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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  July 27, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> when time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> now 9 covid case concerns as the delta variant dominates new cases across the bay area. leaders in one east bay county are looking into requiring mandatory vaccinations for county workers. >> welcome to kron 4 news at 9. i'm ken wayne in for grant lotus tonight. and i'm vicki liviakis contra. costa county leaders say that they are looking into the requirement after an outbreak at a county detention facility as of monday. there were 23 new cases. nearly 3,000 new covid cases in just the past 2 weeks county wide and 4 times more hospitalizations this month.
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then in june when the state reopened across portions of the calls here tonight with the other concerns being raised from the serge thomas. in addition to those county facilities, detention facilities leaders are also concerned about school kids who are getting ready to go back to class. >> some of them as early as tomorrow in contra, costa county. the board is president says that some kids in their county will go back to school starting tomorrow and she worries that at this current rate there could be enough outbreaks that could prompt some schools to even close. >> a troubling trend in contra costa county we are more people testing positive and it's in those that are unvaccinated the delta variant now dominating new cases. >> 80% of the county's new covid cases. according to health leaders involving the strain tuesday. health leaders said that the county has recorded 2800 new covid cases in just the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations also in the
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county have quadrupled in just the past month. it 6 times higher among those that are. >> not vaccinated versus those that are vaccinated board of supervisors. president dion burgas says the latest surge is not threatening the county's hospital system yet but says the concern right now is the combination of the virus's spread. >> the amount of people still unvaccinated. >> it's it's any time people or get ad during each and they're not masked. we don't know if they're going to spread it last week. the county encourage businesses to have workers provide proof of protections or have them take weekly test. >> but tuesday county supervisors decided to take that one step further proposing mandatory vaccinations for all county workers after recent outbreak at county detention facilities. >> as an it is our intention to make sure that our employees are vaccinated and that if they're not, they're going to be tested and they're going to be an required to
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wear masks. we're going to be requiring more masks inside. >> says this latest surge is especially concerning because kids are getting ready to head back to school for some of the county that happens this week. i don't think people realize that if we have more breakouts and the school. there's going to be more so won't be shutting down the county will just be shutting down those classrooms and those those parents are going to stay home and quarantine with their kids. burgess says that county leaders are still working to make sure those who need the vaccine still have access to it. >> at this point. she says it's not about fear but simply facts. even more concerning supervisor. burgas says that she does not believe that her county. >> has hit its peak yet with this latest wave of cases but says as of now, she doesn't believe that there will be in returns to lockdowns or other restrictive measures that we saw during the height of the pandemic. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you, jonathan.
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the state university announcing that it will implement. >> a covid-19 vaccination requirement for all faculty staff and students who plan on returning to campus this fall. everybody must be able to prove vaccination status by september 30th 2021 several see as you campuses are serving as host facilities for vaccine distribution, students and employees are going to be able to try and get a medical or religious said exemption. all you see schools. they are also requiring a covid-19 a test for its campuses this fall. >> while school leaders in the bay area are keeping a close eye on the covid situation. they're confident children will begin the new school year back in the classroom and they explain to kron four's terisa stasio why they're so optimistic. >> from the east bay. we understand and we've learned through the science to san francisco. we as a district are completely confident to the south bay. we very much want to get back in the classroom and see our students
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superintendents and union representatives weighing in on returning. back to the classroom and the delta variant gaining velocity in communities threatening to sicken even more people. >> so many schools shut down during the pandemic. some returning with cohorts. but now school officials say that day have learned a lot and feel well prepared at students crack open boops in classrooms once again collective like. but we are nervous about how this variant is playing out right and the numbers that that are the bottom line, officials say is teamwork. >> that it will take everyone following protocols as we continue in this pandemic because you're still in the pandemic and we understand that. but we're not in the same place. we were previously and that horrific year we went through allowed us to learn a lot. >> which we will benefit us at this current point. >> what we really, really, really are encouraging people to do is to vaccinated because that's going to be the quickest way to get us all
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back safely and to make sure that we carry optimistic and excited to be out. but with the we want to see our kids back, who want to see them back in class because we know this is the best place for them. >> kron 4 news. the ability of the delta variant to be transmitted from a vaccinated person to someone else is causing the cdc to change its masking guidelines and now recommends even vaccinated. people should return to wearing mask indoors in the parts of the u.s. where the coronavirus is surging. the agency made that announcement today citing the fact that the delta variant is spreading even among vaccinated. people. >> you see berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says while most new infections, hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated the new guidance is wise, especially to protect the most vulnerable. >> masking social distancing and not getting together and congregate settings. those things really work well and it's society applies. those eyes known for interventions
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in a robust way. that means fewer people are going to become infected even if they're not vaccinated. that means fewer various will be produced. >> and while parts of the bay area been praised for their vaccination efforts is cdc's new guidance applies to all 9 counties in the bay area after finding that they all have either a high or substantial level of transmission. >> governor newsom's office says that he's pulled 2 of his children out of a summer day camp that did not require kids to wear their masks. the camp's decision is a violation of state polic- which requires masks for everyone in youth settings that is because children under the age of 12 cannot be vaccinated some say that they missed a communication from the camp say it would not enforce mask-wearing. for more on vaccinations, mask guidelines in the latest covid numbers scan this qr code that you see on your screen. raight to the kron 4 dot com page dedicated to the pandemic information.
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>> crews in the south bay have been busy with a grass fire for several hours now. the flames started in milpitas and they jumped over coyote creek in the san jose forcing people living in that area to shelter in place and we want to show you a look at some time lapse video. you can see just how much smoke was a. >> going up into the sky. this is toward the end of the fire late this afternoon kron four's terror attack. he joins us now live with the progress. crews are making tonight taylor. >> well, can right now i'm on the milpitas side of the fire near but carthy boulevard in the fire actually bring this area behind me near coyote creek in him. not sure if my camera's picking up. but there are some active flames back there. i'm sure you can see the smoke amber's still falling here behind. and this is the exact reason why crews say they're going to stay here all night into the early morning hours to keep watering down this fire to make sure that it doesn't spread. >> flames and hot spots burning in san jose and milpitas on tuesday, causing
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plumes of smoke across the south bay where the fire has been contained. it's not fully out. we are containment lines are drawn tasmin. >> montague along north mccarthy and also cisco and san jose. our estimation right now is roughly 25 acres, but that number could change firefighters say the location and conditions of this fire when it difficult to access any dry large vegetation. >> access and cross your lines because this creek. >> ford is both know us in san jose. so gaining access to the fire and water supply right now is >> battalion chief galahad zamora says the winds help stop this fire from threatening any homes near mill river lane, the area where the fire was first reported. however, the flames did affect multiple homeless encampments nearby cause of the fire is undetermined. but yes, there are multiple homeless encampments in the area and they're currently displaced. >> our working with san jose fire say services to see where we provide support to get into
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>> tamara says it's taking longer than normal to put this fire out because resources are scarce when it comes to water and bodies are all stretched pretty. and so we have multiple units. >> working the dixie and tamarack fire. i just got back from the river fire as of friday and was called in to work as of monday. so we're doing the best we can with what we haven't. it's just going to be trying to do more last which we're okay with that. we just know that it's going to be an extended operation. >> now, as i mentioned, firefighters will remain here on scene to monitor this area behind me and put out any hot spots. they said that they likely won't have any. fully containment and be able to put it fully out until sometime tomorrow. for now live in milpitas to the sec ia kron 4 news. thank you. taylor cal iso is issuing a statewide flex alert for tomorrow. >> the agency in charge of california's power grid is forecasting higher than normal temps, which they say could lead to power disruptions and rolling blackouts. the flex alert will be in place from 4
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o'clock in the afternoon until 09:00pm everybody's encouraged to conserve energy and avoid using major appliances during that time to help alleviate stress on the power grid. all right. let's turn our attention now to the 4 zone forecast with a beautiful shot of quite tower on top of telegraph hill in the city by a little bit of fog out there. on force. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow gives us a look at the what we can expect down the line fog kind of rolling in right now along the coastline yet temperatures going to be warming up. >> well, this is not an incredible he way. this is just a normal, a hot summer day around much of the bay area around much of the state who you see that, too. but high pressure building the 4 corners state. kind of semi permanent feature. >> during the summer months. we watch it kind of flex back and forth from the 4 corners. the make its way back out to california, then move inland. that's when we start to cool down again. and so tomorrow we see the monsoon roll around that ridge. but that ridge start to weaken a little bit. and so by tomorrow those temperatures, well, they're going to be toastie inland. no getting around that a degrees
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in sacramento. that's not a surprise for 101 a bakersfield 100 and bar. so 73 los angeles and a 100 to one in las vegas. the monsoon. that was interesting this morning. we have some scattered light showers popping up in parts of the north bay early on. now, most that has come to an end. that fog, though. it started to settle in to the bay area tonight. we'll see more of that is tomorrow morning. so the fog moving in right or the some of the dense fog along the coastline to still some scattered light showers we've got to go ahead. well, to the north toward reading and now up in oregon to before we start talking about and the real rain drops overnight tonight going to likely see some low clouds and fog but kind of a thin lair along the coastline moving inside the bay just after 8 o'clock in the morning. we begin to see a few more high clouds roll up across our skies. so kind are going to see some sunshine a couple high clouds drifting on through those temperatures. still this day. hot inland, though, numbers moving up the mid 90's in some of the interior valleys. you're looking a lot of 70's and 80's around the bay about 84 degrees in san jose 85 in
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fremont, 75 in oakland about 90 in hot in the napa valley wine along the coastline. you've got the fog and low clouds. the temperatures there in the 60's next couple days. the temperatures stay hot inland through about friday. then we cool down a little bit on saturday, though, on saturday. looks like we could see return of some of the monsoonal clouds right now. don't see a thunderstorms here in the bay area. but another chance of more thunderstorms, more fire danger from the ceo boy little muggy today. yeah, very muggy, especially this morning. forth. >> city leaders in american canyon. they have declared a stage to drought emergency. they're calling for mandatory water conservation between noon and 6 o'clock in the evening using water for gardening landscape. irrigation washing your car or equipment operating ornamental fountains. that's prohibited. they're leon garcia says that this time violators will not be penalize. but officials say it is possible the city could implement surcharges for water customers who ignore the mandate.
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>> kron four's your local election headquarters. and we're following the recall election against governor gavin newsom. another new poll shows support for the governor's recall continues to grow. ashley zavala explains the latest numbers and how the governor is responding. >> this latest berkeley igs poll says governor newsom's approval rating is under water. among those who are most likely to vote in this recall. >> we're going to defeat this. a partisan effort. governor gavin newsome responding to recent polls showing a growing number of voters are leaning in an unfavorable direction for him now weeks before his recall election. a new berkeley igs and la times poll released tuesday showed 47% of likely voters would vote yes to recall the governor with 50% saying they would keep him in office. the poll echoing results from an inside california politics and emerson college poll which showed a similar scenario. if the recall were held today, pointing to recent budget action. he's taken in fresno tuesday. the governor says he's confident he'll overcome the special election on september 14th continue to do that. good work.
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>> i think we're going to be okay on election day. the california republican party pounced on the ball chairwoman jessica millan patterson tuesday tweeted we're ready to win the latest poll noted turnout is likely to be far higher among republicans than democrats and no party preference voters newsom's anti recall campaign says it's working to boost democrat enthusiasm to participate. they need to appreciate what's at stake. >> i think a lot of californians i mean, look state i think they take for granted that we are and they don't take this recall seriously. so we have got to just like our inside california politics poll this poll also showed conservative talk show host larry elder is the preferred pick to replace governor gavin newsome. >> but still a significant amount of voters about 40% say they're still undecided on the replacement candidate in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> kevin faulconer is among the leading candidates to replace newsom, the former san diego mayor was in san francisco today. the state his case, his biggest talking
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point crime. >> gavin newsom has failed this great city and he's failing our great state. as violent crime is skyrocketing in every part. >> of california. proud again that we were voted the safest big city in america. i was i was proud that we did not defund the police and i was proud that we stand up and we do the right thing. >> falconer left office last december also says that he does not support a statewide mask mandate. the recall election just as a reminder set for september 14th. >> national news now today, lawmakers held their first hearing for a newly formed and highly anticipated committee investigating the fatal january 6 attack on the u.s. capitol. 4 police officers who fought on the front lines that day testified this was not the first hearing investigating the topic, but it definitely was one of the most emotional joining us now live from the newsroom. kron four's catherine heenan with details
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on today's historic meeting. yeah. and vic, it really did get emotional the 4 officers and some lawmakers were holding back tears today as they talked about the events of january 6. >> emotions boil over as officers who were on the front lines that day testified on capitol hill officers demanding that congress uncover the truth and stop any attempt to downplay what happened. >> difference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful. i was grant beaten tased. all while be called a traitor to my country. >> one woman in a pink mega church yelled. you guys. voted for joe biden. then the crowd perhaps around 20 people joined in screaming. >> boom. >> no one had ever. ever call me. while wearing the uniform
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of a capitol police officer in the days following the attempted insurrection the black officer share with me their own stories of racial abuse on january 6. one officer told me he had never. and it is his entire 40 years of life been called to his face and that streak ended on january 6. >> just 2 republicans sit on the committee after the majority of republicans opposed to the investigation. the select committee could have another hearing in august well, the house is scheduled to be in a 7 week recess. live in the newsroom. i'm catherine heenan. thank you, catherine. another big story that we're following for you tonight. us olympic star simone biles. >> well, she may have delivered the most powerful inspiration yet, but it wasn't in gymnasium. yes, she opened up today about her mental health struggles saying it's ok to be to not be ok. the
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gold medalist said she dropped out of team competition for safety and so her teammates could have a better chance at winning a medal, talked about the stresses. she's been feeling and why she says she needed a break. >> yeah. i put mental health first because if you don't, then you're not going to your sport and you're not going to succeed as much as he want to. so it's ok sometimes to even sit out the big con titian to focus on yourself because it shows how strong of a competitor person that you really are rather than just battle through it. >> miles is just one athlete. who's open up this about the struggles with managing mental health in this year's olympic games on for sell us. continues our coverage now live for us here in the studio l a. >> well simone biles have been hinting about feeling immense pressure to perform posting this message just a few days ago to her facebook account saying i truly do feel that i have the weight of the world on my shoulders later revealing that she felt she was participating in the
9:20 pm
olympics, not really for herself but for others like her fans. so just 24 years old, she came to this year's pandemic-delayed olympics as the most decorated gymnast in the world. so not only a super athlete but an ambassador of sorts rising to such a status in this field definitely takes a physical but also mental and emotional toll to be put in the spotlight with an expectation to bring home the gold. so 3 time olympic gold medalist kerri pete's told me it is quite the struggle and without the support of loved ones and fans in the stands to
9:21 pm
but the mind live in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. thank you. coming up, a judge makes a decision on whether or not a controversial mural. >> we'll stay after san francisco school officials pushed to have it removed why today's ruling by not be the end of this to your lawn. >> and a bakery teenagers sharing her story of survival when crocodile grabbed her leg and pulled her under water.
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>> this is a dramatic story of survival, a marine county teenager was attacked by a crocodile while on a beach in mexico. well, what a crock first, michelle kingston talk to the young woman who is now recovering in hospital. i just remember saying like please don't leave me like, please help me. what started out as a fun girls trip to the beach ended up being a nightmare. other vacation and around and it grabbed again on my left leg. and that was the time. i didn't think i was going to get out. kiyana hummel had just finished dinner with her best friend at a resort in mexico when she says they walk down to the beach.
9:25 pm
>> within minutes, a crocodile attacked bringing her under the water. she says the crocodile was at least 12 feet long. he left big open wounds and lacerations on her legs tour muscles and tendons and kiyana says she may not be able to walk for a few months because of nerve damage just happened so quickly. i'd like didn't really have much emotion with >> i really remember was just being pulled in the first time in my friend trying to grab me. and his mom was back in moraine county when this happened to and couldn't believe what she was hearing a phone that it was a joke, honestly. and then i was just like, yeah, right. you know, and then when i saw all the face time than i was just like, oh, my god. what is going on. and just mom in state quickly up the next flight out kiyana is now recovering at bay area hospital. we were unable to reach the resort for comment. michelle kingston, kron. 4 news. >> brent prices are on the rise again in the bay area but not everywhere. after the break, we're going to show you
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where you can live for less than $2000 a month. plus a shooting in broad daylight in oakland's chinatown. but police are saying about the investigation in a tragic car crash in minnesota hits home here in the bay area. husband wife and their child all died after traveling to a family reunion. how the east ba community is remembering them community is remembering them tonight. guys. as a urologist, i've seen it all. what's normal for some men may not be normal for others. so, if your normal erection is off because of a bend with a bump that bothers you, then we should talk, because it could be peyronie's disease, or pd. a treatable condition that involves a buildup of scar tissue. don't wait, find a urologist who can diagnose and treat pd; and can explain all your options, including nonsurgical treatments. find a specialized urologist today at
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lose. >> 3 people just like that. tonight, a community in these bays mourning, the tragic loss of a husband wife and their child. investigators say the family from piedmont was visiting minnesota when they were killed in a car crash over the weekend. our kron four's dan thorn was at a vigil tonight in piedmont. he joins us now live with more. dan. >> camera just learning tonight that the couple's teenage daughter was killed in that crash. but their 15 year-old son is expected to survive the saint john family is well respected in this piedmont community and dozens of people came out tonight to remember them. the piedmont community gathering and exit drip lassen to remember the lives of a family killed in a horrifying crash. >> john and jill saint john and their 13 year-old daughter. claire died sunday in a 2 car collision in la sewer county, minnesota. it's a sad. >> sad thing to lose. 3 people
9:30 pm
just like that. >> the saint johns river family when the tragic accident happened. the le sewer county sheriff says 4 people were killed, including a 9 year-old boy and 3 others were injured, including the saint john's 15 year-old son clears friends remembering her as someone they always wanted to be around to the best people i've ever met. >> heartbroken. neighbors have been leaving flowers and messages on the doorstep of the family's piedmont home the saint john's were remembered for being helpful is a very nice to sing. i'm sick. i'm a very said this stunt tight knit community is struggling to come to grips with the loss. >> but they say coming together will help everyone with healing. i think it was that. >> everybody there was shocked that it did happen. was just very nice to see everybody there.
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>> the saint john's 15 year-old son ryan is expected to be released from the hospital later this week. the crash is still under investigation tonight. but sheriff's officials in minnesota say that it is likely that alcohol was not a factor in this crash reporting live in piedmont. dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan. in oakland. then investigation is underway after a shooting in broad daylight near police headquarters. >> happened just after 03:00pm at broadway and 8th street. nobody hurt oakland. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. and on the peninsula. daly city police are asking for the public's help to find this man suspected of stealing packages from a porch. the incident happened on july 25th the is said being described as either hispanic or caucasian between 2535 years old. he is tall possibly bald with multiple tattoos on his hands, his arm and head. if you happen to see him give daly city police a call. >> new at 9 a mural that
9:32 pm
sparked controversy at george washington high school in san francisco will remain displayed after efforts to cover it up in 2019 today the judge overturned a decision by the san francisco unified school district to remove it ruling that the school board failed to conduct an environmental review of covering the art work, the 1936 mural is titled life of washington by victor are not off and it has been criticized as offensive for its depiction of native americans and african-americans. the school district spokeswoman said the district was still reviewing the order. all the alumni association was not immediately available to comment on the judge's ruling. >> apartment rental prices increased about 3% month over month in san francisco. that's even higher than the national rental market which side 2.5% increase over the same period. and believe it or not, you know, you still can find a one-bedroom apartment in the bay area for less than $2000 a month. our conference has it made shows us where.
9:33 pm
>> apartment rental prices in the nation's 100 largest cities are on the rise. according to the online rental for san francisco holds the top spot for the priciest one bedroom in the u.s. averaging just over $2700. both san jose and oakland also making it into the top 10. however, it is still possible to find a one-bedroom apartment for less than $2000 here in the bay area. >> that is if you're willing to hit the road to east contra costa county like here at the mosaic apartments in the city of pittsburgh. >> where these attractive one-bedrooms start at around $1795 and come equipped with a pool. a few miles up the road in the city of antioch. the price for a one-bedroom apartment is even lower at the village west departments. $1595 will set you up with a one bedroom here. and it also comes with a swimming right
9:34 pm
out here late. we found the lowest monthly rent for a one-bedroom required a little more traveling deeper into the east contra costa county to the town of oakley here at the commons grothe. a one-bedroom apartment is just over $1400. and there are other apartments listed in all 3 cities where you will find the rental price for a one-bedroom. and in $2000. >> a bridge. >> oakland. it took about 40 minutes to get here from the city during the non commute hour. obviously the travel time will be extended during the morning and evening. but that's not a problem for you. you might want to consider making a move to the east bay. haaziq kron 4 news. >> the covid pandemic decimated many businesses, including one industry. that's really not getting much attention. yeah. we're talking about your neighborhood dry cleaners. a group of korean american dry cleaner owners has launched a petition drive in california to try to get more funding to save mom and pop dry cleaning businesses around the bay area. they say many of them were denied funding when the last round of stimulus money was available.
9:35 pm
the head of the federation of korean dry cleaners association says they simply don't have the political strength that many other industries have with lawmakers. >> about minute. but then these all are mom and pop stores. so we don't ever use saws to call to the problem. n they did. this is all trade show and we need problem and help the ppp that has to be a was providing forced we got that most public record and got the first one up that second ppp, which is they give them a lot more. then. but the and. in my cell. i didn't get that. >> national players association says one out of 6 dry cleaning businesses had to close their doors due the pandemic. but the losses among asian american businesses may be even higher. the petitions that they're gathering will be sent to state lawmakers in sacramento.
9:36 pm
>> still ahead tonight, a trip to the beauty supply turns violent after a woman attacked the owners of the store. we're going hear from the family of the victims. after the break. >> and it's going to be a little hot in parts of the bay area, some places not so much. we'll break that all down coming up next. >> and as far as the dodgers are in town for big series against the giants sports director jason dumas has the highlights. the game just ended. the results will come back
9:37 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> we were treated to some high level baseball tonight at 3rd and king dodgers giants playoff atmosphere in july. you can't beat. it was a packed house. look at willie mae's positive. i see a little too much blue. but that comes with the territory regional rivalry. bottom of the 6th giants down a run. one offer buster posey. that little flair brings in a run and the giants tie it up for trying bottom of the 8th. a couple runners on rough grounds some heads up base running from the u.s. trustee and. look at this who is he throwing it to cody bellinger ailment air mails. it across the diamonds posey scores on the air. the giants take the lead and it's just golf final. they win 2 to one. they're now 3 games up on la in the national league west and they are guaranteed to go
9:40 pm
into the trade deadline. at first place. all right. it was training day. it was the first day of training camp for the forty-niners dot training day. that was a good movie. >> no practice. but everyone checked in went through testing and had some meetings tomorrow they'll strap up the pads and get to business this is a niners team to head into the year with high expectations. the fan base expects them to win and more importantly, they expect to win. but kyle shanahan ham realizes this, especially after last year, health has got to be the main priority. george kittle agrees. he was also happy to see us. the media. you guys. ever have fun. goodness gracious. >> it's better than a much squares. the goal is you want to get players to week one. but you also want to make sure they can get healthy. they can stay healthy to those first 4 weeks. i feel like if you can stay healthy to those first 4
9:41 pm
weeks and you got a better chance of having a callous and making it through the year. >> all right. the best gymnast in the world will now be watching from the sidelines at least temporarily simone biles has dropped out of the team portion of the olympics citing her mental health. we still don't know. she will participate in the individual portion. let's hear what she had to say. >> i just felt like it would be a little bit better to take a backseat work on mindfulness. and i knew that the girls would you have an absolutely great job and i didn't want to risk the medal for kind of my scrubs because they worked way too hard for that. so i just decided that the those girls need to go into the rest on titian. >> all righty that you look at
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>> the dixie fire burning in butte and plumas counties is now bigger than the city of new york. officials say it's now burned more than 208,000 acres at least 22 buildings have been destroyed. another 10,000 structures are threatened the dixie fire is 23% contained. also in plumas county, the beckwourth complex fires nearing full containment. thankfully that fire was started by lightning on july 3rd. since then, it has grown to more than 100,000 acres in the plumas national forest. firefighters are working to keep that manageable to ensure that the flames don't break containment. it's currently
9:45 pm
98% contained and near the california nevada border crews are still working to try to contain the tamarack fire that's been burning for almost a month and alpine county mandatory evacuations are in place for dozens of communities. more than 68,000 acres have burned there. containment is now at 54%. for the latest on the weather around these fires. want to check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> yeah, guys. the good news is we didn't have as many to fund or storms rolling over the sierra nevada today. but still very hot temperatures and many of those places. so we'll see the hot temperatures get return for tomorrow. so difficult to for firefighters up there fighting those fires, but maybe a little break from all those thunderstorms, maybe more. the thunderstorm activity located more in the central and southern sierra nevada said of the north fog low clouds, rotating in along the coastline right now. look up toward quote, our right now looking beautiful out there. but the fog looking a little thick outside as it can as we get into late july and august gets compressed right down near the surface. watch out for some dense fog along the coastline overnight tonight
9:46 pm
right through the golden gate bridge. all right. these storms rolling on by see a couple those lightning strikes up there and some of that off the coastline. but for the most part, that monsoon kind of just sweeping on by leaves behind a couple raindrops and light sprinkles in parts of the north bay. that things kind of drying out now. and that's where we said that's a good place to be as we get ready for the day. tomorrow. looks like some changes coming our way. still a couple light scattered showers up toward reading up for the shot area of the most part bay area, things are kind of quieting down on the models. you'll notice here. you can see the monsoon up to the north. watch what happens. we take you through time here. some patchy fog moving in along the coastline. another round of some subtropical moisture but not much, but that will make for some partly cloudy skies here in the bay area by tomorrow. and again, we'll f showers pop up over the central and southern parts of the sierra nevada with a month soon. and so that's kind of the case. you get that big dome of high pressure kind of camped out over the 4 corners and basically which were way of flex is a flexes back toward california. they can latch on to some of that subtropical moisture move back in our
9:47 pm
direction. temperatures are going to look like this for tomorrow. you're looking at 60's and much of san francisco fog along the coastline. those temperatures generally in the 60's inside the bay 76 in millbrae 77 a burning game 81 in palo alto. you see some 80's, maybe couple low 90's into the south bay mid-nineties the warmer spots, inland. looks like those temperatures staying hot at least in the interior valleys. but along the coastline, we could be fairly cool. those numbers go to stay in the 60's staying hot, but it's fairly summer next thursday and friday i think the return of some of the monsoonal clouds rolling in over the weekend. to swing a long way to go in this fire season. monsoons are just part of time of year. were 2 possibilities for dry lightning to rain may be, police say this is rather bizarre caught on surveillance video, a brutal attack leaves a family calling for justice. >> the owners of an ohio beauty store are recovering from their injuries after an angry customer attack them and destroyed their store. it
9:48 pm
reportedly all started after the customers. prepaid debit card was declined reporter kevin freeman from our sister station in cleveland has the story. >> a lot of police. surveillance cameras captured video of a woman violently attacking the owners of chic plus, beauty supply store on the rain avenue in cleveland around 5 o'clock friday evening. the owner's son, david. joe says he didn't learn of the attack until monday morning when his brother sent him a video clip watching your parents get. >> the restaurant and dragged on the story that worked so hard for i couldn't. i couldn't finish watching video, at how would get out here. you would never see your story. cleveland police say the woman was trying to buy something using a prepaid debit card. >> that was declined. all i'm trying to is get my not clear
9:49 pm
that we cannot >> could these not clear what my father explained that are very clearly that the reason the you're able to walk out. the products is there's no money in the account. the car was the night there for. obviously you can't take the products out of the store and that seemed to set off. >> surveillance video shows the woman knocks down the man leaves behind the counter and attacks both owners. it shows the suspect dragging david's mother by her hair from behind the counter while destroying displays throughout the store. some of their injuries are too graphic to show. i just saw my mom today since it happened and perused up in the hair has been pulled out. >> she has bruises all over her body might that miles was all blood it up. david says his family has operated the store on the rain avenue for about 5 years. and although they have dealt with irate customers. it's never been anything like this. i don't think anybody expects their
9:50 pm
parents. to know. you know, brutally beaten like that and then having to watch it on video and not being able to anything about it. you know, it was. >> tough to know this probably helpless. >> so no word on what happened with the attacker there. that was kevin freeman reporting. >> britney spears. new attorney is following through on plans to get her father removed from the conservatorship that she's been under since 2008 yesterday, the new lawyer filed a petition to have james spears replaced with this specific account and to oversee the pop icon's assets. the attorney says that the arraignment has grown increasingly toxic. he says that they still want the conservatorship the and all together. but we are addressing this issue first, a court hearing is going to be held in 2 months of james spears. he has not commented. he controls his daughter's finances. well, a co-conservator over sees her life decisions and health care last month, spears called her
9:51 pm
father abusive and has said that she will not perform again under this arrangement. >> next, it's part of this year's back to school list. a covid vaccination. we're going to tell you the lengths some parents are willing to go to even lying to get their children. the shot. now for
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
some of us it might seem like summer is just begun. but across the country, children
9:54 pm
are getting ready to go back to school. yeah. and with covid cases once again surging in. >> kids under the age of 12 unable to get the vaccine. some parents are considering taking matters into their own hands supporter. markie. martin has the details from dallas tonight. >> this new variant and the ones to come make even more concerned as jason morton's 9 year-old daughter prepares to go back to school he's considering doing something some might call drastic. when i first held her in my arms. i made a promise that i would always take care of her. >> and this is one of those situations where i'm going to do something maybe extraordinary to do that. morton says he might lie about her age so she can get the covid-19 vaccine a vaccine not yet available to children under the age of 12. >> highway. >> her safety verses the morality making this decision and to be honest, the morality of it doesn't weigh quite nearly as much is protecting my >> i definitely know where parents are coming from. they
9:55 pm
want their kids to be safe. doctor elizabeth thomas is a dallas-based pediatrician while she understands morton's desire. she says it is a bad idea. knowing that that the trial only 12 and i think you'd be wise in the part of the parent to wait until their child has weeks at minimum age. >> for now. doctor thomas suggest parents encourage their children to wear masks at school while vaccines are being thoroughly tested rest assure that vaccine is going to be coming out. we just don't know exactly when. >> who so many things paul, yeah really call all the schools having and, you know, tough decision maybe get some air purifiers are masks. are you. what plastic back up again just in between yet we thought were getting out of it. it's not over dog on it. all right. well, that wraps up kron 4 news at night. i'll be joining catherine heenan when our primetime news continues at the top the hour and she's here in the studio to. >> give us a look at what's coming up. catherine. yeah. thank you ken and vickie. and
9:56 pm
speaking of speaking of the cdc is now recommending everybody wear a mask indoors. even if you're fully vaccinated. >> the information that has prompted that change. meantime, contra, costa county dealing with a very troubling trend. covid hospitalizations have quadrupled in the past month and the case rate more than doubled in just about a week. what leaders are now considering slow the surge will have those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 10.
9:57 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> and now 10 masks are back across the country tonight. yes, even if you're vaccinated as the delta variant continues to spread quickly. the cdc has changed its guidelines yet again. cdc now says everyone
10:00 pm
should mask up indoors in parts of the country where. >> vaccination rates are low and cases are climbing. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> the cdc releasing new information tonight. and it does show a troubling spike in cases. >> take a look at this map of every county in the u.s. those in red and orange our where the cdc says the level of community transmission of covid is either high or substantial is recommending everybody wear masks indoors to try to slow the spread. the areas in yellow are where the spread is considered moderate and blue is low. >> and if we zoom all the way into our bay area. you can see the cdc's guidance applies to all 9 counties here in the bay area. according to the cdc alameda contra, costa san francisco solano counties all have the highest level of community transmission and in the spread is considered substantial in the remaining


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