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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 2, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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(sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 9. >> good morning. and happy monday to darya polls. and i'm james fletcher. we want to start off the morning with a quick check of weather and traffic. before we get to the headlines. so let's get over to the weather center. good morning, john. >> good morning. it's definitely us all it start to the new month yesterday was a gorgeous sunday way to kick things off. we're going to keep that momentum going into your monday today. a little cooler for inland areas for your daytime highs and certainly on the relatively clear side, at least compared to our foggy mornings last week as far as visibility goes this morning. let's get you look outside at the coastline. that's a good tell it where we're going to be. and you can see skies are definitely not
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foggy, although there is some low stratus hanging out right above the bay area this morning. got some birds out there enjoying it fog cast shows you that visibility is a-ok as you're heading on out 60's for most of our current temperatures temperatures are slowly on the rise now. and part of that can be attributed to the fact that we're a little on the clear side hayward at 63 fairfield 67 berkeley, san francisco and timber on still in the upper 50's reyna don, thanks for that. if you're taken bart, there is a major delay on the antioch line in the sfo direction. so we're keeping a close eye on that. >> heading into the city. looks like traffic is starting to improve here. still high winds along the bay ridge a little under 15 minutes to make it into the city when she finally hit the may's heading across towards the peninsula under 14 afc. no major issues there traveling along 5, 1880, we are seeing some delays we had some earlier traffic kalisz's since been cleared traveling crockett down to the maze about 16 minutes for you to make that drive and heading to the south bay. we're checking on one. oh, one to
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8085 82. no major issues about 31 minutes as you're traveling towards menlo park daryn, james, back to you. >> our top story this morning. a covid outbreak among san francisco general and ucsf staff is raising concerns about breakthrough case. yeah. and millennials apparently driving new cases nationwide. we've got upticks in cases at schools. >> lots to talk about it. here to explain is doctor bob wachter chair of ucsf department of medicine. doctor walker, thank you so much for joining us. >> so doc, if the hospital workers are getting covid. then they have to go in isolation and everything else and it's terrible because the people who have covid who haven't got shots greatly are in the hospital. the who's going to take care of them. >> yeah. it's a problem. i mean, the reports of the number of health care workers that zuckerberg's general ucsf were a little distorted because it made it sound like people are getting covid in the hospital. that's not true.
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they were getting it when they got that they've gotten it outside of the hospital almost a 100% of the time and the denominator. we've had a couple 100 cases, but the dominator of the number of people who work at both institutions about 40,000. so it's still small number of people. the reasons mostly in in vaccinate people is most of the people at ucsf and the temps go general are vaccinated about 90%. but yes, it's a real issue of get covid. they have to stay out of work and we are a little bit worried that we're going to have enough people who can't be at work, that it will compromise our ability to take care of patients. we're not there yet. so it's still safe. so go to the hospital. if you need. it's yet another reason why we want to get this thing under control well, at least those people that are vaccinated that getting covid are carrying covid. >> are not going to the hospital getting sick. >> 99.9 9% of vaccinated people. the cdc wants to emphasize won't end up in the hospital. they're not getting up in the hospital and they're not dying and we are seeing a great number of people lining
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up in the hospital dying who haven't gotten shots. >> correct. so yes, the it's a very it's a very confusing time because you are critically in places like san francisco in the bay area where the vaccine rates are high and then ucsf where the vaccine rates is. are you know, well more that would north of 90%. you're hearing about more breakthrough cases because there are some breakthrough cases. but the bottom line is exactly as you said, the vaccines continue to work very well. they prevent you from getting by about 8 but they massively protective again, it's getting really sick. going to the hospital and dying. so you even with the couple 100 people at ucsf who have gotten tested positive for covid. i think one ended up in the hospital and none have died. and so you need to be vaccinated to not only prevent you from getting covid but also probably more importantly from to prevent you from getting sick and dying of it. you know, we're just a couple weeks away from
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a vast majority of school districts. >> coming back into in-person instruction. we know that the brentwood union school district came back last week they have now reported 15 cases. and again, the vast majority of those as you pointed out, the hospitals were contracted in the school itself that were brought in after becoming infected outside. but what were your thoughts here as we're heading into the school year and we've already seen that number in one school district started a class 3rd day of class yeah. >> i mean, my primary thought as we learned last year that we have to do everything humanly possible to keep the schools open. that that closing the schools is not costly us at all. it really harms the kids. and so we've got to do our very best to surround the kids with this bubble of vaccinated. people. the staff, the teachers. i think it should be mandatory. and i think the kids who can be vaccinate should be vaccinated. i think everybody is going to need to wear maybe we'll get to a point where the case rates are so low that we could think about taking them off. but for the foreseeable
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future, the way to run a school safely will be to make sure there's good ventilation, make sure everybody who can be vaccinated vaccinated and make sure there's a 100% mask-wearing inside. i think if we do that, we can do it safely, but we don't live in a bubble and you look at what's happening around the nation while our kids may be that of a mask. >> in florida. they have a ban on having the kids go to school with masks so they can't do it. >> and then you've got south dakota, the sturgis festival, a half a million bikers from all around maybe spread covid and come back to where their states we're not in a bubble. >> right. i think that's one of things we've learned that that that, you know, you can't separate yourself out from the rest of the country. cases are going to be brought into the area. that's why getting people vaccinated vaccinated as we can is really important now, the tough news is san francisco and much of the bay area is the most vaccinated region in the country in the city of san francisco. we now have more than 70% of all people who have been fully
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vaccinated and yet we're seeing a decent size surge. and what that says is this delta variant is nastier than the prior variant and levels of vaccination that we would have thought would be protective at least locally from surges are not high enough. we're allhbummed about that. we wish it wasn't. so if delta had coming around, it would be. so there might be people who came into the region with cases. but they wouldn't spread very much. but we've got to get even higher than where we are now. we probably have to get up to close to 90% vaccinated in order to be truly protected. well, doesn't that mean maybe we should be doing what is really starting today. >> mean, they're doing a 3rd shot nationwide there doing a 3rd shot. pfizer's already told the cdc the fda we think we should be doing a booster shot. give us approval and you've heard of people running out and getting a 3rd shot. first of all, is it is by secondly, is it somehow illegal. yet to get their shot. >> yeah. it's not only to illegal exactly, but it's not
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recommended yet. i think that we're going to get there. and i think we'll get there fairly soon. not for everybody. i think 30 year-old person who got their 2 shots for months ago does not need a 3rd shot but a 70 year-old person who got their 2 shots 7 months ago. probably does. and certainly someone who's immunocompromised most certainly does. and maybe it's going to turn out the people who got j and j first probably does. i think you start seeing recommendations about booster shots. coming up next in the next week or 2. as you say, israel's now. recommending it for people over 60 germany is now putting in place and i think just a matter of time before it's recommended. but for subgroups not for everybody. >> you know, you as we're talking of the vaccine. have you seen any data whether one vaccine seems to be more effective against the delta variant than the other. has. any of those have been those numbers coming yet. >> doesn't seem like there's any real difference between between pfizer and moderna. j
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and j's efficacy has always been a little bit lower than that of those other 2. but i have not seen specific date about j and j against delta. my assumption is that the vaccines are still working all 3 of them are still working quite well against getting very sick and going to hospital and dying. but we have lost a little bit of the efficacy for all 3 vaccines when delta is the is our fo. it's just better at its job infecting people and so that is the reason why it's important to a little more careful than you might have been a month or 2 ago cases are much higher than they were. and delta is a nest year, but then it was. and so your vaccine is working a little bit less well against preventing you from getting an infection and getting sick, although it's still working pretty well against getting very sick. yeah. and speaking of getting very sick and and the death rate. the cdc has really good projected on this and they think that 2500 people are going to be dead.
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>> by the end of this month and that the peak of delta is going to be october even thanksgiving. so what do you have to yes. what you have to say today. >> to anybody who's just trying to convince somebody who hasn't been vaccinated to get sitting back going well, you can spread it and carry it anyway. so little i care what you have to say to them. >> yeah. i mean, we've we've all been trying to educate people for months. and i think a lot of people are are locked in. i'm hoping that people see what's going on with delta. see the surges in hospitalizations. >> see the beginnings of surges in deaths and recognize that it was a it was a bad choice. a month ago. it's now a truly terrible choice not to be not to be vaccinated because a month or 2 ago. you might have said, well, i'm not vaccinated, but there's just not much virus in my community. well, in san francisco, 6 weeks ago there were 10 cases a day today. there are 200 cases a day at ucsf 6 weeks ago we had one
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covid patient, the hospital today. we have about 40 and so if the bug has gotten much better at its job in the last year. if you haven't been vaccinated, your body has not. you are just as vulnerable and now the the virus is twice as contagious and probably a little more i'm not quite where all that aspirated, you know, feel like we've done a whole weekend to explain this to people that may require mandates and stronger incentives and whatever it takes is what we need to do the right thing for now. you're saying be afraid. be very afraid ok. thanks a lot, doctor walker, we appreciat
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>> 9.13 and happening today. bart is trying to get back to normal. yeah. they're getting close to their pre pandemic level of service late night service is starting to come back and the important thing for a lot of folks is that the trains are getting closer and closer together. so you have to wait so long between right. and you have to run and because if you miss it that you have wait so long. covers will tran is live at the lafayette bart station with more. hi will. >> no running anymore. dairy or james. now you can casually strolled to the platform because you can you know what the next rain is coming in about 15 minutes and that actually started at 5 o'clock this morning. so it is getting very close to 2019 not there just yet. but as close as we've seen in a year or so because more people are coming back. they're throwing more trains at the system and more trains. that means shorter
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wait times. i mean, at the height of the pandemic. guys. and i remember doing this last year was like 45 minutes. so you would really be usain bolt's running towards the platform because, you know, you're not gonna wait. 45 minutes. now you don't have to kill yourself because it's coming faster and faster and they're also extending service until midnight from monday through friday. so if you combine all the hours of all the trains from monday through friday. it's now collectively around 875 hours and then last month is around 500 hours. so you get the point that's more trains faster times. happier bart ri writers. in fact, they got a chance to talk with one of the earliest bart riders with this new schedule. here's what he had to say about no more running. >> the bartz working great for me, especially as frequently as it's coming now, i miss the 5 o 8. i can get the 5.23, but it's this the short travel to and from home to bart that i'm having it has the most impact
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because i think a lot of lot of taxes and over weren't able to to make a go of it during the quarantine. >> there's always something, right. so he's happy with bart not so happy with ride share services. bart says yes, a lot of people might be concerned about people hopping on the trains. don't worry, they say because they have air filters and they're always pumping in fresh air to keep you safe and no more tripping as a running to the platforms. now you can do that. casual stroll, back to you thanks a lot. well. >> well, let's check in the weather forecast. if you're going to standing out there. platform try to catch a ride on bart john, what are we looking at. we've definitely seen cooler grayer days. so not that bad of a way to start this monday for sure if you're going to be out there at the platform. light jacket still needed. but hey, the spirit, sunshine will definitely get your spirits up as you're getting out there this monday morning and waking up maybe
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still looking out there at our east bay camera situated right above berkeley. you can see both the sunshine and a little bit of the low cloud cover that we certainly still do have across the region. what we don't have is any smoke out. there. skies are definitely clear of that and air quality remains good if you're heading into the sierra today as well as around stockton modesto. that's where we're going to have some impacts with poor air quality radar overall, look nice and clear mix of low cloud cover. and some sunshine. not a bad way to do things. high pressure is loosened its grip over the bay. and that's going to set us up for a cooler trend of weather for the week ahead of us daytime highs today anywhere from the 60's at the coast 70's to low 80's right along the bay to our 90's further inland antioch conquered in livermore, barely in the low 90's today. so relatively cool, one when you stack it. up next to last week wednesday's going to be the coolest day of this forecast inland areas barely in the low 80's with temperatures after that rising into the low 90's to upper 80's by the weekend.
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reyna. john, thanks for that. we have a vehicle fire. this is out here in pleasanton this area. >> 5 80 westbound at hop year-old blocking at least 2 lanes there. and that's causing a delay as you're traveling along 5.80, heading to the city this morning, back down under 13. we're up to about 19 earlier we have high winds along the bay bridge. so that slowed us down. the san mateo bridge as you travel across towards the peninsula. no major issues here. a little under 14 minutes for your drive. the richmond sandra fell commute. as you had a richmond under 9 minutes for you. there. and traveling into the city. the golden gate bridge. no major fog to slow you down about 20 minutes there daryn. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street. now with financial expert rob black joining us to take a look at the markets as we're entering the month of august. rob, it looks kind of positive at least out of the gate. we start. a couple hours ago, little bit more positive. we are now maybe a little bit of a gut check, so to speak. >> we're still dealing with a
9:19 am
lot of covid delta variant news headlines. the reopening is under way. it will be tough to shut it back down again. so it's probably going to be a pretty messy august with a spike in covid cases that will probably scare the markets a little bit of maybe the economy as well. but we also are talking about by the end of this week, we shot a 1.2 trillion dollars infrastructure plan approved by the senate. that's worthy of note. we are still deep in earning season. so another 28% of companies in the s p 500 report this week like uber take to eli lilly. beyond me. some the story. stocks and speak last week was big tech titans this week. it's more the story stocks. okay. >> and then i guess with the clock ticking towards the end of summer year. a finding that a lot of folks are trying to at least travel or spend time with family trying to get that in before the summer is gone. >> yeah. i mean, you and i both have kids. we know the importance of get the summer travel in early later on is try to get them sent other scheduled for the fall right.
9:20 am
not this year. it's pack in every single minute of last minute end of summer pushing well. it's good for the travel industry. we're back to a pandemic levels. prepandemic levels of may of 2019 that were seen these late in august. so it looks like it's going to start a blowout summer travel. everyone squeeze number one reason the trial is family reunions. see a friend, a second birthdays anniversaries 3rd and we're going to tropical cities, mostly and then it turns into like an ventures and resorts relaxation. finally. so i don't have friends and family has, you know, i'm a financial robot apparently everyone else is seeing family. you know, i'm saying yes, absolutely. >> and then one of the things i did to try spent some time with my kids over the weekend was we went and saw jungle cruise, yeah, that's the last item you want to talk about, but it's in your loser called. i did my the movie, but what are you seeing around this and it's released that's causing some concern.
9:21 am
>> 200 million dollar movie and end up making just over a 100 million. so it put in 34 billion in domestic things are going to movie theaters yet they pulled in another 30 billion on disney plus, and this is the last movie that's going to be released on disney possible movies. it while it's still in theaters because disney starting to learn some lessons from week 2 after this week, it's all going to be pirated and it's all going to be basically available at disney plus. so the pirates get high quality version faster when it's released into homes versus in the movie theaters. so start seeing more blockbusters go straight to the theater again and the experience not know. disney makes a good scratch with that with cruella and with jungle cruise a couple other movies like after 9 this year. but you can see that it it it also stop the person is it 10 times a or so theater several and we're starting to pay attention to it again and starting to get away from
9:22 am
streaming. a little bit of trying to be a little bit more social site. that's why are. yeah. i think going rock johnson. he beat me up. he was fabulous, by the way, emily blunt letter to pieces. but no, i totally get worse. and even think about the whole pirating think how they get this. >> high-resolution cop instead of that handheld camera inside of the movie theater. alright surprising insights. rob, thank you as always. and we'll chat with you tomorrow. if you've got a topic or an issue are concerned it like rob to talk about as it relates to wall street. the markets let him know facebook, twitter e-mail him directly. you can also catch is past episodes and connect with them on our website at kron. 4 dot com. we'll see tomor
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>> 9.24 right now a big news out of the olympics. jade carey has won the gold for the u.s. women's gymnastics team. >> without simone biles, which was great and we are going to see some on one more time. that's right. she says she is going to come back balance beam tomorrow. the finals so tuesday evening we get to watch her do that. matt barnes has more on what's happening out in tokyo. >> hello here from tokyo where the big news is that the goat is coming back. that's right. some own biles announcing that she will indeed participate in the last event. final of these games, the balance beam, of course he's had to sit out the last few event finals. the floor exercise the vault and the uneven bars she is going come back for the balance beam after handling or getting through some of mental health issues. she has been going through in the meantime, team usa has stepped up in a big way. her fellow teammates
9:26 am
winning some hardware as well as sunni lee winning bronze in the uneven bars mckayla skinner stepping in for at the vote and winning silver. and just moments ago, jay kerry winning gold in the floor exercise. but now it's a month chance to see if she can win gold and again, you'll get to see that tomorrow when she takes on the balance beam reporting from here in tokyo. i'm matt barnes and we also have to tell you that the u.s. women's soccer team was knocked out. >> there's megan ruh-pee-noe and her quote was it to lose to canada in the semifinals by one done. nothing but the u.s. women will compete for the bronze on friday. and i do want to mention that the u.s. men not at the olympics but in the gold cup, they won the beat mexico. so there you go. that was in vegas. >> 9.26 is the time. we'll take a break. coming up on the kron 4 morning news in the east bay. yeah, covid among students just 3 days into the school year take you there and let you know what's going on with schools going to do. >> we'll be right back.
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>> 29 right now and we're checking out lots of sunshine in san francisco. it's fantastic in that shot there. the transamerica pyramid. so john, we're looking at conditions, how going to fall over the course of the day. from right now. so it's definitely staying on the clear side of things. that's something we're starting with and we're going to be looking at well into the afternoon, too. >> we're also going to be looking at a cooler trend of weather for it not just today
9:30 am
but the remainder of the week ahead of us. the stuff that we had last week. your grey mornings and a whole. so you're really scorching hot inland afternoons. not as much of a factor. definitely not this morning looking out there at the golden gate bridge. no fog locking out this view. it's nice to get a look at this perspective again, fog cast not showing any visibility issues across the bay as you're venturing out for your monday start 60's for current temperatures with san jose and san mateo at 64 concord in dublin at 65 while fairfield at 67 reyna. john, thank you so we that several traffic collisions throughout the morning. this one in the south bay southbound 17. >> and westbound highway 9 in los gatos and you can see we're seeing the majority of that delay along highway 17 as you travel into the city. again, we had high winds across the bay bridge off throughout the morning. but now look at this, a little under 12 things are starting to recover. there as you're heading from the east bay into the city. no major fog to slow you down if you're traveling into the city via the golden
9:31 am
gate bridge about 20 minutes for your drive time there and looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond under 8 minutes starting. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rates. 9.30 and a big story. the east bay just 3 days into the new school year. >> and already 15 cases of covid amongst the students and staff at the brentwood union school district was their nightmare scenario kron 4 was there as teachers welcome students back to school last wednesday. and this was a concern. >> sarah stinson has the latest now from brentwood. >> well, school is in session here at marsh creek elementary school even though there's 15 new reported cases of covid with in the brentwood union school district the school district officials say these cases didn't originate from school because contact tracing has shown that the people who tested positive didn't get it from another person at school over the contra costa county health department has told the school district that they should expect to see more positive cases in our schools.
9:32 am
these new cases came just 3 days into the new school year we were here on first day of school lot of smiles. a lot of joy. but now the worst-case scenario has become the reality here. the district says they're doing everything to prevent spread of positive cases at school, including mask-wearing indoors regardless of vaccination status handwashing and sanitization protocols. now, when a school gets a positive cases. what they're doing. contact tracing begins than everyone exposed is notified and told to quarantine testing is done any affected classroom is cleaned thoroughly all school staff and families are notified with these protocols in place. for now. it seems the schools will remain open. the kids were saying walking into school today. they aren't even eligible to get the vaccine all younger than 12 years old. so that's of concern as well. school district officials are hoping that paren s will keep their kids home if they're having any symptoms at all those who
9:33 am
can get vaccinated should, of course, as i said, the kids here going into the classroom right now are far too young to get the vaccine but hopefully parents and teachers are getting the vaccine to protect those young ones that there are around reporting in brentwood sarah stinson back to you. >> and around the country 3 and a half million children have contracted covid and sadly more than 500 of them have died. those are new numbers from the national center for health now there's a spike in covid and the delta variant affecting kids nationwide last week. nearly 39,000 kids tested positive for covid and that is nearly 17% of all of the cases reported. >> but definitely seen a difference. now is the delta variant has become predominant in both the impact on kids, the number of children admitted to the to the hospital and their severity of elements. >> and you're severity of illness is going to be worse if you're not vaccinated. that's the problem. the kids can't get vaccinated. data
9:34 am
shows only one percent of kids overall and up in the hospital. sick kids fail, fare better. than older people who are not vaccinated. they're the ones that are generally winding up and the hospital right now on kron 4 dot com. we have all the information, everything you need to know about the covid situation scan. this qr code and it will take you to that special spot on our website. >> now to some breaking news from overnight. there was a strip mall in san jose that caught fire in the early morning hours. firefighters say the blaze started inside of a vacant store on center road. they were able to contain it. basically that one store, although some of the surrounding stores did suffer some water damage as a result of that fire fighting effort. nobody, though, was hurt. also in the south bay. one person is in the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car that was sideshow. this was saturday night in san jose police units responded to various reports of side shows throughout the city. the victim is believed to have been a spectator at one of those sideshows
9:35 am
officials say they issued more than 30 citations for cars and participants. in the east bay walnut creek. police say it wants to add more patrols at the nordstrom location at broadway plaza to try and stop the series of smash-and-grab thefts. there that have been apparently on the rise. officials believe the thefts could be tied to an organized retail crime group city leaders would have to sign off on these extra patrols. but nordstrom's has already said that it would reimburse the city for the cost of that. the council will be discussing the issue tuesday during a city council meeting. >> 9.35 in our top story a 16 year-old girl is dead and another woman is with injuries after a double shooting in san francisco and police want your help to find the killer. crawford's gayle ong has the latest. >> video from the citizen app shows san francisco police canvassing the 100 block of earth. the lane. police say the call came in for a shooting around 6.45 friday evening when officers arrived, they were informed of 2 victims who are privately taken to the hospital. the 45
9:36 am
year-old female and a 16 year-old female. >> the 45 year-old was brought there with non life threatening injuries and is expected to survive. unfortunately, 16 year-old female succumb to her injuries. at the hospital. investigators are seeking the public's help in locating the shooting suspect. any information you have. >> photos, video surveillance, anything. you know, you think might be able to help us and catching the suspect. please reach out to san francisco police department. what we do know is that a 16 year-old girl lost her life to gun violence. and that's why it's so important why anybody with information come forward and help us in this investigation. it's important that the community come and work with us right now. >> we're told homicide detectives are working leads. it is unclear if the victims were the suspects intended targets here in san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> want. take a look at what's going on with the wildfires in california. the bay area where they've been working around the clock. the dixie fire to try to make sure it doesn't
9:37 am
reach paradise. remember that town was largely destroyed by the deadly camp fire in 2018. so far. the dixie fire has burned more than 248,000 acres since it first broke out on july 13th. it's destroyed 40 homes and other structures and there are more than 10,000 structures that remain threatened. the fire is 35% contained. but with the unpredictable wind and all the dry fuel that is creating flare ups. they're getting much better handle on the tamarack fire. thanks to the weather. it's near containment. the fire is burning south of south lake tahoe near markleeville and there was some storms which brought rain to the southern portion of the fire area. so that helped the fire crews gain some ground over the weekend. it is now 68,000 acres and 82% contained. >> governor newsome has issued an emergency proclamation to make sure that the state has enough electricity during what's turned out to be an extremely hot summer. the proclamation suspends certain permitting requirements. and it also temporarily lift some
9:38 am
regulations so that large energy users can tap into backup power generators. the governor is hoping the move will ease the stress on the state's power grid. and thus avoid any sort of rolling blackouts that we might experience this summer. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as the olympics continue in tokyo. we are continuing to celebrate the japanese culture today. we're going to take a closer look at their art styles when it comes to comic books and animation. >> and what a nice start to the week so far we're looking at a mix of cloud cover and sunshine out there. temperatures a little cooler than they have been only peaking in the upper 80's to low 90's and our warmest across the bay today talking about what you can expect the rest of the week to your forecast. >> and we certainly have had our share of delays today
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visit today. protect your pet this flea and tick season with chewy. find everything from flea collars and sprays, to prescriptions that keep pests away. chewy has what you need to keep tails wagging and pets itch free all season long. shop pet prescriptions and more at today. >> and the south bay school supplies are being handed out to students in it's a drive-thru event that was. >> actually in jeopardy of not happening at all. kron four's yulee sevice has the story. >> for the last 25 years. sunnyvale community services handout back to school supplies for low income students. but this time it almost didn't happen. that's because the school supplies were stuck in memphis for 3 weeks executive director maria bernard quickly turned to sonny bill's local rotary club and got help. >> i sent out messages to 3 big rotary clubs in memphis
9:42 am
and she started getting phone calls and e-mail messages from arrived last night sunday at 7 o'clock. >> that's why sunnyvale community services is calling this the memphis miracle 1600 low income pre-register sonny bill students will get started kids for the school year and target gift cards in sunnyvale. yulia sevice kron 4 news. >> 9.42 the time. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ find a fridge that fits your budget. and your good taste. explore the showrooms of style at lowe's. shop exclusive hisense appliances. >> 9.45 right now and we are talking a limb picks there been a couple of big stories coming out this morning about the u.s. women women. the winning goal jade carey on the floor and simone biles coming back for one final time to do the ballots without scream. that will be tomorrow night. and as we continue to track all things competition wise. we're also taking this week is an opportunity to explore the host country, japan and its culture. >> and this morning we're taking a look at the cultural phenomenon that has obviously roots in japan. yeah, we're talking about comic books and anime. let's take a look from shirley chan. >> my cap to just.
9:46 am
>> just me saw code talkers. shima was born and raised in august significant part of her childhood and culture. some based on like real events like history so me, my brother, we use us and with textbook to latin world history. she may have grown up on books, but fell in love with the united states from watching american movies. i want a woman is going to arise my intellect as well as my through the new fund. such a >> he watched the movie coming to america. and then we fell in love in new york city. seeing how mongeau an anime were growing in popularity. she merged her love of art and her knowledge of the john are becoming among artists and monica teacher. don't. why, if you can drill perfectly, that's fine. monger refers to japanese comic books or graphic novels. anime includes movies. tv shows streaming content of those comics or of original content.
9:47 am
>> themes range from romance to science fiction to sports and much more ice that drawing all that face like this known professionally as me soco rocks. she's working on her 4th graphic novel bounce back which will be released in october. the john or has a huge female following they focus on i guess. >> in a cactus feeling the way they developed the, you know, like feeling psychology, everything too. instead of like maybe superhero time they focus on what action like cool fast pace like that. but japanese man that they focus on slow pace classic features that define monger and anime characters. but we eyes distinct and flowing hair details leinart in a soft water color palette of pastels. i teach those eyes and how to drill face line step-by-step this pop culture just spread like this in america. it's it's just amazing. >> reporting in new york city. i'm shirley chan.
9:48 am
>> that's what i've been enjoying these like cultural glimpses. my me too. i liked when we went to the top of the tokyo tower. yes. and got the view their scary to the weather center. hey, john, the arts a little bit more of a comedy, more ending up atop that tokyo tower. we are looking at a really nice day to maybe be standing at the top of the berkeley hills this morning. look at all the sunshine you're taking in your north calhoun. the weather center forecast for this week is looking a little more comfortable than last weekend offering up 20 of this. it's always nice to start your monday. >> with some bright skies helps to get you out of bed in the morning. air quality looks good across the bay area do expect moderate pockets into the afternoon. but nothing like the smoke that the sierra has been saying we also do have some hazardous stuff around modesto and stockton. ifoyou happen to be heading out that way as far as radar goes. you can see the cloud cover that's hanging out near the coastline. but it's actually sitting pretty far off of ocean beach this morning in the golden gate, a
9:49 am
reflection of that being under some really clear conditions at this moment. warm temperatures still inland but not near as hot as we had been today's daytime highs looking at highs maxing out only in the 90's. that's pretty good for this time of year. 60's for your highs in sf as well as along the coastline. daytime highs along the bay shore in the 70's to 80's burlingame at 77 seeing carlos in redwood city each at 80 degrees. south bay, temperatures upper 70's to mid to upper 80's depending on how far away from the bay are pleasanton and livermore right at 90 degrees hayward a perfect 75 in oakland, a really nice 71 danville through conquered over to antioch pittsburgh in vacaville. all low 90's. but that's as warm as we're getting today. aside from that. it's just 70's 80's and some 60's at the coast tomorrow's daytime highs will be some of our warmest of the week. but that's only one to 2 degrees up from today's wednesday's going to be the coolest of the week with highs falling into the low 80's at our warmest that so we have a
9:50 am
hot spot. we've been actively following this big rig fire. >> a long 5, 80 westbound at hopped out road in pleasanton. and again, at least 2 lanes are blocked there. so you're seeing a delay as you're traveling along 5.80, heading into the city. still high winds across the bay bridge. however, drive times now that down under 12 minutes were up to about 17 minutes earlier. so things are starting to improve as you head across towards the peninsula. you make that drive in under 15 minutes. the of the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge also looks pretty great at about 20 as you're heading into the city. no major fog to slow you down leaving you with a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. as you head into richmond a little under 8 minutes daryn. james, back to you. >> thank you very much. rain in 9 50's. the time bay area. baseball. we have chris bryant making his debut after being traded to the giants just this past friday. he was there as we took on the houston astro's and he was welcomed with a standing ovation. so that's a nice way to start your at that. and he had a great game to 3rd inning. he comes up
9:51 am
with the giants down by 2 and he set this ball over the left field wall. that was good for a home run. only had in the game, but he made it count and then later in the inning with brandon crawford, with the base hit. this one went up the middle and that is to tie the game very next hitter was darin ruf and he was able to drive buster posey home to a net gain china's the lead in the kept adding on to that giants with the win 5 to 3. the final score after the game. chris, talk about what it was like a place that for its really cool for them to be cheering for you this time. you know, around. so i. >> you know, it's talking my wife that they're just saying how i've had an unbelievable church its obviously great to get the win. it's great to get over person away. all that stuff behind the scenes to is made me feel old. you know, anything special. >> san francisco will now travel to arizona. they're expected to take on the
9:52 am
diamondbacks. a four-game series. so we'll see what they do. well, the a's have a new guy, too. >> they do not also in with his 28th home run of the season. that's the one that tied the game. check it out and then. the new guy jones hold on a second dose and he's played his first game with the a's after being traded from the washington nationals that went well. a 2 run homerun to give the a's the lead. another good first start there with your new t-mobile and goes on to win it. 8 to 3. and the a's are off today and then they come home home for >> and host the san diego padres 9.52. we'll be right back.
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almost time to go for us. but they never stop on kron on's. let's go to the newsroom and get a preview from noel. good morning. good morning, daria. the iconic san francisco cable cars are back service returns this morning. we'll have live reports throughout the day of everything you need to know before you catch a ride and then at noon bay area health officers are going to announce some new guidance on how to slow the spread of the delta variant of covid-19 across the bay area. we're not sure if that means mask mandates are not just yet but we will find out at noon. so to watch that announcement live and to get
9:56 am
real-time updates on local and national headlines. just grab your phone scanned, the qr code that you see on your screen. it's going to take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. thanks. well. >> so one quick reminder before we go, there's music in golden gate park this summer symphony is back in action. a most wanted >> definitely chase scene has kind of little bit. you know, they do pixar disney saw concerts. you can bring kids of all ages. they'll find something they like every sunday. 01:00pm between now and october. 3rd and the best part from on they're app and a free on a gorgeous look at the it's going to stay that way. things are looking good guys. i like talking about good news and got plenty of it in this forecast. no major heat waves ahead of us. no major wind events. it is dry. but that's a given. >> of the 80's 90's for highs and barely even the 90's when
9:57 am
we do get there, some 60's and 70's by the way, and plenty of sunshine. we saw plenty of it again this morning. i'm looking ahead to next sunday for the next concert and i was just like you you said we're not supposed to look at the weekend on monday, at the park, ok, the thursday wednesday. you can start looking at them. all right. and nobody all right. so tuesday. tomorrow we'll focus on that now keep coming back spicy. chicken. nuggs. we didn't say wendy's. but you probably thought wendy's. and you thought right. but you probably didn't think they'd be free with any purchase through the wendy's app...
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