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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  August 6, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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says does that count is at all you're going to do today was that the stretch? yeah, that's the extent of my fist. okay. all right. i've got one over check that just gave good morning friday. james idea you know, i do walk in morning everybody. we do have that morning fog yet again here today to but that's pretty much aloft going on and has kind of mix out. we have some drier air aloft going on. so that's what creates that inversion yet again. it's also warmer too. but later on today we're going to replace that with basically hazy sunshine going on because of the smoke from the recent fires going on. meanwhile, this is the shot we have from half moon, bay overcast at this hour. now, although it's breaking up in the interior areas. here's the golden gate bridge. all covered up by the fog that you can see and again, give a couple of hours for this to mix out to the hazy sunshine that we have expected for this afternoon temperature check. we still have those 50's up in the north bay, though east bay shoreline lower 60's and mid 60's inland. however, a little more kind of trailing at 55 there for comparison. sake were little cooler up in the
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north bay a little warmer than we were yesterday for portions of the east bay 78 by 11, by 2 o'clock. we're going to talk 93 is temperatures in london. some selective spots go to the upper 90's. what more that a bit. but rain wants to check in what's going on with traffic radar today we got a little backup along the bay bridge. and that's because of this accident along one o one that we had earlier to chavez street. >> now it's just a residual delay there. they were able to clear that in the last hour. but look at this as you travel into the city, about 15 minutes were up to about 22 minutes there. last time we checked in so things are certainly improving there also as you head across towards the peninsula. no major delays are hazards to slow us down all throughout this friday morning. a little under 15 minutes for us there. richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond under 12 minutes and things are also looking great in the south bay daryn, james, back to you. rana, thank you. 7. oh one. let's get to our top story this morning. napa county and the fact that they're seeing a spike in coronavirus cases. and that's leading to more
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hospitalizations. here's the county at large. we want to zoom in a little bit and show you more about where the epicenter of cases right now are popping up. >> and as you might imagine, it's no surprise we're talking about the city of napa itself. that's the population center. and that's where we're seeing the biggest jump in numbers. in fact, if you take a look at the numbers over the last few months. may they had 270 new cases county wide in june. it dropped to 2.40 and then this past month in july, almost 900 so an explosion in new cases. and what we have seen levels like that since february. and that is what has health officers here in napa county. very concerned. and that's why they're taking steps to try to cut down on the spread of delta did napa county is joined now the 7 other bay area counties. >> in issuing an indoor mask mandate. you got to wear a mask even if you're vaccinated any time you go inside starting at midnight. so it's in effect right now. kron 4. sarah stinson is live in napa county. sarah, how's it going?
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>> well. it's going. it's a bit of a transition and napa counties so here at a safeway where i'm seeing majority of people wearing their mask. you know, it's hard to remember to get this mask back on when you go to a place indoors because we have been doing it since about june. so we've been used to provide a 2 months now we've got to get back to putting it all and take a look at video. you can see they've already got the signs up on the door here at safeway. a little confusing is one sign says. >> only 4 nonvaccinated customs in the next to it says for all customers. so hopefully it's not too confusing for people by, as you can see, some people went in without a mask and most people went in with a mask. this is just day one. we're just hours into the mask mandate. so it's going to take some time for people to comply. and this is napa county. joining 7 other bay area counties with the mask mandate. and earlier i was at a gym not too far from here.
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and it was definitely a transition there. i mean, that was at like 4 in the morning. so i'm sure they weren't quite and forcing it yet. you can see people working out on the treadmill without their mask on and then some of the employees saw me there. they put their mask on and start to remember oh, yeah. that mask mandate. it starts today. 75% of people who live in napa county are fully vaccinated. but they're still a concerning rise in hospitalizations, threatening hospital capacity says the health officer especially with the delta variant making up majority of the covid cases in california. >> and as we know, this variant is more contagious and it's spreading not just to the unvaccinated but to the vaccinated as well. and that's why the cdc and our local health officials believe masking plus vaccinating are the perfect pair to getting these cases down to how do people feel? putting that mask back on as they go about their daily life. well, let's take a listen. >> i hate it. but you've got to do it. it's it sounds like
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a piece of clothing like you wake up. you got every month. >> it's very true of things. once you get in the habit of it. you won't forget it. and i think people just got used to going to say the gym and a nail salon in the grocery store, not wearing. and of course it feels good to breathe. but now that we have these cases climbing yet again. it's time to put the mask back on health officials believe that this mask mandate will hopefully avoid more restrictions in the future. they're trying to make sure that schools can reopen this fall for in-person education. >> was no hiccups for now reporting live in napa county. sarah stinson back to you, ok. thank you very much. sara, for your health as scary as covid and the delta variant are now there's something even more serious. >> that has been detected in the bay area and it's called delta. plus. >> officials say it's even more contagious. then the delta variant a delta plus was first detected in europe in
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march. so doctors say it's more transmissible is transmissible and also it latches on to the long cells. more easily. >> it's kind of like delta, but it's taken some super powers data which was this is from the south africa. and that's why it's by like delta. but the pluses, it increase. vision like the south beta variant. >> as of last week, 298 people in santa clara county had the delta variant and 47 tested positive for delta. plus, alameda county perforce fewer than 10 cases of delta plus as of last tuesday and contra costa county less than 7% of their detected delta cases have been dealt a plus. >> state health officials say that because of the danger of the delta variant and the well, the danger it poses to everybody. health care workers specifically across the state
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now have to be fully vaccinated by the end of september. so the state order applies to general acute care, hospitals. skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities. state health officials say the visitors to nursing homes will also have to show proof of vaccination unvaccinated visitors will have to show at least a negative covid test within 72 hours of their visit in order to be let inside across the state. we've had more than 5500 people now currently hospitalized with covid-19. that's the highest number of hospitalizations since february. 25th more than 9500 new cases of the virus have been reported and that was just yesterday, another 56 deaths as well. 63% of the state's population now is fully vaccinated and health officials want to get that number closer to 100 and the south not taking any chances with the delta variant and they want to make sure that. >> the employees are covered. yeah. crawford's will trend actually live for us in san jose to tell us more about what 2 major employers are doing to keep everybody safe. will.
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>> we're talking north of 20,000 employees from those 2 major employers, santa clara county and the city of san jose santa clara county. obviously there's the jail and they want to make sure that their employees are safe so they don't spread it to each other and the inmates and the people coming and going from courthouses. so they're doing this. they're giving the employees in till august 20th to prove that they are vaccinated or you will have to undergo weekly tests to see if you're negative that way. you can continue working if you are positive, of course, that you stay home and self quarantine until your symptoms go away because they're not taking any chances. they are seeing the cases go up as far as the delta variant. now, the city of san jose they are giving their employees 3 extra days until august 23rd to do the same thing to prove that they are vaccinated and if not, they too, will have to undergo weekly tests. san
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jose. the city of san jose. they're taking this one step further the details are still being worked out that this time james and darya. but what they're looking at moving forward is they want all of their employees to be vaccinated. of course, there are some exemptions and they will look at those specific exemptions on a case by case, but they are looking into that as well because they're not taking any chances. i see a lot of people coming and going at this time. so coming up at 8 o'clock, we will get reaction from a lot of people. it seems like guys being out here. i know you guys are in the studio being out here talking to people. it seems like everybody is on board at the very least to wear their mask as far as my experience is concerned, but stay tuned. i'll have reaction coming up in about 55 minutes from now. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. well. >> 7. '09, is the time you want to make sure that you keep up with these changing requirements and everything so go to kron. 4 dot com scan. this qr code will take you right to the spot on our
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website that we have all of the covid update. and really this is something that is changing constantly. the newest thing to come in this morning nationwide was that united airlines is the air carrier. they're requiring all their employees to be vaccinated by fall can't work there. it's right. that will be let go. >> let's turn our attention to our wildfire coverage to got to get you there are urgent new orders now to evacuate as the dixie fire continues to threaten homes and lives up in counties. it is now the 6 largest fire in state history burned more than 360,000 acres so far since it started. >> in july. and it's only 35% contained. now the fire has now entered lassen volcanic national park after destroying the town of greenville, the video in the back says it all. saga has the latest. >> the massive dixie fire burning intensely and unpredictable. it. small communities like chester nearly empty and causing major devastation for we were on our
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way to greenville to cover the aftermath of a fire that leveled most of the small community. but just lake. still wait. large flames towered both sides of highway 89 soon. the winds picked ability. we're seeing by the second and flames going more powerful. this is a small glimpse of challenges crews on the front lines have faced over the past 3 weeks. >> the winds that we're experiencing today, 30 miles an hour. the field conditions. feel moisture content of the fields that amber and again, drought conditions over. so it really seeing after so many years of drought you're seeing what's really happening. how the how the fire behavior is acting with low humidity and dry conditions. fire crews hoping residents follow evacuation orders so they can save homes and not lives. >> i mean, one thing we need to change the weather. we could ask for. one thing, it would be that. gurajpal sangha fox 40 news. >> and there's fire that
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threatening lives in nevada and placer counties. the river fire has burned 2600 acres. it's only 15% contained. it's just roig at least 76 buildings already. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency in nevada county and this is california's 3rd federal assistance grant authorized this year to help during and after wildfires. >> the wildfires north of us is affecting the air quality here in the bay area. i'm camila barco live in walnut creek with a warning from officials. >> and moderna is pushing for booster shots of its covid-19 vaccine, although one bay area doctor says it doesn't think it's necessary
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>> 7.14 and happening today across the bay area. you may notice the heirs bad air quality advisory has been issued yeah. because of all the wildfires that are burning in parts of northern california. we've got kron four's, camila barco actually standing by live for us in the east bay out in contra, costa county where we do expect at some point today. camila folks may notice a bit of a haze in the sky. >> well, dr james meteorologists, but you can kind of see some of that haze may be an overcast here behind me in one at creek and some other people in the bay area might notice the same conditions wherever they are at. and if you take a look at this map. it will show you the air quality in california today. most of the bay area is
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shaded in yellow and this means that the air quality is moderate it's considered acceptable. but there is a risk for people who are sensitive to air pollution. now, as you guys said, the bay area quality management has been issuing an air quality alert this week and if you take a look at this video. it's from walnut creek. some of the skies are blue. but in the past hour i've noticed a with some haze in the in the air. now experts say the smoke from the macfarlane monument and river complex fires is causing this. some people will see smoky and hazy skies in the north and east bay, especially in napa, sonoma and solano counties. we want to be careful because smoke can irritate your eyes and your airways causing you to cough have a scratchy throat and eric hatey sinuses now older people, children and people with respiratory illnesses are more susceptible to elevated air pollution levels. however, the bay area. quality management says the smoke should not pose any health risk. so the best way to protect yourself from these
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conditions is to limit your exposure air quality officials encourage people to stay inside with your windows and doors closed. if you smell smoke. now you can also have your a c and your car vent your car vent system recirculate that way. you are not having some of the outside air come inside. but i also want to point out something that i just noticed. i went on my my weather app ad and since i'm currently here in walnut creek. it tells you the air quality here much. sure. if you guys can see this, but if i point this close and of hopefully you can set darya james. if you are able to see that right now. but. >> it shows you that the air quality here in walnut creek is. >> on yeah, we see it on healthy. that's not good. >> yeah. so people might want to be careful if they're walk or a hike today. and i noticed that my you did your phone do that. because it there's an apple thing because i wherever i am. i can do. i can check, you know, like see how the. >> you can check in the
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quality right it's good. there you go. well, you know what? one of the benefits of having an n 95 mask on or i filter out some of those particles. so there's another plus. yes to keeping the mask and keep smoking coronavirus 7.17 right now and we want to check the weather. >> i guess i wind usually helps mix the stuff out. yeah. you know, and we're not getting much of that because we have this live on top of us, this high-pressure zone, which is also helping out the heat spike later today that we're getting. so that's why today is not so good now they have it in the yellow category all over the bay all the way through monday, tuesday. however, this high is going to start breaking down. we'll start to get some circulation cooking in here as early as tomorrow. so that may not hold and that forecast. but it is at least now yellow until early next week. it looks like the fog that we have. again, we've got that live on top of us. meanwhile, with the mixing process. here's the golden gate bridge that's back there again, kind of shrouded in the
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fog situation. winds currently they are going to build a little later on this afternoon as terms of local winds because we get the inland heating. but overnight. if we had something some not typically going on. you would see the winds even working at this hour. but we don't have what are called synoptic winds just going to be local lower 60's cover the east bay shoreline inland. we see him pop a little bit like conquered when it was 61 55 for livermore. lot of 50's still up to the north. they will see much movement yet where the temperatures as we see the daytime heating. we typically see the pulsating of the showers and thunder showers up in the mountains, which is not happening this weekend and really that's probably shut off into about tuesday again, complements of this high. but that fog and that marine layer is able to sneak in there at night and we'll see the fog each morning. as far as our heat spike is concerned today clearly is going to be the and our bunch. but in the area, everything together here. we're looking at upper 90's in the far east bay. this weekend. sunny warm for your saturday and we got the upper 80's going on for sunday with 70's covering the bay and
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early next week looks pretty good with the latter portion. the week starting to warm back up again. a touch, but nothing to 2 major 71 san francisco opened at 77 noting again with this haze in the afternoon. it will still be out there 84 going on for san jose and again, hazy sunshine into the afternoon. high temperatures in the far east bay upper 90's. we'll see the lower 90's up in the north bay. meanwhile, the peninsula relatively cool for 71 of the san francisco 68 happen bay in a bit. we'll be checking in at 4 zone forecast right checking in bay area traffic right now. what's happening that? we have a hot spot out there. 5.80, westbound east of 80 eastbound. that's right. in the macarthur maze in oakland. we have a vehicle. >> traffic collision there. looks like the vehicle may be overturned. 2 of the lanes there blocked at this hour. so again, you're starting to see that delay in the maze. nothing along 8.80. if you're choosing to travel there heading into the city right now. little under 11 minutes, we had an earlier accident along one oh, one and the city
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that backed us up just a bit. we're at about 21 minutes or so. that has since been cleared. so things are looking great in the city. the richmond sandra fell commute as you head out of richmond across towards san rafale a little under 12 minutes and into the city again via the golden gate bridge. you can see that dense. fog is still says just 90 minutes. but you definitely want to take your time daryn. james. >> 7.21 for your money this morning. workers are worried about a backlash from customers over new mask mandates and the faa is trying to crack down on unruly passengers. jane king has those stories and more. >> sent a letter to airports this week asking for help. prosecuting unruly passengers. it also ask airports to remind travelers that drinking alcohol not served by the airline is unlawful the faa has received 3400 reports of unruly passengers as of mid july. meanwhile, workers are bracing for a new rebellion and anger in stores and restaurants amid changing mask guidance. business insider
7:22 am
spoke with 8 retail workers on the return of mask mandate as covid cases surge. some say they feel safer as shoppers wore mask, but they're worried about more anger and violence and container shipping rates from china to the u.s. a skilled fresh highs above 20,000 port per 40 foot box the acceleration in the delta variant cases have slowed global container turnaround rate that could mean item shipped from overseas will be slower to arrive to the u.s. destinations. and there's a new lifesaving technology for cars magna leading global mobility technology company has introduced groundbreaking first ever digital radar system called icon radar. it provides a cocoon of safety with high-definition. 4 d radar has the ability to detect track and generate images of obstacles with precision. never seen for better road safety for drivers as well as pedestrians from new york, i'm jane king with your morning business report. 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news a family
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mourns the loss of their daughter who was shot and killed in san francisco. >> we're going to give you an update as police look for her killer.
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>> 7.25 is the time. and this morning a family is grieving the loss of a 16 year-old girl who was shot and killed in san francisco. police are still trying to figure out why the shooting happened. kron 4 says
7:26 am
he do and has the story. >> no hate, no grudges. no one is perfect. and we want you to know. we forgive you. >> a message of forgiveness on the steps of san francisco city hall from the father of a 16 year-old girl killed during a shooting last saturday on bertha lane in the city's bayview district. my daughter was a very loving during. >> brace wherever she came across with a smile and he she made sure everyone was taking care of san francisco police say 45 year-old woman was also wounded in the shooting and was treated for injuries and released from a local hospital. we need to make sure that essential is gun violence doesn't happen anymore. >> innocent families are being hurt by this violence and we need to make sure that this stops and you know, they just want peace. >> and then you know, we're just like to. >> keep the great memories that they have of their daughter and their loved ones.
7:27 am
san francisco police investigators told me that they are still working to determine a motive. >> whether or not the shooting was random or targeted and identify the shooter. >> i want to take this time to talk to whoever did this. well, there was one person. or few. i don't know why. and i don't know what you're going through. but know this. we wish no harm. i thought our kids. the same lessons that i was growing up. one of them was lead with love and be quick to forgive. my daughter at the tender age of 16. exemplify just that. >> anyone with information about the identity of the shooter is asked to contact san francisco police. has it made kron 4 news. >> 7.27 is the time next on the kron 00:00am morning news nations at sfo are helping tourism in the city as people
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from other countries now we're getting a chance to get the shot.
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>> 7.30 right now. and we're taking a live look here at the half the building's transamerica pyramid at sort of shrouded up top the upper levels. you can see davis. we've got fog still lingering around san francisco's it's going to be the story for how
7:31 am
much longer couple of hours kind mixes out. yeah. good morning, daryn. james, good morning, everybody. and above us really that it's not so much that the air is warmer. it's that, too. but it is very, very dry. drier technically is. >> a little bit more dense, but it's being upset a little bit by the fact that it's much warmer. so therefore its buoyant and rises. meanwhile, we're talking about fog sfo. yeah, no delays, though, being reported here. meanwhile, in half moon bay still, that overcast appearance that we have this fog mixing out again. give it a couple of hours to improve maybe about 10 o'clock. most areas will be handled accept probably areas near water, golden gate, trail and that dippy by still in livermore. so we're still getting some cool air. that spot 68 for antioch up to the north bay. we've got a lot of 50's 57 san francisco 59 san jose and hazy sunshine replaces all of this by 11 o'clock 7893 by 2 and that's still not the high as we'll see some spots in the far east bay pop in the upper 90's. we'll have all of that in the 4 zone forecast bit right now
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arena standing by with a traffic update right now by and aid. and we have a hot spot out there. 5.80, westbound east up 88 eastbound and macarthur maze there. >> you can see that's backing up along 5.18. is starting cause a little slowing along 24 as well. 8.80, no major delays as a result of that traffic collision heading into the city this morning, a little under 9 minutes we had earlier accidents in the city to slow this down. those have since been cleared. so good news there heading across towards the peninsula. no issues about 14 minutes for your drive time there and in the south bay one oh, one to 8085 82 all looks great. richmond sandra fell commute at a richmond under 13 daryn. james, back to you. thanks a reyna 7.32 and a big story that we're following this morning. >> more than 90 million eligible americans who could get vaccinated still haven't. and new covid cases top a 100,100 1000 people a day now without setting records, not the direction we want to go now. doctor anthony fauci is warning americans to. >> buckle down before mutates
7:33 am
into a more dangerous strain. our washington, dc correspondent raquel martin has more. >> if americans don't get vaccinated even more aggressive strand of the coronavirus could soon strike. that's the latest from the white house. covid-19 teen we have within our power to prevent that at a thursday white house covid briefing doctor anthony fauci called on americans to take precautions to stop the virus from mutating to prevent it by not allowing the virus to freely circulate finding vulnerable targets already. the new more contagious. delta variant makes up 93% of new cases in the u.s. the ultimate end game of all this is vaccination covid response coordinator jeffrey zients says the message may be sinking in thanks to add a resources and vaccine mandates over the past 24 hours. we recorded 864,000 vaccinations. the highest in
7:34 am
the day since july. 3rd here on capitol hill more and more republicans are encouraging americans to get vaccinated to slow the spread of the virus. but they also argue mandates coming from the biden administration and now private companies go too far. over reaction in an unnecessary gift is republican senator roger marshall. a doctor says as americans get more comfortable about the safety of the vaccine. >> they'll step up for their shots. the fda is is answering the alarm. we've been asking them for several weeks to get the final approval for the vaccines. we already have the fda says it hopes to give full approval to the pfizer vaccine as early as next month. in washington. raquel martin. >> 7.34 is the time and new this morning, united airlines is requiring all of its us workers to get vaccinated or else. we're also not going to work there and there are 13,000 employees that work for united in the bay area says going affect a lot of people crawford's yulia 7. is it sfo
7:35 am
with more on that high only. >> yeah, hi, daria will united airlines will be the first in its industry to require employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 or get terminated. now the airline has been requiring vaccination for new hires mid-june and unvaccinated workers are required to wear face masks. but because of the surge of the belt of a virus. the airline told their us employees that they will need to be vaccinated by october 25th or 5 weeks after the fda grantsofull approval of any one of their vaccines which ever those dates come first. now employees will have to send an image of their vaccination card to the company and those who don't will be terminated exemptions are granted only for those who have religious or health reasons employees who are already vaccinated or will do
7:36 am
so by september 20th will get an extra they pay. so that's a nice incentive right now. the airline estimates that they have 90% of its pilots and close to 80% of their flight attendants are already vaccinated. the company knows that a lot of people are going to disagree with this. but a lot of the leaders in the company say that this requirement is a safety issue. back to you guys. wow. pretty big move on united's part. we'll see if other companies follow suit. thank you very like you know what else is happening over as where you only as people from around the world are flying here. >> to get a shot that they can't get for covid in their own country. so they're coming here were i guess we've atlanta the plenty right. given away shots in san francisco launching this vaccine clinic at sfo, which they started in may and they have given, they say now more than a 1000 shots to visitors from nearly 60 countries. >> it ensures that vaccine doses don't go to waste and puts them in the hands of people that really want them.
7:37 am
people that maybe can access them in their home country. the other thing that it does is it helps stimulate tourism and spending in our region. brazil be waiting for months and didn't get my age. so i'm happy i couldn't have she came all the way from brazil. yeah. you don't have to go from far, though. you can call locally. if you want the vaccine clinic at sfo is available to the public. >> and you can make an appointment online. >> it just turns out the manager boer jory of the new appointments have been made by people. >> outside of the u.s. smart. >> well, this morning there are more questions about whether a covid booster shot is necessary to prevent new cases among people who've already been vaccinated. well vaccine maker moderna is pushing for a booster of its vaccine. the company saying that its 2 shot vaccine system is about 93% effective against covid-19 at least for 6 months. but as the highly transmissible, delta variant is spreading. and now the new delta plus variant moderna says that vaccine immunity will wane over time and that another shot will eventually be needed. however. u c
7:38 am
berkeley infectious disease expert doctor john swartzberg says that the current vaccines right now are working so far. >> they're doing their job in terms of preventing people from getting hospitalized. and i'm i mean, we won a lot more but given that we have to deal with the delta variant, which is a very different animal. it's really doing a very good job. the variants that we know are of concern, but not frightening because all of the variants that we have currently identified respond to our vaccines in various degrees. but adequately. >> and doctor swartzberg went on to say that boosters would likely go first to the elderly and people with compromised immune systems. >> time now 7.38. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news schools in oakland are welcoming back students indexed week at camp leave school so soon. and we're going to tell you what they're doing to make sure that everybody stay safe or at least they tried to plus with the olympics underway in tokyo. we've got an update for you. the u.s. women and how
7:39 am
they did in beach volleyball. plus some really cool art. and why wine makers across the globe are looking to carve their name in napa valley have
7:40 am
7:41 am
some 41 any spay vaccines are encouraged but not required for students, teachers and staff in the oakland unified school district. >> officials say the district is following all state in alameda county health protocols with this. so
7:42 am
there's what they're doing just requiring masks for eperybody who is indoors there are nearly 36,000 students districtwide. and when classes start on monday, they say more than 97% of the student body is going to go back to in-person learning that a lot of people in one place. >> i have faith. all right. my classmates and peers will, you know, in, you know now is that that that the whole pandemic going around. but we have people power here in oakland. and that is our choice every day. to do what it takes to keep this beautiful school open. >> oakland, mayor libby schaff and other local leaders celebrated the reopening of the renovated fremont high in east oakland that was a 133 million dollars upgrade. it's it is just about complete. they got a new academic building. jim athletic field fremont high students also got free backpacks and school supplies. >> and now they'll be able put their masks in those backpacks will be right back.
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>> 7.45 and an olympic update for you. the u.s. women win the gold in beach volleyball with a stanford grad as we're continuing to track the olympics beginning to wind down as we head into the weekend, but we sure had a lot of fun exploring japanese culture all week long. >> and we're going to do that again today by this time to new york. let's take a look at the art.
7:46 am
>> if you cut goes a japanese artists using the energy of new york as her inspiration in her original abstract figurative dry kind of like that lying like this. it's between artist and the model so that they could dialogue. but what makes her art special is everything has meeting with a deep connection to japanese culture on the handmade japanese mulberry paper. i use a japanese blacks in the and then this law on that. plucked from a swamp dried, then cut with the traditional katana sword. like that and then here we go. this is ready. so then with this when i drove it, i just this side into this in the this sumi ink used by emperors will never fade and the handmade paper purchased from japan handmade. well, the paper is very, very.
7:47 am
>> proj aisle. >> sophisticated. but so strong, you cook was a member of the japanese artists association of new york. >> to co how matsuda is the president best donate to the nonprofit organization is approaching its 50 year anniversary. i thought time. just post wall. the week petition. then, you know, they have to. along with a sense of community. these artists showcase their work in an annual exhibition. every september in lower manhattan reporting in new york city, an kalorama. beautiful that are in amazing. >> all right. get a check of the weather here at 7 were little past 7.47 or some 45 in the morning day with a look at not a very colorful look at issue of most colorful
7:48 am
painting make sure it's it's a stick figure. as james and darya. good morning. good morning, reporting live from the nor cal honda center for today. we've got this overcast that we have in place and half moon, bay. >> now we're waiting for this fog a mix south temperature check. now thus far. we're still cool going on and tri valley. a 55 east bay shoreline already popping some lower 60's 50's up to the north bay. meanwhile, 59 for san jose. why perspective, everything going on here next couple of days, things are going to be very quiet up in the sierra later on about tuesday might start to see some showers breaking through as the monsoon starts to return. all of these are indicators of the current high pressure lid on top of us that while this smoke is around, we don't not getting enough mixing of the air and why temperatures are going to spike today that will weaken into the weekend and on into early next week. but by the latter portion will warm back up again. 100 fresno today bakersfield one. '02, going on for sacramento do see some 70's at the coast back to the
7:49 am
home front. your 4 zone forecast for your tgi of 71 san francisco, upper 60's cover the coast along the bay side, 82 burlingame to the south. a lot more 80's as we see and the south bay to know when you get inland, they pop a bit more 94. meanwhile, for morgan hill, 91 los gatos 86 cupertino, lower 80's cover the east bay shoreline. tri valley mid-nineties today upper 90's. when you get near the delta concord at 9897 for walnut creek 74 for a vallejo. but benicia popping at 90 still 94 for fairfield 88 for napa and 92 santa rosa. so today is the heat spike day. we drop a little bit tomorrow and 88 by sunday. and then we finally recover, as you can see next week into the middle 90's along the bay side will be into the 70's right now. what's happening? the traffic that we do have a hot spot out there in the mac. arthur maze. this is 5.80 westbound east. >> of 80 eastbound. and again, you see that starting to go all the way back there. no
7:50 am
major delays along 8.80. we are seen see a little slow down a long 24 because of that accident. 2 lanes there being blocked at this hour. another accident in hayward, 80 southbound nor the west. a street alton it would be to 38 or 5.80, to try to get around what's going on there. also as we travel into the city. no major issues. once you finally get the maze, a little under 2 minutes of traffic across the bay bridge looks great. the richmond sandra fell commute traveling at a richmond. a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there heading across towards the peninsula. you can do that under 14 minutes darya james, back to you. thanks the bay area's world famous wine country is turning out to be more than a vacation destination for those who are looking to try wind. yeah. it's also being eyed by prestigious french winemakers as a good place to lay down new roots. kron four's maureen kelly has the story. >> was a great potential. >> this young winemaker just moved here from france a few months ago to run what used to be the springs, a state right outside saint alina, the
7:51 am
winery first established in 1885 was recently purchased by prestigious vintners for the bordeaux region of france and rechristened the catchy. our family estate. the 26 year-old says her boss is chose to expand to this location because they want to build on this success, making cabernet which the napa valley is famous for so if very excited about it. we've got a we've got amazing nature on us. amazing primary forest. >> so i make ferry of staying ones that are the alley is is at the pinnacle of the wine industry these days. you know that right up there with bordeaux and burgundy and. >> places and span. etcetera and so when you're looking to establish yourself, this isn't a bad spot. robyn millen is with silicon valley bank. he says there's been a growing number of transactions between european wine makers. >> and west coast wineries central coast, california sonoma d-oregon even even a little bit in washington. there's.
7:52 am
>> there's buyers and sellers right now it says it's a good market. those behind these deal say in some cases the sellers are descendants of wine makers who want to get out of the business. but for the buyers, one of the reasons to put down roots here is to help grow their business in the u.s. this is a law just one market. the world 400 million cases by a long way. so by buying something in the united states. but by in the state here, french company has access to the market in the way that they wouldn't otherwise have another draw is not one we're used to hearing about here in the bay area. according to the people helping make some of these transactions compared to land prices in france's most famous wine-producing regions. >> napa valley is considered a bargain is a big difference between the value of napa valley cabernet land compared to board cabernet land. >> and that would be that's a $500,000 and make it here in the napa valley is an average and certainly over a million dollars an acre in bordeaux. >> got bring a french touch,
7:53 am
too, make instead of one. if you think the new general manager of this winery is more focused on growing the same types of grapes in a drier climate than she's used to the cost of the soil. their plan to done maureen kelly kron 4 news. all that good one wasted on men haha. i know the difference will be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> 7.55 right now. and the big news if you like sports and go to china, sunday's games. they
7:56 am
are going basque back to the mask-wearing. yes, but only if you're in the indoor areas, which there are a lot of play. you know, the restaurants, the bathrooms and you know, special sections. so obviously bring the mask you can you obviously don't have to wear while you're in the stands enjoying outdoor but soon as you head inside for any reason. yeah, but they're not going back to the vaccine checks and stuff like that. >> instead as everybody wear a mask, a brother and torso. and again both for giants and right so that'll be something you have to get used to going for a kid. he's yeah. giant. by the way, when as we're taking a look at the highlights here and they actually did it in the way they have done a long time. they trailed by 4 runs going into the night. so look at this the couple rest deficit to just 2 runs with lamonte wade junior >> drive down the right-field line and then 3, 2, this happened in the 10th inning. the newest giants player kris bryant with a double down the left-field wall that's been the go ahead. run for us. and that's what the giants needed to win final score 5 to 4. and it's the first time that i have won a game going into the
7:57 am
9th inning. 4 runs down have done that since 1993 right center. so with that when the giants extend their lead in the nl west 4 games now over the dodgers. and that also feels the dodgers, 76 right now. and coming up in the next hour. >> more about the delta variant as it continues to spread. there's a new. >> super terrible delta-variant this in the bay area. and we've got new mandates to tell you about. 2. we'll have our team coverage in just the top of the hour. few minutes. plus, we're going to give you an update on the wildfires out of control in northern california and why
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and thanks for waking up with us on a friday i'm darya folsom. and i'm james fletcher. we want to get this hour started this morning at 08:00am with a check of weather and traffic will get the headlines in a minute. weather wise, though i'll start here in san francisco. yes, it is morning, dave. well, good morning, guys. good morning, everybody are still dealing with some of that fog kind of covering up portions of the bay for right now. but will be replacing that with hazy sunshine today. >> not a lot in the way of winds except the local ones being driven by inland heating because inland you're going to rise. we're going to see some upper 90's going on in the far east bay for right now. here's the shot that we have for you of a half moon bay kind of overcast still in place. the golden gate bridge is still obscured by this fog that's trying to do. it's kind of
8:01 am
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