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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  August 4, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. >> and now at 5, a variant of a variant health officials are sending out a warning now about delta plus a new strain of covid-19. that's more transmissible than the original delta variant, thank you for joining us this evening. i'm catherine just when you think things couldn't get jonathan mccall granted, thank you both have the night off. doctors say the delta plus latches onto long cells. more easily. >> it's also more resistant to therapy is typically used to treat infections. this variant has already been detected in.
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not a number of countries, including right here at home. in the united states as these new variants continue to develop to continue to spread. >> the push to get more people vaccinated continues snow appointment necessary is the latest battle cry for the folks in the south bay. >> today, public health officials announcing a new strategy that's aimed unvaccinated holdouts to get them to roll up their sleeves and receive the vaccine and kron four's. rob fladeboe has details. he joins us live from san jose. rob. >> that's right. catherine underscoring the for the vaccine to get out. there is some new information coming up from public health late this afternoon that the virus here now is spreading a 4 times faster among the unvaccinated then among the vaccinated and seeing some success in a new strategy here at clinics like this one that telling folks come on in and get the vaccine. no appointment necessary. here's more. >> don't let the term waiting
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room fool you or think you have to wait in line for hours to be vaccinated against covid-19 here at gartner family health clinic on alum, rock avenue and at 7 other neighborhood clinics no appointment is necessary. the idea is to make it as easy as possible for still unvaccinated people to get the shot to cope your health center still be a little it doesn't matter if they don't have a pre-scheduled appointment. they can just walk in right off the street and come in and get taken care of. santa clara county already has among the highest vaccination rates in the country. roughly 84% of county residents have had one shot. well, 78% are fully vaccinated vaccinations now are transitioning away from mass vax sites to neighborhood clinics outreach efforts announced today are targeting younger people with a message that vaccines are safe effective and easy to get or go we tend to work on an appointment basis. right. and so we're just seeing forget that.
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>> come on and we want to get you vaccinated doesn't matter. you know, as long as we're open. see you. >> that if you're a patient gardner, go to gardner if you're a patient at center, go to center. if you're a patient at kaiser, go see your doctor at kaiser if you don't have a doctor, come to valley medical center. we want to help you because of the variance because of its ability to sort of constantly change. we have to maximize the number of people vaccinated. and of course we would like that to be as high as possible. >> now the seven-day case average right now here in santa clara county has gone from the low 20's back in early june to more than 225 today. again, these 4 times higher among the unvaccinated than those that have gotten the vaccine live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 something he the message. rob, thank you to starting today. santa clara county health leaders are giving us a better look at breakthrough cases in the south bay.
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>> the county's covid-19 dashboard now shows that if a person was vaccinated or not when they tested positive. >> right now. santa clara county averaging around 7 breakthrough cases a week for every 100,000 residents. health officials say they hope that by adding the vaccination status to their data. they can actually encourage more people to get vaccinated by showing that unvaccinated people are at the highest risk for infections. >> in the east bay despite the delta variant spreading rapidly a bowling alley in danville is deciding not to enforce contra. costa county's mask mandate, a danville bowl. they announced the decision on facebook saying we believe everyone has the right to freedom and not constant retracting restrictions from the government. let's be honest. if they were intelligent, they wouldn't be working for the government. if you would like to wear your mask inside while you both feel free if you don't want to. that's ok, the choice is up to you. and of lot of comments on danville bull's
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facebook post, someone favor other za against it. the contra costa county da's office says there is a county task force that enforces compliance and fights. >> we want folks to. follow public health guidance because it works wearing a mask work stay in the vaccine works. so being socially distant works. we have to stop the spread of the virus and unfortunate right now with the delta variant. we're seeing an explosion of cases. >> danville's covid case count and the last 14 days, 102 contra. costa county has more than 3500 active new cases of covid. it. >> us agriculture secretary tom vilsack visiting the napa valley today calling the state's water situation, a mega drought. he is also saying better solutions are definitely needed at the federal level. >> to help this sector of the agriculture industry.
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>> kron four's dan kerman is live in the napa valley and has more on this. well, that's right. he wanted to get a firsthand look at what some wineries are going to and he went up to saint helene it to do it a little bit earlier this afternoon. >> in the hills east of saint helene a near lake hennessey sits shappell a vineyard. it's been here for 54 years. and while it seemed route before it's never been as bad as it is now. >> we're taking every bit of technological advantage we can buy is injured systems and things like that and using the water sparingly as we we're doing some wells to try see if we can get some more water were up in the hill so we don't get that done. benefit your doctor for that's down there maybe has a big pot of water wednesday. they got a visit from north bay. congressman mike thompson in us agriculture secretary tom vilsack. and we have 3 reservoir is one that is very, very low down below and one that has maybe 20% of above and the other was completely have fill sacks as the federal
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government has a responsibility for helping vineyards make it through what he called a mega drought. >> the problem is our support systems in our structures that are designed to help people through difficult times art design for a one off designed for something that happens in one year. but the next year, 2 years later, things are are fine. hear what you have is an ongoing impact and effect that will ripple throughout the course the next 10 years and impact this operation operations like like many in this area also face the threat of fire. >> it has its own engine, fire crews and thankfully last year's hennessey fire spared the vineyard but safety concerns are of prime importance and those who live here are hoping the federal government can be of help there as well. >> making sure we have plenty of resources for fighting fire is very important maybe this federal assets of federal resources that could be available getting fires a pastor and giving us more resources to deal with those things. so we don't have that big of a challenge. >> and yet those here in the
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napa valley say they are resilient in this place is alive and thriving in spite of the drought live in the napa valley. dan kerman kron 4 news. dan, thank you. republicans now blaming governor gavin newsome for the golden state's low water supply levels and dangerous wildfires. >> republicans claim that newsome has the power to fast-track approval of more water, storage projects and to move faster on thinning forests. fuels assemblyman james gallagher says that he is right now focusing too much on the field program to preserve fish and the delta. why are you managing it this way. >> wire to managing our forests. were you putting more invested in that this is the kind of policies that are leading. they are killing people. they're literally killing people. these policies. >> right now. the oroville dam is at its lowest levels ever recorded boaters and fishermen have witnessed the levels fall. nearly 250 feet below average. >> california farms have been hit very hard by severe
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drought with state regulators taking some drastic steps to restrict water. use the water resources control board voted yesterday to approve an emergency order. this band's farmers from using water from streams and rivers. the move being described as unprecedented. it will affect farmers in northern california and the central valley and will take effect in about 2 weeks in may. governor newsom declared a drought emergency in 41 of california's 58 counties the situation very dire here in the golden state when it comes to the need for chief or come for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here tonight to talk more about the problem we're facing right now. here's what we really don't know is we don't know the extent of this drought, just how long this drought is going to last. >> this could be something we haven't seen since back in the years. 800 to about 1400 ad as they experience some drought of a 10200 years long possibility. we could be
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entering into a drought like that of that. we've got some major, major issues and you can see all along the western half. it's not just california, the entire western half of the u.s. is looking at some extreme, even the some exceptional drought conditions with not a whole lot hope and side as we get toward this next rain season. in fact, i wantedrto show you this model here. this is a long range. what's called in. and so forecast. that's the el nino southern oscillation forecast. what that means is we're tracking the waters along the equator the waters are warmer. that's when we start talking about an el nino of the water cooler. we're talking about a la nina. this is a series of computer models and this is the forecast from these models. anything above the 0 here would be above normal temperatures. you can see not too many of those 2 models are trending above normal. most of the models are trending below normal that means cooler than normal water as long the echo turrell areas and that means la nina conditions possibly head into the next season. you get toward a november. december and january right teere in the heart of our rain
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season. the possibility we may be headed toward another la nina. and usually during la nina, as we get less than normal rainfall in california. so that's not what we wanted to see. here's the forecast for next year as we get the rain season again. we'll see a california there in the yellow that is showing below average forecast. if you consider all the previous la nina or since 1950 or so. we've had below normal rainfall. if this does pan out to be. there's lot of different combinations that happened with weather and just not la nina and el nino. but this pans out, we could be looking at below normal rainfall again. next year. guys. obviously the news nobody wants to. lawrence. thank you. >> still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 5 o'clock stopping history from repeating itself again. >> the warning from officials to folks living in the east >> also pfizer might be nearing full approval for vaccine. when the fda could give the final green light. >> an armed robbery caught on camera. the disturbing video you'll have to see why this
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business says it's nothing new that.
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>> welcome back, everyone. caught on camera tonight, armed robbers storming a popular restaurant in oakland looking for cash tonight. police are saying they need help from the public and tracking down the suspects seen on the surveillance video kron four's haaziq madyun gives us a closer look at that video.
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>> counting the money in the cash register at the close of business when a robber walks in and points a gun toward the face of the cast year and it was captured on surveillance video. the breathtaking situation happened last saturday just before 10:00pm here at the chai thai noodles restaurant on international boulevard near 6th avenue in oakland in the video you see the employee back out of the way as the gunman helps himself to the money in the drawer after taking some personal property from another employee. the second robber comes into view. it starts stuffing cash into his pockets before they leave. they both pick up money off the floor. look around for anything else of value. they can remove and then they both walked casually out of the front door of the restaurant. this oakland police crime map shows that within the past 4 weeks there has been 15 armed robberies within a half-mile of the restaurant. according to the website, chai thai noodle started as a small mom and pop
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restaurant back in 2008. it was a fulfillment of a dream after working at the time house express for over 10 years. oakland police investigators say they have limited information on the 2 suspects other than what you see here. opd is asking for the community's help to identify the 2 people in the video before they strike again. madyun kron 4 news. >> oakland city council president reacting to that incident. nikki fortunato boss represents the district where it happened and she sent a statement saying my heart goes out to the employees who experienced this unfortunate incident. i'm working with the area. police captain and appreciate the oakland police department has created a robbery burglary task force to patrol areas like the international and has an officer on this case. >> across the bay area and across california. retailers are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise. students smash-and-grab thefts. the
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problem is so bad that the nordstrom's and walnut creek is now teaming up with police to try to deter the crime kron four's has the details, including who is now footing. the bill. >> the brazen coordinated and often violent grab and run. retail thefts reported in berkeley palo alto and other bay area cities are happening in walnut creek as well. now nordstrom wants to put an end to the costly problem. the issue is that it's causing fear for both the staff and nordstrom nordstrom concerned about >> customers as well. on tuesday, the walnut creek city council approved a one year contract with nordstrom. >> that free up about $231,000 from the general fund to pay for an assigned officers overtime to the score. nordstrom has agreed to reimburse that money in full on a quarterly basis. the tenant in angie says the work is voluntary. adding that the shift will not be filled on days. no one volunteers asking for a visible officer
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presidents in front of the store during their operating hours. lieutenant men. jeanne says that for several years now the city has had similar contracts with john muir medical center and the apple store downtown in regard to apple. it almost completely quenched the grab and went ran issues that they were having that store, that they're nearly gone. they almost don't happen. all in the police department says vehicles tied to major retail thefts outside of the city have been captured on surveillance cameras outside nordstrom. the score continue to employ private security in addition to the new agreement with police officers will begin the new shift next week in walnut creek phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> in pleasant hill. a man was shot and killed last night after police say he was vandalizing cars banging on windows trying to get into homes. it happened on shadow mountain quarter camelback road and plus. police say there were gunshots. they
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found an intruder had been shot in the living room of a home. he later died at a hospital. other neighbors also reported a man behaving or radically trying to get into houses. the intruder shooting is the 3rd such incident in the bay area since early july. also tuesday concord police say a man was shot to death on the 1500 block of pine street. the body found in the street. the victim has been identified as 22 year-old solves an 2 people were injured in the shooting. police still looking for a suspect. talk about our 4 zone forecast. this wednesday. a live look at walnut creek is folks. >> head in inland to walnut creek. some folks coming off of 24 maybe the oakland have some evening dinner plans, something. >> going on. yeah. it was something going on. i'm i kind of perked up. when you said there might be a healthy the drizzle tonight. yeah. those looking to take walnut creek. they haven't seen this in a while. they may get some fog
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how about that? how lucky are they if you're going to see the whole throughout the bay area going to see a deep marine layer developing outside. tonight we see the fog begin to move on shore right now. but you see the bases of rise somewhat. that means it's going make its way. well, on shore in the some of the valleys out toward the golden gate bridge. you can actually see the top of the tower. now. and that on shore breeze is caring that fog inside the bay right now. looks like that will bring with it changes on the way you see the fog out along the coastline that will deepen. we've got actual area of low pressure. that's just sitting off the coastline that is going to deepen the marine air and moving on shore, probably going to see a lot of drizzle, a little damp along the coastline temperatures right now much cooler today into the 80's in livermore 88 degrees and cochran. 72 in the napa valley 66 in oakland and 61 degrees in san francisco. here's that trough that i was talking about that a couple lows out there. one of the gulf of alaska. this one off the coastline. this will factor more into our weather slides toward the coast is going to deep in that marine air well on shore. so i think we're seeing a lot of drizzle
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tomorrow morning. pretty damp out toward the beaches. you may need the windshield wiper out there that south tampa bay beat models are picking up on that 2 overnight tonight. you'll see the thrust of the low clouds fog all the way to the interior valleys. even the central valley overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. so places inland that have been talking about the hot weather. they're going to cool down again for tomorrow. and you see all the drizzle. the models are picking up along the coastline. that's pretty damp out there. i think as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. still, some lingering clouds and a little bit damp out along the temperatures noticeably cooler around the bay area tomorrow. probably some low 80's inland got 67 is along the bay. a 50 to 60. isn't that lovely fog and drizzle at the coast. still to come tonight, providing proof the new measures headed to one north bay school district. >> that they hope will avoid any covid outbreaks in the classrooms. also the controversy surrounding a birthday celebration for this man, former president obama, he's been in hot water over this.
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says the agency hopes that full approvals of the vaccines. kim bring additional confidence and encourage unvaccinated people to get vaccinated. >> former president obama is scaling away back on his plans for his 60th birthday. this after he was criticized for making plans for a huge party. lots of guests said during the pandemic. the plan originally included hundreds of guests nearly 500. now it will be open only to family and close friends. he says it's being held outdoors at the obama family's 12 million dollar 30 acre waterfront property on martha's vineyard. a spokesperson says the event had been planned originally in accordance with public health guidelines. but since the delta variant usto surgeon. and since so many people were upset. they did dramatically scale back obama turns 60 today the party is set for saturday like it's good one. >> meanwhile, the creator of the astrazeneca covid-19
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vaccine is being honored with her very own barbie doll. sir gilbert is one of 5 other women being celebrated by mattel for their help in fighting covid-19 part of the company's role model line. the 59 year-old. oxford professor hopes to inspire girls to get them into stem. she also chose the nonprofit women in science and engineering to get donations from the proceeds. other honorees include a nurse from new york, a doctor from vegas as well as a psychiatry resident from canada along with a researcher from brazil. >> next. tonight at 5 preparing for preemptive evacuations. the warning from the spay officials as work heading into peak wildfire season. also north bay school district adding. >> new measures to try to keep staff and students safe from covid the county. that is not requiring proof of vaccination status and a very disturbing police sting and central florida employees for a
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popular theme park are in custody accused of trying to
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>> welcome back, everyone. the federal government is promising to step up its firefighting resources members of the biden administration met with governor gavin newsome in glynn county today and kron 4 capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how soon changes could be coming. >> the governor, the u.s.
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agriculture secretary and the new fire chief for the u.s. forest service came here to a hazy mendocino forest. this is the site of the august complex fire california's largest fire ever. the biden administration now making promises to avoid disasters like this one. >> we have to have more boots on the ground. and i pledge to you and commit to that will happen. >> standing alongside governor gavin newsome us agriculture secretary tom vilsack vowing to boost federal resources to respond and prevent wildfires. we need to make sure that our firefighters are better compensated, governor, that will happen. >> we need to do a better job and more force management to reduce the risk of catastrophic part. governor, that's going to happen. >> vilsack's promises come as congress debates the federal infrastructure bill. what he says could be a down payment of billions toward boosting the needed resources. you just knew us forest service chief randy moore says his agency is preparing as we're trying to organize now. so they would be a little bit more strategic. we not caught off guard. and


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