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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  July 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> now it's 3 new and more unsettling concerns about the coronavirus, the nation's top doctors are now saying the delta variant can spread as easily as chicken pox. the new warning from the cdc today. also an east bay woman's close encounter with a rattlesnake. how you can stay safe. >> drizzle throughout the weekend in the bay area and also flash flood watch in effect for this find out how long it will last and what you can expect this weekend in your full forecast. stick around. cover news that 3 starts right now. >> from the area's local news
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station. this is kron. 4 news at 3. >> hello. thank you so much for joining us here this friday on kron 4 news at 3. i'm justine waltman. the workings covid has now changed. that's what the cdc is saying as it continues to monitor this highly dangerous and contagious delta variant. the agency says the delta variant of covid-19 is just as contagious as the chicken pox and the virus can now be spread by vaccinated people just as easily as the unvaccinated. it's a lot to go over and look at the latest now from reporter kareen wynter. >> as the outcry continues over mask mandates in vaccinations comes you research by the cdc showing cases of the delta variant that continues to increase across the nation appears to cause more serious illness and is as contagious as chicken pox. what's more alarming this data also revealed even fully vaccinated, people might be able to spread the delta variant at the same rate as
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unvaccinated individuals. the cdc is now urging people to wear facial coverings indoors in public places. despite their vaccination status. this leading medical expert telling cnn today we had the chance. i think to vaccinate our way out of this epidemic had we maintain high vaccination rates, especially across the south. >> the southern states in the mountain west and we've done this good a job as they're doing in vermont, massachusetts across the country. we would not be having this discussion right now, but that this is the reality medical experts say with the latest numbers headed in the wrong direction. this search will continue at a rapid rate. >> since those who are unvaccinated or 5 times more likely to become infected by the virus has vaccinated individuals. if you are vaccinated. >> these vaccines are still going to protect you very well. this virus is circulating quickly. it is more contagious. it create causes more severe disease. so your risks are higher. this is not the same game. we were playing months ago.
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>> that was kareen wynter reporting for us this afternoon and the delta variant continues to tighten its grip on the country and here in the bay area. some parents are now wondering if it is safe for their unvaccinated children to return to in-person learning the transmission of the delta variant is more prevalent among the unvaccinated population. but there are cases where vaccinated people are getting in as well. currently children aged 12 and older are eligible to be vaccinated. children under 12 or not with in-person learning returning to most school districts. parents may be on edge about their children's safety when it comes to dealing with that uncertainty. paired should feel comfortable asking questions. >> i think it's important that asking verify that the school has a process in the plan about covid risk, meaning, you know what measures, what physical measures do you have in place that help us prevent,
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you covid transmission to detect it and you know, making sure that there's adequate ventilation. i think that everybody deserves for their children to see an actual plan and to know that these plans different crisply defined and there's a process in place and resources to manage. i think it's one thing to have a plan. it's another thing to really be making sure that you're following the process day over day. >> the doctor is also saying it's helpful to talk to your kids about health guidelines like wearing masks and washing hands, but also addresses. any anxieties. the children have about being back in class. that is also really important as well. the rise in covid cases across the country in the bay area. they're starting fill up hospitals, hospitals. according to the cdc contra, costa county is now seeing high levels of community transmission of covid-19 kron
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four's charles clifford joins us now from concord with how the county's largest hospital there is preparing for yet another possible surge of cases could afternoon charles. >> hello. last week here in contra, costa county. there were 81 people hospitalized with coronavirus this week. it's 128 to that is that a significant increase in john muir health is the medical center right behind me here says they are preparing for another surge, but they also add it's not going to look like it did before. >> literally, we're looking at it day by day. doctor nick mike us with john muir health says they are seeing an increase in covid patients. but this surge looks very different from past surges. >> the difference between a search this time of the surge last summer dealing with younger some more of us are going to help in seeking actually care in our network facilities. right. and then having to come to the hospital during the last 2 waves large tents were assembled outside john muir medical center to care for covid patients. but those tents are gone and for the tima being, health provider believes they can accommodate the increase in patients without putting the
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tense back up. we have a that we were dealing with the pandemic and isolation. so we know we're capable of in terms of capacity and been trying engage in ensuring that we the capacity for covid patients. but the same time not. >> limiting care. patients many an understandingng that if we have to go there, we couldn't under this plants. actively to do that. the other big difference this time around is that many people are now vaccinated against covid-19 and it appears. >> for the most part to be working. the cases we're seeing are predominantly an patients >> john mayer is encouraging anyone who is not vaccinated to reconsider. >> you're not vaccinated. i would strongly encourage you to speak to someone you trust to consider different. a different decision because i think that transmission will continue in the community. >> all right. back live now. a couple other things from the hospital. they say they they believe they have enough ppe personal protective equipment for staff to deal with the upcoming search. they also say they're seeing a lot of non covid patients, people who put off visiting the hospital
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during the pandemic are now coming in with health problems. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news, thank you so much, charles. let's take a closer look now at covid hospitalizations. >> across the bay area. a lot of numbers here. alameda county has seen the biggest increase since last week. the county was at 120 patients on july 22nd this week. it's at 168 can see last week and this week they're on this. the sides in contra, costa county. there are 47 new patients followed by san francisco which saw 41 new patients since last week. the delta variant is forcing the cdc to issue a new warning. if you've now been exposed to covid-19, you need to get tested even if you're vaccinated. san francisco's covid testing data shows a drop in overall testing since january. but a slight increase this month. the city closed that main testing site on the embarcadero in june after seeing a drop in cases and more people getting vaccinated. now, the city is
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focusing on neighborhoods with a high covid positivity rate. doctor george rutherford with ucsf says while it's important to get tested. one of the best things you can do to slow the spread is to follow health guidelines. >> the more people who are infectious, the more people are walking around with infection, the more likely you are to come into contact with someone was infectious and the and the more likely it is that that will will be seeing breakthrough cases wear mask . if you're in indoor public spaces. and 2, if you if you have a known exposure. get tested with 3 to 5 days after that explosion. >> meanwhile, data and santa clara county shows an increase in testing county public health officials say they plan to expand the fairground testing location to 7 days a week starting tomorrow in contra, costa county public health officials say there are many appointments available for testing. every day. san francisco mayor london breed said if the current trend of rising covid cases continues.
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it is now projecting 300 people could die. that's what city leaders are considering as there are thinking about starting another mask mandate even for those who are not vaccinated. >> we do not make these decisions lightly. it is very difficult to try and move people and one direction. when we just felt like we came out of this pandemic in a way that we can celebrate. but the celebrations can't completely start. >> so it would be a mandate for people who are vaccinated and unvaccinated and if the decision is made to mandate indoor masking for all san francisco with then join los angeles look jolo and sacramento counties which have all turned a federal and state mask recommendation into a requirement as far as the other counties in the bay area at this time. they're still just recommending everyone wear masks indoors, recommendations. not a mandate just yet. in the south bay
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group of nonprofits are finding success in vaccinating homeless people against covid-19 the high tech startup live freely along with other nonprofits. we hope and just serve teamed up to deliver the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine to residents of a large homeless camp today off old oakland road in san jose. the teams are averaging about 25 vaccinations per day amid outreach efforts. and there is a much bigger camp that they're also focusing on that's near the san jose airport. every shot counts. according to the court later. >> you know, we saw an unmet need that a lot of the homeless and those who are underserved the last to get the vaccine in this campaign against the virus. and so we saw a need and we had the ability to to fill it and provided by vaccines. so we wanted to come out here and actually bring it to the homeless in the end. and an house and offered to them here as opposed to having them come
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anywhere or anything in and we're doing a way that we feel that we're partnering with with. we hope and with just serve and they're going out and canvassing in bringing them here and they're getting food showers and laundry as well. as the vaccine. and that's an incentive for them to. come out and and get vaccinated as opposed to, you know. >> i'm having to hunt him down. >> the organizers say several of the people who got the shot. we're helping to spread the word about the vaccine opportunity and there are a lot of incentives for getting the shot, including the offer of a hot shower hygiene products gift card sox and a hearty meal provided by another nonprofit octavius kitchen. for more things like vaccinations and mask guidelines just scan this qr code on your screen and we'll take you to kron. 4 dot coms page dedicated to pandemic, pandemic information. that's a lot. now. the search for phillup krawcheck continues tomorrow. he is the runner who went missing nearly one month ago at pleasanton ridge
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regional park after saying he was going on a run. the father. there has been missing since then in about 120 search and rescue members will be out of the park doing further checks of the area to make sure that nothing was overlooked. the alameda county sheriff's office is working alongside the pleasanton police department in this case pleasanton police are conducting a missing persons investigation. taking a look at crate check steps before he left for his run that day. the alameda county sheriff's office believes he is still in the park. but sergeant ray kelly says he wishes his team had some new clues. >> we wish that we knew we had some clues, some signs. we don't have any more clues today. then we beginning at the start of the search. so that has been very frustrating for everybody involved in so we're pretty mystified as to why we haven't found any clues at all. we need to exhaust every last avenue, every thought, every conceivable up
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there. and i think that we feel that tomorrow. we have some things that just don't we feel that we're not settled that. we want to go back and make sure that you know, we're leaving no stone unturned that we've put a foot grant on every piece of that ground up there that we need to go back tomorrow and find tune some of our search efforts. >> sergeant kelly also tells us that while the search and rescue teams are not looking for volunteers. there are community search efforts in place, including a facebook group called find philip create check where you can learn everything about volunteering opportunities. if you would like to get involved. >> i'm trevor shirley in washington as wildfires break out across the western portion of the u.s. the president lays out his plans on how to deal with this ongoing problem. i've got that story coming up ahead. also, watch your step rattlesnakes are roaming the trails in the east bay. we'll talk to the woman who found one she's sharing her story with us. and what to do if you see one slithering around. and
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tracking another day of hot temperatures for inland valleys specifically. those of you in the east bay 97 degrees for livermore. >> 35 degrees. cooler for downtown san francisco. but we're all going to cool down this weekend. details ahead of
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>> pay cut close attention to your next steps when you're in an east bay park. that's the
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warning coming from a pleasant hill woman who recently encountered a rattlesnake. she tells kron force one to call. she feared she would have been bitten if the snake did not warn her first. >> my husband was bit ahead with the big dog and i was back here as shoulder loney and her husband approached the pa sonangol park exit in pleasant hill last week off gayle drive. cheryl spotted the northern pacific rattlesnake slithering from a mound in the grass and across the pavement in her 5 years living in the neighborhood. she has seen gopher snakes but never a venomous rattler is seeing and rattling and. it was kind of a little bit scary. she managed to pull her smaller dog away. and then the couple watched the snake move towards a tree where cheryl was able to snap a few photos. she was shocked to see it out in the heat at around noon that day. naturalists say snakes are typically more active in late evening say hissing and the rattling if.
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>> if that state can't have given us that morning. i i have no doubt that we could have been bitten. fortunately, she says her dogs were also least cheryl thinks the drought has led to more animal and reptile encounters in parks were seen all kinds of. >> critters coming closer lots and lots of coyotes around here coming closer to our homes just lately walking out on the street. it's just they're looking for food and water. that's closer to our homes. keep your head up. >> and your eyes down in pleasant hill. phillipe djegal all kron 4 >> as wildfires rage across the west. today, president biden put the federal response of the top of his agenda. the president spoke with a group of governors including governor gavin newsom about ways to stop the damage and prevent wildfires from starting our washington, dc correspondent trevor shirley has the story. >> well, the president told
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governors earlier today his administration is doing everything it can to help communities impacted by these fires and that includes sending extra resources where the blazes are still happening. the threat of western wildfires is particularly severe this year and several areas have already seen massive uncontrolled blazes. the president laid out a list of things his administration is doing to help with all this. he said federal firefighters are now getting paid more and being hired into full-time positions rather than just seasonal ones on top of that, the defense department is also being brought in to aid with fire detection and response. the president says fema is also deeply involved in trying to manage the ongoing fires that includes approving new grants and other funding for states dnaling with fires so far fema has approved 20 fire. >> management assistance grants. totaling up to a 100 million dollars to help states pay for the cost of fighting these fires. we're also working with fema and the
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defense logistical agency to get ahead of this emergency supply chain challenges and we still have some supply chain challenges related to hoses and a number of other >> the president also praised the work of frontline firefighters. and he spoke with officials from electric companies about ways to secure the electric grid as these fires continue reporting in washington. i'm trevor shirley. >> the dixie fire is now the 11th largest wildfire in state history. that fire has now burned more than 240,000 acres in plumas and butte counties. the fires started back on july 14th. since then. it is destroyed more than 60 buildings. you've actually evacuation orders and warnings remain in place. the fire is just 23% contained. let's switch gears. now talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look at sfo right now. fog slowly moving in on
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this friday. that's going to be a little bit cooler this weekend and our meteorologists breeze. rodriguez is here now with they're just in. yeah. we actually woke up to some patchy coastal drizzle. but it's going to be more widespread for parts of the bay area. more on that in just a minute. >> live look outside, though. great way to end our friday. so t g i f bay area. we made it to the weekend radar for though, tracking sunshine right along our inland valleys even for the east bay shoreline. still more clouds and sun specifically for those of you to our beaches and especially those of you at half moon bay. we are going to see though, more robust marine layer. so it is going to be more widespread and stubborn out there to start out your saturday morning could see some wise for patchy. coastal drizzle throughout the northern part specifically in the north bay and even san francisco peninsula coastline. and it's going to be really widespread tomorrow compared to today. hope you enjoy the drizzle fest this morning because it's going to be more pronounced tomorrow with temperatures. noticeably
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cooler along the coast. but still hot inland. so quite the contrast out there for your friday afternoon. livermore 97 degrees 35 degrees. cooler, though, compared to downtown san francisco in the mid 60's with low 90's for novato, thanks to those offshore winds and san jose feeling slightly cooler forecast in the low 80's with low 70's for those of you in oakland's overnight lows tonight. widespread low to mid and upper 50's low 60's for livermore fremont and san jose. we are going to see, though temperatures tomorrow cooling down to exactly where we should be for this time of year. low 90's for livermore and holding steady in oakland in the low 70's with mid 60's for downtown san francisco and santa rosa 75 degrees. so very pleasant temperatures there. little changed, though, this weekend. we're going to be on cruise control just and so if you love this weekend's forecast, you're going to love the next 7 days as well. back to you. good to know. thanks for greece. and still ahead, today, free 45 the wnba.
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>> is heading for oakland. we'll take a look at the approval that was granted today for the new team. and after the break, it might be time to learn something new. and maybe it might be the truffle shuffle. one bay area. food startup company is doing to turn by way of co
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california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. >> on dine and dish for doing the truffle shuffle to bay area. food startup that had to rethink its whole game plan during the pandemic and now
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it's shuffling its way into your kitchen. >> welcome to truffle shuffle. and tonight show starring a shift tucker you. everyone doing today. it's a whole to cooking demo via zoom sam mckinney is one of the founders of truffle shuffle. i invited into my kitchen showed up in i try to make it look for the highly trained and pedigreed. sarah, it's all about the truffle truffle salt trouble. honey, you name it, though. i'm gonna put a little bit of the bodies truffle salt. there. that's what you fill in the first place. so you know, but then came the pandemic and restaurants closed and store. stop buying. they panic fellow founders found themselves sitting on truffles and running out of cash. so they shuffled and change their tune to teach those of us stuck at home, how to make a high end. a meal caught the attention shark cage and market humid put his weight behind right point.
3:27 pm
>> i'm so excited. i did a deal now truffle shuffle ships out kitchen kits with virtual team or years guys having musical gas being able to use. so we sound effects and d j brings it down to a level makes us feel very personal. and just and then the end result looks everyone get to the end and successful in being able to do things like cook the perfect steak or make the perfect unbroken hollandaise sauce every kid that sold portions go to the alameda food bank. the goal not so much to teach microwave cooks like >> but the creative in their own homes. one tantalizing the truffle bite at is an francisco vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> vicki is always looking for great places to dine in or get takeout from you can use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code and will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite rest in to us to
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possibly feature. up next, yet the weekend and is going to sin city in your plans there are mandatory covid protocols that you should know about before you go. >> also a new report today says pfizer's effectiveness decreases over time. we're talking about the covid vaccines are going to hear from a doctor about what this means for people who have been vaccinated for months already. bay area homeowners, learn how you can eliminate monthly mortgage payments and improve your cashflow. look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior,
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now at 3.30 a new study on the effectiveness of foes pfizer's covid-19 vaccine shows that protection against the virus drops to 84%. >> 4 to 6 months after you get the second dose. but it's important to note that the vaccine remains 95% effective in terms of protection from severe disease. the study was funded by pfizer and it tested 44,000 people we talked with ucsf doctor bob wachter about what this means for people who received the vaccine months ago. >> we see that the the efficacy of the vaccines has gotten a little bit lower. the good news and it's and lower still you know, suppressed haitian sand and older people in nursing homes. the good news and it's still really good news about the vaccine is that its effectiveness in preventing severe cases seems to be holding up really well, even against delta. so that's
3:32 pm
if i took one part one thing that hopeful out of all this. that's what i took. >> the study comes as pfizer has been pushing for a 3rd covid vaccine dose to boost immunity. so far the cdc says there's no need for a booster shot at this time. despite rising covid-19 cases. the sonoma county fair is going to go on as planned. the county has over 1000 active cases and they're being blamed on the delta variant. and while the fair will still. feel. and look the same. there are some l% rules in place to make sure people are protected. the fair is requiring people to wear masks at all times. if they're not fully vaccinated and if you are fully vaccinated, they're requiring that you wear a mask inside some of the pavilions. the santa clara county fair also gets under way today. but it's going to look a little bit different than originally planned because of the pandemic. the fair was going to include a drive-thru event. but that's no longer going to happen. that's because the county is
3:33 pm
still using a argeger of the fairgrounds for covid testingand vaccinationsns instead the fair will now focus on livestock. exhibitions. thehe wilbe free admissioioioand free pking to the fair. and if you cannot make an in-person some of the livestock auctions. we'll be live street. and now to the east bay where walnut creek officials are considering an option to keep outdoor dining. parklets opened for ever. the city council members voted last week to extend the walnut creek rebound program through the end of the year and that allows restaurants to keep their outdoor dining spaces in areas like street parking spaces. the program also created curbside pickup zones near restaurants and retail businesses and also closed down handful of downtown streets while the quicks mayor says the survey of some 1400 residents found that 82% wanted to make the outdoor spaces permanent. now, if you
3:34 pm
have tickets to go to hamilton coming to san francisco's orpheum theater next month. there is a policy change and they don't want you to throw away your shot broadway. assaf just announced performances of hamilton will require either proof of vaccine or a negative covid-19 test done within 72 hours from all ticket holders. this includes children. everyone in attendance will also have to wear masks broadway sf also says the digital lottery will be coming back this year. so that means a limited number of tickets will be available for every performance for 10 bucks. the lotteries will begin each friday and closed the following thursday for the week's performances shows are set to start on august 10th. and if you're going to vegas this weekend. have fun but also know that there's a new indoor mask mandate that went into effect there today. the mandate applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status. officials in clark county where vegas's say they will take action against any businesses. the disregard this
3:35 pm
mandate. children 9 years old or younger and people with certain health conditions are exempt from this mandate. let's talk about our forecast here in the bay area. if you're sticking around for the weekend as we take a live look outside here along the embarcadero. happy friday. everyone. beautiful clear skies here and are meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has a look now at the weekend at a foggy shot there behind you. i know you got the great camera. i got the gray one over here with this fog bank. >> all right. just in re, they're going to the fair or vegas this weekend waxed. and right, baby. let's take a look at your bay area forecast, though. >> those of you planning a staycation. we are tracking plenty of sunshine out there in the north bay temperatures for east bay valleys. widespread low to mid 90's. still a toasty one out there for those of you in livermore learning with that triple digit. he but don't worry, relief is in sight. in fact, are going to cool down to near average by tomorrow. low 90's
3:36 pm
for conquered and dublin along the east bay shoreline. low 70's for berkeley and oakland. so hope you enjoyed that cool down today downtown san francisco at 63 degrees. quite the temperatures spread out there for the north bay unique micro climates out there today 70's, 80's and yes, even 90's. right now the napa in the mid 70's nevado, though, low 90's. but just to your north petaluma and santa rosa in the low 80's. so we are seeing a little bit of that cool sea breeze influence were those offshore winds, though, right, throughout nevada. so that's why you're tracking toasty temperatures there. but stormtracker 4, we are tracking, though, that marine layer going to become more widespread throughout the evening hours. contributing to our cool down and our drizzle fest to start our saturday morning radar for right now seeing some pockets of some scattered showers. we did see a cell over donner summit now making its way north into backwards. but just to the south and east just south and
3:37 pm
east of topaz like thunderstorm activity. so we do have that threat of pop-up thunderstorms throughout this afternoon and early evening and a flash flood watch. also in effect right now through 8 o'clock tonight, south lake tahoe and truckee also included because any downpours that do form with these pop-up thunderstorms could bring this mud debris flow and ponding. in addition to walk slides as well. so be safe out there for those of you heading out to this year this weekend. it's going to be an active weekend with the thunderstorm threat. continuing all weekend long. south lake tahoe 78 degrees and we're tracking 70's continuing through sunday with that severe weather threat by monday, though calmer dryer clear conditions but also a warm-up as well. back in the mid 80's just in. back to you. and coming up next. >> catalytic converter thefts have spiked by an alarming amount in the last year. what
3:38 pm
you can do to avoid being a victim. plus a live look at tokyo japan right now. our daily olympics coverage continues. we're going to talk about the twisties we heard about this with our reporter in tokyo. but after the break, dog owners be where there are several brands of dog food that are being recalled this afternoon.
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>> for your money this afternoon. sunshine mills has launched a voluntary recall of several of its dog food brands due to elevated levels of alpha toxin. that's a mold byproduct. the recalled food that have been sold under the brands of triumph evolve and harvest. excuse me evolved. wild harvest nature farms pier being an elm. they all have best by dates of february 11th 2022 no illnesses have been reported pet owners who have any of this food can return it to the store where you purchased it to get a full refund. but we have all these details on our website. kron 4 dot com. a new report is showing that claims for catalytic converter thefts were up 175% among state farm customers in california from july 2022 june 2021 and compare that number to the same time period from last year. that's where they got that number from according to
3:42 pm
state farm. california is the worst state for catalytic converter thefts. so we have some tips so you can avoid becoming a victim. number one, you can install a catalytic converter anti-theft device. these are available from various manufacturers and can provide a level of security thumb theft park fleet vehicles in an enclosed and secure area that is well lit locked and alarmed personal service vehicles can also be parked in a garage. and if that's not possible vehicles can be parked in the driveway but consider installing motion sensor security lights and if you are a victim, you can call your local law enforcement or your insurer writer way to let them know about the issue. still ahead, a big w. >> today for the wnba they are coming to oakland and we have all the details next.
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women's basketball team remains undefeated at the 2020 tokyo olympics and here locally. a team of african american business leaders were trying to bring the wnba to the bay area, got a win of their own today. >> kron four's haaziq madyun has the story. >> the wnba is now one step closer to establishing a professional women's basketball team in oakland. we are.
3:46 pm
>> talking now about a term of. 5 years. i it will be a win-win for parties in a rare unanimous vote. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved a non-binding term sheet clearing the way for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena city council president in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan. >> has been instrumental in paving the way for this moment. >> i am super excited and we know that oakland has a strong community that is ready to support women's basketball and come out to games and restore the energy of rakell at our reena. so this is one step closer to having a wnba team in oakland. this could be easily. one of the biggest. >> wnba. >> you know, you know, markets in the country for bobbitt is the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group. >> that submitted the unanimously approved term
3:47 pm
sheet for the arena with this relocating wnba team are starting up a brand new franchise right here we are requesting expansion. >> to be quite honest with you as openers. relocation is not something we really like to talk about. there are still several steps in the process, including submitting the new team ownership proposal to the of the wnba. >> followed by an expansion review and a vote by current wnba owners. he says we're talking at least a couple of years. but securing an agreement for the rena put oakland in an advantageous position among other cities seeking expansion. we've talked to the wnba about that because we're in a pretty urgent mode like we don't you know, we're not trying to wait let's go. >> we got next. haha. >> has he met you in kron 4 news. >> an update now on the a's howard terminal project this the city fights to keep the team in oakland. mayor libby
3:48 pm
schaaf's office released a statement on the negotiations and it reads lawyers from both the city and the a's have agreed to continue working towards an approved project. mayor schaff and city staff are excited about the progress that is being made. this moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class waterfront ballpark. a reality. here. kron 4 we're closely monitoring the situation between the a's in the city of oakland and we'll have all the updates for you right here on kron. 4 and also kron 4 dot com as soon as any sort of agreement is made. we are approaching the first full week of the summer olympic games. and there are some major races ahead for us. swimmers kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo with a preview of what's coming up tonight and also through the weekend and you're one of the big races we need to watch for. >> well, we'll start in the pool justine where caleb dressel is going to be swimming in the 100 butterfly. he has both the world record and the olympic record. and he already has 2 gold medals here
3:49 pm
in tokyo. one as an individual, one as part of a relay. any has 2 gold medals from the rio games back in 2000, 16. he swam into realize there with michael caleb dressel certainly in a hardware, but he wants to add more to that. katie ledecky will be in the pool today here in tokyo in the 800 meter freestyle she already has a gold medal in the 1500 which was being contested for the first time here at the olympics by women. she also has 2 silver medal. so those those are the big ones in the pool track and field. we've got medal events in the men's discus in the 4 by 400 mixed relay. and the women's 100 foot the semifinals and the final will take place here in tokyo tonight. just in. >> let's also talk about some gymnastics and what simone biles my do with competing. she said she had a case that with case of the twisties. can you explain what that is. twist. my words. >> yeah, i'm not going to twist your words there. pun intended i'm not exactly sure when i first heard that, what that was. but it has to sum it
3:50 pm
up. it's basically when the mind and the body are not in sync. so she's dealing with a lot right now. mental health obviously has been the big storyline the last few days. the fact that she did not compete in the all around and then watch one for teammates. win gold. you've got mixed emotions there because you're happy for sunni lee who gets to be on the biggest stage in goes, you know what will go back to minnesota with a gold medal. but yet simone biles was supposed to be the favorite in that event. so that probably contributes to what she's going through. she still did qualify and all of the finals of the individual events. but get the case of the twisties that she's dealing with right now. we still don't know if that will enable her to compete next week in a couple of days today is a day off or gymnastics. just the back to you. >> and i hope you get to enjoy your last day of soft quarantine get to do something fun in tokyo. kron four's andrew marden for in tokyo. thank you so much. >> now let's talk about our weather forecast as we take a
3:51 pm
live look outside here at coit tower right in our backyard here in san francisco and our meteorologist rodriguez is here. she's telling us it's going to be little bit cooler this weekend. yeah, we're going to cool down with much needed relieve heading to your way for those of you in walnut creek live look outside right now. >> it must be friday. take a look at all this traffic for those cars trying to head into san francisco heading towards walnut creek, though smooth sailing out there this afternoon. temperatures for the most part, widespread low to mid-nineties for your friday afternoon. livermore the hot one today 97 degrees, san jose 82 degrees with widespread low 70's for oakland and berkeley. hope you enjoyed that relief today. very pleasant temperatures as you step outside. but concord and walnut creek currently in the low 90's mid 60's. for those of you in downtown san francisco and pacific up boarding with 70's. but 69 degrees in napa 78 degrees. but take a look at novato, also tracking hot temperatures are thanks to those offshore
3:52 pm
winds near triple digit heat at 97 degrees. but relief in store for you tomorrow we're going to be in the mid 80's. but overnight lows. tonight we're going to see widespread 50's and 60's so santa rosa 51 degrees cooling down to the mid 60's for those of you in antioch unseasonal weather from coast to valleys. low 90's for conquered in livermore low 70's for oakland and hayward in downtown san fransisco in the mid 60's. there's novato at 85 degrees and 10 degrees. cooler santa rosa. and we're going to be very seasonal all weekend long and even for the next 7 days. stick around. kron. 4 news at 3 continue so there's no
3:53 pm
3:54 pm
3:55 pm
doubt we're living in stressful times this delta variant is just driving me nuts. >> so we wanted to end of the show here with a little bit of. relaxing so we can unwind a little bit roll into the weekend and if you need some help with that. let's take you now from the resident of the national zoo in washington, d c. this is a panda cub. just having some fun. zhao is just 3 weeks shy of his first birthday. the little guy is already learning the art of balancing a blue ball. he lives at the national zoo in dc with his mom and as part of a breeding program to save the giant panda species. his keepers say he loves to play and seems to be happy and inquisitive and is cute. and i
3:56 pm
just really need to look at the baby puppy. a baby panda today and a puppy and maybe some babies anyway. help me to smile. it's time now to check in with newsnation to see what they're working on for tonight. >> tonight on the dollar report. the rent is due hundreds of thousands of people facing eviction across the country, possibly as soon as tomorrow. an attorney breaks down the president's push back for more time. and what happens if you still can't afford the rent now here's leland vittert with a preview of on bout. >> thanks, joe. confidence. and kamala harris is plummeting. why lawmakers on both sides say she should be pulled from border duty and who should take replace the former head of ice weighs in. that's coming up on balance tonight followed by news nation, prime. >> you can find newsnation on the channels listed. here are more details on our website. kron 4 dot com. and here's what's coming up 4 o'clock on the kron on app. they have a lot of stories coming up, including another large company that's requiring its
3:57 pm
employees to be vaccinated. plus some tips on how you can save money while buying gadgets, just use your phone to scan this qr code right now at all. allow you to download the kron on app for free. thank you so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3 o'clock this friday. i'm justine waldman. really appreciate your time. stay safe out there. have a great weekend and i'll see you tonight at 5 o'clock and 9 o'clock. and also this weekend at 6, 8, 09:10pm. >> have a great one.
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