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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  August 4, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 4. >> a good thursday morning and thank you for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news. >> it's wednesday. august 4th. i'm reyna harvey after say that back again, it's august 4. we're literally into the month of august. and again, it's been a warm last couple of days. john, i've had many fans on and around 9 o'clock at night. it's still pretty warm. more on that in the east bay. so did you experience any cool down. and we have any today nice to get a little outside work out in in the
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city yesterday. but that fog came right back in sweeping through around 05:06pm, depending on what neighborhood you're in. >> and now we're seeing the evidence of that fog, even further inland from the city to and you can see that here in the east bay now. so definitely stay warmer. the further inland. you are a little bit later as you do often expect. but as we work our way into the night that cooling effect of the ocean really starting to grip us. and this is part of the reason that today's daytime highs are going to be so much cooler. so you notice the stark difference, especially for those inland areas. santa rosa nevado visibility is falling below a mile in pockets in these areas will also see that at times in the east bay hills as this fog and low cloud cover sweeps in across the region, having a cooling effect for especially those inland areas. 50's for current temperatures. aside from pittsburgh. you're at 60 degrees oakland. you're at 59 right now. berkeley san francisco and timber on that of a cooler range of 50's to start things off this morning. low gray will hang out near the coastline pretty much all day while beside in inland areas get a solid dose of
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sunshine 60's remain at the coast 70's along the bay and highs fall from the 90's to just the 80's inland. i've got more. those numbers. still ahead, don, thanks to that. as you're hitting the roads this morning. we're tracking your wednesday morning commute heading from the east bay. >> into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time at this early hour. again, it's going to take really a short amount of time to travel along 5.18 aging's agree there as well. headed across towards the peninsula. we go. the san mateo bridge little under 14 minutes. things are looking great. no major delays and the golden gate bridge heading into the city. no major fog to slow you down this morning. we're going to have more on your drive times. coming up. but for now, let's get back to the news. well, a big story we're following this morning. nearly monthlong search for missing jogger comes to a tragic end. investigators believe a body found at a pleasanton ridge park. is philip craig, check kron four's. dan thorn has the latest. there. >> the puzzling several weeks
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search for a missing east bay runner finally comes to an end. a body matching the description of philip create check was found tuesday afternoon in a remote area of pleasanton ridge. regional park will >> a positive identification. but leads us to believe that. but it's likely that we did find philip up there. >> on the bridge investigators and volunteers have been searching for create check for nearly a month. he went on a run on the morning of july 10th and did not return alameda county deputies, pleasanton police and other crews as well as create chicks family trek through the park tirelessly very heartbroken here our our teams, our collective. >> group of law enforcement partners as well in our community, search team has never wavered. never given up. >> we are going to be looking into further details on what transpired. but at this point it's a very preliminary investigation. and i just want to reiterate that our hearts and thoughts go out to the
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>> police say the area where the body was found is not used by the public despite having hundreds of people on the ground and using advanced searching technology such as drones, helicopters and thermal cameras creature was found in an area that was challenging to navigate and it's still unclear how he ended up in that specific location on behalf of the pleasanton police different. we'd like extend our sincere condolences in. >> to the project family as well as offer any support we can. >> eo the family and friends just been. searching and spending countless hours looking for philip. >> reporting in pleasanton. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> a developing story this morning out of the east bay. a man is dead after he was seen vandalizing carson also trying to break into homes in pleasant hill. police say they have received several cars about a man in the area of shadow mountain court when they arrive. they heard several gunshots. that's when the man was found inside of the home with gunshot wounds.
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he died at the hospital. officers are still interviewing witnesses to figure out exactly what happened there. another big story we're following this morning. there are new reports of an even more contagious. delta plus variant of the coronavirus cases of that variant already been reported in the u.s. you k and india. here's what we know about the delta plus variant. doctors say it latches on to the lungs cells more easily. it is more resistant to therapies and is potentially more transmissible in previous covid-19 variant. this announcement comes as many parts of the world. rethink reopenings due to the initial delta variant. there's some good news regarding vaccinations in california right now more than 69,000 vaccines are getting administered and our state every day. 63 1% of residents are fully vaccinated with another 10% of the state partially vaccinated. governor
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newsom shared the news about the uptick in vaccination rates on twitter saying over the last few weeks, california seen 41% increase in vaccinations. well, the san francisco department of public health is giving what it calls supplemental shots of the pfizer or moderna vaccines to people who've already received single dose, johnson and johnson vaccine kron four's tell exactly has the details. there. getting a supplemental shot of pfizer and moderna vaccines. >> into the arms of people who already received the johnson and johnson vaccine. he's now a possibility in san francisco and has been for some time. that's according to the city's public health department on tuesday. however, offering supplemental vaccine shots isn't currently recommended by the cdc or fda the city's public health department says they're not recommending it either, but instead providing accommodations for those who received the one-time johnson johnson shot. this was because we were getting some questions a supplemental dose and are
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conditions did look at the literature. >> and there is no recommendation around. this is an accommodation that if people have a discussion with their physicians and decide that they need a second dose. and based on a physician's recommendation in that discussion that we would accommodate that the move is causing confusion for many. >> now wondering whether this is safe or not. since it doesn't align with guidance from the cdc or fda infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says he was surprised by the announcement on tuesday but says the supplemental shot to the j and j vaccine is safe. we do believe >> jj following a pfizer followed by an jnj is going to be safe. we got this information from the uk studies because they had no choice but to mix and match in the time when there's a vaccine shortage and data shows that it's very safe to get and effective as well. when you mix and match different vaccines as a
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reminder. >> the one and done johnson johnson shots shows overall 66% efficacy against covid-19. well, the 2 doses of pfizer and moderna vaccines show about 95% efficacy doctor chin-hong says all 3 vaccines are above 90% effective in preventing serious disease hospitalizations and deaths at the end of the day, the regiment of the vaccines as what the. >> absolute recommendation is. but if people feel nervous about just getting one shot of j j talking to the health care professional is probably the advice that i would give public health departments in santa clara marin san mateo and contra costa counties responded to our requests on tuesday and say they currently do not provide supplemental shots and will not do so unless the cdc or fda updates its recommendations. sackey kron 4 news. and as the delta variant continues to spread across the country. cov-d testing is also. >> seeing a surge right here
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in the bay area. kron four's hasn't doing explains. >> if you are thinking that the need for covid-19 testing sites was a thing of the past. uess again. >> is county experiencing an increase in the demand for tests. >> yes, you know, the county has noticed in a large increase in the demand for testing. there are definitely seeing an increase in testing. it started around 4th of july and it's been on a steady increase since then. that is the case. even though a growing number of people are vaccinated here in the bay area. in fact, health officials say the vaccinated population are the major contributors to the rise and testing of vaccinated individuals. certainly can carry the delta variant. and it seems that they can spread it as well. so people want to know. maybe because they know somebody that contracted covid-19. and so well, i wonder, maybe i was exposed. we're really watching it very closely and we're prepared to if the demand meant and 2 at
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hours or site most bay area health departments say at this time they filled their available testing is sufftcient to handle the current demand. they will continue to monitor the situation. one of the things that we did during the height of the pandemic is we really aggressively expanded. >> mass testing. however, san francisco supervisor matt haney says that he would like to see a return of covid-19 mass testing sites in the city. i reached out to our director of public health today. i communicated that i've been hearing a lot from my constituents that they had a hard time getting tests. and so i do think it's important that the city restored bring back some of these mass testing sites that were demobilized haaziq kron 4 news. >> while surging cases of the delta variant have pushed the bay area into an indoor mask mandate, new york city is gone. a different route. the mayor, there's announcing that proof of vaccination will be required to enter restaurants gyms performance and entertainment venues. now people are wondering something
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similar could happen right here in the bay area. some local and state leaders are considering it. >> if you don't get vaccinated, you have that right. but you don't have the right infect me or my child who cannot get vaccinated or others that people are just doing not wanting to get the vaccine and are in that in that situation going in indoor close crowded areas and potentially getting other people sick. that's not something that we can afford to allow right now. i personally. >> i'm less and less safe in the middle of a big surge right now. even as a vaccinated person to go indoors. >> san francisco's public health director says some sinesses are already required vaccinations. meantime, he says the city and county of san francisco are exploring whether or not a mandate is needed. right now on our website, we have all the information you need to know about the mask mandates are potential mask mandates breakthrough cases avenue right now. go ahead and take
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your phone scan that qr code on your mobile device and it's going to take you over to that web page. >> coming up in the problem morning. new schools are getting ready to return what we're going to show you and how they're working to keep students and staff over there safe. plus tensions flare up at an east bay school board meeting. a group of protesters say they don't want their kids wear masks when the new school year begins. and after the break. pg e says it has new plans to help with the wildfires without having to shut off the power will explain.
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>> now to our wildfire coverage pg and e says its equipment may have been involved and the start of the fly fire which later merged with the dixie fire. the utility company says investigators are examining a tree that was found on power lines and plumas county where that fly fire began july 22nd the smaller fire combined with the larger dixie fire. 2 days later, the fire has now burned more than 253,000 acres. it's 35% contained pg told regulators last month at the dixie fire may have been ignited when a tree fell on another one of its power lines. pg e's equipment has been blamed for sparking some of the state's deadliest wildfires which led the company to enact its public safety power shut-offs cutting off power to millions of people. when the fire danger is high now. pg e's trying to
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convince state officials that they now have a better plan to prevent wildfires from happening. erick rucker has that story. >> wayne should pay jeanne turn off your power for public safety what is the model in the decision-making tree going to look like before they actually pull that trigger and close that power off and to what exactly are they trying to avoid it is those questions. the utility trying to answer in front of state leaders, including the utility commission and cal fire pg any saying its models or ability to predict the severity of potential fires has gotten much better. cal fire's daniel berlant was one of those asking questions of the power company that they're making a number of improvements to that model. one of those. it's moving away from just wildfires and really looking at catastrophic wildfires. that means the bars actually heightened. >> in in before they pulled the trigger. a big criticism of the utility is not responding to issues fast enough. >> in a press release pg any saying they will now respond
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to issues involving its equipment in 60 minutes or less that has been its policy but only for fires in downed lines. >> all right. well, we're talking about power. we're talking about the heat over the past couple of days. john, in his been a hot one. are we going to see those type of fire conditions over the next few days. so we are going to be looking at still hot weather for sure. temperatures in the 80's is hot enough, but it's not as hot as those 90's. >> that we had to start the week. so we've worked our way in the right direction. that way. also increase marine layer helps out just a little bit even before skies do clear out a bit this afternoon which is going to be a nice touch with that sunshpne that cooler weather that is going to feel really good fire conditions obviously going to remain of concern or the peak of fire season. now you can see outside in view of san francisco. that low cloud cover is persistent out there. something that's going to be seen along the coastline for most of the day today. sunshine will make its return for in london. bayside cities,
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though this low pressure area really helping to create some lyft pushing more and more that smoke and haze out of the region. thus air quality is going to be at some of its best today across the bay. if you do get a chance, maybe do a little hike. look out at the horizon and you'll see just how crystal clear things are looking out there. as for today's daytime highs. this is a nice little note fit 60's near the coastline 70'saalong the bay mostly just a tease for inland areas that you're about to like the numbers that are showing up here on the screen. burlingame at 74 redwood city and san carlos beach at 77 degrees palo alto at 76 south bay temperatures 70's 80's. no 90's east bay numbers also down from yesterday's 90's mostly back into the 80's livermore and pleasanton 85 in 84 from san leandro through oakland up to richmond and 60's whereas 80's from concord center about we do have a couple of 90's on the map antioch in vacaville your those spots. but barely even making the mark while
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santa rosa down to petaluma and mill valley for that matter, all in the 70's. now temperatures the next 7 days are going to be a bit of an up and down. but really nothing drastic as far as changes go today and tomorrow will be our coolest days. cloudy start sunshiny finishes staying cloudy at the coast, though friday and saturday are warmer days, but still not excessively hot with highs maxing out in the 90's before cooling down yet again into your second week of august next week back into the upper 80's. it lent reyna. tom, thanks for we are tracking your wednesday morning commute heading into the city from the east bay. >> under 9 minutes to make it to that free must exit want you at the maze. also no major issues along 5, 1880, the san mateo bridge also nice commute for you this morning. a little under 30 minutes for you to make it across towards the peninsula. golden gate bridge looks great about 20 minute drive there and you're richmond. sandra fell commute at a richmond about 9 minutes. we'll have more on that. but for now a big national story we've been following pressure
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is building on new york's governor andrew cuomo to resign. that's after the release of a new report that claims he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women. president biden has joined a growing list of powerful politicians calling for cuomo to step down. calling for him to step down as karen wynter reports como still insists he did nothing wrong. >> politics and bias our into woven throughout every aspect of this situation. one would be naive to think otherwise. governor andrew cuomo responding to a bombshell report by the new york attorney general's office regarding allegations of misconduct. president biden also responding to the scathing report has some democrats and many republicans demand. >> that cuomo immediately resign from office after the new york attorney general announced that he allegedly sexually harassed multiple women and violated federal and state now calling on him to resign. yes.
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>> if he doesn't resign, do believe he should be impeached and removed from office. >> it's 2, 1, times the independent investigation led by 2 outside attorneys revealed that cuomo allegedly engaged in unwanted groping kissing and hugging with these young women and made inappropriate comments. additionally, that cuomo's administration, quote, fostered a toxic workplace that enabled harassment and created a hostile work environment where staffers did not feel comfortable coming forward with complaints about harassment over the color, of course, of the 5 month investigation. the investigators spoke to 179. >> individuals. including complaints. current and former members of the executive chamber. state troopers. additional state employees and others who interactive regularly with the governor's lead investigator and clark detailed. one of those alleged encounters on november 16th 2020. >> in the executive mansion. the executive assistant number
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one and reached under her blouse to grab her. this investigation began after several women publicly alleged that the governor had sexually harassed them something cuomo has repeatedly denied adding that it's his personality to be affectionate to hug and kiss people in public. i'm sure there are. >> braces that were totally innocent. apparently the attorney general decided to run things to or one of cuomo's accusers tweeted resign. >> that was care. winter reporting. new york mayor bill de blasio says governor cuomo should resign or be impeached. immediately. the speaker of the state. general assembly says that process is already underway. well, coming up next on the profit warning new santa clara county leaders are calling it. >> a public health crisis. what a new study is revealing about san jose's read hillview airport. well, the south bay,
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a new study is shedding light on the negative effect. aircraft fuel has on childr-n. >> living near reid hillview airport in san jose last year the santa clara county board of supervisors approved plans to close the airport by 2031, citing safety concerns as well as excessive noise and pollution now results from a study commissioned by the county found higher amounts of lead in the blood of children living near the airport. experts say this can cause long-term damage to a child's brain.
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>> what this very thorough study proves is that we literally have a crisis on our hands. this is a public health issue. it's an environmental justice issue and it's an equity issue because the people who live around reid hillview are among those that are least affluent in our community. >> recommendations based on the study will be presented to the county board of supervisors at a meeting on august 17th. a big fine for san francisco mayor london breed. she's agreed to pay nearly $23,000 to the city for and ethics breach while in office. the city's ethics commission says the violations include asking former governor jerry brown to release her brother from prison back in 2018 and accepted a gift in 2019 from the former public works director mohammed nuru. you may remember nuru was arrested last year on public corruption charges. the commission found breed misused her title as mayor for personal gain. reid says in a statement that the funds are fair and she took responsibility for her actions. still ahead on the
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kron 4 morning news new details about the killed in east bay freeway shooting. now the family. >> another freeway shooting victim is speaking out.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. i'm reyna harvey. the time for you now for 29 08:00am.
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>> it's been a war one the past couple of days. but john stable has update on our weather forecast. good morning, the we are looking at another foggy start to this morning. and as you noted, rain has been a warm past couple of days. in addition to this fog. we have an increase rees, which is cooling things right off today. >> daytime highs, inland falling from the 90's to the 80's. so all in all your wednesday forecast is shaping up to be pretty nice. your view from berkeley not showing much of a view at all right. now. in fact, the oakland hills berkeley hills in areas of the north bay looking at visibility falling below a mile and pockets, especially watch your travel right across the bay is that's where that foggy blanket is really hovering right now 50's for current temperatures livermore at 56 hayward. 58 degrees oakland a mild 59 enough for a light jacket this morning do take a little bit slower with some coastal drizzle, especially along 2.80 and what highway one they're on the peninsula. i'm talking the cooler weather that we haven't tapped for this afternoon. still ahead,


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