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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  July 30, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of the highly contagious. delta variant. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore. >> officials are recommending that both vaccinated and unvaccinated residents where their masks indoors to prevent the spread of the virus. kron four's. dan kerman is live in san francisco with more. dan. >> well, we have to tell you that this was not unexpected, that we would get this surge. but health officials are saying it is going a lot faster than they expected. and that is why likely next week they will start mandating masking indoors. san francisco is now averaging a 176 new covid cases per week. that's a tenfold increase in cases since june. the rate of increase actually happening faster. >> and what we saw during our 3 surges again consistent with
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the infectivity of the delta virus. hospitalizations are also up. but rates among the unvaccinated are 8 times higher than those who have been fully vaccinated during this. whole pandemic. >> of hospitalized. we've only had 16 fully vaccined people hospitalized. >> and that is in comparison to over 3,000 people diagnosed with covid-19 hospitalized during this this entire pandemic. what's most surprising is this 4th surge is happening in the city were 77% of eligible residents are fully vaccinated 4 months ago. we said if we can get to 75%. >> we're good. where we all were talking about regional herd immunity. we're going to be a place where you'll hear about a case every now and then, but that won't be a surge. that was not right and it wasn't that anybody. you know, got it wrong. it was that there's a new virus out there and it's better at its job than the old one. so that's what concerns me. we've got to get more people vaccinated. >> ucsf department of medicine chair doctor robert wachter
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says until that can happen. he supports an indoor mask mandate for everyone to see. he said people can take their mask off. the second part of the sentence was an unvaccinated. people should keep their masks off like how can you tell and do you really believe that all the unvaccinated people have made that choice are also religiously wearing masks everywhere. i i don't. >> so i think until the cases come down a lot and they're pretty high in the bay area going up pretty fast. i think a mask mandate is perfectly reasonable. and i think is that is the right thing to do it for recommending likely to indoor masking san francisco's public health director says the city is in discussion with surrounding counties about an indoor mask mandate and that will likely be instituted next week. >> doctor wachter says another reason for masking and for vaccinations is because of long-term covid in the risk of getting long-term covid. you never know if it's going to happen. but they said that
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there was an israeli study that just came out of those study, nearly 20% still had symptoms. this was 6 weeks later live in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you, dan. >> contra. costa county is now seeing high levels of community transmission of covid-19, according to the cdc last week, there were 81 people hospitalized with covid in the county this week. it's a 128 john muir health says it's keeping a close watch in this situation. but does not expect a repeat of last year. >> the difference between a search this time of the surge last summer dealing with younger patients and some more of us are going to help in seeking actually care in our network facilities. right. and then having to come to the hospital. the cases we're seeing are predominantly an >> health providers say they are also seeing people with other health problems beginning to come in more mostly people who have been putting off treatment during the pandemic, taking a closer look at covid hospitalizations
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across the bay area alameda county has seen the biggest increase since last week. the county was at 120 patients, july 22nd this week, 168 and contra costa county. there are 47 new patients followed by san francisco which saw 41 new patients since last week. >> a new study on the effectiveness of pfizer's covid vaccine shows that protection against the virus drops to 84.84%, 4 to 6 months after you get the second dose. but it's important to note the vaccine still remains 95% effective in terms of protection from severe disease. the study was funded by pfizer and it tested 44,000 people we talked to ucsf doctor bob wachter about what this means for people who have received the vaccine months ago. >> we see that the the efficacy of the vaccines has gotten a little bit lower. >> the good news and it's and lower still in. i suppress station sand and older people
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in nursing homes. the good news and it's still really good news about the vaccine is that its effectiveness in preventing severe cases seems to be holding up really well, even against delta. so that's if i took one part. one thing that hopeful out of all this. that's what i took. >> the study comes as pfizer continues to push for a 3rd covid vaccine dose to boost immunity. so far the cdc says there's no need for a booster shot at this time. a coalition of south bay nonprofits is finding success in vaccinated homeless people against covid-19 kron four's rob fladeboe was there today as the vaccine was made available at one of the largest homeless camps in san jose. >> enjoying the shade of a tension feeling good about finally being vaccinated against covid-19 here at a pop-up clinic outside a homeless camp on oakland road was gilbert for ella. i'm happy that i got it right. >> that was missed and is
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tomorrow. and i was happy to be writing by today for ella is one of about a 100 unhoused people to get the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine this week. courtesy of a collaborative outreach campaign by the nonprofit's live freely. we hope and just serve. we saw an unmet need that a lot of the homeless and those who are underserved guards. the last to get the vaccine in this. >> campaign against the virus that we're not forcing anybody. everybody makes up the mines. we want to make sure everybody is well informed. >> as all the information they need to make the decision between the so-called jurassic park camp. >> and a much larger camp near san jose airport. the coalition is averaging about 25 vaccinations per day tracking and tracing outbreaks in vaccination rates. among the unhoused has been difficult falling through the cracks until today was thomas poulter know. i wanted to do was when it first came out. i just didn't know how to go about doing >> it's true. i knew eventually that they're going to come out and offer
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something, whether it's free or that still needs to be a minister to everybody. the nonprofits are bolstering efforts by the county's valley health which has vaccinated nearly 2000 unhoused people so far bringing the vaccine to the camps is helping along with incentives like a hot shower gift cards and socks along with a hearty meal from the nonprofit octavius kitchen. you're making a difference. in these people live. oh, yes, yes, we have to because they for a able. >> they praise on able. because we're all one community. and i just came in. >> 5.10, i got my vaccine a little better. yeah, you know. was looking forward to getting it. there are hopes those who got the shot will pass the word to their still unvaccinated camp mates. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> for more information on things like this vaccinations and mask guidelines. you can scan this qr code on your screen. it will take you
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straight to kron 4 dot coms page. that's dedicated the pandemic information. >> the search for phillup right ship will continue tomorrow. he is the runner who went missing nearly a month ago and pleasanton ridge regional park after saying he was going for a run about 120 search and rescue team members will be out of the park saturday trying to make sure nothing has been overlooked. the alameda county sheriff's office is working alongside pleasanton police on this case and pleasant not police are reviewing kreycik steps before he left that day for the run alameda county sheriff's investigators believe he's still in the park but have no clues as to what happened. >> we wish that we knew we had some clues, some signs. we don't have any more clues today. then we beginning at the start of the search. so that has been very frustrating for everybody involved in it. so we're pretty mystified as to why we haven't found any clues at all. we need to exhaust every last avenue.
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every thought, every conceivable up there. and i think that we feel that tomorrow. we have some things that just don't we feel that we're not settled that we want to go back and make sure that you know, we're leaving no stone unturned that we've put a foot grant on every piece of that ground up there that we need to go back tomorrow and fine-tune some of our search efforts. >> search and rescue teams are not looking for volunteers at this point. but there are community place including a facebook group called find philip kreycik. it includes information for people who do want to get involved in kron four's. dan thorn will have more coming up tonight in our prime time news at 9 o'clock. >> pay close attention to your next step at east bay parks. that's the warning coming from a pleasant hill woman who recently encountered a rattlesnake. she tells kron forcefully she fears she would have been bitten if the snake had warned her first. >> my husband was a bit ahead with the big dog and i was back here as moony and her
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husband approached the pass on to go park exit in pleasant hill last week off gayle drive. cheryl spotted in northern pacific rattlesnake slithering from a mound in the grass and across the pavement in her 5 years living in the neighborhood. she has seen gopher snakes but never a venomous rattler is seeing and rattling and. it was kind of a little bit scary. she managed to pull her smaller dog away. and then the couple watched the snake move towards a tree where cheryl was able to snap a few photos. she was shocked to see it out in the heat at around noon that day. naturalists say snakes are typically more active in late evening say hissing and the rattling if. >> if that state can't have given us that morning. i i have no doubt that we could have been bitten. fortunately, she says her dogs were also leached. cheryl thinks the drought has led to more animal and reptile encounters in parks were seen all kinds of.
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>> critters coming closer lots and lots of coyotes around here coming closer to our homes just lately walking out on the street. it's just they're looking for food and water that's closer to our homes. keep your head up. >> and your eyes down in pleasant hill. phillipe djegal all kron 4 news now. more fallout from a dry weather. time for a look at the forecast. we take a live look outside of that. what is that from them up. >> want him. yeah, that's beautiful and looks really pretty clear that the most like we're looking more toward the richmond area. i'm guessing from this shot to the northern part of the day. so check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah. i'm looking more toward the weekend. i'm ready to gold. let's get this thing going. looks like it will be a nice weekend weather wise temperatures falling to back off just a little bit. we are seeing some fog kind of rolling on shore. you can see just kind of rotating from our sutro cam. there's a start to move back on shore. but just
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as he's a patched up along the coastline and inside the bay. it's pretty thick down on the deck. and you can see that up toward the golden gate bridge where the towers have disappeared. once again and that sea breeze is blowing outside. now we have had the thunderstorms again over the sierra nevada. you see all the cloud cover right along the coast. but numerous thunderstorms popping up across this year. once again today. look at all that lightning rolling on through the tahoe area. yes, some of that all the way down in the mammoth lakes as well. a couple of flash flood warnings. in fact, one of the south there that just as likely going to expire. and then one further to the north. this one little more dangerous. this is in around the tamarack fire zone. and so there is some concern that there could be some debris flows with some very heavy rainfall coming down there a good one, maybe 2 inches of rain in a short amount of time on top of those burn zones could be an issue. all right. we get you back out west and you can see low clouds and fog that moved along the coastline and a little more fog for the but it should be a very nice weekend ahead, we'll have more on that weekend forecast coming up few minutes. thank you. are still ahead on kron 4 news at 6. the wnba heading
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for oakland. we'll take a look at the approval granted today for the new teen. >> and school. it's just around the corner for hundreds of thousands of the bay area. children, of course, children under 12 still cannot get vaccinated next. what you need to know that could help put concerns at ease.
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>> the usa women's basketball team remaias undefeated at the
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2020 tokyo olympics. and here in the bay area. team of african american business leaders. so they've been trying to bring the wnba to the bay area and kron four's. haaziq madyun says today they had a one of their own. >> the wnba is now one step closer to establishing a professional women's basketball team in oakland. we are. >> talking now about a term all of. 5 years. i it will be a win-win for parties in a rare unanimous vote. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved a non-binding term sheet clearing the way for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena city council president in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan. >> has been instrumental in paving the way for this moment. >> i am super excited and we know that oakland has a strong community that is ready to support women's basketball and come out to games and restore
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the energy of rakell at our reena. so this is one step closer to having a wnba team in oakland. this could be easily. one of the biggest. >> wnba. >> you know, you know. >> markets in the country for bobbitt is the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group that submitted the unanimously approved term sheet for the arena with this being relocating wnba team are starting up a brand new franchise right here in oakland. we are requesting expansion to be quite honest with you as openers. relocation is not something we really like to talk about. there are still several steps in the process, including submitting the new team ownership proposal to the of the wnba. >> followed by an expansion review and a vote by current wnba owners. he says we're talking at least a couple of years. but securing an agreement for the arena put oakland in an advantageous position among other cities
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seeking expansion. we've talked to the wnba about that because we're in a pretty like we don't you know, we're not trying to wait let's go. >> we got next. haha. >> has he met you in kron 4 news and an update on the a's howard terminal project as the city fights to keep them in oakland. mayor libby schaaf's office released a statement yesterday. it reads lawyers from both city and the a's have agreed to continue working towards an approved project. mayor schaff and city staff are excited about the progress is being made. this moves us one step closer to making the vision of a world class waterfront ballpark. a reality. we are closely monitoring the situation with the a's and the city of oakland. and we'll have updates right here on kron. 4 and also on kron, 4 dot com soon as any sort of agreement is made. >> the delta variant does continue to tighten its grip on the here in the bay area. some parents have been wondering if it's safe for unvaccinated children to return to the classroom
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transmission of the delta variant is more prevalent among the unvaccinated although some vaccinated people have also contracted it. children 12 and older are eligible to be vaccinated against children younger than 12 are not. meantime experts and doctors. they're telling parents they should feel comfortable about asking questions. >> i think it's important that asking verify that the school has a process in the plan about covid risk, meaning, you know what measures, what physical measures do you have in place that help us prevent, you covid transmission to detect it and you know, making sure that there's adequate ventilation. i think that everybody deserves for their children to see an actual plan and to know that these plans different crisply defined and there's a process in place and
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resources to manage. i think it's one thing to have a plan. it's another thing to really be making sure that you're following the process day over day. >> the doctor says parents should be ready to talk about in a bank societies that children might have course about going back to class. >> santa clara county fair gets under way today. but it's going to look a little different than originally planned because of the pandemic. the fair was going to include a drive-thru event, but that's no longer going to happen. that's because counties still using a large area of the fair grounds for covid testing and vaccinations. instead the fair will now focus on livestock exit exhibitions. there will be free admission and free parking to the fair. and if you can't make it in person. some of then such as livestock auctions will be live streamed the fair runs until august 7th despite rising covid cases a sonoma county fair is still going on as planned. the county h s more than a 1000 active cases and they're being blamed on the delta variant.
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the fair is requiring people to wear masks at all times if they are not fully vaccinated and even if you are vaccinated there are requiring you to wear it. if you're inside some of the pavilions the fair there in santa rosa runs until august 8th. >> if you have tickets to hamilton, which is coming to san francisco'u orpheum theater. that's next month. there is a policy change broadway sf just announced have to show you the proof of vaccination or a negative covid test done within 72 hours and that's for everybody, including children. everyone will also have to wear masks a broadway off also says the digital lottery is going to be coming back this year. meaning a limited number of tickets will be available for every performance for $10. those lotteries will begin each friday and the following thursday for the performances. coming up shows are set to begin august 10th. and starting today. masks will be required indoors a disneyland resort 2 and over will be
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required to wear them when they're on cover transportation, including monorails and buses, universal studios and 6 flags magic mountain. they began requiring masks for all guests last week. these policies are again in effect regardless of vaccination status and masks will remain optional outdoors. well, it's a weekend the time to get away and work to be a live picture of what it looks like. san francisco airport. if you have to be flying out of town. lawrence is back with us. and yeah, we want to know what the weekend looks like. yeah, it looks like a nice weekend. i think the temperatures may back off just a little bit. so nice in most parts of the state. but you got to watch on the high country, not so in the monterey bay dealing with some low clouds and fog 50's and some 60's up toward the coastline about 75 and sunny. >> coming up, valley by the afternoon. southern california going to be a little hot inland if you're headed disneyland, 92 in anaheim 79 in san diego about 82 degrees downtown los angeles in the
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high country we have been watching these thunderstorms erupt over the sierra nevada almost all week long in the afternoons that will again happen tomorrow. looks like those thunderstorms kick in late today, 82 degrees and trucking about 78 south lake tahoe in 88 degrees in reno and carson city. now, if you stick around for the weekend. i think things improve a little bit, maybe a couple lingering showers on sunday, not as much of that. i think by monday i think the monsoon is going to move further east and out of the state. so we've got some temperatures right now running on the warm side of the head inland 89 degrees in livermore 87 in cocker right now inside the bay. you've got some very nice 60's and 70's on this friday evening and along the coastline and 63 degrees with some patchy fog in half moon bay, low clouds and fog are going to see more of that tonight, maybe even a little drizzle along the coastline. again, it's going to be kind of a thick murray lair that's going to move on shore. so it's not going to move into the valley. so for most part, maybe some of the north bay valleys. but i think if you get the east bay, you can stay mostly clear overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning as
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we head through the day tomorrow. just kind of some patchy fog lingering along the coastline. otherwise mostly sunny skies temperature should be a fairly comfortable a little bit cooler low 90's that mid-nineties and many interior valleys, 70's 80's around the bay and plan on some 60's and some patchy fog at the coast. thank you. japan is being celebrated as the olympics play on in tokyo. here's a live picture of downtown tokyo at this hour. >> coming up, we're going to take a look back at how japanese american actors have left their mark on sentiment throughout history. >> and we have some news for pet owners. the brands of dog food that are being recalled right now. what you need to know when we come back.
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report that shows that claims for converter thefts were up 175% among state farm customers in california. this is from. >> a july of last year to this past june state farm says, in fact, california is the worst 8 and the country for catalytic converter thefts. some basic advice from experts and stole a catalytic converter anti-theft device park fleet vehicles in enclosed secured areas. ideally someplace. well, lit with alarms park your personal car in the garage. of course, if you've got one. but if not consider installing motion sensors and security lights and driveways. and to call police and you're unsure if
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you do become a victim sunshine. mills has launched a voluntary recall of several of its types of dog food. that's because of elevated levels. old byproduct. the recalled food is all chicken and rice meal sold under the brands of triumph evolve wild harvest nature farms pure being and elm. they all have a best by date of february 11th 2022 no illnesses have been reported pet owners can return the food to stores and get a refund. we do have details on our website. kron 4 dot com. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 6.30, secretary of state shirley weber is weighing in on the upcoming recall election. hear her promise to california voters. plus a stunning reversal out of the department of justice today when it comes to former president trump's tax returns and migrants are crossing the southern border in record southern border in record numbers. the late ♪ ♪ ♪ southern border in record numbers. the late ♪ ♪ ♪
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