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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at a because there's just not enough resources and we're still having what we need to properly care for patients who need so much more from us right now. >> now the sobering for doctors and nurses. working inside bay area icus capacity once again filling up a great staff exhausted and patients under served. only one bay area county is not requiring masking indoors. we're live in seminole county. residents are weighing in on that decision.
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plus the majority of local students will be back inside classrooms in a few days. but hundreds are choosing a different direction. selecting a virtual academy. instead. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne and i pale more across the state. more than 5500 people are currently in the hospital with covid. that is the highest number of hospitalizations since february and again, many doctors and nurses are feeling overwhelmed. kron four's. michelle kingston takes a look at how hospital staff, how they were feeling before the state reopen done. >> how they're feeling right now. >> you know, now we're back at full capacity again and nurses and doctors and respiratory therapist are exhausted. we've had to do double shifts extra chefs. tammy, the check is an icu nurse at kaiser in walnut creek where the number of covid patients is rising. they're seeing upwards of 35 patients a day. that's hard because there's just not enough resources and where start having what we need to
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properly care for patients in need. so much more straight now in late spring, the number of covid patients at kaiser in walnut creek was down to 0. but now they're climbing right back up to where they were when covid first hit. it's a similar situation at ucsf in late may and june. they had a number of days where there is just one patient hospitalized with covid today. 39 patients are fighting the virus there and 12 are on ventilators 17 are in critical care just before july 4th kron 4 interviewed a ucsf nurse and the chief of emergency medicine both were optimistic about where the bay area was headed. >> when i heard that we were going have access to the vaccine. just the words hope. >> just flashed across my eyes. a weight is lifted that this isn't something that we have to. continue to deal with. it looks like things are going kind of hold steady and that through the worst of this that sense of optimism has now shifted relief and hope now
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back to frustration and fear only going to get out of this by working together. and i know. >> you know, people are frustrated and they're tired because we've been in this so long and they're tired of isolating and they're tired of things being closed down. but. >> it's only going to get worse unless we do what we need to do to really put a stop to it. and michelle kingston, kron 4 news. >> 8 of the 9 bay area counties require everyone regardless of vaccination status to wear a face mask while in public indoors, the only county not doing that is solano health officials there say they don't believe it's necessary at this point from force amanda hari is live in downtown benicia talking with residents about how they feel about being the last holdout on this mask mandate. a >> good evening. i spoke to quite a few people that were walking around this evening. and almost everyone i spoke to said that they want to see the mask mandate in effect here as well. they say for things to
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go better for the entire bay area. everyone needs to be working in unison. >> mean, it's kind of ridiculous. because it has. and lawyers vaccination rate not only does llano county have lower vaccination rates than most bay area counties. >> they were also the last bay area county to enter the orange here in california was still using the tier system. austin breaux says he's vaccinated. he wants to see more people taking the precautions he's taken a little bit upset. because i did my part. >> to stay safe. a should do their part. >> saw a 3 laverty walking down first street with her mask on she says she thinks all the bay area counties should follow the same rules and have a mask mandate. >> i feel very safe wearing a mask. and i think in lot of it healthier. >> last year the team's case, he says he's ok with vaccinate
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people not masking up indoors. if you're not back a mask at some other residents say you can only control people so much. that is what it is. people are pretty much but regardless of mask mandates. most people i spoke to said they wanted to see more people vaccinated stop being so selfish. >> get vaccinated to protect not only yourself but others. >> i checked in with the health department and they say they're not issuing that mask mandate right now because that's not where they're seeing spread. they say the spread isn't in indoor public places. but the spread is happening in small gatherings where people know each other and feel comfortable going on mask live in benicia amanda hari kron 4 news. so amanda, did the county health department there in solano county. same might change. it's rulings on this mask mandate in the future. if the situation on the ground changes.
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>> they say everything is in flux right now. so they're constantly monitoring the situation. >> and it could change as soon as tomorrow. if there's a big enough issue. >> and harry live in benicia. amanda, thank you. governor newsom visited a school in san bernardino today where studenvs were back in class for in-person instruction. more school districts across the state and the bay area will welcome students back next week. >> governor newsome highlighted the importance of getting the kids back in the classroom in a covid-safe way. >> we want to keep our kids safe. we want the back in person. for in-person instruction. we don't want nur kids back on some school. we. having right occasion code. this requirement. we expect districts as we always have. to abide by what's in the education code across the spectrum. and we will hold firm in terms of those recommendations that are aligned with the cdc aligned with the american academy of
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pediatrics, which i'm more interested in their counsel advice. then respectfully those that are seeking to move in the direction of florida and other states. >> the new school year started this week for the antioch unified school district. but while the vast majority of that district. 16,000 students are returning to classrooms for in-person instruction a significant number of students opted instead for distance learning through the thomas gains bird chool academy. >> so we're all meant is increasing by the day. we started. i want to say at the end of last week, we were around 300 students overall. we are now 600 student. we heard what our parents and teachers were staying and our students. and we thought, you know what we like to be able to continue to provide this option when school resumes. plus, we understood too, that there were probably going to be some families. so which they weren't ready to bring their students back this year. and so that that was another another way to accommodate those families and their needs.
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>> the enrollment includes students from other school districts in contra, costa county, including mount diablo unified oakley brett wooden nights in the thomas gainsborough academy is available for transitional kindergarten through 8th grade and prospects virtual independent study for high school students, laptops and other school supplies are readily available for the students. well, this is a back to school season like no other kron 4 and kronon want to help you get ready tune in all next week for updates on covid protocols at various bay area school districts also advice for students information on how students are dealing with various challenges to get crown on ready for school. you can scan the qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to the app store so you can download kron on for free. >> us. not clouds or fog but rather smoke from wildfires. it's starting to stream through the bay area. this is video from a viewer. patty stanton as she was walking in corte madera. you can see up
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there in the haze mount temple pious stanton says she started smelling smoke around 1 o'clock this afternoon. >> and this is what it looks like right now. this is from our camera atop mount camel pies. you can still see that haze and the fog air quality experts say the smoke that we could. we should get should not pose any real health risks right now. anyway, for more on our air quality. let's check in with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, we've been fortunate again today. most of the smoke from the fires staying aloft. and that means. >> it's upwards of 500 to 1000 feet in more and so for most of the bay area. you have that worry about the smoke. now. if you live on some of the mountains around the bay area of course, you're probably smelling that smoke and seeing more of that haze outside your windows. but here's the very latest air quality from some of our sensors around the bay area. looking good in a san francisco through much of the north bay parts of the south bay to nagin the san jose you get moderate amounts of clues. building up and then it gets
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very poor as you make your way into conquered martinez in the san ramon. i'm looks like poor air quality. also into livermore valley as well as you head inland that tends to be the case is we're getting a sea breeze outside that sea breeze is what's actually keeping us from getting all the very smoky conditions all the way to the surface outside right now. what a contrast down below you've got the fog and the low clouds coming on shore up above. that's not a cloud deck. that's all that smoke from the fires of the sun sets here in the bay area. so we're going to see that more throughout the weekend to. but i think as we head towards sunday think a little bit of a break. all that smoke coming down from the fires and so looks like the sea breeze is what's been helping out so far that sea breeze will continue overnight tonight. more of that westerly component to the wind that should help to clear out some of the air quality around the bay area. still a little bit hazy tomorrow. but i i think we may see more of a northerly component to the wind. we could be back to smoke once again on monday and tuesday of next week, guys. they coming up on kron 4 news today. the 3rd largest fire in california
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history. exploding overnight. >> we're heading to the front lines of the dixie fire and checking on the devastation that's left behind. >> the california republican party hours away from endorsing a candidate in the upcoming recall election. but why some say that might not be a good idea. plus, a heated debate in the south bay after a study reveals and airports could have exposed children to unhealthy amounts of lead. the latest push to shut down that airport.
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opponents of santa clara county's embattled reid hillview airport are keeping the pressure on in the long-running campaign to shut down that airport in east san jose opponents, a lead from aviation fuel is raining down on the airport neighbors and schools and. >> they want the airport shut down sooner than later kron four's rob fladeboe has the latest. >> when they're fighting to survive that aircraft buzzed overhead san jose city council member sylvia remiss and other community leaders called on the county to close reid hillview airport as soon as possible calling the general aviation hub a threat to public health to. we have to ask our supervisors. all of them to vote in favor of not only just closing this airport closing this early airport. critics say thousands of airport neighbors are at risk following the release of a county commission report. >> that found children living within 1.5 miles of the
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airport that elevated levels of lead in their blood. >> door. okay. no lives across the street from the airport. they were, you know, i don't want these airplanes passing by another dane now that i know all lead is in the my kids know the pilots group. meantime, disputes the report's findings arguing the study failed to consider legacy lead contamination. >> from along the front nearby racetrack lead paint in cars that formerly burned leaded fuel. they are offering to switch to unloaded aviation fuel going forward so we can solve 90% of the problem right now. and then within a year have a 100% of the problem solved. no more lead coming out of the skies over reveal to you. >> citing noise crashes and growing community opposition county supervisors in 2000, 18 approved action to stop accepting federal funds which could lead to closing the airport by 2031 in a statement santa clara county wrote, quote, we understand and recognize the public's
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anguish. the county administration is working a set of recommendations to respond to the findings of the airborne lead study. we will be prepared to issue recommendations at the end of next week. the study found that 18,000 children under age 18 to 10 21 schools in the area. >> support for closure is growing, but pilots are pushing back the county just won a huge lawsuit. a couple years ago with the paint manufacturers. and in that lawsuit they said attributed the lead contamination too paint? plumbing and no mention was made at all of aircraft let you don't close an airport. >> in one day. and i totally knowledge that. but it is time if we don't start right now, it will never start. they will never happen. >> all of this could come to a head on the 17th when the supervisors will review that lead study amid calls to take a vote to call on the faa to
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allow the county to declare a kind of emergency and shut down the airport much sooner in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news kron 4 is your local election headquarters the california republican party is getting ready to endorse candidates in the upcoming recall election against governor newsom. >> that is set to happen at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning during a virtual meeting, the republican candidates have qualified to receive this kind of unprecedented endorsement are conservative talk radio host larry elder, former san diego mayor kevin faulconer, somebody member kevin kiley and former congressman doug o c. this comes as 2 powerful california republicans urge members of the state gop too. withhold such an endorsement saying anointing a single candidate would risk discouraging voters whose favorite candidate might get snubbed inside. california politics will be hosting a governor recall debate live from our kron 4 studios. many of the top candidates hoping to take over governor newsom's newsom's job will be
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participating, including former san diego mayor kevin faulconer businessman john and assemblyman kevin kiley. don't miss it airs right here on kron. 4 on thursday, august 7th pardon me, thursday. august 19th at 07:00pm. >> a major hydroelectric power plant at lake oroville is offline tonight. that's because the water level at the lake has reached historic lows over the last week. this is the first time ever that water levels have forced the plan to shut down since it opened back in 1967. it is currently at a record low of about 641 feet as compared to 900 feet when it is full. the plan provides electricity to at least 80,000 customers. energy officials expect the grid can absorb the loss for now, but they add it raises the risk there will be more blackouts in the meantime, they are asking all residents to reduce their water use by 15%. >> for the 6 day in a row spirit. airlines had to scrap
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hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded the airline says it had to cancel half of the scheduled flights for the week due to what they're calling operational challenges and staffing issues about 41% of spirits flights were canceled today. the company's president expects the disruptions to last until at least tuesday. united airlines will now require all us employees to have a covid vaccine. 67,000 employees will have to get their shots by late october. otherwise they are at risk of losing their jobs. >> united is the first major us carrier to require employee vaccinations exceptions will be made for certain health issues or religious reasons. the company says right now more than 90% of his pilot's an 80% of his flight attendants working at the company have been vaccinated. well, speaking of fine. here's a live look at sfo where the fog has been stubbornly hanging around the outsides of that airport. it sure has. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by.
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>> yeah, get ready for the weekend, guys and looks like it. we got some of that smoke hanging around. but i think that will start to mix a little bit tomorrow and hopefully more so on sunday out there right now. kind of a neat shot for you. we've got a couple of clouds down below that fog start to stream back on short up above. that's all the smoke from the fires that is now moving overhead. so look at all that fog out there you see the sales force building out there just over 1000 feet there and up above you see all the smoke, the upper levels of the atmosphere. so couple things going on in the atmosphere helping to cool down those temperatures co side. you've got that nice on shore. breeze numbers in the 50's along the coastline. so 71 san carlos 70 in fremont right now. 73 in san jose. warm still 86 degrees in concord and 81 in livermore. so, yeah, we're going to see more the fog tonight. it's going to press somewhat, but still seeing that low cloud deck begin to move inside the bay. then locally inland. you may see a couple of patches in the tri valley. not going to be much that breaks up as we head throughout the day tomorrow. live behind lots of sunshine
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hazy sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures break down like this. you'll find love 60's in the san ice along the coastline to find that fresh ocean air out toward the beaches finalized there in the 60's 70's just inside the bay in the burlingame and foster city also into salmon tale, a south bay going to see a lot of numbers up in the 80's by the afternoon. i still think we're looking at some 90's inland by tomorrow. so still hot in place like livermore and pleasanton. you get to conquer probably about 91 degrees 89 in moraga 71 in oakland, about 74 degrees and lael. he's in the north bay too, along the coastline. pretty cool. got a nice fresh air and that fog rolling on shore. temperatures cooling down saturday and sunday just a little bit by monday starts think we're looking at maybe more of a northerly wind kicking in. and i think that maybe at the surface. so we may have some more air issues. this one that could be little more important than what we saw okay. thank you. >> still ahead a day the great highway in the city turned into a pedestrian pathway during the pandemic. but that is about change and why that's fueling some frustration.
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>> san francisco. the great highway has been closed to vehicular traffic for nearly a year and a half because of covid, of course. but later this month, the roadway will reopen to cars at least partially highway turn pedestrian pathway has been very popular. but the shutdown did disrupt the traffic flow in the area forcing drivers hpinto neighborhoods making
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residents unhappy the compromise that the city has come up with this to allow cars monday through friday but close it down on weekends and holidays. >> having been born and raised in this neighborhood. i can see that the neighborhood and trying to get out of your house with all the traffic going along the lower great highway would be kind of frustrating after all this time. so i think what the city is offering is a good balance. >> starting to le starting august 16 cars will once again be allowed to drive along the great highway. then come fridays at noon until 6 monday morning. the highway will once again shut down to traffic not everybody is excited about the reopening of the great highway traffic. the san francisco cycle. coalition tweeted in part the persistence of the pandemic and press. a reality of climate change on our coast means that the great highway needs to say open to the people and not 2 cars. >> next to date 11 new wildfire sparking in a single day. we're checking in on the conditions currently fueling
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an above average fire season. plus the latest jobs report shows an economy that's coming back strong. so why are the workers at the happiest place on earth upset with disneyland and covid survivors. listen up. a new study shows the importance of boosting your immunity with
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>> look at this video. this something is happening right now. but we had a similar scene just like this. last year. this was captured in
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northern california yesterday. smoke from the huge dixie fire casting that orange haze around mount in lassen county make the area look more like mars course. remember seeing that here in the bay area. >> that fire is burning in nearby plume us and butte counties and is now larger in area. the new york city. >> here is a map. we want to show you where the fire has burned more than 432,000 acres have burned so far. as you can see, making this the 3rd largest wildfire in california history. but as news nations gerard jebaily tells us it's just one of dozens of fires burning across the west. >> wildfires are continuing to blaze across the west with a 107 large fires burning over 2 million acres. 2021 has already seen above average fire activity with 11 new fires just yesterday alone.
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evacuation orders are in effect for thousands of californians in the path of the river. and anna lo fires prompting governor newsom to declare a state of emergency in 3 counties. sadly, many residents are finding their homes reduced to ashes. it was our dream house. it was our list of like what we wanted to leave. she actually told me and said i really don't want to have to tell you this over the phone, but it's gone. everything is gone. >> we'll be fine. >> we. >> then through some stuff like now we can start moving forward and doing whatever is next for us the dixie fire which burned through greenville, california. this week is now the 3rd largest in the state's history. >> currently the largest fire in the country. it is covering an area larger than the city of los angeles the fuel conditions feel moisture content of the fields that amber. >> and again drought conditions over. so it really seeing after so many years of drought you're seeing what's really happening. how the how the fire behaviors acting.
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>> those are our jebaily reporting. the dixie fire is currently 35% contained. more on the weather conditions around those fires to check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow point. yeah, we have those big wins with that low pressure center moving through yesterday and that really changed everything around the fires. all those whipping winds expanded. those fires. and now we're sitting here. the winds have switched again, we're seeing some smoke rolling back into the bay area skies. you see down below she the fog and then you see the sunlight in between, then up above that. is that thick layer of smoke now hovering over the entire bay area and much of northern california to you. watch your some of that smoke. i'm more of a northerly direction today. coming back in the parts of the bay area in and around these fires where we have that nice southwesterly wind that carried all the smoke up to the northeast. well, the kind of switch directions here. and there you go. you see that smoke piling back into the bay area. the fire around you see all that smoke switching directions as well. most that now headed a little bit eastward. but any change in these winds, any subtle change
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is a real fine particles of smoke that are hovering in the atmosphere. any slight change in the wind directions are going to bring some of the smoke in different directions right now. high pressure building in off the coastline as a ridge builds in. you got that clockwise rotation around that ridge here at the surface so that brought some of the smoke back into the bay area for today. now as we head through tomorrow, i think that will be the case. again, i think we'll see a little bit of a bit right at the surface tomorrow. i think will notice some changes. here are the current conditions right now. this is smoke forecast model and you see a lot of those areas shaded in red that's where we're seeing a lot of the smoke specially into parts of the east bay. some of the thicker smoke around the bay area overnight tonight we're going see a stronger on shore breeze. and as that wind kicks up all of a sudden we're going to start to notice some changes. you see the colors change that read moves into the central valley continue to push east as we head through the day tomorrow and that's that nice cleansing of that on shore. breeze kicking in. that's not going to be perfect. we're still going to see some hazy conditions around the bay area. but it should improve a little bit outside by tomorrow afternoon,
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guys, back to you. thank you, lawrence. right now, kron 4 dot com. we have some tips for fire season just scan. the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. it will take you straight to our dedicated fire season page in bay area news, an 87 year-old woman is fighting for her life tonight after being stabbed in san francisco. police responded to the area of sunset boulevard and rivera street last night where they found the victim. >> she was raced to the hospital with life threatening injuries. her family reported her missing 2 hours prior to the incident after she left home for wall but did not return. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. they say that it did not appear to be a robbery. but there's no word at this hour on a suspect. for your money. the white house says the latest jobs report is proof that the administration's plan to fight the pandemic is working hiring searched. according to the labor department. 943,000 jobs were added in july and the unemployment rate fell to
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5.4%, the increase in jobs was much higher than most analysts had predicted the white house economic advisers optimistic that the gauge last month will continue into next month. the magic is bad but not for us. that is what disneyland workers are saying workers and activists rally near the park yesterday in anaheim demanding higher wages. they argue that disney has the ability to up lift workers and their families have a strong economic recovery to get through the pandemic. >> activists say disney said that it plans to cut hundreds of jobs within its hospitality sector. many of whom are better and workers and face health concerns. >> yes, they did. they did come to the table with increases last time around. but that was 2018 where in 2021 weren't inflationary economy and disease that can do better. this is a multibillion dollar company. >> more than 25,000 current and former employees of disneyland have entered into a class action lawsuit against
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the walt disney company alleging that they are being underpaid. >> but being that i've seen are believes saved my life. >> still ahead at 8 and la pd officer has a message for americans. get your covid vaccine. he did and he's convinced saved his life. plus covid leading to cancel concerts here in the bay area. the latest good news disappointed that they're shutting their doors.
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>> just as the live music scene was starting to show signs of life. some bay area venues have decided to pull the plug on upcoming concerts. the cancellations have been driven by positive covid cases also because of the new mask mandates that just took effect again in much of the bay area. kron four's, maureen kelly explains. >> the ivy room on san pablo avenue in albany has posters of upcoming shows in their windows, some of which are now canceled because of coronavirus the owners posted on their facebook page that they had to make what they're calling a super hard decision to cancel shows from thursday night. >> through sunday after members of multiple bands scheduled to play tested positive for covid-19 the promoter of thursday night show. thanks. the club owners made the right call. she just doesn't want to put her staff at risk or any of her patrons. so. >> she's like, i know it's not the most popular thing. but i have to do this for my own. my own conscience. you know. and
8:39 pm
i feel the same way. the rise in cases driven by the delta variant has the san francisco based promoter concerned about possibly having to cancel other upcoming shows and worried for her entire industry. that was just starting to revive please get vaccinated. it. it's like our livelihood depends on it. if people can't, you know, if we don't get enough people. >> vaccinated and safe and healthy. we can't go back to our jobs in all of these people are going to. it's it's going to change entertainment. you know, forever. i mean, i had covid. and i survived. it really did almost killed me. i was hospitalized and everything and i was ready to get the vaccination as soon as possible. and i'll tell you right now i'm ready for the booster. you know, bring on the science. the ivy room already require proof of vaccination and put up signs about the new mask mandate. the owners of posted that it could be a week by week decision in terms of when they will reopen. >> meanwhile, the owner of the club, the locks on haight
8:40 pm
street in san francisco has canceled multiple shows closing up the live jazz and blues venue until at least august 19th. >> not because of any new infections but because of the latest mask mandate. they posted on facebook that it's unrealistic to host live music, dancing and drinking with everyone asked they plan to reopen when the mask mandate is lifted in hope. by then more people will have been vaccinated and the case rates have gone down. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> next. a day. houston. we need participants nasa searching for help in a simulated out of this world have attacked and his forces giants kicking off a three-game series in milwaukee against the brew
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>> half of the eligible american population is fully vaccinated against covid. the white house making that announcement today in the last 2 weeks. new vaccinations are up by 44%. fully vaccinated. but the coronavirus can still break through. that's what happened to one los angeles police officer who was now fighting for his life. the officers illness is one of a rising number of breakthrough cases in southern california as chris wolfe tells us, the first responder has a message that he wants to share. >> severe. >> abdominal came. sort of summer us chest pain. >> 53 year-old, joseph avalos
8:44 pm
is in la pd reserve officer and director of the mayor's crisis response team helping victims of or witnesses to violence situations or violent crimes. he's faced plenty of challenges in his career but says this has been the battle of his life. he is fighting for breath at cedars sinai medical center with the case of covid related pneumonia. here's the catch. blows is vaccinated. >> well, so very fortunate. to be one of the first first responders of the vaccine in city of los angeles. 3 in early december. he received 2 shots of the pfizer vaccine. but recently in late july, covid-19 crept into his body. avalos does not know if he has the delta variant, he just knows he's been knocked off his feet. he suffers from asthma and believes had he not been vaccinated. he could be dead. the reason why keep
8:45 pm
over. that's which the more people, more health care providers. and first responders. but haven't decided to take the vaccine. in twice about it. this is literally. but being that i've seen are believes saved my life has kept me off a ventilator officer of the los that he's being treated with doses of remdesivir year. an intravenous antiviral medication. just talk to more people well. consider taking this vaccine. now is chris wolfe reporting officer avalos says he's incredibly thankful for all the support he's receiving. he says. >> la mayor eric garcetti has reached out to him and the lapd police chief has been calling him every day. >> new details about the importance of getting the covid vaccine for people who have recovered from covid, a
8:46 pm
new study from the cdc shows survivors who did not get the vaccine had twice the risk of getting re infected the report out of kentucky has to growing laboratory evidence that vaccines offer an important boost to the natural immunity, including broader protection against new mutants florida's board of education has approved emergency rule to allow private school vouchers to parents who say their school districts mask-wearing mandates amount to child harassment covid safety policies in the state include requirements to wear masks. but the parents could request the vouchers under provisions normally used to protect children who are being bullied. the meeting was scheduled a week after governor ron desantis ordered the department to come up with ways to pressure school districts, not to impose mask mandates saying they had the legal right to make decisions about their children's health and education. this might surprise you. taking pictures to help you remember things does not actually work. in
8:47 pm
fact, it could cause you to remember less. that's according to new research that finds interrupting your special moments by taking pictures makes you less likely to remember them. >> it is called off loading your memories. it is just like when you write down a friend's phone number. you're less likely to remember it because, you know, you don't need to scientists call it the global effect. if you know you can easily access the information later your brain does not remember it as well to avoid this experts say limit your picture taken to just a few snaps at events and the intentional with what you want to capture. >> take a look at this. nasa is looking for some help. the space agency needs people to spend a year pretending they are isolated on mars. nasa began taking applications today for 4 people to live in a simulated mars habitat at the johnson space center in houston. the pay participants have to eat space food have limited communications back home. make space walks and deal with equipment failures.
8:48 pm
the first of 3 experiments starts in the fall of next year. qualify. you'll need a master's degree in a science or math field or pilot. and you must be in great health well, it's finally friday. and this adorable little guy seems to know it. the cincinnati zoo posting this video today showing a very excited rhino named a johnny joe. he. >> clearly had a case of the zoom east in this post a video you can actually hear the animal making noises including squeaks, zoo keepers say rhinos use a wide variety of localization is in order to communicate, including squeaking and moving. and they also can trumpet. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> giants players going to be sleeping as well as that rhino tonight after playing back to back games that went into extras yesterday. their biggest 9th inning comeback in
8:49 pm
28 years. today. the giants so let a close one slip away tonight. gabe kaplan company in milwaukee looking for their 70th win of the season bottom of the 4th giants down by a run rowdy tell as skies one straight away to center. mike yastremski with the incredible leaping catch at the wall. a spectacular catch crashing into the wall to look at. he went down logan webb cancel leave it. yeah. as putting his name in for catch of the year. top of the 6 same score. brandon belt fresh off the i o drives one high and deep to right very well hit. it's out of here. there we go. belt belts. his 12th homer of the season. ties it up into extras. now bottom of the 10th one on for. tell us. sot he grounds one down the 3rd base line stays fair and a runner comes into score. the game winning runs brewers, walk it off to one the giants look to bounce back for game 2. so
8:50 pm
meanwhile, the a's hosting the texas rangers for a three-game set right now. game all knotted up at one apiece. the top of the 8th. both starters have given up only 2 hits chris passes at 8 strikeouts as well. so this was looking like a pitchers battle. of course, we'll have highlights coming up later on tonight and sticking with the a's. they are missing one of their starters today after a bombshell announcement. outfielder ramon loriano has been suspended 80 games without pay after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. the mlb said loriano who is in his 4th season with the a's tested positive fernand real low said in a statement released by the players association that he did not knowingly take a banned substance and that he himself was shocked by the results. he said he's worked too hard to cheat the game. he loves and that he is devastated. the a's released a statement saying they're disappointed, but they will welcome him back after the suspension. the a's are hosting the rangers tonight. and you just saw that scoreline will have an update
8:51 pm
for you later on this evening. all right. well, guess who's back back. back. back again. again. again. biggies back back back. >> tell your friends, friends, friends. you're welcome. for the eminem throwback. that is the last time i'll ever do that on tv. so you saw history in the making. an exciting day for nation as the warriors have reached an agreement with fan favorite andre iguodala. >> it's your turn to the ban in minimum veteran contract. according to his agent fans. likely. remember word allah has been crucial swing man and later on 6th man during the worst championship runs in 2015, 2017 2018. there's no doubt at 37 years old. he is now in the twilight of his career. but he brings a veteran presence and leadership. the dubs desperately need in their locker room. also is loved by fans well, respected by teammates and already knows the were system. he told the new york times today that the relationship with the fans, the relationship with the bay. the opportunity to end it here was just something special we
8:52 pm
are really happy about it. i know you guys excited or banned going crazy today. and it's only a couple more months to october. you guys realize like 2 basketball season starts since they're starting on time this year. like everything seems so weird football's close yeah. all yes, exactly. colleges. just started playing football like yesterday and today. so it's. >> it's feeling more normal. yeah, it's a good sign that the way we really do like he's saying free to do that again thinking thank you, coming up, many japanese artists in the u.s. proudly showcased their culture and heritage. >> coming up in tonight's destination, japan. we're seei
8:53 pm
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majestic mountains... let our injury attorneys help you scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> and a japanese artist living in the united states carry the voices of their ancestors and their art work and make one of a kind painting this special group wants you to have a piece of japanese culture and heritage hanging on your wall reporter galorama has more. in tonight's destination. japan. >> mission in her original abstract figurative dry kind of like that lying like this. it's between artist and the model so that they could dialogue. but what makes her art special is everything has meeting with a deep connection to japanese culture on the handmade japanese mulberry
8:56 pm
paper. use a japanese blacks in the and dan, this law on that. plucked from a swamp dried, then cut with the traditional katana sword. like that and then here we go. this is ready. so then with this when i drove i just dip this side into this in the this sumi ink used by emperors will never fade. >> and the handmade papers purchased from japan handmade. well, the paper is very, very. >> proj aisle. >> sophisticated. but so strong, you cook was a member of the japanese artists association of new york. >> to co how matsuda is the president best donate to the nonprofit organization is approaching its 50 year anniversary. i thought time. just post wall. yeti week
8:57 pm
petition. then, you know, they have to. along with a sense of community. these artists showcase their work in an annual exhibition. every september in lower manhattan reporting in new york city, an kalorama. >> and that wraps up kron 4 news at 8. our catherine heenan has more on what's coming up on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. yeah. what we are working on at 9 o'clock. one of the biggest fires in state history. it keeps getting bigger and exploded in size overnight. we're going to take a look at the damage done by the dixie fire as it continues to spread and all but one county in the bay area is mandating wearing a mask inside. >> whether you've been vaccinated or not. what solano county can expect regarding the rules on masking those stories and more at the top of
8:58 pm
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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news >> it's a load of stuff. so this is sentiment. >> tonight at 9, the biggest wildfire in california now continuing to grow keeping fire crews and residents on edge. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining


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