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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  July 28, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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d more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> and thanks for joining us on a wednesday. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher is we're starting off this morning at 07:00am with a look outside live the look that bad out there just a palm tree between us yeah. but what's dave in the weather center with more on what we're seeing beyond our view here, dave, ok, we got morning, guys. good morning, everybody. we are still the negotiator. some fog around the immediate. they nice to see that. keep those temperatures suppressed a little bit. however. >> this afternoon, particularly in the east bay. we're going to see temperatures take a nice print to about 100. it looks like
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for high temperatures today. today, tomorrow the 2 days we want to watch. then a little bit of breather as we head on to the weekend, particularly next week. looks pretty good there, too. here's the progress of the fog along the east bay shoreline. and you can see just above everything. it's the blue skies that will take over that. we do have some scattered clouds are going to keep in the forecast. that's a loft above all of this fog that we have. meanwhile, the golden gate bridge. pretty socked in from right there. that's kind of a fog trap. any rate the major players we have obviously the high pressure in the west or west coast. that's going provide a little bit of a flow pattern to bring up some scattered clouds later on, though that low in the gulf of alaska usually brings us rain in the winter months. but this go-around will cool us off as we head into next week. temperature check. it's been the 60's all this morning really overnight in the east bay 50's line. the east bay shoreline 50's also in the north bay to and for comparison actually around the base a little cooler. now than it was this time from yesterday. the breakdown 82 by what are 11 rather by 2 o'clock 92 and just building on that into the afternoon.
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well, little bit more on your forecast coming up in a bit. right now. rain has a look at traffic right now. >> dave, thanks for that. we have a hot spot out there. this is in hayward. 2 38 southbound at east 14th street. there is a disabled tractor trailer there and a spiel. so they had to shut down that off-ramp there closed. you can still get to 8.80. but you're seeing a little delay as a result of that, we had an early-morning hot spot on the bay bridge. they were able to get that vehicle. 80 westbound right near the treasure island exit now your drive times a little under 18 minute drive times haven't really recovered from that earlier. hot spot on the bay bridge that was here headed across towards the peninsula. no major delays in case you up to take this bridge a little under 15 minutes for your drive time there. and the richmond, sandra fell commute under 14 out of richmond. darya. james, back to you. all right. thank you very much. rain. and let's begin the 7 o'clock hour with our big story this morning. we have teamcoverage on the very latest with the coronavirus. >> the covid-19 delta variant and how rapidly it's spreading across the country. this is a map of the cdc put out yesterday to illustrate at a
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glance where we're seeing the worst spread of the covid variant. you want to look for the areas in red. those states showing the highest level of covid transmission followed by orange which they categorize as substantial levels. that's where california is right now. yellow is moderate. transmission is a little bit lower. but you can see it's the upper tier the u.s. around the great lakes and up in the northeast where we're seeing those levels. but it's these areas in deep red that are of greatest concern for health officials starry and james because of that, the rapid spread of covid has forced the cdc to change its guidelines. >> new guidelines saying that now even if you're fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask while you're inside come for. dan kerman has more. >> if you're not already masking up. when you go inside a public place. federal health officials say now is the time to start. even if you're vaccinated. >> we know that are vaccinated individuals and are rare case that there are breakthrough have the potential to pass the virus on the head of the cdc says the fact that vaccinated
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individuals. >> can now transmit the delta variant to others has caused the cdc did now recommend in areas with substantial and high transmission, fully vaccinated. people should wear masks in public indoor settings to help prevent the spread of the delta variant and protect others. this includes schools. >> wearing a mask for everybody means that keeps everybody safe. >> u c berkeley infectious disease specialist doctor john swartzberg says most new infections hospitalizations and deaths are among the unvaccinated. he says the new guidance will protect them as well as the most vulnerable. >> the largest group of unvaccinated people are children under the age of 12 and also for people who are immunocompromised who may have been vaccinated where the vaccine may not have worked as well. those people would be at greater risk. forgetting. infected having a breakthrough infection could be really
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serious. and what parts of the bay area been complimented for their vaccination efforts. >> the cdc's new guidance applies to all 9 counties in the bay area. that's because its covid tracker finds the 9 counties either have a high level of transmission seen here in red or a substantial level of transmission, seen her in orange. to fall into that category of substantial you need at least 15 new cases per 100,000 people. >> in the last week. again, the cdc says all 9 bay area counties fall into that category. in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> and while school leaders here in the bay area are keeping a close eye on the covid situation. they say they're confident the kids will begin the new school year back in the classroom. some superintendents and union representatives that we spoke with say that they did learn a lot over the past year and they're confident but they're prepared for the fall semester. >> as we're still in the pandemic. and we understand that. but we're not in the same place. we were previously
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and that horrific year we went through allowed us to learn a lot which we will benefit us at this current point. >> what we really, really, really are encouraging people to do is to vaccinated because that's going to be the quickest way to get us all back safely very optimistic and excited to be out. but what do we want to see our kids back, who want to see them back in class because we know this is the best place for them. >> as school officials say that everyone will have to follow the covid protocols as we continue working our way through this pandemic. >> a lot of things are changing new this morning. california state university schools are going to require everybody who wants to be on campus in the fall has to be vaccinated. so the csu system coming out with that, trying to curb the spread of the delta variant among the younger populations. namely college kids crawford's will trend live at cal state east bay. >> with the story. will. >> james. they're so serious about this, that it's not just the students. like duryea
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said, everybody. that's the key word. everybody who wants to be on campus. this fall will have to be vaccinated and that means the ground crew were talking staff and students as well because the delta variant the chancellor actually has the endorsement from the unions representing thousands of workers at 23 campuses that are run by csu. obviously cal state east bay is one of those campuses you have until september 30th to prove that you're vaccinated or you will not be allowed to see your professor face to face. and if you're professor doesn't want to be vaccinated, then that professor will be worked with with the csu system. it appears that they will provide online classes. still this fall. not sure what they will do for the entire school season. but they did say that they will have some online classes, especially for those who cannot be vaccinated because of preexisting conditions or religious beliefs. so that's still something that they want to work out. but before the rest of the population. they're
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saying there's really no reason for you not to be vaccinated. the delta variant obviously being a key reason why you should. but they also point to 4 billion people across the globe that have already been vaccinated. they did acknowledge that there possibly could be some side effects. but the negatives they do not outweigh the positives to getting vaccinated, especially with so many people who might be carrying the delta variant and not know it. and that is why this campus you can still icy one person there. you can still be on campus for now, but come the fall season if you're not vaccinated, they will not allow you on campus. we're almost going back. i was thinking about this, james. yes, we're nerds. it's almost like going back to the future from what we saw last year. back to boy, well, let's hope we can get this stamped out before. >> gets back to well, all right. like we said, lots of things are changing now tempered cisco mayor london breed says the city. >> isn't going to hire anybody who's not vaccinated in the new policy begins today. also
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all 35,000 current city employees are required to get their covid shots, but not until the fda grants full approval to a covid vaccine. right now. the pfizer moderna and johnson johnson vaccines are just for emergency use. >> in the east bay leaders in contra, costa county are considering requiring all of the county yorkers there to be vaccinated. and that this mandate comes after the county recorded 2800 new cases of covid in the past 2 weeks. most of them involving the delta variant in unvaccinated people. county leaders are also pushing for a vaccine mandate after they saw a covid outbreak at the county detention facility 23 inmates have covid now 7. '09, is a time. >> national headlines. president joe biden also thinking about possibly requiring federal employees to get vaccinated as well. a reporter asked him a question about hat yesterday. here's how he responded.
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>> consideration right now actually, you're not nearly as far as i it's those >> well, earlier this week it was announced that health care workers at the department of veterans affairs are going to be required to get the shot sometime within the next 2 months. officials say they have 4 employees in that department die from covid-19 in recent weeks and all of them were unvaccinated. for more on the vaccination requirements. the mask guidelines that seem to be evolving. now you want to make sure you check out our website. kron 4 dot com with put together special section with all that information for you and that qr code that you see on your screen will take you right there. so just scan that with your phone. and again, it will take you to kron 4 dot com where we have that for you, especially as things seem to be changing here in the weeks ahead. >> 7.10 right now. and breaking news from tokyo overnight. gymnast simone biles has withdrawn from the
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final of the individual all around competition and we know that just yesterday she withdrew from the team event. citing mental health reasons. we've got really double r us in tokyo with the story. >> less than 24 hours after simone biles pulled herself out of the team finals usa gymnastics announced that she will not participate in the all around competition gymnastics superstar simone biles will not be defending her 2016 gold medal in the all around competition here in tokyo, biles withdrew from the team finals after one rotation after stumbling on the vault as she left the floor with the coach when she returned, she told her teammates she would stay on the sides, cheering them on after women won silver bile shared that she set out for her mental health. and it's been really stressful. this olympic games. i think just as a whole, i'm not having an audience. there are a lot of different variables going into it. it's been a long week. it's been a long olympic process. it's been a long. >> year. biles said she take
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things day by day. but wednesday afternoon in tokyo, usa, gymnastics released this statement saying in part. >> after further medical evaluation. simone biles has withdrawn from the final individual all around competition. we wholeheartedly support simone's decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being. the statement goes on to say that her courage shows why she's a role model for so many people. jade carey will replace her in the all around competition and no word yet of files will compete in the individual events coming up next week, usa gymnastics says she'll be evaluated daily before making that decision in tokyo. i'm marielena balouris. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the latest on a grass fire in the south bay that. homes for a time. we'll have details on how big it got in with the situation is now. plus, it was an emotional day in washington as the house begins its hearings on the capitol riots. we're going take a look at the testimony from capitol hill and after the break, a power alert issued for today as some parts of the bay area are set to see triple digit heat.
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>> we are back at some 15 happening today. cal iso has issued a statewide power alert. the agency in charge of california's power grid is forecasting higher than normal temperatures today. they're worried that that could lead to some power disruptions and rolling blackouts. if we don't all do our part to cut our usage. so the power alerts going to be in effect from 4 o'clock this afternoon until 00:00pm tonight. you're asked to conserve energy avoid using
7:16 am
major appliances during that time so that we can protect the grid. means the a c 2. don't get cooler than 78 degrees. right. and it gets harder and don't do the dishes during the day because that all add up to making your house too hot. also called in my car and do the dishes. yeah. i wish i you know, cal iso. >> whether the that's what you can do. but i know because i have to conserve water right. right. we all right. well, i keep my thermos saturday winds at 78 you guys morning, everybody. we have so little that morning fog going on here. you can see it kind of collecting here along the east bay shoreline. but there is blue up there to help mix it out as we go into. >> later morning hours and also around the golden gate bridge. it's still kind of this is the fog trap. any way. kind of hangs around covers up the towers until we get to the late morning hours, futurecast jumping over to that. now we do still keep some scattered clouds left over in our forecast. technically that could bust our forecast high in some of the east bay
7:17 am
locations. meanwhile, the thunder showers will continue in the sierra today fire up again for tomorrow as we continue to watch some leftover cloudiness. still a little bit around our neck of the woods. but temperatures will still be quite lofty. so the game plan is this hot inland near 100 in spots. east bay is going to take this mostly bay temperatures, 70's and 80's zone. meanwhile, friday and saturday still that hot inland on friday saturday watching out for some of those monsoon clouds and then finding that reach into next week as temperatures retreat a bit today keeping some of the scattered clouds in our future. 69 san francisco, 77 oakland 83 san jose inland. again, we're looking for temperatures to pop near 100 or so up in the north bay. more of a 90 story. it looks like in those valleys or upper 80's will have, of course more on your 4 zone forecast but want check things out of traffic. tell us a day. thanks for that update. on the hot spot we have out in hayward. all lanes now open this was a disabled tractor trailer in spiel. now the trailer there is still there and the spill is still there. they just have
7:18 am
off-ramp shut down. >> that's open. but again, as you can see, we're seeing some delays along to 30 late and 8.80. so again, this is to 38 southbound at east 14th street out in hayward heading into the city this morning, a little under 14 minutes at the bay bridge will have a look as your other bridges coming up. for now daria, send it back to you. thank you. at 7.18 in for your money this morning. fewer americans are donating to charity and starbucks is not being impacted by the rise in coffee prices. jane king is live in new york with those stories and more. hi, james. >> haidar. good morning yes. isn't that interesting? first of all, starbucks says it is cold coffee drinks are hugely popular specially a of millennials. also gen x'ers and also propel profits for the most recent quarter and starbucks locked in the price of its coffee beans for the next 14 that protects it from the rising price of coffee has been hit by drought and then a frost and coffee prices are 6
7:19 am
year highs. well, wal-mart, the largest private employer said it will invest 1 billion dollars over the next 5 years to cover the cost of college tuition and books for its us employees starting on august 16th the retailer will drop its one dollar a-day fee for walmart and sam's club associates who are part of the company's look better. you education program overall warmer says one and a half million associates will earn a are reaching record highs. but the giving is down by a smaller slice of the population that by indina university's lilly family school of philanthropy found the percentage of americans who gave to religious causes has gone down as attendance at church and other worship services gone down. and they also people who donated to secular causes has never bounced back from the great recession. well, gen x workers hit hardest by the jobs crisis
7:20 am
associate with covid-19 gen xers. typically those born between 1965 in 1980 they'll put a concern for those 45 and older. of course, we're going on before the pandemic. but next you say covid made it harder to gain employment and keep it was a job. my from new york, i'm jane king. back to area. thanks, jane. >> 7.20, on the clock. national news now, the first hearing for the congressional committee investigating the attack on the u.s. capitol was an emotional one for the 4 officers who defended the testified before lawmakers in our washington correspondent alexandra limon has the story. >> emotions boiled over tuesday as law enforcement officers shared the injuries and trauma they suffered during the attack on the u.s. capitol. >> the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful officer michael fanone said he suffered a heart attack and concussion. >> after being attacked for known said the investigation into the insurrection on january 6 should not be
7:21 am
partisan. he and 3 other law enforcement officers relived their experiences, telling lawmakers the mob simply outnumbered them. i was grabbed beaten tased. >> all while be called a traitor to my country. i was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm. >> the select committee is made up mostly of democratic lawmakers after republican leader kevin mccarthy pulled most of the republicans from the committee because speaker pelosi rejected 2 of his selections. but republican congresswoman liz cheney, who is on the committee anyway says congress needs to investigate everyone's involvement in the attack. we must also know what happened every minute of that day in the white house every phone call, every conversation and the second republican on the committee, congressman adam kinzinger also made an impassioned case for thoroughly investigating the insurrection in a democracies. >> are not defined. by our bad
7:22 am
days. we're defined by how we come back from days. >> even before the hearing began house republican leaders held a press conference outside of the capital calling this investigation a sham. but the lawmakers on that committee say they plan to press forward aggressively even planning to use subpoenas in order to get all of the facts. reporting in washington, alexandra le mon. 7.22. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay area teenager. >> a fun girls trip. tapped by a crocodile and she still in the hospital will tell you where it happened.
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>> 7.24 now you've got to hear about the crocodile adventure which started out as a fun girls trip and ended up on nightmare for a marine county teenager key all was on vacation. she just finished dinner with her best friend. there's a resort in mexico and they're walking close to the water and within minutes, a crocodile. but actor grabbed her leg pulled are under water and you could see the wounds here. she says that crock was at least 12 feet long and the wounds. big open wounds cuts on her legs and she may not be able to walk, she says, for a few months because of the nerve damage. it just happened so quickly. i like didn't really have much emotion with >> i really remember was just
7:26 am
being pulled in the first time in my friend trying to grab me, a that it was a joke, honestly. and then i was just like, yeah, right. you know, and then when i saw all the face time than i was just like, oh, my god, what is going on. and just mom instinct quickly got the next flight out. >> and there's a mob now in the hospital with her as she continues to recover. now at a bay area hospital. can you imagine getting that call. >> yeah, right. or is that. >> today marks 2 years since the gilroy garlic festival shooting the day we lost 3 young lives. i'm live in delaware this morning to talk to about a service today we have
7:27 am
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>> 7.29 a heavily shot here and it just makes me think about the lesson i learned yesterday. i will share with you i was with grandpa diego my 100 year old friend, ok. and he that he prays and i said what ask for. any said own home. i don't ask for anything. i just say thank you. well, there you go. he prays all day long and it's always thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. every day took that on board like wake up feeling
7:30 am
yeah. all right. let's get to the weather center. we have dave standby look at our forecast this morning. those clouds look beautiful in that shot. dave, thank you. working are they. good morning. good morning, some of action fog is back again across the bay. >> give us a couple of hours to kind of clear on out and will go into scattered cloudy kind of day. we've got a mention that even though we're looking for temperatures well inland to be popping near 100. now. this will be inland mostly in the east bay, not so much up in the north bay. here's another shot for you. this is the east bay shoreline up to the top of it. you can see some of the blue making its way through. that's going to help us out mix the south, the shrubbery in the foreground is finally starting to come into view. whatever leftover fog we have, as you can see in the next couple of hours away. it goes high pressure is in the west and we're on the backside providing a little bit of leftover monsoon. that will be the case today. tomorrow really watching saturday's the next big day to see what comes with all of that temperatures have been retained in the 60's through much of the overnight in the far east bay 71 at this hour in antioch, cooler 50's to the north bay and 62 san
7:31 am
jose. breaking your day down. will do about 81 11 o'clock at 2 92, however, temperatures expected to continue to climb from that point. onward going to check in your 4 zone forecast in just a bit. right now you see a line of cars there. all right. now already has more on what's going on. we had their building. we had earlier hot spot there at the bay bridge day. that's why you're seeing the traffic building. but it's already pretty be at the bay bridge. all right. we have a traffic collision. is up in pleasant hill. 6.80 southbound at monument boulevard. so again, we're seeing some delays along 6.80. it's also pretty slow along highway 4 as well. >> we also a hot spot here in hayward, but they open up all the lanes. but the disabled tractor trailer and that spill are still there. so again, you got to see some slowing along to 38 southbound at east 14th street. that's where that is also 8.80 is pretty slow as well heading into the city this morning down to under 13 minutes for your drive times. so much improved from that earlier hot spot that we have and let's get a look at the san mateo bridge as you head across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 16
7:32 am
minutes starring james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain 7.31, is the time happening today in the south bay memorial service to mark 2 years since the deadly mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival later this morning. the community will honor the victims. conversar stinson is live near christmas hill park in gilroy with more. sara. >> yeah, i can't believe it's been 2 years with 2020 being what it was. it was 2 years ago today that we lost 3 young lives at the gilroy garlic festival and there's a memorial site here at christmas hill park crossed you can see the names of those 3 young people. and let's take a look at their photos so we can honor them ourselves. remembering them today. 2 years later from left to right. you can see 6 year-old stephen romero from san jose, 13 year-old kayla salazar from san jose and 25 year-old trevor irby from santa cruz. 19 people were also wounded on
7:33 am
that horrific day when it was supposed to be a day of celebrating at the annual garlic fest will such a fun event, but instead a 19 year-old man decided to open fire into the festivals crowd and the days after the entire bay area was in shock grieving the loss ever since it was since then. it's been a time of healing really haven't stopped healing from this unthinkable tragedy for weeks after you can see investigators at christmas hill park trying to figure out how it all happened and why. of course we never truly got a motive as to why the goodman decided to do such a horrible thing. but at last year's memorial service the city ago we did on 3 police officers for their active they ran towards the gunfire from sending more casualties from happening. >> i'm sure in today's service will hear about them today again because of what they did in to save more lives. unfortunately the pandemic stop the gilroy garlic festival from happening last
7:34 am
year due to, you know, of course everyone having to stay home. but this year they're doing sort of a drive-thru events. you can go through garment alley. so that's cool. least get to do something. get back to that. call it food. and today will really be a day of on during those 3 lives lost that service happens at 10 o'clock this morning. it's the live stream soon to come by in person and you can watch it on kron on our streaming app as well. reporting live in gilroy. sarah stinson, back to you. >> thank you very much, sara. 7.34 right now. and happening now. we want to show you the picture of a boy that police are looking for in oakland. he's 12 years old and he's missing gary and watson was last seen at 11 o'clock yesterday morning on foothill boulevard. and they think police say he's a runaway. he's in good mental and physical condition that just want to find of these 5 foot 4, a 110 pounds with brown eyes. in the south bay fire.
7:35 am
crews were out all night. they were trying to make sure that this grass fire didn't reignite. it started burning in milpitas and then it jumped over a coyote creek into san jose. that prompted a shelter-in-place order along mill river lane as of this morning, though, everything's fine. the fire is out. it's contained. they estimate the size to be about 25 acres. >> one of the leading candidates to replace governor gavin newsome in the upcoming recall election was in the bay area on the campaign trail. he was in san francisco. kevin faulconer, he says that governor newsom has been tough enough on crime and he says that his experience that he gained while being mayor san diego makes him a better candidate and better able to do the job. >> gavin newsom has failed this great city and he's failing our great state and i'm proud again that we were voted the safest big city in america. i was i was proud that we did not defund the police. >> and i was proud that we stand up and we do the right thing.
7:36 am
>> well, faulkner also said that he does not support statewide mask mandates and the recall election as we know is set for september 14th will be seeing more and more messaging from the various candidates leading up to that date. and support, by the way, for recalling the governor is apparently growing a new poll by u c berkeley and the la times found that 47% of likely voters now say that they're fine. recalling the governor the other half wants to keep up now. the difference falls within the margin of error. so since this is a statistical tie. the poll is echoing results that we released from an emerson college. next, our poll which also showed recall support growing as well. the berkeley poll found that conservative radio host larry elder is leading right now. all challengers with 18% of the available vote, although for allergy 40% are still undecided. we'll take a break. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news another bay area city declares a drought emergency and now more people
7:37 am
are being required, not just asked. >> that required to reduce water usage. we'll tell you where. and the olympics happening in tokyo. we're celebrating japanese culture by getting a taste of their cuisine. and also coming up, bark closer to returning to pre pandemic levels actually ahead of schedule. temps expected to spike. well, inland today as we reach near about 100. here's the breakdown, though, to get you in the afternoon. 81 be at 11 o'clock and 2 o'clock at 92. we'll have a look at your 4 zone forecast. rain. >> and we've had a busy wednesday morning. several traffic collisions and some hot spots. now we're looking at some slower areas how your highways and bridges will have an updated. look, once we get back.
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>> 7.40 bart's, almost getting back to normal. they're going to increased service on their schedule to near regular service starting monday, which is a month earlier than they had planned on. they are going minutes to catch korea. train quicker also closing times extend instead a 09:00pm. they'll be stopping at midnight monday through saturday and saturday service will start earlier at 06:00am also they're going to be offering several new trips to sfo because people are starting not just go to work
7:41 am
but to travel again, the agency says that ridership is still nowhere near prepandemic levels. but they have seen a steady uptick in recent weeks. >> well, for your money this morning. drivers could soon. it's almost insulting to say could get a break at the pump you see how much you're about to say. give me a break. james. well, again, this is according to gasbuddy dot coms their numbers. but the national average price for gas dropped. by $0.3. >> this week. wow. 3 almost as good as a nickel. better than going up $0.3 that hit. this is should always goes up by better jump on this quick because analysts say they do expect that $0.3 to disappear prices to go back up again. >> so here's a breakdown of what prices are like around the bay area at the moment. we've got san francisco with the usual top spot at the most expensive for 54 on average 4.54. is better than 4.57. that's true. see counter thankful for what okay, thank you. so we've got at least another. well, you can see as you look down the list everybody is above $4.40, to
7:42 am
one degree or another. so yeah prices and you to be very don't forget that's regular that's cars are supposed to have the good stuff. the high test. they tell i believe in games. 7.41 will be 7.45 is
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
the time. and now to our ongoing drought emergency last month. as we know, governor newsome asked all californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 15%. well, we have city leaders now in american canyon that are going beyond that and they're calling for a mandatory water conservation now of 20 percent mandatory. so between noon and 6 o'clock in the evening. they're in american canyon. you can no longer use water for gardening landscape. you can't wash cars like this in the driveway. customers have to monitor their usage through an online portal provided by the city. now mayor leon garcia says that this at this point they're not going to punish violators, but they're going to keep track. and at some point they may roll out surcharges for customers who are the lately ignoring a mandate. if we maintain this level we can get through this route as predicted in normal rain cycles. just take it seriously >> do we need to do to get through this situation.
7:46 am
>> yeah. the city right now is providing free access to water containers and recycled water at to fill stations in town. you can use that water for your landscaping purposes. they also say that they can deliver this recycled water to your home and business too. if your question, i get all kinds of tricks. i tell you about the bucket die in the shower and then i always use the dog water like you want give them fresh water, but that's perfectly good water. and you can you to water the plants with that. >> so use everything absolutely reuse. reuse recycle that storm entre. let's get over to the weather center now. dave, good morning, daryn james, good morning. and good morning, everybody. still some leftover fog kind of hang around a little bit, as you can see over my shoulder to shoulder rather. >> along the east bay shoreline is where it is as we're reporting from the nor cal honda weather center. let's take a look at what's going on for the day ahead. we're going to switch over to this current temperatures to give you a general idea how things are starting out. we've been in the 60's from all over night. we never dropped below
7:47 am
that in the far east bay 71 know antioch. so we're going the other direction warming up upper 50's line up the east bay shoreline. more 50's up to the north bay, too. not going to warm up as much up to the north and 62. meanwhile for san jose there it is the big high pressure zone. we've always been on the west side of it. and every so often some of that monsoon sneaks on through and it will be firing off the thunder shower activity around the sierra we'll see some of this return a little bit on saturday. but the bigger issue is that low and the gulf of alaska going to provide us with some cooling relief. it looks like as we head into next week. so here it is right now all very quiet. but once we have the daytime heating a way it goes is handed over to future cast for there. you can see it flaring up during the daytime heating moments, stopping things a little bit for saturday. we're going to be watching for some of that monsoon snaking line and on and what it actually means for us in total. not exactly sure. we don't see a major break out in terms of any lightning issues next week that we finally get our treat as a slow provides us with some cooling all along the west coast. and look how it really
7:48 am
repels all of that to monsoon moisture into new mexico. just pushes it out of arizona. so a lot of relief from the west coast because of that. all right. so for the 4 zone forecast today. 69 san francisco will do the 60's along the coast near about 70 in some locations to the bay. 77 burlingame to the south will get some 80's. and here san carlos 8484 also palo alto 78 from mountain view in the south bay mid-eighties at work. 93 for morgan hill. 90 los gatos and more 80's along the east bay shoreline. tri valley check-in near 100 today. so the east bay, those numbers are going to be rocking today. daniel 100 also walnut creek one-on-one conquered 73 for richmond, the late with 73 also 93 for fairfield warm in the hot or hot up in part parts of the north bay, but not as hot as the east bay today 92 going on for santa rose with more 90's heading south 7 day forecast. we get past this traffic and we see temperatures fall a little bit of the weekend. this is the monsoon day to watch out for and then as we
7:49 am
get into next week. some relief heads our way. meanwhile, on the east bay shoreline were in the 70's and 80's 60's at the coast rain. what's going on with traffic. they we have some accidents out there like this one out in pleasant hill. 6 80 southbound at monument boulevard. again, we're seeing a delay long 6.80, and highway 4 is pretty slow at this hour as well. >> we had an earlier traffic collision and hot spot on the bay bridge drive times since gone down with 13 minutes heading from the east bay to that fremont street exit headed across towards the peninsula. there is a stalled vehicle there. 92 westbound, we've only gone up about 2 minutes or so in terms of drive times of 15 minutes as you're heading across towards dependent. cannot things in the south. they want to want to 8085 about 40 minutes to traveling towards menlo park. that's from earlier traffic hazards and recovering accidents that we had earlier. so again, we'll have more aryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. some 49 at the olympics. us is in the lead. not when it comes to gold, but in the overall medal tally got 31 now be you know, it's not all about winning. >> a lot is about culture.
7:50 am
>> yeah. and that's one of the fun things about the olympics hosted in a different city the times you get to learn different things about different cultures around the world and japan is one of the fascinating ones to study. and in new york that's one city that has access to the world's cultures when it comes to dining. so let's go there. and kristen cole explores. >> when one thinks of japanese cooking so she comes to mind first but it before day in midtown manhattan. they're turning to butter and fresh flowers cream and seasonal fruit and creating magic co executive chefs to a hero, and you should be both hail from japan. i start the game 5, 6. my my father that gets in fall. >> how cut the fees to make a everything but withdrawn to the fine food crafting of french cooking president to show baby. >> it's going to culinary school in osaka, japan and
7:51 am
then legal in france working in michelin-starred restaurants across that country until they landed here in new york. >> the four-day. the restaurant is named for the famed japanese action film star push a hero. the forte frequently credited with influencing stars and now forte has already started getting coveted michelin recognition in the u.s. to walk the >> how many. >> today we watch as chefs spearfish and phase it in butter, create a collision delectable flavors that dance around the palate eating involving all the senses making the heart as happy as the belly. so my million national. is this priority? that's been they've survive the pandemic by chopping lunch service dinner is only what's known as an almost menu just
7:52 am
choice. whatever speaks to them in the market will get their inspiration on your plate. >> and every french meal does come to a sweet ending executive pastry chef celia lee creating utter bliss. it's going to be a brown butter. coconut cake with some yogurt cream. >> and these are the golden hue ease. and so in this new york outpost at me for a day. >> they combined the terrific japanese traditions with french culture as well. the combination all the senses are left to lighten in new york. i'm kirstin cole. >> makes me think i should offer taste. morris said of just kuz. i mean, >> all right. we'll hear
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> 75 and training camp is underway for the forty-niners. >> and they say they're going with jimmy g the players today strap on the pads and they hit the practice field. >> and the team is training at there. facilities near levi this year. the niners have high expectations like they always do to win players and coaches getting tested regularly for covid and then after last season where the team at all those injuries head coach kyle shanahan aka shanny says that they have to stay healthy to be successful. >> the goal is you want to get players to week one. but you also want to make sure they can get healthy. they can stay healthy to those first 4 weeks. i feel like if you can
7:56 am
stay healthy to those first 4 weeks and you got a better chance of having a callous of making it through the year. >> and he also said, jim is our man in case you're wondering because you are because that's what everybody wants to know is like he's getting the number one reps. he's he's rep in these numbers is number one is number one in till he's not breathing down. forty-niners start the regular season on the road. september 12th 7.56 at the time. yeah. coming up in the next hour, statewide power alert in effect this afternoon because of the heat expected to. >> really bake the bay area today. we'll take a closer look and more universities in california now requiring students and staff to get the vaccine before they come back to campus. we'll explain in a live report and some students in the east bay returning to class for in-person learning already today. me the park. but we'll have that live in
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning >> and thanks for joining in the kron 4 morning news at 8. >> we've been here since 4 raina started us started off in the dark. now we get the light now wondering what the day is going to be like. let's find out. dave was a here in
8:00 am
the dark well. now that the sun is up. dave got a better view. what's going we're getting some of the fog mixed out. guys, good morning. good morning. everybody. and away. we go with those temperatures. yeah. inland, you're going to really the feeling it's going to be focused a little bit more on the east bay compared with its counterparts. >> in the in the north bay. so we'll see those numbers in contra, costa county raced around 100 or so even tri valley. we'll see that as well. right now, we do still have that fog hanging around, covering up the east bay shoreline at least the shrubbery in the foreground is being seen. we see the blue a top. meanwhile, the golden gate bridge. still, some work needs to be done here is is just an ice patch of fog hanging right there. meanwhile, that high pressure cells going to do its thing. we'll see the flare up of the monsoon thunder showers in the 4 corner states. some of that moisture is going to sneak up here in the form of some scattered clouds. i know we're still talking about these hot temperatures. even with the scattered clouds they may bus stop forecast, maybe the symbol of the wrong time. we've got 60's and a good coverage of the east bay 71


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