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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  July 27, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> and thanks for waking up with us on the finest hour because you don't get up till 9 it be james lucky you. yeah. if you are waking up right now, you're waking up to a lot of sunshine and a good bit of the bay right now. yeah. but be a little green spots close to the coast bring about end of late. you can miss the good stuff for the bad stuff is today. it seems that you're just in i think everyone's just in time. if you're watching right now, you've got to sleep an and you're also seeing some of our nicest conditions we've seen so far this morning. >> because you didn't miss too much earlier. it's been pretty gray this morning. some good news during our overnight hours. we did not see a lot of thunderstorm development over the bay area rather a pass to
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the west of us just off shore, which is actually best case scenario looking outside at our center tower cam this morning. you can see that skies are definitely gray over the bay itself. this view has cleared up significantly. since earlier, though. as for that radar shot. you can see there's your office or showers. some heavy rainfall to heading west of the peninsula. but for the bay itself, you may notice a sprinkle or 2 from time to time. but not a lot really going on out there and good news is pretty quiet. as far as thunderstorms goes to 50's 60's and now even a couple of 70's on the map livermore and fairfield at 7071 d%grees already just at 09:00am so, yeah, it missed too much. if you did a little sleeping in this morning. reyna don, thanks for that. we are actively watching your tuesday morning commute. we've got a lot of activity out there. >> like you're on the bay bridge to the 9 o'clock hour. and we're still pretty busy. a little under 60 minutes for you to make it from that from the east by to that fremont street exit 5, 1880, we're also seeing some delays there.
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now, again, we had that early morning hot spot that lasted several hours along the dunbarton bridge. and again with it, it brought more traffic to the san mateo bridge and you're seen 25 minutes for your commute as you're heading across towards the peninsula at 09:00am normally not something we see the richmond, sandra fell drive, much improved. rest. 14 minutes last time i checked to now we're back down tonight and the going to bridge its great 20 minutes into the city daryn. james, back to you. >> thanks a lot of rain. i know to breaking news the cdc. it looks like it's about to revise their mask mandate for indoor. and we're talking for fully vaccinated people. yeah. health experts say they're recommending fully vaccinated. people. >> also have to wear masks in certain situations. if you're indoors because the covid-19 delta variant really is surging. this mask. guidance was last updated on june 29th. the cdc says anyone who is not fully vaccinated. >> and at least 2 years old, should wear a mask inside public places. that was the guidance. then. but now it looks like they're going to increase that to include
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everybody. top infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says the numbers just they're not going in the right direction. covid-19 the delta variant really is. i mean. going to it's going viral because it's going spreading. and the thing is it's spraying the most among the unvaccinated and the on protected like kids. they can't get vaccinated if they're too young. >> and as we're seeing these covid numbers climb that concerns. a lot of parents. this is a story that theresa stasi is following for us. >> most areas across the region and the are seeing a dramatic increase in cases. we've had a fivefold increase in cases and brand since june. 18th doctor matt willis marin county's public health officer on positive covid-19 cases ticking upward which children those with compromised immune systems. and those simply choosing not to vaccinate falling victim to the virus this church is as due to the delta it really is being fueled you know, a variant
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that is more infectious than which is why. >> you know, we're increased cases, especially among unvaccinated people who know this is a this is a very that is extremely good at finding unvaccinated people doctor willis says that they continue to see problems popping up among summer camps where families have traveled outside the area dipping back into the area. >> but not following protocols. we are >> you know, no spot fires, you know, questions of cases around that. you know, over the summer. many in many cases what we see is as an individual who may have traveled outside of the region with their family. a child. to many areas as bad as you know, case rates might seem locally as parts of the country that are seeing much more infection. you know, southeast texas, other parts where we're seeing a lot more transmission. arizona. and then coming back. that child may have been infected in the
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course of travel or while visiting relatives abroad mean outside who may or may not be vaccinate themselves. if they're not following the quarantine and they enter camp or or or setting where there's other kids affecting other children we have to think about this way. we're protecting our children who can't be vaccinated and we're protecting. >> those immunocompromised people for whom the vaccines may not be completely effective. doctor maldonado pediatric infectious disease and vaccine epidemiologist with stanford university. >> echoes the message now is the time to continue to practice what we've learned last year to keep the virus at bay and not in fact, people like children who can't get the vaccine. theresa kron 4 news. >> a recent report shows that huge number of healthcare workers are still unvaccinated for covid-19 that one in 4 hospital workers nationwide hasn't even received their first shot of the vaccine over
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50 national medical associations and organizations are now calling for a nationwide mandate for health care workers to get the shot. >> commissions and nurses are very much trusted by their patients. but, you know, if i'm going to ask you to do something. i do it myself. and so from that perspective, it's also leadership role for doctors and nurses who got who got to give good critical advice of their patients. and if we're not willing to take the vaccine. you know, how we tell our patients that is safe and effective for them. >> you know, the state of california isn't waiting for a national vaccine mandate. we've already heard from governor newsom. he's announcing a plan to require health care workers to either have proof of vaccination or a negative test result. >> starting sometime next month and the bars in san francisco didn't wait for anybody to tell them they decided as a group that they're going to require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. if you want to drink inside the founder of the san francisco bar owner
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alliance and they represent more than 300 bars says the rise in covid in the bay area left them with no choice. >> in the last few weeks. we started lar ming number of bar staff were vaccinated contracting the delta variant. they just took a look at the data and you know, the data doesn't lie and it's very clear if you're unvaccinated much, much, much, much, much more likely to spread it. >> so if you're vaccinated, you can drink inside if you're not vaccinated, you can drink outside in the parklets. you can wear a mask. i have to wear a mask and the late use the bathroom to about again, you have to wear a mask. this is just going to be the new rule going forward and bars in this group if they want to have stricter rules that could have stricter rules. it's up to them. 9. '07, is the time right now and another big covid hot spot that now are being warned to stay away from las vegas yeah. los vegas. the warnings coming from officials across the country. >> there's been a big spike in
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covid-19 transmission. that's what the white house pointed to last week when it singled out las vegas calling it the worst large city in the nation when it comes to transmission of coronavirus and now you have florida. yeah. so florida has overtaken the 3 of the top 3 cities for covid right now in the delta variant are in florida. >> followed by number for vegas. kron four's will tran at sfo lot of people from the bay area like to go in and out of vegas. and i know that you've talked to one guy who had a visit there. he just got back from vegas. a couple of days ago, a couple weeks ago, i should say. and he admitted that he was nervous even at that time. so james darya right now if he had to go. >> he said he probably would not go because the cases are up. you can see all the travelers at sfo. this is vacation season. a lot of people taking off. travel advisers are saying if you're not vaccinated do not go to las vegas. it's hot right now. and they just don't mean the temperature. we're talking covid-19 cases. it's around
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14% positivity rate and the vaccination rates. they're not as high as some of the other places in the country only at 39%. so you add all those things together. plus you're indoors for long periods of time. you're pretty close to your fellow gambler and you're exposed to people not just within the united states were coming to vegas. but people from across the globe coming to vegas as well in let's face it, many people are not vaccinated and that is why they're saying this is a gamble you do not want to take a lot of flights are still taking off to vegas. many people are vaccinated. so your chances of having something tragic go down, but it's always a possibility. got a chance to talk to some travelers. they say they are not willing to roll the dice if they're not vaccinated, they shouldn't be going if they're vaccinated, they probably shouldn't be going given how little we know
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about. >> actually the the how it spreads potentially from infected to an infected. it seems like a risk that i would be willing to take. >> let's talk about some of the other cities. las vegas was the worst spot in the country last year for a population of a million or more. as far as the spread of covid-19. now 3 other cities joined that list and bump vegas off the top spot. we're talking orlando, jacksonville and miami, las vegas right now, the don't have a mask mandate across the board. but we'll just have to wait and see if they will follow cdc guidelines. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. we'll it's a good warning. and we're also following the covid situation in tokyo where the lights are still under way. but. >> covid is running through tokyo. but now some good news to sell their it. well, fortunately a lot most of u.s. competitors are vaccinated an the u.s. gymnastics team. they won the silver today in the
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team event. we fell to russia. russia got the gold. was great. britain got the bronze. we were favored to win the gold. >> but it didn't go out go that way. superstar a gymnast simone biles ended up having to pull out of the team. final competition towards the end of it after she struggled with the fault she was then seen leaving the arena person on the medical staff was with her. and then she eventually came back with her ankle taped and decided that she wasn't going to continue competing at least with the team anyway. she cheered him on from the sideline, but they had to have an alternate go up and when it happened, they said it was a medical issue and that was it. but just moments ago we heard from some owners self. >> no injuries. thankfully. and that's why i took a setback because i didn't want to do something silly out there and get injured. so i thought it was best if these girls took over and that the rest of the job which they absolutely did. there. looks like silver medalist now and they should be really proud of themselves for they did last minute having to go in and it's been really stressful.
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this olympic games. i think just as a whole, i'm not having an audience. there are a lot of different variables going it's been a long week. it's been a long olympic process. it's been a long year. so just a lot of different variables and i think we're just a little bit too stressed but we should be out here having fun and sometimes that's not the case. she alluded to this in that sound bite. but earlier. >> when she was talking to to the reporter. she just she said that she was suffering from a mental health and she just said that why she ended up withdrawing now. we've seen this happen before. another big us sports hero who is out of the competition today and that was naomi osaka who. withdrew from her last tennis match because of mental health and then she you know, got back up her confidence and she went into the olympics and we're tunnel as she ended up just out because she lost her life was her 3rd match. but now, yeah, the question going forward is will simone biles
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compete in the individual up. she says she hasn't decided yet what she's going to do with that. it's good to know that she physically ok, though, right. >> that was a huge concern. so we'll see if she's able to do it. it's only another day or 2 before they do the other hats. and it just sort of throws a spotlight on just the sheer amount of stress and strain that these athletes at that level go through to compete and you can see, you know, obviously she admits that it was taking a toll on her and she said it's taking a toll on a lot of the athletes. they should be out there having fun and the stress is just in credible right she's so fantastic. and i know everybody is rooting for her. so we'll keep you posted on what happens in tokyo. 9.13 is the time. we'll take a break. still ahead on the problem morning news, a new push by local police and the fbi to try to stop violent crimes around the chinatown area there. we'll tell you what oakland city leaders are saying about a new plan. >> to fight. also it could get a little more expensive to drive through downtown san francisco will tell you about a new plan to charge you if you drive through the downtown core during certain hours.
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>> 9.16 is the time check in on weather on a tuesday. we are it's nice. not as nice as healdsburg was. still nice for. i came i don't think it's ever as nice as healdsburg is always first. it is a beautiful place think it's a we are looking at a couple of sprinkles this morning across the bay area. most of the rainfall is concentrated to our west. and this is actually good news. believe it or not.
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sure we'd love to see the rain over the bay area. but the same rain is actually come with some cloud to ground lightning offshore. >> and any sort of lightning that we have seen has really been pushed away from the coast and that is actually a bit of good news because as i was talking yesterday that dry lightning was a concern for fire danger. it's been a calm morning. it's about to be a hotter afternoon 60's 70's near the coast. a tease for a lot of bayshore cities and 90's. returning further inland. as far as temperatures go, the next 7 days. daytime highs remain in the 90's for the rest of the month, which is only the next 5 days because sunday is the first day of august and conditions. after that point actually do look to be a touch cooler to kick off the new month. reyna tom, thanks for that. so we do have some traffic collisions that are popping up out there. this one down in fremont. >> 6, a southbound north of mall parkway. now again, we're seeing just a little delay as a result of that traffic collision. >> and heading into the city. 60 minutes for you to make it from the east bay to that famous to texas to traffic. >> certainly building there without a busy morning
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overall. the san mateo bridge 20 minutes. and that's because we have a hot spot over on the dunbar bridge. a lot of the traffic diverting to this bridge to head across towards the peninsula there and another traffic collision. this time it's up in the petaluma area. one. oh, one southbound just south of petaluma boulevard and that's slowing things down just a bit. we'll have more coming up. daryn. james, back to you. >> time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us remotely. rob, good morning. >> james. good to be here. yeah. i'm looking at the numbers s and p 500. i see here dropping for the first time, 6 days been on a tear. we've got a lot of earnings coming out this week. what will what was a drop in his post. >> we've had 6 up days in a row. so to dep. we buy the debt that 5% or will we wait for a big correction, a 10 to 20%. but. >> last 10 years we've by the dep's not really get into corrections. lots of stories out there. happy microsoft and google the big tech mega companies are all reports day after the bell. they've been
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carrying the market. so any sort of disappointment that could spill over to a debt that turned into a correction. but again, that's apple's got a really expensive violation of how good quarter microsoft as expensive irish to go as an expensive violation. historically. but they're also generated tons of cash, low interest rate environment. chinese stocks are getting hit in the united states. a column about the amazon of china. their regulators in china are cracking down and saying, you know, we don't want you doing things the american capital's way. we want. you chinese socialist way. so that's caused a lot of concern because there's a lot of wealth in china and in the stocks walmart announced a that 8,000 of their employees have graduated from their better living university, which is a employee perk. they're expanding that perk. i think that's a great thing. coffee is up 35%. so get your cheek coffee now, james, because in about a month t- be more expensive as a frost hits brazil and their beans and
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coffee trees kind of got a further very susceptible to freezing. it's going to be a dizzy by the a couple weeks ago i told you that they're moving employees to southern from southern california. 2 florida. yeah. 580 million dollar tax break for that. well, okay. so i guess it was a smart move. he yes, i just i don't know. with the covid i would be voluntary to transfer out there. but anyway. >> we're also seeing some now are these new numbers for the month of may. we're talking about home prices. i'm seeing the headlines here. breaking breaking records one referred to may's number has truly extraordinary they've run out of in they run out of ways of explaining this. this. >> in sproat s what's better than truly extraordinary ride home prices broke records again. up 16.6% year-over-year
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last month. they were up 14.8% year-over-year. so is peaking. i don't know. phoenix was up 25.9% year-over-year san diego 24.7% seattle up 23.4%, the losers on the top 20 list are still up double cities like chicago and cleveland in minneapolis. what are known as the flyover states, so to speak. but they're still up 10%. it's truly i got e-mail from. so today telling how much my homes or things like. i just shake my head at how much it's gone up. i make any sense here, but not only low interest rates low inventory. yeah, i shifting demographic. it is causing some positive factor. yeah, well, i'm also shaking my head as somebody who's one day hoping to own a house it just gets further and eurther out of reach because there's no way my or anybody's income can match those kinds of increases year over year. it's like it's a losing battle. >> probably will be by on the
9:22 am
island of tonga. lowest cost of planet. haha. but i won't be visiting your time that, you even if i make a good all right. fine. and then lastly, what we're talking about earnings tesla and they blew the doors off. i mean, they beat expectations beat expectations. >> now i'm tess is we've created a monster them. you musk said this is probably his last conference call except for annual. that's so it tends to say some things are pretty lack of total. we'll get that in a minute. but they put in a billion dollars. plus a profit, which is a very nice number it's generally a generally accepted accounting principles gaap earnings, which is it's positive. it's not we're not using which is earnings before interest tax depreciation. amortization coming made up number. have to help us. income was up 10 times. that was last year. that's if you come home tonight and tell your wife, hey, i'm getting a 10 times should
9:23 am
>> million and services to 34% year over year. and it had backlash in china from consumers that have recalls in china and united states last quarter. the cybertruck is still slated to get production this year. but they're semis in be delayed because they just can't get enough battery packs. a say so testers firing on all they're there. the demands there and they can't get enough supply to deliver them. >> those chips and they got a big shortage on that. well, we'll see what that industry and everything else does as we go forward. we'll keep visiting with you, rob. thank you as always. and if you've got an investment question or just a a question about the markets that you want rob to shed some light on, let them know connect with them on facebook, twitter, e-mail. and you can always find him on our website. don't forget at kron. 4 dot com. we'll be right 4 dot com. we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes!
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> 9.26 is the time of the a group called san jose diocese victim street ministry hosted a vigil for those who died in the vta railyard shootings. the victim street ministries dedicated to calling attention to the stories behind the names of murder victims at the vigil. they read the names of all 9 people who died. >> we believe that the people who are are gone. our in resting safely in the arms of
9:27 am
god. but we do want we're seeing compassion to come down up on all those who left behind their loved ones. we want them to know that they are loved and we will never forget. >> and no them for more than a number of one of the 9 people who died. they shared their names, their ages, their stories, their pictures and they called on the chmmunity to do the same. >> coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news, former california senator barbara boxer is robbed in oakland. we'll tell you how she's doing this morning and what police are doing. solve this crime and 5 other crimes as well. we'll be right back.
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>> i 30 is the time right now. and san francisco's gray with the flags. >> a few. yeah. it's that you want to sound effect that. not a lot going off of that flight yet barely a breeze, a tear john was lights out of humid out again all of which is why i do that. i can help it to out is actually really too of kind of like that sound effect this morning though, because we have potential lightning. so anything called is actually a good bit of news for your tuesday morning. >> and that's exactly what we're seeing across the bay area. you're waking up to pretty calm start to this morning with any sort of rain or lightning for that matter sitting well, offshore looking outside at our center tower
9:31 am
cam right here. skies are definitely still on the great your side of things. there's some brightness tearing through and you can see alcatraz there in the distance having been freed from the fog that we were seeing earlier radar right now does show most of the rainfall offshore. you may run into a sprinkle or 2 across the bay itself. it's very limited, very short lived. if you do 50's 60's and 70's for current temperatures. we're off to a pretty warm start with the southerly flow pushing in this moisture and making for that humid and warm feel we've got right now livermore in fairfield in the low 70's. well, dublin at 69 reyna. john, thank you. this tuesday morning was a busy one for us. we have hot spots. >> several accidents. now we're starting to see just a little recovery out there on our highways in our bridges like the bay ridge a little under 60 minutes free to make it to that free must exit from the east bay as you're traveling. it's still fairly slow along 5, 1880, heading across towards the peninsula. we're up 27 minutes here because of the hot spot along the dunbar bridge since status
9:32 am
recover. look at this. a little under 15 minutes to make a cross towards the peninsula. the richmond, sandra fell comey looking nice for us right now, about 9 minutes for you to head out of richmond and we're looking in the south bay la want to want to 8085 2, no major problems. daryn. james, back to you. rain. you're going to love this for your money. that home prices. not about that. all the toll prices are going up now. >> they're thinking about charging every time you drive through a san francisco busy downtown district. yeah. not park. >> just driving through is going to land you this extra fine. the idea is to encourage you to go elsewhere and avoid the downtown core kron four's. dan kerman has more on what they're calling congestion pricing driving through downtown san francisco they're still relatively little traffic due to the pandemic. >> despite california's official reopening. but transportation officials say prepandemic gridlock was the order of the day. that's why the san francisco county transportation authority is pushing ahead with the idea of congestion pricing. >> the way that we're thinking about congestion pricing is the fee would be applied. you
9:33 am
drive into the congestion pricing zone. only during the morning evening rush hour under the plan. those who drive into the downtown core. >> would be charged as much as $6.50. for the first 2 times they enter the core. the fee would be on a sliding scale based on annual income. so as not to price out those who make less money. but drivers aren't sure this is what's best oftentimes will drive just through downtown to get to the bay from where i live. >> and it seems a little bit crazy to stack that feed just to get into downtown drive through very quickly. on top of the existing bridge the current plan has 2 versions of the downtown core the area in yellow basically as boarded by van essen laguna to the west. >> the embarcadero to the east broadway to the north and the vision and mission creek to the south. a larger corps would include the browns own mission bay to the south and
9:34 am
add russian hill north beach in fisherman's wharf to the north. on the one hand we want to encourage people to think about. >> biking walking or taking transit want to be able to raise revenues. they can go into making those other forms of transportation better. >> taxes would not be charged as part of the plan. but rideshare drivers would pay each time they enter the zone and every time there's a trip within the zone. the county transportation authority is hoping to get something to the board of supervisors by the end of the year. >> even if that proposal is approved congestion, pricing would be at least 3 to 5 years off. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> 9.34 and a big story. former california senator barbara boxer was attacked and robbed near her home. >> she's 80 years old. >> and she's lived in oakland for number of years. he has now boxer was rob yesterday afternoon was right near jack london square. the attacker apparently pushed her in the back then stole her phone and
9:35 am
jumped into a waiting getaway car. she says she's okay this morning. but obviously she's now the latest victim and what seems to be a growing crime wave. people live and work in that area of jack london square concerned. >> have no inoerest in breaking news. car break ins in common. but the idea some ways you know, actually pushing people down mugging them. a totally different. >> we definitely try not to were, you know, just keep very close eye on people walking around up security cameras are on the >> police are actually looking at those cameras right now looking at video that they gather from a number of buildings in the area. and there's a $2000 reward out for information that leads to an arrest. it's 9.35 and that attack against the senator happened, by the way, on the very same day the police and federal officials announced plans to try to stop violent crime in oakland chinatown neighborhood because over the last year that neighborhood
9:36 am
has seen a dramatic rise in robberies and other attacks, many of them targeting elderly asian americans while the police department is going to put more uniformed officers on the streets. business leaders say they also need to get tougher on criminals. >> the men women, those they understand so well, but that many of us and especially many young people committing crimes. realizing that when they commit a crime, they can just walk rate easily idea. >> that i most marginalized community. our seniors will be walking down the street and be accosted in assaulted and robbed clearly unacceptable. >> just hard to watch the video that we keep replaying these attacks keep happening federal authorities, the fbi, the atf, they're going to help the oakland police try to crack down on this. the focus is going to be going after illegal guns and curbing hate crimes. >> farther out in the east bay out in contra, costa county and the ox mayor lamar thorpe unveiled a citywide plan to try and clamp down on crime.
9:37 am
any wants to utilize the city's public nuisance laws to clean up the streets. he says that it will consist of removing young people from the streets who are committing crimes and instead offering them employment away too. do better for themselves. legally the first focus would be on the sycamore corridor. and then later he looks to expand it throughout the city. the mayor city apprenticeship program. >> that will hire minors and young adults that are involved in illicit activities. if you can show up at 08:00am here. this out. don't. you can show up to city hall. you can shop the public works. you can show up anywhere in this city to earn a living the right way. we're more than happy to train. you were more than happy to provide the opportunities that you need, but you won't be doing this anymore. my city. >> antioch city council will be hearing the proposal tonight. and in addition they are a source says he's also proposing police over time so that they can focus on proactive enforcement and he also has to create a partnership with the contra costa county probation department.
9:38 am
>> 9.37. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news wildfires are still burning out of control. all across northern california. some are hardly contained. we'll have the latest on the firefighting effort. plus the olympics happening in japan. and we're celebrating japanese culture with a look at some traditional clothing. you can fight and after the break, details on new efforts to go and get those new polling places all set up and ready before the recall election. we'll tell you what they're doing. run count. and skies are looking pretty good over sfo right now. later on today. you'll notice a warmer feel to it regardless of where you're at across the bay. >> also a muggy feel to it to highs back into the 90's inland. your forecast ahead. >> and we have some major delays to major delays across the peninsula, especially we're finally starting to see some improvement there also are going to look at your drive times. if you're heading from the east bay into the city and possibly other highways on this tuesday morning. we'll have more of that coming up. what we california, did you know our homes share power?
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>> 9.41 in the north bay marine county elections. officials are working overtime to be all ready for the upcoming recall election because normally the county elections department. what have months that they would spend getting ready. hiring poll workers securing polling places getting mail in ballots ready and the like. well, this time rinne county officials have about 2 months to get it all done. our team's been just been making phone calls since
9:42 am
july. second, the day after the election was called. >> getting location set up as well as starting to call poll workers to see who's available. faction of the officials say they're confident those are going to be already. and if you plan to vote in person know they will have covid safety precautions in place at the polls. >> the deadline to register for the recall election is august. 30th and the vote. the election happens on september 14. >> 9.42. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.44 and now we want to cover the wildfires because they are still raging across california trying to contain. well, first of all, the dixie fire, which is the big one. it is yet more than 200,000 acres. in fact, the latest number this morning as 208,000 acres burned so far. just 23% contained. erick rucker has a look. >> spot fires burn on a hillside in plumas county near the community of regalia. firefighters from beverly hills make sure those flames don't jump the highway. >> a nearby parts of the feather river blanketed with smoke the same for highway 70. further east. another crew stands guard outside the twain general store. and it's not just the fire trucks in front of the store protecting it.
9:46 am
they also have other resources, including sprinklers. this one on top of a ladder. >> and more of them on top of the roof of the store itself. >> chunks of debris flying into town it the >> sparks everywhere back in butte county fire evacuee robert kirk relives his efforts to save his neighbors homes in belden town, potentially you could have save somebody else's home. while he stuck around when the flames came his buddy, mike crapo packed up the 5th wheel and headed to quincy days later, though he was met by flames from the fly fire forcing yet another escape. yeah, it's mountains. it's fires. they job. you know, it's been up here all my life. it's just too. it's expected chased away by multiple wildfires. he will now call this area home for a while, at least america walker. back to you. and of course near the california-nevada border. we're following the latest with the tamarack fire as well. that's the one that's been burning for about 3 weeks
9:47 am
now up in alpine county. >> mandatory evacuation orders are still in place for about a dozen well, more than a dozen communities. more than 68,000 acres has burned containment is growing. it's a 54%, but they still a long road ahead. and i told you what their heels bergen met. one of the cal island. yeah. dumps the. the work and he's organ very busy. here is a lot of these fires. you can only battle. >> from the sky. the terrain is so steep. all right. let's get over to the weather center. i know whether is obviously something that firefighters are tracking very carefully as well. john, the absolutely. and as far as the smoke goes, weather has worked in our favor in the bay area pushing. >> all that smoke still to the east. we've been seeing images as far east as dc in new york city where they're sitting in that smoke. meantime, we just got the fog in the cloud cover here in the bay. you're north calhoun. the weather center forecast this showing a fairly gray start for a lot of the bay. but things are trying to brighten up. you can see some sunshine peering through there as well. what we've got right now is some shower activity.
9:48 am
just off shore bay area relatively quiet. now we'd love to see some rain from this. but this is monsoonal moisture and has resulted in lightning strikes mostly offshore, which was obviously the concern here as far as fire danger goes good news about the showers passing over the ocean is any sort of lightning strikes. you do see out there are going to result in any fires. obviously like they would have had. we seen them over the bay or at least could have. so we'd love the rain. we are seeing maybe a sprinkle or 2. that's as much as you're going to see from this 60's and 70's for your daytime highs in the city today. 60's right along the coastline, temperatures for the bayshore in the 70's to 80's burlingame 83 degrees. foster city right at 80 mountain view 82 for your high temperatures in the south bay noticeably warmer. yesterday was such a nice and comfortable one today getting a little on the hot side. fremont, union city and hayward each in the 80's while pleasanton and livermore at 94 degrees oakland a nice escape from the heat further inland at 76 degrees, maybe a walk around lake merritt whereas danville and then vacaville
9:49 am
are 2 hottest spots each at 96 degrees for today's daytime highs. santa rosa down through center fell each in the 80's. a look ahead of next 7 days does show temperatures remaining in the 90's for the rest of the month, which is only through saturday. a slight chance of those thunderstorms today really passing to the west, though, after this. we drive back out and eventually by next monday start to cool down a little bit. don, thank you for that. just when we thought we saw some improvement. we have another accident. >> on the bay bridge. 80 near that treasure island exit. so again, now we're back up to about 19 minutes and that might change. it might go up. we also have an accident along 80 westbound right near powell street in emeryville. so again, starting to slow down a long 5 88 80, especially at a regional area and along the bay bridge as you're traveling the san mateo bridge. no major delays. we had earlier hot spot on the dunbar bridge that caused drive time's up across the san mateo bridge here. now we're back down to under 14. if you want to take that bridge. for example, the
9:50 am
richmond center fell comey looks great as you're traveling out of richmond. you can do that and under 9 minutes for your drive time there and looking at one oh, one to 8085 82 no major issues for you at this time daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. all eyes on the olympics. and as we told you, the big news today in japan, in tokyo was a simone biles. pulled out of the team of them. but then the u.s. women won silver. and we're focusing also around the games on japanese culture. >> it's an opportunity for us to start to learn more about these diffeuent parts of the world. and when you think of japanese culture for me anyway, the come comes to mind is one of the most recognizable pieces of a japanese clothing has been around for thousands of years. did you know there's also a modern way to wear it. and we take a look at that today. >> the chemo no has stood the test of time nice beautiful kimonos have been for more than a 1000 years. well, they used to be worn daily there
9:51 am
now usually reserved for special occasions to i mean, go age 10 in the nation to be at him on nasa me say sue showed me this know traditionally worn by young women. she's from tokyo and is certified in human addressing. she organizes photo sessions for people to commemorate major events like weddings or birthdays in the chemo know come to be the everything you see here is made of silk and is very formal. but so so in san francisco's japantown they sell chemo. no inspired clothing. we wanted to. >> well, more way to enjoy human. so we can preserve tiffany's, ok, so so general manager coombe eu mount. she says they create pieces that are made of fabrics and patterns that can be worn casually. also the shape. >> using from traditional safe
9:52 am
like here. well, some bottoms have of humankind with out. she was born and raised in japan. she says she appreciates how customers have embraced this element of japanese culture. when people think low. that's the beauty for them. makes me make my day reporting in san francisco. i'm amanda hari. >> very cool. 9.52. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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♪ when you're ready come and get it ♪ just about done for the morning on the kron 00:00am morning news, but they never stop on kron-on. so let's go to the newsroom where noelle bellow has a preview hi, noel hyde r e i don't know if you've heard, but there's actually a bit of a wedding rush going on across the country working to check in with a wedding planner today about the uptick in nuptials. they're seeing then around noon. the cdc is expected to give an update on covid-19 many expecting it to be a potential call for all. >> to mask up indoors once again as the delta variant continues to spread across the country. we're going to break all that information down for you when it happens to catch that. and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store, you can download kron on for free. back to guys. thanks to all. >> so we need to root both bay area baseball teams on because
9:56 am
today they'll be back on the field. the they're holding on to the best lea record in the nl west. they'll be facing the dodgers, though, at home at oracle park tonight in san francisco's going to have to win the series if they want to continue their lead over the dodgers and extended in fact, right now the giants are 2 games ahead of the dogs that i want to say yes, i want to see >> all when are we giants first for this is going to be 06:45pm tonight again at home at oracle park. and i will say go giants, but i won't say don't take away. i say i want them to come back from san diego. they're going to be playing there now. >> bouncing back from a 3 game slumped. they had a tough streak that's it was the mariners. but will hope they'll pick up the pace and like i said, battle it out against the padres and walk away with the win. >> they're going to be. throw first pitch tonight about 7.10. and again, that's down to san diego. but here we've got the dodgers and so do we
9:57 am
want to give him good weather on an even what. let's give them some humid weather today after this. we're really drying back out. we have that thunderstorm potential still in play into the early afternoon. most of them have dodged us, though. so we've actually looked out in that regard hot into the month. august starts on sunday lead story. august is sunday. are you kidding i finally realized it's breaking news. august flying by brothers. august. second is already august yet.
9:58 am
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