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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  August 4, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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kind of stuff this morning. later on today, you'll still be warm enough inland for the shorts and t-shirt. but it's not going to be quite as hot. i'm talking about this break from the heat still to come john, thank you for that. on this wednesday morning. we are watching your highways. >> and bridges heading from the east bay into the city right now. look at that down to under 8 minutes of things. look great. there. 5, 8080 also pretty light at this hour headed across towards the peninsula. no major delays for us. a little under 30 minutes for your drive time. and in the south bay one oh, one to 8085 82 no issues as you're traveling along. there. we'll have more on your traffic and drive times. but daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot or a 5 o'clock and breaking news overnight. a violent night in the east bay 2 deadly shootings one, i'm going say what happened in concord. the other in pleasant hill. we've actually got team coverage of both of these shootings. >> we want to start with kron. four's will tran dose. and by live in pleasant hill will.
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>> here's what you need to know. they are not searching for any additional suspects in this particular case. this is on shadow mountain court and camelback. you can see all the cars behind me. this all happened around 5.45 last night. in fact, let's get right to the video. the police officers are no longer here. they left in the overnight hours. but when they responded, they got a call in to dispatchers that a man was allegedly trying to vandalize cars and was going door to door banging on the doors trying to get into the homes when the officers were here, they were looking for what was going on and then all of a sudden james and darya. they heard shots ring out in fact, the dispatcher reportedly evening even could hear the shots on there and on the phone they looked around. they went inside to one particular home and that's when they found the man was inside the living room. they're suffering for at least one gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital to john mirror, which is a few miles from this location in walnut creek. he
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died at the scene. the people involved in all this. they stayed here. they talk to investigators. and at this particular point, it looks like they are cooperating without cooperating with the investigation and no arrests in this case as far as a homeowner, i'll try to get more information, but it is very peaceful this morning and the crime scene tape has been removed again. if you're inside watching me, they are not searching for any additional suspects. back to you. all right. thank you very much. wolf. or that continue our team coverage. now go to concord where police are investigating a shooting that killed one person. yeah. this was in the middle of the street. 2 others injured in the shooting. >> kron four's camila barco live for us in concord. more on what happened there. camila. >> well, diane james concord police officers just finished clearing the scene on pine street and now they're investigating that shooting in homicide. take a look at this video from earlier when officers were canvassing the
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scene looking for clues. at one point you'll see bullets pierced through a car door. officers say shots rang out around 10 last night. it happened on pine street near clinton wrote less than 5 minutes away from the police department. now, when officers arrived, they found a 22 year-old man who had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. officers also found 2 more people in the area suffering from gunshot wounds. both were rushed to the hospital. it's unclear exactly what led up to the shooting. but right now, as we said, it's the second deadly shooting within a couple miles here in central contra, costa county at this time. police do not have anyone in custody, but they asked anyone who may have seen something to call their tip line diane, james, back to you. thanks a lot. camilla. >> 5. '03, is the another big story this morning coronavirus cases rising dramatically in contra, costa county. fact, the county has seen currently
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3,635 active new cases of covid in this comes as the delta variant continues to spread throughout the community. we want to take a closer look at just one of the cities in contra, costa county, the city of danville as of today, the city has in the last 14 days added a 102 new cases of coronavirus and this comes at a time when we're seeing this all over the bay area. and despite the rise we're seeing in cases. one danville business says that they're not going to enforce the new indoor mask mandate kron 4, sarah stinson live for us at danville bowl with more. sara. >> yeah. this bowling alley here in danville danville boulder saying the choice is up to their customers that they want to wear a mask or not. they said if you want to cool, but you don't have to. and they go further than that. they spread some misinformation and they also, you know, say give people emboldened people not to wear it. and this is a place where people, you know, touch a lot of things to get close to
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others and it's an area where i think the health officials really want people to wear a mask. that's why they put the mask mandate in place to protect people as coronavirus cases are continuing to spread throughout our communities. and as you just said right here in danville where this business has decided to defy it. now. the delta variant. it's spreading to not just unvaccinated people but also a small percentage of vaccinated people too. the mask mandate was put in place in the hopes that more restrictions won't be needed like capacity, limits and lockdowns, but it doesn't appear it to be businesses are encouraging people not to mask up. and if they're defying health orders now, take a look at what danville bowl says they have it on your screen. they said well aware of the mask mandate. with that being said, we will not be enforcing it. we believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting with restrictions from the government. let's be honest. if they were intelligent, they wouldn't be working for the
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government. if you would like to wear a mask inside while you bowl feel free. don't want to. that's ok, the choice is up to you. >> the bowling alley statement went on to say if you're vaccinated, you should have nothing to worry about. at all. and as we know, that's absolutely not true. we're seeing people with the vaccine that are getting coronavirus with this delta variant, which is more contagious. it's giving very bad symptoms to those who are unvaccinated the contra costa county health officer breaks down. why it's important wear a mask during a time when this delta variant case cases are spreading all over the place. >> the number of patients in local hospitals due to covid have doubled in just the past 10 days and increased by more than 400% in the month of july. you know, people who are in the hospital with covid. they're really sick. they're gasping for air. they're struggling to breeze through the ice. you there likely a tube down there through machine reading for them fighting for their life.
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>> yeah. we've been hearing from health officers from almost every county about this mask mandate. the 7 counties decide to put in place about why it's so important that we you know, crack down now so we don't have to do lockdowns in the future. so businesses like this bowling alley don't have to shut down because cases are so out of control. the mask mandate sort hoping that we can just get it under control. now. what happens when businesses defying mask mandate that something will be trying to figure out this morning talking with health officials and also learning more about why danville ball has decided to defy this mask mandate. so stand by. a lot more learn about this story for now reporting live in danville. sarah stinson back to you. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> while surging cases in the delta variant have pushed the bay area to the indoor mask mandate, new york city has gone even further the mayor is now saying that the proof of vaccination is required to go
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into restaurants gyms and to see a show, for example, to see a play and that's left some people wondering if something similar could happen here in the bay area. some local and state leaders are considering it. >> if you don't get vaccinated, you have that right. but you don't have the right infect me or my child who cannot get vaccinated or others that people are just doing not wanting to get the vaccine and are in that in that situation going in indoor close crowded areas and potentially getting other people sick. that's not something that we can afford to allow right now. i personally. >> i'm less and less safe in the middle of a big surge right now. even as a vaccinated person to go indoors. >> san francisco's public businesses are already requiring vaccinations. meantime, he says the city and the county of san francisco are exploring whether a mandate is needed.
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>> and as we're talking about san francisco, the department of public health. there is giving what it's calling a supplemental shot of either the pfizer or the moderna vaccine to people who've already received the single-dose johnson and johnson vaccine. so it's not necessarily a booster. it's a supplemental shot. proffers taylor sackey takes a closer look. >> getting a supplemental shot of pfizer and moderna vaccines into the arms of people who already received the johnson and johnson vaccine. he's now a possibility in san francisco and has been for soms time. that's according to the city's public health department on tuesday. however, offering supplemental vaccine shots isn't currently recommended by the cdc or fda the city's public health department says they're not recommending it either, but instead providing accommodations for those who received the one-time johnson johnson shot. this was because we were getting some questions a supplemental dose and are conditions did look at the literature. >> and there is no recommendation around. this is an accommodation that if
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people have a discussion with their physicians and decide that they need a second dose. and based on a physician's recommendation in that discussion that we would accommodate that the move is causing confusion for many. >> now wondering whether this is safe or not. since it doesn't align with guidance from the cdc or fda infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin-hong says he was surprised by the announcement on tuesday but says the supplemental shot to the j and j vaccine is safe. we do believe >> jj following a of pfizer followed by an jnj is going to be safe. we got this information from the uk sundays because they had no choice but to mix and match in the time when there's a vaccine shortage and data shows that it's very safe to get and effective as well. when you mix and match different vaccines as a reminder. >> the one and done johnson johnson shot shows overall 66% efficacy against covid-19.
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well, the 2 doses of pfizer and moderna vaccines show about 95% efficacy doctor chin-hong says all 3 vaccines are above 90% effective in preventing serious disease hospitalizations and deaths at the end of the day, the regiment of the vaccines as what the. >> absolute recommendation is. but if people feel nervous about just getting one shot of j j talking to the health care professional is probably the advice that i would give public health departments in santa clara marin san mateo and contra costa counties responded to our requests on tuesday and say they currently do not provide supplemental shots and will not do so unless the cdc or fda updates its recommendations. sackey kron 4 news. >> and because this is all changing every day we wake up and give you the news. it's just a little bit different as we learn more and unfortunately the numbers going the wrong direction. so stay tuned to kron 4 and go to
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our website. the easiest way is to take a peek at this qr code with your phone all take it right to that special covid spot on kron 4 dot com. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news schools are getting ready to return. we'll tell you. well, what they're doing to try to keep students safe amid this covid-19 spike. and after the break. pg e says it has new plans to help prevent wildfires without having to shut off your power. having to shut off your power. we'll tell you how. having to shut off your power. we'll tell you how. spicy. chicken. nuggs. we didn't say wendy's. but you probably thought wendy's. and you thought right. but you probably didn't think they'd be free with any purchase through the wendy's app... majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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>> five-fifty let's give you the latest on the wildfires pg and e says that their equipment may have been involved in starting the fly fire which merged with the dixie fire pg e says investigators are figuring out right now. if a tree was found on power lines and plumas county was part of the reason the firefly fire started that was on july 22nd. >> well, a smaller fire combined with the larger dixie fire. 2 days later and that fire now has burned more than
5:16 am
253,000 acres. it's about 35% contained right now. we're hoping for new numbers this morning. that will push us in the right direction. pg told regulators last month that the dixie fire may have been sparked by a tree that fell on one of its power lines. so that seems to be the leading syria now on how this erupted. >> pg, e's equipment has been blamed for sparking some of the state's deadliest wildfires which led the company to have to enact its public safety power shut-offs cutting off power to millions of people. when there's a high fire danger and nobody enjoyed that now pg and is trying to convince state officials that they now have a better plan to prevent wildfires. we've got eric rucker. >> with the story. >> wayne should pay jeanne turn off your power for public safety what is the model in the decision-making tree going to look like before they actually pull that trigger and close that power off and to what exactly are they trying to avoid it is those questions. the utility trying to answer in front of state leaders, including the utility
5:17 am
commission and cal fire pg any saying its models or ability to predict the severity of potential fires has gotten much better. cal fire's daniel berlant was one of those asking questions of the power company that they're making a number of improvements to that model. one of those. it's moving away from just wildfires and really looking at catastrophic wildfires. that means the bars actually heightened. >> in in before they pulled the trigger. a big criticism of the utility is not responding to issues fast enough. >> in a press release pg any saying they will now respond to issues involving its equipment in 60 minutes or less that has been its policy but only for fires in downed lines. >> let's take a look at the weather and see if weather is going to cooperate with the so cooling be ok, we'd all agree that that be fined. john, we're going to get that. that is what we're good. and so, you know, whether teachers working with us on this one. temperatures cooling down across not just the bay area but across the state as that
5:18 am
high pressure ridge begins to remove itself. a low pressure area starting to its way into the picture. this is actually resulting in some increased marine layer. you see this dense cloud cover in areas like san francisco right now. right along the coastline. you are looking at some drizzly spots to so big change of pace from where we were earlier this week. and you really see that playing out in your 4 zone forecast here in a second. so skies are dry. we will see some drizzly spots at the coast, but there's no change there. this low pressure areas scooting on through helping to create some lyft clearing out here in the central valley. in fact, you'll notice if you maybe enjoy the cooler afternoon with a hike that skies here in the bay area are also going to be really hayes free. lookini at a nice picture out there as you venture outside into the afternoon with clear skies and very good air quality 50's and 60's for your highs at the coast today. a little bit cooler for san francisco than where we had been the past couple of days. whereas those of us on the peninsula are going to hold on tight to
5:19 am
those 70's. another really beautiful day on the peninsula and a nice one for the south bay falling from yesterday's 80's to 70's in san jose santa clara sonny bill in milpitas highs from the 90's yesterday to the 80's inland livermore and pleasanton 85 in 84 walnut creek. 84 today oakland through richmond in the 60's. well, vallejo at 74 degrees vacaville an antioch in the 90's are only 2 spots to barely hang on to the 90's. so today is already a cool down tomorrow is about to be noticeably cooler as well. this is really good news in the firefight temperatures not being excessively hot. sure. we'd love to see some more rainfall. that is not something in this forecast friday and saturday will briefly be are warmer days before cooling back down into the start of next week. john, thank you for that. we're starting here at the golden gate bridge where we are seeing reports. >> of pockets of fog here. so take your time if you're driving this morning, but no major issues of little under 19 minutes for your drive time as you're making your way into
5:20 am
the city. the bay bridge starting to pick up here a little under 8 minutes till for your drive time. meteor lights are still off. i'm not seeing any major issues along 5, 1880, or 8.80, things are looking great. the san mateo bridge as you make your way across towards the peninsula. you can do that and under 13 minutes, we'll have more on your drive times coming up. but for now, daryn, james, back to you. >> 5.20 right in the a new study is shining light on the negative effect. that aircraft fuel has on children who live near reid hillview airport in san jose last year, the santa clara county board of supervisors approve plans to close the airport by 2031, sighting safety concerns as well as excessive noise and pollution now results from a study commissioned by the county found higher amounts of lead in the blood of children who live near the airport. experts say this can cause long-term damage to a child's brain. >> what this very thorough
5:21 am
study proves is that we literally have a crpsis on our hands. this is a public health issue. it's an environmental justice issue and it's an equity issue because the people who live around reid hillview are among those that are least affluent in our community. >> recommendations based on the study will be presented to the county board of supervisors at a meeting on august 17th. >> a big fine for san francisco mayor london breed. she's agreed to pay nearly $23,000 to the city for an ethics breach while in office. the city's ethics commission says the violations include asking former governor jerry brown to release her brother from prison back into a 2018 and also accepting a gift in 2019 from the former public works director mohammad nuru. you may remember that new rule was arrested last year on public corruption charges. the commission found that breed misused her title as mayor for personal gain. breed said that in a statement. but the fines are fair and she took responsibility for her actions. we'll take a break at 5.21, coming up after the
5:22 am
break, governor andrew cuomo of new york resisting mo nting. pressure now to resign after he's accused of sexually harassing nearly a dozen women. >> why he says he won't step down.
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we're made for. national story that we're following this morning pressure is building on new york governor andrew cuomo to
5:25 am
resign after a new report now concludes that he in fact sexually harassed nearly. >> a dozen women investigators interviewed 179 people over several months and the report concludes that cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. and brooke, state and federal laws in the process. he called the allegations politically motivated. but even president biden says it's time for cuomo to step down. >> you know, calling on him to resign. >> yes, i'm inspired by all the brave women who came forward. but more importantly. i believe him. i want you to know directly from me. that i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate advances. >> well, the new york state assembly has already requested a copy of the report and is preparing now to impeach. cuomo. if he doesn't resign.
5:26 am
>> oh, my gosh. an all-out brawl on frontier airlines flight. as you can see here, a passenger being restrained after accused of touching a flight attendant on a flight from philadelphia to miami on saturday. 22 year-old maxwell barry of ohio was eventually duct taped to his seat. now moments before the flight police say that a male flight attendant tried to intervene and stop varies behavior and that is when this happened very started punching him in the face. he was arrested and charged with 3 counts of battery taken to jail after the plane landed. miami, the flight attendants involved in this. we're all put on paid leave pending an investigation. >> we will take a break. 5.26 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we're following the latest developments from pleasanton police department after almost a month of searching. they have discovered a body out of the regional park. they're believed to be that of missing
5:27 am
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>> welcome back. it's 5.29 right now. and we're taking a live look here the airport and just still a little shaken by airport them afraid to fly. don't a van a plane. that's that's the bare minimum that
5:30 am
everybody's asking for these days when we fly just please behave. >> so we can all get there on time. i also came away with duct tape once again. everything for you. duct tape. a lie. do use duct tape for everything. it the kerry duct tape on a plane. but i know i have duct tape ever. i keep duct tape everywhere. it's just good for its tough breaks fix. you know, even anything happens. i got duct tape for the phone glickman you know what i would like let's say a little chip fill up on duct tape that. >> haha i can't think of anything. i wouldn't duct tape. i can come up with a list will brainstorm clothing. if you do if you don't so and you want do your pants. know, now, john. >> tape is thing just a temporary fix the most the time anyways we are looking at some gray skies out there this morning across the bay area we are definitely in for a change this afternoon to as temperatures will be much cooler and then than what we had the past couple of days.
5:31 am
>> looking out there. you're berkeley hills camps. kaiser great visibility. not that great east bay hills portions of the peninsula and portions of the north bay are having some visibility issues this morning. a lot like we saw yesterday as far as current temperatures go, most of us are in the 50's right now with pittsburgh at 59 alameda hayward fremont at 57 berkeley san francisco and san mateo each at 55 reyna. don, thanks for that. things are looking great on this wednesday morning, middle of the week. >> he made it to this day. all right. we're heading from the east bay into the city right now. little under 2 minutes for your drive time. 5, 1880, also moving pretty quickly there. you're richmond sandra fell comey as you had a richmond a little under 8 also moving pretty nicely this morning, checking out things in the south bay along one oh, one to 8085 in 82. i'm not seeing any major issues here. we'll have more on that coming up the darya. james, back to you. thank you. rain is 5.31 a big story that we're following now and nearly monthlong search for a missing jogger
5:32 am
seems come to a tragic and investigators believe that they have found the body in the pleasanton ridge park of philip create check. kron four's. dan storm. >> explains how the discovery was made. >> the puzzling several weeks search for a missing east bay runner finally comes to an end. a body matching the description of philip create check was found tuesday afternoon in a remote area of pleasanton ridge. regional park will >> a positive identification. but leads us to believe that that it's likely that we did find philip up there. >> on the ridge investigators and volunteers have been searching for create check for nearly a month. he went on a run on the morning of july 10th and did not return alameda county deputies, pleasanton police and other crews as well as create 6 family trek through the park tirelessly very heartbroken here our our teams, collective. >> group of law enforcement partners as well in our community, search team has never wavered. never given up. >> we are going to be looking
5:33 am
into further details on what transpired. but at this point it's a very preliminary investigation. and i just want to reiterate that our hearts and thoughts go out to the >> police say the area where the body was found is not used by the public despite having hundreds of people on the ground and using advanced searching technology such as drones helicopters and thermal cameras. craig chick was found in an area that was challenging to navigate and it's still unclear how he ended up in that specific location on behalf of the pleasanton police department would like extend our sincere condolences in. >> to the project family as well as offer any support we can. >> to the family and friends just been. searching and spending countless hours looking for philip reporting in pleasanton. >> dan thorn kron 4 news. >> 5.33 and happening now, police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a
5:34 am
man on highway 4 in antioch. it's an update to a story we talked about yesterday here on the kron 4 morning news. it happened monday night. authorities have not released many details. but the contra costa county coroner's office identifies the victim now has 26 year-old lawrence s glove on of stockton. the shooting comes just a week after 24 year-old india prince was shot and killed while driving also on highway 4 in conquer her on tells us she cannot believe another family is now suffering the same trauma from a shooting on that same road. >> there are little kids. they're just people on the freeway going home and now i a that people are feeling driving on highway or comfortably trying to get home. >> both of the shootings are under investigation. >> another big story that we're following. there's been a just significant jump in the number of children and teens
5:35 am
testing positive for covid. the american academy of pediatrics reporting now nearly 72,000 new cases from july 22nd to the 29th, the highly transmissible delta variant of the virus is being blamed now for the spike children under 12 are currently not eligible for any of the 3 vaccines in use. and while vaccine testing is under way for younger children there. they won't be available for several more months yet. >> time now is 5.35 and all of this as bay area school districts are set to return to in-person learning in just the coming weeks and they're still so many questions about how students and teachers are going to cope with these mask mandates. yeah. in the south bay san jose unified school district superintendent nancy. >> i'll break out brand is confident that they can safely open schools. she does say that a handful of parents have objected. >> to the mask mandates that require masks while outdoors and indoor settings except for lunch and sports and other special needs purposes. bought. she says most parents
5:36 am
agree that masking is the best way right now to keep their kids safe. you have half of our students. >> they were able to come back. and so now we're going to have all of our students that have that option. but again, we understand that some families might have some concerns and there's an option through the independent studies. we know that the factors that we used to that covid-19 virus that worked in the in the spring because we were very successful. and so we're going to continue to many of those things as school opens. >> and the district has stockpiled thousands of masks and other ppe equipment. for if they're needed. >> the south san francisco unified school district is stepping up efforts to reduce the risk of coronavirus bri bri elementary school has installfd new air filters in every classroom and stocked up on things like cleaning supplies that you see here. students arrive on campus next week and they will have to wear masks. the school has also been using. you see that
5:37 am
thing uv light machines. they can kill viruses in the air and on services. teachers have also been asked to keep the windows open as much as they possibly can during the day. >> some tense moments at an east bay school board meeting to discuss mask-wearing inside schools, things got a bit heated between parents. in fact, so much so the police had to be called in. this was that the sentiment unified school district board meeting members of the grassroots group let them breathe claim that they should have more say over whether their kids should be forced to wear a mask while in school. >> good morning, everyone. this morning, more a year. think that we're going to have to recess time eating until. >> i think in the next minute all day long. it's not natural. we didn't grow up with not obstruct. >> any of their airways for their brain to for the brain
5:38 am
to process to not silence. people will not see those requirements. >> you decide we will certainly >> superintendent. john malloy says the district is simply following public health guidance which requires masks while inside schools, parents who refuse to wear masks during the meeting were asked to leave and watch it online or give their public comments outdoors. some parents say that they will consider moving their kids to another district classes in the san ramon valley unified school district are set to begin next week. >> it's 5.38. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news as california's drought gets worse. state lawmakers are now % debating who's to blame. we'll have more on that. and let's take a live look at japan where the 2020 olympics are continuing to go on and we're going to have our continuing coverage of the results as well as a celebration of japanese culture. and this morning we're looking at some
5:39 am
fog, something that's going to stick around along the coastline for much of the day do expect a mostly cloudy coast and some cool conditions out that way. >> cooler highs inland highs mostly only in the 80's today, mostly only in the 80's today, which is a big change erica's best tasting original oatmilk silk ♪ you're strong. you power through chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, ...each lasting 4 hours or more. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine. so, if you haven't tried botox® for your chronic migraine, ...check with your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if samples are available.
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5:42 am
replaces the old program that they have. and there is a difference. fans now have to make a reservation. that's the difference because you can always buy this past, but now you have to have a reservation. so just like the old program. there's a variety of options and the cost ranges are ready. i'm rounding it's not every 19 at 400. okay. so $400 is the cheapest one. but you can go up to 1400 can i. >> if want if you really love disney, the most extensive do expect expensive. what is the 1400 and that one without one. james, you get no blackout dates. mostly go anytime you >> for for of of of of of of of 1400 >> i just i love going to go like once every few years. yeah. yeah. what we have to travel and the people who are getting these annual passes all day. not only live nearby but yeah, they're rich. hack.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
5.45, and republicans are blaming governor newsom for california's low water supply. yeah, dangerous wildfires as well. >> the group argues that newsome can fast track approval of more water, storage projects and move faster when it comes to fitting forest fuels but leaders like assembly member james gallagher says that he's programs to preserve fish in the delta. where's the water. why are you managing it this way.
5:46 am
>> why are to managing our forests. were you putting more investment into that. this is the kind of policies that are leading. they are killing people. they're literally killing people. these policies. >> well, now the oroville dam is at its lowest level ever recorded boaters and fishermen have witnessed the level fall near the 250 feet below average. >> 5.46. is the time right now. and let's take a look at the weather. see how it's going to be. we had different experiences yesterday with the same morning. i used to hot and went to the beach apparently was too cold. so then i went right on to try to take a walk and warm up. there you go. crazy. 5, john, just how different it from the coast to the inland valleys. i know it's so tough for and where i was. that must of in the sweet spot because it felt pretty good. >> so i was lucky there. i had my own bubble yesterday. we are looking this morning at some foggy conditions. so at least we're all in the same boat this morning. it's cool in the 50's. i keep that light jacket on easy enough for your
5:47 am
morning hours. as for your nor cal how the weather center forecast later in the day. well, that's where things start to diverge a little bit staying in the 60's and sing pretty cloudy right along the coastline, sunshine prevails elsewhere. but we are going to be seeing cooler daytime highs, which is a nice know because it was a really warm one for inland areas yesterday. skies are dry aside from a couple missed right along the coastline. this low pressure areas really helping to do a number on central valley air quality creating just enough lift that some of that poor air and smoke can lift a bit be transported elsewhere. so air quality is good. we have some fog near the coast line which is going to stay put through the day. keeping areas like sunset district in the upper 50's. as for bayshore cities today it's mostly 70's burlingame at 74 degrees. foster city there as well. redwood city and san carlos beach at 77. we're a south bay temperatures in the upper 70's to low to mid 80's. this is cooler than yesterday's 90's in a couple of spots like morgan hill,
5:48 am
pleasanton and livermore. you're also down from yesterday's 90's to the mid 80's today. worst oakland berkeley richmond and san leandro in the 60's concord and danville. each 85 antioch in vacaville in the low 90's are only 2 spots. barely hanging on to the 90's and that's a change from yesterday because take a look at where we're going to be tomorrow. even cooler yet likely to only see 80's that our warmest and if that some low 80's for inland areas break from the heat before we see a bill back temporarily friday and saturday conditions cooling off again into early next week. bayside areas. you're not waving goodbye to the 70's and coastal areas hanging on tight to the 60's thanks for that. on this wednesday morning, things are pretty light at this hour. >> traveling along highway 24 it will take you a little under 13 minutes to make it to that 5 8980 interchange. things are looking great. there. also on your commute from the east bay into the city down to under 12 minutes. meteor lights are still off at this time. 5.80, and 80 also moving pretty quickly as you
5:49 am
head across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive under 14 minutes. and again, lee with a look at the golden gate bridge. some pockets of fog. take your time about 18 minutes there daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot. it is 5.48 right now and we are waiting for the man usa men's basketball team they'll play tonight in the semi in the 11 o'clock art and the women have made it out of the quarter final. so they're heading on to the semifinals, too. so there-s a quick update on the competition. we are also continuing our celebration of japanese culture across the country. >> and raman is at the heart of japanese culture. i love it. what we're not talking about the instant stuff that you might make at home eating ridge takes a look at the intricate process to develop the delicate flavors. >> the smells of spices and citrus hit you when you walk through the door. >> it's welcoming comforting and exciting all at the same
5:50 am
time. a fury raman started in japan in 2000. one after becoming one of the most acclaimed raman chains in tokyo. its founder decided to open another location in the u.s. in 2016 choosing portland dot because of its reputation as a foodie town because of the drinking water pulling is one of the few location that has the similarity of the water quality. >> this pick stressed stream flows prior fury's main kitchen at the foot of mount a fury marketing director yoshi mecklenburg says water is 99% of the dish. when you make raman. so the quality of the water is just as important as the other ingredients that go into the broth it and i was asked with like 8 the same taste of the run we serve and took out a fury signature dishes called it's a clear broth with a little stutter, a
5:51 am
senate. the hughes who is imported from japan and only a few people know the full recipe, the chef combines that with other locally sourced ingredients to create what some might call a warm hug in a bowl. >> comfort food japan. >> and i would hope that had been warm and well, a ramen is like a you know chocolate in. it's not going in the bad on hot cold day. >> it's a dish that's not only filling but comforting however, despite its easy slurp ability. making the broth is a labor intensive process. the eu's you process takes 6 hours to make. certain or poor product takes 8. it's a craft that requires a lot of hard work and skill. what goes into it and when changes based on the weather and the humidity they have to change the timing and adjust that everybody, data cup. >> but just something, you know, like. for me, it's
5:52 am
rocket science. but but to the chef it becomes in-state. there's also an art to assembling the board that makes it your table each topping is carefully placed and in a specific order, they told me serving an imperfect raman isn't an option. so you can be sure what you can. it really is a taste of japan reporting in portland. i'm lynn seen average. >> if you're on that i'd love to go to iran and how actually get some real we'll be right
5:53 am
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>> 5.54 right now. and we're talking football. the forty-niners are now training and full pat at camp. let's take a look at them. tossing the ball around yesterday a 40 yard bomb from rookie quarterback trey lance. to the receiver. yeah. he got one rep with the starting players. it was jimmy garoppolo who got the rest of the reps with the first team, jimmy g says the competition between the offense and the defense has been a bright spot at training camp so far. >> though, get a turnover would a couple big plays just the back and forth since i've been here really hasn't been much of that's one day offensive dominate the next to the defense and dominate. and here's ben little him in one place them on plays a son. i've some good teams and that's that's good early mark of a good team. i'm not saying
5:56 am
we're but it's just i it's a good market where we are right now with national by the competition between the 2 sides, the ball but not between him and trey lance. >> okay. >> no competition that we we first pre season game. the niners is coming up in less than 2 weeks. >> 5.55 right now. how about the keep staff few, but we all know we would. but for east 4 more years anyway. and then we'll see. but he did. yes. signed a four-year extension worth 200, 15 million dollars and worth every penny. he is now the first player in nba history to sign too. 200 million dollar contract all with the same. so ask any fan that heart that this worth so that he's 33 now this next contract kicks in at 34. so he would be in the last year that what it lighted up with a new sense klay thompson back everything else with a fan of skills packing this 5.56 right
5:57 am
now coming up in the next hour, the kron 00:00am morning news. 2 people have died in 2 separate shootings that happened in the east bay. we're going to have team coverage at the top of the hour. >> plus questions about whether the bay area might follow the lead of new york and require you to show that you have a vaccine to get inside to dine and go to a gym inside to dine and go to a gym and go to a show. we'll see inside to dine and go to a gym and go to a show. we'll see wendy's serves fresh never frozen beef on every hamburger. and that's why our dave's single is so hot and juicy. but what if that dave's single was buy one get one for a buck? and all these faves were too? (explosion) get any of these favs bogo $1. only at wendy's. america's best tasting original oatmilk silk ♪
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 6. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher will start this hour with a check of weather and traffic. we've got john stand by to start things off for us in the weather center. hey, john. hey, guys. it is a foggy morning yet again. and we're set up for a cooler afternoon just around the corner. big changes for inland areas that have been in the 90's to start the week. today we fall into the 80's and many of the same spots. you'll definitely notice that difference. >> as you are venturing outside for your commute into work this morning. do watch for some lower visibility pockets. san francisco, one of those areas that you are seeing that low gray pretty step early hanging out overhead as it will over the next few hours towards the coast and misty skies. whereas the further inland you get the higher that cloudy blanket becomes and less and less concerning. any sort of disability is 50's for current temperatures oakland. you're sitting right now at 58 degrees pittsburgh you the
6:01 am


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