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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  July 30, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> tonight at 5.30, here, kron 4. we're always tracking local stories. so here's a look at what's going on. >> in your neighborhood. starting in the east bay with the search for philip kray-chick who went missing nearly a month ago. >> well, he was out on a run in pleasanton. it sure that. >> you know, we're leaving no stone unturned that we've put a foot grant on every piece of that ground up there that we need to go back tomorrow and fine-tune some of our search efforts. >> the search for a crater continues tomorrow. about a 120 search and rescue team members. we'll be out at the park doing further checks of the area to makt sure nothing was overlooked. the alameda county sheriff's office is working alongside the pleasanton police department in this case pleasanton police are conducting a missing persons investigation. taking a look at cray-chick steps
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before he left for his run that day. the alameda county sheriff's office believes that he is still in the park. volunteers have been searching for him daily proffers dan thorn. he will have a report on their efforts tonight. when the creek officials are considering an option to keep outdoor dining for ever. the city's council members voted last week to extend the walnut creek rebound programs to the end of the year. that allows restaurants to keep their outdoor dining spaces in areas like street parking spaces when the creeks mayor says that a survey of some 1400 residents found that 82% want to make the outdoor spaces permanent. now to the north bay in sonoma county starting to see an uptick of coronavirus cases. and that's being blamed on the delta variant. >> new cases per 100,000 are up 27% from last week. the test positivity rate is at 5% and the total number of active cases sits at 1259, which is
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an increase of 30% from last week. as you can see, the numbers here. they're going in the wrong direction. and despite rising covid-19 cases. the sonoma county fair will still go on as planned. the county has over 1000 active cases and they are being blamed on the delta variant while the fair will still look and feel the same. there are some rules in place to make sure people are protected. the fair is requiring people to wear masks at all times. if they're not fully vaccinated and if you are fully vaccinated their require you to wear a mask inside some of the pavilions. the santa clara county fair also gets under way today. but it's going to look different than originally planned because of the pandemic. of course, the. >> fair was going to include a drive-thru event. but that's no longer going to happen. that is because the county is still using a large area of the fairgrounds for covid testing and vaccinations. instead the fair will now focus on livestock. exhibitions. there will be
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free admission and free parking to the fair. and if you can't make it in person. why some events like the livestock auction will be live streamed. >> now to supplement the peninsula on the palo alto. unified school district will be outsourcing its online learning when school begins in just a few weeks. the decision was made after 600 students told the district that they do not want to return to the classroom. a live webinar will happen next tuesday to talk about the new online learning program, the program is offered to kindergarten through 12th grade students. according to the school district's website. it is a mix of live online classes and independent work. it is a similar concept. what they did last year during remote learning. but this year online students will not be taught by a palo alto school district teacher. the superintendent says there is not a limit as to how many students can enroll. all right. weather time. take a look outside right now. we do have some
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patchy fog that has been moving in. >> along the coastline, kind of a neat shot almost hypnotic. look, this is from our sutro tower cam and you see the clouds kind of just rolling along as they roll over the hill. we're going to see more of that again tonight. some of that dense fog along the coastline. so watch out for that very thick out toward the golden gate bridge again, i'm probably going to see some drizzle out toward the beaches and some of that dense fog to not as much as you make your way inside the bay. numerous lightning strikes again really flaring up all the sierra nevada. you see all that lightning activity up there and even some flash flood watches up being posted now and parts air poses county there continuing until 7 o'clock and some not quite as long, but still some scary weather up there could drop a couple inches of rain in a short amount of time could cause some of that flash flooding. all right. for tomorrow. we're going to see the monsoon continue over the sierra nevada will likely see a couple months clouds cruising overhead, but nothing that's going to ruin your day, put on some low 90's. well, inland 70's 80's around the bay and some 60's with some
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patchy fog along the coast line temperatures kind hold steady through the weekend cooling off about the middle of next week. >> thank you, art and an update now on the a's howard terminal project this the city fights to keep the team in oakland. mayor libby schaaf's office released a statement on the ongoing negotiations at reed's lawyers from both the city and the a's have agreed to continue working towards an approved project. mayor schaff and city staff are excited about the progress that is being made. this moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class waterfront ballpark. a reality and here kron 4. we are closely monitoring the situation with the a's and the city of oakland. and we'll have updates right here on air and kron 4 and also on kron, 4 dot com as soon as any sort of agreement. his mate. the nfl is facing pushback from players over its plan to visually identify players who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 the league sent out a memo suggesting
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that players. we're different colored wristbands or credentials indicating who has and has not received the vaccine. the nfl players association president who is also a current player slammed this idea saying it's a form of shaming last week. the league outlined strict rules for containing the virus this season, including teams being fined and or forced to forfeit a game that cannot be rescheduled due to a covid-19 outbreak. the usa women's basketball team remains undefeated in the olympics here. locally efforts to bring a wnba team. >> to the east bay are actually looking pretty good crowd for us as brings us the latest on the efforts to get another pro team in oakland. >> the wnba is now one step closer to establishing a professional women's basketball team in oakland. we are. >> talking now about a term of. 5 years. i it will be a
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win-win for parties in a rare unanimous vote. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved a non-binding term sheet clearing the way for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena city council president in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan. >> has been instrumental in paving the way for this moment. >> i am super excited and we know that oakland has a strong community that is ready to support women's basketball and come out to games and restore the energy of rakell at our reena. so this is one step closer to having a wnba team in oakland. this could be easily. one of the biggest. >> wnba. >> you know, you know. >> markets in the country for bobbitt is the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group that submitted the unanimously approved term sheet for the arena with this being
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relocating wnba team are starting up a brand new franchise right here we are requesting expansion to be quite honest with you as openers. relocation is not something we really like to talk about. there are still several steps in the process, including submitting the new team ownership proposal to the of the wnba. >> followed by an expansion review and a vote by current wnba owners. he says we're talking at least a couple of years. but securing an agreement for the arena put oakland in an advantageous position among other cities seeking expansion. we've talked to the wnba about that because we're in a pretty like we don't you know, we're not trying to wait let's go. >> we got next. haha. >> has he met you in kron 4 news. >> it was over. hurting microwave cooks in the master chefs. how a bay area food startup is making its way on your screen and into your kitchen. also a big boost for
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the giants right before the trade deadline. who is joining the team for the rest of the season. >> and assistance making ends meet how the
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>> for your money now, california family say the child tax credit is really helping them make ends meet. the money is being used to pay rent. >> and catch up on some bills. president biden increase the amount going to families and expanded it to include those
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whose income is so little that they don't even owe taxes. some families say the tax credit is providing them relief after a year of uncertainty. >> i think the child care tax credit providing that on a month to month basis provides those families that are struggling with the opportunity. >> 2, the more successful in, you know, paying their bills and they're not feeling quite so like they're living on the edge. >> the child tax credit begins to phase out incomes of 75,000 for individuals and 150,000 for married couples. >> let's take a live look at tokyo right now as we head to break, we'll see how team usa is holding up in the summer games.
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flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. >> now. >> the giants and a's made some big moves before the mlb trade deadline this afternoon in one of the biggest pickups of the david giants acquired an all-star 3rd baseman from the cubs and to give you the name that person. kron. 4 sports reporter kylen mills. details on this trade and many others. a busy day in baseball hot off the press. a very busy day in baseball. and the name is kris bryant. now, i do have to say this with a little forewarning. i'm a lifelong cubs fan. so this one hurts to talk about. for me. he is like a beloved guy in chicago and like was the face of the cubs franchise now will here. so there's a little bit of a silver lining. but wow, this was like the talk of the day. this happened in just like the final hour of the trade this afternoon.
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>> the giants picking up slugger kris bryant, if there were any questions about whether the giants are world series contenders. those have been answered with this move seriously. they needed a versatile fielder and right handed bat. and that's exactly what they got an all-star chris bryant again taking him from the chicago cubs. he's one of the best hitters that was dealt at the deadline. more importantly, he can play all over the field. the actually an outfield and the best news of all for san francisco. none of their prized prospects for trait, traded for bryant. they gave up the 9th and 30 its best player in the system for the half-season rental bryant who is hitting 2.67 with 18 home runs this year. it looks like the athletics are all in for 2021 postseason run. so there's still hope over the east bay oakland already landed starling marte a yesterday. today they added some more quality bats in the lineup. both josh harrison and yon goals from the washington nationals will head to the east bay with harrison a former all-star into 96 hitter
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being the jewel of the trade and the 80's only had to trade 3 prospects from in the more good news. >> you have guys that have been experienced in the postseason. both these guys, you know that. they know what it's all about. they've been through before they you get motivated by that with guys like, you know, those guys play for. so you know, worried about them moving organizations when you're coming to a team that's in a pennant race because that's what it's all about for guys like that. >> by the way, the giants did make another trade that brings a familiar face back to the bay. the giants completed a trade with the angels that brings left handed pitcher tony watson back to san francisco while giving up 3 pitching prospects. october should be fun in the bay area looking for to some playoff baseball right around the corner fact to 80's. yes, thank skyland. now to our olympic coverage. the u.s. is currently in 3rd place for a number of gold medals. one so far. but that could change. of course, earlier today right here on kron 4. i talked with our sports reporter andrew marden about some of the big
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competitions that are ahead. we are approaching the first full week of the summer olympic games. and there are some major races ahead for us. swimmers kron four's andrew martin joins us now from tokyo with a preview of what's coming up tonight and also through the weekend. >> and you're one of the bfg races we need to watch for. >> well, we'll start in the pool justine where caleb dressel is going to be swimming in the 100 butterfly. he has both the world record and the olympic record. and he already has 2 gold medals here in tokyo. one as an individual, one as part of a relay. any has 2 gold medals from the rio games back in 2000, 16. he swam into realize there with michael caleb dressel certainly in a hardware, but he wants to add more to that. katie ledecky will be in the pool today here in tokyo in the 800 meter freestyle she already has a gold medal in the 1500 which was being contested for the first time here at the olympics by women. she also has 2 silver medal. so that was those are the big ones in the pool track and field.
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we've got medal events in the men's discus in the 4 by 400 mixed relay. and the women's 100 foot the semifinals and the final will take place here in tokyo tonight. just in. >> let's also talk about some gymnastics and what simone biles my do with competing. she said she had a case with case of the twisties. can you explain what that is. twist. my words. >> yeah, i'm not going to twist your words there. pun intended i'm not exactly sure when i first heard that, what that was. but it is to sum it up. it's basically when the mind and the body are not in sync. so she's dealing with a lot right now. mental health obviously has been the big storyline the last few days. the fact that she did not compete in the all around and then watch one for teammates. win gold. you've got mixed emotions there because you're happy for sunni lee who gets to be on the biggest stage in goes, you know, will go back to minnesota with a gold medal. but yet simone biles was supposed to be the favorite in that event. so that probably contributes to what she's going through. she
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still did qualify and all of the finals of the individual events. but get the case of the twisties that she's dealing with right now. we still don't know if that will enable her to compete next week in a couple of days today is a day off or gymnastics. just the back to you. >> and i hope you get to enjoy your last day of soft quarantine get to do something fun in tokyo. kron four's andrew marden for in tokyo. thank you so much. >> well, are you less than a gold medal winner in the kitchen might be time do the truffle shuffle. what one bay area food startup company is doing to turn microwave cooks in the master chefs in their own home.
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retail to restaurants. people had to shuffle to stay afloat during the pandemic. lockdowns. yeah. a lot of people are trying to figure it all out. so tonight on dine and dish. we're going to do a shuffle recalling at the truffle shuffle. it's the name of the bury food startup that caught the attention of tv shark tank and mark cuban and now it's making your way on your screen and into your kitchen. >> welcome to truffle shuffle. and tonight show starring a shift tucker in how everybody doing today. >> to cooking demo via zoom. >> sam mckinney is one of the founders of truffle shuffle. i invited into my kitchen showed
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up in i try to make it look for the highly trained and pedigreed. sarah, it's all about the truffle truffle salt trouble. honey, you name it, though. i'm gonna put a little bit of the bodies truffle salt. there. that's what haul in the first place. so you know, but then came the pandemic and restaurants closed and store. stop buying. they panic fellow founders found themselves sitting on truffles and running out of cash. so they shuffled and change their tune to teach those of us stuck at home how to make a high end. a meal caught the attention shark cage. and mark, if put his weight behind right it. i'm so excited. i did a deal now truffle shuffle ships out kitchen kits with virtual team or years guys having musical guest being able to use silly sound effects and d j brings it down to a level makes us feel very and just. >> and then the end result looks everyone get to the end
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successful in being able to do things like the perfect steak or make the perfect unbroken hollandaise sauce every kid that sold portions go to the alameda food bank. the goal not so much to teach microwave cooks like >> but the creative in their own homes. one tantalizing the truffle bite at a to go take exam francisco. vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> really we're always looking for great places to dine in order to get take out in your neighborhood. you can use the camera on your phone to scan this qr code. it will take you >> web page where you can submit your favorite restaurant for us to future. and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock and catherine heenan and ken wayne are here with a look at what's coming up. >> you know, part of what we're working on a thank you. the war has changed. that's the rather dramatic message today from the nation's top health leaders about the
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dangerous delta variant, the cdc now saying it can spread as quickly as chicken pox and more bars, restaurants and other venues requiring proof of covid-19 vaccination this as a dangerous delta variant surges here in the bay area restrictions now being considered by local health leaders. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> they are now averaging a 176 cases of covid a day. and again, that numbers increasing on a daily basis. >> now it's 6 health officials say san francisco is seeing a 4th surge of covid-19 cases due in part to the emergence
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of the highly contagious. delta variant. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore. >> officials are recommending that both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents where their masks indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. kron four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco with more. dan. >> well, we have to tell you that this was not unexpected, that we would get this surge. but health officials are saying it is going a lot faster than they expected. and that is why likely next week they will start mandating masking indoors. san francisco is now averaging a 176 new covid cases per week. that's a tenfold increase in cases since june. the rate of increase actually happening faster. >> and what we saw during our 3 surges again consistent with


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