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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  August 5, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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greenville, the town which dates back to california's gold rush era had some buildings more than a century old fire crews remain on high alert and are bracing for another explosive run of flames in the middle of this dangerous weather. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us on kron 4 news at 6 i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne. thousands of firefighters are working to put out not one but 2 major wildfires burning in northern california. federal help is coming to fight the dixie and the river fires kron four's. ashley zavala live for us in auburn at the command post for the river fire with an update. ashley. >> well, coming up. and this just in from the governor's office. governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency here in of in placer county as well as nevada county because of this river fire now where i'm standing right now is that the firefighters command post at the auburn fairgrounds in downtown operates about 8 miles away from the line of fire. you're not seeing smoke in this area because it's the
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wind is pushing it further north from here now crews are in the second day of working to contain this fire. so far it's burned 2400 acres and destroyed or damaged about 80 structures. this fire started at a campground and has now forced thousands of people to evacuate more than 5,000 firefighters are working to put out this fire that is close to more populated parts of this region in northern california. now as of this morning, the fire was 0% contained. but the local fire chief is hopeful that in the update they will give us in about an hour. that's the containment numbers could be significantly improved. >> today in that second day. we made great progress yesterday and last night. but today's that i'm kind of that witching hour. and we are holding what contained yesterday and trying to strengthen nd build lines to contain it from moving really to to the west and further into nevada county and holding what we have in the protection of the city of colfax.
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>> we also want to give you an update on the dixie fire burning further north from here. as you can see in this video, this fire flatten the small town of greenville, which has a population of about a 1000 people. cal fire says so far 45 structures have been destroyed and more than 300,000 acres have burned in that fire. nearly 5,000 firefighters dozens of helicopters and hundreds of engines are trying to control that fire. and today it stands at about 35% contain now, as you mentioned, federal help is on the way. the federal government today. back here in auburn, approving. and f mag, also known as a firefighting grant to help in critical situations like what we're seeing here in placer county. this will mark california's 3rd f mag from the federal government since june and this 2021 fire season. the first one is for the lava fire in siskiyou county and the dixie fire. as mentioned earlier reporting live in auburn, ashley zavala kron 4 need to actually thank you for that. it's time to talk about the weather and we're monitoring the air quality tonight.
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>> the bay area air quality management district has issued an air quality advisory for today and tomorrow due to. >> wildfire smoke. we're looking at the air quality district's website here. it shows bay area shaded in yellow. that means a moderate air quality for us officials advise sensitive groups to limit their outdoor activity. >> and our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with more on all of this. that's the forecast from the bexar quality management. so, so far that hasn't transpired their quality actually looking pretty good. these are the very latest sensors on the ground where we all breathe. you can see all the green out there right now. we do have some moderate amounts of fluids building up in places like lodi in the central valley. but you can see all the green all the way from the san jose up guerneville looking nice and clear, although we may see a little more smoke on the way right now. we're watching area of low pressure spinning far northern california. that low is going to be the one that could bring some smoke back into the bay area. see the rotation can interact with the fires today and sweeping the smoke around different
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directions looking towards susan build. you got the quincy fire. and look what happens when that low begins to encroach on that really begins to sweep some of that smoke in a different direction also has been ramping up the winds and that is a major concern. you have an active with the windy conditions developing around that fire and that makes it extremely dangerous. the winds 29 miles an hour at chester over 20 in quincy and they're blown around. we could use some 35 maybe some 40 mile an hour gust in that currently are looking red flag warnings up until least 10 o'clock for tonight as the low sweeps through those gusty winds continue. and the meantime though, will because the little more smoke rotate around that low. it's kind of sweeps on by the latest models. want to bring a little more smoke back in the bay area. i think maybe a little more haze in our direction starting tomorrow. guys, back to you. all right, laura, thank you for that. another big story tonight, napa county has issued a health order requiring masks indoors. >> as covid hospitalizations and icu admissions rise. the county now joins 7 other bay area counties and the city of
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berkeley to require masks indoors. solano county remains the only bay area county that has not issued a mask mandate. and with the delta variant surging more and more restaurants and entertainment venues are requiring vaccine verification. so what do we all need to know to prove that vaccination verification kron four's. dan kerman live in san francisco with some answers for us all tonight. dan. >> the most important thing to know is it all depends on where you go. because each places looking for something different. but everything accessible as long as you know what they're looking for. >> but more and more places requiring vaccine verification to enter what's the best way to do it. there are several options in california. well, it's best not to carry the cdc vaccine card. you got at the time. a vaccination with you. you can always carry a limited copy or take a photo of the original and carry it on your phone. but some places will not accept either originals or copies. if a digital certificate is required visit
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the state of california's digital covid-19 vaccine record page there. you can enter your name and date of birth and then you'll be linked to a qr code and a digital copy of your vaccination. take a picture of that and say an album on your phone. now some venues are requiring vaccine verification through a specific app. for example, if you're going to a show it bill graham civic auditorium. you'll need to download the clear app which will create a health pass for a specific show. this will show if you're vaccinated or if you've been tested in the last 48 hours. you can also create a digital vaccine card. digital vaccine cards can also be accessed through the backs. yes, app. the airside digital identity app and the common pass app. again. the most important thing to remember is with the going to a bar restaurant or to a club like the remembered each place is
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going to be looking for something different. so it's important to check of some first. so you know what you need to enter live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news stand. thank you. take a live look at san francisco international international airport tonight. >> because tourists from all across the globe. many who have been struggling to get vaccinated against covid-19 in their home countries are now flying into sfo to get their shots here. the same time that the u.s. has been pleading with its own citizens to get their shots for maureen kelly reports vaccine tourism is starting to take off here. >> travelers rolled their sleeves to get the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine outside the medical clinic in sf owes international terminal. this woman from brazil who flew here to attend u c berkeley in the fall called it a dream come true because she was having a hard time getting her shot back home in brazil be waiting for months and didn't get my age. so i'm happy i couldn't have
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protect it. >> the sfo spokesperson says since they've started this clinic. they've given out over a 1000 shots to foreign visitors from 58 countries around the world. >> and what's being called vaccine tourism the most coming from taiwan followed by mexico. most of what we're seeing is. >> of people are coming here for other reasons. they're coming here to visit friends and family. they're coming here for business. for tourism, but well, they're here. they're also getting vaccinated. we've only heard of a few situations where maybe for an airline employees who have those free travel benefits might only be coming for the vaccine. but the vast majority. this is part of a larger visit to the bay area. domestic travelers have also been taking advantage of the airport vaccine clinic. one young texan. i talked to. >> got her shot during her trip visiting her boyfriend. i kind of live in the middle of nowhere in texas like it's very rural. >> and so you being a major hub is just easier like everywhere else. the vaccines here are free and appointments can be made online. but you don't need an airplane ticket
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to get taxed here. in fact, the airport spokesperson says they've administered over 30,000 doses here since february starting with airport workers and their families before opening it up to the general public. >> but demand from foreign visitors is really starting to soar. they say roughly 80% of new appointments are being made from people coming from outside the u.s.. >> maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> to the south bay now where it's been 18 months since fans. watch games inside levi's stadium. long time that changes this weekend, though, the forty-niners host thousands of fans for practice despite a resurgence of the pandemic, kron four's. rob fladeboe has details on what fans need to know about covid safety protocols. >> the forty-niners on thursday cut the ribbon to its glitzy new cache creek casino resort club here inside levi's stadium. everybody wore mask
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while indoors. and when they come back to the stadium. fans will be expected to do. the same, says president al gore right now we're just following state and local guidelines and we've formed a medical advisory committee with bob walker and monica gandhi. and so we're following advice. if you're outdoors in the stands or outdoors, right. we have an open air building. if you're indoors, whether that's in a restroom or. >> whether that's in a club space. you're really indoors and you should have your mask on on saturday. the niners will welcome back. some 20,000 fans inside the squeaky-clean stadium. >> for a practice on boyd clarke day and then 70,0 0 fans a week later for the first pre season game. there are no rules per se about physical distancing. but the indoor mask mandate will be enforced as general manager jim or cure. yeah, i mean, we listen. this is a highly technical stadium, right. there's cameras everywhere. >> this personnel everywhere. but let's i'm not like to have to go to i really appreciate people having the respect of
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each other and mindful of just putting on your mask and in the way we don't have to go to those levels. the forty-niners are no doubt hoping new attractions. like the reopening of the team museum and custom t-shirt printing here inside the team store. we'll help fans cope with any inconveniences. everybody's trying to be careful. >> and you know, we got vaccinated and stuff. so we just follow the guidelines and we should be okay. looking forward to getting out again. you know. >> tailgating is okay. but with the tea's light rail down. parking has been expanded all of the regular security measures remain in place welcome back. say the forty-niners get vaccinated. wear your mask and be nice. you know, despite your political affiliation or what you feel that you do or do not want to do. >> when you're inside the building here, it's inside the stadium it made to put on your mask. and let's not. >> a test that what i would tell our fans is they're going to come into a safe environment and we'll be prepared for whatever guidelines get rolled out at levi's stadium rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> new at 00:00pm tonight state of california announced
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all 2.2 million health care workers must be fully vaccinated by september 30th governor gavin newsome said last month he would require health care employees to either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. but the new order issued today by the department of public health does not give health care workers a choice. it says all must be full of act but vaccinated by the end of september right now. we're averaging 8 teen new coronavirus cases per 100,000 people per day. the delta variant is causing most of the new infections trail kron four's gayle ong is digging into the story. more and she'll have reaction tonight starting in our primetime newscast at 9 o'clock. >> moderna released new data today that suggests the efficacy of its covid vaccine does not wane in the first 6 months after receiving the second dose, however, the company says a 3rd booster shot may still be needed before the winter season. according to clinical trial data moderna's booster shot has produced a robust antibody
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response against 3 variants, including the highly contagious. delta variant. scientists say for people who have received the vaccine. 99.9% of all breakthrough infections have not resulted in severe symptoms and hospitalizations nor in deaths right now on kron 4 dot com. we have a page dedicated to all things pandemic-related just scan this qr code on your screen and it will take you there. you can read more about the breakthrough click cases about moderna's possible booster and how other states are dealing with the surge in covid cases. coming up, the 6 we're hearing from philip paychecks, family for the first time since he went missing weeks ago there. thanks to the community after a heartbreaking search and san francisco. investigators say they need your help tonight after a shooting claimed the life of a 16 year-old girl her family's plea for answers. and apple tackling crime. the company's new plans to help
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. >> today for the first time we heard from the family of philip kray-chick just days after his remains were found in hills near pleasanton. >> his wife reported he went missing on july. the 10th when he did not come home after a run his family had been helping with the search efforts the entire time today they took the time to thank everybody. and to remember philip, for charles clifford has the story. >> life is chilly fragile. and
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3, '04, weeks. show me crystal clear thursday morning. the parents and wife of phillip craig check spoke briefly to the media. they wanted to thank the hundreds of volunteers search teams and community members who spent weeks searching for him. >> his wife says phillips loss is heartbreaking. >> there are really no words to really express how difficult this is just how much you appreciate everybody's come. your because you really don't know what's going to happen in the next moment. >> philip leaves behind 2 children and his parents say they want to make sure that their grandchildren are taken care of and that they remember their father right now our focus is on preparing for the future and making sure that. >> feels kids and his family have what they need to do the
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things that we know who would want us to be doing. i want to explore is passed >> and remember the good times and create special moments for children. >> now phillips exact cause of death is still under investigation. although authorities have said that they do not suspect foul play. but for now in the east bay charles clifford kron 4 news. >> also in the east bay san leandro police are investigating a shooting that injured 3 people you're looking at video from this morning were officers blocked off a section of the sperry and boulevard. according to police, shots were fired around 2 in the morning last night at a birthday celebration at a banquet hall. officers say the victims were able to take themselves to the hospital despite being hit by bullets. no information on a shooter or shooters has been provided in san francisco. a grieving father's asking for no retaliation against the person who shot and killed his teenage daughter that says police are still trying to figure out why the shooting even happened. kron four's haaziq madyun has the story.
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no hate, no grudges. no one is perfect. and we want you to know. we forgive you. >> a message of forgiveness on the steps of san francisco city hall from the father of a 16 year-old girl killed during a shooting last saturday on bertha lane in the city's bayview district. my daughter was a very loving during. >> grace wherever she came across with a smile and he she made sure everyone was taking care of san francisco police say 45 year-old woman was also wounded in the shooting and was treated for injuries and released from a local hospital. we need to make sure that essential is gun violence doesn't happen anymore. >> innocent families are being hurt by this violence and we need to make sure that this stops and you know, they just want peace. >> and then you know, we're just like to keep the great memories that they have. >> of their daughter and their loved ones. san francisco police investigators told me
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that they are still working to determine a motive. whether or not the shooting was random or targeted and identify the shooter. >> i want to take this time to talk to whoever did this. well, there was one person. or few. i don't know why. and i don't know what you're going through. but know this. no warm. i thought our kids. the same lessons that i was growing up. one of them will soon lead with love and be quick to forgive. my daughter at the tender age of 16. exemplify just that. >> anyone with information about the identity of the shooter is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made kron 4 news. >> new tonight is 6. apple is planning to scan all us iphones for images of child abuse. apple says it will not
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decrypt messages, but it will report inappropriate images uploaded on to the i cloud the new system will use a process called hashing. that's where images are transformed into unique numbers that correspond to the image. if it finds a match. the image will then be reviewed by a person who can notify law enforcement if necessary. apple says its system is more private than users of previous approaches. switching now to our 4 zone forecast with a live view from. >> our tam show you the bay area. it is our tam cam for is for you. lawrence lawrence kan, some clouds move back and it was very wet overnight. >> last night. know they have 500's of an inch of precipitation. the form of drizzle in san francisco. 300's in half moon bay and the
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clouds coming in again likely to see a little drizzle around the bay area tonight. >> out toward the bridge. we can see the clouds and now entering now. but begin to compress a little bit. i don't think the clouds going to be as extensive as they were overnight last night. still temperatures today. the coolest of the week may be the coolest in these next 10 days. only 62 degrees in san francisco. 68 for a high in oakland 77 in san jose. only 79 degrees in little more well below the average there. 82 degrees in conquered a warm and 78 degrees in santa rosa that we finally have a trough of low pressure make its way into the state and that trough is bringing with it that cooler air. and also those gusty winds up across the fire conditions there. but high pressure finally of breaking down a bit that's been sitting over the 4 corners and moving for the east that's allowing for that on shore breeze return again this evening. and we're going to see breezy conditions throughout the evening and cool temperatures cold side only 50's right now in pacifica just over the hill. 66 in san mateo still warm 80 degrees in concord and
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68 degrees and get a little breezy in of will. i think as we head toward the afternoon tomorrow will notice the temperatures are going to go the other direction in a hurry. in fact, you're going to be near triple digits tomorrow. afternoon in places like conquered in antioch in the live more inside the bay. you've got some 80's, maybe some 90's into the south bay along the coastline still keep you cool. there, mainly in the 60's with patchy fog. thank you, lawrence. coming up, the new tools to help you plan your night out. how you can check in on a businesses vaccination policy and a live look at mount fuji in japan tonight as we continue to celebrate japanese culture during the summer olympic games. >> just ahead. and destination japan. the specialized market bringing culture to your dinner table.
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an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx. businesses are requiring proof of vaccination as the delta variant of covid spreads and now yelp is rolling out a new feature to help you figure out those vaccination policies. >> the new filter will let you see if proof of vaccination is required for visitors. and then there's another filter that will also let users see the vaccination status of the staff at the business. you're looking into. yelp says it is an effort to help consumers understand how businesses operating in the middle of the pandemic guidelines businesses would have to activate the vaccination status filter on their yelp page in order for
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it to work properly. and again, just check in with yelp to get all the details. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6 as the delta variant continues to put more young people in the hospital. >> parents are looking for guidance on how to send their children safely back to school. we're going to take a look at the department of education's return to school roadmap in a live report. plus some bay area schools are just days away from the start of classroom to see how open unified is getting ready for next week and we're going to take a look at a few ways on how we can conse
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>> only a few weeks left until many kids head back to school. the white house is ramping up its efforts to try to get young people vaccinated this week. the biden administration and the department of education return to school roadmap kron four's, washington correspondent anna wiernicki joins us live from washington, dc with more on this. anna. >> getting. that's right. today the biden administration announced that it is going to provide additional resources to colleges and school districts to host pop up vaccine clinics and sen pediatricians to schools to address any concerns or questions that parents might have. >> they've suffered enough education secretary miguel cardona says we must get our kids safely back in the classroom this fall. we have to keep our students if we have to keep our educators.


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