seriously injured when they attempted to defend the capital from those attackers will also be hearing statements from lawmakers, some of whom we have heard from in the past and they've talked about how they did fear for their lives on that day. so we will be hearing more from them as well. reporting live in washington. alexandra le mon, thanks, alexandra. >> it is 5.23. we'll take a break. but coming up, remembering the lives lost in the deadly mass shooting at the vta railyard. >> why members of the community say those victims. let's never be forgotten.
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>> 5.25 right now in the south bay, a group called san jose diocese victim street ministry hosted a vigil for victims of the vta railyard shooting the victim street ministry is dedicated to calling attention to the stories behind the names of all murder victims in the community and at the vigil, the names of all 9 people who were shot and killed were read aloud. >> we believe that the people who are are gone. our in resting safely in the arms of god. but we do want we're seeing compassion to come down up on all those who left behind their loved ones. we
5:27 am
want them to know that they are loved and we will never forget. >> they shared their stories. they shared memories of each of the 9 people who were killed and called on the community to remember their names. we'll take a break. >> it's 5.26 coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, former california senator barbara boxer is attacked and robbed in oakland tell you how she's doing this morning. what police are doing to fight crime. we'll
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>> 5.29. is a time right now and we're taking a peek here. looks like it's fairly clear so far lot clearer than it was yesterday. we can actually see the city, john, which is kind an improvement right right, yeah. that definitely nice to be able to see things as you look down under the weather. oh, my goodness. i cannot shake this cold but i did get a covid tests. okay. just so everyone. we're all good. that's good. that's good. as you're not to and that's not covid is but yes, it is going to be one of those days where you're stepping outside to a little low gray overhead. visibility is actually ok for most of us, which is definitely good news. you know, to be encountering in the low visibility as you're driving into work looking out there at the transamerica pyramid. you can see that we do have cloud cover sitting above san francisco. not blocking out your visibility. so fog cast is looking pretty clear. 50's and 60's for current temperatures san jose at 63 alameda hayward oakland
5:31 am
and berkeley each right now in the 50's about more on your forecast, including talking the thunderstorm potential that we're in the midst of first, though, let's go over to rain down thing. you that no major hot spots at this hour. we are getting a look at the bay bridge starting with that a little underdone minutes for you to make it from the east bay. >> to that from a street exit. also 5.80 to 80 are going pretty quickly at this hour's things are looking traveling there heading across towards the peninsula. no major issues under 13 minutes for your drive time richmond center fell commute looks great. a little under 8 minutes for you to make it out of richmond is traffic starts to pick up and the golden gate bridge. we have dense heavy fog yesterday slowed us down just a bit. a little under 19 as you're traveling into the city will have more on this daryn. james, back to you. thank you. is 5.31 and the big story this morning, a former california was robbed in broad daylight in oakland. but barbara boxer is okay now. yeah. the latest victim, though, in this growing crime spree in the bay area. the attack, we're told
5:32 am
happened near oakland's jack london square. >> kron four's jonathan mccall has the latest. >> oakland. police say that the former senator was attacked in this area near 3rd and harrison just after 1 o'clock monday afternoon talking with folks who live and work in this section of jack london square. they say they've heard stories like this in the past. investigators say that former senator barbara boxer was walking along 3rd street monday afternoon. >> new jack london square when someone came up from behind her and then pushed her a tweet from the senator's page said that after being pushed the suspect then stole her cell phone in the jumped into a car, but that she was not seriously hurt, folks who live and work near jack london square tell kron 4 that stories of car break ins are pretty common. but the details of this attack now concerning for some of them. know that they've been breaking news. >> car break ins in common. >> but the idea some ways, you know, actually putting people down mugging them. a totally different.
5:33 am
>> we definitely try not to were, you know, just keep very close eye on people walking around up security cameras are on oakland. mayor libby shaft also issued a statement saying in part. >> that she was deeply troubled to learn of the attack going on to say that she talked with senator boxer's family and wish her a speedy recovery and was relieved to learn that she was unhurt oakland police spent part of monday afternoon collecting surveillance video from a number of buildings in the area in their hopes of finding the suspect, some believe the 80 year-old senator may has simply been targeted for her age. according to oakland police, the area has seen 3 other assaults in just the past week, including one at the same location just a few days before boxer served as california's junior senator from 1993 to 2017 and has reportedly lived in the neighborhood for a number of
5:34 am
years. >> right now. oakland police are looking for those suspects. responsible $2000 reward now being offered for any information. anyone with details know urged to call oakland, for news and this attack on the senator happened the same day that police and federal officials announced plans to try to stop. >> violent crime in oakland's chinatown over the last year that neighborhood has seen a dramatic increase in robberies and attacks. many targeting elderly asian americans while the police department is going to be putting more uniformed officers on the streets. business leaders say that criminal should also face stricter punishments once they're caught the many criminals. >> they understand so well, but that many of us and especially many young people committing crimes. realizing that when they commit a crime, they can just walk rate easily idea. >> that i most marginalized community. our seniors will be walking down the street and be accosted in assaulted and robbed clearly unacceptable.
5:35 am
>> federal authorities including the atf and the fbi are going to be helping the oakland police department. their focus is going after illegal guns and curbing hate crimes. >> also in the east bay antioch near lamar sore unveiled a citywide plan to suppress crime. he wants to utilize the city's public nuisance laws to immediately clean up neighborhoods. thorpe says it will consist of removing young people from the streets by giving them jobs. the first focus would be on the sycamore corridor. and then later expanding citywide, the mayor city apprenticeship program. >> that will hire minors and young adults that are involved in illicit activities. if you can show up at 08:00am here. this out. don't. you can show up to city hall. you can shop the public works. you can show up anywhere in this city to earn a living the right way. we're more than happy to train. you were more than happy to provide the opportunities that you need, but you won't be doing this anymore. my city.
5:36 am
>> our city council will be hearing the proposal tonight in addition, mayor thorpe has proposed police overtime for proactive enforcement and a partnership with the contra costa county probation department. the chp is still investigating a shooting on highway 4 that killed 24 year-old india, prince and left her brother seriously hurt. this happened saturday night in concord, family members tell us that india was born and raised here in the bay area and living in antioch at the time of the shooting. she has a 2 year-old son and was loved deeply by her family. >> she was just an amazing spirit and she just she didn't she didn't i believe that the community will come together we will find the person that killed my knees because she so much more live in to do. >> india's aunt says that she was shot once in the heart and died at the scene. her brother was shot 6 times. he's still in the hospital.
5:37 am
>> time now is 5.36 in the north bay. a 14 year-old boy is dead and another boy is in police custody after a shooting in fairfield. the shooting was on sunday. police originally investigating a possible collision on the train tracks behind state street. but when they got there, that's when they found a 14 year-old boy who had been shot and then another 14 year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of murder. police say the shooting does not appear to have been gang-related. also in the north bay. 6 people are facing charges now after a chaotic sideshow event over the weekend in vallejo. officers say they are about a 100 cars blocking the intersection of tennessee street maple avenue as well as sonoma boulevard at 11th street. one of the windows of a patrol car was shattered and one of the vehicles involved in the sideshow was involved in a hit and run. the crowd got so righty rowdy that a chp air
5:38 am
support had to be called in for assistance. all of those arrested are now facing felony charges. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news wildfires continue to burn out of control across northern california will have the latest on the firefighting efforts this morning. >> and the olympics as they're under way in japan, where celebrate japanese culture with a look at some traditional clothing will have that story coming out and after the break, details on the new efforts to get new polling places set up for the governor's recall e now you can make any morning of the week feel like the weekend. with jimmy dean simple scrambles. made fresh with two real eggs, sausage 'n cheese. and ready in seconds. why don't you put a sunday morning shine on tomorrow morning's breakfast.
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>> 5.40, right now in the north. they were in county elections officials are working overtime to prepare for the upcoming recall in the fall. normally the county elections department spends about a month preparing for an election. you have to hire poll workers secure polling places. get the ballots ready and everything, but with the recall election run county officials only have about 2 months to get it all done. art. he's been just been making phone calls since july. second, the day after the election was called. >> getting location set up as well as starting to call poll workers to see who's available. >> so everything that normally do over several months now. they just have one month's election officials say they're confident, though, that everybody is going to be able to vote in this recall. if you plan to vote in person. covid safety precautions will be in place at the polls. the
5:42 am
deadline to register to vote in the recall is august 30th and the election is going to be held september 14th. we'll take a break here at 5.41. we'll be right back.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. >> and we're back at 5.45 our wildfire coverage now
5:45 am
firefighters from all across california are working right now to try to contain the dixie fire. that's the big one is now burned nearly 200,000 acres and it's only 22% contained. erick rucker has the latest. >> spot fires barn on a hillside in plumas county near the community of regalia. firefighters from beverly hills make sure those flames don't jump the highway. >> a nearby parts of the feather river blanketed with smoke the same for highway 70. further east. another crew stands guard outside the twain general store. >> and it's not just the fire trucks in front of the store protecting it. they also have other resources, including sprinklers. this one on top of a ladder and more of them on top of the roof of the store itself. >> chunks of debris flying into town >> sparks everywhere back in butte county fire evacuee robert kirk relives his efforts to save his neighbors homes in belden town, potentially you could have save somebody else's home.
5:46 am
while he stuck around when the flames came his buddy, mike crapo packed up the 5th wheel and headed to quincy days later, though he was met by flames from the fly fire forcing yet another escape. yeah, it's mountains. it's fires. they job. you know, it's been up here all my life. it's just too. it's expected chased away by multiple wildfires. he will now call this area home for a while, at least america walker. back to you. >> and near the california nevada border crews are still working to contain the tamarac fire. it's been burning for nearly 3 weeks in alpine county. mandatory evacuations are in place for dozens of communities. more than 67,000 acres have burned in this one. containment is better, though it's at 45% for that fire. >> let's check on barry. whether find out what kind of weather is in store for the firefighting efforts here around the region. we've got john with a look at that. hey, john. hey, guys, we are going to be looking at some smoke
5:47 am
pushing further and further to the northeast. one of the good things about our weather pattern right now is that air is generally moving from the south to north. so that's keeping smoke out of the bay area for the time being. unfortunately, that is drying in some months moisture, though, which is our biggest risk in the bay area this morning. your view outside from our berkeley hills camera much clearer than anything in san francisco is visibility is improved for some areas but closer to the coastline. and in the north bay, you are looking at some low grade. a really important look at radar this morning because although most of us are dry. we do have some showers just south of half moon bay about to be working their way into half moon bay. this is associated with a line of energy, stretching offshore that has resulted in some lightning off the coast of the central coast and the south bay. look at this line of showers that made its way over head overnight didn't result in any rain or thunderstorm activity for us. but there is cloud to ground lightning offshore. this is really good news that this moisture shifted further away from the coastline because the
5:48 am
concern here for fire danger is any of those dry lightning strikes having occurred right on top of the bay. we're quiet right now. but off coast. that's where you're seeing a lot of this energy having shifted. and you can see that line of showers is only really moving to the north and out of the region. that's good news for us here. locally as for temperatures, we're looking at some 60's and 70's for san francisco's highs today a range of 60's right along the coastline and then temperatures in the 70's 80's for bayshore cities foster city right at 80 degrees. palo alto 83 temperatures in the south bay in the mid to upper 80's and even a couple of low 90's mixed in too pleasanton and livermore at 94 degrees each hayward 81 oakland. the place to be today at 90's are 76 the 90's are over towards sandra vote on up to concord as well as from antioch up to vacaville pittsburgh. you're at 94 for your high. well, up to 88 nevado and center fell. a look ahead of next 7 days shows temperatures out there in the 90's. pretty
5:49 am
consistently for the rest of the month cal how the weather center forecast does show things backing off the heat a little bit towards the beginning of next week after today. any chance of thunderstorms out of the picture and that's good news. reyna don, thank you for that. so we're looking at the dunbarton bridge where there is an accident. >> 84 westbound near at least one of the lanes blocked. so again, 12 minutes for your drive time as you're traveling from a a along over to menlo park here 12 minutes because of that traffic collision that's on the dunbar tunbridge currently heading into the city right now from the east bay under 12 minutes for your drive time. no major delays or issues still pretty early this morning. traffic is flowing pretty nicely along 5, 1880, heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13, no major problems for us as we're driving there and our richmond center fell commute as you head on a richmond. a little under 8 minutes staying on top of what's going on on your roadways this tuesday morning daryn, james, back to you. thank you rate. it's
5:50 am
5.49, and all eyes are on tokyo for the olympic games. we're spotlighting different elements of japanese culture as well. yeah. the comeaux know is one of the most recognizable pieces of japanese clothing. it's been around for more than a 1000 years. we've and harry explaining how this tradition. >> regional guard has evolved and become part of modern dress in san francisco's japantown. >> the chemo. no has stood the test of time nice beautiful company kimonos have been more in for more than a 1000 years. well, they used to be worn daily there now usually reserved for special occasions to i mean, go age. to be at him on me say sue showed me this know traditionally worn by young women. she's from tokyo and is certified in human addressing. she organizes photo sessions for people to commemorate major events like weddings or birthdays in the chemo know you.
5:51 am
>> he's come to be the everything you see here is made of silk and is very formal but so so in san frencisco's japantown, they sell chemo. no inspired clothing. we wanted to somehow well, more way to enjoy human. so we can preserve tiffany's, ok, so so general manager coombe eu mount. she says they create pieces that are made of fabrics and patterns that can be worn casually. also the shape. >> using some traditional safe like here. well, some bottoms have of humankind with out. she was born and raised in japan. >> she says she appreciates how customers have embraced this element of japanese culture. when people think low. that's the beauty for them. makes me make my day reporting in san francisco. i'm amanda hari. >> i share everything. you know, and i maybe haven't shared this before because my my step mother is japanese and she raised me flies 10. and so
5:52 am
when she and my dad got married in japan. he had to put on the comeaux know and he's kind of like you write, you know, you 6 feet tall. the wasn't quite fitting, he did it for their wedding shot. it was have that picture. yeah, it's very cool. i like that whole idea of bringing the casual. come and everyday wear. yes. all right. >> we'll take a quick break. it's 5.52. we'll be right back. we are back at 5.54,
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
let's talk barry baseball. the giants have the best record in the nl west. >> they have about a 2 game lead over the dodgers, though the dodgers are coming to oracle park tonight. so we'll see where it goes after you may get that going al. this isn't the dodgers, you know, ok, this just highlights from their last game. the dodgers, they're going to have to win this series to extend their lead over la. don't forget. >> because right now with that 2 game lead ahead of the dodgers of the dodgers win both. to them. that's terrible. don't even say yeah. now the dock the judge did win their series against the dodgers when they were in a but if you look further back, you realize the dodgers also so the giants win here in san francisco, which is the set up. we've got going on tonight. why don't like to look at this like every like serious and games on >> last time they won last time they lost about this. it doesn't matter if you tell you they're just focused on winning the game in front of them.
5:56 am
>> you know, it's going to and 9 in you know that you've got to come in and play play pretty good baseball on both sides of the as far as what we take from the series in la add on to continue just to keep that good form and it all starts a population of work that we put it. >> yes. so the judge in the face the dodgers 3 times in this series. first pitch for tonight's game is at 6.45. the giants citing at what the a's. well, the a's are hoping to bounce back from a three-game slump. they were struggling against the mariners over the weekend. see when they lose we caught a slump, not a that's right. that's right. because it's only temporary now and back to face the padres starting tonight. and despite their recent struggles, the a's have been known as a 2nd half team and they are optimistic years that that sparked will come sooner rather than later. first pitch for tonight's game is a seven-time we don't say go ways anymore. that's right. we're going to go feel
5:57 am
sensitive say 5.56 right now coming up in the next hour, new push by governor newsome to get health care workers vaccinated. >> we're gonna tell you about the new mandate that begins just a few days. and stay away from las vegas. there's a new warning. we're going to tell you who is saying and what stays and it will go. but what stays and it will go. but what happens veg we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> could have a gust, by the way, because you're not supposed to we'll tell you why in a minute just hop skip and a jump the wine country oh, my god. we can in the wind. can you just say hello to healdsburg police. hello giggles bank you because there are so many viewers in healdsburg yes, specifically shout out to healdsburg and they were great hosts. fantastic. it was. i got to go visit again. it is. and it's a great vacation like around the corner and people were there and. >> it was don't forget, there's still struggling to come back from the last few wildfire season. so help them out to a weekend. yeah. to heal. yeah. it was really cool. so i just a little commercial for them weather up there, too. with oh, my gosh. and the weather was john, you guys had a lot of fog. i was healdsburg was really nice weekend as was the rest of wine country yesterday was 70's and 80's up there w


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