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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  August 2, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we are kicking off the month on a really nice and clear. now that yesterday was a beautiful sunday for august. 1st. >> and today we're going to keep that good momentum going into your monday. you look outside at the exploratorium right now right there on the embarcadero. nice and bright. and that's what we're seeing for most of the bay area at the moment. there are a couple of foggy patches down around the south bay that. i want you to know other than that, just a couple patchy valley fog areas out towards the grade 2, but really most of us are doing pretty good visibility wise and more and more of us seeing more of those bright skies rather than anything great 50's and 60's for your current temps conquered in oakland at 62 berkeley right now at 57. i've got good news and the rest your forecast to still to come. reyna. tom, thanks for that. if you are taken bar, there is a 20 minute delay on the san francisco line in the east bay direction. >> as you're traveling into the city right now. little under 60 minutes to that freeman street exit. there are high winds across the bay
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bridge at this hour. so again, you just want to give yourself a little more time as you're driving from the east bay. 5, 1880, also seeing delays there as well. headed across towards the peninsula a little under 14 minutes of things are looking great there. this is exactly what i was talking about as you're traveling crockett down to the maze. it will take about 20 minutes to make that drive. also seeing a little slow down on the richmond center fell commute. we have an accident here in union city. 80 southbound at alvarado now's wrote caryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot, 8. oh, one. and today bar is back to almost near prepandemic service. yeah. good news for riders late night service also coming back. we've got. >> kron four's will tran standing by with more from the lafayette bart station on what riders need to know. hey, well. >> you won't see riders running to the platform like you saw during the height of the pandemic. no need because at the height of the pandemic. they were waiting for about 45 minutes in between trains. so few writers that they didn't
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have to throw all the trains into the system. and that's why the wait was so long. but now people are heading back to work and they're throwing more trains to the writers and that means wait time now it's around 15 minutes. so you don't have to sprint to get to the platform. another train. we'll be headed in your direction very soon. this actually started at 5 o'clock in the morning and they're extending their trains in till midnight. just to give you some perspective monday through friday which begins at 5 o'clock in the morning and runs all the way into midnight. the combined hours of all the trains around 875 hours last month. it was around 500 hours. so you get the feeling that more trains are available than ever before. not pre pandemic. and the reason why is the line between antioch sfo not there just yet. but if more writers are coming back. i'm sure that will happen as well. bart is happy to see this bart riders very happy to see this. i kind
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of stayed away, to be honest with you. and now the trains are almost prepandemic levels so you don't have to sprint to the platform like you did during the covid days. yeah, that's right. >> yeah. i'm i'm looking forward to getting back to to normal for sure is my first day back. we're going to check it out. see how it goes. >> if you're nervous about hopping on a bart train, especially with the delta variant bart says that they have their air filters. they're pumping in fresh air all the time and that it is safe for you to write on your on the bart train. keep in mind whether you're vaccinated or not. they don't care. you will be required to wear your mask on the train saturday service that also runs until midnight. so they're doing their very best to accommodate people no longer working from home. but now heading back to office or in school for that matter. so not back. what we
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saw 2019, but a lot closer than we have ever been back to you. very good. thank you will not only can catch part a more frequent part. you can catch the cable cars in san francisco for free. >> you can ride them. this for the first time since the pandemic, the restarting service and during the month of august, they're considering is considering that the testing time so you can ride for free. and then they will be returning to normal service in september when you have to pay and you'll have to wear a face mask because all public transit, if you want to ride in san francisco. you have to have a >> speaking of masks. one of the big stories we're following out of the east. bay's is just 3 days into the new school year where kids had to show up with masks for instruction in person. we have 15 cases now of covid that was found among the students and the staff there in the brentwood union school district and of course with having isolate contact trace that don't affect a lot more. >> kids and adults kron 4 reaching out to teachers and
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students as they were coming back last week and there again, live. sarah stinson at marsh creek elementary school with the latest. hi, sara. >> yeah. these 15 new cases of covid were sprinkled across the 11 schools in the brentwood union school district live here at marsh creek where the little kids are going into class. they're so young. they can't get vaccinated i think that's what's most of concern. it's like they can't get vaccinated yet there's cases popping up in so it makes them feel probably pretty vulnerable. but even so, classes in session. and take a look at the first day of school. we were here and we caught on video. a lot of smiles on people's faces. of course, wearing mask. but you can see their smiling lot of balloons. it was a exciting day, of course, to get back to in-person learning the new school year. but now in just 3 days, there's already 15 new cases for staff and students. the district says this does not mean that the students and
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staff got covid at school because contact tracing has shown the people who tested positive didn't get it from another person at school. however. >> the contra costa county health department. of course, they're involved now and the to the school district that they should expect to see more positive cases in their schools. the district says they're doing everything to prevent spread of positive cases, including mask-wearing indoors regardless of vaccination status for those teachers course hand washing and sanitizing tie station protocols when a school gets a positive case contact tracing begins right away. then everyone exposed is notified and told to quarantine they probably get tested any affected. classroom is cleaned thoroughly. all school staff and families are notified with these protocols in place. for now. it seems that school is continuing to stay open. they're hoping that they get this under control and it doesn't become an actual outbreak. it any of the schools they want everyone to know that if you feel sick do not come to school. don't bring your kid to school. and
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if you can get vaccinated please do so of course you npknow, the kids can't get vaccination. see them. they're very tiny. they really kindergartners first graders. they're going into the classrooms right now. but it may be the parents. maybe they're not vaccinated we don't waiting to hear back from the superintendent to hear about which schools these cases were at so far they've said all 11 had some kind of case with these 15 total for now reporting live in brentwood, stair stinson, back to you. >> all right. thanks a lot, sarah. across the country. 3 and a half million children have contracted covid-19 sadly of more than 500 of them have died. >> and these are numbers coming from the national center for health and now the worry is renewed because this recent spike in covid cases from the delta variant is also beginning to affect children last week nearly 39,000 kids tested positive for covid across the country. and that's nearly 17% of all cases reported so far but definitely seen a difference now is the delta variant has become
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predominant in both the impact on kids, the number of children admitted to the to the hospital and their severity of illness. >> overall doctors say that kids do handle covid better data shows only one percent are sent to the hospital for it. >> 8 '07, is a time. and right now the south bay school supplies are being handed out to students in sunnyvale. >> ahead of their new school year. yeah, this is a drive-thru event at the sunnyvale community services parking lot. and that's where kron four's yoli acevez is this morning with a look at how things are going. you lee. >> yeah. looking pretty smooth here. they just opened op maybe about 5 minutes ago. they already have the line they're ready and they have a pretty systematic getting drive you pre-register and they drive up and they checked what grade your child's in and then they put the tags. you see that guy there on the windshield and then they continue will be here and to be covid safe. will either put it in your back seat or in
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your trunk. some of the supplees. can see some of the boxes here now they were calling this the memphis. >> miracle because today almost didn't happen. >> i just can't talk to marie bernard. she's around here somewhere. she was standing right here next to me. but they're saying that they have trouble with getting the shipment that thought that they weren't going to be able to get the supplies, but they were able to at the last minute. in effect, the supplies came in around 7 o'clock last night on sunday. murray. can you come over here for a minute number is she is the director of the sunnyvale community services. annemarie, tell me that was like the memphis miracle. can you explain a little well about 2 weeks ago we found out that the school supplies we have ordered. we're stuck in memphis and we reached out to the local sunnyvale rotary club who connected us with 3 rotary clubs in memphis. >> and the miracle happened. they connected us with executives at federal express and made sure that the
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supplies got here driving up all night long. all day long to get here at 7 o'clock on sunday so that we could be ready at 8 o'clock this morning. every child here is going to get a gift card for $100. they can go and get backpacks and shoes that they need. and the school supplies that are going to be ready for them so that they can be ready to learn in the fall and we were so disappointed that they were stuck in memphis and this truly was a miracle of the communities coming together. we now have a network of fabulous people in memphis and we hope that if ever they need something in california that will be ready to help them as well. ok. thank you very now. it is a miracle because if not. >> you're talking about 1600 students here in sunny bill that would have had supplies to start the school year. it's tough enough already that we're dealing with covid and the whole surge. so it is really a miracle that they
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were able to get this here in time. and so this way some of the students here will have all the supplies they need and try to start the school with the best possible start that they can get and they'll be here all day until 5 o'clock handing this out. you do have to be pre-register in order to get one of these kids. if you're someone who resides in sonny bill and you don't have any kind of supplies. are you need some services. they did. they do say come down to the sonny bill community services and fill out forms and you might miss that this event, but they will have more events throughout the year to try to help and assist anybody who needs help. back to you guys. all right. thanks a lot. you know, a lot of great things out there and absolutely. thank >> we'll take a break. it is 8.11. coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> so bad news for bacon lovers. we could be looking at a shortage on the horizon will explain. plus one east bay city is stepping up efforts to get people in underserved communities, vaccinated
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against covid. we'll tell you why some people say they're changing their minds about getting the shot. and superstar gymnast simone biles back in action at the olympics will have details on the event compete in. and we are looking at some sunshine all across the bay area today. little less of the coast. but you'll still get your windows of it. >> 60's for your highs right along the coast. not a bad day in the least and a nice relief from our hottest of high temperatures in london highs mostly in the 80's to just barely low 90's. i've got your forecast >> and on this monday morning, it has certainly been a busy one hussein, so traffic collisions and some slower spots because of increased traffic. it's also fairly
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if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. >> 14 right now. and we're checking out the weather on a it was great. i'll have yeah. i would love another it's not bad. yesterday, especially. yeah, that was so nice. little bit of time in the city actually went out to the east bay are just as nice as each other. that's rare. nice for all of i was in san francisco over the weekend and it was sunny and a lot of tourists. and i mean, look at shot behind you. yeah, a little cloud over head. but san francisco once again little sunday that i know right san francisco is actually the sunny spot right now. it's like kind of a flip-flop of any day last week. it seems like the east bay. you have a little bit of cloud cover overhead but not all that that there's definitely still some brightness making its way down
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through there. you can see financial district in the distance is nice and clear over the city right now. also some good air quality, which is just the cherry on top of it. do expect moderate pockets towards the afternoon. if you are heading out to the valley. watch for some hazardous stuff around modesto as well as if you head up the mountains above oroville and chico. as we do still have the dixie fire burning up there even though progress is being made skies will remain dry today. radar certainly showing you that we are seeing high pressure nudged out just enough that temperatures this week are on a cooler trend that any day last week brought us 60's for your highs and san francisco as well as right along the coastline and temperatures along the bay shore in the 70's to just barely low. 80's san carlos in redwood city right at 80 degrees. palo alto at 78 south bay temperatures in the upper 70's to mid 80's except for morgan hill. you reach 88 today freeman through oakland 70's. well, pleasanton livermore as well as walnut creek on concord in danville
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all in the low 90's today berkeley you're hanging on to the upper 60's vallejo at 73 even our normal hot spots like antioch in vacaville only in the low 90's santa rosa specially a nice change for you down to 79 degrees today. here's a look ahead. not a whole lot of change to talk about here. and when you're talking weather, that's as decent as it is today. hey, that's not a bad thing. tomorrow is going to be just a couple of degrees. warmer for a few spots and then we really just slide downhill towards wednesday. our coolest one of the forecast with highs in the low 80's for some of our inland areas right now. thanks for that. so we do have some traffic collisions like a long 8.80, southbound albarado niles road. >> in union city. and we're just seeing a slight delay as a result of that accident not see much of anything along to 38 if you want to go over and hop on that highway heading into the city this morning down under 15 minutes were up to about 19 earlier. that's because we have some high winds here on the bay bridge slowing things down the metering lights are on. people are driving slower heading
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across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes for your drive time. that looks great. there. richmond sandra fell as you're heading out of richmond, a little under 14 and the golden gate bridge traveling into the city. no major fog visibility looks for about 20 minutes daryn. james, back to you. >> to the olympics. 2 big stories that we're following this morning. well, is that the u.s. women's gymnastics. they have won gold on the floor with jade carey getting the gold and this is with the other story without simone biles who is going to be back. >> how about that coming back. i think balance beam competition beginning on tuesday. it's going to be pretty exciting to watch us one soccer team also, as we said, big news yet they're out yeah, they lost to canada. so they're not going to go for the gold bronze, though. melissa marino is live in tokyo this morning with all of the latest. >> good morning, melissa. let's start with simone biles because we can look forward to seeing all the ballots being. >> yeah. you know, the moment
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we have all been waiting for for the entire games. ever since we saw her drop out of that first competition. very exciting news that go the greatest of all time back. and as you mentioned, she's going to be taking part in the balance beam competition. that's tuesday night. and just to give you an idea of what to look forward to when she competed in 2016 she won bronze despite falling off the beam, something that would normally kind of in some of these chances. but that just goes to show how great, how intricate, how difficult. >> her routine was so great news there. obviously we know she's been dealing with mental health issues. she mentioned the twisties her mind and body on the sideline. she's been en cheering on her teammates. so great news. we kind of all set. you know, we saw her there on the sidelines. what an amazing gesture. but also that gave us hope that she would come back. so we did get that news that she is back and we're going get to see her on tuesday. very good. it's too bad about the u.s. women's soccer that is not too bad. actually. megan rapino said its socks. that was a quote. her works.
8:20 am
>> you know, it was >> you know, it was surprising, bu and here's why. they obviously they won the world cup, but the so coming into this, we thought and hoped that they would look just as good. they've to win the world cup and then win the olympic gold medal for the first time ever that could have made history. but coming into the competition. they just haven't looked great. you know, they almost got knocked out when they played against australia. luckily that was a drawl. so they unfortunately won one nil to care rather last one nil to canada. now we know they're going to head to the bronze medal match not the gold medal match and we're waiting to see who their opponents are. but hopefully hopefully hopefully they can get it together and at least win and be the team that we know they can be. all right. well, haley's, but the u.s. men, by the way, not at the olympics beat mexico to win the gold cup. so that was a so you can still celebrate some soccer let me ask you. i came in this morning. i saw headlines about this.
8:21 am
>> drinking party religion. some people are getting. >> punch that what's all that what's what's the status with that. >> you know, we're hearing punishment for various things going on in the olympic village. but we're still waiting to hear about that party. so here's what we know. we know they're looking into it. olympic officials are looking into it. we heard athletes as well as some staff from a delegation. they're not releasing that just yet, but they were having a party, an outdoor drinking party on friday night. police came. they had to intervene and here's the reason why athletes they have come here and they have to in the athletes village follow the playbook in the whole reason is to control or slow the spread of covid-19 and the playbook says, hey, you can drink but you have to do it by yourself in your room. you're not allowed to gather in groups and drink. and certainly the idea behind it is to not spread covid-19 so we're waiting to hear who this was. what team it was,
8:22 am
what country they came from and what kind of discipline because as we know, i mean, they could potentially face getting sent home and not being able to compete. so we are keeping our eyes on that. >> wow. that would be drastic.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. >> a 24 and for your money. have you rented a car lately. you know, if you want a vacation. there's been a shortage and there's been a huge price hike because it could because of it. and some
8:25 am
people have found a way around it by renting a u haul jump and driving around hawaii and are you all mention that you leave the airport and then you get what liberty u haul and then you get the u haul. what $20 or looking at huge. >> talking about i would say get on the floor. we're taking a your back they're rolling is going to now that but you can save a lot looking to buy than you buckle up there. but this is something that creative people have been going to because you look at like remember the rental companies, nobody's renting because they were shut down. so then they sold off like half of their fleet or more and there's but mike of ship shortages for newer vehicles. and so all of this is squeezing the supply, which of course means that you got to pay more for those rentals you hall has trucks like us. >> credit for ingenuity because i would not have thought if i was like say in some place like hawaii or florida. i don't think it would have occurred to me. let's go rent to you helps really kind of this perfect
8:26 am
storm of low supply high demand. >> it is the funny zach. and i think of all kinds of things. but i i admit it. i didn't think it would have thought of you. but you know what, you and i both because of the rental car. how expensive was we did >> and my car was great. it was a a 5th. the price of the rental place similar experience. when i had my trip up in seattle. i think it's i think it's great. we'll see if it catches on. clearly there's a demand because rental prices traditional rental car prices just get i that. my kids would let me do the u haul. i mean, i might try it. all right to me that would let me do have like we're not be we're going be cut you. >> plus, you can't park. we're going park at uhaul difficult. this is a notice rental car shortage but worse yet for you. she yet. >> because i interact with bacon allotment and interact with rental cars. and it looks like we're going to have a bacon shortage beginning next year starting in 2022, the state will begin enforcing a law that requires farmers to
8:27 am
get pigs more breathing space. it was some california voters approved a couple years back, but only 4% of hog farmers here in california say they can actually comply with these new rules and they may have to shut down or california have to start importing its port from places like iowa, which will, of course bring the price higher and higher californians eat while more than 255 million pounds of pork per month. sit per year. now that per month per month for months when people yeah, everything's better with bacon on is like a phrase. i guess is that what have found that i much prefer eating a. >> blt than yeah. this just let us not so flavorful. a 27 right now and covid cases are on the rise. and in san francisco, it's millennials. >> that are driving the surge we're going hear from doctors about what they're worried about.
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that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. taco bell's fry force. checking out the weather for you on a monday. the first monday of august indeed. >> and it looks pretty nice out there. i mean, the big board shows decent sunshine. yes, did you make any resolutions g in know yeah, the august first resolution have making it up. i had turned over a new leaf of mother nature did. this is the was like, yeah, >> i mean, yesterday, the first sunday of the month was gorgeous. i got out there a
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little bit and today is looking just as nice too. >> you remember that the last week of july did bring some pretty foggy mornings along with it. some pretty hot afternoons across much of the bay area. these are 2 things that we're not seeing as much of today. just like outside san jose. one of our bright spots on the map and well, you're definitely seeing plenty of sunshine out there already visibility is just fine as any patches of fog that we saw this morning which were very light in the first place have all but burned off temperatures are still nice and cool. some 50's and 60's for your morning jog or your morning dog walk overall conditions will stay on the cooler side into the afternoon, too. we're talking low 90's at are very warmest. it will break that down in the rest of your forecast. tom, thanks for that. we are actively watching your highways and you're bridges. >> if you're traveling along highway, 24 look at that a little under 30 minutes of things are looking great. no major issues or delays. we have some high winds along the bay bridge. so it's down under 14 minutes. it's been higher than that earlier in the
8:32 am
morning. and again, a little down to under 14 minutes. it looks like they continue to turn the meteor lights off and on as you're heading across towards the peninsula under 14 minutes. no major issues. i'm tracking and you're richmond. sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond up to 14. so we're just seeing a little delay will have more on that daryn. james, back to you. thanks a 31 and the big story this morning as covid cases continue to rise around the bay area health officials. >> are saying one group in particular is driving the surge. him millennials. as it turns out again, all this coming the california department of health and which they're showing as we take a look at this map. here. the 3 bay area counties that are among the top in the state when it comes to. >> new case numbers and they include solano contra costa and san francisco. are the 3 that are averaging higher now than the state average for new cases. san francisco alone, in fact, is averaging nearly 200 new cases per day. all officials are trying to figure out what they can do. a kron four's taylor. the second has more. >> data shows that millennials
8:33 am
are driving san francisco's latest surge in covid cases in july. 25 to 39 year olds accounted for 50% of new cases. that same age group made up only 35% of new monthly cases 2 months prior a younger age group that 25 to see. >> you know, the really 39 is also the group that has the lowest vaccination in the city. so if you think about, you know, been hearing numbers of ot 70 or fo vaccination. when you look at age group is only in the 60's infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says. >> he's not surprised since this is the group with the lowest vaccination rates. it's also the group that has more tendencies to be social and out intermingling with the delta variant being more transmissible. doctor chin-hong says younger adults who are unvaccinated should be worried 99.6% of the hospitalized cases and those who are dying. >> are in the unvaccinated
8:34 am
population. but if you vaccinated as young percent. yeah. definitely not invincible. he says those who are vaccinated also aren't invincible. but they definitely have a better shot of fighting covid with more mild cases. we're seeing a lot more breakthrough cases than we originally anticipated. >> it's still more in you know, it in the realm of much lower numbers than in the winter. but still we didn't expect to see this and that's because we have a new war and that new war is is really against a new kind of area that we didn't even expect to be as transmissible. >> which is the delta variant san francisco's average daily new case count is one 94 the largest spike we've seen since january when average new daily cases reach 373. >> the surge in cases prompted hundreds of bars in san francisco this weekend to require proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to remain inside doctor peter chin-hong says this again stresses the importance of getting vaccinated. if you
8:35 am
haven't already. this all comes as the cdc is once again recommending that people wear their masks indoors and san francisco to lead the psac ii kron 4 news and the 2 biggest hospitals in san francisco have an outbreak a 175 confirmed cases of covid. >> amongst the employees. we asked infectious disease expert doctor peter chin. hong about the outbreak and he says the percentage of the infected individuals is very small in comparison to. >> the thousands of employees who don't have covid and work at those 2 hospitals. >> the bottom line is most of these were actually from the community and they kind of just people who work in the hospital also live in the community and it probably is a smaller percentage of what we would expect. but it is a week up call not to their work is but for all of us to really be, you know, wary of delta. you still wall likely to transmit as of oxygen and oxidant person that a vaccinated person. >> way more if you're
8:36 am
vaccinated unlikely to get seriously sick. they're still there's another outbreak. san francisco general has seen a number of employees come down with covid 55 of the 7,000 hospital employees. there have coronavirus none is hospitalized. >> because again, amongst vaccinated. if you're vaccinated 99.9 9% of vaccinated. people are not winding up in the hospital or dying. so that's how you're going to be protected, but they definitely want to try to control the spread because, look, if we can't control it among the hospital workers, then we're not going help with. they're not going to be a little help. those people who are unvaccinated or winding up in the hospital and the doctors have plans in place, they say to ensure that they will have enough staff to care for everybody. >> well, there's a new push to get more people vaccinated in richmond. we have local nonprofits. they're partnering up with a pop-up clinic over the weekend. a crop forcefully to call shows us now. how people who work as a dent to get the vaccine are now rolling up their sleeves.
8:37 am
>> i don't want >> yeah. i don't want to. has taken more than a half year for paula greene to get inoculated. her opinion of the vaccine has evolved over that time. i was the person that >> they're paying staff. and our says you know, all this stuff on you to i highly recommend that people get because the side of internet to the virus nonprofit organizations, lifelong medical care and life steps teamed up for a pop-up covid-19 vaccination clinic saturday. it was held in the community room at monterey. pines apartments appointments were available but walk ins were accepted. >> the nonprofits targeting black and brown people often underserved to get a shot. 16 people were vaccinated at the clinic. that may sound like a
8:38 am
small number, but it actually makes a big difference 74.5% of contra costa county residents 12 years of age and older. >> are fully vaccinated. but underserved communities like richmond have struggled to keep up this clinic will return to the apartment complex on august 21st. that's when patients will receive their second dose of the vaccine. >> and will be fully vaccinated. in richmond phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news exploring the olympics and japanese culture. we're going to take an inside look for a bird's eye look really at the host city. and kris bryant makes his san francisco giants debut and does not disappoint will show you when you get. >> a little bit of clouds a little bit of sunshine out there this morning. a nice mix of both instead of just the great we are going to be also seeing a cooler afternoon for many of our inland areas. no more upper 90's or triple digits. barely making the low
8:39 am
90's that are warmest. i've got your forecast. >> and some high winds across the bay bridge and some lower spots. a new accident popping
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> 41 and our top story. a 16 year-old girl is dead and a woman has injuries after a double shooting in san francisco. it happened friday night near bristol lane in the bayview. and here's video from the citizen app of the area where it happened. a 45
8:42 am
year-old woman who was shot was treated for her injuries. she is expected to survive. but despite efforts to save the teenager's life. she died at the hospital. police do not have a description for us at this point of the shooters, 41. and we'll be right back.
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8.44 right now. and the pandemic has restricted lot of foreigners from enjoying the culture of japan while they're there. well, our next our team just got out of their 14 day quarantine in tokyo. justin surrency got to go to new heights. >> and over 2080 feet tall. the tokyo skytree is the tallest tower in the world. let's take a walk amongst the clouds and learn some facts along the way. >> the elevator ride just 2 thirds the way experience it >> a 360 degree views of the most populated metro in the world. my recomended is sunset at tokyo from took his country build in 2012 is equipped with seismic proofing and can absorb 50% of that earthquake synergy took country has that 2 of the vision dax the 400 meters in height of the sky
8:46 am
tree will test just how high you can go. you can enjoy different view and everyday bending of the season. more unique views encourage visitors to look down this the last place that you can look through the glass window. it's very scary place. the height serves a purpose as it is the main broadcast tower for tv and radio for the region for 9 years is left over 40 million visitors with a sense of wonder says china and and united states of america always looking to blend past and future the new which tree display encourages visitors to write down the dreams that ruby ken of technology, pride and hope for a better tomorrow. than you can. >> well feel the still a very high views above tokyo. i'm justin surrency. it was cool
8:47 am
because we were kept looking at the cityscape and seeing that tower and that's like the adult. i want to check makes me i get weak in the knees. just thinking about being that high standing on a glass. >> observatory day at all. and no take over here. how about you, >> no, i would do it. i want to cross the golden gate. that's like similar feeling that it's not see right. the sea a little bit. interesting. >> but yeah, we've got our own nice little coit tower here. also not see through, though. we just don't do that in the bay area, golden gate is really pretty this morning, though not talking any fog this morning. very clear and very bright out towards the coast. in fact, it's areas like the east bay that are a little grayer than our coastal spots are. and that really has to do with low cloud cover more than any sort of fog. certainly no haze out there. air quality remains good despite wildfires burning not too far from us poor air quality. just up the hill from oroville and chico where we do have the dixie fire burning
8:48 am
that also a pocket of poor air quality out towards modesto and stockton bay area doing just fine, though. as for radar, it's going to be another dry one skies remaining clear through this forecast. high pressure out of the region just enough that today we're backing off of the heat a little bit daytime highs. any time this week. not going to be anywhere close to as warm as last week brought us. so august is off to a really nice start 60's for your highs in sf as well as along the coastline temperatures along the bay shore today, mostly 70's to 80's burlingame at 77 redwood city and san carlos each ride 80 degrees, south bay daytime highs upper 70's to low to mid 80's mostly morgan hill 88, though fremont hayward through oakland in the 70's. well, pleasanton livermore on up through walnut creek and concord. some of our warmest spots barely low 90's antioch in vacaville. also fairly low 90's today to typically are hot spots of a lay home benicia in the 70's today while santa rosa down to 79 degrees after some pretty warm weather last week. now daytime
8:49 am
highs are next. 7 days, not budging too terribly much. we're remaining pretty steady in this forecast tomorrow's a touch warmer and then wednesday is notably our coolest day. if you want to get outside in linden. enjoy what will be really comfortable feel wednesday is the day to do so highs in the low 80's reyna. tom, thanks for that show. would you have some traffic collisions out there like this one in san bruno one. oh, one northbound south of 3.80, westbound. >> and we're seeing a slight delay as a result of that traffic collision heading into the city starting to improve here in terms of drive time still really gusty under 60 minutes for your drive time as you're heading from the east bay into the city and 5, 1880, still pretty sluggish. we had some earlier accidents there. as you travel across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes of things are looking great. there and also the report of a fire we're looking at right here. one oh, one southbound at story road. so again, i'm seeing a slight delay as a result of that, james darya back to you. randi, thank you. 8.49 is the
8:50 am
time. >> let's get to barry baseball here and some highlights from the giants game. kris bryant made his first debut after being traded to the giants on friday as the teen was taken on the houston astros. you can see he got a standing ovation and it was well earned because he came through. check it out. 3rd inning. he's coming up with the giants down by 2, sending it over the left field wall there for a home run. >> that closed the gap a little bit. was only a hit in the game that he got. but it was a nice one. had a much appreciated one because then later in the inning, brandon crawford was at the plate and he hit a base line drive right up the middle and tied the game next hitter darin ruf. he drives in buster posey and that would give the giants lead. they would add a few more on that too. that final score in this one with 5 to 3 giants with the win after the game. chris, talk about what it's like to now be playing for the orange >> it's really cool for them to be cheering for you this time. you know, around. so i.
8:51 am
you know, it's talking. i like that. they're just saying how i've had an unbelievable church this long max that obviously great to get the win is great to get over person away. all that stuff behind the scenes to is made me feel old. you know, anything special. san francisco, now travels to arizona where little kick off a four-game series against the diamondbacks. >> and let's as they did well beat the angels. matt olson with his 28th home run of the season and this one tied the game. i just like to say that doesn't stop and then a gomez who was playing in his first game for the a's after the trade from the nationals and that's a 2 run home run that gave the a's the lead and they went on to win it 8 to 3 years goes after the game. >> i mean, you obviously, you know, want to come in and make a good impression for station that definitely helps. it was just got to get a game of bill went on our bill. this is an
8:52 am
exciting time to be on things so quick. yeah. for state a new job. you want to impress the a's are off today and then they come home. >> i'll say it again. come is to oakland and host the san diego padres who still home san jose sharks start of and or cane is speaking out against allegations. >> that he gambled on his own games. these allegations are coming from his soon to be ex-wife. she says that he intentionally through games and was addicted to gambling and cain released this statement in part basically saying that he's never gambled or bet on hockey, on the sharks game on any games and never thrown a game and he looks forward to cooperating with the league's full investigation. the league is investigating the estranged wife claims he would. you bet on games and she called out the commissioner to check this out despite the sharks actually finished last in their division of twenty-twenty mccain had one of his best seasons of his
8:53 am
career and he was entering. he was the 4th season of a seven-year contract for 49 million dollars. now, all of that is at stake because we don't know what the nhl with the sharks are going to do if anything about this. they're just continuing to investigate. it's 8.52. and we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ medicine works in a rich body, just as well as a poor body. ♪ it's as effective in 90210, as it is in 86503. ♪ medicine will not discriminate against the color of your skin. ♪ we make medicine, ♪ not just for some, ♪ but for everyone. ♪
8:56 am
but for everyone. the music is back in golden gate park. >> they've got their summer symphony series that kicked off yesterday. and it's every sunday. >> and it's free. that's the best part. i had to build up and listen. >> something good is going to happen when you're 01:00pm every sunday. check it out until october. 3rd and they have themes. so is different. music like video game charles use it disney and pixar music pulling in people from all ages are of all ages. >> this is what the 100 39th year the ban. it's going to be performing at the sprinkles temple of music in golden gate park's. if you've got nothing else to do. why not head out there. it's outdoors and safer for you just bring a mask. and i love the sound of a band shell. it just kind isaac is a cool all right. we'll take a quick break. 8.56 the time bart getting closer to
8:57 am
returning to pre pandemic service level can tell you what you need to know before you head out the bart station this morning. but a live report and after well, just days after bringing students back to campus. more than a dozen students and staff now tested positive for covid at an east bay school district. we'll tell you where. and some are star summer starts superstar gymnast simone biles back in action at the olympics will tell you what event. she says she's coming back for it.
8:58 am
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(sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> good morning. and happy monday to darya polls. and i'm james fletcher. we want to start off the morning with a quick check of weather and traffic. before we get to the headlines. so let's get over to the weather center. good morning, john. >> good morning. it's definitely us all it start to the new month yesterday was a gorgeous sunday way to kick things off. we're going to keep that momentum going into your monday today. a little cooler for inland areas for your daytime highs and certainly on the relatively clear side, at least compared to our foggy mornings last week as far as visibility goes this morning. let's get you look outside at the coastline. that's a good tell it where we're going to be. and you can see


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