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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 2, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. really strikes home. you need to wear a mask. and do >> from the majority of bay area. health officials as covid becomes more concerning, but not every county a graze california's largest health care providers issuing its own covid message to staff. it's time to get your shot. plus, just days into the new school year. more than a dozen students and staff have tested positive in an east bay school district. why in person learning may not be double. a good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. tonight. california health officials reported more than 33,000 new covid infections between friday and sunday. >> which is an average of about 11,000 a day. the last
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time california had that many new cases in a day was back on february. 3rd, 6 months ago. >> in the bay area. 7 counties are currently described as having high levels of virus transmission, alameda contra, costa solano napa sonoma, and san francisco counties. san mateo and santa cruz counties shaded in orange on the map on your screen are part of the substantial spread category because of the high transmission rate health officials in 7 bay area counties are backtracking when it comes to masking everyone will now be required to mask up when they're indoors fall for us. catherine heenan is here. she's live with the latest details. catherine. yeah. this is a new mask mandate. pam and ken, it takes effect at midnight tonight and it's in the following counties. alameda contra costa marin. >> san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma on everybody regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear a mask in indoor public settings in a
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virtual news conference. health officers reported a surge in cases and hospitalizations as the costs. >> the number of patients in local hospitals due to covid have doubled in just the past 10 days and increased by more than 400% in the month of july. >> we know that indoor spaces are where most transmission occurs and that's why we're basing of masking requirements on an indoor space. face protect you and those around you. >> the bay area order does follow an order from the state that was last week which recommended that all residents wear a mask indoors. even if you're vaccinated, the idea in part to help businesses stay open to provide extra protection for schools and a lot of those schools, of course, set to resume indoor classes in coming weeks. solano and napa counties. they've decided not to put a
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mask mandate in place at least right now. health officials. meantime, also encouraging people to limit indoor gatherings. the bottom line choose outdoor activities. if you have any kind of choice reporting in the studio. catherine heenan kron 4 news. thank you catherine new tonight at 8 as we continue our covid coverage kaiser permanente announced that it will require all of its employees to get vaccinated over the coming weeks. the health care system says almost 78% of all of his employees and 95% of its physicians are fully vaccinated. but the hope is to close the gap on the others who have not received a shot. >> well, for sale of the joins us live from san francisco now with a timeline on this vaccination mandate. taylor. well, pam kaiser permanente says it hopes to have all of its employees fully vaccinated by september 30th. >> and for those who aren't vaccinated yet. well, they'll require those individuals to test twice a week for covid starting later this month.
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>> kaiser permanente is now the latest organization to mandate covid-19 vaccinations for all of its employees amid researching cases in the bay area and its other locations across the country. we believe that this is the next step. >> in fighting the pandemic. when we look at our current conditions with the delta variant and our current state of our hospitals we are approaching a 4th surge. we believe that this is what we need to do to keep our employees, our front-line workers safe, our patients safe. vice president michel gaskill haim says. >> the mandate will apply for its more than 230,000 employees here in northern california. she says 78% of employees and 95% of physicians are fully vaccinated. our goal is that by september 30th, we will have a fully vaccinated workforce. >> by august 23rd. we're going to begin requiring all of those that are unvaccinated to have twice-a-week testing
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covid-19 testing and even of this, we starting by trying to understand the vaccination status of all of our employees employees who remain unvaccinated. >> will be required to apply for a medical or religious exemption for others. kaiser permanente says it's addressing the hesitation through communication, education and visiting the communities where some of its employees remain unvaccinated past weekend. we had a pop up at one of our local churches, loyal cathedral. >> we have 42 young people that got vaccinated. we're targeting the populations that have been most hesitate. and right now we're saying that that young people is a latin x is are people of color and so we're trying to meet them where they are trying to understand what the reasons are trying to bring the science forward and trying to promote it. >> now. we also asked kaiser permanente about cases among their staff members because as we reported yesterday, 2 major health systems here in the city has said general ucsf reporting more than 230 cases
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among staff members within those health care systems. now, we when we asked kaiser permanente didn't provide us any specific numbers. but they say that their case rate isn't quite at that level for now live in san francisco to lead the psac ii. kron 4 news thank you. >> 55. staff members have tested positive for covid at san francisco general hospital, most who are infected outside the hospital. that's according to hospital officials infected staff are currently in quarantine at home. the hospital does have a plan to make sure there are enough staff working for patients, state workers are now required to submit documentation that they have received the coronavirus vaccine this policy went into effect today any state employees and not vaccinated will be required to produce a negative covid test. at least. >> once a week. health care workers have until next monday to provide proof of vaccination health care facilities will have to be in full compliance by the 23rd of the month. and just 3 days into the new school year. there have been more than a
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dozen infections divide among students and staff in the brentwood, you know, union school district 13 cases were discovered throughout the district. 11 schools. us does not necessarily mean that students and staff got the virus at school. but the contra costa county health department told the school district it should expect to see more positive cases in the future. the district says it's doing everything it can to keep campuses as safe as possible around the nation, most students will be heading back to school in person today. the department of education released a new road map for returning to in-person learning the agency is advising that all teachers and students wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status. >> and urged parents to get students 12 and up vaccinated before school begins. but now some parents and lawmakers are pushing back against those guidelines. >> this all be up to the parents whether the children wear a mask when they go to school, less apparent. >> decision. i do believe it's outside of what the school's authority is to do.
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>> the department of education is also encouraging schools to use covid relief money to improve ventilation in the schools by more ppe and hire more employees such as nurses to help keep the schools healthy and safe at least 70% of adults in this country have now gotten at least one covid vaccine shot. >> this comes about a month later than the timeline goals set forth by president biden. he wanted to reach that number by the 4th of july. the goal of full vaccinations by independence day with 165 million adults. the country remains about 8 and a half million people short of that goal. this comes as new daily cases have increased sixfold over the past month to an average of nearly 80,000 a day across the nation and deaths have climbed to 360. that's up by 100 over the last 2 weeks. nearly everybody who has died from the virus has been on vaccinated. >> new cdc data reveal almost
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100% of the people who are fully vaccinated have not been sent to the hospital nor died from the virus. these numbers highlight what the health experts across the nation have been saying for months now. covid vaccines are effective at preventing serious illness and death from the virus right now at kron. 4 dot com. we have everything you need to know about mask mandates where you live. the breakthrough covid cases, transit schedules and much more to scan the qr code with your mobile device. you'll be directed to our web page dedicated to covid-19 coverage. not our 4 zone forecast with a live view of downtown san francisco and the sunset glistening on some of the higher. that's right. it is glistening. lawrence looks pretty out there going to be a gorgeous sunset. get ready for this one. guy's got some clouds out there and some high level clouds and usually get that combination. the sun setting the colors. >> going to be spectacular this evening looking out toward the golden gate bridge. looks very nice right now only going to get better here over the next few minutes, the
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colors are going to start to change. you can see some orange and pink and some yellow out there as well. another look from the golden gate bridge. no fog to speak of. although you do see a little cd's out there. and i think that's a sign that we're likely going to see so'e fog forming today. the fog was around for a little while cleared out, though. and that's a mid to high level clouds begin to stream on through most. the monsoon, though, has come to an end. i think it's going to go away for the next few days. and maybe the next couple of weeks here. that's really some great news we're actually get all those lightning strikes up in the sierra nevada. other clouds started moving along the coast, get ready. they're going to push back on shore overnight tonight. temperatures still warm inland. you've got 77 degrees in concord, 74 live. more beautiful in san jose at 68 degrees and 61 degrees in san francisco overnight. some high clouds going to stretch across our skies and then some low clouds and fog going to develop. in fact next couple days. i think we'll see more low clouds and fog and probably some drizzle along the coastline. get ready. we're talking about some pretty damp weather as we head through the middle of the week. you know, coming up on
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kron 4 news today. fire crews hard at work trying to keep flames from reaching the town of paradise. >> we have details on the wildfire battles in northern california. the video service zoom could be sending you some money what millions of americans will be getting pay. sus congress allowing the eviction moratorium to run out over the weekend and while it won't affect anyone here in california. >> rest of the country isn't as fortunate will explain.
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>> a big story tonight. millions of americans now face the threat of being forced from their homes. that's because the federal eviction moratorium expired sorry in california. the pandemic related ban on evictions is in effect until the end of september. september. the 30th for the rest of the nation. the biden administration says it's doing everything within its power to prevent evictions. but it does not have legal authority for a new targeted eviction moratorium. the white house is calling on the state's to improve distribution of the 46 and a half billion dollars in rental assistance already approved by congress. the president has continued to stress. >> that state local governments must do more. all of them to accelerate the funding to these renters and landlords tenants to be disappointed that congress did and the eviction moratorium as we enter. another deadly wave
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of this pandemic. how do we send millions of people to the streets. >> when we are in the middle of a global pandemic. >> missouri congressman bush who says she has experienced homelessness slept outside the capitol over the weekend to protest the expect expiration of the moratorium the house is now on a 7 week recess. millions of americans will be getting payments from zoom after the video conference service agreed to pay 85 million dollars to. >> settle a lawsuit over privacy controls the lawsuit alleges week privacy controls made it too easy to find users, personal information early on in the pandemic. >> the agreement still needs to be approved by u.s. district judge the lawsuit claims zoom violated the trust of millions of people by sharing personal information of users with platforms such as facebook, google and linkedin individuals can get between $1135. zoom did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the settlement. a hearing on
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the settlement is set for october in san jose. >> and bay area news catching bart will be easier for commuters starting today. the transit agency is back to what it calls a near pre pandemic level trains are now running every 15 minutes as opposed to every 30 minutes from monday to saturday. bart trains run through midnight sunday service will say the same 8 o'clock in the morning until 9 at night. >> as san francisco's beloved cable cars are bag during the pandemic. you'll recall the city stopped operating them ridership dropped dramatically. >> officials have been testing. the cars, though, checking the equipment rehiring operators for a few weeks now. and for the rest of the public can ride the cable cars for free he in mind, though there are safety measures in place. >> you have to wear your mask on the cable cars. you have to wear your mask on muni at this time. and please make sure you get vaccinated. it's like this. delta variant is like
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covid on steroids and it's important that people get vaccinated. >> muni hopes to resume normal service in september. turning to our wildfire coverage now, fire crews are working around the clock to try and prevent flames from the dixie fire from reaching the town of paradise. that town, of course, was largely destroyed by the camp. fire 2018. this is time lapse video. some of the smoke in plumas county that was shot today. so far the dixie fire has burned through more than 248,000 acres since it first started back on july 13th 67 buildings have been destroyed. more than 10,000 are still threatened. crews have have the fire right now. 35% contained and the tamarack fire in alpine county is now nearing full containment that fire burning south of south lake tahoe near markleeville. >> officials say storms brought much needed rain to the southern portion of the burn, allowing crews to gain
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more ground over the weekend more than 68,000 acres have burn containment stands that about 82% and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with a look at weather conditions as it pertains to these fires. yeah, guys and of course, we have the fire to the through the delta want to give you a look at it now we're seeing some of those winds in and around that area. and you can see those winds gusting new a 1314, miles per hour right now. more of that westerly flow. that is that. >> on shore breeze that delta breeze developing. there you see real vista to 15 miles per hour 13 in the pittsburgh 13 in the birds landing. but all that air just flows right through the this afternoon hours and comes sweeping on through. so the general direction is more of a westerly the winds and that will blow that fire long in those directions and that smoke to serve your downwind of that. you want to take extra care. in the meantime, though, yeah. around the state. the great news is that instead of getting the dozens upon dozens of lightning
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strikes that we're experiencing because that monsoon only a couple of strikes. most of those we're parts of nevada, not over the sierra nevada. so get a little bit of a break from that. the winds, though, did pick up today. we're looking at more gusty winds, especially around the quincy fire. but they were more of a westerly wind. and that would take that away from paradise and slow. the spread of that fire. now along the coastline. right now. we are seeing some patchy fog trying to form. we still have a couple mid to high level clouds out there for tonight and just a beautiful sight out there just gorgeous over the golden gate bridge right now as those clouds some of broken out there. the color starting to show up as the sun setting on the bay area. big container ship moving out there. container ship, not so sure. but a big line are headed out in the bay right now and moving on out to sea couple patches of fog trying to make their way back on shore right now that will be spreading on shore as we head through the night tonight and more that fog on the way temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow. still going to be a little bit hot inland. you're still talking. some 90's. the warmer spots inland, 70's 80's
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around the bay along the coastline keep those numbers cooler in the 50's and also the 60's. isn't it fun? we're on the bridge and there's a big ship going underneath and you get counted. take a peek always amazed at the size of those coming underneath the bridge it really thank you. right. right now, kron 4 dot com. we have some tips for the fire season just scan that qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will get you right to our dedicated fire season page. >> the golden gate park band summer symphony is back in action. the band's welcome back. concert took place yesterday shows will be held every sunday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon through october the 3rd they are free and the themes will bury every week from video game music to cultural celebrations to music of disney and pixar. this is the 100 and 39th year. the band will be performing at the speckles temple of music in golden gate park. still ahead, a pro choice advocates are
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urging california voters not to recall governor gavin newsome, the warning. they're issuing ahead of the special issuing ahead of the special election. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here.
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and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> and democrats and advocates for abortion access urging californians to keep governor gavin newsom in office actually zavala explains are warning to voters ahead of the recall election and how candidates running to replace him are responding. >> i want to be clear access
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to abortion, healthy quality and health equity. >> it in this recall. the president and ceo of planned parenthood affiliates across california urging a no on governor gavin newsom's recall that group along with nero pro-choice, california and some democratic lawmakers warned if the republican replaces newsome it could roll back the state's progressive reproductive health care law's as some conservative states work to restrict access to abortion and request the u.s. supreme court overturn roe v wade planned parenthood officials said of last year's one 0.4 million visits to california clinics. 7,000 of them came from out of state patients. we need to not take anything for granted as it relates to california's leadership and the impact that california has across the station in his first year as governor newsome doubled. california's investment for reproductive health services funds that go to clinics like planned parenthood. he also signed a proclamation on reproductive freedom. even welcoming women into
8:25 pm
california from other more restrictive states needs to continue this work. >> and california needs newsome to stay in office. so that he can do the group monday pointed to anti-abortion statements or actions republicans running to replace. the governor have said or done in the past, including those from larry elder, assemblyman kevin kiley and john, their campaign websites do not say what action they would take if any, on reproductive health. >> republican candidates. we reached out to monday would not comment on this story in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> next at a covid cases across the nation's soaring. how the white house is now focused on controlling the virus. plus a disturbing comparison between vaccinations and the star of david and why it is clear the spread of the virus is not slowing
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attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours?
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julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. tonight, 7 bay area counties are stepping up their covid safety measures because of the rising infections and hospitalizations starting at midnight tonight, alameda contra, costa marin san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties. >> will require face masks indoors. the order applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status california is still recommending that people wear masks indoors. that is from the stay, but it is following the cdc guidance stopping short of a mandate
8:29 pm
statewide. meanwhile, though, the white house focus on vaccinations and getting covid under control. the united states had its highest weekly vaccinated average in a month. and now 70% of all adults have gotten at least one shot. allison harris has more. >> the delta variant is exploding among the unvaccinated as cases in the u.s. surpassed 35 million daily cases are now higher than the peak last summer with the unvaccinated making up more than 99% of recent hospitalizations and deaths. las vegas, father of 5 michael fredy texted his family from the hospital before he died. i should have gotten the vaccine. the white house believes stories like his are inspiring an influx in vaccinations as vaccination rates double in states with the highest cases. this increase in vaccination. rates in states that have been lacking is a positive trend. >> americans are seen the risk and impact of being unvaccinated and responding with action louisiana is one of the state seeing a jump in people getting shots. so let's
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dust off our masks. the louisiana governor becoming the first in the country to reinstate a mask mandate statewide. >> saying hospitals are losing the ability to deliver care 40 hospitals. there are requesting staffing help. we did not come to it lightly. the white house saying it's ready to help states like texas and florida where one in 3 new cases occurred this past week and tonight the increasing cases hitting the capitol. south carolina senator lindsey graham tweeting that he tested positive this afternoon after being fully vaccinated saying he has mild symptoms and that he's glad he was vaccinated because as he says without getting the shots, he believes his symptoms would have been far worse. >> again now is how allison harris reporting the white house reiterated today following the news said breakthrough cases remain mild and rare with nearly all recent covid deaths being among people who are not vaccinated. >> florida has become the epicenter for covid in the united states one in 5 infections in the united states is coming from the
8:31 pm
sunshine state. there were more than 110,000 new cases over the past week. more than 10,000 people in florida, hospitals are battling covid, which is more than the record last year even before the vaccine was even available. 96% of those in the hospital have not been vaccinated many are in their 20's and 30's amid the surge. governor ron desantis double down on his anti mask. anti-lockdown stance warning in a fundraising email over the weekend. quote, they are coming for your freedom again. >> given the start of put on and they couldn't go to the grocery store. they couldn't go out in public. they can do anything without having that star. if we don't do something now, it's going in the same exact result as we saw when nobody stood up whenever the jews were told that they had to wear that star. >> to use an analogy about the largest genocide in the 20th century related to an issue that is about saving lives in
8:32 pm
2021 regardless about how you feel about vaccines are masks or anything else it's inappropriate. it's insulting and it is horrific. >> new fallout over the facebook post which was posted by the oklahoma republican party. john bennett, the state chairman of the party. they're doubling down on a post comparing vaccine mandates to jewish people being forced to wear the yellow star of david. some in the republican party say it is time for change at the state office there. the former head of oklahoma's republican party says it is up to the 3 people directly under bennett to call for a special election. the party is currently getting feedback from its members and considering what to do about the situation. >> great britain opened its borders to fully vaccinated travelers from the u.s. and the european union today. these are pictures of families reuniting at heathrow airport in london under the new rules.
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every country in the world has been sorted into one of 3 categories, depending on a range of factors that includes a proportion of a country's population that's been vaccinated rates of infection and emerging variants almost 89% of adults in the uk have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 73% have been fully vaccinated. >> the tsa is reporting its highest number of airport travelers since the start of the pandemic, the agency says more than 2.2 million travelers were screened on sunday. the previous ice as the pandemic started. it was just under 2 million travel numbers have been steadily climbing over the last few months tsa reminds travelers to mask up to social distance and to wash hands often and talking about traveling. let's take you to sfo. check out the view of the sunset at the international airport. >> this might be a time when folks want to stay here instead of traveling lawrence. yeah, it's going to be cooling down a little bit around the bay area. pretty comfortable. nice night out there right
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now. >> out of sfo. not too much fog worry about because that can mess up your flight plans. you can see just a couple patchy fog trying to form and up above. we've had these new clouds. these need a sears form in some areas tail out there. some of the ice crystals fall out of those clouds making for some neat wispy clouds indeed. well, we've got no delays at sfo. no delays at oakland or san jose. so look good. travel wise. the boy beautiful sight out there over the bay this evening. those clouds kind of lighten up with a pinks and yellows out there as well. looking good mostly clear out there now. but some fog lurking off the coastline and that is going to begin to make an approach overnight tonight. i think that marine there's going to deepen quite a bit in the coming days that will bring with it looks like some more fog around the bay area, probably deepen marine layer that we're talking about some heavy drizzle along the coastline. winds right now. more of an onshore breeze. 23 miles an hour at sfo 6 and civic right now, 17 mile an hour winds in sonoma, 12 and out of the west and the napa valley. we're going to see more the fog and low cloud
8:35 pm
cover overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning will start to spread on shore. even the models trying to paint some drizzle tomorrow morning, but i don't think there's going to be much. i think we'll watch for this deepening as we head in toward wednesday and thursday that we'll see more significant. but we're going to kind of a reinforcement of that marine layer. and then we start to get into more drizzle as we head in toward wednesday and thursday morning. looks like it'll be pretty wet along the coastline. i think many of the spots that were well inland haven't seen much in the way of fog in quite a while now. you can get a nice cloud deck. i think as we head toward the middle of the week. 65 degrees in the mission for tomorrow about 62 daly, city 50's 60's co side with some patchy fog in the bay. you're going to see 63 in south san francisco. 64 in brisbane about 77 in city, san mateo. 76 in redwood city. the south bay going to be filled with 80's by tomorrow afternoon. 90 still on the hot in the interior valleys as we'll see those temperatures staying a toasty away from the coastline. but you back toward the beaches that you can find that cooler weather generally 50's and 60's co side and temperatures going take a little bit of a
8:36 pm
tumble into wednesday and thursday. probably running below the average bouncing back a little bit head into the weekend, then that think we go right back down again on sunday and monday. thank you are still ahead, a bacon lovers beware pork could soon be in short supply. >> and >> one year after a deadly explosion in beirut. we're hearing from a woman who was about to give birth at the time.
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>> can >> you imagine this. this was the scene at saint george hospital one year ago during an explosion a massive explosion in beirut. nassar was set to give birth to her son at the time. say some of the damage that glass shattered debris was scattered everywhere. 22 people inside the building were killed and in the middle of all of that chaos. nassar had to restart the labor process more than an hour later, her son george was born. >> must have that when george was born. i couldn't believe that he was actually crying. couldn't believe that my son was born. love when they put him in my chest. i felt so much i told him. >> sorry, darling have to be born this that >> both the mother and baby were treated at another
8:40 pm
hospital before finally going home. the family will celebrate little george's first birthday a few days later out of respect for the victims of that horrific blast. many people in beirut are still struggling to return to their homes amid lebanon's economic crisis while others are forced to live in empty still damaged buildings. >> coming up next. a day 5 miami police officers on administrative leave. charged with battery following a recent arrest. the video surveillance that led to the charges and is force the first warriors free agents domino drop sports director jason dumas runs down the first day of nba free agency. also look at day 6 of 9 ers training camp. 5 miami beach police
8:41 pm
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8:43 pm
officers facing charges tonight after using excessive force in a recent arrest in video recently released by the state's attorney's office. the officers can be seen punching and kicking a man who is in handcuffs all happened about a week ago in the lobby of a south beach hotel reporter brian and none has the details. >> the video starts like this. 24 year-old. a lot of credit has his hands in the air held at gunpoint by a miami beach police officer. they say he initially ran from them on a scooter even with him on the ground cuffed more than 20 officers show up and pile on and then come the kicks officer. kevin perez kicks credit in the head. then sergeant jose perez kicks in
8:44 pm
not just once but twice later officer perez is back. kicking him yet again. body cam video shows one of the kicks from another angle and then there's a punch all of this while the suspect is cuffed on the ground. but we saw that came to the head. >> and then we see and then we replay that we see all the other case that preceded it. it was just unfathomable is unspeakable. it is just inexcusable. >> miami-dade state attorney katherine fernandez rundle says that's not all that was inexcusable. look at this a bystander's video the incident on his cell phone when a different miami beach police officer officer robert saboteur tackles the bystander watch again. he's fielding on his cell phone, not involved when the officer goes in for the tackle that officer and 4 others are now charged with misdemeanor battery before i can tell you that my staff and i promise you individuals. >> as an agency will learn from this. it will grow from this will do better. >> again. that was brian entin
8:45 pm
reporting. >> and bay area news. san jose police releasing new surveillance video which they hope will help solve a cold case from 2018. they say this is home security footage of suspects driving up to 54 year-old khan lose home on misty glenn court in san jose. >> you can see in the video that 3 people get out of the car. they walk out of the frame. they returned to the car about a minute later, police believe during that time they forced their way inside the home and shot lou, who later died. the car is described as a black lexus sedan with a license plate. he s 3, 5, 0, if you have any information on this case. you are asked to contact san jose police for your house tonight. a warning to avoid eating raw cake batter after an e-coli outbreak in a dozen states. >> the cdc is investigating the outbreak after 16 people got sick. they ranged in age from 2 to 73 officials say some of them have been hospitalized. no one has died,
8:46 pm
at least 6 people say they ate or tasted rock cake batter before they got sick. each had purchased different varieties and brands of cake mixes no outbreaks have been reported in california as of yet. the cdc says consumers should avoid tasting or eating raw cake, batter sense. it could contain harmful bacteria. >> and california could be in for a serious shortage of bacon next year starting on january, the first the state will start enforcing an animal welfare law that requires farmers to get picks more breathing space. only 4% of hog farmers currently comply with the rules. so unless courts the state temporarily allows non compliant meat to be sold. california will lose almost all of its pork supply and instead we'll have to rely on pork from iowa, which is sold at a higher cost. california z roughly 15% of all the port produced in the nation and about 255 million
8:47 pm
pounds of port per month. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> the forty-niners got a visitor to training camp today. stanford head coach david shaw came to check out trey lance and see what all the hype about. here he is talking to john lynch reports came flooding into twitter and the radio airwaves on saturday after lance apparently look, amazing on the field and significantly better than the starter. jimmy garoppolo, the first day of pads is tomorrow and i will be there to check out all the hype in person and despite the flashes from lance. it was still jimmy garoppolo getting all the reps with the first team, something shanahan said today he doesn't plan to change. in fact, shanahan wasn't thrilled with anyone today after practice. >> i think you're a little rusty today, just several got a day off yesterday. and i
8:48 pm
thought, you know, i think the defense is chris, but their calls and stuff. we change or motions and stuff. it seems like there's a little bit of hesitation with everyone. >> you get a day off when you're when you're grinding every day and then you can relax for days, sometimes your mind's little too relaxed. and i thought that he started out that way. i thought those a little bit sloppy. also everyone's working hard. but. i did things. chris, practices? we've had a previous 4. >> all right. some nba news, former warriors forward kent bazemore is signing a one-year deal with the los angeles lakers is being reported that the warriors offered bays more more money, end a two-year deal, but bay's more ultimately accepted the lakers deal as he views them as a title contender and was told he would have a major role with the team. so it was a nice one year stent for bays in the bay free agency started today at 3. as you know. and as of now, the warriors haven't been in contact with their top free agent. kelly it appears that the 2 sides will part ways you braise searching
8:49 pm
for a clear role in a place that he can quote, call home. he is also looking to cash in. that's probably the most important. the warriors are kind of strapped for cash. so it will be interesting to see how they navigate the free agent market. of course. we will keep you updated right here every step of the way on kron 4 sports. meanwhile, while the dubs are strapped, other squads are just printing money making it rain. kyle lowry is joining the miami heat in a sign and trade deal. the now former toronto raptor will reportedly signed a three-year contract worth 90 million dollars. the raptors are receiving precious achiuwa and goran dragic into signing trade deal that he also brings agreed to bring back restricted free agent duncan robinson on a 5 year. 90 million dollar deal. that deal is the largest deal ever for an undrafted player and they also resigned. jimmy butler to a max contract. so
8:50 pm
kent bazemore was going down to southern california remember, he started his career with the warriors and then he left and came back last year. he's always been a fan favorite. he was. the guy was always dancing on the end of bench. but this year he had a bigger role. but. it's going to play with lebron. you know, you hate to see him go. but you really hate to see him go to the lakers and asked that always makes is seeing a little more. but yeah, you know, they're going to looking to sign people all throughout the night and over the coming days. so we'll we'll keep everybody posted on who might be the newest warrior right. thanks, jason. yet. >> and we are diving into the overseas, pop culture phenomenon that's growing in popularity here in the u.s. that's coming up in tonight's destination. japan.
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan
8:53 pm
with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> 5 of the world on tokyo for the olympic games. we are continuing to explore japanese culture. and tonight we're taking a look at a cultural phenomenon with roots in japan. we're talking about japanese comic books. an anime reporter shirley chan introduces us to an artist and her craft of japanese comic books which now has a huge following with women. my cap to just. >> just some live. me saw code talkers shima was born and raised in august significant part of her childhood and
8:54 pm
culture. some based on like real events like history so me, my brother, we use among the as in with textbook to land world history. she may have grown up on books, but fell in love with the united states from watching american movies. i want a woman is going to my intellect as well as my through the new fund. such it >> he watched the movie coming to america. and then we fell in love in new york city. seeing how mongeau an anime were growing in popularity. she merged her love of art and her knowledge of the john are becoming among artists and monica teacher. don't. why, if you can drill perfectly, that's fine. monger refers to japanese comic books or graphic novels. anime includes movies. tv shows streaming content of those comics or of original content themes range from romance to science fiction to sports and much more ice that drawing all that face like this known professionally as me soco
8:55 pm
rocks. she's working on her 4th graphic novel bounce back which will be released in october. the john or has a huge female on they focus on i guess. >> in a cactus feeling the way they developed the in all like feeling psychology. everything too. instead of like maybe superhero time. they focus on what action i quit it cool fast pace like that. but japanese man that they focus on slow pace classic features that define and anime characters. >> but we eyes distinct and flowing hair details leinart in a soft water color palette of pastels. i teach those eyes and how to drill face line step-by-step this pop culture just spread like this in america. it's it's just amazing. >> reporting in new york city. i'm shirley chan. >> number way, way back in the 19 when i was a little kid speed racer. and i think kimba
8:56 pm
the white was were really big popular with little kids back in those days eu to full, though. i mean, that, yeah. the full so yeah. and they have great stories. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news tonight and a primetime coverage continues to top the hour with catherine heenan and jonathan mccall. >> thank you, pat. you here's i remember richie rich member richard and i don't think that was japon. it was has the euro. a lot here's what we're working on for kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. >> mask mandates will take effect tomorrow. why some businesses are free. this might hurt their bottom line. plus, we're also learning that covid-19 symptoms could vary depending on a person's age and even gender. >> let's go. with researchers. are now revealing about a new study that focuses on the early signs of the illness. >> these stories and much more still on the way tonight when we see it for kron. 4 news at 9.
8:57 pm
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8:59 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at noon. >> we know that indoor spaces are where most transmission occurs. >> and that's why we're basing masking requirements on an indoor space. face protect you and those around you.
9:00 pm
>> well vaccinated or not mask mandates are making a comeback for most of the bay area. the new mandate is coming as much of the bay area seeing a new surge of covid cases and hospitalizations. good evening, everyone, and welcome. i'm catherine heenan jonathan mccall. this is kron 4 news at 9 grant and vicki both have the night off. >> 7 bay area counties are now bringing back mandates for indoor face coverings. it all comes as covid cases connected to the dangerous delta variant continue to surge kron 4 anchor can weigh in here tonight with the details on what's on the way for folks in those counties. yeah. get ready. here we go again. as you mentioned, there's 7 counties that are doing this 9 counties in the bay area's mandating the mask mandate. so if you live in alameda contra, costa marin san francisco san mateo, santa clara and sonoma county. you have to mask up indoors. this all comes as county health officers report new covid cases surging with hospitalizations, particularly among the unvaccinated. you don't need to.


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