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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  July 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> we're doing with a different virus than we were 6 months ago. this one is significantly nastier than what we're used to. we need more people to get vaccinated to stop the spread of this variant. now at 10, the war against the coronavirus has changed. powerful words from the cdc. >> about this highly contagious. delta variant and the threat it poses to everyone. even if you're vaccinated. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. will this alarming new report warns that the.
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>> delta variant is far more contagious than the original covid strain and can spread faster than the common cold. and when it comes to transmission, the cdc says vaccinated, people can spread the virus just as easily as the unvaccinated kron four's. alice ammonium joins us here in the studio to break things down from this latest report. kind of unsettling. >> definitely just as soon as we thought that by the summer time as biden mentioned, he had that goal. july 4th to get things back to normal. now it looks like reporting on up him and as you mentioned, catherine can because it is so easily transmissible. that's why the cdc change their guidance on the mask. so even people who are vaccinated now need to mask up to due to how easily that is spread. the cdc says it's somebody's infected with the delta variant could end up spreading it to 8 other people compare that to the original strain of covid-19, which was far less transmissible. their report points to a coronavirus outbreak over in provincetown, massachusetts. that's a seaside tourist resort by cape cod. a popular summer getaway.
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it also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the entire state. health officials say that from july 4th to july 26 there were 469 cases of covid-19 reported in provincetown nearly 3 quarters of the people who got sick were fully vaccinated. so those are called the breakthrough infections and among those infections, 274 people showed symptoms the most common being cough, headache, sore throat or even a fever. 5 people were hospitalized as a result of this outbreak. 4 of them. we're fully vaccinated. thankfully, no deaths, though one man who was among the vaccinated. people infected said that in hindsight he wishes that he had taken this virus more seriously. >> masks were not being used. >> there was very little social distancing at least in my activities. >> all the bars and nightclubs were open and ready for business. the one time there was any sort of mitigation effort was when i had to show my vaccine card on my phone for one outdoor event. but
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really all signs both from the town in from the cdc. we're we're good to go. you're safe. let's do it. >> so the study collected data from july 4 through the 26th and the cdc changed its guidance to recommend indoor masking for everyone on july 27th genetic sequencing found that a majority of the cases in that province. town outbreak were the delta variant and that the viral loads were similar among both the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people, which is why this virus spread so easily. what they said the vaccine does do is protect people from the most serious symptoms of the virus. so that's, of course, very important, which is why the white house is now urging americans to still get the shot if they have not done so already. >> it spreads more than twice as easily from one person to another and it's spreading rapidly. it is really just across the country and that is just the fact 2 months ago, only one percent of covid in the u.s. where down to now more than 80% for
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>> deputy press secretary says that there are no plans for a national vaccine mandate at this time. she also says that the white house does not want to see the return of think anybody wants to so ken and catherine, this is why they're pleading that everybody still get vaccinated. that is still the best chance at avoiding a spreading. this variant. >> all right. thank you very much meantime, here at home. local health officials are making the same plea for people to get vaccinated and wear masks as covid related hospitalizations are climbing in all, 9 bay area counties each county's health department showing that the number of people sick with the virus has risen over the past week. the biggest jump in alameda county where there are 4t new hospitalizations. for more, let's go to kron four's gayle ong. she's live in fremont. gayle. >> yeah. catron almost 50 more hospital patients in a week.
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so i did speak to people just in the community who are taking extra precautions. >> are still wearing masks outside. i think that we can all do we need to do. and if it's like just putting on a mask. while we're indoors or even outside. i think it's worth they've been saying inside a little bit more going out was i always keep my mask on even though it's optional now and places both women we spoke with say they are worried about the delta variant. and i don't really want the world to shut down again like we had to do. >> we ought to shelter in place and stop on a little bit more concerned about college because i'm going back. so i don't know how that's going to be with this news stream coming out because we had agreed to go in person and online. but with this new strain, who for all going to go completely online or not. covid related hospitalizations are climbing in some bay area counties alameda county has seen the biggest increase since last week. the county was at 120 patients on july 22nd. and this week it is that 168. that's why public health
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officials are urging people to mask up in certain places regardless of vaccination status karen see has been moving indoor gatherings with friends outdoors, try to keep it more like. >> let's gather in someone's backyard just to make a little bit more comfortable for everybody because everyone's, you know, on a different spectrum of how comfortable they feel being indoors. >> and as of this month covid testing has increased in alameda county. according to data, but data also shows that vaccinations remain low after june live in fremont. gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you, gayle. >> also in the east bay contra. costa county seeing a high level of covid spread more patients. john muir health says it's monitoring this, but they they don't believe at this point that hospitals will be overwhelmed. >> the difference between a search this time of the service that we're dealing with younger patients and some more of us are going to help in seeking actually care in our network facilities. right. and then having to come to the hospital.
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>> during the last 2 covid waves john muir had to set up search tent said to handle the increase in patients. they've since been removed with the hope, obviously they don't have to be brought back. san francisco is now averaging a 176 new covid cases per week. >> that is a tenfold increase in cases since june. hospitalizations are also up and a majority of patients are unvaccinated. health officials say the surge is happening while 77% of the city's eligible residents are fully vaccinated. adding more needs to be done to reach those people who haven't yet got the shot until that happens, health experts say there should be an indoor mask mandate for everyone. >> cdc said sit back say people can take their mask off. the second part of the sentence was an unvaccinated. people should keep their mask off like how can you tell and do you really believe that all the unvaccinated people have made that choice are also religiously wearing masks everywhere. i i don't. so i think until the cases come
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down a lot. i think a mask mandate is perfectly reasonable. and i think is that is the right thing to do. it for recommending likely to indoor masking. >> san francisco's public health director says the city is in discussions with surrounding counties about an indoor mask mandate and it will likely be instituted next week. in the south bay, a coalition of nonprofits is holding pop-up clinics to help vaccinate san jose's homeless population. this clinic was held earlier today outside a homeless camp on old oakland road. the volunteers are using the johnson and johnson vaccine and have administered about a 100 shots this week. they're also offering incentives such as hot showers, gift cards and socks to try to sway people who are on the fence to get that shot. >> many people have heeded the call to get vaccinated to do otherwise. might seem very selfish for a foolish still, there's a lot of eligible people who remain unvaccinated despite please from the white house. the cdc's sometimes
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their own family members right now. according to the cdc, nearly 58% of eligible americans over 12 are vaccinated, meaning that more than 100 million people simply refused to get their shots. reporter adrian bankert takes a closer look at why. >> with covid cases on the rise in places where fewer people are vaccinated. many we're talking 10's of millions of people are choosing not to get the shots in some of the largest counties in the nation. less than half are fully vaccinated in places like dallas county, less than 38% have received both shots according to jackie schlegel with texans for vaccine choice. they aren't just anti-vaxers. i have heard a lot of reasons why people are not choosing to get the vaccine. some and are waiting for that fda approval. and i think that is a legitimate and valid reason to wait to get the vaccine. others we talked to across the country shared the same concerns unknown side
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effects being one of them. the very same reason that medical experts say should be cause to get the vaccine. those with preexisting conditions is a big reason for why some are deliberately not getting a shot. some are uneasy about complications due to their already existing health issues, whether from previous surgeries disability or even allergies. >> some are apprehensive about public health campaigns hesitant not only of the vaccine but government overreach, the more this is pushed in the way that it's pushed in itself is alarming to the fact that agencies are showing up at her is running some 1000 people that know, and that's about this among other reasons people we talked to are weary because they were unsure of the vaccine's efficacy and now more reluctant since there have been a number of cases where vaccinated individuals still contracted covid. >> most are dedicated to their right to freedom of choice. i literally cannot keep up with how many individuals are at
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risk of losing their shots rang out because of this vaccine mandate. i think they have very valid and legitimate concerns whether medical whether it pricey, weatherbee liberty, our freedom. >> and that was adrian bankert reporting the unvaccinated are facing increasing pressure from government and private sector employers to go get their shots or face consequences. disney announced today that all workers have to be vaccinated by the end of september employees working from home. they have to get their shots before coming back to disney theme parks or offices. the mandate comes the same day disney began requiring all visitors to wear masks on indoor rides and attractions. disney is still talking about vaccine requirements with its union workers for more details on things like vaccinations and mask guidelines. you can scan this qr code. it will take you to kron. 4 dot coms page
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dedicated to pandemic information. >> time now for the 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside on the in park, darrell in the pretty lights outside the that is pretty at chief meteorologist lawrence karnow was here. how does the weekend look weekend looks nice. i think we've got one more shot of some of the monsoonal clouds may be coming through tomorrow. going to say goodbye to those for a while and that will actually kind of nice to get a little bit of a break. but the meantime yet we are seeing that low clouds and fog will back in the bay area tonight. it's kind of the dense fog settling in again. if you're traveling near the coastline anywhere. >> over the coastal hills be carefully row, some dense fog out there out toward the golden gate bridge is seen that right now. certainly along skyline boulevard. more of that on the way as well. just up above on mountain. you can see some of the towers there. but the fog is down below that. so that might be an issue if you're traveling near the coast late tonight, early tomorrow morning. no delays being reported at any of our airports. san francisco
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oakland san jose. also looking good. a good way forecast in the monterey bay. speaking of fog, you're going to find some there. temperatures in the 50's and 60's coast side. some sunshine and warm temperatures in carmel valley about 74 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. southern california. enjoy 78 in long beach, 79 and sunny and san diego hot 93 in anaheim, 91 in pasadena in the high country. you got to watch out another round of thunderstorms expected up there. so if you're headed up toward that whole area anywhere in the spine of the sierra nevada specially tahoe on southward. watch out for the possibility some thunderstorms that continuing tomorrow, maybe a couple everyone's into sunday, too. but for the most part, i think things begin to wind down as far as the monsoon. i think it's going start to slide further and further to the east that will bring more sunshine on the way. specially we head late sunday and monday and temperatures going to be warm, too. but speaking of soon there was rolled across the sierra nevada just ripping again as numerous thunderstorms popping up there across the high country watching for some flash flooding. got to be careful camping up and the high
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country this time of year, you get some of these monsters that will develop get those in the afternoon. those lightning strikes just kind of rolling on through there. back out west, though. think kind of quiet out there along the coastline, fog and low clouds that on shore breeze. continuing here. keeping our equality pretty good around the bay area and that sea breeze continuing out there for tonight. so that will bring with it the low clouds and fog, but it's kind of a compressed marine there. so even though we're getting that on shore breeze not to be able to make its way over to livermore in concord is going to stay was inside the bay, try to work its way into the delta. that's about it all right. today, temperatures not bad. 66 degrees in san francisco. 71 right at the average in oakland 83 in san jose. still hot 90's, a little more in concord and 84 degrees in santa rosa. but i think tomorrow afternoon these temperatures probably going to pull back just a little bit. probably low 90's inland, 70's and 80's inside the bay and 60's mainly along the coastline. so should be a nice start to the weekend a few more. the monsoonal clouds moving overhead and i think we're going to put those to bed at least for a little while. anyway, good. thank
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you, developing news tonight after years of legal battles former president donald trump's tax returns must be handed over to congress. >> the u.s. justice department told the treasury department it must turn over 6 years of trump's tax returns to the house of representatives. democrats are applauding the decision saying they can now investigate whether the former president had conflicts of interest. in a statement, house speaker nancy pelosi calls trump's tax records, a matter of national security. the former president could still seek an injunction to try to stop the transfer of the tax records. >> we are learning how far former president trump apparently was willing to go to promote his election fraud claims there are newly released documents. they say he called the acting attorney general jeffrey rosen last december to press him on voter fraud claims rosen step ut reportedly told the president the department of justice have no power to change election results and trump was quoted as saying just say, the election was corrupt and leave
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the rest to me and the are the are meaning republicans. >> let's take you now live to tokyo, japan as we enter week 2 of the summer olympic games. and here's a nice overview of the sprawling city there and another big announcement tonight from simone biles who has decided not to compete in the vault and uneven bars on sunday. she announced on social media. she's been dealing with what are called the twisties meeting her mind and body are working together. they're not in sync usa gymnastics put out a news release saying, quote, we still remain in awe of somone who continues to handle the situation with courage and grace biles previously pulled out of the team competition and then the all around competition, she can still compete in the beam and the floor exercise is if she wishes for now mykayla skinner will take her place in the vote. >> meantime, organizers at the summer olympics have reported one of the highest daily increases of covid cases since
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july. 1st since wednesday. 3 athletes have tested positive marielena bilour us has the latest from tokyo. >> there are now 220 people connected to the olympic bubble who have now tested positive for covid-19 here in japan. >> those 220 people are part of the 3300 new covid-19 cases reported friday in japan, down slightly from the record breaking high of more than 3800 new cases in the city the day before that total contributes to the more than 10,600 daily confirmed cases of covid-19 in japan. a record high for the country. olympic organizers believe they're adequately controlling cases in the olympic bubble. thanks to semi regular testing of all stakeholders. they say they're taking any violation of the covid policies and protocols. seriously a violation of the playbook as for particular case. >> that will be no through the a that we conduct investigation and then based
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upon the investigation that we conducted. we take appropriate measures at this time. roughly 27% of the japanese population has been vaccinated. that includes games volunteer charles nisha cala. i received the pfizer vaccination twice attacks, ioc. so that gave me kind of risk mind to some extent and it was a once i started my i see various measures to prevent spread of the pandemic. organizers have conducted more than 346,000 screening test. so far. japanese officials are asking residents to stay home and watch the games on tv in tokyo monday. alanna blowers kron 4 news. >> all right. let's take a look at the medal tally team usa leads in total medals with 4114 goals. although china has more gold medals. it's got 41 medals. 19 gold, the russian olympic committee is in 3rd place 34 medals. >> still ahead tonight, california's secretary of
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state now weighing in on the effort to recall governor gavin newson. she says she plans to keep the voting process smoother and fair. >> that the ambulance was time now is already dying in my bed. >> also covid-19 nearly cost a pregnant woman her life, her warning now to other women and a sign of hope for the berkeley community. why the search for a missing runner is ramping up this weekend. >> almost a month after he disappeared. police in seattle
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are looking for 4 teenagers involved in a wild and dangerous takeover robbery in a pot shop. there. >> police say the teens bursting with their guns raise 12, 3 employees and a customer were inside the dispensary victims say the roberts appeared to be young and disorganized. the gunman often gave contradicting orders making the victim's even more frayed. one of them might opened fire. the robbers got away with $14,000 in marijuana $2500 in cash. >> police in the east bay. so the search for a missing runner is back on. we're talking about berkeley resident philip kreycik who went missing and nearly 3 weeks ago he left home saying that he would be going for a run at the pleasanton ridge regional park kron four's. dan farm has the latest. >> the alameda county sheriff's office and the pleasanton police department said it will once again be deploying search teams this weekend. there's no word on what triggered this renewed
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search. but the volunteers who haven't given up say they appreciate the help. >> more than 100 people will be joining the search for a missing berkeley runner. 37 year-old philip kray-chick has not been seen since july 10th for search teams combing through the trails of pleasanton ridge regional park remains the focus. there's been an exhaustive search over the past month. >> we've deployed hundreds of people. but with hundreds of hours of time using the latest technology to find for sergeant ray kelly with the alameda county sheriff's office says they're leaving no stone unturned. this weekend's renewed push is about making sure nothing has been overlooked. we've been going over some data, some topographic >> some of the geography. and there's a couple areas that we just want to double check to make sure that we got everything right, that we didn't miss anything volunteers, including credit checks. family have been searching tirelessly for nearly 3 weeks. philip's father keith has been encouraged by the police effort the teams have just been incredible and the work
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that they've done outstanding as far as i can tell i'm not an expert in this field, but the people that i've talked to who as the challenges and frustrations in the search for phillup remain. >> there is optimism we believe he's up on the pleasanton ridge and that we need to exhaust every last avenue. every thought, every conceivable option or fee still in the park will find him. it's just a matter of time. so we're still so hopeful. >> thousands of volunteers and concerned residents have been coming together on facebook in an effort to find fill up. they're searching for information on his whereabouts and they're also looking for more volunteers reporting in pleasanton. dan thorn kron 4 news a pleasant hill woman is warning people to be on the look out for rattlesnakes. cheryl girl alone. she says that. >> she and her husband recently encountered 3 of them at possum ago park that's off dale drive. and she took some
10:25 pm
of these photos show says she's seen gopher snakes around before but never rattlesnakes. and she seen other wildlife in bigger numbers and thinks the drought is to blame. >> lots and lots of coyotes around here coming closer to our homes just lately walking out on the street. it's just they're looking for food and water that's closer to our homes to sing in the rattling if. if that state can't have given us that i have no doubt that we could have been bitten. >> she says she was a little surprised to see it in the middle of the day. experts say rattlesnakes usually more active a bit later at night. basic advice people should walk the trails and pears bring a phone in case of an emergency and be aware, which is kind of a chilling thought. but they say be aware of the nearest hospital. >> next at 10. some of the nation's top doctors weighing in on if pregnant women should get the coronavirus vaccine
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and the warning a potential future variance. plus millions of families at risk of losing their homes in a matter of days. the fears tonight of a wave of evictions with a national ban set to expire and experts say it could make you healthier happier and more productive now california congressman wants to make the dream of a four-day workweek.
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>> new at 10 scientists are
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warning more variants of the coronavirus could be on the way. new research showing vaccines alone might not be able to prevent future variants. researchers say the virus is less likely to spread and mutate when people wear their stay socially distant, but the report concludes the best way to stop the spread is to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. pregnant women being advised again to definitely get vaccinated. this is based on evidence from thousands of women and a new study. they were vaccinated during pregnancy. they had no serious side effects. the cdc says a covid infection can put pregnant woman at an increased risk of severe complications. experts say the risk could be even higher if they contract the delta strain. a roseville woman says that she is living proof that pregnant women really do need to get vaccinated. that's after the virus. nearly killed or she then had to wait more than a
10:30 pm
month to meet her new baby melanie townsend has a story. and. >> the warning she has for all expectant mothers. >> the grabbed me by my shoulders and she said there are already dying those are going bring just a month before being told she was going to die. kerry le mone and her family were preparing to welcome baby number 6 into the world. she then started experiencing flulike symptoms before her due date and decided to see your doctor on may 6th when n and they did a covid pastime which are moms who going to have babies have to have. i tested positive for covid. the mo was induced immediately and gave birth to her son nathaniel on may 7th. but soon after her oxygen levels plummeted and her blood work later revealed infection which developed into covid pneumonia after i came on for 4 days. my oxygen dropped to about 60% and that the ambulance was called may 20 hours already dying in my bed. >> the mone was placed in an
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induced coma while being supported by a ventilator. she was also hooked up to an ecmo machine to circulate her blood for a month. her doctors at center general gave her a 20% chance of survival on top of being pregnant. says she also had gestational diabetes. and according to the cdc pregnant women, especially in their 3rd trimester already have weakened immune systems. so they are more susceptible to suffering from severe respiratory illnesses. they say while it is a personal choice, getting vaccinated for covid-19. is the best way protecting mother and infant. i wish, you know, i would have gotten vaccinated than later. but at the same time because i was pregnant. it was a discussion between my doctor and i n. >> we decided it was best for me not to get vaccines baby was born. if it were me again to do it all over again, i would have just gotten it done after spending nearly 2 months in the hospital mean came home from the icu on july 2nd to finally meet her baby boy. she now suffers from memory loss shortness of breath and is unable to breastfeed her
10:32 pm
newborn child. i was so sad that i really can have that bonding experience with them that i could now that i'm home. i'm doing better, but i'm still not a 100%. >> that was melanie townsend reporting for us tonight. lehman also says thankfully her baby has tested negative for covid twice. a nationwide ban on evictions will expire tomorrow. the white house says its hands are tied after the moratorium was put in place by the cdc last september and the u.s. supreme court ruled the measure could only be extended until the end of the month. an 11th hour bid in congress to extend the ban failed today putting thousands of people at risk of being forced from their homes. >> sometimes even the law enforcement people go into these of parton's of crime because they know they're going to do something that's going to put babies krebs out on the street. this is a public health concern. as you can imagine, that we think should be supported by both republicans and democrats.
10:33 pm
here at home. california tenants will be protected from evictions for another 3 months. >> due to a state bill signed by governor gavin newsome. the u.s. senate voted to begin official debate on the nearly 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill lawmakers are trying to pass a bipartisan package before their august recess. the bill includes 500 billion dollars for transportation. the power grid water and broadband expansion. senate majority leader chuck schumer is also pledging to push through another 3.5 trillion dollar package that would address climate change paid leave and childcare. >> president biden is talking about the urgent need to address the intensifying wildfires in the west. he met virtually today with 7 governors, including a governor newsome to talk about how the feds can try to help the president says the mix of hotter weather and droughts have really turned the wildfires into a national challenge smoke from the wildfires is reaching as far east as new york. more than
10:34 pm
3.4 million acres have burned so far this year. >> in for a long fight. yet this year. and the only way we're going to meet those challenges by working together, wildfires are a problem for all of us and we have to stay closely coordinate doing everything we can for our people. >> 100 million dollars in federal grant money has already been given to states which are fighting major wildfires in california. the dixie fire. it's now the 11th biggest in state history. it's burned. more than 240,000 acres in butte and plumas counties. destroying 42 buildings. and it's just 24% contained. crews are gaining ground on the tamarack fire south of lake tahoe near markleeville containment. now up to 65%. nearly 70,000 acres have burned there. some brain did to help during the week of fire. crews said got a little rain. more is expected in the
10:35 pm
area this weekend. the weather is heating up across the country roughly 80 million people were under some type of heat warning or advisory today. >> sweltering temperatures prompted the national weather service to issue the alert to 20 states stretching from washington to florida. the pacific northwest is expected to experience triple digit temperatures again this weekend. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with those details sorts. yeah. huge dome of high pressure that's almost a semi permanent feature for the last month or so. stretching across the western half of the u.s. extend a little for the north and make its way not in northern parts of the u.s. but probably all the way up into canada. >> as well as it extends its edge right here. well to the north. that is going to crank up those temperatures. so by tomorrow afternoon, again, we're talking about some triple digit heat in places like a spokane, these temperatures likely to soar. maybe a 103 degrees there in spokane. kennewick about a 100 to one in seattle 81 degrees 88 in portland about 8090, eugene about 98 degrees in
10:36 pm
medford and idaho 99 degrees in moscow. so hot temperatures across the northern tier of the heat advisories up in those areas as well. some heat warnings as well in the spokane in kennewick area. the meantime, the we've seen all those roll over the sierra nevada. those thunderstorms popping soon was some concern today. we have some very, very heavy rainfall right around the tamarack fire. there's a advisory warning actually that went into effect right at the burn zone as we're seeing some extremely heavy rain. one to 2 inches of rain being picked up by doppler radar. they're worried about some of those areas. the debris flows in the burn areas. and yeah, it could have been a mess there. right now. looks like things are quieting down there in around quincy, not much. just a few scattered showers and that was about it. the winds have been kind of inching. they've been switching all afternoon and evening long. now. in things had calmed down for a while there in the quincy and well, the very latest here now you can see just a light wind in the chest or calm still in quincy. so when you get these
10:37 pm
kind of conditions in and around the fire. of course you get some of that smoke that's going to drift back into the central valley are kind of sit in this area and that makes it difficult to fly in tnese areas and fight these fires for some of those a plane's want to go in there and fight these fires. but looks like tomorrow. the latest on the smoke track actually brings some of that smoke back into the northern part of the central valley. if you're going to buy 5, going to see probably a lot of smoke in a reading tomorrow summit. also just kind of sliding drifting a little bit to the east in reno overall, though, this going right over the top of this ridge of high pressure and bring them some smoke all the way across the not to the north all the way across the eastern seaboard. so looks like the fires. while we've got a long way to go in the season. we haven't hit the peak of the fire season. that's chilling when you think about it really is. so i'm just kind of keep my fingers crossed and hopefully the weather cooperates will see. thank you. with just 6 weeks to go before the recall election of governor newsome, the california secretary of state. >> is working to ensure that the vote goes off without a
10:38 pm
hitch. the gubernatorial recall election on september 14th will be only the second one in california today the secretary of state, shirley weber set out for a virtual interview with our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala. >> well, i'm hoping in the next few weeks. they will get a chance to experience the fact that this is i relatively simple yet very important election. secretary of state shirley weber and elections officials across the state are gearing up for governor gavin newsom's recall election in the last 6 months. weber has juggled transitioning into her new role. the logistics of this recall and other special elections that have popped up around the state. but there were already people in in the our election, people who know what's more about elections and i do. and so they were ready for whatever we had to do. we were ready. they were ready and i had read and nothing had been indicted in a 5 m. >> that we're doing a really good job with the governor and recall candidates recently took weber to court because of their issues with the ballot newsome over his party
10:39 pm
preference and candidate larry elder over a tax return requirement. a judge sided with weber in the party preference case. but another judge sided with elder on taxes are is your office having any discussion with the legislature to maybe clarify some of these details. >> we will probably have some discussion when we did brief afterwards. this is not the time to start about making major changes and all those kinds of things because the rules at it they're the that have the and those of the news we live back to this election whether promises this recall election will be transparent in our offices to completely committed to the fact that we're going to have a safe and transparent election and one that people can feel secure in their boat that we will count every vote should be counted in the election in san francisco, ashley zavala kron 4 news huge. they pull this off and you can watch the full
10:40 pm
benefit both employers and workers riverside. congressman mark takano introduced legislation this week calling for a 32 hour work week instead of 40 the plan has already been gaining steam since the pandemic changed the way americans work connell says pilot programs testing the four-day model turned up some promising include increase in productivity better work life balance and less turnover since workers are happier. >> makes the whole enterprise and people's careers allies just more sustainable so that, you know, success ceases to be a kind of arms race or against burnout. they started to get more efficient and very laser focused on what we're working on, meaning that they knew we didn't have a lot of extra time for any kind of flat like we did the same amount of work. but in 4 days. >> the four-day workweek is catching on globally. large companies in japan and new zealand are reporting positive results. spain and scotland also plan to try it out.
10:41 pm
coming up next in sports, the giants host cla west-leading houston astro's kylen mills or show us. >> how they're doing coming up. >> and another professional sports chief of could be coming to the bay area after the break. why wnba is now a step closer to playing in opens.
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including nonsurgical treatments. city of oakland still fighting to keep the a's and the east bay. a statement from mayor libby schaaf's office says lawyers from both the city and the a's have agreed to continue working towards an approved project. >> mayor schaff of the city staff are excited about the progress that's being made. as for what the team thinks. maybe not so excited. there's been no comment and we know that a's president dave cattle was in las vegas last week scouting out locations for a possible new stadium. >> and while those negotiations continue, there's another discussion happening to bring a second professional sports team to oakland right next to the coliseum. there's a big vote today. it set the stage for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena. >> kron four's haaziq madyun has that story. >> the wnba is now one step closer to establishing a professional women's basketball team in oakland. we are. >> talking now about all of. 5
10:45 pm
years. i it will be a win-win for parties in a rare unanimous vote. the oakland alameda county coliseum authority approved a non-binding term sheet clearing the way for a wnba team to play at the oakland arena city council president in oakland, vice mayor rebecca kaplan. >> has been instrumental in paving the way for this moment. >> i am super excited and we know that oakland has a strong community that is ready to support women's basketball and come out to games and restore the energy of rakell at our reena. so this is one step closer to having a wnba team in oakland. this could be easily. one of the biggest. >> wnba. >> you know, you know, markets in the country for bobbitt is the founder of the african american sports and entertainment group. >> that submitted the unanimously approved term sheet for the arena with this
10:46 pm
being relocating wnba team are starting up a brand new franchise right here we are requesting expansion to be quite honest with you as openers. relocation is not something we really like to talk about. there are still several steps in the process, including submitting the new team ownership proposal to the of the wnba. >> followed by an expansion review and a vote by current wnba owners. he says we're talking at least a couple of years. but securing an agreement for the arena puts oakland in an advantageous position among other cities seeking expansion. we've talked to the wnba about that because we're in a pretty like we don't you know, we're not trying to wait let's go. >> we've got next. haha. >> has he met you in kron 4 news. >> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> wild day in major league
10:47 pm
baseball full of all kinds of trades and craziness. finally coming to an end. the giants hosting the houston astros tonight. and this game also wild. all right. you got to check out this fan already has a kris bryant jersey. at least we think kris bryant jersey. i guess there was a giant who is up right back in the 60's. but we don't think that's an all right. giant down by around one on for buster posey when he drives that one high and deep to left true drop just in from the wall. kevin gausman will come in to score the giants tied up at 2 apiece. but the top of the 6 astros leading byron bases loaded for jose he just rockets that one into left. no doubt about it out to clears the bases with a grand slam. the astro's extend their lead to 5. now this game just went final the giants fall, 9, 6, the kept chipping away at that lead but couldn't quite get it done. the look to bounce back in game 2 tomorrow and the a's in anaheim taking on the angels game 2 of their 4 game set. chris bassitt was on his game tonight. he
10:48 pm
pitched 7 shutout innings. bottom of the 60 gets brandon marsh down on strikes wow. very impressive. let's go on the 8th chatman drills. one straight away to center. well hit. and that is gone. absolutely impressive. that's all they would need a shut out. the angels to zip. and in back to back games. in fact, game 3 coming up tomorrow and both died today, span should be feeling pretty good tonight after both teams made some moves before the mlb trade deadline and good moves in for that matter. san francisco made a huge flash trading for all-star chris bryant just before the buzzer. this afternoon. and brian is exactly what the giants were looking for. he's one of the best hitters that was dealt a day and more importantly, he can play all over the field. i think the look to use him in the outfield. the giants didn't even have to give up any major prospects either for the half-season rental san francisco also welcomes back a familiar face lefty tony watson returns to the giants in exchange for 3 pitching
10:49 pm
prospects. now across the bridge. it looks like the a's are all in for 2021 postseason run oakland already landed. starling marte a yesterday. today they added some more quality fafsa lineup, both josh harrison and yon gomez from the washington nationals. we'll head to the east bay with harrison a former all-star into 96 hitter being the tool of the trade, the athletics gave up 3 prospects from you have guys that have been experienced in the postseason. both these guys. >> you know that. they know what it's all about. they've been through before they you get motivated by that with guys like, you know, those guys play for. so you know, worried about them moving organizations when you're coming to a team that's in a pennant race because that's what it's all about for guys like that. >> i'm looking forward to october baseball here in the bay. well, the first week of 49 ers training camp is in the books and all eyes remain on the quarterback competition or rather, i guess non competition. if you ask head coach kyle shanahan. he said earlier this week that jimmy garoppolo is the forty-niners
10:50 pm
starter not trey lance for now we'll see how long that lasts noticeably absent today with star defensive end. nick bosa shanahan said he was taking a planned maintenance. stay since he's fresh off that acl injury. bosa made some headlines yesterday, though, when he said the post-practice vaccinated and it's unclear if he ever plans to get vaccinated shanahan talk today about balancing the team's interests and personal choices. >> we pressured anyone and i think would have been a lot harder if we had a. a big group of guys not doing i think that more of worry and then, you know, couple, you know, about a week up to camp. we got past 85%. i know. i think it's fire last night i think it's 5. i mean, those 5 are not going to pressure. it's been tough of water. team didn't have to do things different. but with the small amount of guys doing it and things i think are a lot tougher on them, but it doesn't affect the team that much.
10:51 pm
>> wide receiver brandon aiyuk, another guy who is not yet vaccinated. he told us today in the media session that he is working towa attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours?
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the olympics continue. we have been paying tribute to japanese history and culture. >> and by doing los angeles. of the home of the movie industry was cited. take a look at japanese and japanese american standouts in film and television. chris wolfe has the story from hollywood.
10:54 pm
>> this is the iconic pantages theater in hollywood. former home of the academy awards. in fact, it was here in 1958 when a japanese born actress made entertainment district. >> a little long. at something we should be a lot about should >> mekhi became the first asian woman to win hollywood's highest honor the academy award for best actress in a supporting role playing the wife of an american airman in the epic mackey was just one of several prominent japanese or japanese american performers who have been entertaining us for decades. and of course, there was the groundbreaking multi racial ensemble cast of star trek, los angeles native george to k portrayed lieutenant sulu. it was a turning point for asian americans on television.
10:55 pm
>> and asian character. >> who spoke without an accent part of the leadership team working together with divers of the au team. i can say there's been an dads since the 1950's. but not going to the goals that we would like to see boldly going where no one had gone before. >> in hollywood. i'm chris wolfe. >> and take a look at this. if you're having a little trouble unwinding try taking a cue from this little guy, a panda cub at the national suit. he is just 3 weeks shy of his very first birthday and he already has learned the art of balancing a ball while laying on his back climbing into a looks like and tub empty tub. an empty tub in pursuit of said ball tipping out of that the lives of the national zoo with his mother as part of a breeding program to save the species is keeper say he loves
10:56 pm
to play as he clearly shows and seems to be a happy and inquisitive. he does seem like a happy at that work you one more time. >> i was fortunate to work in the province at one of the panda and these pandas, they are. they're all just like that. i mean, they're just these lovable creatures and they just like that fund and they eat like 10 hours a day. we did. you get close to them. yeah. oh, yeah. we're feeling that. and we were cleaning up their cages. yeah, that's what you do as a volunteer. that is about as close as you get. is it time to check on some more things for the weekend. the sonoma county fair. if you're headed out there that should be a great time. the temperatures running below 80 start to noon tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. but on the warm side, though. so where that sunscreen, if you're headed out there, why don't do this one. this is a nice one free movie night in the park that's going to be in san mateo tomorrow. that will temperatures in the mid 60's. grab your blanket and some popcorn if you're headed out
10:57 pm
some stars, a mix of clouds. it will be a little bit cool out there. how about this? you love all the call on it is going to be in san francisco. they can have all the condo pizza, ice cream, all the kind of cookies, you name it. all the collar everything. if you want to head there and how about this? yeah. you don't have go to hawaii to enjoy a little aloha aloha by the bay in san francisco. that is going to be in japan down. that is going to be at noon tomorrow. the weather should be nice. a little cool come partly cloudy skies. sounds thank you. lauren says. >> that's it for kron. 4 news at 10. have a great weekend. see you monday.
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