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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  July 28, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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wanted me to come on his show. i couldn't see his face, but i could hear his voice. i thank you, dr. phil, and your wife, for what you did to give me a platform to tell the world what happened. i thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and no fees. it. >> why this senseless and horrific act took place at the garlic festival, specifically. only that it was a large gathering of people like any other festival. a celebration. >> a community continuing to mourn lives lost today marks 2 years since a gunman cut through a fence and opened fire on a crowd of people. a concert during the gilroy garlic festival. thanks for joining us tonight, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis. i'm justine waltman in for grant lotus tonight and members of
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the gilroy community have gathered all day to remember the 3 people killed this morning. gil worries mayor thanked her city for how they've come together and supported each other. >> thank you to the entirety of the bill were community. we're helping each other. consoling each other. strengthening each other, listening to each other and a fall. all praying for each other. there. but for the grace of god. are we here? >> a vigil is currently underway marking that tragic event from 2 years ago kron four's gayle ong joins us now live from gilroy with more on how today's event is going. >> justine i'm here in downtown eager one. you can see the crowd right behind me celebrations are underway. you see there's aztec dancers they're honoring the lives lost at gilroy garlic festival 2 years ago which today marks 2 years since the mass shooting that killed 3 people
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now, what this is one of many celebrations or more like memorials, rather throughout the day. there that this is one of events that's taking place. this week where they're calling a week of kindness so we have wait police here. we have a santa clara county district attorney is here, the mayor and they're here. they are going to be making remarks after this will bringing you details in the sights and sounds of this event has as and then next show at 6 o'clock you've been does here probably here in the music right behind me. that's going on as we speak. live and hear why the long 40's you. thank you kaile a big story tonight. the spread of the coronavirus is on the rise yet again. take a look at this map from the cdc. it shows us where covid is spreading the most. >> red shows the highest levels of covid transmission orange which applies to us here in california shows substantial levels yellow
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shows moderate transmission levels focusing in on the bay area right now for bay area counties. san francisco alameda contra, costa and solano are all experiencing. >> high levels of transmission. the other 5 counties are in the lighter red, which means community spread of covid 19 is substantial and here not to put all this current covid surge numbers into perspective. this kron four's can win. >> justine vicki, we're going in the wrong direction and we have the numbers to back that up right now. california is seeing our highest daily case numbers of the summer. just take a look at this graph. you can see here they go. they went back down after the big surge after the holidays and right here, we're starting to go up again. this goes back to the beginning of the pandemic. these numbers. you can see the spikes throughout the pandemic. we all remember that big one that came after the holidays at the very end of the graph. again, that is where we are now. this is july and they're going back up again to give you some
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perspective. let's look at the current 7 day average of new cases in california going back to sunday shows. an average of 5700 new cases per day. that was said then that right now as you take a look. 800, 9 cases. i'm sorry, back on june first that was just before all the guidelines were east here we are the most recent number, 5700 a day. so we've really shot up. that's almost 85% lower then says sent the more contagious delta variant has become the dominant strain in the u.s. which has prompted recent changes in local, state and federal guidelines. the hope. now, of course, is to try slow the spread so that the numbers we have today go back to where they were at the beginning of the summer. justine picky. >> thank you so much. can one of the latest changes to slow the spread putting masks back on indoors regardless of vaccination status. california
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is aligning with the cdc on this renewed recommendation, the department of public health made the announcement today citing that more than 90% of californians live in areas with substantial are high transmission rates. new study shows pfizer's 2 dose covid-19 vaccine remains effective after 6 months. but. >> not as strong as initially thought. and now pfizer's once again recommending a booster, however, medical experts say at this point studies don't indicate that a booster is needed. let's get the latest with kron four's dan kerman. he is live at ucsf with the latest details. good evening, dan. >> medical experts are telling us that really we have to think about what we want out of a vaccine that we want no infection at all or do we want no hospitalizations and no deaths. they say no hospitalizations and no deaths. they say the vaccines are currently doing that. and that's why this study is not a reason to indicate a 3rd shot is needed. the new pfizer study conducted prior to the
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emergence of the delta variant fines. >> the effectiveness of its 2 shot covid-19 vaccine diminishes over time, the study which has not been reviewed or published finds protection drops from 96% to 84% after 6 months. however, the 2 dose vaccine remains 97% effective against severe disease. that's why federal and local infectious disease. experts say the study simply doesn't support a booster shot we're starting to see. >> people who are fully vaccinated. one meeting up in the hospital on ventilators. we need a booster. but we're not seeing in a separate smaller study. >> pfizer found giving a 3rd dose of the vaccine after 6 months increases antibody levels against the delta variant but medical experts say that alone is also not a reason to recommend a booster. >> doesn't tell me if it
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prevents you from getting infected again with another variant on anything. it just tells me that the number of antibodies increases after you get a booster shot. >> which you know. >> it's nice and i'm excited by that. but it's not unexpected. infectious disease. experts say the focus should be on getting shots to the unvaccinated to stop the spread of the virus. >> before a new variant worse than delta emerges. >> the more disease you have. being spread. infection being transmitted. you want to have an increased probability of getting variance and the more people are unvaccinated. why the reservoirs of virus is being transmitted. the more chances you to create these super variance of the future. >> if that new variant the one down the line proves to be
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more effective against the vaccine. it will not be a booster that we need. but a brand new vaccine. live ucsf dan kerman kron 4 news and information. thank you, dan. a big move now from 2 major bay area companies today. people work at facebook. >> and google will be required to be vaccinated against covid-19 before returning to work. both companies making that announcement today. google is rolling out a new policy that will eventually require everyone to be vaccinated once their campuses are fully reopened. they hope by mid october. facebook says that it will work with people who cannot be vaccinated for medical or other reasons. it's planning to reopen offices at 50% capacity by early september. starting today. san francisco will not hire anyone who did not get a covid vaccine. all 35,000 current city employees are also required to get the shot. >> once the fda grants full approval for covid vaccines currently the pfizer moderna
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johnson and johnson vaccines. they're only approved for emergency use. the first day of classes for all students is in just 3 weeks in the south bay's largest school district as san jose unified school district prepares to welcome the students back to in-person classes. >> teachers and staff are being given a choice when it comes to being vaccinated against covid-19 proffers rob joins us now live from san jose was some of the details. rock. that's right, the message from the district to all teachers and staff is pretty clear. get vaccinated. >> or be tested a couple of times the weekend to all people on campus inside or out, wear a mask. here's more. >> always quiet now here at willow glen high and dozens of other schools in the san jose unified school district. but when school starts on august 18th teachers and staff the star be vaccinated or be subject to testing. suze
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district spokesperson. jennifer maddox. so we want to make sure that if we do have the virus up here in our schools which is going to happen at some point. >> that we find it as quickly as possible and don't allow it to spread throughout the school because the last thing we want to do once we get kids back in person is have to close a school again, district says about 90% of its 1400 teachers are already vaccinated. a small number are exempt for health or religious reasons. a system will be in place by the first day of school to test unvaccinated teachers and staff twice a week. we've been testing our employees since april at last year. all employees have had to do surveillance testing at least once a month up to this point. >> we're now changing starting in august 2. if you're vaccinated, you no longer need to do surveillance testing. if you're not, then you need to move. you need to bump up to twice weekly for the testing. it's less clear what percentage of the district 27,000 students have been vaccinated. but the district is also mandating that masks be worn with some exceptions both inside and outside school
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buildings out of. >> making sure that we're creating a safe as an environment as possible. schools have lots of people in one place together. so even outdoors physical distancing can sometimes be challenging. so we just want to ensure that everybody is as safe as possible. we don't know which students are vaccinated and which ones aren't. and so we want to be sure that everybody is protected and the best way to do that is for everyone to keep wearing their mask. >> now i reached out to the san jose teachers association for comment. there was no immediate response. but according to the district here, the s jta and other labor groups involved we're all consulted and are pretty much on board with this policy. of course, the district says it reserves the right to amend and review this policy as time goes on live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. all right, rob, for more on vaccinations, mask guidelines and the latest covid numbers to scan this qr code. it's on your screen there. it's going to take you. >> to kron 4 dot coms page. it's dedicated to pandemic information. now to the east
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than summer vacation is over and it's back to school for students in the brentwood unified school district is the first time back to campus since march of 2020. >> students and teachers are required to wear a mask indoors. face. coverings are optional outside the superintendent has the teachers are not required to be vaccinated. >> tonight our kron 4 news at 5, california and nevada working together to contain a wildfire burning along our shared border. what governor newsom says our state needs to help get those flames under control. >> also in order to keep your kids safe online. there are some new changes coming to instagram this week that you should know about and investing more in public safety. how new changes in oakland's budget hope to reduce crime in the city. i'm meteorologist lawrence got a little hot in some parts of
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>> happening right now. there is a statewide flex alert that's in effect until 9 o'clock tonight, meaning people across the bay area are being urged to conserve power. the agency in charge of california's power grid says the hot weather could lead to power disruptions and rolling blackouts. the flex alert started at 4 o'clock. again, it's going to stay in place until 9. and during that time, everyone is encouraged to conserve energy and avoid using major appliances. >> chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now tracking all hot. yeah, parts
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that they're not an really hot weather day around the bay or california. so yes, i'm an unusual. got a flex alert. maybe that's where things going to be from now on. but temperatures just a hot summer day as the big dome of high pressure still continues along the 4 corner bulking all the way out in the california, the fog moved along the coastline. the coulee down. of course, the fire still burning and bring lots of smoke above that temperatures right now a hot 100, 3 in sacramento. one o one right now in fresno, a 100 degrees in bakersfield. 79, though, and cooler in los angeles in the 50's in san francisco. now, tomorrow. again, it will be hot, but it's not a huge heat wave. this is just a normal summer day. you've got a 100 degrees in sacramento. one '02 in bakersfield, a 102 in barstow. we've got cooler temperatures out toward the beaches that fog kind of hugging the coastline right now. i'm moving back on shore. it will be thick probably going to be very dense along the coastline overnight tonight over skyline boulevard along the san mateo
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county coastline. so watch out for that. that fog kind of moving in all along the coastline. the monsoon moved out. but it continues over the sierra nevada. in fact, it is firing up over the sierra nevada right now strikes. it is really ripping near mammoth parts some of the valley seeing some of the thunderstorms rolling on through. watch for the possibility some flash flooding to up in that area that can the continue flash flood warning continuing there until 5.15, though, this evening as they see some very heavy thunderstorms rolling on through that direction. so watching out for them. the high country. while the bay area, you're just seeing the fog rolling back in right now. no monsoon first to speak up today. those clouds of kind of moved out. so we didn't really have the muggy feel and then on shore. breeze is kicking back in again tonight. 29 mile an hour gusts in the san francisco right now. 24 sfo 15 in san jose and 21 mile an hour winds into fairfield overnight. tonight. we're going to see a few of mid to high level clouds. kind of roll on through our skies. so partly cloudy skies throughout the night tonight, some dense fog along the coastline and
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then tomorrow afternoon going to be very similar temperature wise. it's going to be hot inland but not excessive or talking 90's. the warmest spots inland, maybe a 100. the central valley, then you're seeing 70's 80's around the bay. and then you've got some 60's back up toward the coastline the next few days. those temperatures will stay a little bit hot inland. but cooling down a little bit muggy as monsoon is likely to return on saturday. that means more thunderstorms for the sierra. police officers and antioch are now equipped with active body cameras. they just went online before midnight last night that's after the city council approved the police department's body and >> enforcement. all reports the program is intended to build trust and accountability. >> interactions between police and the public in antioch will now be documented on video for the first time in the department's history officers are equipped with body cameras that are expected to remain active for the entirety of
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their shifts except for when tending to personal matters. cameras to hold everybody accountable. our police officers. the public. everybody on tuesday night. the city council unanimously approved the police department's body and dashcam policies and shortly after the graveyard shift went live with them. the program was approved in march, but the police ov council members worked over the past 4 months to finalize the details of their use. the police chief city attorney and committee all support the final draft. mayor lamar thorpe says the cameras are a product of a 5 year. 1.4 million dollar contract with the manufacturer. we can verify everyone's account as to what happened. >> and that we're able and in particular minimize unnecessary lawsuits. >> that we can substantiate claims the dais cameras are not expected to hit the streets until later this year. the city still needs time to retrofit patrol cars for their
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use. >> as for the body cameras. lieutenant jovial says the footage will be stored on the department's cloud system there, which essentially has unlimited space a minimum that will hang on to something is 3 years that's the minimum and the maximum is like time forever. so just depends on what happens with that case. what happens with the incident. house categorized will shape how it's retained in our evidence. lieutenant says supervisors will also occasionally audit the footage to ensure officers are using the cameras according to policy that we in antioch collegiate all kron 4 news public safety got a financial boost from an east bay city leaders who just amended their budget, which is good news for a lifelong resident. >> this is violent crime in her neighborhood is worse than ever preference. has made has the story. >> we have more crimes. we have more shootings. we have more homicides but then the same time, we have less
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officers that is about to change now that the oakland city council amended the recently approved city budget to invest more resources for public safety in east oakland the lifelong home of mary forte. i've lived here all my life other than i when i went away for college. so i was born and raised in a still club. >> tell the 40 and supporting our former change was inevitable over that time span. but. >> miss forte lives in this east oakland neighborhood. you see highlighted on the map. she says the level of violent crime near her home sunday. she thought she would never see it's like night and day when i grew up in east oakland. >> the streets were clean. the it was safe for children to walk to the neighborhood store the shooting since the pandemic have just been way out of control in my neighborhood. it's almost nightly basis that i can hear
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gunshot. i've through my home oakland's amended city budget will now fund traffic safety side showed deterrents expedite 911, response time. >> grant money for security cameras in the business core doors. it will also be used for neighborhood beautification and workforce development. >> back in june. east oakland councilmember is lauren taylor and treat read both voted no on the city's highly anticipated new budget because they say it lacked equity for their constituents. now they're both thumbs up. we have about 4.5 million dollars of additional investments that came through these amendment, the majority of which are impacting. >> east. so i was glad that they were able to get. but they were able to speak up and get something more for us. it's it because we have more crime here. >> has it made kron. 4 news. >> well, do you recognize this man right here because police
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in mill valley are searching for the suspect seen in this video vandalizing an art installation that help highest high school last week. police say the suspect targeted to art murals and spray painted over the words equity and black lives matter. the department is investigating this act as a hate crime. anyone with information is asked to contact mill valley police. it's been 2 months since an 84 year-old grandma went missing in san francisco. jean fung. >> was last seen around the safeway in the city's marina district after chp officers dropped her off. there she was last seen wearing a red or pink puffy jacket. a purple sweater brown pants, lack of boots and a red beanie. miss fung has a home in the richmond district and because of her age and possible medical conditions. she is considered to be at risk flyers have gone up all over the city and in parts of sausalito and warren county as well. she does not speak english. so if you see or you're being asked to call police kron four's reached out
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to police for an update on this case and and they have not gotten back to us yet. some somber news for music lovers everywhere. zz top slaw time basis. dusty hill has died at the age of 72 in a heartfelt post on the group's facebook page group members franken billy wright. we are saddened by the news today that our compadres dusty hill has passed away in his sleep at home in houston. they also write you will be missed ego. the group has canceled concert scheduled for tonight in south carolina. dusty is one of the founding members of zz top playing as the group's lead bass player since they launched back in 1969. >> still ahead here tonight at 5 stepping back for more events. what is next for team usa after simone biles withdraws from another competition. >> and instagram wants to make sure your kids are safe. while scrolling through their feeds. the changes. it's adding this week after the break.
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the vast majority signed up since april. and they're crediting that increase to president joe biden's american rescue plan which reduces costs for some people it makes health insurance free from any others through 2022. instagram is making its platform safer for teenagers who could fall prey to online predators beginning this week. >> when people under the age of 18. join up the accounts default to private. that means that people have to follow the users to see and comment on their content. instagram, which is owned by facebook says it's also developed a tool that automatically detects potentially suspicious adult account and apparently stops them from interacting with under-age accounts. >> a lot more ahead here kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock me to the federal government. what governor newsom is saying. the state needs to properly fight wildfires. plus there's new guidance from the federal government. how the nation's leaders are responding to a surge in covid cases also
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paying less at the pump that could soon be a reality. how much gas prices are expected to drop and exactly what will
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