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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  August 4, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> good morning. and happy wednesday to you. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher just like that. it's 09:00am. yeah. yeah. just like that. just arrived. if you anything that happened before. this didn't really happen. know if you're waking up now you're waking up to the finest hour. right for morning news. so welcome for a little sunshine things are very fresh, john and john. yeah, it is very fresh out there. we've got that cool ocean air sweeping in. it makes for that cool feel for sure. so it's a jacket where the morning. >> but later on today that cooler shun air is really setting us up for what's going to be such a comfortable afternoon highs from the 90's yesterday and went to just the 80's today. so that's going to be a treat for sure. you look outside right now at half moon bay shows the same cloud cover that a lot of our bayside looking at we're seeing it more so now in pockets, though. so less and less of the widespread gray. you're definitely getting some brightness shining through and visibility is really no longer an issue 50's and 60's for current temperatures. pretty sleazy to spot where the sun
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shines at pittsburgh at 64 concord and fairfield beach at 63. well, berkeley san francisco santa rosa in petaluma lagging behind a bit each at 55 reyna. john, thanks for that. we have no major, hot spots or issues out on the road at this your highways. >> heading into the city a little under 11 things of look really great hears a traveling from the east bay. 5, 1880, also moving pretty swiftly at this 9 o'clock hour headed across towards the peninsula that drive you can do in a little under 14 minutes. so things are looking great. there. one. oh, one down here to 8085. we have a little slow down along one o one, but 2 8085 82 no major issues there as you're driving and highway 4. we're seeing some improvement. we're up to about 28 minutes earlier. now we're down to 15 as a traveling towards conquer to 42. we'll have more throughout this hour. daryn. james, back to you. thanks a lot. rates 9. oh, one and the breaking news overnight. >> 2 shootings that were deadly in the east bay, one in conquered the other in
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pleasant hill. >> we've got team coverage of both will begin with kron. four's will tran. he's out in pleasant hill with the latest on what happens there will. >> james it is calm this morning. but a terrifying evening for people who live in this neighborhood this is shadow mountain and camelback. the shooting actually took place at that building right behind me right there. in fact, let's get right to the video. this all went down at around 5.40, last night. according to the police department, a man was going from car to car, trying to break into the cars and then from there he goes and knocks on doors. he tries to grab door handles. there are many units around here. it's surrounded by homes and apartments. when he could not get in and he was making a lot of noise. he will be here at the called 911, now, officers. they came to this location and they were literally in the neighborhood when shots rang out. they didn't know where it's coming from. they pinpointed it. they came
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inside a living room. that's when they saw the man inside suffering from a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital but died from his injuries. all the while people were so terrified because this was all happening right in front of them. i got a chance to track to walk, talk to a woman. she didn't want to put her face on camera. james darya and our viewers. listen in to her terrifying account. >> he came back to front porch and clearly started to try and bring thank goodness my doors were locked because he was i'm messing with the hand like you handle going right and left kicking my door screaming when he realized he couldn't get to my front door. he went back tn the side yard and. he kicking the side gate trying to get in that way. and thank goodness that was locked. >> she called 911. so many other people called 911. and in fact, the dispatcher was on the phone with somebody in this neighborhood and that dispatcher could hear the shots ring out the homeowners.
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they stay behind they cooperated with investigators. and i can tell you they were not arrested because we tried to interview them this morning, but they did not want to talk. they went right to their cars and left for work or school or whatever, but they didn't want to talk. so the investigation is ongoing and we still don't know at this point if he went to that particular unit because he knew those people. that's still part of the investigation as far as the man's name not being released at this time and i've done this for a long time and just to have her visualize just to say that you could hear her see her door handle move back and forth for me, guys. that was terrifying and she's pregnant as well. unfortunately, she's okay back to you. how serious situation must that have been. thank you very much. well, now let's head over to concord where police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and injured 2. >> we've been following this live all morning long. getting the latest from camila barco. so let's go back to you. camilla. >> what can you tell us right now about what happened.
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>> well, daryn, james, one neighbor i spoke to earlier this morning told me that he was in his home when all the sudden several gunshots were fired just outside his apartment and now police are investigating that shooting as a homicide. take a look at this video officers were on scene cannon. seeing the area for clues and they say shots were fired around 10:00pm on pine street just off clayton road near highway 2.42, bullets even pierce to a silver car door. it's unclear if anyone was inside the car when it happened. but investigators say a 22 year-old man was shot and killed at the scene and 2 more people in the area were struck by bullets. both were rushed to the hospital. now, 2 people. i also spoke with tell me this is violence is not a rare occurrence in the neighborhood last night. shooting is the second criminal homicide in conquer this year according to stats from concord police department
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and those numbers don't include any crime data from july. now police have not said what led up to the shooting were still trying to determine the connection between the shooter and the victims and police do not have anyone in custody at this time. it is still an ongoing investigation live in concord, camila barco kron 4 news. thanks, camila. >> so the other big story that we're following this morning involves the coronavirus and the cases that are dramatically rising all around the bay area contra, costa county in particular, as you can see here, 3,000, 635 new cases in the last 14 days. and this comes as the delta variant is really driving the uptick in these numbers. every city in the county has contributed to that total danville as responsible for about a 102 new cases in the last 14 days. and despite this rise that we're seeing in cases one danville business says that they're not going to enforce the new indoor mask mandate kron 4, sarah stinson out there. danville bowl with more on why sarah.
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>> james? that's right. danville bowl posting on facebook telling its customers. they are not going to enforce wearing a mask. and i just talked with the contra costa county, a district attorney's office they have a task force who they said that businesses can fined up to $1000 per day. if they do not follow these types of protocols and mask mandates. take a look. now at the statement that was written on facebook from danville bowl and it reads that believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting restrictions from the government. they said let's be honest. if they were intelligent, they wouldn't be working for the government. if you would like to wear your mask inside while you bull feel free if you don't want to. that's ok, the choice is up to you. the bowling alley statement went on to say if you're vaccinated, you should have nothing to worry about any ways. but that is absolutely not what we have been her hearing from health officials who say. >> the delta variant is
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spreading to not just unvaccinated people but also a small percentage of vaccinated people as well. it's also more contagious than other forms of the virus. health officials put this mask mandate in place requiring people to wear masks indoors even if you're vaccinated trying to get a control over the increasing cases of covid and to avoid more restrictions in the future, including capacity limits lockdowns. but it doesn't businesses are encouraging people not to mask up. there was a lot of comments on the facebook post from danville bowl. some in favor of their stan e. others against it. so this morning i caught up with people and the danville area. >> i think that's up to them. and i just won't go there. it's pretty simple. i would feel safer if i was going next to somebody. wearing one. yes, wearing a mask. >> the contra costa county district attorney's office says there's a county task force of those telling you about that enforces complaints
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and issues fines. and so i got a breakdown for you. this has been happening. the whole pandemic. so it applies to business that doesn't put this mask mandate in place. and that's $250 for the first fine and then every day from their goes up. the second dates 500 the 3rd day to $1000. and every day after that, they don't comply to $1000 per day. all in terms of if they're goi g to comply or not. for now reporting live in danville. sarah stinson. >> back to you. and we'll see. all right. thank you very much, sara. >> and while the surging delta variant is push the bay area to require indoor masks. new york city has gone a step further than that. the mayor just announced that they're going to need proof of vaccination. people are if they want to go into a restaurant gym and indoor performance or an entertainment venue and that in the bay area wonder could
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we be doing that next. some local and state leaders are considering it. if you don't get vaccinated, you have that right. but you don't have the right infect me or my child who cannot get vaccinated. >> or others that people are just doing not wanting to get the vaccine and are in that in that situation going in indoor close crowded areas and potentially getting other people sick. >> that's not something that we can afford to allow right now. i personally. >> i'm less and less safe in the middle of a big surge right now. even as a vaccinated person to go indoors. >> san francisco's public health director says some businesses are already requiring vaccinations. in the meantime, the city and the county of san francisco are exploring whether a mandate is needed. and because these things are changing all the time from day by day this week. every day. go to our website at kron 4 dot com a special scope and section and this qr code will take you there. that's the easiest way
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to get get the free ride from your phone. otherwise you can just look it up on kron. 4 dot com. 9.10, is the time. >> and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news schools are getting ready to return. we're going to show you how they're working to keep students and staff safe amid this uptick in cases. plus, santa clara county leaders are calling it a public health crisis. why a new study reveals what a new study reveals about san jose's repeal airport. >> and looking outside this morning. you can notice all those clouds. that's going to stay put near the coastline with highs only in the 60's out there. so keep the jackets on hand. if you're heading to the coast elsewhere in the bay area of cooler afternoon. but some good sunshine 70's and 80's further inland. your forecast ahead. >> and we had a busy thursday morning. but now it sounds like traffic. it's starting to level out just a bit. we'll have a look at your drive times. once we get back to late.
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case again today. now for inland areas. it's not going to be quite as scorching hot from the 90's to the 80's. so there are some changes there. it's been a cloudy morning. things are starting to look a little brighter right around quite tower. cloud cover is gradually lifting starting to burn off. you can see those pockets of it showing up right here on radar. couple of drizzly spots in the santa cruz mountains. but most of us are really starting to see some clearing occurring. so we've got this low pressure area making its way and it's creating lift this is going to help us with some wildfire smoke. we do have blazes burning, especially across the very northern tier of the state. all that smoke is being sent to the north and the though, so air quality will remain good for the bay today and remaining better for the central valley which had been seeing smoke impacts 50's and 60's for your highs near the coastline. mostly 60's, though, light jacket kind of stuff with those mostly cloudy skies as for temperatures along the bay shore. another really nice and comfortable day talking. a lot of 70's out there. areas like sunnyvale at 75 san jose down from the 80's to 79 today. freeman through
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hayward in the low 70's while pleasanton and livermore in the mid 80's oakland san leandro on up the richmond. it's all 60's while antioch in vacaville are only 2 90's and just barely making the 90 degree mark in both of these spots. a look ahead at next 7 days shows temperatures cooling down even further tomorrow. no 90's in the forecast tomorrow in the least bit friday saturday and sunday, a little warmer. but only temporarily jump backing up jumping back up as we cool right back down into monday and tuesday of next week. reyna tom, thank you for that. now would be a good time to leave the house and get some things done if you need to. >> here in the east bay. we're looking at highway 24 traveling along there as you're heading towards that 5, 8090, interchange a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. so no major problems forced the air travel into the city down under 10 minutes of this has been great all throughout the morning live baiting 80. also definitely moving along there heading across towards the peninsula under 14 no hazards to slow us down there and
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looking at our highways, 8.80, as you're traveling toward silly 2.38. 21 minutes daryn. james, back to you. >> time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob rob joining us with a look at the numbers this morning. looks we sort of paused the upward trend, the dow kind of off this morning. yes, that's normal. and that's healthy were coming out of earnings season or wondering what the next catalyst is going to be maybe it's the friday jobs report. >> but we get some run up to the jobs report, including the atp private payroll hiring and that was underwhelming coming in at 330,000 versus 653,000 expect that new jobs in the private sector. james have a jobs problem and the united states of people who are getting paid not to work. and people who are being told you're no longer going to get paid by the federal government not to work. we want people to go back to work. i don't have the answer in this program
9:18 am
might you can see it at cbs. they're raising the minimum wage. they're lowering their education standards. they need workers. they need bodies in the store. a lot of americans coming through this problem, whether it be. lyft or uber as well. so. were under employed at this point in time. more on that on friday with the jobs report comes out. hey, did you know hating smelling candles like that's the good way to find any positives these days. i like their meat. they got a candle that smells like it. now. >> yes, and remember a couple years ago some of the meat are made on a horse meat in europe. i block that out. >> smart >> but i do like their rebuttal case of candles now. all right. well, speaking of things to eat their our second story actually, i'm really just about because this celebrity meal. honest to goodness is exactly what i order because i hodgepodge kind of my own meal. when i go there. okay. i love the big mac, the 4 peace nugget, the
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sprite, the sweet and sour sauce. i should i should say that the sweetie and sour sauce right. >> yes, and i have no hip-hop knowledge. i'm going to defer to others. but mcdonald's is back with air. big celebrity endorsement. meals is a win-win situation for all involved, including mcdonald's. i guess the big losers cows and chickens because it does bring more people in their stores. so we. >> it is the hip-hop artist or ties. by the way, born in what santa clara right. but you can be absolutely right. again. i just i mean, my money world. but last year, south korea's bts the people within an hour of the meal going on sale or selling the backs. the the brown paper bag as a item type thing. travis mcdonald's that we're running out of cow. they had logistic issues keeping up with his meal. j another south
9:20 am
american electronic dj. i believe. adm kind of they're hitting their getting young people into buy mcdonald's, give them credit. i like the stock for the long term because i'm marking promotions like this. making almost doubled. and create win-win situations. they bring people into their stores and they just don't have the might see that a wendy's or burger king, doesn't this this that's pretty have the might they d n't. they don't. yeah. i mean, brilliant marketing, brilliant marketing to find these influencers and these, you know, celebrities that the younger demographic are really. >> you know, climbing onto and bring them into the into the fold creating their own i've it's a bird. it's brilliant is brilliant. >> and in the influencers take video while they're at the stores and then they get the crowds at the star. so it's kind resell feeding you and i news endorsers, we have nothing on the influencers and social media. absolutely not. all right. and then got talk about space x pacific lee about their whole starlink.
9:21 am
satellite internet system. you're saying they reached a pretty critical milestone. almost almost a 100,000 subscribers. now. yeah. just under a 100,000. it was about a month ago elon musk tweeted very appropriately. >> 69,420 years. there's 69 referring to a position 420 referring to but that's our elon musk. elon. so this is new. this is nothing like that's 100,000 subscribers and $100 month is going space x. but if you're scratching your head like why is richard branson. why is jeff pesos. y is elon musk going to space. elon musk has the best business plan of all, he doesn't want to do tourists on a bus. rocket he wants to get data get subscription type of businesses right now. there's 1650 space x satellites internet down by the end of 2027. they want to have $42,099 a month 150 megabit per second speed. be able to
9:22 am
go to every card, america, every truck in america. every truck in antarctica, every truck in europe. every plane, every bo he get the idea areas where we may want broad bad. so got your head like i don't know why these billion years ago to space, right. it's right. >> it is fascinating about it because his sole mission is to colonize mars and he's literally creating. other businesses to help fund that core mission. you bet. human and cargo missions for nasa. you've got internet satellites systems all to help fund that one singular and goal. that's that's pretty astonishing. >> get. let's be noteworthy here and say look, at some point in time, some of more world countries in south america, in africa will have internet access and internet access me to have the greatest schools in the world. you know, this is a positive for the world. i like the story. absolutely. all right, rob, thank you as always. >> and let rob know what you like in the chat about tomorrow. you can reach out connect with them. facebook,
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9:26 am
citing safety concerns as well as excessive noise and pollution now results from a study commissioned by the county found higher amounts of lead in the blood of children who live near the airport. experts say that can cause long-term damage to a child's brain. >> what this very thorough study proves is that we literally have a crisis on our hands. this is a public health issue. it's an environmental justice issue and it's an equity issue because the people who live around reid hillview are among those that are least affluent in our community. >> recommendations based on the study are going to be presented to the county board of supervisors has about a meeting on august 17th. >> we'll take a break or 9.26 coming up next, though, on the kron 4 morning news we're following the latest details from the pleasanton police department after an almost month-long search. they have found a body now in the regional park. it think it might be that of missing runner. philip pritchard will have the very latest in the sport.
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>> 9.29 right now. and some clear sky out look for it. it's shaping as the day wears on. we're seeing more and more sunshine john yapp pockets of it now pockets of sunshine pockets of clouds.
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>> that burn off is definitely occurring or at that 5050 point. we are going to be seeing more and more sunshine prevailing into the afternoon. expect mostly cloudy skies near the coastline. but the side in inland areas, plentiful sunshine and the slightly cooler day better chance to enjoy that sun. you look outside in the east bay right here shows better visibility as that cloud cover burns off. you can see that skies are beginning to brighton out for the berkeley hills as well. conditions out there. good as far as visibility goes at this point solidly all across the bay san jose livermore dublin among areas at 62 degrees pittsburgh all the way up at 66 degrees. now oakland, you're right on the cusp of 60 at 59 reyna. john, thanks for that. things are looking great on this wednesday. been checking in with bark. >> no major issues or delays over there heading into the city via the golden gate bridge. we are seeing pockets of fog. so just slow down as you're driving, but no major delays a little under 20 minutes for your drive time. the bay bridge also light force under 2 minutes. things are looking great. 5.80, and
9:31 am
travel along 80 also nice and light for us at this hour. the richmond sandra fell commute as you travel out of richmond. look at that under 8 minutes. so not tracking any major problems there in the south bay along one oh, one to 8085 82 as you're heading towards mental part about 29 minutes free diane, james, back to you. thanks a lot. of to 9 to 31 and the big story that was following his. >> it seems a terrible and to the nearly monthlong search now for that missing jogger in the east bay. they discovered a body matching the description of philip create check. >> they found a tuesday afternoon. it was in a remote area of the pleasanton ridge regional park. they say that area where the body was found isn't used by the public, not easily accessible. and that's why despite having hundreds of people on the ground and using advanced search technology. they weren't able to find him. then they was very challenging. >> we'll do a positive identification. but leads us to believe that. but it's likely that we did find philip
9:32 am
up there on the bridge. we are going to be looking into. >> further details on transpired. but at this point it's a very preliminary investigation. and i just want to reiterate that our hearts and thoughts go out to the >> and again, it's still unclear how we ended up in that specific part of the regional park with his cause of death is all will come as the investigation unfolds. also happening now police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man on highway 4 in antioch. now, this is an update to a story we first brought you yesterday morning here on the kron 00:00am morning news it happened monday night. authorities haven't released many details about it. but the contra costa county coroner's office has identified the victim as 26 year-old lawrence, as clove and of stockton. now, this shooting comes just a week after 24 year-old india. prince was also shot and killed while driving on highway 4. that was out near concord and her aunt tells us that she just can't believe another family now suffering the same trauma from a shooting on that roadway.
9:33 am
>> there are families, little kid there just people on the freeway going home and now i can only imagine the trauma that people are feeling driving on highway 4 comfortably trying to get home. >> and both shootings are still under investigation. if if any information that we helpful. what police now. >> the walnut creek city council has unanimously approved a plan to allow police officers to work over time at this nordstrom, the store at broadway plaza. and that is because they've seen an increase in smash-and-grab thefts there that they want to stop city leaders say they think this rash could be tied to an organized retail crime ring the plan for the extra officers in overtime is going to cost another $230,000. but nordstrom is paying the bill. 9.33 and another big story, a significant jump in the number of children and teenagers testing positive for covid. the american academy of
9:34 am
pediatrics report nearly 72,000 new cases in children. and that's just from july 22nd to the 29th. and they see if the delta variant that's responsible for the spike. and of course, you remember that kids under 12 can't get the vaccine yet. that is still in the testing phase. there working on scene of that safe and effective in younger children. but they say it could be several months before they are able to give a recommendation. in the meantime, all of the kids are getting ready to go back to class. a lot of them in person in just a few weeks and there are still questions about how students and teachers are going to cope with mask mandates, kron four's rob fladeboe takes a look at the south bay's biggest school district. >> officials here in the san jose unified school district tell me that any resistance so far to the mask mandate is far outweighed by the desire to do whatever it takes to get schools open again and keep everybody safe. >> just as they did last spring when in-person classes resume to read books in elementary and across the san
9:35 am
jose unified school district masks will be required amid a surge in the covid-19 delta variant, what worked in april can work again says superintendent man, see all the ron. we know that the factors that we used to that covid-19 virus that worked in the in the spring because we were very successful. and so we're going to continue. >> to many of those things as school opens. lebron says a handful of parents have objected to the new mask mandate. >> which also requires masks in outdoor settings with exceptions for lunch, sports and special needs. but most agree masking is the best way to keep their kids safe says the superintendent and we always handle every case a very respectfully and have conversations with individuals to help them. >> adhere to the guidance. we believe everybody in our systems committed to keeping everybody safe. the district has stockpiled thousands of masks and other ppe in the 27,000 student district the south bay's largest.
9:36 am
>> classrooms here at willow glen middle school will seat 4 students per table instead of 5 amid a 3 foot social distancing protocol principal paul slayton spoke about enforcing the mask mandate. the trick is getting a kid or student to understand. i have to wear the mask. >> it's to protect the community is to protect myself. if i don't, i won't be able to participate at the school in a classroom communicating that in a way that doesn't become a power struggle.sthat's how you work with students in school. well, some families welcome a return to classes. others want to retain some type of distance learning. >> it's all about adaptability. we know that again, this spring with successful. we have half of our students. they were able to to come back. and so now we're going to all of our students that have that option. but again, we understand that some families might have some concerns. >> and there's an option through the independent studies program. so i do think people understand this is kind of the normal we're in right now. >> and it's the way to get this all over with as quickly as possible. principal slate. and so, so far no parent is
9:37 am
called to say they would keep their kids out of school as a result of the mask mandate. and again, few problems were reported during that six-week reopening last spring. >> officials hope to build on that and adapt the policy as time goes on in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> at 9.36 this morning. let's update you on events out in the east. bay were some tense moments at an east bay school board meeting broke out as they were discussing mask-wearing inside schools. in fact, things got so heated that police had to be called in. parents. were there. this was at the center on unified school district board meeting where members of the grassroots group. let them breeze claim that they need more say over whether their kids should be required to wear a face mask while in class. >> good morning, everyone. this morning, more a year. i think that we're going to have to recess time eating until. >> i think in the next minute all day long. it's not natural. we didn't grow up
9:38 am
with not obstruct. >> any of their airways for their brain to for the brain to process to not silence people will not see those requirements let you decide. we will certainly fulfilled. >> superintendent john malloy says the district is simply following public health guidance, which does require masks be worn inside schools. parents who refuse to wear their masks during that meeting. we're actually asked to leave and watch it online or if they were there to get public comment and they needed to leave the room deliver those comments outdoors. some parents say they actually want to go so far as to move their kids out of the district. if their concerns are he did classes in the san ramon valley unified school district actually start next week. >> 9.38 still ahead on the morning news has the california drought gets worse. state lawmakers are debating who's to blame for the lack of water. and let's take a live look at japan. >> 9 3010, 11 30 am. it's one
9:39 am
30 am darkness. >> but we've got lots of good about the olympics. we have updates on who's doing what and a look at japanese culture. spicy. chicken. nuggs.
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9:46 am
member james gallagher says that instead the governor's focusing too much on a failed program to preserve fish in the delta. where's the water. why are you managing it this way. >> wire to managing our forests were you putting more investment into that. this is the kind of policies that are leading. they are killing people. they're literally killing people. these policies. >> so as you can see here in these pictures, the oroville dam is actually at its lowest level ever recorded boaters and fishermen have witnessed a level their fall. nearly 250 feet below average. >> not get get any rain and not going to happen for as long as you can see right to the far into the future. yeah. very certain these next 7 days for sure. but usually august september. some of our drier months and also some of her highest fire danger months because of that. >> reservoir levels do tend to start to go down but not to the levels that there is being seen now. so even if we do have a successful winter season. it's going to take so much time to recover here. as
9:47 am
for north calendar weather center forecast this morning. skies have cleared out over san jose not necessarily across the entirety of the bay area definitely still some pockets of fog. no smoke for the bay area. although you are high aiding in keeping us cooler also aiding in lifting smoke out of the region. that's also going to help the central valley out over these next couple of days. those little pockets of smoking areas should have some clearing going on 50's 60's for your daytime highs in sf 60's right along the coastline and then temperatures for bayshore cities mostly in the 70's burlingame at 74 same in
9:48 am
foster city, redwood city and san carlos at 77 south bay temperatures cooler than- yesterday's mostly 70's to 80's san jose at 79 while freeman through hayward in the 70's livermore pleasanton all the way up to concord and walnut creek down from the 90's into the 80's today. nice start to what will be an even cooler day tomorrow. antioch in vacaville are low 90's on the map. and i'm not even expecting you to hit 90's tomorrow. that's because tomorrow really is the coolest of this forecast. daytime highs inland averaging out in the low 80's friday saturday. we do see a bump in temperatures taking us back to the 90's before we drop back into the 80's to finish the forecast into next week. reyna john, thanks for that started here at the golden gate bridge where even at this hour there still some fog. >> so taking her time as driving into the city a little under 20 minutes for you. there. the bay bridge a little under 2 minutes. we've been pretty light at the bay bridge, which is unusual for middle of the week on a wednesday. but things are looking great. a long 05:18am not tracking any major
9:49 am
accidents or any delays over on bark about 8 minutes as you're traveling out of richmond toward sandra fell in the south bay. 29 minutes heading towards middle park 82 85 all traveling really nicely darya james, back to you. thanks a lot of night and we continue to look at the olympics. we've made it into the semifinals in areas. we've got. >> baseball men's basketball women's basketball. the team usa for track and field setting world records yeah. something cleaned up with 6 awards yesterday. yeah. as we're also keeping you updated on the latest with the events themselves are also. >> having fun. exploring japanese culture this weekend. today. we're going to talk more about the food of japan and one of my particular favorite dishes rahman that you've never had it like this oh, no, this isn't the stuff that you buy grocery store does boil and lindsay an average takes a look at the process.
9:50 am
>> the smells of spices and citrus hit you when you walk through the door. >> it's welcoming comforting and exciting all at the same time. a fury raman started in japan in 2000. one after becoming one of the most acclaimed raman chains in tokyo. its founder decided to open another location in the u.s. in 2016 choosing portland not because of its reputation as a foodie town because of the drinking water pulling is one of the few location that has the similarity of the water quality. >> this pick stressed stream flows prior fury's main kitchen at the foot of mount a fury marketing director yoshi mecklenburg says water is 99% of the dish. when you make raman. so the quality of the water is just as important as the other ingredients that go into the broth it and i was asked placate the same taste
9:51 am
of the run and we serve and took out a fury signature dishes called it's a clear broth with a little stutter, a senate. the hughes who is imported from japan and only a few people know the full recipe, the chef combines that with other locally sourced ingredients to create what some might call a warm hug in a bowl. >> comfort food japan. >> and i would hope that had been warm and well, a ramen is like a you know chocolate in. it's not going in that bad on hot cold day. >> it's a dish that's not only filling but comforting however, despite its easy slurp ability. making the broth is a labor intensive process. the eu's you process takes 6 hours to make. certain or poor product takes 8. it's a craft that requires a lot of hard work and skill. what goes
9:52 am
into it and when changes based on the weather and the humidity. they have to change the timing in just a of a meeting go. >> but just something you know, like. for me, it's rocket science. but but to the chef it becomes in-state. there's also an art to assembling the board that makes it your table each topping is carefully placed and in a specific order, they told me serving an imperfect raman isn't an option. so you can be sure what you can. it really is a taste of japan reporting in portland. i'm lynn seen average. >> now that's raman. young k
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 9.55 almost done with the show this morning, but they never stop on kron on sanaz to her knees in the newsroom with a preview. good morning. good morning, daryn. not that we're required to put our masks back on indoors. the question now becomes, well, unvaccinated people be required to roll their sleeves up and get a shot. coming up in a few minutes i'll be speaking with someone from the governor's office businesses to implement vaccine verification requirements for their employees. we saw it with state and health care workers. but we could soon see it in the private sector. so catch that interview and to get real-time updates on all your local and national headlines. grab your phone and scanned the qr code you see on your screen. we'll take you
9:56 am
directly to your phone's app store so you can download kron-on for free. back to you. thanks sauce. so the forty-niners now in training camp with full pads on. >> and this is a look from some of their play yesterday, 40 yard bomb from rookie qb trey lance hitting the receiver lance got one rep with the starting players. the rest was all jimmy g he took of the rest of the first team reps. jimmy g says the competition between the offense and the defense has been a bright spot for training camp. so far. >> though good turnover would a couple big plays just the back and forth since i've been here really hasn't been much of that's one day offensive dominate the next to the defense and dominate. >> and here's little him in one place them on plays a son? i've some good teams and that's that's good early mark of a good team and i'm not saying we're but it's just i it's a good market where we are right now. and james saying it in as jimmy about, you know, the competition between quarterbacks. >> i will let you know that i'm just reading. and because he has said to the media.
9:57 am
>> thinks it makes him better it doesn't feel threatened, by the way, all these athletes that quick look at the forecast we go. john, what he you it's a good forecast. temperatures today, tomorrow especially nice. look at tomorrow, low 80's inland. we warm things up a briefly on friday and saturday. and it's right back down to the 80's inland. so yeah, that too, that, james. i know you're hot yesterday and bundle up at the at chewy, we know walks are made better with our furry friends. and we're here to make those walks easy. from tasty treats on the go, to toys that keep them moving get everything they need, even prescriptions - delivered right to your door. get fast, free, 1-2 day shipping. visit today. protect your pet this flea and tick season with chewy.
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