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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 28, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading to was on this date last year. >> that the surge summer surge. >> he i would hope we don't have to go back to those more drastic measures now a date one year after summer covid surge infections are once again rising. we're hearing from local health experts about. >> what's different this time around. weeks before the school year starts one of the bay area's largest districts is giving teachers a choice is giving teachers a choice when it comes to covid safety.
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for this senseless horrific act. >> also the gilroy community is remembering the 3 lives lost exactly 2 years ago when a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 8. i'm catherine heenan. >> pam moore has the night off. and i'm ken wayne, a day after cdc recommendations that fully vaccinated. people mask-up in public indoor settings, california health leaders are following suit every bay area county except solano county has had that recommendation in place for nearly 2 weeks now. you might remember seeing a similar map back when not counties were categorized into covid tears. if that tier system was still in place today. san francisco alameda contra costa and solano counties would all be in the red tier meaning a high level of transmission. the other 5 counties would be an orange which represents substantial community spread with cases spreading mask recommendations. back again,
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even for the vaccinated questions continue to arise about whether we are sliding back and or more restrictive time kron four's. theresa stasi reports on where local medical experts say we are and what comes next. and whether more drastic measures are around the corner once again. >> are we sliding back. well, sure. doctor john swartzberg with you see berkeley's school of public health. >> delivering a dose of medicine. we may not want to take, but the results are clear. >> covid-19 cases are increasing. that's the bad news. however, he has the diagnosis isn't all bleak. >> are we sliding back compared to where we were. we were a year ago. absolutely not. you know, this time last year, as a matter of fact, it was on this date last year that the surge summer surge. pete here in the in california. we didn't have a vaccine last year. we have a vaccine this year. so we're in
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much better shape than we were a year ago. compared to a month ago are not nearly as good a shape. >> and this right here. this is one of the reasons why the delta variant being dissected and studied in labs around the world. i think that we need to be concerned because cases are rising. >> it's clear that the delta variant is more contagious. so it has an ability to transmit. that's much higher than the strains we've been dealing with. >> doctor mendavia with carbon health says the prescription is clear in this fight to prevent covid-19, get vaccinated keep your distance mask up, especially as those under 12 can't get vaccinated as far as where we are headed. both doctors agree it's up to us collectively to do our part. >> i would hope we don't have to go back to those more drastic measures because we do have, again, both more knowledge as well as new tools. >> theresa kron 4 news. san
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francisco mayor london breed says the city will not hire anyone who is not vaccinated that new policy began today. all 35,000 current city employees will be required to get the shot. by the time the fda grants full approval to a covid vaccine. right now. the pfizer moderna and johnson and johnson vaccines are only approved for emergency use. >> 2 major tech companies are doing the same thing. facebook employees returning to us campuses. >> they will be required to be vaccinated them. same story at p google, although google is delaying bringing back most of its workers until mid october the decision to extend remote work follows a similar move by apple. and happening tomorrow, president biden is expected to announce that federal employees must show proof. they've been vaccinated otherwise they will have to submit to regular testing and stringent social distancing
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masking travel restrictions. the president is hoping to use the federal workforce as a model for employers nationwide. the administration says the new guidance, though, is not a vaccine mandate for federal employees. adding that people who decide not to get vaccinated are not at risk of being fired. >> in the south bay, the largest school district in san jose is getting ready to welcome students back to in-person classes. but the school district is giving the teachers and staff an option to be unvaccinated those who choose to remain unvaccinated will undergo covid testing twice a week. the school district says about 90% of its 1400 teachers and staff are already vaccinated. >> so we want to make sure that if we do have the virus up here in our schools which is going to happen at some point that we find it as quickly as possible and don't allow it to spread throughout the school because the last thing we want to do once we get kids back in person is have to close a school again.
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>> it's unclear just how many students in the district have been vaccinated, but they are mandating all people to wear masks regardless a vaccination status in the east. bay was back to school for students in the brentwood unified school district. it was the first time back on campus there since march of 2020 students and teachers are required to wear masks indoors, face. coverings are optional outdoors. the superintendent says teachers are not required to be vaccinated. for more on vaccinations, mask guidelines in the latest covid numbers scan this qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to kron 4 dot coms page dedicated to pandemic information. >> today marks 2 years since a gunman cut through a fence and opened fire on a crowd of people during the gilroy garlic festival. members of the gilroy community. they have been gathering all day to remember the 3 people killed kron four's. gayle ong joins us now live from gilroy where i know there's a ceremony a couple hours ago cow.
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>> yeah, catherine, this is where the ceremony took place. it opened with a live performance of dancers and music and that is just one of several events this week. >> gilroy is standing tall. even those 3 wonderful young people. we lost that day. stephen romero, trevor irby. >> kyla salazar, santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen is hosting a week of events. focus on kindness because kindness is the most powerful answer to rage and hatred. let's remember the 3 heroic police officers who saved lives that day. >> and the hundreds of others who rushed here to help. let's remember the emt workers who help broken bodies and trembling hands. the countless people who help strangers >> wednesday. july 28 marks 2 years since the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival the mayor of gilroy also spoke at the ceremony.
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>> together. we pick ourselves up. we heal. and we focus on the strength that comes from the community of love after the ceremony. there was an open house at the gilroy strong resiliency center designed to help victims and those impacted by the mass shooting. the center offers group counseling trauma education and information on community resources. you remember they're still grieving families and friends. >> we remember the panic, the confusion, the terrify people. and we remember the bravery of so many. >> and the resiliency center is right here in downtown gilroy. it is open tuesday through thursday from 05:30pm, to 08:30pm, and services are free reporting live in gayle ong kron 4 news. gayle, thank power is currently in effect. >> cal iso, the agency in charge of california's power grid issued a statewide alert because of a forecast of higher than typical
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temperatures. conserving energy and avoiding the use of major appliances. now can help avoid power disruptions and rolling blackouts. the flex alert is set to expire at 9 o'clock tonight talking about the weather. give you a view from mount tam looking at the fog, is cooling things down near the and lawrence or not talking about a major heat wave. but it is going to get warmer, right. yeah, that's kind of interesting. and we're not talking about major heat wave. so this may be just a sign of things to come. >> in the summers ahead. if we just get some normal heat outside. we may be talking about some power issues. but temperatures in the central valley got 90's there right now. still hot. a 102 in reading along the coastline you've seen the fog and you've got some 50's and some 60's early 70's in los angeles. now we do have that dome of high pressure in this is kind of what sets up during the summer months over the 4 corner states flex is our way. we heat things up. we start to see some of the monsoonal clouds, the kind of shift moves out of town and things start to cool off now. looks like it's going to weaken a little bit tomorrow, but it will still stay hot inland but not blazing hot. maybe a 100
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degrees in sacramento 99 degrees in modesto about a 102 as you make way to bakersfield in a 104. so very hot in reading. but make your way toward the coastline. those temperatures to be much cooler in the 60's. so yeah, big change the pattern out there right now. that fog is starting roll back on shore, thicken up coast side. so that's going to be cooler even in the bay area will see a big contrast in temperatures inland. yeah, you're still in the 70's and the 80's. but out toward the beaches. you've got some 50's and some 60's that fog really kind of settle in for the night. we've got more on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. thank you, coming up on kron 4 news today. governor newsom is calling it a faulty forest service framework. >> is asking the biden administration to do differently to help california. >> another bay area city just approved body cameras for its police officers. officials say this could help build trust and accountability. also in oakland city officials approved a new budget is aimed at tackling sideshows and 911,
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problems will explain the new safety
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>> in the east bay public safety just got a financial boost from city leaders. they have amended oakland's budget as kron four's. haaziq madyun tells us that's good news for a lifelong resident who says violent crime in her neighborhood is worse than ever. >> we have more crimes. we have more shootings. we have
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more homicides but then the same time, we have less officers that is about to change now that the oakland city council amended the recently approved city budget. >> to invest more resources for public safety in east oakland the lifelong home of mary forte. i've lived here all my life other than i when i went away for college. so i was born and raised in a still club. >> tony, 40 and supporting our former change was inevitable over that time span. but. >> this forte lives in this east oakland neighborhood. you see highlighted on the map. she says the level of violent crime near her home sunday. she thought she would never see it's like night and day when i grew up in east oakland. >> the streets were clean. the it was safe for children to walk to the neighborhood store the shooting since the pandemic have just been way
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out of control in my neighborhood. it's almost nightly basis that i can hear gunshots. i've through my home oakland's amended city budget will now fund traffic safety side showed deterrents expedite 911, response time. >> grant money for security cameras in the business core doors. it will also be used for neighborhood beautification and workforce development. >> back in june. east oakland councilmember is lauren taylor and treat read both voted no on the city's highly anticipated new budget because they say it lacked equity for their constituents. now they're both thumbs up. we have about 4.5 million dollars of additional investments that came through these amendment, the majority of which are impacting. >> i was glad that they were able to get. but they were able to speak up and get something more for us. it's it because we have more crime
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here. >> has it made kron. 4 news. >> also in the east bay every antioch police officer is now equipped with active body cameras. the first group to use them activated their equipment last night. the cameras were approved in march, although the police oversight committee took 4 months to finalize details of how they're used the final plan was unanimously approved by the city council last night. >> it's not just for the officers because it's for the district attorney to use it for attorneys to use as for victims and witnesses and accused of crimes to use to so they can have some kind of. record of what happened when the officers come out that this is a huge win. >> for the city. all of these eastern contra, costa county and the bay area as well as the country because people demanded police reform. we're delivering on that. >> the cameras will remain alive for an officers entire shift except when that person is dealing with personal matters. the video will stay
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in the police department's cloud system. at least 3 years later this week. officers will be using a later this year. rather officers will be using dash cams in their cars. >> in the north bay mill valley police are searching for the person seen in this video. they say he vandalized an art installation at 10. we'll pious high school last week. police say the suspect targeted to art murals and spray painted over the words equity and black lives matter. the department is investing in the act as a hcte crime. if you have any information, you're asked to call mill valley police. >> today marks 2 months since an 84 year-old woman went missing in san francisco. this is chain fun. she was last seen near the safeway in the marina district. that's where chp officers had dropped her off. frank has a home in the richmond district and because of her age and possible medical conditions. she is considered to be at risk. she does not speak english. so police say if you think you see her call. police kron 4
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has reached out to police for an update on the case. we have not heard back. there's a proposal to honor an elderly asian man who died after being attacked. that happened in january. it was one of a string of attacks on members of the asian american community. we want to warn you some might find the video disturbing 84 year-old of each over time. the pok to was shoved to the ground. and the and so vista neighborhood near gary boulevard and the sonic avenue supervisor. catherine stefani wants sonora lane renamed for that man. that's where it happened. as for the attack, 2 men have been charged in the death. >> turning now to our wildfire coverage flames from the dixie fire burned more than 217,000 acres in butte and plumas counties that makes it the 14th largest wildfire in state history. cal fire says it is 23% contained. the tamarack fires another blaze currently burning that has destroyed
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dozens of homes. >> and it is a it has burned more than 106 square miles since the 4th of july that when it was ignited by lightning strikes. it is 60% contained. governor newsome along with nevada's governor. they view the damage at a community in south lake tahoe this morning. both governors are urging the biden administration to step up the country's fire fighting and prevention resources. it's not a. >> indictments, not finger pointing and it's not novel. it's not new to the biden administration. even the previous administration. we just have a stork, a framework that has to be thrown out. >> nevada's governor says the forest service has been understaffed and under resourced for years, both governors do plan to talk about the problem this week with president biden for a check on the conditions around the wildfires. let's talk to chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah. kind of settled into this pattern. now we've got this big dome of high
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pressure. >> over the 4 corners of the rotation around that ridge bringing winds up from the and that's smoke to the north around much of that area and that's exactly what we're seeing today. you'll watch as those clouds. there they go. racing up in the south and the moving to the north. unfortunately, more lightning strikes popping up over the sierra nevada but that monsoon along the california coastline. look at that. you have the fog and on shore breeze out of the west moving along the coast. so kind of the few things going on here. a storm clouds rolling up over the sierra nevada. some flash flood warnings were going up in total. county early on. and also as you can see, those showers rolling on through near the tamarack fire. also couple lightning strikes up there as well. little further to the north in and around the quincy fire. you start out with the smoke early on. then all of a sudden you start to the month clouds beginning to roll on by there. good news for today. the winds have not been that big of an issue. it's been breezy but not terribly windy in and around the fire. so a lot of that smoke kind of sitting there and you see the winds now in the chest or 3, d 8 miles an
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hour in quincy 11 to 14. and coming up out of the south again soon. all that smoke up towards sues the bill. latest computer models showing not a whole lot of wind for tomorrow either. and that means that smoke when you don't get wind, it's going to kind of sit in and around those areas. so places like quincy and chester into susan bill. the computer models over the next 24 hours showing a lot of that smoke there in the red and orange show also sitting in and around many of those towns there surrounding that fire and not moving very much from the fire. so the bay area really has missed most of the smoke quality looking good here, but boy, in around those fires. i mean, you got the chute fires burning now they don't get any when that smoke is just going to sit right there on top, miserable. thanks >> still ahead, a support for survivors of the south florida condo collapse. how a disaster relief nonprofit is providing major housing help.
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>> there is some new housing support for survivors of the surfside condo collapse in florida. the global empowerment mission. they announced today that they're paying the first and last month's rent and security deposit for the 35 individuals and families who survived last month's good catastrophe. the mission's founder says the charity believes that will soon have enough money to pay their rent for the next year. i could think of.
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>> 300 people that either their best friend. the, you know, friend died in that building. you know, that are like friends of mine. >> so it hit really, really close. and i don't know how we make it without michael jeff, when you only got the shirt on your back. and the shoes as you're out with. it was got >> rents for year. could reach $50,000 for each victim. they're figuring the company has already secured temporary housing for survivors and given each of them $4,000 to buy essential items. sad news for music lovers. easy tops longtime bassist dusty hill has died in a post on the group's facebook page group members, frank and billy wrote, we are saddened by the news today that our compadres dusty hill has passed away in his sleep at his home in houston and they will be greatly a go. dust is one of the founding members of zz top playing as the group's lead bass player since it launched back in 1969 hill was 72.
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next. today o'clock pfizer is renewing its call for a booster shot. why health experts are saying not so fast. >> plus a major step forward for a trillion-dollar infrastructure package and heroic actions from a teenager when a new york home goes up in flames the 19 year-old who raced into the fire explaining why she
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>> governor newsom says california had a 20% increase. some people getting their first dose of the covid vaccine over the last week from july 12th to the 18th 200, 20,000 californians finally got their first shot and that number jumped by more than 40,000 the following week. a new study is showing that pfizer's 2 dose covid vaccine does remain affective after 6 months. but not as strongly as first thought. now pfizer is again recommending a booster shot but medical experts say at this point studies do not indicate that booster is needed. kron four's dan kerman explains. the new pfizer study conducted prior to the emergence of the delta variant fines. >> the effectiveness of its 2 shot covid-19 vaccine diminishes over time, the study which has not been reviewed or published finds protection drops from 96% to 84% after 6 months. however, the 2 dose vaccine remains 97%
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effective against severe disease. that's why federal and local infectious disease. experts say the study simply doesn't support a booster shot we're starting to see. >> people who are fully vaccinated. one meeting up in the hospital on ventilators. we need a booster. but we're not seeing that in a separate smaller study. >> pfizer found giving a 3rd dose of the vaccine after 6 months increases antibody levels against the delta variant but medical experts say that alone is also not a reason to recommend a booster. >> doesn't tell me if it prevents you from getting infected again. >> with another variant on land there or anything. it just tells me that. >> the number of antibodies increases after you get a booster shot. >> which you know. >> it's nice and i'm excited by that. but it's not
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unexpected. infectious disease. experts say the focus should be on getting shots to the unvaccinated to stop the spread of the virus. >> before a new variant worse than delta emerges. >> the more disease you have. being spread. infection being transmitted. you want to have an increased probability of getting variance and the more people are unvaccinated whether as a voice of virus is being transmitted. the more chances you to create these super variance of the future. >> and medical experts say if that new variant does emerge, which is more effective against vaccines. that will mean not the need for a booster, but the need for a brand new vaccine. at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in national news. the senate has voted to start work on a nearly 1 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure package that vote came together quickly today after
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president biden and a group of senators reached an agreement. it is not clear yet, though, whether enough senators will support final passage of the bill. the outcome will set the stage for the next debate in the months ahead over president biden's much more ambitious 3 and a half trillion dollars spending package. the infrastructure deal, by the way, would be partly paid for by using unspent covid relief money. >> congressional democrats insist on making investments to combat climate change through the infrastructure plan with wildfires heat waves and floods happening. democrats promise to include a civilian climate corps in their package. senate majority leader chuck schumer says without action on global warming. it will be worse than the pandemic. covid was horrible. >> but if we do nothing on climate starting within a few short years from now, each year will be worse than covid and each year will be worse than the previous year will not pass an infrastructure
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package. that does not reduce carbon pollution at a scale commensurate with the urgency of the climate crisis we face. >> democrats plan would invest in natural climate solutions and clean energy. but many republicans see it as a step in the wrong direction, arguing it would cost americans their jobs despite republican push back. schumer says he's confident the additions to the infrastructure package will pass. speaking of weather. let's check our 4 zone forecast with a live look at san francisco airport and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is back with a look at what's coming up next. looks like a nice summer day around the bay area. you can pick and choose your weather if you like the cool stuff, you got that fog out the coastline. we're seeing some of that sweep on shore right now. look at this. nice blanket of fog. >> that is just rolling in like a river outside right now. from our sutro tower cam we see is kind of compressed outside. so so compressed not going make its way all the way inland. that means it's going to be hot away from the media coast. but the golden gate
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bridge. boy to find to heat their bubble up. we're headed out there maybe want to grab a jacket to a raincoat. it's going to a little drizzly out there along the coastline into the early morning hours. we're seeing the monsoon kind of move away except for the sierra nevada. look at lightning strikes popping up. they're likely to see that happen again by tomorrow. we'll see some of those mid to high level clouds kind of scooting across our skies tonight and that patchy fog down below. that's where we'll start out the day tomorrow, too. as long as we've got the big ridge in all moisture kind of circulating around. we're going kind of see that next couple days more of that as we get into the weekend, temperatures, you've got about 65 degrees downtown san francisco for tomorrow. plus, foggy conditions co side, maybe a little cooler there. little breezy in the afternoon about 63 in pacifica 73 degrees over the hill in san bruno about 76 some sunshine in the millbrae fine about 81 degrees in palo alto 79 in the mountain view. the south bay up in the 80's and some hot 90's there by tomorrow afternoon still, the warmest temperatures going to be over the hills here. the east bay looking about 95 in pleasanton. maybe 97 in
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livermore, 94 in dublin, inside the bay. pretty comfortable 75 degrees. a nice day in oakland 74 berkeley 72 in richmond there in the hot 90's in orinda as high as 97 in pittsburgh 95 into fairfield. so those temperatures heating up as you make your way in the central valley. but approaching the coastline you cool down in a hurry with all the fog out there and that sea breeze continuing the same patterns going kind of play out over the next few days. but on saturday the monsoon to roll back in as that monsoon begins to move back in. we are going to see a change in the weather pattern muggy conditions around the bay area starting on saturday. >> thank you. or look at this and electric taxis successfully taking flight. >> a prototype of the joby errol incorporated safely and successfully completed a. >> 150 mile trip. the company based out of big sur announced the news adding that this feat was accomplished with a pilot who was working from the ground job founder and ceo says they hope this success makes the u.s. one step closer
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to convenient and emission-free travel between cities in the air. the company wants to offer these electric taxis to passengers starting in 2024 and aims to offer rides in and around san francisco. houston austin and other metro areas. >> still ahead, a day. this social media platform that is stepping up security. what that means for new user contact and 3 best friends have a special way to celebrate their 50th birthdays. they swam across lake tahoe. how they accomplished a challenge. just 6 hours that after the break.
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3 best friends recently took on a big challenge swimming across a lake tahoe. they're all from the same high school in stockton. and despite now living in different states. they train so they could take this on together. >> kristi gross talked with the man about why this was so important. >> the 3 lights in the water or current worley and kevin jeffery in touch apple we're just doing our best to stay as side. starting at 4 o'clock in the morning last thursday, the 3 men began their marathon swim across the true with of lake tahoe as don turned to daylight. they would feed and hydrate every 30 to 45 minutes to complete the 12 mile endurance win. >> the ideas during the swim is to really focus on those, you know, 30 minute increments sunday, you know, when your
8:40 pm
next wink news coming to 3 even had originally planned a series of open water swims throughout the country and then covid happened. that's when the trio who have been best friends since their days of swimming laps at lincoln high in stockton people with a new plan to swim across lake tahoe. the 3 now all living in different states, trained separately keeping logs of their swims and updating each other through group chat but how one was also just cool for our friendship to of all. just a fantastic opportunity to to reconnect. they stay together throughout the swim, reaching the beach in under 6 hours within seconds of each other. technically kevin on. >> this one was a celebration ahead of their 50th birthdays. coming up, the trio say this won't be their last time together. they're already planning to swim the length of time home next time up for you, kevin. >> game. but as good. >> start working on the city. got left is thrown. >> despite >> the early hours long training and sore muscles the
8:41 pm
trio say it was worth it to reach the shore together. it was just a nice and give us something to focus and rally behind just a blessing that these guys and such a fulfilling way to kind of cap off that year. great feeling of accomplishment and then to do it with these guys. you know, i could not think of anybody better to be doing that sweat. now as kristi gross reporting for us tonight. if the 3 end up sweeney swimming. the length of lake tahoe. >> be about twice as far to 21 mile journey from one into the other. >> is our guardian angel. she just a tough >> and next a day and a new york teenager being celebrated in. yes, being called an angel for racing to rescue a family trapped by flames. and as for ca is making news today on and off the field. sports director jason dumas says a complete breakdown. plus an update on
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>> a long island teenager is being praised as a guardian angels tonight after a neighbor's home caught fire. she is telling the story now of how she managed to rush into action and rescue 3 people. mina is our guardian angel. >> she just at the she says her family. you're setting up for my sisters grad party and my friend looked over and she was like is that normal. and at first really just looked like a small girl fire and it
8:45 pm
just progressed very fast. the flames are scrolling. i just opened the door and i ran in screaming and the house is on fire. there's a fire we have to go the back. let's go. come on. >> and i ran into the backyard to go see what's going on. the fires already taller than me. they had smell it. they didn't see it because it was in the back and from what everybody has told us that the whole entire house went up so fast when the flames went up to prepay tank that we always keep in the side of the house exploded. there's no way they would have gotten out. you know, with without her coming in screaming. this fire. but we always recommend that. >> don't go into a burning building. you know, that's that's what we do. that's what our job is she safely. but in this case she absolutely save lives. yes. >> eunice bravery is beyond anything i could ever, ever comprehend to her. >> ever. i look now at this house, this is just this could all be replaced. but our life and our kids life and my mother's life, my dog's life
8:46 pm
can never, ever be laplace and mean is that he is here and she made that happen. they don't feel like a hero. i just feel like i did something. i just feel like i did, but i would do like. >> like i said yesterday as well. i would do it again tomorrow because. >> lives. there for your health tonight. the u.s. is dealing with a loneliness epidemic. that's according to a new study from the survey center on american life. it found the majority of americans have fewer friends than they did 3 decades ago. americans also say they're talking to their friends less often that they're relying less on their friends for personal support. the covid lockdown is partially to blame for today's loneliness epidemic. according to the survey, almost half of americans say they've lost touch with friends over the past 12 months. >> instagram is making its platform safer for teenagers who could be targeted by online predators as of this week when people under the age of 18 sign up. their account will default to private that
8:47 pm
means that people have to follow the users to see him to comment on their content. instagram, which is owned by facebook says it also has a new tool that will automatically detect potentially suspicious adult accounts and then it will prevent them from interacting with under-aged users. the animal olympics are under way at the a young girl ari showed off her gymnastic skills. video posted by the zoo on twitter today. >> there she is. an action are swinging from a rope and climbing poles, just like a champ or a chip. so officials are is impressive acrobatic displays and simple style maker. a very deserving and cute gold medal recipient. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> is looking to get back on track. it's been a rough. go about it for the past week or so. one thing that could help out a blockbuster trade. we
8:48 pm
will give you the details of that in the second. but first, let's get to these highlights. that is where in san diego for being too two-game set with the padres and looking a little a baby decked out in green and gold oakland jumped out quickly in this one already one to nothing when matt chapman hits one deep to left with a couple of runners on. it's a three-run shot for nothing a's champions 13th of the season. top of 4, 6. nothing a's mark hanna center field he gets the bloop single elvis andrus scores. it's 7. nothing had 2 hits in a couple of rbi 7th inning, 9, nothing and andrus goes the opposite way. that's a single right there. stephen piscotty scores final score 10 before a snap. a four-game skid. now ahead of today's wind a's announced that the a's drop a bomb, i
8:49 pm
should say on the mlb world. they traded highly touted left-handed pitcher jesus luzardo to the miami marlins in exchange for outfielder starling marte, a will be a free agent after this season. and the marlins have agreed to pay the remaining 4 million dollars of his contract. so essentially the rental and the decide to lazaro has struggled this season. but many view him as a player with a bright future. the trade signals that management is trying to make a push now and they don't want to wait around for lazaro to his potential. the giants hosting the dodgers right now it's game 2 of their 3 game set and the dodgers are winning 4 to nothing in the bottom of the 6. we'll have highlights of that when it goes final, the forty-niners had their first practice of training camp today just before he took the field rookie quarterback, trey lance
8:50 pm
signed his contract for years. 34.1 million dollars guaranteed. show me the money yesterday. kyle shanahan said there's no open quarterback competition. the job. jimmy garoppolo's in the beginning the image he be getting the majority of the first team reps. but. >> both quarterbacks are out there today throwing in participating in 7 on seven's when it was jimmy g's term at the podium, naturally a lot of questions were asked about lance rob lowe said they have relationship, but he focused on himself. >> and try. we've had a good relationship. we really have. it's or was things that is what it is. this business is weird. but you know, at the end of the day, we're in that locker room. we're around each other so much that. >> it's just business team is made for that. jimmy's his personality and stuff. he's not. he's he's one of the guys in there and whether it's with trey or anyone it's it's been dynamic so far. most call for chain phone for all the qb nate josh. but i. are you trying to get the mental reps what the defense is doing.
8:51 pm
talk to you guys on what what you just one through with your plays in. >> you know, all that stuff. >> it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops throughout the course of the season. of course, if jimmy goes out plays well. don't worry kind of take care of itself. and there's some struggles in might get a little awkward might hear. you know, you know, somebody kind of looking over your shoulder like that. you would think that some pressure on jimmy to, hey, i got to perform a at my top level of the time 100%. definitely is. but you know, pressure makes diamonds. i like that and we'll see. we'll see how it goes and looks like a t-shirt pink stations >> coming up to a plane shaq's the heading a new twist to traditional japanese fine
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>> as we continue to cover the olympics in tokyo are spotlighting different elements of japanese culture across the country. yeah. and new york city. of course, that happened to many world cultures when it comes to dining. reporter christian co. let's have some of the top destinations there for japanese cuisine. >> when one thinks of japanese cooking. so she comes to mind first but it before day in midtown manhattan. they're turning to butter and fresh flowers cream and seasonal fruit and creating magic co executive chefs to a hero, and you should be both hail from
8:55 pm
japan. i start game is 5, 6. yeah, they my my my my father that gets in fall. >> how cut the fees to make a everything but withdrawn to the fine food crafting of french cooking president to show baby. >> it's going to culinary school in osaka, japan and then legal in france working in michelin-starred restaurants across that country until they landed here in new york. >> the four-day. the restaurant is named for the famed japanese action film star push a hero. the forte frequently credited with influencing stars and now forte has already started getting coveted michelin recognition in the u.s. to walk the >> how many. >> today. we watch as chefs spearfish and phase it in butter. create a collision delectable flavors that dance around the palate eating involving all the senses
8:56 pm
making the heart as happy as the belly. so my million national. is this priority? that's been they've survive the pandemic by chopping lunch service dinner is only what's known as an almost menu just choice. whatever speaks to them in the market will get their inspiration on your plate. >> and every french meal does come to a sweet ending executive pastry chef celia lee creating utter bliss. it's going to be a brown butter. coconut cake with some yogurt cream. >> and these are the golden hue ease. and so in this new york outpost at me for a day. >> they combined the terrific japanese traditions with french culture as well. the combination all the senses are left to lighten in new york. i'm kirstin cole. >> looks if you sense something was wrapped in was exact. it's good. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock.
8:57 pm
but our primetime news continues at the top of the hour with vicki liviakis n justine waltman butter makes everything better from vanilla on >> thanks so much. we have a lot coming up tonight at 9 o'clock state health officials are once again recommending everyone wear a mask indoors. but there's one bay area county that is not falling in line with this guidance. plus the san francisco street could be named after the elderly asian man killed. >> in an attack earlier this year. the message his family says the tribute would send thos
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at known now 9 just a day after the cdc recommended returning to indoor mask-wearing regardless of vaccination status. >> california state health officials are now following suit. the move comes as the covid-19 delta variant continues to spread. good evening, everybody. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm justine waltman and for grant lotus tonight. now state health officials say that more than 90% of californians. >> live in areas with substantial or high risk of covid transmission. so here's a closer look now at the bay area where the high transmission rates are. that's in red so that includes solano contra, costa alameda and san francisco counties and areas consid


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